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Darkstalkers: Warriors of Endless Night

Story Created by Hotfeet444


Following the events that took place in Vampire Savior, Anita, the young girl with a tremendous amount of psychic power, had arrived within the Makai following the powerful rifts of energy that Jedah had been giving off due to he'd defeated Demitri and taken his very powerful soul. Anita arrived within the Fetus of God and confronted Jedah, saying that he was a fool with more power than he could possibly control.

Jedah scoffed at Anita's remarks, but he soon realized who she truly was. Though she was now almost a fully grown woman, she was indeed the one he'd been intending to destroy, the protector of the humans and his greatest threat. Anita and Jedah then did battle, and Anita arose as the winner of the battle. She then used her power, fused with the power of Jedah's soul, to destroy the Shintai. The Shintai's destruction let out a powerful cosmic reaction that seemed to disrupt the flow of time, causing a time loop to occur. In this time-loop, the Makai was once again being ruled by the its proper rulers, the Makai nobles.

Anita remained the same to her surprise, but she was able to do what she set out to do in the first place, save Donovan's soul. She'd been forced to end his life due to he'd become corrupt, but she hoped that by rescuing his soul from the darkness, that she'd be able to bring him back to life. To her surprise, it indeed worked.

Many of the other characters of the series were also effected in certain ways. Morrigan and Lilith were still fused, but Morrigan still desired to make trips from world to world in search of excitement. Felicia was still an up-and-coming pop-star, yet to meet a certain person who would change her life forever. Hsien-Ko and her sister were still fighting to rescue their Mother's soul and Demitri was once again alive and back in the Makai as one of the rulers of his own castle. But…not all was as well as it seemed to be.

Remnants of the Shintai had survived the explosion that'd reshaped both worlds, the remnants then grew and multiplied as it fed off souls of the dead and the dreaded, growing into a new being composed of pure evil and hatred, a being known as "Corruption". Corruption revived Jedah from the dead by forging him a new soul due to his real soul was used to destroy the Shintai many years ago. Corruption then spoke to Jedah, telling to him to pursue the destruction of both worlds once again, telling them that both worlds were impure and corrupt beyond repair.

Corruption then forged an army of the dead using remnants of the souls that the Shintai once possessed, planning to use this army to kill the Makai nobles and take the position as rightful ruler of the Demon Realm. Corruption's army needed a leader though, and Jedah already had plans to recreate the Fetus of God in which to take the souls of those who were killed, so Corruption forged together a new soul to lead the army, the evil side of Donovan's soul, Dee.

Tragedy occurs from the attacks on the kingdom of Makai, several of the nobles dying from the ambush. It was not before long that the army struck Demitri's castle, all of Corruption's soldiers falling in battle to Demitri and Morrigan, who'd intervened early in the battle due to Demitri was getting a little overwhelmed. Demitri then vowed that he'd destroy the being who was behind the senseless strike on his castle and his people, and promised to make them pay before taking back his rightful position as ruler of the Makai.

Demitri was not the only Darkstalker interested in the power behind that of Corruption, for a young French Pirate by the name of Ruby Heart had been tracking Corruption's power using the destroyed orb of Abyss, a vile creature that had been created by Corruption in order to destroy all powerful beings who'd be a threat to his uprising in power. Using the power of her magical flying pirate ship, Ruby Heart was able to track Corruption's power all the way to the realm of the Makai.

Another of the new Darkstalkers to come to the knowing of Corruption was a Male Cat-Creature by the name of Tony. He felt the power that the evil creature Abyss possessed and planned to stop it. Upon his travels, he met Felicia, the female Cat-creature, and managed to save her from being ganged up on by soldiers from Corruption's army. The two of them then travelled together, both of them having goals that they planned to achieve and they promised to help the other out along the way. Tony was in search of Abyss in order to destroy him, while Felicia was trying get her singing and dancing career off the ground. Tony and Felicia assisted Ruby Heart, Donovan and Hsien-Ko in defeating Abyss and saving their world, while Tony then assisted Felicia in her first big show, singing a duet with her and sharing a dance number.

Donovan was once again alive and freed from the dark side of his heart, though the darkness within him still existed, but was contained. Anita no longer travelled with him, and was now on a journey to defeat the evil Corruption. He had no memory of his victory over Pyron or becoming his evil self, all of that lost thanks to the power of Anita's soul cleanse. Donovan soon got word of the evil creature Abyss summoned forth by Corruption to defeat the Darkstalkers, and vowed to put him down. Along the way to the city where the Makai gate had been opened, he came across Corruption's army, then coming face to face with his evil self that had been recreated by Corruption in order to lead his army. Donovan then engaged in combat with his evil self, almost being defeated and being forced to succumb to the darkness within his heart, but was saved by Anita, who in turn defeated the evil recreation of Dee and saved Donovan's life.

Back in the Realm of the Makai, the Kingdom of Makai had been overthrown completely by that of Corruption and Jedah, turning the entire building into the brand new Fetus of God and to be the birthplace of the brand new Shintai. Upon arriving at the Castle, Morrigan and Demitri came across another familiar face, the last of the Huitzils, who was fighting off soldiers to protect the small boy on his back, the boy being Cecil.

Corruption was not prepared to let his plans of conquest go to ruin thanks to the power of the Darkstalkers, then using hundreds of souls to forge together a new soul, recreate the soul of Pyron, the one who'd tried to destroy the earth before Jedah first attempted to recreate both worlds for the first time. Pyron then faced Demitri, Morrigan and Huitzil, the battle resulted in Huitzil's destruction and almost killing Cecil. It was then at that time that Ruby Heart and her ship had finally arrived at the Kingdom, her and Donovan entering the battle against Pyron which resulted in Donovan once again destroying Pyron and clearing the path to the top floor where Corruption was waiting. Ruby Heart took Cecil in her arms and said for the rest of them to go on without her as she tended to the boy's wounds.

As the group reached Corruption's throne-room, they realized that Corruption had already began the rebirth of the Shintai, and had already been feeding it evil and vile souls to make it more powerful. Corruption's plan was to completely destroy both worlds and create a world of his own, one where only he and his subjects were fit to live. The plan was against that of what Jedah had planned all along. Jedah then tried to rebel against Corruption, threatening and attempting to destroy the Shintai before Corruption could feed it anymore souls, but, thanks to the fact that Jedah's body and soul had been recreated by Corruption, it took him no effort at all to rip Jedah apart and take back the soul he'd created for him, then ingesting it himself and gaining his power.

Corruption then faced the Darkstalkers and almost killed them all, even stealing the soul of Lilith from Morrigan and ingesting it, increasing his power even more. It was then that Anita arrived, standing up to Corruption stating that she was going to destroy him like he did very long ago. Of all the beings from that time, Anita was the only one who'd not lost her memory thanks to the Time loop. Anita then fights and defeats Corruption once and for all, sacrificing herself in order to save the souls that Corruption had stolen and return Lilith's soul to Morrigan. Anita was now dead, and the Kingdom of the Makai was safe, but without that of a ruler. Demitri then took Corruptions spot on the throne and claimed himself the new King of the Makai, Morrigan taking the second spot as his queen.

The last scenes of the game depicts Donovan standing in front of a tombstone overlooking the ocean, the tombstone where Anita now rested. Shedding a tear of sadness, Donovan promises to keep the world safe from the evil that lied in the shadows, just like she would have wanted him to. As he walks away, the game's story comes to an end…   

Character Select:

Morrigan Aensland
Species: Succubus
Gender: Female
Description: One of the main characters of the game, Morrigan assists Demitri in fighting against Corruption and his army.

Demitri Maximov
Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Description: One of the main characters of the game, Demitri leads a fight against the evil Corruption after his castle is attacked by his army.

Species: Chinese Ghost
Gender: Female
Description: Hsien-Ko and her sister are in search of their mother's soul, and gain the assistance of Ruby Heart in order to travel to the Makai and defeat Corruption in the hopes of saving her soul once and for all.

Donovan Baine
Species: Dhamphir
Gender: Male
Description: One of the main characters and reborn thanks to the powers of Anita, Donovan is on a quest to stop the new menace.

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Description: The main character of the game, it's her actions that've shaped the events of this game. Anita is planning on defeating Corruption and putting an end to the evil of the Shintai once and for all.

Species: Cat-Creature
Gender: Female
Description: A young Catgirl who dreams of becoming a Pop star, she travels with Tony in order to defeat Abyss so that she can truly make her dreams come true.

Species: Cat-Creature
Gender: Male
Description: A young Catboy whose clan was destroyed, Tony travels to defeat Abyss and save the souls of his family and clan. He also travels with Felicia and promises to help her with her own goals as well.

Ruby Heart
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Description: One of the game's main characters, Ruby Heart is the owner of a flying pirate ship that she uses to travel to defeat Corruption after defeating the evil Abyss. She travels with Hsien-Ko and Donovan.

Species: Frankenstein
Gender: Male
Description: Being reborn from the spark of life given to him by the soul of his creator's daughter, Victor plans to help protect the human world by defeating Abyss.

Species: Abdominal Snowman
Gender: Male (Believed)
Description: Sasquatch's friends have been stolen away by the evil Corruption, and now Sasquatch is on a journey to get them back.

Jon Talbain
Species: Werewolf
Gender: Male
Description: Jon Talbain is on a journey to understand the power behind his cursed blood, and plans to make all who cross his path pay dearly.

Lord Raptor
Species: Ghoul/Zombie
Gender: Male
Description: Learning of Jedah's power, Lord Raptor is drawn to the Makai in search of gaining his power for himself.

Species: Mummy
Gender: Male
Description: Anakaris' kingodom is in ruin, but learns that Corruption's power is enough to restore it to its former glory. Using his mystic power, Anakaris travels to the Makai to defeat Corruption.

Oboro Bishamon
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Description: Now freed from his cursed armor, Oboro Bishamon is now on a quest to destroy the creator of the armor, making it so that the armor may never possess another soul as it did to him.

Species: Demon
Gender: Male
Description: Reborn with an artificial soul thanks to Corruption, Jedah is Corruption's assistant in his plans to give birth to another Shintai and repeat the cycle of resetting both worlds.

Species: Robot
Gender: Genderless
Description: Still protecting the young Mayan boy named Cecil, Huitzil is drawn to the Makai by that of a mysterious power that he'd once felt before.

B.B. Hood
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Description: One of the best Dark Hunters there is, B.B. Hood learns of Abyss and its plans to destroy the Darkstalkers. By following Abyss, she plans to nab and kill the Darkstalkers herself in order to gain a quick pile of cash.

Species: Pure Evil
Gender: Male
Description: The game's main antagonist, Corruption was the one who slayed the Makai Nobles and took over the kingdom of Makai in order to rebirth the Shintai, though his real plans are shrouded in mystery.

Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Description: Corruption recreated the soul of Dee from the evil side of Donovan's soul that Anita left behind when she saved Donovan's soul. Dee is now the leader of Corruption's army.

Species: Hellstorm Alien
Gender: Male
Description: Corruption forged together hundreds of souls in order to recreate the soul of Pyron. He's now Corruption's pawn and a powerful enemy to those who threaten to end his plans.

Species: Bee-Girl
Gender: Female
Description: Q-Bee's race is dying thanks to lack of food and souls, and one of Q-Bee's subordinates learns of Corruption's takeover. Q-Bee then plans an all-out attack on the Makai Kingdom in order to overthrow Corruption and take the souls he possesses.

Species: Pure Evil
Gender: Genderless
Description: Abyss was created by Corruption in order to destroy the Darkstalkers of the Human world, ones who would pose a threat to that of his plans for global reset. He then confronts the heroes and plants to destroy them all.


Demitri's Castle (Demitri's Stage)

Old Town (Jon Talbain's Stage)

Abandoned Laboratory (Victor's Stage)

Makai Kingdom (Corruption/Jedah Stage)

Downtown Beats (Felicia/Tony Stage)

Abandoned Chateau (Morrigan Stage)

Screams of the Forest (Q-Bee/Sasquatch Stage)

Japanese Temple (Oboro/Hsien-Ko Stage)

Hall of the Warrior God (Dee/Pyron Stage)

Revenger's Roost (Donovan/Anita Stage)

Mayan Ruins (Huitzil Stage)

Rock Concert of the Dead (Lord Raptor Stage)

Ruins of the Egyptian Kingdom (Anakaris Stage)

Top Deck (Ruby Heart Stage)

Much more to come! :D
I've been piecing together some ideas, and here it is at long last...Darkstalkers 4...Aka Darkstalkers: Warriors of Endless Night. I put in a story to connect what happened at the end of Darkstalkers 3 to Darkstalkers 4, and I put alot of time into this. Also I finally included Ruby Heart into something related to Darkstalkers, and one of my own OCs into the story as well (Tony the Cat-Creature).

I hope you all enjoy. :3

I did not draw that pic of Felicia, But I wuv it so I used it. :3
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Darkstalkers 4: Character Selection List

Morrigan Aensland
Demitri Maximoff
Donovan Baine
Oboro Bishamon
Jon Talbain
B.B. Hood
Lord Raptor
Jedah Dohma
Ruby Heart
Celestia Veranova
Janeeva the Slime Queen
Lawrence Von Aensland (Minotaur Guardian)
Dark Princess Marianne Aensland (Lilim/Succubus)
Ilexia Oni
Shadow Talbain
Manyuu (Armor)
Lilith Aensland
Arakune (Guest Star)

Boss Characters:

Shadow (Secret Boss that can be fought once you beat Arcade with all the already unlocked characters and getting at least 2 perfects and one EX Hyper Finish)
Yoko (Secret Boss that can be fought once you beat Arcade with all the already unlocked characters and get at least one perfect win)
Shadow Talbain (Boss of Jon's Arcade Run)
Marianne Aensland (Secret Boss of Morrigan's Arcade run, must not lose any rounds to fight her)
Manyuu (Armor) (Secret Boss of Oboro's Arcade run, must not lose any round to fight him)
Jedah Dohma (Boss of Corruption's Arcade Run)
Spitfire (Boss of Abyss' Arcade Run)

Rival Fight:

Morrigan – Demitri (Bitter Rivals, but likes him)

Demitri – Morrigan (Hates her and her family)

Donovan – Anita (To show that she's indeed strong enough to handle herself)

Anita – Donovan/Jedah (When he's unlocked)

Felicia – Tony (Friendly little fight)

Tony – B.B. Hood (She's been hunting him)

Hsien-Ko – Lord Raptor (Comedic Rivalry)

Oboro Bishamon – Donovan (Thinks that he can help him destroy the Armor's creator)

Anakaris – Demitri (Seeks out power that can rebuild, while the other searches for destruction)

Rikuo – Lilaca/Sherayanna (He has connections to both of them)

Sasquatch – Regina (Regina is terrified of him, wanting to fight him so that he'll go away)

Jon Talbain – Regina (Jon plans to teach Regina how to be strong willed and fight with passion)

Regina – Jon Talbain (Wants to fight him to show that she's able to take care of herself)

Lord Raptor – Hsien-Ko (Still in love with Hsien-Ko)

Q-Bee – Demitri (Wants to eat his soul so that she can grow stronger and save her colony)

Lilaca – Rikuo (Heard that he'd fought against Pyron, wants to see if he's as strong as they say)/Sherayanna (Hates her and her clan)

Spitfire – Ruby Heart (Wants her gone because of their attack on the Darkstalkers being set to take place, but Ruby refuses to listen)

Ruby Heart – Donovan (Wants to fight him to see if he has the power necessary to defeat the evil that lies in the Makai)

Arakune – Grimling (Once he's unlocked)/Demitri (Seeks to eat him and steal his power)

Character Unlocking Guide:

Huitzil: Complete Arcade Mode as Any one of the original 10 characters

Pyron: Complete Arcade Mode as Huitzil

Lilith Aensland: Complete Arcade Mode with Morrigan

Lawrence Von Aensland: Complete Arcade Mode with Lilith

Bishamon (Armor): Complete Arcade Mode with Oboro Bishamon

Dee: Complete Arcade Mode with Donovan

Sherayanna: Complete Arcade Mode with Rikuo and Lilaca

Anubis: Complete Arcade Mode with Anakaris

Shadow Talbain: Complete Arcade Mode with Jon Talbain

Grimling: Complete Arcade Mode with all the new characters available at the beginning of the game.

Celestia Velanova: Complete 25% of Character Missions

Janeeva the Slime Girl: Complete 50% of Character Missions

Ilexia Oni: Complete Arcade Mode with 5 new characters

Yoko: After unlocking Lilith, Bishamon, Dee, Anubis and Shadow Talbain, Complete Arcade Mode with at least one perfect to fight her as a secret boss. Defeat her to unlock her.

Shadow: After unlocking Lilith, Bishamon, Dee, Anubis and Shadow Talbain, Complete Arcade Mode with two perfects and one EX Hyper Finish to fight him as a secret boss. Defeat him to unlock him.

Jedah Dohma: After Unlocking Lilith, Bishamon, Dee, Anubis and Shadow Talbain, Complete Arcade Mode with either Demitri or Anita

Dracken: Complete Arcade Mode with Yoko or Shadow.

Abyss: Complete Arcade Mode with everyone who has him as a Final Boss

Corruption: Complete Arcade Mode with everyone who has him as a Final Boss

New Character Descriptions:

Anita: The once young girl who followed around Donovan on his journeys has grown up, looking for her own place in the world, also wanting to protecting Donovan from falling into evil's hands once again.

Tony: A battle-damaged Were-Tiger with a respect for the human race, Tony is on a journey to redeem himself after the death of his entire clan. He travels with Felicia during his journey.

Ruby Heart: A Pirate captain who captains a flying Pirate ship, Ruby Heart is out to help defeat and destroy Abyss and possibly his creator.

Yoko: A nine-tailed Kitsune Fox, Yoko is one of the strongest beings in the Makai realm. She travels to the human world to see if she can have a bit of fun with Corruption's army. She's also believed to like Jon Talbain.

Lawrence Von Aensland: One of the protective guardians of the Aensland family, Lawrence is a Minotaur who wields an unbreakable mace and unbreakable sense of justice. He's fighting to keep Morrigan safe and rescue back Lilith.

Sherayanna: The Leader of the Voodoo Priestess clan of northern Brazil, she's a skilled controller of magic that fights using two blades imbedded with her clan's dark magic. She's fighting to protect her people from Corruption.

Celestia Veranova: Celestia is a Witch that's also a skilled fortune teller, being fascinated at always trying new things, whether it be new spells or new potions. She forsees the return of Corruption through her cards, and makes a move to do what she can to stop his actions.

Corruption: The ultimate being of evil, he is the incarnation of all evil deeds/actions done in both the Makai and the human world, which means his power level is ungodly high. He is the main antagonist of Darkstalkers 4, being given the nickname "Alpha and Omega" for he has the power to make life.

Abyss: A being made of pure evil energy and feeding on the souls of others, Abyss was created by Corruption for the sole purpose of eliminating all threats to his plans in the human world, namely…The Darkstalkers that lived there. His path is filled with genocide, for he slaughters many innocent humans in the process just to feed himself.

Lilaca: An elf girl with exceptional arching skills, Lilaca lives in a small elf settlement with her family and friends, which is situated in the Amazon Forest. She's best friends with a Were-Squirrel by the name of Chichi, and has a particular hate for the Voodoo Priestess' that live in the northern parts just outside the forest.

Janeeva the Slime Queen: Janeeva is the arrogant, "Self-proclaimed" queen of her people, which is a small settlement of Slime creatures that live within one of the swamps of the Makai Realm. She seeks Corruption to prove her strength, and to also get revenge for his army killing one of her closest friends.

Anubis: A protective spirit, Anubis is the ancient guardian of Anakaris' kingdom, having made a pact with Anakaris long ago to protect his kingdom, even after he had passed on. When Anakaris resurrects as a mummy and plans to take Corruption's power in order to rebuild his kingdom, she decides to go with him, for he was very important to her, and she knew that he was the one she truly had to protect.

Marianne Aensland: The true daughter of the Aensland family, Marianne was thrown into the silent realm due to her dark ambitions regarding the future of the Makai kingdom. Upon Corruption's escape from the realm, she manages to escape as well, planning to finally take the throne for herself and be the Queen of the Makai.

Ilexia Oni: A strong-willed and kind Red Oni who's got a bit of a drinking problem, Ilexia is a resident of the mountain regions of the Makai. She loves nothing more than to drink Sake, for it's her favorite beverage, which is why she appears to be drunk most of the time.

Grimling: A spirit that loves nothing more than to cause mischief for others, having a very crude sense of humor and loves to laugh at the pain of others. His main goals aren't really known as of yet, but all he seems to want to do is have fun during this Darkstalkers war.

Spitfire: General Veronica Monroe, known to her subordinates by her codname "Spitfire", is the head general in charge of the rebellion against the Darkstalkers when Abyss arrived in the human world. She has a strong will and possesses supreme accuracy and weapon capabilities.

Dracken: A legendary figure of the Makai realm, one who many thought was dead long ago, Dracken is a Wyvern, a Dragon-like creature with immeasurable amounts of power. Corruption's destructive return to the Makai realm, Dracken was disturbed from his slumber. He then makes a move to try and destroy Corruption in order to be able to return to rest once again.

