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Darkstalkers: Warriors of Endless Night

Story Created by Hotfeet444


Following the events that took place in Vampire Savior, Anita, the young girl with a tremendous amount of psychic power, had arrived within the Makai following the powerful rifts of energy that Jedah had been giving off due to he'd defeated Demitri and taken his very powerful soul. Anita arrived within the Fetus of God and confronted Jedah, saying that he was a fool with more power than he could possibly control.

Jedah scoffed at Anita's remarks, but he soon realized who she truly was. Though she was now almost a fully grown woman, she was indeed the one he'd been intending to destroy, the protector of the humans and his greatest threat. Anita and Jedah then did battle, and Anita arose as the winner of the battle. She then used her power, fused with the power of Jedah's soul, to destroy the Shintai. The Shintai's destruction let out a powerful cosmic reaction that seemed to disrupt the flow of time, causing a time loop to occur. In this time-loop, the Makai was once again being ruled by the its proper rulers, the Makai nobles.

Anita remained the same to her surprise, but she was able to do what she set out to do in the first place, save Donovan's soul. She'd been forced to end his life due to he'd become corrupt, but she hoped that by rescuing his soul from the darkness, that she'd be able to bring him back to life. To her surprise, it indeed worked.

Many of the other characters of the series were also effected in certain ways. Morrigan and Lilith were still fused, but Morrigan still desired to make trips from world to world in search of excitement. Felicia was still an up-and-coming pop-star, yet to meet a certain person who would change her life forever. Hsien-Ko and her sister were still fighting to rescue their Mother's soul and Demitri was once again alive and back in the Makai as one of the rulers of his own castle. But…not all was as well as it seemed to be.

Remnants of the Shintai had survived the explosion that'd reshaped both worlds, the remnants then grew and multiplied as it fed off souls of the dead and the dreaded, growing into a new being composed of pure evil and hatred, a being known as "Corruption". Corruption revived Jedah from the dead by forging him a new soul due to his real soul was used to destroy the Shintai many years ago. Corruption then spoke to Jedah, telling to him to pursue the destruction of both worlds once again, telling them that both worlds were impure and corrupt beyond repair.

Corruption then forged an army of the dead using remnants of the souls that the Shintai once possessed, planning to use this army to kill the Makai nobles and take the position as rightful ruler of the Demon Realm. Corruption's army needed a leader though, and Jedah already had plans to recreate the Fetus of God in which to take the souls of those who were killed, so Corruption forged together a new soul to lead the army, the evil side of Donovan's soul, Dee.

Tragedy occurs from the attacks on the kingdom of Makai, several of the nobles dying from the ambush. It was not before long that the army struck Demitri's castle, all of Corruption's soldiers falling in battle to Demitri and Morrigan, who'd intervened early in the battle due to Demitri was getting a little overwhelmed. Demitri then vowed that he'd destroy the being who was behind the senseless strike on his castle and his people, and promised to make them pay before taking back his rightful position as ruler of the Makai.

Demitri was not the only Darkstalker interested in the power behind that of Corruption, for a young French Pirate by the name of Ruby Heart had been tracking Corruption's power using the destroyed orb of Abyss, a vile creature that had been created by Corruption in order to destroy all powerful beings who'd be a threat to his uprising in power. Using the power of her magical flying pirate ship, Ruby Heart was able to track Corruption's power all the way to the realm of the Makai.

Another of the new Darkstalkers to come to the knowing of Corruption was a Male Cat-Creature by the name of Tony. He felt the power that the evil creature Abyss possessed and planned to stop it. Upon his travels, he met Felicia, the female Cat-creature, and managed to save her from being ganged up on by soldiers from Corruption's army. The two of them then travelled together, both of them having goals that they planned to achieve and they promised to help the other out along the way. Tony was in search of Abyss in order to destroy him, while Felicia was trying get her singing and dancing career off the ground. Tony and Felicia assisted Ruby Heart, Donovan and Hsien-Ko in defeating Abyss and saving their world, while Tony then assisted Felicia in her first big show, singing a duet with her and sharing a dance number.

Donovan was once again alive and freed from the dark side of his heart, though the darkness within him still existed, but was contained. Anita no longer travelled with him, and was now on a journey to defeat the evil Corruption. He had no memory of his victory over Pyron or becoming his evil self, all of that lost thanks to the power of Anita's soul cleanse. Donovan soon got word of the evil creature Abyss summoned forth by Corruption to defeat the Darkstalkers, and vowed to put him down. Along the way to the city where the Makai gate had been opened, he came across Corruption's army, then coming face to face with his evil self that had been recreated by Corruption in order to lead his army. Donovan then engaged in combat with his evil self, almost being defeated and being forced to succumb to the darkness within his heart, but was saved by Anita, who in turn defeated the evil recreation of Dee and saved Donovan's life.

Back in the Realm of the Makai, the Kingdom of Makai had been overthrown completely by that of Corruption and Jedah, turning the entire building into the brand new Fetus of God and to be the birthplace of the brand new Shintai. Upon arriving at the Castle, Morrigan and Demitri came across another familiar face, the last of the Huitzils, who was fighting off soldiers to protect the small boy on his back, the boy being Cecil.

Corruption was not prepared to let his plans of conquest go to ruin thanks to the power of the Darkstalkers, then using hundreds of souls to forge together a new soul, recreate the soul of Pyron, the one who'd tried to destroy the earth before Jedah first attempted to recreate both worlds for the first time. Pyron then faced Demitri, Morrigan and Huitzil, the battle resulted in Huitzil's destruction and almost killing Cecil. It was then at that time that Ruby Heart and her ship had finally arrived at the Kingdom, her and Donovan entering the battle against Pyron which resulted in Donovan once again destroying Pyron and clearing the path to the top floor where Corruption was waiting. Ruby Heart took Cecil in her arms and said for the rest of them to go on without her as she tended to the boy's wounds.

As the group reached Corruption's throne-room, they realized that Corruption had already began the rebirth of the Shintai, and had already been feeding it evil and vile souls to make it more powerful. Corruption's plan was to completely destroy both worlds and create a world of his own, one where only he and his subjects were fit to live. The plan was against that of what Jedah had planned all along. Jedah then tried to rebel against Corruption, threatening and attempting to destroy the Shintai before Corruption could feed it anymore souls, but, thanks to the fact that Jedah's body and soul had been recreated by Corruption, it took him no effort at all to rip Jedah apart and take back the soul he'd created for him, then ingesting it himself and gaining his power.

Corruption then faced the Darkstalkers and almost killed them all, even stealing the soul of Lilith from Morrigan and ingesting it, increasing his power even more. It was then that Anita arrived, standing up to Corruption stating that she was going to destroy him like he did very long ago. Of all the beings from that time, Anita was the only one who'd not lost her memory thanks to the Time loop. Anita then fights and defeats Corruption once and for all, sacrificing herself in order to save the souls that Corruption had stolen and return Lilith's soul to Morrigan. Anita was now dead, and the Kingdom of the Makai was safe, but without that of a ruler. Demitri then took Corruptions spot on the throne and claimed himself the new King of the Makai, Morrigan taking the second spot as his queen.

The last scenes of the game depicts Donovan standing in front of a tombstone overlooking the ocean, the tombstone where Anita now rested. Shedding a tear of sadness, Donovan promises to keep the world safe from the evil that lied in the shadows, just like she would have wanted him to. As he walks away, the game's story comes to an end…   

Character Select:

Morrigan Aensland
Species: Succubus
Gender: Female
Description: One of the main characters of the game, Morrigan assists Demitri in fighting against Corruption and his army.

Demitri Maximov
Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Description: One of the main characters of the game, Demitri leads a fight against the evil Corruption after his castle is attacked by his army.

Species: Chinese Ghost
Gender: Female
Description: Hsien-Ko and her sister are in search of their mother's soul, and gain the assistance of Ruby Heart in order to travel to the Makai and defeat Corruption in the hopes of saving her soul once and for all.

Donovan Baine
Species: Dhamphir
Gender: Male
Description: One of the main characters and reborn thanks to the powers of Anita, Donovan is on a quest to stop the new menace.

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Description: The main character of the game, it's her actions that've shaped the events of this game. Anita is planning on defeating Corruption and putting an end to the evil of the Shintai once and for all.

Species: Cat-Creature
Gender: Female
Description: A young Catgirl who dreams of becoming a Pop star, she travels with Tony in order to defeat Abyss so that she can truly make her dreams come true.

Species: Cat-Creature
Gender: Male
Description: A young Catboy whose clan was destroyed, Tony travels to defeat Abyss and save the souls of his family and clan. He also travels with Felicia and promises to help her with her own goals as well.

Ruby Heart
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Description: One of the game's main characters, Ruby Heart is the owner of a flying pirate ship that she uses to travel to defeat Corruption after defeating the evil Abyss. She travels with Hsien-Ko and Donovan.

Species: Frankenstein
Gender: Male
Description: Being reborn from the spark of life given to him by the soul of his creator's daughter, Victor plans to help protect the human world by defeating Abyss.

Species: Abdominal Snowman
Gender: Male (Believed)
Description: Sasquatch's friends have been stolen away by the evil Corruption, and now Sasquatch is on a journey to get them back.

Jon Talbain
Species: Werewolf
Gender: Male
Description: Jon Talbain is on a journey to understand the power behind his cursed blood, and plans to make all who cross his path pay dearly.

Lord Raptor
Species: Ghoul/Zombie
Gender: Male
Description: Learning of Jedah's power, Lord Raptor is drawn to the Makai in search of gaining his power for himself.

Species: Mummy
Gender: Male
Description: Anakaris' kingodom is in ruin, but learns that Corruption's power is enough to restore it to its former glory. Using his mystic power, Anakaris travels to the Makai to defeat Corruption.

Oboro Bishamon
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Description: Now freed from his cursed armor, Oboro Bishamon is now on a quest to destroy the creator of the armor, making it so that the armor may never possess another soul as it did to him.

Species: Demon
Gender: Male
Description: Reborn with an artificial soul thanks to Corruption, Jedah is Corruption's assistant in his plans to give birth to another Shintai and repeat the cycle of resetting both worlds.

Species: Robot
Gender: Genderless
Description: Still protecting the young Mayan boy named Cecil, Huitzil is drawn to the Makai by that of a mysterious power that he'd once felt before.

B.B. Hood
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Description: One of the best Dark Hunters there is, B.B. Hood learns of Abyss and its plans to destroy the Darkstalkers. By following Abyss, she plans to nab and kill the Darkstalkers herself in order to gain a quick pile of cash.

Species: Pure Evil
Gender: Male
Description: The game's main antagonist, Corruption was the one who slayed the Makai Nobles and took over the kingdom of Makai in order to rebirth the Shintai, though his real plans are shrouded in mystery.

Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Description: Corruption recreated the soul of Dee from the evil side of Donovan's soul that Anita left behind when she saved Donovan's soul. Dee is now the leader of Corruption's army.

Species: Hellstorm Alien
Gender: Male
Description: Corruption forged together hundreds of souls in order to recreate the soul of Pyron. He's now Corruption's pawn and a powerful enemy to those who threaten to end his plans.

Species: Bee-Girl
Gender: Female
Description: Q-Bee's race is dying thanks to lack of food and souls, and one of Q-Bee's subordinates learns of Corruption's takeover. Q-Bee then plans an all-out attack on the Makai Kingdom in order to overthrow Corruption and take the souls he possesses.

Species: Pure Evil
Gender: Genderless
Description: Abyss was created by Corruption in order to destroy the Darkstalkers of the Human world, ones who would pose a threat to that of his plans for global reset. He then confronts the heroes and plants to destroy them all.


Demitri's Castle (Demitri's Stage)

Old Town (Jon Talbain's Stage)

Abandoned Laboratory (Victor's Stage)

Makai Kingdom (Corruption/Jedah Stage)

Downtown Beats (Felicia/Tony Stage)

Abandoned Chateau (Morrigan Stage)

Screams of the Forest (Q-Bee/Sasquatch Stage)

Japanese Temple (Oboro/Hsien-Ko Stage)

Hall of the Warrior God (Dee/Pyron Stage)

Revenger's Roost (Donovan/Anita Stage)

Mayan Ruins (Huitzil Stage)

Rock Concert of the Dead (Lord Raptor Stage)

Ruins of the Egyptian Kingdom (Anakaris Stage)

Top Deck (Ruby Heart Stage)

Much more to come! :D
I've been piecing together some ideas, and here it is at long last...Darkstalkers 4...Aka Darkstalkers: Warriors of Endless Night. I put in a story to connect what happened at the end of Darkstalkers 3 to Darkstalkers 4, and I put alot of time into this. Also I finally included Ruby Heart into something related to Darkstalkers, and one of my own OCs into the story as well (Tony the Cat-Creature).

