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Okay, for those whom don't know, it's Knuckles The Echidna from Sonic X ^^ :heart: I absolutely love him! But I've only seen him in Danish movies though..

But no matter, he's still the coolest xD
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A Knuckles Wallpaper.
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SEGA owns Sonic the Hedgehog and all related characters and locations.
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I was excited at learning to insert moldures on screengrabs on photoshop, so I decided to pick a pin-up page of Knuckles' echidna people divided into the heroic Brotherhood of Guardians and the evil Dark Egg Legion with Knux's one of sworn archenemies Dr. Finitevus at the center, and inserted a moldure on it to create either a magnificent exhibit prop or an historical family photo. Does this echidna piccy look graceful as turned into an historical family picture exhibit piece?

EDIT: At this moment, I received a threat regarding art stealing, so I decided to change the moldured deviation to the one in its original untouched glory, in an attempt to avoid negative feedback. Yet, the info here remains unscathed.

- Edmund: the first Guardian of the echidna history and the first echidna to bear Knux' whitey crescent birth mark on his chest which would be passed through his family line so they could be properly recognized as the Guardians. He used to work with his brother Dimitri as a renowned scientist until he was summoned to be the first (along with his son Steppenwolf) of what would be the widely-recognized Brotherhood of Guardians because of the senseless civil war which divided many innocent echidnas over the issues of giving up technology. He was also the first Guardian to die on duty as he was shot to death by the Dark Legion while investigating their whereabouts.
- Steppenwolf: Edmund's kid, Dimitri's nephew, the below's dad, Harlan's grandfather, Rembrandt's great-grandfather, Luger's granduncle, Aaron & Jordan's great-great-grandfather and the first Guardian to be properly trained for the role, as well as the first (along with his father) of what would be the so-called Brotherhood of Guardians. Thanks to its proper use of the Chaos Emeralds' power, he succesfully imprisoned his own cousin Menniker and the Dark Legion on the Twilight Zone, thus winning the civil war.
- Moonwatcher: the above's kid, Edmund's grandson, Dimitri's grandnephew, the below's father, Rembrandt's grandfather and great-grandfather of Aaron & Jordan. He's also the second Guardian to bear a link to the Chaos Force.
- Harlan: the above's kid, the bellow's dad, Aaron & Jordan's grandfather, Mathias' great-grandfather, Hawking's great-great-grandfather, Steppenwolf's grandkid, Dimitri's great-grandnephew and the fourth Guardian of Angel Island.
- Rembrandt: Harlan's kid, Aaron & Jordan's dad, Steppenwolf's great-grandkid, Dimitri's great-great-grandnephew, Hawking's great-granddad, Tobor's great-great-granddad and Moonwatcher's grandson. It was him who suggested the Brotherhood of Guardians to be named as such. His kids are the only pair of siblings to ever born in this line.
- Aaron: Rembrandt's kid, Harlan's grandson, Moonwatcher's great-grandson, Steppenwolf's great-great-grandkid, Hawking's granduncle, Tobor's great-granduncle and the below's brother. The first Guardian of Angel Island to die childless and before joining the Brotherhood of Guardians.
- Jordan: Aaron's brother, Harlan's grandson, Moonwatcher's great-grandson, Steppenwolf's great-great-grandkid, Tobor's great-granddad, Mathias' dad, Spectre's great-great-granddad and son of Rembrandt. The first Guardian to be trained at such a younger age to survive on its own.
- Menniker: Steppenwolf's cousin, Dimitri's son, Edmund's nephew, Moritori Rex's dad, Luger's granddad, Kragok and Lien-Da's great-granddad (also Julie-Su's), Remington's great-great-granddad and founder of the Dark Legion. He founded such a villainous syndicate out of revenge against his uncle's betrayal and loyalty to the High Council of Echidnaopolis after his dad seemingly perished at the Fire Ants' hands, though he had to pay the highest price for such during one of his attempts to destroy the city with nuclear arsenal as he was defeated to death by Steppenwolf's great-great-grandkid Aaron.