Arakune: The guest character of the game, Arakune is from the Blazblue series developed by Ark System Works. He's found lurking within the dungeon levels of the Makai Kingdom, how he got there and what his goals are unknown. All that is known about Arakune is that he's looking for something called "Azure"
For the first time ever, my Darkstalkers 4 Project finally has a full roster of characters. I have not counted myself, but I do estimate that it's about 43-45 characters. This list also features, for the first time, some of the new characters I was working on in secrecy, one even being an idea from a friend of mine. :)

If you'd like to know anything more about these characters, leave a comment and ask freely. :D Enjoy everyone, and here's hoping that Capcom will actually acknowledge the time and effort I've put into this project, for my favourite Capcom series ever. :aww:
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We are
How are we supposed to know?
We are
Young children.
What can we even know?
What can we know about love?
Or feelings?
Or sorrow?
Or happiness?
How are we supposed to know
How we feel?
How to act?
How to be?
Who says that we just know what even the
Adults do not?
We are sixteen.
How do we know love?
How can we say we are in love when
We are only teenagers?
How can we know that nothing will change when
We are so young?
How can we know that we are
Meant to be
When we have only surpassed the age of a
Mere child?
Do mere children
Do they
Need each other?
Do we?
How are we supposed to know any of this?
We are only sixteen.
Only sixteen.
We cannot know love.
We cannot know longing.
We cannot know true feelings.
We cannot know true sorrow.
If we say we do
Are we not just another teenage couple?
Are we not just like them saying that
We love each other?
We love.
So how can we know if
We are only sixteen?
We cannot.
We cannot know any of this.
So stop telling me that
You love me.
Stop telling me that I am
You're one and only
Because you cannot know that.
You just can't.
I have been hugely conflicted lately and I guess I just needed to get it off my chest.
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CHAPTER 10: Cutie Mark Criss-cross (First draft. Final version in the works)

Bucky's eyesight remained blurry as he looked around, desperately hoping to find something or somepony who could help him. He was in a room of some sort, but felt too nauseous to tell whose it was. His chest heaved with difficulty with each gasp of air becoming more shallow than the last while something clung tightly on his throat. His hoof grasped his neck to feel his Cutie Mark Crusader's cape. He had forgotten that he had put it on, but now it was choking him. Grasping at the knot, he tore it off, flooding oxygen into his lungs. He coughed loudly and painfully, gasping for a while before he sunk his head back to the cold floor. Taking the moment to catch his breath, his green eyes darted around, searching his surroundings. He was inside a small warm bedroom, not the cool basement where he once was. Stuffed animals surrounded him from all sides, their glass eyes watching his every move and motion and blanketing him in a feeling of uneasiness and paranoia. This was not Orion and Andromeda's house. Something felt very wrong.

'Ah have to get up!' he thought to himself, trying to will his arms and legs to move.  

Rocking back and forth, he attempted to pick himself up, but his body felt like it was being pressed down by an imaginary force. The floor felt like it was tumbling and his head felt dizzy and heavier than it had ever been. There he laid for a few more minutes until muffled voices echoed in his mind, mumbling some sort of language he couldn't understand. He could not tell who or where the source was, but their tone seemed to be worried.

"Bucky!" the first voice cried, clearing up slowly. "Wake up!"

        "Can you hear us?" the second joined in. "It's us...Orion and Peach Cobbler."

"Rion?" Bucky mumbled softly. "Petch?"

"Yeah, that's it!" an encouraged Orion said. "Come on, man, come back to us!"

Bucky took a moment to allow the spinning room to slow down before he attempted to get himself up. His arms and legs felt weak and shook when he tried to support his weight. Peach and Orion helped him up while he pushed until he finally stood lightly on his four hooves. His legs wobbled a bit and he nearly fell back down, but  Peach Cobbler caught him and held on.

"Thank Celestia you're okay," Peach said, giving him a tight hug.

Orion and Bucky both remained silent out of shock, making Peach feel awkward and letting go of her grip as quickly as she started it. Bucky stumbled back slightly, but had now found his strength to at least sit up straight. He rested his back against a wall and sighed heavily.

"Well," Peach said, clearing her throat, "it's about time you got up. We've been looking all over this house for you."

"Where," Bucky started, still trying to muster the ability of speech, "where..." "Are we?" Peach finished. "I think this is Sugar Cube corner. Orion and I ended up in the other room. Nopony is home it looks like. We found a note on the downstairs counter saying the Cakes will be back in an hour."

"Wha? How did we..."

She patted him on the back, indicating he didn't have to speak, and motioned to Orion, who was making his way to a window.

"Idiot here thought he could pull off time-travel, remember? Apparently, it worked, but we haven't left this house yet, so we have no idea how far back we went!"

"Hey, you agreed to come with!" Orion retorted, not quite paying attention to her as looked outside. "I told you I could have done it alone."

"Some good that did us! Did you see the size of that blast? Who knows if we would have been caught in it anyway! What if our older sisters got caught in it too?"

Orion's face reflected a pale doppelganger in the window pane, frightened and unsure. His lips trembled slightly and a bead of sweat trickled down the side of his forehead.

"If they traveled with us," he said horrified, "then...."

"Yer one dead colt." Bucky said in a raspy voice before clearing his throat.

"Yeah." Orion said, growing quiet again.

A silence weighed on the room while they looked around. Along with the stuffed animals, various baby toys surrounded them, along with two wooden cribs. None of the Crusaders had any memory of the Cakes having cribs in this room, but it was no surprise to any of them to whom they belonged to.

"Guys," Orion said, pointing them out," look."

Peach and Bucky turned and inspected the baby beds carefully while Orion continued to look out the window. Bite marks covered one of the gates extensively and another gate looked like it had been kicked off several times and hastily put back together.

"Pumpkin and Pound Cake," Bucky said aloud with a recovered voice. "So this means...."

"It means we've gone back a lot more than a few hours." Orion said shyly.

"Try a few decades, genius!" Peach chided. "How did this even happen? I thought the spell wouldn't work, not become super effective!"

"It doesn't matter how it happened." Bucky said, calming her down. "We need to figure out what we're gonna do. What do ya think, Orion?"

There was no answer.

"Orion?" he asked again.

Both of them looked at Orion, who was now sitting by a window, looking out. He did not hear them and was consumed in his own thoughts, twirling his CMC cape in his hooves. He said nothing and just sat there, staring at the Ponyville of the past. Bucky stood up slowly with the help of Peach and took a step closer.

"What's with him?" Bucky asked, looking at Peach. "He's actin' a bit strange."

She shook her head.

"He's been acting weird since he recovered from the time jump. When I found him, he was having some kind of nightmare. I don't know what's going on with him."

Something was definitely off with their friend. The crimson eyes that once sparkled with enthusiasm and courage were not wide and dark. Their pupils were small, like dots of ink on a page while they trembled slightly. Orion did not look well and was mumbling something to himself inaudibly. Bucky approached him.

"You okay?" he asked.

Orion continued to stare out the window, oblivious to what was going around him. Bucky drew closer.

"Orion!" he said loudly, making the unicorn jump.

Nothing made him startle that easily.

"Are ya with us?" the worried earth colt asked, putting his hoof on his friend's shoulder. "Yer a bit jumpy all of a sudden."

Orion shook his head. Fuzzy thoughts emptied in his mind while he tried to regain control of whatever was happening. His eyes moved to the side, looking at the concerned looks on his friends' faces. What just happened? Was he suddenly losing his mind?

"I'm fine!" he said, lying to them and himself. "I'm okay."

Peach and Bucky continued to look at him with concerned faces.

"Come on," he said, hoping to change the topic, "we need to get goin' before the Cakes show up."

His friends said nothing as he made his way to the door. Before he could leave, Peach stopped him and raised her eyebrow.

"You're sure everything is fine?" she asked.

"Yes, yes!" Orion said in an aggravated tone. "Now let's go. We can't stay here."

"Alright," Peach said, aqua eyes fixed on his own. "You're the time traveler. How are we supposed to get back home? Shouldn't we just time jump back now?"

"Um, we could," Orion said, obviously unsure of himself. "though I don't think I can repeat a spell that powerful, though."
Bucky stepped in.

"That's the least of our worries. If our friends and family are here in the past with us, we need to find 'em."

"We can get our moms to help us look." Peach added.

"No!" Orion exclaimed, scaring his friends.

Seeing his behavior was getting odd looks, Orion took a deep breath and calmed himself for a moment.

"We can't do that." he said, rubbing his eyes in frustration. "Mom and Andromeda both said that we can't let ourselves be seen by family."

"Because it might change history?" Peach Cobbler asked.  


"Then how in Equestria are we going to search for our friends without bumping into our parents?"

"We'll just hafta be careful." Bucky suggested. "First we need to do somethin' about our Crusader capes. We can't take 'em with us without riskin' bein' noticed."

Peach shook her head.

"We can't leave them here, either. What if the cakes spot it? They'll show it to this time's Crusaders."

"There may not be Crusaders in this time yet." Orion said, looking back at the window. "I don't know, but we are going to have to take that chance. We can't leave them here. Flip your capes around so the logo doesn't show. We can use them as hoods to hide our faces."

"Do you think that will work?"

"Maybe. Maybe not. All I know is that we can't stay here. The Cakes will be here any minute."

"Call me crazy," Bucky added, "but ah'm excited about this whole time travel thing. We're in the past, guys! How cool is this? Mah whole family has been in Ponyville fer....."

He stopped and looked at his hooves.

"Aw shoot! There's no way ah'm gonna avoid them! Look at me!"

Orion and Peach inspected their country friend. He was right. There wasn't an ounce of Apple family traits that he didn't have. His green eyes and white freckles were identical to Applejack's and his orange mane and yellow coat were common family colors.

"What do ah do?" he asked. "My mom will spot me from a mile away!"

Peach and Orion thought for a moment. With his thick country accent and Apple traits, there was little chance nopony would spot the resemblance.

"Maybe you can pose as an in-town relative." Orion suggested. "A distant cousin."

Bucky smirked.

"Well what if ah run into my family and ah say ah'm a cousin? They'll ask me whose kid ah am!"

"I don't know!" Peach groaned impatiently. "You guys know all of your relatives by name! Figure it out, but don't tell them you're family until they ask."

"Great," Bucky sighed, "this is gonna be more difficult than ah thought."

"But I agree with Bucky." Peach said enthusiastically. "We're in the past! Let's have some fun and look around! At least for a bit."

She was excited about their situation more than any of them and made her way down the stairs quickly and ran to the front door. Opening it up, the light of the sun shone on her, warming her peach colored skin and wings. Fresh air filled hers lungs as she looked around. Bucky and Orion followed soon behind. Ponyville laid before them, seemingly untouched by time.

"Wow." Peach whispered in awe.

