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"Knuckles is Property of Sega"
He drives it through sheer Badassery
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Derp and Herp sonic! :D

(C) sonic the hedgehog and sonic generations game belongs to sega.

originally from
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Ignore the cheesy title. >.>

This here is a contest entry for =iamthemanwithglasses!
Sketched this a while back, but came back to it yesterday and finished it up today. :3
I think I might go back to this style, don't know really, seems like I should. I haven't colored/shaded in this style in 2 months or so.


Anyways, guys.... gotta do flippin' homework.

8th grade isn't all cherries and pie. .w.

Art (c) Me
Sonic The Hedgehog (c) SEGA(c)
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I made this because I'm getting REALLY sick to fucking death of Knuckles being a PFL(Played For Laughs)character since Sonic Rush,as if he was a red echidna version of Dan from the Street Fighter franchise.

This is how SEGA put humor into Knuckles' character.………

Yeah......FUCK NO!

Knuckles is owned by SEGA.
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This was project 6 for my graphic arts class, and I had to apply Hollywood like effects to the project.

This project is also a movie poster for :iconsonicredesignedproj:.

You guys probably already know what the Sonic Redesigned project is about (from my previous deviations), but for those of you who don't know here's the speel.


Sonic Redesigned is basically a fan made game started and run by :iconsonicredesigned:.  The game is being made by him and the collaborative efforts of those involved with production.  I'm helping with a number of different thing including character concepts/design, storyboarding, voice acting, etc.

Here's a snippet from their homepage:

Did you enjoy Sonic Generations?

Everyone enjoyed it right?
Classic meets Modern, some people prefer the one over the other,
in this
group, we wont discriminate either one, but for your to choose.
- - -

Group Info:

We are a small group dedicated to create a Classical, and yet Modern aged game featuring Sonic The Hedgehog, and friends.

Game info:

Travel through Zones at high speeds, battle new Badniks, and Bosses.

With many options, such as Debug Mode, Speed Moderator, Ring Multiplier, going up N' down and all around should be a blast!

Choose many characters for alternative paths, and compete times against rivals.

Select from Modern, or Classic. Story Mode, or Quick Pass.
These options are yours to choose!

We are quite a small group as I mentioned at he top, but we are getting things done. Help expand our group, and get the message out for Sonic Redesigned.

Please, check out our journals, and gallery for updates on this Project.


Would you guys like to help with this fangame?  We could use all the help we can get, and we have positions open for a variety of tasks.

- programers
- voice actors
- zone, badnik, and boss designers
- designers in general
- etc.

Even if you guys aren't able to help directly for the project, why not spread the word? Every little bit helps. :D

On behalf of me and Sonic Redesigned, thank you guys for taking the time to read this! :la:


Sonic the Hedgehog @ SEGA
Matilda @ Archie comics
artwork & movie poster @ me!
meteor texture>…
cibreo font>…
sonic title font>…
particle smoke brushes>…

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Cut-scene the stills were from here: [link]

Oh, Modern Sonic, you dirty liar you.

If you like any of these games, no offense to you, but I myself personally find them to be some of the worst Sonic games ever.
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Original lineart by *LunarSparkle - Had permission to color it.

This was so much fun to do! I loved it, and I love the result. <3
The feeling of flying made me think of a song, which lead to this title.. It must be peaceful of being able to fly.

Sketch and Lineart (c) *LunarSparkle
Coloring and Shading (c) ~Sonadow-Fan4ever
Cream and Cheese (c) SEGA
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For this project, I had to create a movie poster from scratch.  So this movie poster is themed around Sonic Universe issue #50, Forged In Fire, featuring Shard vs. Metal Sonic.  The title itself was created in Photoshop and the movie credits was made in Illustrator.

The rest of the images were sketched by me and created in both Photoshop & Illustrator. 





sf movie poster font>…

triggering fanfares font>…

movie font tutorial>…

screen line tutorial>…

metal texture1>…

fire texture>…

fire texture2>…

lightining balls & vortices brush>…

SEGA logo>…

Archie Comics logo>…

Sonic Universe logo>…

movie ratings>…

motion picture association of america logo>…


Metal Sonic @ SEGA

Forged in Fire & Shard @ Archie Comics

Artwork & movie poster @ me!

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You know you want it!

Sonic X Sega / Sonic Team / Saban Brands
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