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Another one for the show :)
The stand was sratch-built with red and white card stock cause my printer ran out of ink. :iconidontloveitplz:

If you look at this model next to :iconlyrin-83:'s ST Link, it looks like they came from the same designer x)

Model designed by :iconninjatoespapercraft:, build by me!
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I've finished!. This is my version of the Sandrock Gundam Custom Edition, (from the famous anime Gundam Wing) made with paper; my first papercraft, and I hope not the last one.
(The rar inc ludes PDF and PDO files)
Thank you for watching this, and for downloading it n_n!
Here's the file uploaded in




Special thanks to Krystel, Rana and Mark, three of the most amazing people I've ever met.

Wow! I didn't think this would get any fav, but I'm glad it does! It's my favorite gundam after all :D
Anyway, Thanks for the favs! they are much appreciated n_n

Gundam is ⓒ Sunrise/Bandai/Sotsu Agency
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The Animated Series is still my favourite Batman cartoon, and I've been wanting to make a papercraft model of it for years now.

And here it is! You can download the parts and instructions to build your own papercraft Animated Series Batman from my papercraft webpage: [link]

I'll make a New Batman Adventures (with black instead of blue accents and a different Batlogo on its chest) too, so stay tuned and have fun building! ;o)
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This is my second video game skull papercraft. This skull appears in the shop in the League of Legends video game. The template for the skull is available here --> [link] :skull:
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Papercraft template for Twisted Fate, the card master, of the classic skin before League's visual update to him.
When completed, he will be 10in tall and about 7in wide. There are 29 pieces for the cape, 154 pieces for the body, and 1 for his card.
If you feel like making your own TF, you can download it here :pointr:… :pointl: The .pdo are also open if you want them larger or smaller than the current size. Any feedback to make it better/easier if you make this would be appreciated.
Twisted Fate © Riot Games.

The house always wins.
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So it's my birthday :D Turning 18 here XD So I tought about making something special today, and I tought would the picture of a single model be cool? NO! Cool would be the picture of 150 (+-) models, that's REALLY COOL! So here it is my papercraft collection. All of the models there can be found on Paperpokes: [link] some now, some on the future and one won't thats Tsunomon, Brandon's edit that stayed by mistake on the middle of all the pokemons XD I kept only the pokemons edited by Pokemon and took off all of the models that aren't Pokemons and some pokes that don't deserve to be on the picture, not because of the build but because of other stuff XD

Some trivia about it: 1. Charmander and Charizard, both V2 are stayng on the top of a hat, Ashs hat that I tryed to build to a cosplay and that shoud fit my head. My head ain't that big, I made a scale up mistake XD

2. On the top of Slowpoke there's a head, anyone can guess which model? Never finnished it XD

3. This pic took me more than 4 hours to take, since I had to take all of the models of the place they stay and put them on my room's floor and that took a while, A BIG WHILE XD

4. Of course that I took some of the Pokemon models of the pic, some testbuilds that I haven't shown by now :p

5. Some chibis that have been released aren't on the pic, like Golbat, Zubat and Gengar family, that's because I took the picture before they were built XD

6. That's the work of more than a year, so that's a LOT of time XD and I really respect all of them and love all of them XD

I'd like to say Thanks :D to all of my da friends and to the great paperpokes team (they rule, don't they XD) they are really cool and the models they create are PERFECT :D

So that's it XD In case I remember something to say here I'll put it later XD

So Thanks a lot for favoriting my da entries and commenting on the last year :D This means a lot to me :D
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Hello everyone !!!

I DID IT !!! Even though I know absolutely nothing about 3D, I managed to design my first 3D model and to texture it and I'm quite happy of how it looks like !!

The model is very easy to build !!

Difficulty: Very Easy

H: ~15cm
W: ~15cm
D: ~13cm

Download Link: hellswordpapercraft.blogspot.f…

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now then
let's start with the legs

you can see piece 1 and 2
it is a complete vallley fold
i prefere to glue both edges (the big tabs) first and build to the peak

here they are allready combined with the pieces 3 on top and how they should be attached
start this time at the peak and build outwards

i allready combined 1+2+3 and added after that piece 4 at the first side

start to add piece 5 on top
put the tab underneath the allready build part
and start wrapping arround the last piece

here is just a little shot in between
build part 8, the little peak, first and then continue

here are both finished legs

the lower torso
it is a bit tricky to hold the whole pieces to put them together
be patience at take all time you need
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This model has been made as part of a collaboration between :iconxenonray: and :iconstudioofmm: to finally bring you all a detailed papercraft of Midna in her imp form.

The pictures here are from Studio of M.M's excellent 122cm build! Have a look at some of her full photos:……

Derived from her trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I edited Twilight Princess' fiesty imp into a form suitable for building way back in autumn 2011. But it was in an awkward floating pose and I ended up working on my Garrus model instead and forgot about her for a long time. A year later I learned to re-pose it in Blender to a more basic but workable standing position, edited it a lot more and made an unfold.

But technically there's a catch compared to my usual models. I only built most of the body file before stopping (not however due to bad design I stress). Sadly the colours of the skin came out all dark from my printer, including what should've been the lighter toned bits. So I lost interest but it would've been a shame to shelve the model for a second time. Fortunately *studioofmm volunteered kindly to help me out...although she had it in mind to edit and enlarge the whole thing to build a life sized version! So now with her great finished photos and the knowledge that the model is buildable all the way through, I'm releasing both of our versions of the template.

So in short there's a normal 37cm version and a life sized 122cm version available (the Fused Shadow makes up about 33% of the height). But no instructions, PDO files only because you'll certainly need them: best not to be messing around trying to figure things out from a PDF. But we've included plenty of notes to try and help you, however it goes without saying that you might want to have some experience in papercrafting already.

If you have any questions, please ask me about the general model/smaller template, or Studio of M.M about the life sized one. We'll try to help as best as we can! :)

Please tell me if you spot any errors that I might have missed due to not building it myself. (not something I'm going to make a habit of)

Retrospective: Can't really comment as I didn't build it myself. But I'm glad some good use was gotten out of the project in the end.

-------Read Before Downloading-------

It's a 8.75MB RAR file which contains PDOs to print from and use as a references. 17 pages for the small one (not including stand), and a whopping 120 pages to bust your printer ink on for the life sized one. :p

You can open the RAR archive with software such as WinRAR, Alzip, 7Zip. Just search around!

You can open the PDO files with Pepakura Designer downloadable free here:…

You will need to use these to print from and figure out where the parts go, especially for the big template. It won't work on Macs unfortunately unless you emulate Windows etc.

Difficulty: High

:pc: Download Options:
1. Mediafire download:…
2. DeviantArt download via Stash feature:

Happy building!


Take a look at my Twili Midna model, made as a collaboration too between me and Squeezycheesecake.

And many thanks for minidelirium for the first photos I've seen of the small version!
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A papercraft template for the ChoGath's legendary Gentleman skin. In the 16 pages this model is spread out on, there are 262 parts (including the 50 or so teeth and accessory pieces) and will stand at a foot tall.
If you're looking to build one yourself, you can download the template to this from here :pointr:… :pointl: The .pdo are also open if you want them larger or smaller than the current size. Any feedback to make it better/easier if you make this would be appreciated.
Cho'Gath © Riot Games.

Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom!
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