Familiar and unfamiliar faces abounded as they stood at the doorway in shock. The three crusaders walked slowly, taking in the surreality of their situation. Nopony recognized them, which was good for them. They could not allow themselves to be discovered. The three walked through the town slowly, trying not to attract attention. Various ponies gave them glances, but said nothing and did not approach them. Instead, they walked past them like three strange foals with red hoods were just ordinary. This anonymity encouraged Bucky, who was secretly having a wonderful time, despite knowing he needed to be the most careful of all three of them.

"Come on, guys!" he said excitedly. "Let's look around a bit!"

Orion hesitated in an uncharacteristic manner.

"I don't know. I think we should see if Andromeda and the rest are here first."

"Oh come on Orion," Peach Cobbler nudged, "nopony recognizes us. As long as we're careful, we're safe."

Orion continued to feel unsure. Twilight always told him that time travel was very unpredictable and was to be taken seriously. Something else, however, stirred in him. A feeling of insecurity and weakness fed inside of him, eating away at something inside him. He could not figure out what it was but hoped to shake it off. He was not acting right and he could feel it.

"Fine," he said, wavered by their wishes, "let's look around, but only for a minute."

Bucky and Peach were already gone, leaving a trail of dust behind them. Orion sighed and followed.

Not far away, three more adventurous fillies were walking and talking.

"Today is a special day!" Scootaloo said, beaming with excitement. "I don't know why, but I can feel it!"

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom stared at their friend.

"How so?" Sweetie Belle asked. "What makes today so special?"

Scootaloo's eyes glistened as she stopped and pulled a small flyer from a small pouch and unfolded it. It big lettering it read "Ponyville Field Day" with pictures of fillies and colts enjoying various events.

"Today we could get our marks in athletics!" she said.

"Athletics? Us?" Apple Bloom said, scratching her head.  

"Why not? I'm athletic, you're athletic, and Sweetie Belle..."

Scootaloo stopped when Apple Bloom tried to hide a wide grin.

"Well," she giggled, "it never hurts to try."

"Ha ha, very funny." Sweetie Belle said sarcastically as she shoved her pegasus friend.

"Cheer up, Sweetie Belle." Apple Bloom winked. "At least this time we can all go together!"

"Then it's settled!" Scootaloo said confidently. "It's starting in a few hours! We need to get warmed up and ready!"

"Cutie Mark Crusader athletes!" the three exclaimed before taking off.

No sooner did they turn the first corner did they crash into some other foals, falling on each other. Legs and heads twisted together in a big pile as the six ponies tried to untangle themselves from the wreck. Scootaloo groaned.

"Watch where you're going!" she said, clutching her aching head.

"Where we're going?" the strange filly remarked with her back to Scootaloo. "You ran into us!"

Scootaloo shook her head to see a light pink colored pegasus filly, an orange earth colt, and a purple unicorn colt brushing themselves off and getting up. She had never seen them before, but the colts were staring at them nervously and Bucky was trying his hardest to hide his face in the shadow of his hood.

"Talk about rude!" Peach Cobbler continued, still not noticing who she had run into.

"Uh, Peach..." Orion said, tapping her shoulder while not keeping his eyes off of them. "Turn around!"

"What? Why-I-I-I-I....." she nearly shouted when she found herself staring at the original Crusaders. "Oh you've got to be kidding me."

"Who are you guys?" Sweetie Belle asked curiously. "I've never seen you before. Are you new to Ponyville?"

Orion, Peach Cobbler, and Bucky froze. They did not expect to actually run into the original Cutie Mark Crusaders, one of whom was Bucky's aunt. Panicked, they looked at each other, hoping the other would say something.

"Well, um, Orion started, waiting for backup, "we're from out of town."

"Canterlot!" Peach Cobbler added quickly. "We're from Canterlot."

"Canterlot?" Apple Bloom asked. "What are y'all doin' in Ponyville?"

Bucky's mind raced before spotting the Field Day flyer that Scootaloo was holding.

"We're, uh, here fer the Ponyville Field Day!" he nearly shouted. "To do....field day stuff?"

Peach Cobbler groaned silently. They were so dead, or so she thought until Sweetie Belle pipped in excitedly.

"Us too! We're on our way right now! We should all go together!"

Bucky winced. Here he was, together with his child-aged aunt in a time where any discovery could alter the future and praying to the sweet graces of Celestia that she wouldn't notice his family resemblance.

'Somepony kick me now!' he thought to himself.

"Yeah!" Apple Bloom added. "It'll be fun!"

Peach Cobbler and Orion glanced at each other. In just one milisecond, their eyes told each other that they had no choice but to go with. They had "come from Canterlot" to go to that event, and if they didn't, it would be suspicious.

"That sounds like lots of fun!" Orion said with a large awkward grin, trying his hardest not to look scared out of his mind.

"I'm Sweetie Belle, by the way. These are my friends Apple Bloom and Scootaloo."

"Hiya!" Apple Bloom said with a cheerful smile.

"Sup." Scootaloo said calmly.

"So what are your names?" Sweetie Belle asked.

Another moment of silence.

'Names!' Orion thought to himself. 'We forgot about names! Of course I'd be that stupid to forget!'

"Peach Cobbler, Orion, and Bucky!" Peach blurted out suddenly. Two pair of eyes drilled into her as she stood there, trying not to blush from embarrassment.

"Nice to meet y'all." Apple Bloom said cordially. "The Field Day is goin' to start soon and we're gonna practice. Let's get goin'!"

"Yeah." the three newcomers gulped. "Let's go."

As the three fillies led on, the future Crusaders looked at each other with nervous glances.

"So much fer staying unnoticed." Bucky whispered to his friends.
My most difficult chapter. (Yes, even more so than the all-rhyming Zecora chapter).

You guys don't know it yet, but there is a LOT more going on than just time travel here. Consider this chapter the base of this story's tree. The many details of the introductory chapters served as the roots and now it is coming together here, in the tree's trunk. As we get further along, there will be many branching arcs and hints that will be revealed.

I still can't tell you them yet, but there is a lot in store under the hood. Trust me! ;)

**** These characters were created by me. To know more about the characters' personality profiles and designs, check out my artwork below! ****  

Art Cover by LinaPrime: [link]

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Lettie was nervous as she dressed.  It was the first time she'd seen Kurt since the shrinking incident, and she wasn't sure how this was going to go.  Still, he'd called her and invited her to come over to his house.  That was a good sign.

In fact, Lettie had been in contact with virtually no one from her school while she was being home-schooled.  The home-schooling was a functional necessity because of the shrinking incident.  The only people she'd seen regularly had been her best friend, Cat, and her brother, Ty.

Mom checked in.  "Oversized clothes? Really?" she said.  "I'd have thought you'd go the other way, under the circumstances.  I mean, the brown sweater and off-white skirt are nice, but so … big."

"It's a cool day, and I've got some clothes to deal with any shrinkage stashed underneath these things, Mom," Lettie said.  It suddenly struck her as odd how casually she said that.  Then again, everything about her life had been odd since the last time she saw Kurt.

Lettie had asked Kurt to a school dance and he had laughed in her face.  He immediately apologized, but that didn't keep her hidden ability to shrink from triggering for the first time due to her embarrassment.  Worse, she started to shrink out of her clothes.  She was left dragging her oversize top with her to stay decent and hiding inside her locker.  At one point her embarrassment was so bad she had shrunk to the size of a bug.

Lettie smiled confidently at her mom, and stood her full 5-foot-9.  "Besides, I've got the powers I inherited from Grandma a lot more under control now," the teen said.  "I'll be fine."

"Well, you've got to go out sometime, I guess," Mom said.  "I just wish you had Cat and Ty with you."

Here it comes, Lettie thought.

"You know, I think that Ty is sweet on you," Mom said.  "And he seems like such a nice boy.  I don't know why you're so focused on Kurt."

"First of all, I'm not focused on Kurt," Lettie said.  "I just think he wants to apologize for the way all this stuff started, and he seems like a nice guy himself.  And as for Ty, I mean, he's my best friend's brother.  That's so weird."

Mom shrugged.  "Your call," she said.  "Good luck today."

Lettie leaned down to kiss her Mom's cheek.  "I'll be fine," she said.

During the walk to Kurt's house, Lettie couldn't help but think of her name sake grandmother, the original "Shrinkin' Violette."  She had first shrunk when she was what would now be called a preschooler.  It had been so hard for Lettie; how had Grandma Vi gotten through it?  Yet she had, helped stop some spies and wound up, years later, becoming a top U.S. spy.

It was from her grandma that Lettie had inherited her powers.  Yet her grandma had said she had a second power, and that there were others the process might have given her that could be passed on to her descendants.  What could they be? Lettie wondered.  They were still waiting for the journals Grandma Vi had saved in case one of her descendants developed the powers, but they hadn't arrived yet, and Grandma Vi was no longer alive to ask.

Soon Lettie arrived at Kurt's house.  She rang the doorbell.  Kurt was there, opening the door within a minute.  "C'mon in," he said, gesturing with his free hand.

Once inside, Lettie looked around.  The multilevel house's living room had a very high ceiling.  There was a large sofa along one wall, a couple of chairs and a large fireplace.

"Have a seat," Kurt said.  "You want something to drink?  You know, some juice or soda or something?"

"Sure," Lettie said.  "Soda sounds good."

Kurt went into the kitchen and came back with two large plastic tumblers filled with a caramel-colored soda.  It didn't foam like root beer, so Lettie assumed it was cola.

"Here you go -- Whoops!" Kurt said, practically flinging the tray at Lettie.  Both tumblers of soda dumped all over her, getting in her hair and all over her light-colored skirt.  She stood up in shock.

As Lettie stood, one of Kurt's buddies popped out from a doorway behind the stairs and started taking pictures on his cell phone.  Twso other boys Lettie had seen Kurt with stepped into view, and all were laughing at her, as was Kurt.

"I guess you're all wet!"  Kurt roared.

Lettie's brow furrowed.  "You said you wanted to apologize!"

Before Kurt could answer, the boy taking pictures asked, "I've got the first round of documentation, man.  When's she start shrinking?"

Lettie's jaw dropped.  "You did this on purpose?  To make me shrink?" she sputtered.

"We needed scientific documentation," Kurt laughed.  "This is an experiment, see, Lettie."

Lettie could guess where this "experiment" was supposed to end, since she was surrounded only by leering boys.  But she wasn't embarrassed.  She was angry.

Lettie walked over to Kurt, her lips pressed thinly together in anger before she spoke.  She glared down at him.  "You did this on purpose!" she shouted.  "You wanted to shrink me out of my clothes and, what?  What did you have planned for your little 'experiment' then, huh?"

The girl grabbed Kurt bu his shirt front and lifted him up in the air.  As she did, she heard the other boys swearing.  One of them -- she thought it was the one who had taken her picture -- shout, "Let's get out of here!"