I hope you all enjoy. :3

I did not draw that pic of Felicia, But I wuv it so I used it. :3
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Darkstalkers 4: Character Selection List

Morrigan Aensland
Demitri Maximoff
Donovan Baine
Oboro Bishamon
Jon Talbain
B.B. Hood
Lord Raptor
Jedah Dohma
Ruby Heart
Celestia Veranova
Janeeva the Slime Queen
Lawrence Von Aensland (Minotaur Guardian)
Dark Princess Marianne Aensland (Lilim/Succubus)
Ilexia Oni
Shadow Talbain
Manyuu (Armor)
Lilith Aensland
Arakune (Guest Star)

Boss Characters:

Shadow (Secret Boss that can be fought once you beat Arcade with all the already unlocked characters and getting at least 2 perfects and one EX Hyper Finish)
Yoko (Secret Boss that can be fought once you beat Arcade with all the already unlocked characters and get at least one perfect win)
Shadow Talbain (Boss of Jon's Arcade Run)
Marianne Aensland (Secret Boss of Morrigan's Arcade run, must not lose any rounds to fight her)
Manyuu (Armor) (Secret Boss of Oboro's Arcade run, must not lose any round to fight him)
Jedah Dohma (Boss of Corruption's Arcade Run)
Spitfire (Boss of Abyss' Arcade Run)

Rival Fight:

Morrigan – Demitri (Bitter Rivals, but likes him)

Demitri – Morrigan (Hates her and her family)

Donovan – Anita (To show that she's indeed strong enough to handle herself)

Anita – Donovan/Jedah (When he's unlocked)

Felicia – Tony (Friendly little fight)

Tony – B.B. Hood (She's been hunting him)

Hsien-Ko – Lord Raptor (Comedic Rivalry)

Oboro Bishamon – Donovan (Thinks that he can help him destroy the Armor's creator)

Anakaris – Demitri (Seeks out power that can rebuild, while the other searches for destruction)

Rikuo – Lilaca/Sherayanna (He has connections to both of them)

Sasquatch – Regina (Regina is terrified of him, wanting to fight him so that he'll go away)

Jon Talbain – Regina (Jon plans to teach Regina how to be strong willed and fight with passion)

Regina – Jon Talbain (Wants to fight him to show that she's able to take care of herself)

Lord Raptor – Hsien-Ko (Still in love with Hsien-Ko)

Q-Bee – Demitri (Wants to eat his soul so that she can grow stronger and save her colony)

Lilaca – Rikuo (Heard that he'd fought against Pyron, wants to see if he's as strong as they say)/Sherayanna (Hates her and her clan)

Spitfire – Ruby Heart (Wants her gone because of their attack on the Darkstalkers being set to take place, but Ruby refuses to listen)

Ruby Heart – Donovan (Wants to fight him to see if he has the power necessary to defeat the evil that lies in the Makai)

Arakune – Grimling (Once he's unlocked)/Demitri (Seeks to eat him and steal his power)

Character Unlocking Guide:

Huitzil: Complete Arcade Mode as Any one of the original 10 characters

Pyron: Complete Arcade Mode as Huitzil

Lilith Aensland: Complete Arcade Mode with Morrigan

Lawrence Von Aensland: Complete Arcade Mode with Lilith

Bishamon (Armor): Complete Arcade Mode with Oboro Bishamon

Dee: Complete Arcade Mode with Donovan

Sherayanna: Complete Arcade Mode with Rikuo and Lilaca

Anubis: Complete Arcade Mode with Anakaris

Shadow Talbain: Complete Arcade Mode with Jon Talbain

Grimling: Complete Arcade Mode with all the new characters available at the beginning of the game.

Celestia Velanova: Complete 25% of Character Missions

Janeeva the Slime Girl: Complete 50% of Character Missions

Ilexia Oni: Complete Arcade Mode with 5 new characters

Yoko: After unlocking Lilith, Bishamon, Dee, Anubis and Shadow Talbain, Complete Arcade Mode with at least one perfect to fight her as a secret boss. Defeat her to unlock her.

Shadow: After unlocking Lilith, Bishamon, Dee, Anubis and Shadow Talbain, Complete Arcade Mode with two perfects and one EX Hyper Finish to fight him as a secret boss. Defeat him to unlock him.

Jedah Dohma: After Unlocking Lilith, Bishamon, Dee, Anubis and Shadow Talbain, Complete Arcade Mode with either Demitri or Anita

Dracken: Complete Arcade Mode with Yoko or Shadow.

Abyss: Complete Arcade Mode with everyone who has him as a Final Boss

Corruption: Complete Arcade Mode with everyone who has him as a Final Boss

New Character Descriptions:

Anita: The once young girl who followed around Donovan on his journeys has grown up, looking for her own place in the world, also wanting to protecting Donovan from falling into evil's hands once again.

Tony: A battle-damaged Were-Tiger with a respect for the human race, Tony is on a journey to redeem himself after the death of his entire clan. He travels with Felicia during his journey.

Ruby Heart: A Pirate captain who captains a flying Pirate ship, Ruby Heart is out to help defeat and destroy Abyss and possibly his creator.

Yoko: A nine-tailed Kitsune Fox, Yoko is one of the strongest beings in the Makai realm. She travels to the human world to see if she can have a bit of fun with Corruption's army. She's also believed to like Jon Talbain.

Lawrence Von Aensland: One of the protective guardians of the Aensland family, Lawrence is a Minotaur who wields an unbreakable mace and unbreakable sense of justice. He's fighting to keep Morrigan safe and rescue back Lilith.

Sherayanna: The Leader of the Voodoo Priestess clan of northern Brazil, she's a skilled controller of magic that fights using two blades imbedded with her clan's dark magic. She's fighting to protect her people from Corruption.

Celestia Veranova: Celestia is a Witch that's also a skilled fortune teller, being fascinated at always trying new things, whether it be new spells or new potions. She forsees the return of Corruption through her cards, and makes a move to do what she can to stop his actions.

Corruption: The ultimate being of evil, he is the incarnation of all evil deeds/actions done in both the Makai and the human world, which means his power level is ungodly high. He is the main antagonist of Darkstalkers 4, being given the nickname "Alpha and Omega" for he has the power to make life.

Abyss: A being made of pure evil energy and feeding on the souls of others, Abyss was created by Corruption for the sole purpose of eliminating all threats to his plans in the human world, namely…The Darkstalkers that lived there. His path is filled with genocide, for he slaughters many innocent humans in the process just to feed himself.

Lilaca: An elf girl with exceptional arching skills, Lilaca lives in a small elf settlement with her family and friends, which is situated in the Amazon Forest. She's best friends with a Were-Squirrel by the name of Chichi, and has a particular hate for the Voodoo Priestess' that live in the northern parts just outside the forest.

Janeeva the Slime Queen: Janeeva is the arrogant, "Self-proclaimed" queen of her people, which is a small settlement of Slime creatures that live within one of the swamps of the Makai Realm. She seeks Corruption to prove her strength, and to also get revenge for his army killing one of her closest friends.

Anubis: A protective spirit, Anubis is the ancient guardian of Anakaris' kingdom, having made a pact with Anakaris long ago to protect his kingdom, even after he had passed on. When Anakaris resurrects as a mummy and plans to take Corruption's power in order to rebuild his kingdom, she decides to go with him, for he was very important to her, and she knew that he was the one she truly had to protect.

Marianne Aensland: The true daughter of the Aensland family, Marianne was thrown into the silent realm due to her dark ambitions regarding the future of the Makai kingdom. Upon Corruption's escape from the realm, she manages to escape as well, planning to finally take the throne for herself and be the Queen of the Makai.

Ilexia Oni: A strong-willed and kind Red Oni who's got a bit of a drinking problem, Ilexia is a resident of the mountain regions of the Makai. She loves nothing more than to drink Sake, for it's her favorite beverage, which is why she appears to be drunk most of the time.

Grimling: A spirit that loves nothing more than to cause mischief for others, having a very crude sense of humor and loves to laugh at the pain of others. His main goals aren't really known as of yet, but all he seems to want to do is have fun during this Darkstalkers war.

Spitfire: General Veronica Monroe, known to her subordinates by her codname "Spitfire", is the head general in charge of the rebellion against the Darkstalkers when Abyss arrived in the human world. She has a strong will and possesses supreme accuracy and weapon capabilities.

Dracken: A legendary figure of the Makai realm, one who many thought was dead long ago, Dracken is a Wyvern, a Dragon-like creature with immeasurable amounts of power. Corruption's destructive return to the Makai realm, Dracken was disturbed from his slumber. He then makes a move to try and destroy Corruption in order to be able to return to rest once again.

Arakune: The guest character of the game, Arakune is from the Blazblue series developed by Ark System Works. He's found lurking within the dungeon levels of the Makai Kingdom, how he got there and what his goals are unknown. All that is known about Arakune is that he's looking for something called "Azure"
For the first time ever, my Darkstalkers 4 Project finally has a full roster of characters. I have not counted myself, but I do estimate that it's about 43-45 characters. This list also features, for the first time, some of the new characters I was working on in secrecy, one even being an idea from a friend of mine. :)

If you'd like to know anything more about these characters, leave a comment and ask freely. :D Enjoy everyone, and here's hoping that Capcom will actually acknowledge the time and effort I've put into this project, for my favourite Capcom series ever. :aww:
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Darkstalkers 4: Warriors of the Endless Night

Character Select

Unlocked characters from the beginning:

Morrigan Aensland
Species: Succubus
Gender: Female
Description: One of the game's main protagonists, Morrigan returns to the Makai during the time of Corruption's uprising, assisting Demitri in defeating the soldiers that invade his castle. Morrigan and Demitri then embark to the Makai Kingdom to defeat Corruption and save the Demon Realm from utter destruction

Demitri Maximoff
Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Description: One of the game's main protagonists, Demitri's castle comes under the attack of Corruption's army, being assisted by Morrigan in defeating the soldiers and protecting his kingdom. Although their sights to not meet eye to eye, they agree that both of their power may be what is required to defeat Corruption, therefore making a deal with one another to partner together until Corruption was defeated.

Donovan Baine
Species: Dhamphir
Gender: Male
Description: Thanks to the efforts of Anita and the time-loop, Donovan had been reborn in the human world, but had lost his connections to Anita throughout the process. Corruption's darkness soon spreads to the human world, with it he brought a vicious creature created by Corruption that went by the name of Abyss. Donovan then set out on a journey to recover the memories of the life he'd once lived and…hopefully…find Anita.

Species: Cat-Creature
Gender: Female
Description: Felicia is a young Catgirl in search of life as a pop-star, her previous life of stardom and becoming a nun being wiped out by the time loop. During her time in a small seaside town looking for an opportunity to show the world her skills in singing and dancing, she comes under attack by some of Corruption's soldiers, being saved by a young male cat-creature by the name of Tony. The both of them decide to travel together and help each other out in achieving their goals, Felicia believing that if the creature Abyss was brought down, than the world may look positively upon her kind and give her the chance at stardom that she'd been searching for.

Species: Chinese Ghost
Gender: Female
Description: Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling are two young Priestesses out in search of the soul of their mother as well as recover their own souls in the process. Hsien-Ko and Lei-Lei meet the real Oboro Bishamon, who'd come to their Temple in search of salvation for his sins when stuck within the demonic armor. Hsien-Ko and her sister tend to his wounds and nurse him back to health, not too long before they feel the power of the gates to the demon world opening and the great evil arriving in their world. They leave Oboro in the care of one of the other priestesses of the temple as they embark out to the source of the evil, hopefully being able to find a way to save the soul of her mother in the process.

Species: Human gifted with immense power
Gender: Female
Description: The true main character of the game and the one who'd shaped the universe with her actions in destroying the Shintai and causing a powerful time-loop. Anita has isolated herself away from Donovan to protect him from the truth of the life he'd lived once he lost his humanity, and now she's on her way to put an end to Corruption and protect both worlds from utter destruction once again.

Species: Cat-Creature
Gender: Male
Description: Tony is a young Catboy that once lived within his clan up high in the Yukitiro Mountains, which had been destroyed by bandits and thieves when he was a young boy. He feels that it's his fault that he could not fight well enough to save his family, and places a lot of the guilt upon himself, but after being taken care of by a nice young woman after the events that'd occurred, Tony came to love the humans and promised to protect them, vowing to never let the same thing that happened to his family happen to anyone else he cared about. While on his travels, he learns of Abyss and its plans to kill off all powerful warriors in the world to ensure Corruption's firm rule over the Makai. Tony then begins to travel to where it was last sighted, then saving a young Catgirl named Felicia from a couple of Corruption's soldiers. The two then decide to travel with another, keeping the other safe from harm and promising to help their goals come true no matter what happens.

Ruby Heart:
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Description: One of the game's main characters, Ruby Heart is a French pirate who captains a large flying pirate ship within the human world. She'd had once been a Dark hunter at one point, then retiring from said position for it was not in her nature to kill for money, no matter who or what it was she killed. Ruby Heart and her crew defeat a strange creature upon one of the islands that they'd been salvaging for treasure, taking with them a strange broken orb. The orb seemed to be attracted to that of the Makai realm, and it was using the orb that Ruby Heart was able to learn of Corruption and Abyss, and that Abyss had been on the move and destroying Darkstalkers across the land. Ruby Heart soon meets up with Donovan and Hsien-Ko, both of them agreeing to join Ruby as they all were after the same target.

Species: Sasquatch
Gender: Male
Description: Sasquatch's colony had been stolen away by the soldiers of Corruption, all being taken to the Makai to be held captive in the Makai Kingdom. Sasquatch then embarks out on a journey by himself in order to rescue all his friends, going up against almost impossible odds with sheer determination on his side.

Lord Raptor
Species: Ghoul/Zombie
Gender: Male
Description: Being bored of his current life, Lord Raptor learns of Corruption and the amount of power that his body commanded. Lord Raptor than decides to go after Corruption and Jedah, planning to take their power and take the role as "King of the Makai".

Species: Human once, Mummy now
Gender: Male
Description: Anakaris sits atop the throne of his former kingdom, which is in crumbles and ruin around him, thinking as to how he could restore his kingdom to its former glory. Using the mystic powers that possesses, Anakaris learns of Corruption's takeover of the Makai. He not only realizes the power that Corruption possesses, but is insulted that a disgusting being like Corruption had taken control of the realm. Anakaris then embarks off to the Makai in order to defeat Corruption and restore his kingdom.

Oboro Bishamon
Species: Once again fully Human
Gender: Male
Description: Oboro has parted ways with the cursed armor that had once put him under his cursed powers and turned him into a savage killer. The armor had been sealed away using powerful holy prayer seals atop a mountain, never to destroy the lives of anyone else like it did for him. He then feels as if destroying the armor is not enough, but he must make the armor's maker pay for what he had done to his life, to make him pay for all that he had lost thanks to the curse of that armor.

Jon Talbain
Species: Human/Werewolf
Gender: Male
Description: Jon lives a life marked by cursed blood, hating humanity for the way it's treated him and his "form". Jon Talbain is on a journey of self discovery within himself, looking for a chance to fully rid himself of his cursed blood and live a normal life like he desires. He also has to deal with the dark side of his psyche, which continuously tries to come out and make him fully succumb to the power that lies deep within his form.