- Dimitri: Edmund's sibling, Steppenwolf's uncle, Menniker's dad, Moritori Rex's granddad, Luger's great-granddad and Kragok/Lien-Da/Julie-Su's great-great-granddad. He's the oldest living being of Mobius, having been fused with 11 Chaos Emeralds' power years ago and becoming the 1st Enerjak. Then he became a robotic being and his bombed schemes against Angel Island caused him to reform himself of his evil ways, albeit slowly. During Sonic's time in outer space, Lien-Da took over Dark Legion's control. He was gifted with immortality by Dr. Finitevus at the expense of his entire body. After Finitevus betrayed him, Dimitri allied himself with the Eggman Empire, becoming the Dark Egg Legion's Grandmaster so (as it turned out) he could peacefully lead the Eggman Empire to an impending downfall.
- Moritori Rex: Edmund's grandnephew, Dimitri's grandkid, Menniker's kid, Luger's father, Kragok/Lien-Da/Julie-Su's granddad, Remington's great-granddad and a double agent for the Guardians and the Dark Legion. He received such distinction when he was mistaken for the Guardian Tobor and brought to the Brotherhood's secret base in Haven. He worked for the Guardians as a spy for the Dark Legion until he was deceived by Knuckles. Then he joined Dimitri who had taken over the Dark Legion. After the Dingo domination of Angel Island, he was one of the subjects for Dr. Finitevus' studies who were later tossed to the Twilight Zone following its completion.
- Mathias: Hawking's dad, Tobor's granddad, Harlan's great-grandkid, Rembrandt's grandkid, Aaron's nephew, Jordan's kid, Spectre's great-granddad, Sojourner's great-great-granddad and the oldest living Guardian during Knux' tenure as such. He served the Brotherhood for much of the time, causing him to hate fondly the Dark Legion. Later, however, he left Haven and shed his corporeal form, establishing a closer link with the Chaos Force. He sacrified his pitiful life during the Brotherhood's attack on the Grand Conservatory, though evolved to an even high plane and joined the other deceased Guardians. Locke was a Mathias' huge admirer.
- Hawking: member of the Brotherhood, Mathias' kid, Tobor's dad, Rembrandt's great-grandchild, Harlan's great-great-grandchild, Aaron's grandnephew, Jordan's grandchild, Spectre's granddad, Sojourner's great-granddad, Thunderhawk's great-great-granddad and inventor of Hyper-wave Projector which was used to transport people of Angel Island to separate zones when the island was plagued by the nuclear contamination. He personally oversaw the mess' cleanup on the Island in the aftermath. When Knux was born, Hawking was the second oldest Guardian still alive and became increasingly vulnerable. So, when he was forced to use the Projector to bring Echidnaopolis and the Dingoes back to Mobius Prime, he fell into a deepest coma. Later, he was escorted to the 'next-evolution' by his ancestor Steppenwolf and in turn escorted his son Tobor when he died.
- Luger: Menniker's grandkid, Steppenwolf's grandnephew, Moritori Rex's kid, Kragok/Lien-Da/Julie-Su's dad, Remington's granddad, Edmund's great-grandnephew, Dimitri's great-grandkid and Dark Legion Grandmaster. He apparently had a more reserved style of leadership which caused the aminosity with his older kids. After Lien-Da killed her stepmother, she and Kragok planned to kill Luger. While cataloguing a series of crates, the unsuspecting Luger was atomized by Lien-Da, allowing Kragok to take over the Dark Legion.
- Dr. Finitevus: the most widely known of the Sonic villains!!! He came from Albion and is the last known surviving citizen of this city by birth. He became albino after using his creation, the Chaos Siphon Suit in an attempt to drain Chaos Knux' power and restore him to normal. This experiment turned Finitevus evil and betrayed his city to Eggman Empire. When Sonic and Knux first met Finitevus, he was serving the Dark Legion and thus was working with Lien-Da. Shortly later, however, Finitevus turned on the Dark Legion and began enacting his own schemes. He is widely infamous for turning poor Knux into the cruel, cold and black-hearted Enerjak and for letting its father Locke die in vain as he sacrified himself to defeat his own corrupted son. Allying himself with the Dark Platypus Legion, he returned to Angel Island, clashing with Knux - to whom he became the main villain - and the Chaotix, as well as the Downunda Freedom Fighters. Despite his best efforts, Finitevus was beaten twice, though escaped justice with minor injuries.