Lettie turned tro look down at the boys as they ran out of the room.  She turned back to Kurt, and realized something was wrong with the situation.  Kurt looked to be half her size, and seemed to be getting rapidly smaller.

What was happening was beginning to register on Lettie when she hit her head on the ceiling.  Still holding Kurt aloft, she collapsed to the floor.  There was no doubt about it; she was growing, and fast.

Lettie took a moment to practice the centering techniques her mother had taught her.  After a few cleansing breaths, her growth had significantly slowed, but not completely stopped.

"How high are these ceilings?" she asked Kurt.

"Eighteen feet," he whimpered.

Based on her relative size to both the ceilings and Kurt, Lettie calculated she was now about 24 feet all, and still growing.  Fortunately, her sweater still covered her boobs, but they were huge.  In fact, they looked far bigger to Lettie than they had before, and her chest beneath them looked massive, as well.

Lettie could see her legs, which looked like they belonged on a bodybuilder and were adding muscle even faster than they were lengthening.  She couldn't see her torso below her boobs.  She slipped her hips off to one side and gasped.  There was an incredible set of ripped abs showing beneath her huge and growing chest.  The skirt, which had been nearly floor-length, was now a miniskirt to her, and still seemed to be shrinking.

Trading Kurt to her left arm (he felt like he weighed nothing now), she flexed her right arm and gasped.  She didn't just have guns; she had howitzers!  Her biceps and forearms were colossal and, like everything else on her, were still growing.

Realizing she was passing 30 feet in height, and not wanting to hit her head on the ceiling again, Lettie took a few more cleansing breaths.  This time the growth stopped.  She figured she was now 32 feet tall, roughly.  Her bustline was bigger than the sofa, barely covered by her poor, stretched-thin brown sweater.  Her booty was also still covered by her skirt, but her legs, thick as oak trees with muscle, were completely exposed.  She flexed her arm again, and took joy in realizing her biceps were between eight and nine feet around.  They were almost certainly well over 100 inches now.  She could feel the power surging through them.

Suddenly Lettie realized Kurt was crying.  She turned to look at him.  He was sobbing and squirming as she held him aloft.  "Please, please, let me go," he whimpered.

"Like you were going to let me go?" Lettie said, feeling her anger return slightly.

Kurt could feel her hand starting to enlarge as he drew even nearer the ceiling.  "Please, please," he wailed.  Lettie realized he was peeing his pants in fear.

Her anger subsided as she stared at the pitiful little boy, now doll-size to her 34-foot frame.  "Poor Kurty," she said.  "You thought you'd have fun, but you didn't count on me getting angry.  See what happens now when I get angry, Kurty?"

Looking terrified, he nodded.

"What's the matter, Kurty?  Don't you like me when I'm angry?"

Lettie realized almost immediately that Kurt didn't know how to answer the question.  If he said the wrong thing, it might make her angry again.  He was panicking.

Lettie smiled gently.  "Relax, Kurty," she said.  "I'm not going to hurt you.  But, spread the word among your friends.  This was a really bad idea, and you know that now, don't you?"

Kurt nodded wildly.

Lettie put him down gently on the floor.  "I need to relax a bit so I can get out your door," she said, "and I think you need to change your pants.  Goodbye, Kurt."

Kurt tore upstairs to his room.  She heard him lock the door.  She chuckled; as strong as she was now, that locked door was no deterrent at all.

Lettie did some muscle relaxation exercises in addition to her controlled breathing.  She actually hated feeling her muscles shrink, but she didn't want to do any damage to the house if she could help it.  That would just cost money, and heaven only knew how much.

Soon Lettie was down to about 12 feet tall, able to crawl through the door.  She still had a 90-inch chest below her K-cup boobs, biceps measuring about 44 inches each and a waist just slightly larger than her biceps.  Her skirt came to her knees now, showing off both her shapely booty and her muscular calves.  The washboard abs peeked out occasionally from the sweater, now a bit too short on her long torso.

Once outside, Lettie stood up.  She decided she'd walk home like this.  She wasn't angry enough to grow, but she'd been learning to control her shrinking in the last few weeks, and she'd learn to control her growing, too, eventually.  Then she could be as big and strong as she wanted.

Lettie glanced back at Kurt's house.  "What a loser," she muttered.  Then she pivoted and walked home.  She chuckled as she walked.  Wait until Mom sees me now! she thought.
A sequel to "Shrinking Violette." Some boys try to prank Lettie into shrinking, but their plan backfires big time.

The original Shrinkin' Violette, called Grandma Vi here, is the property of her copyright holder. The rest of the cast and all plots and settings are mine. No infringement is intended.

Link to the sequel, "Blooming Violette": [link]
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"Do you have my payment?" The green eyed woman asked not facing the person who approached. She was standing in the middle of a Wasteland in Outworld looking up at the clear night sky. She had been waiting for a while and had sensed the other's arrival just now.

"I have her, just like you wanted." The voice said. She turned around and saw a female human in a purple and pink outfit walking towards her. Her body was exotic and beautiful but she had her lower mouth covered up by a veil that hid her face. Being carried over her shoulder was a blue cladded female as well. Unlike the other one, her face wasn't covered revealing her beautiful face that matched her flawless body.

"I knocked her out and slipped a drug into her to keep her unconscious. She'll be awake in a hour." The woman said standing cautiously across from the green haired woman who had bat like wings out of her back and head.

"Very nice Mileena, Now let me see your sister." Morrigan Aensland said to her.

Mileena scoffed and placed Kitana down on the ground. Morrigan stepped forward and examined her. She licked her lips as she looked down at the unconscious princess of Edenia. She grinned as she went to stroke her face, what a delightful addition to her pets she would make as she already thought of the fun she would have with her.

She was blocked however as Mileena pulled out her Sais she had and crouched over the unconscious Kitana in a defensive stance blocking her. "I did my part, now you do yours!" She shouted at Morrigan. She wasn't concerned about her, far from it. She was just making sure she held up her part of the deal and didn't double cross her.

"Of course," Morrigan said to her a frown on her face. She made a swirl with her hands and a glass container containing a gold liquid appeared in midair right in front of Mileena.

Mileena looked at it and reached out to touch the potion. "This had better be real. No treachery Succubus" Mileena said to her.

"It is, once you drink it you shall have what you have desired for so long. To shed that veil once and for all." Morrigan said to her.

Mileena glared at her. She had struck a deal with her, the supernatural creature from The Makai Realm. A realm of powerful demons and creatures ruled over by the Succubus Morrigan Aensland. She had made the bargain with her.

Mileena, so distraught over the fact that she was cursed with a hideous face and mouth due to the Tarkatan blood in her from her creation had encountered Morrigan during one of her lonely treks through Outworld. Men, Women, and Children fled at the sight of her knowing what was under her veil that she was forced to hide. Even her own father couldn't looked at her without disgust in his face and voice as she was nothing more than a beast and monster in people's eyes except for Baraka and the Tarkatan hordes. She had desired the throne of Edenia, Kitana's home realm and what she thought should be hers as well as she was of her blood.

Morrigan had found her and gave her hope. If she brought Kitana to her, she would cure her face and make her fully human. Mileena so desired that and set off to do her part. She had ambushed Kitana and fighting with great determination knocked her unconscious. She then took her sister to this very spot.

She saw her image in the liquid's reflection. If it worked she would shed the veil at last and be beautiful forever.

Morrigan looked at her and reaching down stroked Kitana's face and picked her up. She grinned and kissed her on the cheek and chanted a spell. A spell that would bind the princess to her as her pet and toy forever as all her thoughts would be devoted to pleasing her new mistress…

Mileena looked at it as Kitana moaned slightly unaware of her future. A fitting fit for her, she thought. Now nothing could oppose her claim to Edenia.

Morrigan looked at her new servant and then at Mileena. "You have done well, now drink the potion and you will be beautiful forever." She said and placed Kitana over her right shoulder and appeared ready to leave. "Use this as well." She said and a mirror appeared on the ground.

"Farewell…" Morrigan said and disappeared in a whirl of bats taking Kitana with her.

Mileena paid them no mind and took the potion in hand. Hesitantly she reached up and removed her veil, revealing her sharp teeth and lower mouth that she despised so much. Uncorking the bottle she brought it up to her mouth.

She drained the contents in one gulp, consuming all of the golden liquid.

Mileena fell to her knees and breathed hard. For a moment nothing happened and she closed her eyes and sighed thinking she had been tricked. Suddenly she felt a wave of energy overflow it and she cried out in shock. She threw her head upwards and screeched. She felt like her whole body was about to explode when it suddenly stopped just as fast as it started.

She breathed carefully and hard wondering what had just happened. She felt different…as if something had changed.

She saw the mirror and carefully picked it up. She brought it towards her face and gasped at what she saw.

They where gone, The sharp teeth had disappeared, and her mouth had become smaller and more like that of a human. She had full luscious pink lips instead as well. She smiled and saw several shining white teeth in her new mouth.

It had worked, she was beautiful. More beautiful than beyond her wildest dreams and hopes.

She tossed the veil down and stood up admiring her reflection and felt her new face. She was beautiful! The most beautiful creature in all the realms! She could now take her rightful spot as Princess of Edenia!

"I see you are pleased." A voice said behind her surprising her. She whipped around and was met with a pair of lips against her own catching her off guard.

Morrigan having reappeared suddenly wrapped her left arm around her back keeping her in place as she kissed her. Mileena could only gasp as she was held in spot.

Morrigan then pulled away and grinning seductively casted the same spell she just did on Kitana onto Mileena.

"N-No…" Mileena whimpered as her mind became empty as it became filled with only one purpose. She had been tricked, Morrigan had deceived her.

Morrigan laughed darkly as she looked at the now empty minded servant. "I'm sorry Mileena but you know Succubus tend to change their deals even after it's done. But don't worry you'll still be beautiful, you'll just be joining your sister as my new slave!" She said and wrapping her arm around her waist threw her over her left shoulder joining Kitana who like her had the same blank look on her face as the only thing they thought of now was serving their new mistress.

Laughing at her deviousness at capturing both of them, Morrigan flew up into the air taking both Mileena and Kitana with her heading to the Makai Realm and her castle, where they would begin their new lives as her pets.

Something new I've done. Comments are appreciated.

Mileena and Kitana (c) Midway and Netherrealm Studios
Morrigan (c) Capcom
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Question Hour: Episode #1: Felicia from Darkstalkers

The room was lit with light from all corners of the room, several people sitting around a round table. Two of them were dressed in suits to make them look like interviewers, the other, however, was a young Catgirl with long blue hair and beautiful green eyes. She wore no clothes, only having her body covered by beautiful snow white strips of fur. She was calmly sipping warm milk from a cup, smiling at her interviewers with a smile that said "I'm happy to be here".