B.B. Hood
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Description: B.B. Hood, the SS class Dark Hunter, Abyss uses her sources to look into information about the creature that had invaded the human world, Abyss. She quickly learns that the creature was created for the destruction of the Darkstalkers, coming to the conclusion that this creature would lead her to some easy Darkstalker kills and easy money in her pocket.

Species: Soul Bee
Gender: Female
Description: Q-Bee's colony is dying out due to lack of food. Those who have not starved already from lack of food are on the verge of resulting to cannibalism and eating each other by any means to stay alive. Q-Bee then receives news from her closer subordinates that Corruption's takeover marked the perfect chance to take over the Makai Kingdom and make it their new living grounds. Determined to not let her colony die, Q-Bee heads off alone to destroy Corruption and make her colony thrive again.

Species: Frankenstein
Gender: Male
Description: Left in decay for hundreds of years after his creator's death, Victor is brought back to life thanks to the energy striking the lightningrod attached to the machine he was bound to due to the opening of the door to the demon realm. Victor now plans to make the most of the new life he'd been given, starting off with defeating the evil that threatened the human world, Abyss.

Species: Merman/Fish-Creature
Gender: Male
Description: Rikuo's family had been taken away by the creatures created by Corruption to invade the human world, causing major damage to the underwater in which he lived. Corruption is seen to be the cause of the damage and lives lost, so Rikuo, fighting to get back his family, heads off to the Makai realm to defeat Corruption.

Arakune (Guest Star)
Species: Human losing all physical being thanks to the power of the Boundary
Gender: Male
Description: Hailing from the Ark Systems gaming series "Blazblue", Arakune was once a Scientist who was fascinated with the powers that the boundary possessed, hoping that he could discover new things about it for the world. Through studying, he slowly loses his sanity and then loses his humanity, turning into a giant black blob like creature with a small white mask for a face. His body is infested with tons of insects, which will attack anyone who comes too close. Arakune's role in the story is a mysterious one, for he appears randomly within the lower levels of the Makai Kingdom, seeking the power he calls "Azure"

Locked/Hidden Characters

Clarissa Velanova
Species: Witch
Gender: Female
Description: Clarissa is a young witch who lives within the city of Venice, practicing her sorcery on those who live in the city, also trying her best to keep her appearance as normal as possible to blend in with the others around her. Her city is alit in flames when Corruption's ever-expanding army attacks, killing many and almost leaving her for dead. She's able to heal her wounds thanks to her sorcery, but is not ready to sit down and let this action go unpunished. After some thorough investigating, Clarissa learns that the Makai Noble Jedah Dohma is under Corruption's command, who'd been the one who had killed her mother over 450 years ago. Clarissa then sets out to destroy Corruption and get revenge upon the one who'd caused her to lose so much in her life.

Species: Voodoo Priestess
Gender: Female
Description: Sherayanna is the head Priestess of the Voodoo Priestess Clan of the North. She possesses powerful control over the dark magic arts that her clan had perfected throughout many generations of practice, her main weapon being that of Two unholy marked Short Swords that can amplify her dark powers to her liking, even being able to give her the power of Teleportation and invisibility. Sherayanna's clan is attacked by Corruption's army, the soldiers hoping to retrieve the magic book of spells that her clan had wrote throughout the last thousand years, also continuing to write in it when new spells were discovered. Sherayanna takes this attack as an offensive call-out by the evil Lord Corruption, taking her weapons in hand and vowing that she'd protect their birthright and not let it fall into anyone's hands no matter what happens.

Jedah Dohma
Species: Demon
Gender: Male
Description: One of the great Makai Nobles, Jedah's soul had been destroyed in the battle against Anita which saved both worlds and created that of a time loop in both worlds, but was brought back to life using an artificial soul created by Corruption. Jedah now serves Corruption as an assistant in the plan to recreate the Shintai and rewrite the paths of both worlds, while Jedah is completely oblivious to Corruption's real plans.

Species: Robot
Gender: Genderless
Description: One of the robots that had been placed on earth by Pyron over a thousand years ago, reawaken and reprogrammed to protect a young Mayan boy named Cecil by any means necessary, even if it means sacrificing his life to do so. Huitzil and Cecil are almost completely oblivious to the invasion of Corruption's army, the threat not reaching as far as their Mayan village. However, Huitzil is drawn to travel to the Makai by an unknown source, a source that feels very similar to him and had felt once before.

Species: Hellstorm Alien
Gender: Male
Description: The Time Loop had removed all memory of Pyron's invasion of earth, already being defeated by Demitri before the events of the time loop took place. Corruption had looked through the archives of the past before the time loop thanks to the memories of Jedah's soul, realizing that this being could easily defeat the Darkstalkers in a battle. Corruption then put together a powerful artificial soul using hundreds of souls, the soul being used into bringing Pyron back to life, using the same pure energy that he used to create Abyss. Pyron is then placed to defeat and destroy all the Darkstalkers that reached the castle as a last resort to make sure he kept his rule of the demon realm.

Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Description: Anita had saved Donovan's soul when she defeated Jedah to save both worlds, fulling ridding his soul of the dark side he once embraced. The darkness of Donovan's soul had been destroyed within the destruction of the Former Shintai, Corruption being able to learn of the powers he once possessed in this form and his attributes, forging a new soul that the Dark side of Donovan would possess. Corruption resurrected Dee thanks to this artificial soul, placing him as the head of his army which would invade the human world along with Abyss to destroy the Darkstalkers who could pose as a possible threat to his plans for both worlds. Without a word, Dee accepts his orders.

Species: Being of Pure Evil
Gender: Male
Description: Abyss is a creature created from pure black magic and dark energy by Corruption, designed with the intent to defeat and destroy all the Darkstalkers of the Human realm to ensure no one could threaten Corruption's position as King of the Makai. The Darkstalkers of the Human world then all attempt to fight off Abyss as a way to get to the Demon Realm to destroy Corruption, Abyss not planning on letting anyone defeat him.

Species: Evil in its purest form
Gender: Male
Description: Corruption is the main antagonist of this game. Corruption had been recreated from the remnants of the Shintai and Jedah's Soul, being back at his true power for the first time in 10,000 years when he was defeated by the Nobles of the Makai, the one who defeated him being that of Jedah Dohma. He creates an artificial soul of Jedah and brings him back to life, making him his assistant in a plan to bring back the Shintai and complete the plan that Jedah put together to rewrite both worlds. He slays the other Makai Nobles within the Makai Kingdom and becomes the King of the Demon Realm, his real plans for both worlds shrouded in mystery. Corruption is under complete control of the Kingdom of the Makai and the Demon Realm, and is not prepared to give it up to anyone.

Lilith Aensland
Species: Succubus
Gender: Female
Description: Lilith is the sister of Morrigan Aensland. Having fused with her in the events of Darkstalkers 3, Morrigan and Lilith had become seperated when Corruption first invaded Demitri's castle thanks to the Dark magic that Dee commanded. Lilith was then hauled away to the Makai Kingdom and kept prisoner, proving to be bait for one of the throne's heirs. She eventually escapes from her prison cell, then trying to make it back to her sister before she disappears forever.

Bishamon (Armor)
Species: Evil Spirit manifested within a set of armor
Gender: Male
Description: The form that Oboro Bishamon once possessed when he'd been taken over by the evil that lied with the set of cursed armor. Oboro destroyed the evil within the armor, making sure that no one would ever be able to succumb to its dark power ever again. Corruption, being the one who'd created the armor in the first place, was displeased with this. As he noticed that Oboro was on his way to the Makai, he manifested a new spirit to take over the armor and stop him, having this spirit be much stronger than the previous one.

Shadow Talbain (Dark Talbain)
Species: Evil spirit
Gender: Male
Description: The darkness within Jon's soul brought out into a true form, resembling that of Jon, only being completely black with advanced abilities that Jon could possess if he gave into the dark temptation, being all black with glowing red eyes, his body almost looking as if it's on fire as it flares in the wind. This form of Jon continuously tries to force Jon into giving into the true power of the form he was given, while Jon refuses, consistently trying to find a way to rid himself of the curse.
The full roster of the new "Darkstalkers 4: Warriors of Endless Night" is finally done! All your classic favorites return, including the Lord of the Night Demitri Maximoff, the Soul Sucking Succubus Morrigan Aensland, the Cute but Deadly Felicia, The thousand weapon wielding Ghost Hsien-Ko and the man with the dark blood, Donovan Baine.

Also included in the line-up is the new characters to appear. The spell conjurer of Italy Clarissa Velanova, the Voodoo Priestess of the North Sherayanna, The Cat-Creature warrior Tony and also the bringer of Ultimate evil, Corruption.

Do enjoy. :D

Picture in preview not drawn by me. :3
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Morrigan & Felicia: Team Darkstalkers

Street Fighter X Tekken: Team DLC Designs

Team Story:

Morrigan travels to the human world from the Makai in search of a little fun and adventure, soon learning from the news of the artifact landing in the South Pole by the name of Pandora, also learning of all the attention that it was receiving from fighters and companies all over the world. She decided to pursue the box, in hopes that she would be able to find some extravagant entertainment along the way. Along the way, however, she runs into an old friend of hers from a few years ago, Felicia. She'd had learned of the box too, hoping that she could perhaps find the box to bring more popularity to herself as a pop-star, planning on moving up to the big-times and possibly becoming a movie star. Morrigan and Felicia, both headed in the same direction, decide that they will work together to find Pandora, thus beginning the adventure to the South pole for these two Darkstalkers Girls.

Morrigan Aensland Moveset:

Moves List:

Shell Kick (Down + Hard Kick in the air)

Soul Fist (Qcf + Punch)

Shadow Blade (Dp + Punch)

Vector Drain (Hcb + Punch)

Super Arts:

Darkness Illusion (Qcf + Triple Kick)

Cross Art:

Morrigan will Use Astral Vision to create a duo of herself, delivering an attack damage combo before kicking the opponent to her tag-team partner.

Entrance Line:

"Let's have some Fun, Shall we?"

First-Hit Line:

"You're looking to be a fun one already!"

Last-Hit Line:

"Awwww…poor little thing…"

Round Victory Lines:

#1: Done so soon? How disappointing…

#2: Yes! Give me more of that!

Fight Victory:

"I hope we can play again sometime…"

Victory Texts:

Vs. Ryu: "You sure are a determined one aren't you? It's kinda cute."

Vs. Ken: "You're an attractive one, but you're trying too hard to be someone you're not".

Vs. Chun-Li: "Your Passion for Justice really turns me on! I think I'm going to enjoy you…"

Vs. Cammy: "You're too serious…you need to lighten up a bit. Allow me to help you with that."

Vs. Guile: "Almost nothing is hotter than a Patriot fighting for his Country."

Vs. Abel: "What? You're looking for answers? Sorry, but all I can give you is pleasure."

Vs. Dhalsim: "Ooooo…you're flexible. I wonder if you're just as good in OTHER areas".

Vs. Sagat: "Your pride reminds me of someone I used to know…he was a cute one too."

Vs. Zangief: "Talk about Muscle Mass! Just looking at you makes me start to sweat."

Vs. Rufus: "I wonder if you can work other parts of your body as good as you do your mouth".

Vs. Poison: "You feel so special to me, I'll be keeping you alive for extra rounds for sure."

Vs. Hugo: "Wow there Big Boy, calm down. I'm only here to play."

Vs. Rolento: "I wouldn't mind you putting ME in line Soldier. Hmmhmmhmhmm."

Vs. Ibuki: "Aren't you just the cutest little thing, absolutely adorable."

Vs. Vega: "HMmhmhmmm, my beauty can overcome both Brains AND Brawn sweety, you've got no chance."

Vs. Balrog: "Hmmhmmhmhmm. I love it when people play Rough with me, it's fun."

Vs. M.Bison: "You think you're a big-shot villain? I take it you've never met Jedah".

Vs. Juri: "Ohohohooooo, I think I'm going to enjoy YOU the most."

Vs. Akuma: "Such power! That fight had me sweating uncontrollably! Oh Yes!"

Vs. Kazuya: "So you're the Head of G-Corp? You're even cuter in person".

Vs. Nina: "You're a Tricky little girl aren't you? I can see right through your woes."

Vs. Asuka: "You've got the moves girl, and I think I'm going to enjoy watching you move later on."

Vs. Lili: "Come now little one, Children your age should be sleeping at this hour."

Vs. Jin: "You're a hot one alright. Come with me, I'll make you feel even better."

Vs. Xiaoyu: "No need to be stingy little one, I've already had my fun here."

Vs. Heihachi: "You may be old, but I know that with age comes experience. I'll give you the show of your life!"

Vs. Kuma: "You're a big fuzzy one aren't you? You'll make a nice pet for the Aensland Castle."

Vs. Yoshimitsu: "I once knew a Samurai like you, he wasn't nearly as fun as you were."

Vs. Raven: "Live for the mission? What fun is there in living for work? What about having a little fun?"

Vs. Paul: "You're a funny one, but a talented one none-the-less. I think I'm going to enjoy you."

Vs. Law: "Money? I'm sorry, I don't have any, but I'm sure I can pay in another way for the lesson."

Vs. Hwoarang: "Look at you go! You're so fast I can barely keep up with you!"

Vs. Steve: "I always did like a man with a little class, and you certainly do look like you have enough to go around."

Vs. King: "Why do you wear that mask? Take it off and show me just how hot you TRULY are."

Vs. Marduk: "Such a body! You must work out a lot, I'm almost awestruck."

Vs. Julia: "A sweet little girl like you doesn't belong in the fight, go on home now little one."

Vs. Bob: "You may not be much to look at, but I sure do love that spirit of yours."

Vs. Ogre: "My my, another one from far beyond the stars? You wouldn't happen to know someone named "Pyron" would you?"

Vs. MegaMan: "You're an interesting fellow, but something tells me that others may not take you seriously wearing that outfit."

Vs. Pac-Man: "Always smiling hmm? I can admire that trait about you little one."

Vs. Cole McGrath: "Your power is so electrifying! Give me more! MORE!"

