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Another re-upload for my second animation.

Youtube version:

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Everywhere Ida goes, misfortune is soon to follow. And it's about to get much worse. Art, animation, story by Katy Towell. Narrated by Tim Jones. Music by Kevin MacLeod with the opening theme performed by the RFCM Symphony Orchestra - Saint-Saens' "Carnival of the Animals - Aquarium". All used with permission.
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My submission for Greyscale Gorilla's January Five Second Project.
The theme is "Made of Paper".

Animation: Vinicius Tavares
Sound: Mario Augusto Maldonado
Software: Cinema 4D/After Effects
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I created Teddie (from Persona 4) with 3D Studio Max and Mudbox.
Music and sound effects are from Persona 4.

Check out my art blog: Dracula is Still a Threat.

Modeled by Paul Scott
Completed April 2012.
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First animation of the year. getting back into the groove before I start working again :) 
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Download the song (Updated version):
Download the song (This version) :

One of my favorite songs of all time...

Music created by me in Fl Studio 11
Visualization created in Blender 2.69

Sonic the Hedgehog series belongs to SEGA
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For my BFA1 second semester film, I experimented in every animation technique I had time for, in the form of caterpillars.

In order, the techniques are:
:bulletgreen: stitching on paper,
:bulletgreen: phenakistoscope,
:bulletgreen: magnetic stop motion puppets,
:bulletgreen: drawn animation with pointillism,
:bulletgreen: stop motion leaf cutting,
:bulletgreen: black paper cutting on top of acrylic paintings,
:bulletgreen: yarn marionette,
:bulletgreen: strata cut,
:bulletgreen: caterpillar stitch,
:bulletgreen: colored pencil on paper collage background,
:bulletgreen: straw wrapper colored with marker,
:bulletgreen: yarn painting,
:bulletgreen: stop motion sour worms,
:bulletgreen: paper cut-out animation,
:bulletgreen: lino-cut printing,
:bulletgreen: stop motion torn paper,
:bulletgreen: beaded bracelet,
:bulletgreen: digitized drawn animation,
:bulletgreen: drawn animation in crayon,
:bulletgreen: stop motion puppets,
:bulletgreen: EVERYTHING,
:bulletgreen: and then stitching on paper again.

Why caterpillars? Because they have a very unifying, distinct movement as well as a shape that is recognizable at any stage of complexity. And because I think they're cute. :aww:

Better quality on YouTube: [link]

The stop motion puppets also function as fridge magnets-->:meow:
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Been working on this for a while, and I'm glad that it's done. The animation was all hand drawn and cleaned up in Flash, the background was painted in photoshop, the effects on the fire were done in after effects, and then after I SWEAR four hours of exporting from premiere I got this version that didn't look terrible.

I can see pretty much all the problems with this, the next one will hopefully be better. It'll be shorter, that's for sure!

These are based on little sketches that I did in my sketchbook a little while ago that I thought would be fun to animate. I've been working on this for about a month. I'm glad it's done!!

(And if dA ever decides to process this... Seriously, it's only 5MBs. That's pretty small for a video!)
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An elegant illustration to a rather simple thought that occured to me once - the infinitely rolling domino. To elaborate a little, the concept consists of a ring of right-angle shaped domino-blocks aranged in a mobius strip formation. When a single one falls (or, more technically, flips), you essentially get a block on the other side rising at the same time. As the mobius strip twists around, the blocks that were formerly being flipped up, now start collapsing while the ones on the top are reset... ad infinitum.

In theory, you would need two one force simulating gravity, acting perpendicular to the single plane of the mobius strip at all times. In practise, I suspect it could be done with springs.

The above realisation was captured in the Cry Engine 2 Sandbox Editor, rendered in real-time, running an actual physics simulation.

The 1934 public domain recording of the Blue Danube waltz can be found at [link]

~ 24 hours, Cry Engine 2
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Collab with *KajikoKylance:iconkajikokylance:~!

Youtube version: [link]

ˇˇˇˇˇHere you have the whole picture!!!! ^w^/

Kajiko and I have made a parody of this Ending using our Pokémon Adventure forum characters, ALL THEM!!! And all the characters have with them their starter pokémon!! I made the pokémon and the Premiere work while she made the human characters and part of the backgroud *^*

The characters, from left to right, his/her starter and the owner in the forum:

Lina Ryűsaki (c) + Chikorita *Lina17Inverse
Kajiko Bethner (c) + Flaaffy *KajikoKylance
Yvi Hibiki (c) + Growlithe *Cachomon
Mitsui Hibiki (c) + Deerling *Cachomon
Dag (c) + Shiny Zorua *KajikoKylance
Ada Gamansu (c) + Poochyena *Foxymon
Will (c) + Absol *KajikoKylance
Ureshi (c) + Politoed (+Spiritomb) *KajikoKylance
Kajiko Kylance (c) + Buizel *KajikoKylance
Ronnie Odair (c) + Purrloin ~DeiAkMa
Michael Locks (c) + Beldum (Tank) ~Trencalos
Kirin (c) + Riolu *Cachomon
Eon Dalmau (c) + Bulbasaur ~Eonkun
Tony Stark + Porygon-Z (Jarvis) *KajikoKylance
Steve Rogers + Braviary ~DeiAkMa
Tyrano (c) + Mandibuzz *Cachomon

Art (c) :iconcachomon: & :iconkajikokylance:

I hope you like it *A*/~! :iconawwwplz:

Programs used: SAI, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Time Spent: mmm 3-4 days more or less (but in hours, maybe 2 days as much)
Tony Stark & Steve Rogers belong to MARVEL, all other OCs belong to their owners
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