Interviewer #1: Welcome, Ms. Felicia. It means a lot to us that we are able to have this interview with you.

Felicia: It's very good to be here nyah! As soon as I heard about a possible interview for my fans, I took the opportunity as soon as I could. Capcom can be rather questionable at times with their sources about their characters, so please, ask me anything you can think of meow. I promise I will do my best to answer them. (Smiling happily)

Interviewer #2: We're also fans of yours Felicia, so it is indeed very good to know that we are the ones you get to interview you. You could almost call it a dream come true.

Felicia: (Blushing a bit) Aaawwwww…it's nothing at all. I love my fans very much, all of them. Please, go right ahead, I'm all ears (Her adorable cat ears twitch)

Interviewer #1: Alright…here's the first question for you Ms. Felicia…

Felicia: Please, Felicia is fine. No need to b formal, we're all friends, not co-workers. (Chuckling)

Interviewer #1: (Chuckling) Alright…Felicia…you're first question is a popularly discussed one amongst fans. Were you born as a Catgirl or were you turned into one at a later age?

Felicia: Hmmhmmhmmm, I guess it's a detail that Capcom didn't explain nyah? I was born as a Catgirl from my Catgirl mother…I…erm…never got to know my father. From what I can remember of him as a baby is…very blurry at best meow. But the ironic thing is that even Cat-Creatures are born as human babies and gain their cat-like features overtime. Girls grow their Cat features a few years earlier than boys do, it's kind of like our own little puberty BEFORE puberty. (Giggling)

Interviewer #2: There has been comics stating that you were born a Human however.

Felicia: Oh I'm not worried about that nyah, I don't mind people having an imagination nyah, as long as they keep it tame, you know?

Interviewer #2: Yes, but of course Felicia. Shall we move onto the next question?

Felicia: I'm ready when you are. (Smiling as she takes a sip of her warm milk) Aaaahhh…so soothing.

Interviewer #1: Next Question…what kind of dancing is it that you like the most? I wish that we would be able to see you dance Felicia, I'm sure you would do it beautifully as they say.

Felicia: You're going to make me blush again with words like that nyah…*Ahem* I'm a lover of all dances, but there are so many to choose from, they are all special in their own way and are indeed spectacular. However, while I do love dancing, I could never date someone who only knew how to dance, part of the reason I turned down Deejay from Street Fighter.

Interviewer #1: You were thinking of dating Deejay?

Felicia: No no, I wanted to get him to show me his style of dance, but the man just couldn't sit still. He was nice though, and for that, I thank him for what I learned, even though that wasn't much…(Sweatbeeding)

Interviewer: Anyways, that's going away from the question at hand…

Felicia: Right…well, if I had to pick any for my favorite type of dance, it would definitely have to be something that's made to be a dance for two, a duet of dancers! I would like that someday, all with my own back-up dancers and everything! However, for now, I'll stick with my solo acts, for the fans love it.

Interviewer #2: What about your least favorite type of dance? I-If you have one of course…

Felicia: Least favorite? That's actually a rather simple answer meow! It'd have to be along the lines of Crunk and Breakdancing. It's not that I don't like the style of dancing, but the music that is used for these dance styles feels like it has no soul to it, no passion. It…It doesn't feel right with me. So…while I don't hate it, it is indeed not my favorite.

Interviewer #2: Those dances are very popular these days amongst younger folks, but I'm sure you already knew that…

Felicia: Yes I did meow. But, while that is true, it's not entirely a bad thing either.  At least it's good to know that the young are taking interest in dance…not very commonly seen from when I was growing up nyah.

Interviewer #1: Moving on…and this one may be…erm…a little touchy…

Felicia: Huh? How so?

Interviewer #1: It's regarding relationships…

Felicia: Ooooooohhhh…I don't mind! Ask away! (Sipping from her cup again)

Interviewer #1: Alright, we'll cut straight to the point on this one…are you in a relationship at the moment or are you planning to be in one soon? There's a lot of fans who would love to be with you.

Felicia: Hmmhmmhmmm, I definitely knew that this question was going to come up, and I'm going to be as honest as possible. The truth is…no, I've never had a relationship in my life yet, nothing like that.

Interviewer #2: Some fans think that you and Jon Talbain would make a good couple if you got together.

Felicia: Oh no no no, I highly doubt that from being possible meow. We're too different, our ideals are almost opposite, not to mention he doesn't think very highly of me on account of my love for humans…besides, too many teeth for my liking, way too many. (Shuddering a little bit)

Interviewer #2: What about the other boys of your series? See a possible match between them and you?

Felicia: Most likely not. Demitri is evil, Rikuo is married, Lord raptor is…er…dead, same story with Anakaris, and Sasquatch and Bishamon both explain for themselves meow. But…i-it's not like I like being alone, I'm just a very busy woman. So much has happened in the past few years of my life, and it's all taken a lot of my time and effort to keep going. I am happy for what I've done for my life meow. But…one day, I'd like to meet a nice man, settle down, have some kittens and raise a family. I always wanted to meet a Male Cat-creature, but I've never seen one before…

Interviewer #1: From what details have been given, they've either been extinct or never existed at all…

Felicia: Not true! There has been reports of Male Cat-creatures! I've seen them before, but I can't remember where it was that I saw it…meow…I'm sorry…I'm rambling aren't I?

Interviewer #2: Don't worry yourself about it Felicia, we believe you. Trust me, we would love to meet a male Cat-creature too, but sadly the chances seem to be slim-to-none as we can tell…but for now…we should move onto the next question.

Felicia: But of course…what is the next question for meow? (Now nomming on a tuna sandwich)

Interviewer #1: Alright, moving on…Felicia, our question for you now is…is actually a couple of questions regarding yourself, your dislikes as of based by the official Capcom Wiki state that you now hate Meat, Dogs and Swearing, along with a birthday of September 19th instead of May 19th. Care to help us clear some things up please?

Felicia: But of course I can. (Smiling) Well…to start…my birthday IS on a 19th, but it's just that I can't remember the month…it's…always a mystery to me…aside from that, I will say that I love meat, preferably steak meow, and…umm…did it say any particular kind of meat?

Interviewer #2: From what we can tell, it means meat products in general, that also includes things like Eggs and Tofu.

Felicia: Ugh, Tofu is horrible! Eggs, however, are delicious. That fact aside, of course I'm going to like meat, we felines are known for being carnivores after all meow, although I don't mind a good salad and some delicious Chinese food that I get from this wonderful takeout place I know in the city I live in. But all meats and food aside meow, I also will say I don't like swearing, but sometimes it slips out, you know? I mean…it happens to everyone right?

Interviewer #2: I guess it is only fair, no one can be THAT controlled over what they say. Anyways, moving on from that, what about your opinion on Dogs?

Felicia: Personally, as long as they're not chasing me or trying to take me out with Divine Instruments, I don't mind. But I do have the whole "OMG! DOG! ATTACK!!" mentality sometimes. Hmmhmmm, it looks like I'm more cat than I thought I was.~

Interviewer #1: Good answers all around. Next question is something I'm sure some people would like to know as it'd give us more light on your musical tastes. What are your favorite artists when it comes to music?

Felicia: Favorite Artists? Ooooh boy, that's a toughie…(Scratching her head) Hmmmmmmmmmm…well for one, I am a large Michael Jackson fan, his dancing skills are simply breathtaking. I really want to get to dance to some of his music sometime…maybe Thriller and Beat it? Oh, and how can I forget Smooth Criminal? I also have a liking for Kylie Minogue, for her adorable voice is almost entrancing. Not to mention her songs have just the right beat to dance to.

Interviewer: You seem to have a love for artists that are known for their dance skills, is it not true?

Felicia: Of course! I always love the inspiration that people like MJ, Madonna and more give someone like me. However, if I ever want to change the pace, Bond is my choice for classical music, Queen and Journey are my picks for rock 'n' roll, and I don't listen to rap or hip hop, so I will say that I think I'm more of an oldies girl in my music choices. (Smiling as she paused to sip from her cup)

Interviewer #1: A very respectable taste in music Felicia! I am also a very large fan of Queen as well. My favorite song from them is definitely we will rock you.

Felicia: Mine is Made in Heaven, it's so soothing and wonderful at the same time.

Interviewer #2: Now then…as for your next question, people want to know if you're a gamer girl on the side of being a performer…

Felicia: Are you kidding?! The answer is a definite YES! I've been meaning to catch up and get my 360 some new games, but I've been hooked to Okami ever since Puppy gave it to me as a present. But yes, I am indeed a Kitty Gamer. (Winks)

Interviewer #2: I can guarantee that there will be some happy to hear that. Do you have a preferred console to play on Felicia?

Felicia: I love my Wii the most, for I can play good games and exercise at the same time, it's very good for someone like meow.

Interviewer #1: Excellent answer. We have but one question left for you today Felicia, are you ready for it?

Felicia: Lemme have it Interviewer!~ (Running her paw through her hair)

Interviewer #1: The final Question that we have for you Felicia is…actually…heh heh, a rather blatant question. Are you a fan of water or are you, like most other cats, afraid or hating of it? And also, do you take baths like humans or actual cats?

Felicia: To be honest, when I was just a kitten, I was VERY afraid of water, but I came to enjoy it after a while, so I now take baths just like humans do. I bathe at least 3 times a week, but I shower every morning. But, at times, when my coat need grooming, I bathe like a cat does to make sure I'm as clean as possible. And with that, last question…check. (Smiling cutely as she winked)

Interviewer #1: Thank you very much for your time Felicia, we'll be sure to get this interview out to the masses as soon as we can. (Shaking her paw) It has been a real pleasure.

Felicia: (Shaking the hands of both interviewers) I feel the same way. I hope that I helped out fill in some plotholes about the REAL me. (Giggling)

Interviewer #2: You certainly did Felicia! (Looking off camera) And to all watchers and readers, that concludes this month's article for Question Hour's first episode, featuring the beautiful Ms. Felicia from the Darkstalkers series. We will have a new article coming up in the next month, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled! But, for now, it's time to say goodbye.~

Felicia: Nyah! Goodbye everyone! (waving)
I did this as a little gag reel that I decided to put out on account of, well...I have no idea when I will be getting my scanner back...^^; Yeah guys, still waiting on that. ^^; Anyways, Felicia took some time out of her life of stardom to do a little interview for us, for she really does adore her fans. She hopes that you enjoy the interview, and so do I. :aww:

Enjoy. ;3
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Basic Information
Name: Lilith Aensland
Gender: Female
Species: Succubus Clone
Origin: Darkstalkers 3 (1999)
Voice Actor: Christina Valenzuela
Bio: Lilith is a third of Morrigan Aensland's soul, given a physical form by Jedah Dohma. She was originally used by Jedah to lure Morrigan and other Darkstalkers to him. Now, she lives a more independent life with her sister.