- Lien-Da: NO more commentaries as she is the most pouplar female Sonic villain, but let's get into her history. As powerful and amibtious as she still is, Lien-Da's first crime as a teenage girl was her stepmother's murder. She became the Dark Legion Grandmaster we know today after her great ancestor Dimitri's health deteriorated and her brother Kragok was dead. Her first regime was short-lived, however, as her nephew Remington eventually became a Legionnaire and split her gang into a couple of separate factions, one under his unquestionable rule, and another under Lien-Da's brutal regime. Recently, Lien-Da and her henchmen offered to knee for the Eggman Empire in exchange for their stolen technology following the aftermath of Enerjak's rampage. So, the rest is just another story. She's Menniker's great-granddaughter, Moritori Rex's granddaughter, Luger's daughter, Kragok's sis, Julie-Su's half-sis and Remington's aunt.
- Tobor: Guardian Hawking's kid, Guardian Spectre's dad, Aaron's great-grandnephew, Jordan's great-grandchild, Mathias' grandkid, Sojourner's granddad and Thunderhawk's great-granddad and Janelle-Li's great-gread-granddad. His tenure as a Guardian was short-lived by a battle with the Dark Legion under Moritori Rex, which resulted in both sustaining heavy wounds. Moritori was rescued by the Brotherhood after being mistaken for Tobor while the real Tobor remained buried. After escaping, Tobor ended up wandering on the surface of Mobius in shame. He had his damaged eyes replaced with cybernetic implants and eventually returned to Angel Island years later and met his descendant Knuckles. After a battle with Dark Legion Grandmaster Kragok, he was trapped for some time in the Twilight Zone before escaping and ending up killing both Kragok and himself in a desperate attack on the Legion's Battle Cruiser.
- Spectre: one of the Brotherhood and one of Knux' ancestors. Son of the lost Guardian Tobor, father of Sojourner, great-grandchild of Mathias, Hawking's grandchild, Jordan's great-great-grandchild, Thunderhawk's grandfather and Janelle-Li's great-grandfather. He became the oldest living Guardian during Knuckles' tenure as such following the deaths of his great-grandfather Mathias, grandfather Hawking, and father Tobor. Known as the most violent and unpredictable of the Guardians, he is generally feared more by the Dark Legion leadership. He also tends to be more open minded and willing to criticize previous Brotherhood decisions. He was last seen defending the Master Emerald from Dr. Eggman's forces along with the rest of the Brotherhood (save for Locke), having been captured by Dr. Finitevus and then sent to the Twilight Zone after the mad Echidna scientist used the Brotherhood, Dimitri, and a captured Moritori Rex for experiments.
- Sojourner: Spectre's kid, Thunderhawk's dad, Tobor's grandkid, Hawking's great-grandkid, Mathias' great-great-grandkid, Janelle-Li's granddad, Athair's great-granddad and the one who fought bazillions of times against the Dark Legion during Knux' time as the Angel Island's guardian. He was also who saved a baby Elias Acorn and her dying mom Queen Alicia from the Overlanders which were repelled through diplomatic means (due to the echidnas' hatred over the Kingdom of Acorn and the Overlanders' needless violence towards each side, they sworn neutrality). His fate was the same as the rest of the Brotherhood as he was also victim of Finitevus' experiments and was also thrown into the Twilight Zone.
- Janelle-Li: Thunderhawk's daughter, Spectre's great-granddaughter, Sojourner's granddaughter, Athair's mum, Sabre's grandmum, Locke's great-grandmum and the first and sole girl of the Brotherhood until the appearances of Knux' fiancee and future wife Julie-Su and her daughter Lara-Su.
- Thunderhawk: member of the Brotherhood, one of its few surviving members, Tobor's great-grandkid, Spectre's grandkid, Sojourner's kid, Janelle-Li's father, Athair's granddad and Sabre's great-granddad. While NOT known for any particular outstanding achievements as a Guardian, Thunderhawk has been a vital part of the Brotherhood team, assisting in dealing with the Overlanders and the issue of Alicia Acorn. He was responsible for watching over the continent of Downunda during Dr. Ivo Robotnik's tyrannical regime and following the despot's demise. He was last seen by most defending the Master Emerald with the rest of the Brotherhood (apart of Locke) from the forces of Dr. Eggman. Following this battle, Thunderhawk and the rest of the battle-weary Brotherhood were captured and studied by Dr. Finitevus before he sent them to the Twilight Zone.