Vs. Kuro/Turo: "You two are full of energy! Amazing flexibility too!"

Felicia Moveset:

Moves List:

Rolling Buckler (Qcf + Punch)

Neko Punch (Light Punch during Rolling Buckler)

Rolling Uppercut (Medium or Hard Punch during Rolling Buckler)

Rolling Slider (Kick during Rolling Buckler)

Cat Spike (Dp + Punch)

Hellcat (360 Spin + Punch)

Sand Splash (Qcf + Kick)

Delta Kick (Dp + Kick)

Super Art:

Dancing Flash (Qcf + Triple Punch)

Cross Art:

Felicia will call two of her Catgirl friends to help beat up the opponent using a punch and kick combo, the two girls then disappearing as Felicia sends them flying over her head towards the opponent using a throw.

Entrance Line:

"Hey you! Wanna dance for a while?"

First Hit Line:

#1: "It's just like the beat of a song!"

#2: "I can feel the rhythm through my body!"

Last-Hit Line:

#1: "A superstar finish!"

Round-Victory Lines:

"I'm still full of energy! Don't stop the music now!"

"Sorry, I guess I don't know my own strength sometimes."

Fight Victory Line:

"And that's a Wrap everyone!"

Victory Texts:

Vs. Ryu: "You're a strong fighter, but your movements are a little sloppy. May wanna practice a bit."

Vs. Ken: "You're pretty good! But I guess I was just the bigger star!"

Vs. Chun-Li "Ouchie! Those kicks of yours hurt! You don't need to be so serious you know!"

Vs. Cammy: "I'm sorry, but I'm not a housepet! I'm just as much a girl as you are!"

Vs. Guile: "You've got something worth fighting for huh? As a up-and-coming star, I can relate to that."

Vs. Abel: "What? You don't know who you are? Did you hit your head or something?"

Vs. Dhalsim: "Your movements are a little creepy mister. How can you be so flexible?!"

Vs. Sagat: "Hmph, I never did like Stubborn and uptight types like you, just like some werewolf I met a few years ago."

Vs. Zangief: "You're strong alright! But a little slow…I ran rings around you in that fight."

Vs. Rufus: "You may want to lose a little weight, you're a pretty easy target being like that."

Vs. Poison: "Meow? A Performance? Are you an up-and-coming star too lady?"

Vs. Hugo: "Eeep! Y-You're really scary! I don't even want to get too close to you!"

Vs. Rolento: "Your tactics are too violent…you won't get what you want by being hurtful to everyone you know."

Vs. Ibuki: "Cool! A real life ninja! The TV shows I watch about you guys are just AWESOME!"

Vs. Vega: "Y-You can keep your beauty to yourself mister, I just want to get away from you before you do something with that claw of yours."

Vs. Balrog: "Please stop hitting me like that! Why are you being so mean! I'm covered in bruises after that fight!"

Vs. M.Bison: "Those eyes, you're not human…are you?"

Vs. Juri: "What is with you!? Stop looking at me like that! It's scary!

Vs. Akuma: "Your power is incredible! Are you sure you're not a Darkstalker?"

Vs. Kazuya: "You can shoot lasers from your eye?! That sounds like something out of a comic book!"

Vs. Nina: You've got powerful kicks! You should teach me how to kick like that!"

Vs. Jin: "You're giving off a weird vibe, almost like you've got another side to you."

Vs. Xiaoyu: "What?! I'm not stealing anyone! Hey! Are you listening to me?!"

Vs. Asuka: "You've got awesome moves, we should fight again sometime!"

Vs. Lili: "What?! No! I'm not going to become your family pet!"

Vs. Heihachi: "You're the toughest old man I've ever seen! How can you even do all that?!"

Vs. Kuma: "Awwwww…you're not vicious are you? You're just adorable and huggable."

Vs. Yoshimitsu: "Sorry…it's just that me and Strange Samurai people don't get along so well."

Vs. Raven: "You've got the moves of a champion! Have you ever thought of becoming a dancer too?"

Vs. Paul: "Your hairdo is funny, where do you go to get your hair cut?"

Vs. Law: "All that screeching is hurting my ears! Can you please quiet down a little? Please?"

Vs. Hwoarang: "You may be as fast as me, but I can still dancing circles around you!"

Vs. Steve: "Owie! What is it with Boxers always hitting the places that hurt the most? I'm gonna need some rest time after that one."

Vs. King: "I knew there were Weretigers out there, but not Wereleopards! I guess you learn something new everyday."

Vs. Marduk: "You play dirty! I don't want to play with you anymore mister!"

Vs. Julia: "You're very strong! You and me are gonna be good friends."

Vs. Bob: "Wow! I never knew people your size could move like that! Amazing!"

Vs. Ogre: "What the?! What are you? Are you related to Pyron at all?"

Vs. MegaMan: "I don't know what that gun used as ammo, but I think my tail has gone numb."

Vs. Pac-Man: "That's not fair! Why do you get to fight using a robot?!"

Vs. Cole: "Ouch Ouch Ouch! Stop it, that electrocution is going to ruin my fur!"

Vs. Kuro/Turo: "Awwwwwwwww…you are sooooo cuuuuuuuute!"

Morrigan and Felicia Lines:

Team Entrance:

Felicia: (Rolling onto the screen and leaps up and down in excitement) I'm sooooo ready for this! Let's dance!

Morrigan: Indeed…(Summoning her bats to transform her into her Succubus form) But this dance shall be for their eyes only.

Felicia: No way! Dancing skills like mine should be seen by everyone! Now let's give em a show to remember! (Leaping up and down)

Morrigan: Hmmhmmhmm, adorable as always aren't you? (Getting into her fighting stance.)

Rival Battle Scene:

Kazuya Mishima & Nina Williams

Stage: Pit Stop 109

(Felicia and Morrigan will be walking along and talking with one another in a friendly banter, only to have a beam suddenly cut the ground between them, both of them leaping out of the way in time)

Felicia: Wh-Whoa?! What the heck was that?!

Morrigan: It looks like we have some unexpected guests Kitty…~

(Kazuya and Nina then both walk onto the screen, Kazuya's demon eye glowing)

Kazuya: So you two are the abnormal fighters that were sighted by my men on the way to the South Pole? This is a rather interesting encounter…

Morrigan: So you're the head of G-Corp…

Felicia: Kazuya Mishima...

Kazuya: How quaint, the Cat and the Bat know my name. You two aren't like the rest of them, you shall be an excellent test of skill for me before I get to the South Pole…

Felicia: As if! We'll beat you up for being so mean! Morrigan!

Morrigan: I'm ready when you are kitty…

Kazuya: Well then…let us see who truly is the better fighter shall we? (Both teams then stand-off as the battle starts)

Victory Lines:

Fight #1:

Felicia: It's good to be back in the fight after a while off! These fighters are also really strong too!

Morrigan: Hmmmmm…nothing desirable as of yet…I guess I'll need to keep searching…

Felicia: Hmmm? You say something Morrigan?

Morrigan: Nothing of importance Kitty, let's keep moving on shall we?

Felicia: Yay!

Fight #2:

Morrigan: Now that's what I call a battle. These fighters really ARE stronger than I thought they were.

Felicia: Yeah they are, those last few blows really hurt.

Morrigan: We can't stop to rest now Kitty, Pandora is still out there.

Felicia: You're right Morrigan! Let's keep going! I can manage just fine!

Fight #3:

Felicia: Brrrrrrrrrrr…it's getting cold out here, how far south are we now?

Morrigan: Pretty far from where we started. Looks like we're making good time with this journey.

Felicia: And it's only gonna get colder from here. *Achoo* Darn, I should have brought a coat.~

Morrigan: Don't let the cold bother you too much, the fights will keep you nice and cozy.

Fight #4:

Felicia: Owie! These ones are the strongest ones yet! I'm gonna have bruises thanks to that fight.

Morrigan: I agree, even I'm a little sore after that round. Luckily we're almost at the South Pole, not much farther for us to go from here.

Felicia: Yeah, let's hope so…

Fight #5: (Rival Battle)

Felicia: That wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be…

Morrigan: Look Kitty! Snow!

Felicia: Looks like we've finally arrived in the South Pole.

Morrigan: It's time to make our final push, just a bit more and we'll get to Pandora first.

Felicia: Yes! Let's go Morrigan!

Fight #6: (Jin and Xiaoyu Sub-Boss)

Morrigan: Is this the power of Pandora?

Felicia: Geez! Anymore of that and I'd be one sore kitty-cat! What happened to them Morrigan? Why did they change?

Morrigan: I don't know, but don't let up yet, we're not done yet.

Felicia: What? What is that presence I sense?

Morrigan: Looks like it's not over after all…

Fight #7: (Ogre Boss Battle)

Felicia: That thing wasn't like the others! It didn't even feel human!

Morrigan: Don't dwell on it so much sweety, we've finally got Pandora.

Felicia: Oh yeah! That's right! Let's open it up before anyone else gets here!

Team Ending Dialogue:

Felicia and Morrigan will approach Pandora, still yet to activated. Felicia, the curious girl that she is, tapped on the box in curiousity. Morrigan will approach the box as well, placing a gentle hand on it.

Morrigan: So this is Pandora? This is what they all worked so hard to achieve? It doesn't truly feel like it was worth the trouble.

Felicia: Hey! You don't know that! Maybe it has the power to grant wishes like a Genie! You never know with these mystic artifact thingies.

As Felicia patted the box, the box magically lit up and started to open. In a state of panic, Felicia jumped back as Morrigan backed up a bit as well. From the box then emerged a blue Pandora version of an old enemy they'd both faced a few years ago, Pyron.

Felicia: N-No way! That's not possible! It's….It's….

Morrigan: Hmmmmm…it looks like Pandora wishes to test our powers as Darkstalkers…

Felicia: A…test?

Morrigan: Come on Kitty…we have a new challenge to complete.

Felicia: (Gets up) I'm ready!

The two girls will then dash at Pyron, who plans to hold his ground.

Morrigan & Felicia © Capcom
Details & Designs © Hotfeet444

Capcom has full rights to be able to use these details and designs for the official game if they so desire
It's finally done, Felicia and Morrigan from Darkstalkers turned into a tag-team for Street Fighter X Tekken. If Ono is serious about making Darkstalkers 4, this would be a good step to showing how they could work with this engine. Morrigan and Felicia are the two most famous Darkstalkers characters there is, so it's only fitting that they get the tag-team for this game. I hope you all enjoy. ;3
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  Juri walked through the street, looking for another fighter to sat her hunger.  Her stomach showed a bit of pudge, but then, she was still digest Chun-li.  But now, she was getting hungry, and there was no fighter to fill her.
  "Juri han, halt!"  A voice called.  Or was there?
  Juri turned to face the voice, seeing it belonged to a tan skinned woman, with red hair.  She was wearing a suit, sunglasses, and finger less gloves.  But, she was beautiful.  Well, to Juri she looked delicous, but that's another matter.  Juri licked her lips.
  "Why, hello there."  She said, her stomach giving a low rumble.
  "Juri Han, I place you under arrest!"  The woman exclaimed.
  "Oh, really?"  Juri asked, smiling.  "And what happens if I don't want, eh cutie?"  She mocked, taking her fighting stance.
  "Then I'll take you in the hard way."  C. viper replied*, doing the same.  
  Juri ran forward, thrusting her palm into C. viper's chest.  As Viper recoiled, Juri kicked her in the side, almost knocking her down.    C. viper replied with a light kick to the arm, and a straight jab to the nose.  Juri jumped back, the rushed forward.  She gave C. viper a hook to the jaw, then a knee to the ribs.  Viper stepped back, before throwing a round house to Juri's temple, knocking her down.  
  Juri growled, annoyed that this woman, her food, had knocked her flat on her face!  With a roar, she sweeped Viper's feet out from under her, knocking her on her back.  Viper hit the ground with a thud, the back of her head hitting the concrete.  While Viper grabbed her head, Juri kicked her in the side, sending her rolling across the ground.  When C. viper tried to stand, Juri punched her in the head, knocking her back down.
  "That's way you don't make me mad."  Juri said, mockingly, as she picked C. viper up by the collar.  "But I bet you'll do me some good!"  She said, opening her mouth.  
  "What are you-!?"  Viper was cut off, as Juri shoved her head inside.  
  Juri smiled, licking over her meal's face, hearing her screams.  She swallowed, pulling in Viper's shoulders.  Before she could swallow again, C. viper slammed her legs in to Juri's stomach, knocking her back, and pulling herself free.
  "This...."  Viper trailed off, too disgusted to finish.
  "Aww,"  Juri moaned, rubbing her stomach, "Now you made me hungry!"  She said, kicking at C. viper's head.  Viper dodged, then threw a quick kick in to Juri's side, then touched something on her glove.  She ran forward, electricity crackling around her hand, and gave Juri a hook to the jaw.  
  Juri scowled.  "All right, I'm done playing with my food!"  She said, delivering a powerful kick to Viper's head, then channeled her ki into her foot.  She gave Viper a flurry of kicks to the head and chest, finally ending with a knee to the stomach.  Viper fell to her knees, coughing.  Juri kicked her in the chin, her leg going straight into the air.  As Viper flew up from the impact, Juri grabbed her by the throat.  
  "Now, this is why the food never fights back."  She said, licking Viper's cheek.  "Because the predator always wins."  She mocked, before opening her mouth.  She forced C. viper's head inside, her mouth wrapping around her neck.  She made the first swallow, reaching Viper's shoulders.  With another swallow, she reached her chest, mouth stopping just above her breasts.  Juri pulled them inside, licking over them, causing C. viper to squirm around.  After a few minutes af savoring, Juri swallowed, getting to the stomach.  Juri bit down, feeling some of Viper's ribs crack at the pressure.  While C. viper screamed and struggled, Juri swallowed again, reaching her waist.
  As she gulped down Viper's hips, Juri lifted her into the air, letting her slide in.  She took a large gulp, pulling in Viper's thighs.  With her next gulp, she reached her knees.  Grabbing Viper's feet, she forced down her shins, quickly reaching her ankles.  After deftly removing her shoes, Juri made the last swallow, pulling Viper's feet down her throat.  Juri belched, as the weight began to settle in her belly, which bulged out almost three feet ahead of her.
  "Oh, please,"  She gasped, as C. viper began to squirm, "Keep kicking!"  She said, rubbing her engorged belly.  Viper's face bulged against her skin, only for Juri to press it back down.  Similar bulges popped up all over her stomach, Viper's pitiful attempt at escape.  "Hope you don't digest too soon!"  Juri laughed, starting to walk.  She could already see her next meal, a young girl in a school girl's uniform, and a red head band.  Juri licked her lips.
  "Hey, kid!"
My second street fighter story, again starring Juri! This time she has a new contender to deal with, C. Viper!

