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my entry for the prince of persia contest!
hope you guys like it
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this is my entri for the Animation Emoticon Contest! : [link]

i used trial version of 3ds max! i drew in pixel the software and some tools! :]
it was hard to draw the perspective effect because it's a 3D software draw in 2D! :p

(frames : 157)
to see how i pixeled 3DS max : [link]

thank you too the judges : `feawen, ^Chimpantalones, ^guruubii for choose mine as first for the 3D category : [link]
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For the Prince of Persia competition! I really wanted to do something for it, as well as having an excuse to draw something from Prince of Persia. :XD:

So this is my submission inspired by the 2008 game, with The Prince and Elika. Click here for info about the contest!

I really hope you like it. I may tweak some things before the competition closes Friday night. Let me know your opinions!! :aww:

Click here for some:
:bulletblue: details

Original Size:6472 x 5000
(I think that may be the biggest I've done ... :O )

Used: Photoshop Elements and Corel Painter

Important: You may NOT use this work in ANY way without prior written consent from me, the artist. This work is NOT public domain. The characters depicted from Prince of Persia are copyright to Ubisoft.

:thumb117257846: :thumb130784539:
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My fourth and final entry to the Ultimate Fandom contest, and I think I saved my best idea for last ;) First - the mandatory rundown.

-Ultimate Fandom Contest 3: Video Games [link]
-Gaming Franchise: Super Mario Bros
-Environment or Character: Environment
-My Description: below as usual

Bowser, or "King of Koopa" as he was formerly called, has been present ever since Mario's first adventure, and every evil villain needs his fortress of doom right? so His castle has always been a final stage in each game.
For a couple of months now, I've been wanting to do something like this, and this contest was my motivation to actually do it, since it seemed like a daunting task to try out. Bowser's castle does seem to vary in appearance from game to game, probably because Mario keeps laying waste to all of his expensive castles lol. I was on the verge of drawing the type you see in the latest Mario Kart game, but found a screenshot from a different game (I think Mario Party for the DS) which is where I based this from, and the design on that version looked the coolest of all the Bowser Castle's I've seen :toocool:

Art details: This one is 100% pure illustrated in Photoshop (with a mouse still lol), something I hardly do now that I have 3D and access to stock textures or photo's. I figured it would look better and more dramatic that way, considering my other entry to the environment slot was almost fully 3D. And to also remind everyone that I can do pretty good stuff without the need for 3D too :nod: Everything here was done from scratch in the most traditional way that digital art can get :painter:

Artwork is Copyright property of my gallery. Do not use, edit or display this artwork, or parts of it in any way. Bowser's character design (and his castle's I guess) is Copyright of Nintendo
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ushiwaka, y'know, the weird guy from okami?
of course you do :love:

tools: gimp (lineart), photoshop for colors & texture; the texture is official okami imagery provided to artists during the okami dA art contest. good stuff!
print available here!
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You must Read the Rules before you use this stock.
Questions? Please check my FAQ

FAQ #217: What are "Stock Photos" and can I use "Stock Photos" in my submissions?
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Products featuring photos of this sculpture can be purchased from my society6. iPhone cases, laptop skins, prints and more are available. Click the link to go to the store : [link]

I did this for Capcom's official fan art contest for their game Okami. I am a big fan of the game's art style, and I thought I would give it a try in sculpture form! I used silk flower petals for the cherry blossoms.

Super sculpey over wire and foil armature, acrylic paints, silk flower petals.

Dimensions: 10.5" x 9" x 6"

EDIT : Wow, I was awarded third place for this! I am honestly very surprised and honored.

I did this to challenge myself with a new style, I've been blocked for months. This helped me to unblock; I never expected to win anything, especially with all the amazing entries I saw.

Thank you for all your kind words and comments!

Interested in a commission? Please check my journal for current commission status.


Check me out on : Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Etsy |
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Prince of Persia Fanart. Again with Photoshop and my custom brushes inspired by the official speedart. Elika.
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my entry for the Prince of persia contest.

Collab with Edouard Caplain.
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This is my entry for the Okami contest. I finnally was able to upload it. Hmm I think the size must be bigger, but my computer is too slow, and I can't work good with such a big file >.< and also it looks a bit bad ._. too much blur.
But if i'ts too much required, i'll upload it later. ^^
Ahh anyway, I don't think that I'll win. But I always wanted to draw this awesome character *-* I haven't play the game, but I would love to x3
Uhh I had a little accident when I was inking this...I dropt the ink and it spilled all over me and the floor -_- the draw
fortunately survived o.o just two drops fell on it...but I had to take a bath ^^;
haha well, I hope you like my amaterasu ^^

Este es mi dibujo para el concurso d Okami. Al fin pude subirlo. Hmm creo que el tamaño tenia q ser más grande, pero mi compu es demasiado lenta, y no se puede trabajar con un archivo tan grandote >.< Y también se ve un poco mal ._. muy borroso...
Pero si es muy necesario, lo subire despues. ^^
Ahh de todos modos, no creo que valla a ganar. Pero siempre había querido dibujar este padrisimo personaje *-* Nunca he jugado Okami, pero me encantaría x3
Uhh, por cierto tuve un pequeño accidente cuando estaba entintado esto..sin querer tiré la tinta y se toda me cayo en encima y en el piso -__- afortunadamente el dibujo sobrevivió o.o solo le cayeron 2 gotitas...pero yo si tube q darme un baño ^^;
Jaja bueno, pues espero que les guste mi amaterasu ^^
Dewent-artist and derwent-studio
Drawing ink (what it left xD)
Special white paper

I did the background in photoshop.
And didn't did the logo =P

Amaterasu (c) capcom
Art by :iconshivita:
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