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My entry for the contest!
The original pic: [link]
The new one: [link]

This has a story behind it:
It all started in 2008, the popular social media in Brazil was Orkut.
I draw this for no reason, I upload it to my pictures on my Orkut profile.
My friends start adding to the pic, more and more each day.
In the end, it became a colab between artists and non artists, all my friends.
I used to have all the edits my friends made, but my old computer died and I never found them again...
This brings back many happy memories from back then.
Not to mention that it was my first deviantation ever (I think...)
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I wonder what a fav tastes like, and if it would perhaps make a good icecream topping.

My second contest entry for the cute monster contest! Hopefully this one is cuter than my last one.

This guy is a vector created in illustrator CS5. The monster's body is shaded using a gradient mesh, everything else is either a gradient, semi-transparent gradient or a solid color. The only raster part of this image is the shirt template :).

Let me know what you think!

If you like this design, please vote for it in the cute monsters contest by clicking "I'd wear this" on the right. Thank you :heart:.

edit: GUYS, Go check out my journal entry for a chance to win a free t-shirt of this design & feature if this design wins, you can also win just a feature if it doesn't :D.
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I didn't really get this finished on account of me being ill : (
Because of that it's kinda more of just a concept rather than a totally polished piece. If I had my health and more time I would have really added in the detail where it's needed.

I'm a big fan of the new Prince design(First rule of awesome characters; have lots of blow-in-the-wind garments! He has a scarf AND a trenchcoat. Superb.)and I'm really looking foward to playing this game. Family! Buy me it for Christmas please :B

I tried to roll everything into one, the battle between light and shadow, how the Prince gets around and the co-operative element between the characters.

Click 'Download' for stupidly large resolution(My computer whined constantly about that.)

Characters (C) Ubisoft.
All Artwork (C) Adam Law & Crimson Feather Studios 2008.
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This is my main entry for Dark Shadows / Johnny Depp / Barnabas Collins / Tim Burton Portrait Project

Original Drawing:
Pencil: 4H, 2H, HB, and 2B
Paper: 14x17 Strathmore 300 Bristol Vellum
Other: kneaded eraser, brush (for hair and background only)
Duration: 04/11/2012 to 04/24/2012, 60hr+

Model: Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins
Drawing: Kelvin Chen

My Thoughts:
Potrait drawing has been my main passion as an graphite pencil artist. When I first heard of the contest, I couldn't hold in my excitement for entry. However, there are challenges.

Drawing with pencils really takes time and the contest only provides less than 14 days for completion. With my normal daily routine, it's nearly impossible to finish a quality piece on time. Well, never say never.

Coincidentally, I took my entire week off work due to my recent car accident. With my car being repaired in the shop, I had nowhere to go but focused on the drawing. The repair cost me nearly $3200 out of my own pocket and my insurrance company didn't cover the repair.....Long story short, I was so determined to win this contest. :onfire:

Despite the extra free time, completing the entire piece is still a big push. I chose the biggest paper possible for best possible detail. This is my first and most ambitious attempt to finish a 14x17 portrait in full detail because I don't usually include background in my portraits (see my gallery).

This pose of Johnny was found in the one of the two posters inside the asset pack provided by the contest. For the background, I got inspiration after viewing the official movie trailer. Composition wise, I believe it shows the characteristics of Barnabas Collins. The background was drawn in simple sketchy fashion so it won't be too distracting yet it still tells the story well. Some of you might have found the background interesting. Leave me a comment if you've found the dragon inside the drawing :D.

Yeah, this is it. I've used all the tme I had and now I have to submit this and hope for the best. If you like this, please favorite it, share it, and most importantly, leave me your comments (good or bad). I appreciate your support!

Have a good day! :)

Be sure to check out my other entries: WIP:

Previous: Next:
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Be sure to check out my other entry into this contest! :D

View the clearly marked Skribble lines here:

EDIT: I changed the entire tone of the picture to more of a sunset/sunrise. I thought the red made the entire picture more intense xD

ARGH! This picture was so hard to do! My poor Bamboo Fun tablet is on the brink, and drawing with it is such a struggle now. If only I weren't broke... xD

As soon as I saw that little skribble doodle, I instantly saw Sonic on his way to battle Eggman within his Death Egg. Of course, no battle is easy with a swarm of hundreds of Buzz Bombers and Bat Brains guarding the air fortress!

The skribble lines should be clearly seen with the death egg being the circle, and Sonic's arm and middle spike making up the lines. I also incorporated the skribble into another portion of this piece... see if you can find it ;D

Well, I hope I at least make it into the semi-finals with this piece. I was pretty confident until I viewed all of the amazing entries that have been submitted into this contest so far. If I don't have any luck with this contest, I'll have to find another way to replace my nearly-broken bamboo tablet. Being broke's not fun, ha ha.

Time: 6 - 8 hours
Tools: Photoshop
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Whirled is broke'd. D: [link]

a.k.a. Pareia: artist, pirate, longtime lover of all things Three Rings. I've been on Whirled for a good year and half now. You cannot even comprehend how loud I squealed when I saw this contest.

99% of content made by me. Exceptions are the Ghosthunters game and sadiekate's self-baking cookies.
:icongeek-of-jersey: <3 for coding the butterfly and blinking eyes.
Tool of choice: Illustrator CS3

:star:Room SPOILERS Below!:star: EXPLORE first before reading on!
There are a total of 5 rooms. In a "Choose Your Own Adventure"-esque style, there are two different ways the story can be told. Both has it's rewards. Yes. There are cookies.

-Little Red's Forest: The Centerpiece. The Oomph. The Wow. The "holy peas, I can't believe I spent two weekends making that". It's a trek from light to dark with two paths. You can visit your grandma via the path through the hedge or take the erm... "shortcut". Hey Mononoke fans, there are Kodamas!
Other rooms:
If you take the path through the hedge...
-A Clearing in the Forest
-Grandma's Cottage
If you take the path through the forest and manage not to get eaten by wolves...
-A Brightly Lit Glade
-Grandma's House

Of course, you can always revisit the room to take another path ;)

Textures from [link]
Swirl stock from [link]
Swirl Brushes from [link]

11/26 ZOMG. I WON. AHHHHHH! Now I can tell my mom not to buy me a new laptop :3 Thanks to everyone ^__^ especially the judges, even though they did not accept my bribe of cookies.
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This is my third entry for the Tomb Raider Reborn Contest. :D

The base photo was taken in the summer of 2012, and now I made the 3100px x 4700px edit specially for this contest. I hope you still like it!

Photo & Edit: ~SarmaiBalazs (Me) ;P
Model: Csenge Huszár
Blood-dirt fx: ~HDfxStudio
Make up: Karolina Neszteli
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Fella and Llama checking out the biggest pumpkin at the local pumpkin patch. They both better watch out for rolling pumpkins!
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SO finally i was able to upload this! i dont know why i decided to enter this contest as soon as i left home to another country for vacation but hey, i really wanted to give it a try. ive been looking for a scanner and internet connection desperately and thanks to my friend, well, here i am!

annnyways good luck to everyone entering (=
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My second entry to the Tomb Raider Reborn contest.
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