Power Grid (Ranged from one to seven)
Intelligence: * * *
Strength: * *
Speed: * * *
Stamina: * * * *
Energy Projection: * * * * * *
Fighting Ability: * * * *

Health and Other Features
Stamina: 875,000
Doube Jump: Yes
Air Dash: Eight-Way*

*While Morrigan's horizontal air dash goes in a swooping motion, Lilith's forward dash is normal, like Storm or Zero's forward air dashes.

Normal Attacks
Standing Light: Finger Jab
Standing Medium: Shin Kick
Standing Heavy: Wing Trap
Standing Special/Launcher: Showgirl Kick

Aerial Light: Wing Blade
Aerial Medium: Quick Palm
Aerial Heavy: Blade Spin
Aerial Special/Knockdown: Bottom Bump

Crouching Light: Foot Extend
Crouching Medium: Shoe Sweep
Crouching Heavy: Double Blade

Forward: Innocent Hug Front
Backward: Innocent Hug Back
Air Forward: Childish Front Drop
Air Backward: Childish Back Drop

Command Specials
Quarter Circle Forward + Attack: Soul Flash (Air OK)
Unlike Soul Fist, Soul Eraser acts more like Chun Li's Kikoanken, in that the move projects a sphere of light around Lilith, making it an effective quasi-projectile and an even-better anti air move. The button strength used to pul off the move determines the blast radius, with Light having the smallest radius, and Heavy having the largest. The startup is also different from version to version, but the recovery on all three is the same. Also, the Heavy version causes a crumple state on contact.

Dragon Punch Motion + Attack: Shining Blade (Air OK)
Lilith's Shoryuken-type move has her using one of her wings to scoop opponents into the air. The startup is a bit slow compared to Morrigan's Shadow Blade, but Shining Blade is given two unique properties. One exclusive to Ultimate Marvel 3 is that the move starts low enough that it can hit opponents off the ground. The other is that if you hit the button you used to initiate the attack when it's at its apex, you can make Lilith perform an additional Shining Blade; this can be done up to three extra times. Like many Shoryuken moves, however, Lilith is vulnerable until she hits the ground, making the move unsafe if blocked.

Quarter Circle Back + Attack: Merry Turn
Lilith makes one hop forward while turning one of her wings into a blade. It starts up and recovers very quickly, and causes a hard knockdown if hit, similar to Akuma's Tatsumaki in Vanilla Marvel 3.

Down, Down + Special: Soul Charge
Lilith bunches herself into a huddled position similar to her intro animation and charges her hyper meter. The move begins quickly enough, but like Mighty Speech or EX Charge, Lilith can't call any assists as she's charging. However, as she's coming out of the move, she can cancel right into any of her other specials, mitigating its slow recovery.

Quarter Circle Back + Special: Flight
The startup for Lilith's flight mode is about the same speed as Morrigan's was in Vanilla Marvel 3, making it fairly easy to combo into and out of.

Hyper Combos
Quarter Circle Forward + Attack x2: Splendor Love (Level 1) (Air OK)
The bats covering Lilith's body burst forth and surround her in a whirlwind-like style, battering opponents in range. This is very much like Nova's Supernova, but covers more horizontal space than vertical space. It starts up and recovers quickly on the ground; in the air, the startup is the same, but Lilith can't react after the attack subsides, and she's vulnerable until she hits the ground. So in the air, it's better to use this move if your opponent's health is low and you want to go for a knockout.

Quarter Circle Backward + Attack x2: Mystic Arrow (Level 1)
Lilith's command grab Hyper where she'll snatch up an opponent, string them onto a bow she forms, and shoot them into a wall bounce. The startup is average, and it has good range, reaching opponents three character lengths from her. But it recovers slowly, leaving Lilith wide open if it whiffs.

Dragon Punch Motion + Attack x2: Soul Eraser (Level 1)
Lilith inherits one of Morrigan's old hypers from the Marvel vs. Capcom games, where she forms her bats into a large laser cannon that she fires at her opponent. The startup is a notch quicker than Iron Man's Proton Cannon, and is safe if it's blocked due to the pushback. It recovers slowly, however.

Assists/Team Hyper Combo
Alpha Assist: Merry Turn M/Splendor Love
Beta Assist: Soul Flash M/Soul Eraser
Gamma Assist: Shining Blade L/Splendor Love

Intro: Same as her intro in Darkstalkers 3
Stance: Same as her stance in Darkstalkers 3
Taunt: Lilith sneezes and wipes her nose
Victory 1: Lilith jumps up and down, clapping her hands, and changes into her tambourine girl costume.
Victory 2 (Only if Morrigan is on the same team): Lilith swoons and falls over, exhausted from the fight; Morrigan quickly teleports in and catches Lilith, leaning her head on her chest.

Intro Quotes
"Oooh! This looks like fun!"

"Hey, let's play!"

"I may not be as powerful as my sister, but that won't stop me!"

"Will you play with me?"

"Here goes nothing..."

Specific Intro Quotes
To Morrigan: "S...Sister?"
(Morrigan's Response: "Isn't this a nice little surprise?")

To Rocket Raccoon: "Aww, you're so cuuute!!"
(Rocket Raccoon's Response: "Let me guess: you want to take me home as a pet, right?")

To Dante: "Hey, mister, may I see your sword?"

To any villain except for Wesker or Dormammu: "Oooh...I don't like the looks of you..."

To Wesker: "Don't experiment on me, please!"

To Dormammu: "Are of Pyron's henchmen?"
(Dormammu's Response: "I am far worse than this "Pyron" you speak of..."

Victory Quotes
"Yippee! I won!"

"And the winner is...ME!!"

*Sings happily to herself*

"Wow, let's do this again sometime!"

Specific Victory Quotes
To Morrigan: "Looks like I win this time, sister!"

To Rocket Raccoon: "Hooray! I've got my own pet raccoon!"

To Wesker: "Get away from me, you creep!"

To Dormammu: "Sasquatch could've taken care of you!"

To any villain except for Wesker or Dormammu: "That'll teach you to mess with me!"

Victory Text
"That sure was fun! But...were you even trying?"

"Aww, it's over already? But I was just starting to have fuuun!"

"Yeah, my sister is the queen of Makai. Why do you ask?"

"Don't make fun of my chest size! I'm very sensitive about that!"

Specific Victory Text
To Morrigan: "Sorry, forgive me, right?"

To Rocket Raccoon: "Don't worry, I'll take good care of you, little guy!"

To Doctor Strange: "Wow, you're a pretty cool magician! What other tricks can you do?"

To Dante: "Mmm, you're so handsome...wanna go on a date sometime?"

To Dmromammu: "Eh, Pyron gave me more trouble than you ever could."

Other Quotes:
Light/Chip K.O.: ""

Time Up: *Sobs loudly*

Tag-in: "Whee!"

Aerial Tag-in: "I'll handle this!"

Crossover Counter: "Gimmie a turn!"

DHC 1: "Leave this to me!"
DHC 2: *Giggles loudly*

Team Hyper Combo Activation: "Help me out!"

X-Factor Activation: "Time to kick it up!"

Retreat: *Giggles*

Force-in 1: "Don't worry, I'll take this!"
Force-in 2: "Oh,'s down to me..."

Taunt 1: "Bo-riiing..."
Taunt 2: "Meh, I'm bored."

Color Palettes:
Color #1: Standard

Color #2: Green hair w/ black leotard and wings, purple leggings, and orange-ish sleeves (Morrigan Aensland)

Color #3: White hair, wings, leotard, and boots w/ brown leggings and sleeves (Sasquatch)

Color #4: Green hair w/ beige wings, leotard, boots, and yellow sleeves and leggings (Rikuo)

Color #5: Blue hair w/ gold wings, leotard, boots, and white sleeves and leggings (Anakaris)

Color #6: Pink Alt

Alternate Costume: Bunny Suit

This moveset has been made with no copyright intent or legal claim by myself. Therefore, Capcom (and by extension, Marvel) has the right to use all or part of this moveset/character profile as they see fit
One more moveset to submit before Thanksgiving break is done, and who better to close out this mini-marathon but Lilith Aensland?

While Lilith might seem like a Morrigan clone, I've heard that she plays differently than Morrigan does. So, to try and achieve that, I gave Lilith's moves different properties, such as Soul Flash being a stationary projectile as opposed to a forward-moving projectile like Soul Fist. At the very least, the Hypers are far different from Morrigan's, so that's a plus. :D

Lilith Aensland (c) Capcom
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The alarm went off, loud and blaring. I gave a low groan and pulled my pillow over my head, not wanting to get up out of my comfortable state.

The obnoxious sound continued and cried out for more than several minutes before I heard the sound of small footsteps scurrying up the nightstand and pushing on the button.
"Sni!" A small voice squeaked.

Something landed on my back, then walked along up to my pillow and started burrowing beneath the soft feathered thing.

"Sniiiii!!" The voice squeaked again.

A nose pressed against my cheek, then a whole face rubbed against me.
"Alright, alright." I groaned. "I'm up, I'm up."
The pillow fell back to reveal a small and pale Snivy grinning up at me.
"You're a little pain you know that right?" I smiled lightly, giving her head a gentle pat.

Her name is Sinclaire. She was the daughter of my first ever Pokemon, and my ever faithful Serperior, Imperiusla, and the only survivor of the litter of four. Because of this, her mother and myself were very protective of her.

Sinclaire climbed up into my lap as I sat up.
"Sni!" she said with bright orange eyes.
"Today is the day, isn't it?" I asked her, as if she could respond normally to me.

She only nods her head then hops off of my lap, running to the calendar located close to the foot of my bed and pointing to the bright red circle around the date with the words "He's back" written in the square in bright blue ink.

I felt a twinge in my chest when I looked at the date. He really is coming back…
It's been six years since he left. Six long years since the Pokemon League, since our fight, since we stopped speaking.
Today was going to be the day that I finally said something to him after cutting off all communications between us.

I got out of bed slowly, stretching my legs and back. Sinclaire hopped into the spot that I was just in, curling up in the warmth.
"You silly Pokemon." I teased , running my hand the length of her body.

From downstairs I heard my mother talking to someone. Another female by the sound of the voice. More than likely it was Bianca, my friend. Or so I called her. She had a severe case of incompetence, only brought out by her being at home most of her life with her dad always bossing her around.

"Is he still sleeping?… Cheren's going to… miss him here!"
"I'll go get him… Thank you."

Nothing else was said before I started to dress. Pulling my jacket on and fixing my hair a bit in the mirror on my dresser. A small pink ribbon sat on the corner. Sin must have taken it off to sleep. She had a tendency of doing that.