*: We all knew who it was anyway.

Tell me what you think!
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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Moveset:

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Occupation: Nurse/Anti-Skullgirls Specialist

First Appearance: Skullgirls (2012)

Voice Actress: Lauren Post

Health: 980,000 HP Points

Power Ranking:

Intelligence: 5
Strength: 3
Speed: 5
Stamina: 4
Energy Projection: 1
Fighting Ability: 7

Valentine is the only survivor of the Last Hope, a group of special Anti-Skullgirl Lab operatives. Before meeting their end at the hands of the Skullgirl, the Last Hope worked for the mysterious Lab Zero and performed duties ranging from reconnaissance and sabotage to advanced research.

Now Valentine dutifully serves the Skullgirl, carrying out her will from the shadows. She keeps to herself, so much of her true nature and personality are unknown.

Assist Alpha: Dead Cross (Shot, Front)
Assist HC: Checkmate Incision
Assist Beta: Savage Bypass (Direct, Front)
Assist HC: Checkmate incision
Assist Gamma: Cloak and Sever (Direct, Instant)
Assist HC: Checkmate Incision


On the screen will appear what seems like a large Hospital room sheet, Valentine being seen as a silhouette behind it. In a quick swing from her Saw Blade, she'll cut the sheet in half and get into her battle stance.

Entrance Quotes:

#1: It's Time your Physical…

#2: Don't worry, I'll be sure to cut you down to size…

#3: Side effects may include nausea, light headedness and Death…

#4: Preparing to administer proper prescription to target…

#5: Looks like someone isn't following the doctor's orders…

Against Nemesis: You look like you're in need of some serious medical attention…

Against Wesker: Global Saturation is your goal? You are in no place to administer medicine to this world…

Against Hulk: Do not worry, all you need is a bit of rest…which you'll have plenty of once I kill you…

Against Amaterasu: Such an adorable wolf, that white coat of yours is lovely…

Against Felicia: C'mere kitty, it's time for you to be declawed, free of charge…


Attack Layout:

Ground Level

Standing Light: Shin Splint (42,000)

Standing Medium: Chishibuki Juuji (61,000)

Standing Hard: Thoracotomy (82,000)

Standing Special: Skyward Strike (90,000)

Crouching Level

Crouching Light: Knee-Jerk Hammer (41,000)

Crouching Medium: Kakushi Caliper (64,000)

Crouching Hard: Kiri Barai (78,000)

Air Attacks

Air Light: Stehoscope (40,000)

Air Medium: Forequarter Amputation (65,000)

Air Hard: Craniotomy (80,000)

Air Special: Cadaver Clone (85,000)

Unique Moves:

Anesthesia (Standard Grab) (80,000)

Patellar Reflex (In the air, Forward + M) (60,000)

Special Moves

Dead Cross  (Qcf + A) (80,000 – 95,000)

A fixed range, single hit projectile that Valentine can throw from anywhere on the screen, be it on the ground or in the air. The distance that the shuriken travels  can be between half-screen and full-screen length before hitting the ground. The air versions of this travel in wider angles depending on the attack button you use. Attack damage also increases with each button.

Savage Bypass (Dp + A) (100,000 – 120,000)

A move similar to that of "Ame-No-Murakumo" from Strider Hiryu, Valentine will dash forward and cause a knockdown with a single bonesaw cut as she appears behind the opponent. Although she appears to disappear or teleport during the attack, Valentine has no invulnerably during this move. Opponents can hit her out of the move's start up. For the air version, if Savage Bypass misses the opponent it will stop Valentine as soon as she switches sides. The attack damage off this attack will either be greater or weaker, depending on what button you use during the attack.

Vial Hazard (A + S) (3 Variations) (50,000)

This special move is a power-up move in itself, being able to actually hit twice up close. Valentine hits once as she discards the vial and again as she taps the needle. Valentine must complete the full Vial Hazard animation to the second hit to load the poison. She will not keep the syringe if she cancels into a hyper combo too early or gets interrupted by the opponent. Upon using this attack, Valentine gains access to the Flew Shot move, which will replace the input for Dead Cross once the poison has been loaded.

Flew Shot (Qcf + A when using Vial Hazard)

The more superior of her projectile attacks, Flew Shot is only accessible after using a full Vial Hazard attack. This attack will cause a poison effect on the opponent it hits, one that will deplete the health of an opponent twice as fast as Hawkeye's Violet Fizz attack. The ground version travels in a straight horizontal line. The air version has similar angles to Dead Cross. Missing Flew Shot wastes the poison and another Vial Hazard attack will be required in order to use this attack again.

Mortuary Drop (Hcb + A) (125,000)

Valentine's Command grab, and one of the only command grabs that possesses a dash to grab the opponent. Valentine will lunge forward with a body bag and jump up high into the air, them coming smashing down into the ground. The start up may be slow, but the attack still has decent power for a command grab. Valentine can hyper cancel the recovery animation of this attack while she's in the air.

Hyper Combos

Checkmate Incision (Qcf + AA) (269,000)

This hyper features Valentine throwing a volley of 7 scapels towards the opponent, creating a capture effect once they come into contact with the opponent. The force of this hyper combo also sending the opponent to the very far side of the screen they're facing away from. . Valentine poses after the ground version, meaning the air version can recover much faster and allow better combos and possible Crossover combinations.

EKG Flatliner (Dp + AA) (260,000)

Valentine will dash forward, possessing an invincible startup as she does so, travelling the full length of the screen. Upon connecting with the opponent, she'll continuously dash back and forth across the screen, the slash effects looking like that of a heartrate scanner from a hospital. Upon the final hit, the scanner will flatline and the opponent will be sent flying back with powerful force. The extended hit stop effect of this hyper combos allows her to start up hyper combos for her partner characters that might come out slow.

Level 3: Dead on Arrival (Hcb + AA) (450,000)

Valentine's level 3, the startup of this move is identical to the startup of her regular "Mortuary Drop" attack. then transitions to an uninterruptable cinematic sequence as Valentine and the defending character appear from the top of the screen. It is not possible to follow up this attack with anything afterwards, so it's best to place this attack at the end of extended combos.

Level 5: Forbidden Procedure: Rebirth Ex Machina (Down + Down + AA) (Revives Teammate knocked out) (+350,000) (200,000)

Valentine is the only character that can possibly have a move like this one in the MVC3 Universe, and thankfully she's skilled with CPR and revival skills. Upon using up 5 saved Hyper bars, Valentine will be able to revive the last teammate on her team that was knocked out. Valentine presses her AED paddles to the floor, reviving the corpse of a fallen teammate and hitting opponents with the surrounding electricity. The electricity does good damage for its range, and restores 350,000 HP of the character, which is rougly 1/3 of most of the roster, except for Phoenix, Strider and Rocket Raccoon.

Win Pose:

Valentine will write down a few notes on her notepad as she looks at the camera man, then quickly planning to stab the camera man with a Scalpel.

Win Quotes:

#1: I'd say get plenty of rest, but no one sleeps more than the dead…

#2: Drugs have been administered, Now preparing to use sedative…

#3: Oh please…do tell me where it hurts most…

#4: Do not worry…those incisions weren't meant to harm you…much.

#5: Have you ever wondered what your own organs look like? Let's take a look shall we?

Against Wesker: Bioterrorism…that's nothing more than an insult to my profession…

Against Morrigan: How can one brain give off so much lust? Hmmhmm, I want to find out for myself…

Assist Quotes:

Call Partner:

"Calling to the OR…"


"Is the patient Prepped?"

Last Person Switch-Out:

"It looks like someone's not gonna make it…"

Color Scheme:

#1: Regular Outfit (White Nurse suit, Blue hair, Red eyes)

#2: Black Nurse Suit, Silver Hair, Blue eyes) (Ryu Hayabusa)

#3: Pink Nurse Suit, Blonde Hair, Green Eyes) (Nurse Joy/Pokemon)

#4: Green Nurse Suit, Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes) (Bang Shishigami)

#5: Maroon Nurse Suit, Black Hair, Brown eyes) (Taki/Soul Calibur)

#6: Blue Nurse Suit, Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes) (Kenji/Mukuro)

Alternate Outfit: Team Fortress 2 Medic Outfit

I hereby give Capcom full rights over this moveset and are welcome to use this in any way/shape/form that they desire.
I must, first off, thank for having the moveset for Valentine and the other Skullgirls characters, without that, I wouldn't have been able to make this. :)

This is a fan-made made UMVC3 moveset for the sexy Nurse of the upcoming fighting game "Skullgirls". She's going to be my main next to Ms. Fortune, still deciding between Double and Cerebella for the 3rd member of my possible team, that or I may just stick with 2 characters. XD

Anyways, enjoy everyone. X3

Skullgirls is owned by :iconoh8: Who I wish a late happy birthday since his birthday was yesterday.

Theme Song: [link]
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Hsien-Ko, the Chinese ghostly warrior, was walking in This World, taking in the sights.  "Such a nice world." She said.  She went to Tifa's bar, seeing Tifa throw out some donuts.  "Why would anyone throw out perfectly good food?" she asked.  Hsien-Ko picked up a donut and ate it, smiling happily.  She then felt her stomach churn.  Her belly surged outwards, looking like an inner tube as her breasts became the size of basketballs, her butt grew to three feet wide and her thighs and arms matched while she grew a double-chin!  "Whoa, those were some pretty fattening donuts." Said Hsien-Ko.  "I estimate I'm 400 pounds."  She then felt her stomach rumble.  "Hmm." She thought.  "I should get some more stuff to eat, I am ghostly, so excess weight shouldn't bother me."  She waddled to the nearest buffet and sat down.  "I'd like Pizza, tacos, soda and a ham." She said.  All this was placed before Hsien-Ko and she began to eat.  She ripped through the pizza like a woman possessed, chewing on the ham until there was nothing left but bones!  She guzzled her soda, then devoured her tacos.  "More!" she gasped.  Two more pizzas were given to her as well as some more tacos and some candy.  Hsien-Ko began devouring it all.  "It's all so good!" she gasped between bites of pizza.  She shoveled candy down her throat, amazed her belly could hold so much.  The stool she was sitting on broke, sending her 645-pound body down, her breasts like beach balls, her gut the size of an inner tube and her butt spreading out four feet.  "What's wrong with me?" she asked.  "I ate all that, and I'm still not full!"  She heaved herself to her feet.  Hsien-Ko waddled from the buffet, having to push herself through the door.  She waddled to the diner and sat in a booth, her girth making it creak as her breasts rested on the table.  "I want….everything!" she told the waiter, not even letting him speak.  As he left, Hsien-Ko began eating her plate, chewing the porcelain and gulping down the normally inedible object.  Her hunger gnawed at her.  She began devouring the table, using her chain saws to cut it up.
"Miss, I…Holy!" said the waiter, coming with her food.  Hsien-Ko gasped and began devouring everything, including the plates.  Every last crumb of food slid down her throat, into her vast stomach.  It oozed five feet in front of her, her butt doing the same in reverse.  Her breasts had doubled in size and Hsien-Ko had a quadruple chin.  She shoved her way into the kitchen and grabbed the hoses for the soda fountain, sticking them in her mouth!  She began sucking, guzzling gallons of soda.  The manager called the local orphanage.
"Felicia, get to the diner!" he yelled as soon as she picked up the phone.  "Your friend, Hsien-Ko, is eating us bankrupt!"
"I'll be right over!" said Felicia.  She dashed to the diner, where Hsien-Ko let out a loud belch.  She lay down, her fat so thick, she sat three full feet higher off the ground.  Her butt had a circumference of five feet, her belly surging out six feet in front of her as her huge breasts bobbed on top of it, each as big as a monster truck tire.  Hsien-Ko, who's face now had five chins, hiccupped.  "Hsien-Ko, what the heck happened to you?" asked Felicia.
"It all started when I ate that donut Tifa was throwing out." Said Hsien-Ko.  "I then got so hungry and ate so much, I must weigh at least a ton!"  Felicia lifted what she could of Hsien-Ko's belly.
"I think you're right." Said Felicia.  "Don't worry, I'll move you in to the orphanage, you'll be fine."
"All right." Said Hsien-Ko.  Felicia rolled Hsien-Ko to the orphanage and set her in the backyard.  She soon became a kiddy attraction, the children loved climbing her mountainous bulk.  Hsien-Ko ultimately grew to enjoy her new life.
The End
This is a request from :iconwblstudios: I pushed myself beyond my limits with this and actually liked the results. Hope you do, too.
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Being Rewriten
All Alone

As it begins over 100,000 years ago, just a few months before the activation of the Halo array, a Forerunner Scientist put the finishing touches on a Device. A Device that could change the user's very species.

She sat hunched over a table as she carefully carved her symbol into the back casing. A faint explosion rocked the room and small particles of dust fell from the ceiling. The Scientist lifted the Device from its cradle and it was released with a soft hiss. "System charged" flashed on its screen. She slowly walked over to a vault and set it inside. The lights flashed red and the vault closed sealing the device away. Another explosion shook the facility she was in, small tools and other items fell off the table. The Scientist quickly walked out of her lab and bumped into her 17 year old daughter Marissa, she was badly bruised on her face like she had fallen down a ramp.

"Mother- the Flood is here! We're beginning orbital bombardment! And there's only a few more evacuation shuttles- We need to leave. NOW!" Marissa screamed at her mother.