- Kragok: Menniker's great-grandkid, Moritori Rex's grandkid, Luger's kid, Lien-Da's sis, Julie-Su's half-sis and Remington's dad, the Dark Legion Grandmaster for years and the most prominent main villain from the Knuckles' adventures before his demise. After his sis Lien-Da killed their father Luger as part of their plan to gain power, Kragok conquered the Dark Legion for himself, as the experimental weapon he provided her with exploded and left her comatose for a prolonged period of time. Both tactful and vicious, Kragok used to be Knuckles and the Brotherhood's sworn archnemesis during his leadership of the Dark Legion. When Dimitri returned in the form of Enerjak, Kragok immediately gave up leadership to the Chaos-demigod, who influenced the Dark Legion's founding. He found himself forced back into the Twilight Zone by the Guardian Tobor where both fought for a prolonged period of time. When both re-emerged, Tobor hurled them both into the Dark Legion Battle Cruiser, resulting in both of their deaths.
- Remington: Moritori Rex's great-grandchild, Luger's grandchild, Julie-Su's and Lien-Da's nephew, Kragok's son, Menniker's great-great-grandchild and former Constable of Echidna Security Team which was the echidnas' counterpart to the Kingdom of Acorn's Secret Service. For much of his life, he was unaware of his relationship to the Dark Legion despite being the son of its former Grandmaster, Kragok. Remington often assisted the Brotherhood in maintaining peace and order in Echidnaopolis. Upon the city's return to Mobius Prime from their pocket zone, he found himself often having to deal with General Von Stryker and his fellow Dingoes as well as the Dark Legion until he became part of the latter group, and started a civil war with his aunt for power. His fate, after his memories were restored, was on his responsiblity for the reconstruction efforts in Albion and for leadership of the few surviving Echidnas.
- Locke: Knuckles' dad, Sabre's kid, Athair's grandkid, Janelle Li's great-grandkid and Lara-Su's granddad. The most prominent member of the Brotherhood. A dedicated Guardian, he trained extensively his beloved son in spite his wife Lara-Le's protests, which culminated into their eventual divorce. After his son's training was deemed complete, Locke left him to defend Angel Island alone, while secretly overseeing him within the secret base of Haven. Years later, after Haven was discovered by Knuckles, Locke took a more active role in his son's life. When the Brotherhood went missing and Knuckles refused to return to Angel Island, Locke took up the position of Guardian once more and protected his fellow echidnas. He fell in the line of duty, sacrificing his life to free Knuckles from Dr. Finitevus' mental slaving and restore his free will, bringing an end to the threat of Enerjak.
- Athair: Locke's grandfather, Sabre's father, Knuckles' great-grandfather, Lara-Su's great-great-grandfather, Janelle-Li's son, Thunderhawk's grandkid and Sojourner's great-grandkid. He transcended his corporeal form and became an emissary of the Ancient Walkers. Athair was the first Guardian to abandon his position and pursue a "higher calling". Guided by the Ancient Walkers, he became the Mitre of the Lost Tribe and spent many years leading them in their search for Albion, until his great-grandson Knuckles completed this task. He also spent some time in his later life training Sonic's best buddy Miles "Tails" Prower for his role of becoming the Chosen One and continued to do so even after his transition into a non-corporeal entity. After Tails fulfilled the prophecy and defeated Mammoth Mogul, Athair remained with the Ancient Walkers. Following their demise, Athair became one of the Neo Walkers.
- Sabre: Athair's kid, Thunderhawk's great-grandkid, Locke's father, Knux' grandfather, Lara-Su's great-grandfather, Lara-Le's former father-in-law, Janelle-Li's grandkid and the only Guardian to have ever left his duties as Guardian. This decision of Athair's, coupled with the fact that he effectively abandoned his mother Janelle-Li in Sabre's eyes, strained the father-and-son relationship which hasn't been repaired. He's the nominal leader of the Brotherhood during his grandson Knux' tenure as Guardian. Sabre participated in a number of activities against the Dark Legion. He, along with the rest of the Brotherhood (minus Locke), were captured in a weakened state by Dr. Finitevus and studied before ending up imprisoned in the Twilight Zone.