I snatched up my hat from one of the bed posts just as my mother came through the door.
"Oh, Zander, you're up" She said with a sweet smile.
"Yup." I said flatly, fixing my collar and looking at my dresser again.
"Bianca came looking for you. You know what today is right?" Mom gave me a small smile.
"Yes. I know that she was here and I know what today is. I'm ready, okay? I'll be down in a bit."

Mom nods then heads back downstairs, leaving my door open. I rolled my eyes then looked back at Sinclaire. She was looking at me with her tail leaf flailing in the air.
"Come here."
"Snii!" She jumped to the floor then scurried up my leg to my jacket to the dresser.

I picked up the pink ribbon then tied it around her neck. Smiling and making a lovely little bow.

Sinclaire played with the silky material and appeared happy.
She crawled up my arm and settled on my shoulder, looking ahead with excitement.
"Let's get a move on then, Sin." I said quickly.
Snatching up my bag, I headed out of my room and down the stairs to the kitchen, when I turned the corner I heard a small hissing sound.
Imperiusla was up and laying on her comfortable little plush bed. Her dull orange eyes glinted in the light and her faded green scales seemed to glow bright yellow as she lay in the sunlight.

She raised her head and looked in my direction.
"Hey Imp." I said quietly, walking over to her and gently rubbing her head. Her body was covered in scars from fierce battles, and the last battle, my battle with Cheren, left her blinded. It was saddening to see her miserable. Being unable to go anyplace without my mother or myself accompanying her.
"Ssssseer…" She hisses quietly.
Sinclaire gently licks her mother's snout then returns to curling up on my shoulder.
"I'll be back soon, okay girl?"

I noticed Bianca was in the house, but in a sudden movement she was gone, the door slamming behind her.
Her voice seemed to echo with her excited screams of delight.
"Cheren! You're back!" Her rapid footsteps disappeared as she ran to him.

A knot started to form in the pit of my stomach. Seeing Cheren again.
Not knowing whether or not he'd be forgiving towards me for how I acted towards him. Ever since we were young even.

My mind was fighting with itself.
Go see him! He'll be forgiving!
No, don't go! This whole kerfuffel will start all over again!
Yes! Go and try!
No! It's not worth hurting yourself again!
I grip my head and groan. Should I, or should I not go?

I head to the door now. My hand shaking violently as I reach for the knob. I pull back quickly. Why is this so hard? We just had a small fight, it's no big deal.
I think it might have been from what I said to him. How poorly I reacted to his rejection and his words that still stung.

I'm going to go and make this up to him this time. No chickening out now. Again I reach for the door and manage to make it outside.
I'm shivering now, anxious for what he'll say, what he'll do, how he'll react… Just from seeing me again.

The knot in my stomach started to tighten and I felt sick. I couldn't even understand why.

"Oh, Cheren! It's been so long since I've seen you! You've gotten so tall! So.. Handsome over six years!"
Bianca's voice rang into my ears.
I hear him chuckle as I head around the side of his house.
"I can say the same for you! You've certainly grown since we've last been together."
His voice seemed so much calmer, so much smoother than before.

Again the violent shivers came. Was I really that scared of being judged by him after all that I had put him through? We were ten! I couldn't figure out why I'd think Cheren would hold a grudge for six years!

Maybe it was all because how badly I detested his intelligence. Or how calm and collected he always was in battle, whereas I was always a wreck or incredibly tense.
I heard his Stoutland barking from inside his house.
I stop behind the wall of his house and lean back against it.
Cheren and Bianca were just chatting. But I turned over to get a look at him quickly.

He really had grown a lot. He was taller, a bit more muscle on him. His eyes were still that sharp blue color that made me feel like I was looking out into the ocean. He had new glasses, that's for certain. A thicker jacket, same color jeans, and better shoes. He had a white shirt on under it. I couldn't tell if it still had that pattern on it like he used to wear, but I doubted that he would wear the same thing over six years.

"You've definitely gotten prettier since the last time I saw you." Cheren said, making Bianca giggle and blush.
"Oh, you. You're such a charmer." She teased him, hugging him tight.
He returned the embrace with a smile, a new emotion in his eyes.

"Bianca, you remember what I told you before I left?" Cheren asked.
They looked into each others eyes for a moment, and I was fed up with it already.

I quickly turned away and hid back behind the wall, feeling as though my heart had sank into my stomach. The knot still there. "No." I said simply to myself.

I held my stomach and started off in a new direction. I blocked out whatever else Bianca and Cheren were going to say. I looked back once more to see them both blushing.

I felt sick. I felt awful.. I felt like something inside of me was going to erupt… I suddenly felt alone. I didn't even understand what was happening anymore. The next thing I know, I'm running into route 1 with Sinclaire clinging onto my jacket for dear life, squeaking in protest. The sound of my footsteps fading, even to me.

Everything around me seemed to fade to a dullness. I ignored Sinclaire's cries of protest, and just ran…

What was wrong with me?

Yay! I got it done! :dummy:

I know this is short. But I just started and I really don\'t know where I\'m going to go with this. :XD:

But either way, here you go.

So far we got the main guy being angsty because of something that happened. Oh well. You'll see later if I manage to upload again.

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Here comes the S-Class Darkstalker, the Vampire Savior!

DISCLAIMER: I wish that Capcom can take this moveset into consideration. I give no claim over Capcom's use of this moveset, and I give the permission to Capcom to use or modify this moveset.

Jedah Dohma

Origin: Darkstalkers 3
Stamina: 1,000,000
Voice Actor: Travis Willingham (EN)

One of the strongest beings in Darksalkers universe (the others being Morrigan-Lilith fusion, Morrigan's stepfather Belial, Dee and Anita), as one of the three High Nobles of Makai, he sees his realm in danger of destruction. So he decided to save them by creating a pocket dimension called Majigen and absorb all powerful souls into it to be fused into an ultimate life form, Shintai (aka "Fetus of God").

His powers including his own blood which can hurt enemies, which he can turn into jagged blades, his quickly-regenerating body, his razor floating wings that can be used as a giant scythe, as well as leaping through dimensions, sensing powerful souls on a cosmic scale, and absorbing them.

In the games, his attacks are all gory, including (but not limited to) splitting his hands into 3, cutting his own head and spray his blood to the enemy, or grabbing the enemy with a demonic hand coming from the ground and slamming and grinding them against the ground multiple times.

Suggestions are welcome.



  • Standing: L – a short poke with his wing (hits low), M – his nails on his right hand stretches out and impales the enemy, H – he splits his left arm into 3 and all of them strike once each, S – he scratches the ground in front of him and a bloody red spike comes out from it.
  • Crouching: L – a straight claw attack (doesn't hit low), M – he does a swipe with his left hand, hitting the enemy with his clawed finger, H – he does a low slash with his scythe.
  • Aerial: L – a short poke with his wing, M - nails on his right hand stretches out and impales the enemy, H – some bloody hunks revolve around him (like Morrigan's jumping H), S – a downward slash with his scythe.


  • (Air OK) Forward Throw: He grabs his opponent's face with his elongated hand, then he injects his blood into the opponent's body a few times, before an explosion emits from enemy's body, knocking them away. Mash Atk button for more hits.
  • (Air OK) Backward Throw: He holds his enemy high with his hand as he turns backward, then a burst of blood comes out from his body (isn't shown though) which knocks enemy away.



  • F + H – a wide scythe slash that does soft knockdown.
  • (Air OK) F, F or B, B – His special dash, wherein he emits red energy from his hands to propel himself forward or backward diagonally, and can be controlled while flying (like Morrigan's own dash).



  • (Air OK) QCF + Atk – Dio=Cega: He throws a small saw-blade that expands after going through a certain distance and stay there for a few seconds, hitting the enemy multiple times. Can be used as a "wall" to block enemy's attacks and projectiles (but not hypers). Button strength used determines the angle of throw.
  • DP + Atk – Spreggio: Depending on the Atk button pressed:
    • L version – He cuts his own head and then he fires out a spray of blood a short distance forward. Does hard knockdown.

    • M version – This time, he does a guarding pose. When attacked, he does the above; this time, the blood spray wallbounces.

    • H version – Same as above, but this version blocks low attacks.
  • QCB + Atk – Nero=Fautica: He does a wide claw slash while stepping backwards. More or less a defensive move, it's hard to combo into this move unless you're in the corner. If successfully hit, the enemy will be trapped in a red orb. Attack the orb to inflict damage on the helpless enemy before the orb pops out.
    • The button strength determines the delay before the attack starts (L comes out instantly, H has about 0.75 second delay, M is in between) as well as how long the enemy is trapped (L - about 1 second, H – about 2 seconds, M is in between).
  • (Air Only) QCB + Atk – Ira=Spinta: He flies down at 60 degree angle (L), 45 degrees (M), or 30 (H) and grabs the enemy in the way, then he flies up and then downward while drilling his enemy with his morphed wing multiple times (Mash Atk for more hits). This attack counts as a throw. Has some priority.
    • If you press S before he flies down, he will instead turn himself into a giant circular saw blade, hitting multiple times while flying with the same trajectory. Can be used to extend combos.
  • (Air OK) QCB + S - Flight: Just the good ol' flight. Lasts for 3 seconds.



  • Alpha: Dio=Cega M [Shot] [Front]
  • Beta: Spreggio L [Direct] [Front]
  • Gamma: Nero=Fautica H [Direct] [Extra]



  • (Air OK) QCF + 2 Atk – ES Dio=Cega: He throws a larger version of Dio=Cega that stays in one place and does multiple hits (about 25 hits).
  • QCB + 2 Atk – Pirova Dei Cervo: He sends out a small wave of his blood forward along the ground. When you press S, said wave will spontaneously transform into a giant hand, trying to grab the enemy. If successfully hit, Jedah disappears and said hand slams and grinds them against the ground multiple times before a giant manuscript appears in the background, the hand then slams the enemy against the manuscript, and then Jedah reappears and take said manuscript into his body.
    • This attack is normally unblockable, but can only hit standing opponent, in Darkstalkers games. In this game, this attack is blockable, but now can hit jumping opponent for a surprise.
  • (Level 3) DP + 2 Atk – Finale Rosso: He makes a puddle of blood appear on the ground in front of him (L + M), about half screen away (L + H), or almost full screen (M + H). If there's an enemy on top of it, the enemy will sink downward into a "red world". Jedah then appears there as multiple red hands maul the enemy from all sides. Finally the enemy is knocked up upwards by a giant pillar of blood from said puddle, and then Jedah comes out from the same place as well.


Jedah is (c) Capcom.
My moveset for Jedah for UMvC3 DLC! :iconimhappylaplz:

See also his moveset here!

Jedah is (c) Capcom.
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