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Hey! Check it out! XD I'm submitting something.

Well, this has been sitting on my desktop for ages... so I decided to clean my desktop, and while I was at it, submit some random stuff.

This started out as random boreddom. I was attempting to re-create an image, to use for 3D modeling. For Shadow's eye. Eventually, I recreated his eye. ... It's scary. o_O; Anyway, so I decided to try and make other characters' eyes.... so I made them all!

...well, Espio at least. I forgot Charmy and Vector. >;P For some reason I thought they all had the same eyecolor.

Anywho, I have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy (I made hers slightly different, for some reason...)
then Shadow, Rouge, Cream, and the "Chaotix" (espio) eyes.

Vector has a sort of redish orange, and Charmy has eyes that gradient from yellow to Red. I may add those later... In the mean time..

These are "open source". In other words, you can use them for whatever you need. Image textures for 3D Models, etc... help with coloring... tadah!
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Canvas texture set from Yvelle Design Eye. See the post here: Canvas Texture Set
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Here's my 2nd texture pack, this time metallic/hi-tech textures! Includes brushed aluminum, carbonfiber, and 2 perforated metal textures. (all are 500*500 px)

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1024 x 768 px.

:heart: - RULES - :heart:

:bulletred: When you use any of our stock, please credit us in your deviation description.
:bulletred: Don't use our stock outside of DeviantART without our personal premission.
:bulletred: Please send us a Devious Comment when you use our stock, and please include a link.

smaller vesrion [link]
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I downloaded these cool brushes a while ago and I finally got to try them out. I think it turned out interesting.
There's a black/white version up on my twitter if that's what you prefer.

Twitter: [link]

Let me know if you would like me to do more and if you prefer it to be in color or just black and white :)

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Since I am shamelessly addicted to using textures with my art, I decided to make one myself with coffee and watercolour paper. It was fun, especially 'cause I could drink the coffee whilst painting. :9

Anyway I thought I'd upload it in case any of you wanted it! It's free to use; you don't have to credit me or anything - just do whatever you want with it.

Download for hi-res image!
Enjoy. c:
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This is a texture package (.zip) containing 6 high resolution (.jpeg) files.
I made it using my own material plus a couple of raw bokeh photos by ooc-sdz
It's completely free to download. Hope you enjoy ♥

If anyone wonders why it's called sorbet and cream, it's because I got inspired making textures by looking at ice cream and popsicles ;)
The top row is inspired by cherry popsicles, berry ice cream and blueberry coconut marbled ice pops.
The bottom row is inspired by chocolate and caramel ice cream, lemon sorbet, and iced coffee latte!

1. No redistribution
   Don't claim my textures as your own with none or minor alterations.

2. Give credit
   So others are able to find the source.

3. Feel free to use my work for whatever you like, wherever you like.
   Please feel free to send me a link to your artwork. I'm always happy to see what you made!

:halfliquid: mercurycode | FAQ | Tumblr | Facebook

6 Premium Textures: Subtle Grunge by mercurycode6 Free Textures: Sinners + Saints by mercurycode6 Free Textures: Otherworldly by mercurycodePremium Texture Pack III - Dark Aquamarine by mercurycode
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no rules.
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DISCLAIMER: This is something I'm doing for fun on my own time with the intent of minimal content, so there won't be much added beyond item swapping and a few mob textures. This is no mod so it doesn't change the gameplay, only the look of it.

Another update already? Well, I had ideas. I was messing with the clock in my own original personal use texture pack and decided to make this clock look all ring-like, with orange and purple magic stone colors.

Beast has been added as chainmail armor. I understand the demand to make Wizard Infinity, but I'm not sure. We'll see what ultimately ends up happening when I get to it. For now, you have your cookie donuts, so enjoy~

Current contents in more detail...

- Hotbar is made to look like ring strap, with cursor looking like a hand

- Wooden Sword is now Mage's Scratch Claw
- Stone Sword is now Beast's DiceSaber
- Iron Sword is now Wizard's SwordGun in sword formation
- Bow is now Mage's SwordGun in gun formation (With gunshot sound)
- Arrows are now bullets for the above use
- Gold Sword is now the white mage's HamelCane
- Gold Axe is now Sorcerer's Dis Halberd
- Diamond Sword is now Wizard's AxeCalibur in calibur formation
- Diamond Axe is now Wizard's AxeCalibur in axe formation

- Leather Armor is now Mage costume (Can be dyed to make the jewel portions on the helmet/chest/boot change color, white by default)
- Iron Armor is now Wizard costume

- Iron Golems are now... Golem
- Squids are now Kraken (Hornless version due to lack of customization)
- Skeletons are now Mages wielding SwordGun
- Wither Skeletons are now black jeweled Mages

- Chicken becoming Garuda
- Wolf becoming... one-headed Cerberus
- Horse becoming Unicorn (sans horn)
- Gold Armor becoming the white mage
- Diamond Armor becoming Wizard Infinity
- Witch mob becoming Sorcerer
- Zombies becoming Ghouls


If you don't know how to install this resource pack then I suggest looking it up, there are plenty of guides to Minecraft's many functions.
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Free texture.
Many more like this here:…

If you appreciate my free content - you can show you appreciation by having a quick look here:…
It's really easy to be appreciative.
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