- Julie-Su (unseen): Knux'girlfriend, distant relative and future wife, and eventually mother of Lara-Su. Born to the biological parents Luger and Mari-Su, she was brought up amongst the Dark Legion. After her biological parents were killed by her half-sister Lien-Da she was placed in the foster care of Simon and Floren-Ca before she was taken away from them as well. Once as the supportive Legionnaire for years, she eventually left it to join Knuckles and his group, the Chaotix. Since then she has fought along Knuckles' side and continues to function as a key member of the Chaotix. She's also Menniker's great-grandchild, Moritori Rex's grandkid, Kragok's half-bro and Remington's half-aunt.
- Lara-Le (unseen): she's Knux' mum and Guardian Locke's ex-wife. Lara-Le went emotionally enraged with her husband when she realized she was unable to partake in raising him, due to Knux having to be trained to become the next Guardian. Lara-Le offered Knuckles as much advice as she could upon Echidnaopolis' return to Mobius Prime, and also helped to get Knux together with Julie-Su. Years after divorcing Locke she married Wynmacher, which resulted in mixed feelings from her ex-husband and son. Managing to survive the oppressive Dingo occupation of Angel Island, she was transported to the ruins of Albion with her husband and second child.
- Wynmacher (unseen): although he does NOT play an prominently outstanding role on Knuckles' adventures, he's very fond of the rad red we all know and love to the point he helped him to save his future wife and Knux' mom from the Dingoes' attack on the Echidna Tower. He suddenly married the rad red's mum and gave birth to Kneecaps, Knux' comedic baby half-bro. XD He also possesses excelent cooking powers. Yummy-yum!!! Maybe he can cook some chilli-dogs for Sonic and some mint candy for Tails. These guys are Knux' closest allies in addition to the Chaotix.
- Mari-Su (unseen): she was the second wife of the Dark Legion's third Grandmaster Luger. Several years after the death of Merin-Da, Luger met Mari-Su and was immediately captivated by her. Some time later, Mari-Su married Luger and a year later gave birth to Julie-Su. Mari-Su was hated by her step-kids Lien-Da and Kragok, and eventually Lien-Da killed her while making it appear to be a tragic accident.
- Simon (unseen): he was a Legionnaire and the foster father of Julie-Su and husband of Floren-Ca. During his life time, he was sent on numerous missions with ill-equipped troops by Kragok hoping he would be killed, though each time he managed to survive. Years later after reuniting with Julie-Su, he was captured and held prisoner with his wife on the Dark Legion's Battle Cruiser. Once freed, the current Guardian, Knuckles, managed to pull some strings and get them an apartment and Simon and Floren-Ca attended his funeral. The following year he was later killed, becoming one of the many victims of Dr. Eggman's Egg Grape Chambers.
- Floren-Ca (unseen): Julie-Su's foster mom, Simon's wife and Legionnaire. She was murderously feared by Kragok and Lien-Da, Julie-Su's stepsiblings.
- Kneecaps (unseen): Wynmacher's kid and Knux' comedic baby half-bro!!! XD
- Lara-Su (unseen): we all know about Knux and Julie's daughter (also Locke's granddaughter, Sabre's great-granddaughter and Athair's great-great-granddaughter) but let's remark her outstanding moments: in the unaltered timeline, she was initially in odds with her father for refusing to allow her to become a Guardian. Eventually, however, he relented only for that future to be warped almost beyond recognition by an alteration of history by King Sonic. She and a few others recalled the rightful timeline, and together fought the despotic King Shadow. Lara-Su herself ended the fight by imprisoning him with Chaos Control. Serving as a Guardian for five years, she also became a member of the Future Freedom Fighters when Shadow returned.
- Rutan (unseen): son of Lien-Da and cousin of Lara-Su. Often a bully and enjoying poking fun at the Guardians, he had to pay a price for that forced to live under the strict parenthood of his mother, though time after time his great ancestor Dimitri will step in to stand up for him. In the altered timeline, he lost contact with his mother after she was made outlaw, though remained with Dimitri.
- Tikal (unseen): the widely iconic female echidna character from the SEGA canon!!! If you want to learn more about her, why don't you play Sonic Adventure on PS3, PC, Wii and X360, or watch "Sonic X" on Toonzai!?
- Shade (unseen): she and the Marauders may be distant relatives born to the SEGA canon, introduced on the DS title "Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood".