"Don't worry- We'll make it." She replied calmly and sealed the door to her lab.  

The Scientist pushed Marissa back up the hallway and an explosion shook the facility, this time much closer. A holographic control panel fussed out of existence and they lost their lighting. Marissa was pushed out in to the light and the chaos of the evacuation zone. Other scientists and civilians rushed into waiting ships after they were screened for Flood contamination. Marissa and her mother were promptly screened and pushed into a group heading for the nearest shuttle. She looked back and watched warships fire their main guns at the planet surface, the ground shook moments later. Finally Marissa was sent through the airlock of the shuttle. When she looked behind her... her mother was gone.

The shuttle lifted off and sped full speed off the planet. Marissa searched the shuttle for her mother but could not find her anywhere. She was deposited on board a larger transport ship and run through another bio-scan. She asked one of the ships stewards about checking the ships manifest for her mother but was informed that she was not on board. Marissa sat in the corner of one of the ship's cargo holds and cried for her mother. She was sure her mother was lost on that planet, and there was nothing else that she could do to help.

A few weeks after living at a refugee camp on a planet in another system Marissa was approached by a group if scientists that claimed to be colleagues of her late mother. They told her that her mother was part of a fall back plan. Marissa didn't know the exact details, but she did know but from what she could understand it was wired to her Mother's DNA and that she was the closest match. Marissa contemplated what to do then finally she decided to go with them. The next thing she knew they took her to a planet, and she didn't even know if it had a name.

Marissa sat in a shuttle as it entered the planet's atmosphere. The outside of the hull heated red and the windows darkened. She gripped the sides of her seat as the shuttle began to shake, her restraints tightened to keep her steady, then all of a sudden the shaking stopped. When the windows depolarized Marissa glimpsed a beautiful landscape. However the view did not last long, for the shuttle plunged into an ocean.
Marissa jumped at the sudden flash of water rushing over the window. She looked around at the other passengers and felt relieved that they seemed nervous too. The shuttle drifted down to the sea floor and started to glide over the reefs until they came to a submerged cliff face. Marissa could see the edges of what looked like a hangar as the shuttle entered through a shield. The ship settled in the hangar and the passengers were instructed to disembark.
Marissa stood up and walked down the ramp. She was met with a group of scientist in hazard suits as soon as she stepped off. They quickly ran a scanner over her head and she could just make out some of what they were saying.

"Her brain waves are syncing up fine, same with her DNA," One of them said.

"Good, I was worried that wouldn't happen, anyhow she's still too young we'll have to-" He turned away before Marissa could hear the rest. She was left standing in the hangar wondering what they were going to do to her if she was too young for whatever they had in mind.  

The Scientist stopped and glanced back at her, "Marissa- follow me."

Marissa followed the Scientist down a corridor and came to a T-junction with a window. She had thought that the facility was closed and buried underground but now she was looking at a massive open interior. It looked like it was a shield world, only smaller for she could see the faint outline in the distance. The window she was looking out of was nearly at the top of the facility, and if seen from bellow it wouldn't even be a speck. There were some clouds further off near a bright spot and it looked like it was raining bellow. The Scientist tapped her shoulder ant motioned for her to continue on.
They walked to a teleporter station at the end of the hallway. There she was taken to ground level in an instant. She looked around the platform she found herself on and saw she was protruding over a snow covered gorge filled with structures. The rooftop on a far building caught her eye; her Mother's symbol was carved into a large access port. She suddenly had a strange feeling to jump, and join her mother, but a stronger feeling told her to stay, that things would get better soon. Marissa took a step away from the edge and followed the Scientist into the facility.

The interior was a maze of corridors leading to labs and the few rooms that connected to the main hall just held a few cots nothing much else.

"Your quarters are up the lift," the Scientist said nodding to a lift embedded in the wall. "We'll begin tomorrow. Until then you are free to wander."

Marissa nodded and took the lift up to her quarters. She found that the room only held the basic furniture, a bed and a desk with a console. She looked out on the balcony and saw a breath taking view of the gorge and the mountains to the ocean on the other side. The air was refreshing and cool. Marissa sat back and enjoyed the view in a chair until sleep descended upon her. In the morning she woke to darkness. She was confused; it was not possible for facilities with a micro-star to have a day-night cycle. She stood up on the balcony and looked to where the sun was, there was now a bright full moon. Marissa went down the lift and jogged through the corridor looking for a Technician. Eventually she found one in the lower machinery levels.

"Excuse me sir, but I am wondering how you simulated a day-night cycle with a micro-star. Let alone make it a moon." Marissa asked him when he saw her.

"Well, this facility does not have a micro-star. It is a large holographic projection that simulates the light and radiated heat of a star at a normal distance from habitable planet. That's why it can change to a moon." The Technician told her.

"Ah, thank you for letting me know, I was confused."

"No problem, glad I could help," he said.

Marissa strolled back up to her room and went back into her bed. However, before she could fall asleep again the Computer console beeped. She looked up and saw a Monitor sphere floating blankly at her. She got up and sat at the console. A message on screen said the project lead would be up in an hour to begin and that he would like her to customize the Monitor sphere. She opened the application she was shown and saw a Monitor just like the one that was floating next to her. It had a variety of colors and options which she chose blue for the base and red for the secondary finally gold for the details. She wrote her name along the edge and a call sign just for fun 'M-004'. After a few more tweaks she was satisfied with the design and she pressed apply. The Monitor sphere immediately changed to match the one next to her. It looked good and she pulled it out onto the balcony to see it in the light.
* * *
Marissa paced back and forth in her room, the Scientists were on their way to explain what her mother was part of on this planet. She still had no idea what she was for. She stopped and looked over at the work station, the Monitor sphere floated with quiet hum staring blankly in to the distance. Quickly she walked over to the console screen. Marissa opened a folder and glanced at the documents. It was full of her mother's research. The topics ranged from accelerated aging to traveling between dimensions. Behind her, the door opened. A few Scientists walked in and stood by the door.

"Marissa, it's time to begin." The project lead said. They took her down to a lab room very similar to the one she had last seen her mother in. "Your mother was involved in a project to transfer the mind into the AI matrix in case of the Halo array activation. Afterwards the mind would be transferred back into a cloned body..." He took a breath and looked at his colleagues. "We are asking if you would take her place."

Marissa understood why they were asking, everyone knew the Flood were starting to escape containment. What had happened to her and her mother were direct examples of that. Also any programs to try to preserve all the different species from the destruction the Halos would unleash were too important to be scrapped. She nodded and said yes.

"Excellent, the only problem is that the in order for the experiment to work, you need to be at least twenty years old... Your mother designed a device-"

"That can accelerate ageing." She finished for him."

"Yes, we would like to use one of them on you."

"Alright, it's for the greater good. Go ahead." Marissa said.

The Scientists moved her to a bed and placed a small object on her wrist. It clamped down and she winced as something poked through her flesh. The Scientists moved over to a console. Moments later she felt a tingling sensation traveling up her arm followed by the area becoming numb. She could feel her skin begin to stretch and her hips widen to child bearing capacity. She clenched her jaw as small shots of pain jumped over her body. Bones broke under stress and realigned, but the pain quickly faded into the numbness. Then finally the numbness itself retreated back into the object they had placed on her wrist. The Scientists came back to her side and removed the object. She sat up and swung her legs off the bed.
'I'm definitely taller' she thought while placing her hand onto her head.

"Are you alright?" one of the Scientists asked.

"Yes, I believe so... it's just a head rush."

One of the Scientists ran a scanner over her and nodded to the project lead. "Congratulations Marissa, you are now twenty years old."

They ran a few more tests to check if her genetic composition remained greatly unchanged, and then took her up to her room. When they left, she had found someone had replaced her wardrobe with clothes to fit her new body, a few moments later she felt tired and slept for the rest of the day.

Three days later Marissa walked along the 'road' it was just a long power conduit cutting across the landscape lined tall trees and mountains. She presumed the other subjects were all being prepped for the final stage, she had slipped out to go for a walk, and it may be the last time she may be able to walk for a long time. She eventually took a telaporter to the facility in the Apex Station and was met by the Science team.

"Are you ready to begin Marissa?" The Project lead asked.

"Yes, I am. The walk was relaxing."

They led her to a room with a few pods. "This is a relatively painless procedure, but please lie back in the pod and relax." Marissa sighed and stepped into an open pod. She leaned against the padding and the Scientists closed the pod hatch. "We are beginning in"

Marissa's arms and legs were forcefully clamped down and a bright white light went slowly down the side of the pod. Through the small window she saw the scientists nod at a screen that showed her and press another switch. The machines pitch changed and her mind started to fade. It was like drifting off to sleep but there was a raging headache. Her body spasmed and strained against the restraints. The headache intensified but the spasms lessened and she lost muscle control. Marissa cried out in pain with the last ounce of energy. Then it was dark. The headache was gone, and she couldn't feel her head. In fact, she couldn't even feel anything. There was a series of clicks and a beep and the words 'Transfer Complete' flashed in her vision. Strangely words like 'System diagnostics' and 'Sensor readings' were present on the black background. Suddenly Marissa's vision lit up and she saw the Scientists moving around the pod she was in a moment earlier. Something clicked and she seemed to drop down a little. She thought about moving forward and she move closer to them. They looked up and stared at her; the Lead took a data-pad off a table and walked up to her.

"How do you feel Marissa?" He asked.

Marissa pondered the question for a moment then replied. "I don't feel anything; my sense of feeling is gone."

"That was expected," he pressed something on the data-pad and then tapped her shell.

Oddly she felt the tap resonate through her shell. "I felt that..." She said.

"Good, alright he-" Everyone dropped. Marissa just stared. An eerie silence filled the room. She quickly flew out of the Apex station passing bodies lying on the ground. Their life signs were flat, they where all dead. The facilities official AI sent out a flash bulletin that said, "HALO INSTALLATIONS HAVE BEEN ACTIVATED"

She couldn't believe it. They had activated it and killed everyone... She couldn't cry, it wasn't physically possible, but she whimpered as she soared over her region heading for the hangar. She wanted out, to get away from the death. Although deep down she knew it was the same everywhere else, if not worse. She had understood why they had done it, but it was just too much for her. At the hangar she stared out into the deep ocean. She wasn't leaving. Suddenly the AI made an announcement. "Attention- Inbound Shuttle. Prepare for docking procedures."

Marissa didn't understand. The Halo's should have killed anything... unless it was Flood. Marissa called the other subjects and informed them on what happened. A detachment of Sentinels arrived a few moments later and prepared for the shuttles arrival.

The shuttle came to a halt smoothly. The others had arrived and waited in the control room. The shuttle settled and the Sentinels approached the door.

August 22 2552 (human calendar) 2115 hours
UNSC Decommissioned Weapons Storage Facility 2, Standard IV
GSGT. Eric Green


Gunnery Sergeant Eric Green rode a Warthog through a deep tunnel. The tunnel didn't look much different from a natural tunnel, except for the occasional support beam or check point. The driver swerved to avoid a pile of rocks from a large cave in. Eric looked up and saw the calm afternoon sky. The Hog slowed at a large door. On either side Scorpion tanks were buried up to their access hatches. A Marine walked over to a switch and opened the massive door. The door slowly creaked over rusty rails and revealed a cement tunnel. At the end of that, the Warthog pulled into a humid motor pool and parked near an elevator. Eric hopped out of the passenger seat and walked toward the Armory. As he passed a pillar he was ambushed from behind.

"Eric!" A woman yelled into his ear.

"What Alex?" He replied while turning towards her and twisting free of his wife's grip. She was wearing the usual UNSC Technician Jumpsuit but with the top open.

She stepped back and shifted her hips. "The Captain wants to see you in the Ops center."

"Tell him I'll be right down." He said.

"Yes sir." Alex replied and headed down the stairs.

Eric removed his helmet and whipped the sweat off his forehead. He entered the Armory and handed his DMR to the attendant.

"The scope got hit by some rocks, can you check it out to see if there's any problems with it? It won't stay zeroed in," he said.

"We'll get right on that Sergeant Green." The Attendant replied taking Eric's side arm as well.

"How long until they get the air vents fixed?" Eric asked glancing at a thermostat on the wall.

"Well Maintenance crew is busy fixing up some Vultures, but they hope to fix it next week."

"Ah, alright."

"We're low on ammunition though. Fire team Zulu had to pull out so fast they left their Scorpion and four crates of ammo behind." The Attendant sighed.

"Fire team Zulu... weren't they in the suburbs of Lowry?" Eric asked.

"Yeah... Well I'll get on your weapons."

"Alright thanks." Eric left the Armory and walked over the stairs, but just as he opened the door the elevator dinged open. Two Server Technicians rolled a cart of computers into the elevator. Eric stepped on board, "You guys going down to the Ops center?"

"Yes Sergeant," one replied.

The elevator doors closed and they plunged into the dark. They passed the two levels of civilians; almost half a million people were able to evacuate the bunker system that used to be surplus vehicle storage. The elevator stopped on sub-level- 4 and opened to reveal the Ops center. The Techs rolled the computer cart out and into a computer room. The Ops center itself was pretty empty except for a large screen and a few portable computers. Eric walked up to a man standing by a Tech on a computer.
"Captain." Eric saluted.

"Sergeant Green, good to have you back. I need you for a recovery mission." He picked up a data-pad and continued. "I take it you've heard about Zulu?"

"Yes sir, I have."

"Alright, I need you and a squad to go recover the ammunition. They left behind a Scorpion, but that is a secondary objective. We'll need that ammo son, with no contact with HIGHCOM or any ships heading in this direction, and the fact that the Covenant bastards seem to be stranded here as well, means that the only way to survive here is to wipe the other out. This mission is of high importance so your team will be mostly made up of the Spartans."

"Sir, the Spartans? Are you sure you want me to command them?"

"Yes Sergeant I am, I'm sure you'll do fine. By the way, latest recon shows the Covenant have moved Scarabs into that area."

"Oh...Shit... When do we leave sir?"

"As soon as possible. Your team is waiting on Pelican Bravo four-three-five, good luck Sergeant." The Captain saluted and went back to work.

Eric returned the salute and walked over to the stairs. He stepped on to the hangar deck and watched the Mechanics work on the various air vehicles. Eric found Bravo 435 in the prep zone and saw the Spartans looking over their weapons. There was only two other Marines in the Pelican, Williams and Alex. They both looked very small compared to the Spartans. He nodded to Alex then climbed aboard and walked into the cockpit. He tapped the Pilot's shoulder and the Pilot turned around.

"Mike," Eric replied.

"Man- I haven't seen you for a while."

"Yeah. Two weeks of ground ops." He sighed and rubbed his neck.

"That would do it. I take it you're the one leading the mission?"

"Yeah," Eric said. "Come out and I'll brief everyone." Eric walked into the troop bay and got the Spartans attention. "We're being deployed to recover some ammunition and a Scorpion tank left by Fire team Zulu in the suburbs of Lowry. Aerial recon reports that the Covenant have deployed heavy armor in the area along with a Scarab."

Eric heard one of the Spartans sigh. The Covenant Scarabs were not the common ones the UNSC has been fighting. These were tougher and their main cannon could down a Pelican in one shot. The rear hatch closed and the Pelican eased up and flew out of the Hangar. Eric sat in the corner and hear metal clanging against each other above him. He looked up and saw two Mongooses hanging from the ceiling.

"Mike- Who the hell put Mongooses on the roof?"

"Oh, sorry didn't tell you yet. It's the only way to get the all the ammo in the back."

"Well is it safe?" Eric moved into the Navigators seat.

"Yeah, that's what the Mechanic said when she welded on the racks."

Eric had a sudden realization. "Fuck- I forgot to pick up my weapons from the Armory."

"Don't worry," Mike said calmly. "Alex dropped them off for you before you showed."

He flipped a switch and a weapon rack extended out bellow Eric's seat. His DMR and M6D pistol sat there. He picked them out and placed them in their places.
The Pelican roared over the ocean and approached the shore across the continent. The beach came up fast and the Pelican initiated a fast 180 degree turn 15 feet above the sand. The hatch opened and the Spartans launched themselves out of the troop bay and set up defense positions. Eric hopped out and ran up a sand dune.

"Stay safe guys- I'll be waiting for you. Out."
The Life of Ryau 'Cinotee: Return to Standard Act I part 1

well here it is, the sequel

Hope you like, tried some new ideas here

Edit: Fixed some errors in the story



Halo (C) Microsoft
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May Contain content inappropriate for children
Part 1: The Beginning of the End

July 14, 2012 1:29 PM
Auburn Washington

"Nick!? Do you or Michelle need anything to drink?" Nicks mom broke his concentration on the TV screen in front of him.

"No Mom we're good." Nick called back while blowing up a mass of Combat forms.

Xbox 360 controllers in hand, Nick and his Girlfriend were happily playing all the Halo games in order on legendary difficulty to gear up for the release of Halo 4 in the coming months. They were playing Halo: CE and were fighting through the flood-infected halls of the Truth and Reconciliation. Suddenly the speakers filled with static and the screen shuttered. But then it stopped after a few seconds. As soon as the screen stabilized, they found the Master Chief in a new room and the split screen had merged into one. The camera moved and looked around as if in a cut scene, even though Nick nor Michelle had controllers in their hands. They had ever seen that room before. Then Cortana began to talk. "Strange. I've lost connection to the Covenant Battle-net. Reconnecting. Wait what's this?"

"What is it Cortana?" They heard the Chief say. This was even stranger to Nick and Michelle because he hardly ever spoke unless it was a cut scene.
"There was new network, it wasn't labeled and it wasn't the Monitor. But a substantial amount of data was being transmitted over it. Even I couldn't gain access. Its coded very dif-" Cortana was interrupted as the screen flashed and streams of computer code began to fill the display.

"What the hell is this?" Nick said out loud.

"Uh... I don't know. " Michelle replied. Nick got up and pressed the Xbox's power button, the 360's lights went off but the code continued to display. Then he pressed the OFF button on the power strip, the screen flashed and returned to black.

"Damn, that was strange, I think my disk is broken." Nick said waiting for the Xbox to cool down. "Let's just move on to the Halo 2 campaign."

"Alright, sounds good. We were close enough to the end." Michelle said stretching on the couch. Nick went up to the Xbox and ejected Halo and tossed Halo 2 into the tray.

After about two hours of Halo 2 and  finishing the ODST campaign, Nick and Michelle decided to take a break and play Matchmaking on Halo 3. They were playing a version of Team Slayer on Sandbox. The game type was Sprockets, and once again they were on the losing team. They both took cover where the missile pod would spawn, and then Michelle asked, "Why are you a Spartan, I thought you loved Elites?" She was an Elite.

"Oh, I was working on a video with my brother last night. I guess I didn't change it back afterwords." Nick said.

Michelle laughed. "Yeah, it doesn't make sense for a Spartan to be called Ryau 'Cinotee."

"I'll change it after the game."

Suddenly the screen again glitched and static filled the speakers. But instead of returning to the loading screen the TV went dark and words appeared where the code had earlier. "Attention. Generating Complete. Inserting targets to acceptable locations. Connection Established." Then a bunch of alien text scrolled across the screen.

Nick and Michelle looked at each other, not sure what to say. Out of nowhere blue rings started to form around them and the air rippled in the room. They were speechless. The room began to fade to black and the last thing they did was reach for each other. And for the moment they touched the next they were gone.
* *  *

August 22, 2522
Unknown Location

Nick shot up and hit his head on something. There was a reverberating twang of metal vibrating and he blurted out. "Ouch," For some reason his body felt different, stronger yes still smaller. "What the..." He didn't remember falling asleep.

He could hear what sounded like other people sleeping around him. The bunk above him creaked and the lights on the ceiling snapped on. He watched rows of bunks appear out of the receding darkness. It all seemed familiar like a memory, but this was all new to him. Then he noticed a sign painted on the wall, "UNSC Barracks 04B"

A chill ran down his spine. Now other people began to come out of bed. He saw a patch on one of their sleeves, an Eagle talons ready to strike holding arrows in one and a lightning bolt in the other. The word SPARTAN was written underneath the patch. Nick sat on the bed and tried to come up with ways that something like this had happened.

"There is no way this is possible, he mumbled to himself. Yet it felt so real. The idea that somehow he had gotten into the Halo Universe was the only one that somehow felt right. Nick swung his legs out of bed and felt a sudden pressure on his head. Memories, eight years of them, flooded into his mind; the meeting at the ONI amphitheater, the fact that he was 4 years younger than he had been before and years of painful training. All of those new memories yet his mind came to one thought."Where is Michelle?"

Nick scanned the room; there were about forty other Spartans. But Michelle was not among them. The person in the bunk above him jumped down.
"Hey, Nick ready to head to the obstacle course? I bet I can beat you to the end this time." Nick glanced up at the young Spartan and read the name printed on his shirt. The guys name was Brad, his number was 098. Brad gave him a friendly punch on the shoulder.
Nick was silent for a moment thinking of what to say. "As ready as I'll ever be," Nick finally muttered. He shook his head and stood up to open the footlocker at the base of his bed. He opened the lid and sitting on top of a pair of sweats was his MP3 player that he had in his pocket while playing with Michelle.

"Remind me why you like to keep that piece of junk? If Chief Mendez finds out we're both screwed." Brad said looking into the box.

"I..I don't know." Nick said pulling the sweats out from underneath. The sweat pants had the number 102 printed on the thigh, "my service tag?" He thought. He shrugged it off as a coincidence and got suited up in the sweatpants. Nick jogged out beside Brad and hoped that he would at least survive until the end of the his war to come and find Michelle somewhere along the way.

* * *

23rd Age of Doubt (August 22, 2522)
Unknown Location

Michelle shot up out of the covers. Sunlight streamed though a window with a red hue. The room itself seemed purple and small indigo lights glided over the opposite wall.
"Ugg... I don't remember going sleep" She though to her self, absentmindedly rubbing her head in confusion, but then stopped suddenly. Her head didn't feel right, she had no hair. A quiet gasp escaped her and she felt her mouth split apart. Michelle screamed and leaped out of bed. Her legs went out from under her and she fell to the floor. Breathing heavily in panic she looked to her hands, she almost screamed again. Two thumbs and two fingers on each. The hand of an Elite.

"Holy shit, holy shit! This can't be real can it?!"

She flexed her fingers and just stared at her hands as moments passed, tears dribbled down her new face and into her palms. But then suddenly she felt a strange feeling of calmness come over her. Like this was meant to be, and that she should stop worrying about her sudden transformation. She sniffled and wiped the remaining tears away and attempted to stand. Her legs wobbled underneath her as she stood back up fully and she gripped a small table for support. Michelle wobbled over to the bed and sat on the edge. Suddenly she felt as if she was under a ton of pressure and was flung onto her back. Memories poured into her mind; still images of an Elite child that resembled her current body running through forests, homes, fields, into the arms of a Father and Mother. Her new name; Naki 'Cimutee, relatives, going to a place called the Varo Military Academy, the culture of the Sangheili. She took deep breaths as the pressure subsided and the memories slowed.

Rubbing her head again she stood up and realized that she could walk fine, she could move her mandibles and could even read what the alien text said. She glanced at the window, its color hadn't shifted or changed its angle since she had woken in the room a little over an hour ago. Walking closer she saw an unlabeled holographic control panel floating on the wall. Curiously she pressed a green button. The red hue sunlight disappeared and revealed a massive purple city. High Charity sat before her in all its glory. Michelle, now Naki sat on the window sill and marveled at the vehicles flying through the air and at the huge Forerunner Dreadnought in the city's center. Behind her the door chimed open. She jumped in surprise and hit her head on the window jam. Standing in the doorway was a Grunt pushing a hover-cart. When he saw her standing there he yelped.

"Sorry Miss Excellency! Nipap hoped to have armor cleaned before you rise," he cowered behind the cart, legs trembling.

"Um, go on." She told him not entirely sure if she was using the correct language.

The Unggoy pushed the cart up to a socket in the wall and quickly waddled away. The cart started to rise up the wall, once vertical the lid opened revealing a shinny light green set of armor.

"Oh that is a very nice color," Naki giggled.

There was a ping behind her and the wall of indigo lights formed into a computer screen. A message had popped up from a Science Major Agu 'Roniee.

Science Minor Naki,
Forerunner be praised. Another scouting party has discovered more Forerunner ruins on a planet in the Sanctum system. The Highrachs want our team to go investigate. I know you need to finish your other studies but I'll have you excused. These ruins look like they still may be in working order. Look at it this way if everything goes as planed, you might be able to graduate a few months early.
Spec-Ops Science Major Agu 'Roniee

She pressed what looked like a reply button and began to type "Sounds exciting Excellency, when and where do we leave."

A few minutes later the reply came back, "After Breakfast, meet in the courtyard."

Naki walked over to the armor and stripped out of the night gown she was wearing. She slipped the body suit on and looked herself over in the mirror. "Hmm, not bad." She thought to herself and gave it a nod of approval. Putting the rest of the armor on was tricky but once all the straps and latches were secured she was ready to go. Grabbing a book and a Data-Pad she headed out her door to her new life and headed down a hallway passing a plaque.
Oath of the SpecOps Science Division
We are here to aid the Highrachs in the exploration and study of the Gods' artifacts they left behind. To advance and continue the march to Glorious Salvation! For the Journey, for the Covenant!

July 1, 2552 2:00 [local planetary season:  Winter]  
Standard IV Tumble Highway, en rout to Standard Orbital Space tether 

The Warthog slid across the ice on the abandoned highway as it came to a stop and Nick jumped out of the passenger seat. A team of Army troopers and Marines hooked up chains to the massive tracked transport stuck in the frozen over swamp. He headed over to the other Spartans gathered at the command hog. Brad 098 stood next to the Spartan III's, Lindsey A204 and James A103. A Lieutenant sat in the passenger seat and stared at a radar screen. A heavy snowfall had blown in and had reduced visibility to twenty feet.

"Zulu spotted some Covie scout teams heading this direction via Spirit. Hopefully we can have this damn Elephant out of the swamp by then,"the Lieutenant said. "I want you Spartans to keep the Covie bastards clear of the area."

"Yes sir, we'll get to work," Nick responded.

A blip appeared on the radar screen and the Lieutenant looked over. "Oh hell, here they come. Two Spirits one klick to the west." He switched to his radio. "All units shut down, we've got covie spirits inbound. Go cold." The Lieutenant's driver shut the Warthog off and all around the vehicles went off as well. A few moments later the alien hum of the Covenant Spirits rose above the sound of the snow storm. Searchlights shown through the storm and barely made it to ground level. Nick and his Spartans froze as they passed. The Lieutenant gave the all clear and everything started up again. The Army troopers and Marines finished hooking up the Elephant to one of the others and the other Elephant pulled the other out of the frozen swamp. "Alright let get moving people. We've got a ship to catch."  

Nick hopped back into the passenger seat of his Warthog and the Marine stepped on the gas. The Evacuation convoy rumbled out of the lowlands and onto the crowded raised highway across the forest.  The Elephants plowed through the sea of abandoned cars and trucks, clearing a way for the smaller vehicles behind them. "This is going a little easy, don't you think Nick?" Brad radioed from his own Warthog.

"Yeah this seems off," Nick said looking around at the forest.

Suddenly the falling snow to the East was baited in blue light. "Incoming!" An Army trooper yelled over the radio. The Plasma mortars impacted the hillside just south of the highway and ignited fires in hundreds of trees. But one of them managed to hit in front of an Elephant, a section of roadway gave way and the rear Elephant fell into the hole.

"Get everyone out of the back. Move!" The Lieutenant shouted. "Pelican Bravo two-four-five and Echo one-two-one, this is Evac division Charlie we need immediate pickup for roughly forty-five civilians, over."

"Nick head up and cover the other Elephants." Brad said over TEAMCOM.