Sonic the Hedgehog & Knuckles the Echidna (C) SEGA / Sonic Team
The Guardians, the Legionnaires and original art (C) Archie Comics (provided by Yardley, Jim Amash and Jason Jensen)
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Since I did the corkscrews I had to do this, couldn't find Modern Sonic from Generations in a good running image though.

The reason I only had 1 Sonic 3D yet 2 Sonic Adventure images is because I found the difference between those two versions more noticable. Sonic 3D is pretty much just more colours.

Wanted to include Unleashed on Wii, but couldn't find any 2D-view images AT ALL.
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Happy Belated Birthday, ~pachirisu88!
Hope you like, (YAY for UK fans of MBAV for the season 2 DVD release!)
Feel free to request Disney Channel (or Teletoon, in MBAV)/Disney XD/Nickelodeon cast, character and couple pictures. =]

The screencap is from My Babysitter's a Vampire (behind the scenes). No copyright infringement intended.
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EDIT: Wow, over 100 favorites, 6 watchers, in under 2 hours. I don't know how to thank you all. <3


Yes that is a Hunger Games lanyard up there.

After seeing ~raseinn's amazing idea, I decided to create one of my own.

I usually don't take other's ideas, but I couldn't pass this one up.

Didn't take me long, about an hour or two.

It's Classy Sonikkuu! Yey! ;D

Yes, that is my computer space. Derp.

Took the photo with my craptastic phone.

I tried, but I need a lot more experience on this kind of thing. Hope you like it! <3

Classic Sonic (c) :iconsegalogoplz:
Art (c) *SilverSonic44
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If Angry Birds got a Rio based game then the Sonic should be sent to save the birds once again.... (:
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What the hell do you expect? Julie-Su the Echidna wandering at a industrial neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil. I love it when using industrial places as scenery for action-adventure stories and my favoritest heroes Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna would be my favoritest choice to perfectly fit such a scenery.

Julie-Su the Echidna (drawn by Patrick 'Spaz' Spaziante) (C) SEGA / Archie
Photomontage (C) Me
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Oh Silver, you sly hedgehog! :lmao: & Yep, that's BLAZE'S boot!

:iconblazeplz:: Silver, PUT THE TUB DOWN, or I swear, I WILL BURN YOU!

:iconsilverthehedgehogplz:: Oops, Sorry Blaze! :iconheheplz:

Silver & Blaze (C) SEGA
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