Nick hopped back inside the Hog's passenger seat and the Marine stepped on the gas. Another volley of Wraith mortars flew over head and impacted the highway. The roadway broke away as well, as the superheated plasma melted the re-bar supports. A hole opened up and Nick's Warthog flew through narrowly missing the top. The front tires struck the frost covered dirt and the Hog flew down the path that sat just underneath the highway.
"You've got to be fucking kidding me! The next on ramp is twenty Clicks away. I guess taking the highway in the middle of nowhere was a great idea." Nick stared at his TACPAD in disbelief. An hour later the Highway veered into a tunnel and they still had not found an intact on ramp. "Great. We're lost… wait what's that ahead?" Warthog suddenly stopped and Nick braced himself on the dash.

Chunks of ice and snow flew by as the Hog slid across the frozen ground. Their one remaining headlight revealed a frozen river less than 10 feet in front of the Warthog.

"Damnit, this isn't on the  map." Nick cursed as he checked the Nav-data.

Then everything was quiet, the sound of automatic gunfire was in the far distance. But then there was a flicker of light on the other side of the river. The driver killed the engine and the light went out. After about a minute a soft purple light popped out of the trees and glowed in the heavy snow fall. Soon they saw a trio of Elites and about four or five Grunts walking along the river bank with their weapons drawn. They were talking, and Nick's translation software picked up some of their conversation.
"They should be... need one... primarily the Demon."

The conversation was filled with blanks from distance, and Nick's night vision couldn't cut through the snow very well. So they sat there for a little over an hour and the scout party looked as it had passed, Nick leaned over to the Marine.

"We should get moving," he whispered to the driver.

"Agreed," the driver slowly reached for the ignition.

As soon as the Hog started up the other side of the river came to life. The Covenant scout party had not moved on after all. Nick saw a flash green light and it looked like it was coming closer. The driver threw it into reverse and backed up as fast as he could, but it was no use. The Fuel Rod round slammed into the front and caused the already damaged Warthog to explode. The Marine was killed instantly from the force of the explosion and Nick was thrown clear into a nearby snowdrift. With shields down he tried to fight back. But as he stood another round slammed into ground beside him. His left side armor was partially blown off and he was thrown into a tree. His helmet was ripped apart, the main cover was smoking at the bottom of a hole and the rest barely functioned. But yet somehow the translation software still worked as the Covenant moved closer. "Hold your fire, hold your fire! Damn Unggoy almost killed it. Major go with a group of the useless runts and retrieve that Demon."

Nick couldn't move his left arm but he tried to grab a Frag grenade. As he reached over he could hear the cracking of the Covenant crossing the frozen river. Finally he had a grenade out of its pouch. But before he could arm it, an Elite pulled him out of the tree and ripped the grenade from his had tossing it to the river. He passed out a second later.

"Be very careful of our precious cargo, Unggoy; they want it alive" the Sangheili said with a smile.
Well here it is [finally], the first [official] rewrite of The Original Life of Ryau Cinotee. This is what I've been working on instead of Return to Standard. -_- Hope you all enjoy the new information and stuff

Note: LORC takes place in an alternate Halo universe where recent books and games do not apply

Next: [link]

The Life of Ryau Cinotee and Characters (C) 2009-2012 :iconhwpd:

Sangheili/Halo (C) Microsoft Bungie and 343i
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Question Hour: Episode #1: Felicia from Darkstalkers

The room was lit with light from all corners of the room, several people sitting around a round table. Two of them were dressed in suits to make them look like interviewers, the other, however, was a young Catgirl with long blue hair and beautiful green eyes. She wore no clothes, only having her body covered by beautiful snow white strips of fur. She was calmly sipping warm milk from a cup, smiling at her interviewers with a smile that said "I'm happy to be here".

Interviewer #1: Welcome, Ms. Felicia. It means a lot to us that we are able to have this interview with you.

Felicia: It's very good to be here nyah! As soon as I heard about a possible interview for my fans, I took the opportunity as soon as I could. Capcom can be rather questionable at times with their sources about their characters, so please, ask me anything you can think of meow. I promise I will do my best to answer them. (Smiling happily)

Interviewer #2: We're also fans of yours Felicia, so it is indeed very good to know that we are the ones you get to interview you. You could almost call it a dream come true.

Felicia: (Blushing a bit) Aaawwwww…it's nothing at all. I love my fans very much, all of them. Please, go right ahead, I'm all ears (Her adorable cat ears twitch)

Interviewer #1: Alright…here's the first question for you Ms. Felicia…

Felicia: Please, Felicia is fine. No need to b formal, we're all friends, not co-workers. (Chuckling)

Interviewer #1: (Chuckling) Alright…Felicia…you're first question is a popularly discussed one amongst fans. Were you born as a Catgirl or were you turned into one at a later age?

Felicia: Hmmhmmhmmm, I guess it's a detail that Capcom didn't explain nyah? I was born as a Catgirl from my Catgirl mother…I…erm…never got to know my father. From what I can remember of him as a baby is…very blurry at best meow. But the ironic thing is that even Cat-Creatures are born as human babies and gain their cat-like features overtime. Girls grow their Cat features a few years earlier than boys do, it's kind of like our own little puberty BEFORE puberty. (Giggling)

Interviewer #2: There has been comics stating that you were born a Human however.

Felicia: Oh I'm not worried about that nyah, I don't mind people having an imagination nyah, as long as they keep it tame, you know?

Interviewer #2: Yes, but of course Felicia. Shall we move onto the next question?

Felicia: I'm ready when you are. (Smiling as she takes a sip of her warm milk) Aaaahhh…so soothing.

Interviewer #1: Next Question…what kind of dancing is it that you like the most? I wish that we would be able to see you dance Felicia, I'm sure you would do it beautifully as they say.

Felicia: You're going to make me blush again with words like that nyah…*Ahem* I'm a lover of all dances, but there are so many to choose from, they are all special in their own way and are indeed spectacular. However, while I do love dancing, I could never date someone who only knew how to dance, part of the reason I turned down Deejay from Street Fighter.

Interviewer #1: You were thinking of dating Deejay?

Felicia: No no, I wanted to get him to show me his style of dance, but the man just couldn't sit still. He was nice though, and for that, I thank him for what I learned, even though that wasn't much…(Sweatbeeding)

Interviewer: Anyways, that's going away from the question at hand…

Felicia: Right…well, if I had to pick any for my favorite type of dance, it would definitely have to be something that's made to be a dance for two, a duet of dancers! I would like that someday, all with my own back-up dancers and everything! However, for now, I'll stick with my solo acts, for the fans love it.

Interviewer #2: What about your least favorite type of dance? I-If you have one of course…

Felicia: Least favorite? That's actually a rather simple answer meow! It'd have to be along the lines of Crunk and Breakdancing. It's not that I don't like the style of dancing, but the music that is used for these dance styles feels like it has no soul to it, no passion. It…It doesn't feel right with me. So…while I don't hate it, it is indeed not my favorite.

Interviewer #2: Those dances are very popular these days amongst younger folks, but I'm sure you already knew that…

Felicia: Yes I did meow. But, while that is true, it's not entirely a bad thing either.  At least it's good to know that the young are taking interest in dance…not very commonly seen from when I was growing up nyah.

Interviewer #1: Moving on…and this one may be…erm…a little touchy…

Felicia: Huh? How so?

Interviewer #1: It's regarding relationships…

Felicia: Ooooooohhhh…I don't mind! Ask away! (Sipping from her cup again)

Interviewer #1: Alright, we'll cut straight to the point on this one…are you in a relationship at the moment or are you planning to be in one soon? There's a lot of fans who would love to be with you.

Felicia: Hmmhmmhmmm, I definitely knew that this question was going to come up, and I'm going to be as honest as possible. The truth is…no, I've never had a relationship in my life yet, nothing like that.

Interviewer #2: Some fans think that you and Jon Talbain would make a good couple if you got together.

Felicia: Oh no no no, I highly doubt that from being possible meow. We're too different, our ideals are almost opposite, not to mention he doesn't think very highly of me on account of my love for humans…besides, too many teeth for my liking, way too many. (Shuddering a little bit)

Interviewer #2: What about the other boys of your series? See a possible match between them and you?

Felicia: Most likely not. Demitri is evil, Rikuo is married, Lord raptor is…er…dead, same story with Anakaris, and Sasquatch and Bishamon both explain for themselves meow. But…i-it's not like I like being alone, I'm just a very busy woman. So much has happened in the past few years of my life, and it's all taken a lot of my time and effort to keep going. I am happy for what I've done for my life meow. But…one day, I'd like to meet a nice man, settle down, have some kittens and raise a family. I always wanted to meet a Male Cat-creature, but I've never seen one before…

Interviewer #1: From what details have been given, they've either been extinct or never existed at all…

Felicia: Not true! There has been reports of Male Cat-creatures! I've seen them before, but I can't remember where it was that I saw it…meow…I'm sorry…I'm rambling aren't I?

Interviewer #2: Don't worry yourself about it Felicia, we believe you. Trust me, we would love to meet a male Cat-creature too, but sadly the chances seem to be slim-to-none as we can tell…but for now…we should move onto the next question.

Felicia: But of course…what is the next question for meow? (Now nomming on a tuna sandwich)

Interviewer #1: Alright, moving on…Felicia, our question for you now is…is actually a couple of questions regarding yourself, your dislikes as of based by the official Capcom Wiki state that you now hate Meat, Dogs and Swearing, along with a birthday of September 19th instead of May 19th. Care to help us clear some things up please?

Felicia: But of course I can. (Smiling) Well…to start…my birthday IS on a 19th, but it's just that I can't remember the month…it's…always a mystery to me…aside from that, I will say that I love meat, preferably steak meow, and…umm…did it say any particular kind of meat?

Interviewer #2: From what we can tell, it means meat products in general, that also includes things like Eggs and Tofu.

Felicia: Ugh, Tofu is horrible! Eggs, however, are delicious. That fact aside, of course I'm going to like meat, we felines are known for being carnivores after all meow, although I don't mind a good salad and some delicious Chinese food that I get from this wonderful takeout place I know in the city I live in. But all meats and food aside meow, I also will say I don't like swearing, but sometimes it slips out, you know? I mean…it happens to everyone right?

Interviewer #2: I guess it is only fair, no one can be THAT controlled over what they say. Anyways, moving on from that, what about your opinion on Dogs?

Felicia: Personally, as long as they're not chasing me or trying to take me out with Divine Instruments, I don't mind. But I do have the whole "OMG! DOG! ATTACK!!" mentality sometimes. Hmmhmmm, it looks like I'm more cat than I thought I was.~

Interviewer #1: Good answers all around. Next question is something I'm sure some people would like to know as it'd give us more light on your musical tastes. What are your favorite artists when it comes to music?

Felicia: Favorite Artists? Ooooh boy, that's a toughie…(Scratching her head) Hmmmmmmmmmm…well for one, I am a large Michael Jackson fan, his dancing skills are simply breathtaking. I really want to get to dance to some of his music sometime…maybe Thriller and Beat it? Oh, and how can I forget Smooth Criminal? I also have a liking for Kylie Minogue, for her adorable voice is almost entrancing. Not to mention her songs have just the right beat to dance to.

Interviewer: You seem to have a love for artists that are known for their dance skills, is it not true?

Felicia: Of course! I always love the inspiration that people like MJ, Madonna and more give someone like me. However, if I ever want to change the pace, Bond is my choice for classical music, Queen and Journey are my picks for rock 'n' roll, and I don't listen to rap or hip hop, so I will say that I think I'm more of an oldies girl in my music choices. (Smiling as she paused to sip from her cup)

Interviewer #1: A very respectable taste in music Felicia! I am also a very large fan of Queen as well. My favorite song from them is definitely we will rock you.

Felicia: Mine is Made in Heaven, it's so soothing and wonderful at the same time.

Interviewer #2: Now then…as for your next question, people want to know if you're a gamer girl on the side of being a performer…

Felicia: Are you kidding?! The answer is a definite YES! I've been meaning to catch up and get my 360 some new games, but I've been hooked to Okami ever since Puppy gave it to me as a present. But yes, I am indeed a Kitty Gamer. (Winks)

Interviewer #2: I can guarantee that there will be some happy to hear that. Do you have a preferred console to play on Felicia?

Felicia: I love my Wii the most, for I can play good games and exercise at the same time, it's very good for someone like meow.

Interviewer #1: Excellent answer. We have but one question left for you today Felicia, are you ready for it?

Felicia: Lemme have it Interviewer!~ (Running her paw through her hair)

Interviewer #1: The final Question that we have for you Felicia is…actually…heh heh, a rather blatant question. Are you a fan of water or are you, like most other cats, afraid or hating of it? And also, do you take baths like humans or actual cats?

Felicia: To be honest, when I was just a kitten, I was VERY afraid of water, but I came to enjoy it after a while, so I now take baths just like humans do. I bathe at least 3 times a week, but I shower every morning. But, at times, when my coat need grooming, I bathe like a cat does to make sure I'm as clean as possible. And with that, last question…check. (Smiling cutely as she winked)

Interviewer #1: Thank you very much for your time Felicia, we'll be sure to get this interview out to the masses as soon as we can. (Shaking her paw) It has been a real pleasure.

Felicia: (Shaking the hands of both interviewers) I feel the same way. I hope that I helped out fill in some plotholes about the REAL me. (Giggling)

Interviewer #2: You certainly did Felicia! (Looking off camera) And to all watchers and readers, that concludes this month's article for Question Hour's first episode, featuring the beautiful Ms. Felicia from the Darkstalkers series. We will have a new article coming up in the next month, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled! But, for now, it's time to say goodbye.~

Felicia: Nyah! Goodbye everyone! (waving)
I did this as a little gag reel that I decided to put out on account of, well...I have no idea when I will be getting my scanner back...^^; Yeah guys, still waiting on that. ^^; Anyways, Felicia took some time out of her life of stardom to do a little interview for us, for she really does adore her fans. She hopes that you enjoy the interview, and so do I. :aww:

Enjoy. ;3
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