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This is the final version of Nightmare Moon I will make. Includes a version for gmod and for Source Filmmaker

New in this Release:

Fixed: Shadows for gmod and Source Filmmaker
Fixed: Ambiant Occlusion for Source Filmmaker
Fixed: Miss-colored shoes in Gmod

Working on this model was the most fun I have ever had in 3d modeling. It was my dream to have a show accurate Nightmare Moon in Gmod. I learns, I laughed, I cried and I hated. It is time for me to let go and move on to other things.

Her source will be released later on when I am certain that it is cleaned and ready for anybody to tinker with.
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Hello again!

-Fixed mouth and teeths textures
-Added lightwarp
-New eyes textures for pinkamena

I'm back! (one day without upload any shit)

First...I should say...THANKS!...THANKS to all my beta tester...I love your guys! (no homo again)
It works, i can make models, without open gmod, close it, open again sdk, etc...
I just do a compile batch and i upload the files to my beta tester...So...Who are my beta testers?


Thanks you guys! :D

If you see a error or something "Funny" please send me a note or comment a picture with your error

Current bugs:

-R_SAD doesn't work

Enjoy the models :D

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New, custom modeled wings
Even more show accurate colors (no more black coat, more accurate mane and tail)
No more pixilated Eyes
Minor tweaks and bug fixes not work mentioning.

Click download on the left of your screen to get the zip.

Only use the SFM version in SFM and the Gmod Version in Gmod.
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Elements of Harmony


By ~gonzalolog:

  1. Design

  1. Uv-Maps

By ~TheAstrix:

  1. Bonemerger

  1. Materials Tweak's

Random Pics:

[link] [Rarity on bloom]
[link] [Twilight Crown]
[link] [Fluttershy element]
[link] [Rainbow Dash WIP]
[link] [Working on the crown]
[link] [Rarity Alpha element]

The few words I can say is ... The bonemerger doesn't work with v3 ponies!
So if you enjoy the most of these beautiful gold necklaces, simply use the ponies version 1 ... The classic and best!
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Fixed troubles with the lightwarp by ~Demondog


Welcome again!



Source film maker user? Check that! [link]

Hello guys! You guys remember to my friend :iconlitronom:
He's the creator of flim,flam and the cider machine...COOL!

I love these things...But, in gmod! so i've port it for source...And i found with too many troubles...Problems like the models of flim and flam, so i've rebuilded them for you!

You can found:

:bulletyellow:-Stand pose

Is amazing...You will revenge for the sadistic action what they made to the farm of applejack! So you should send them to the MOOON BYAAATCH!

Ah...I've ported (30 minutes flat) the cider 6000, IT'S VERY COOL!
So prepare your best cidra in the machine! without love... with science...Nothing of LOVE...


If you like my contributions feel free to on add me to your watch list...I will be very grateful

*1.2 Tail fixed!
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Picture by ~Neoxe

Custom hair and eyepatch...

Enjoy the model
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Applejack dress...Was the dress more complex what i did, because have a lot of pieces and understandable back dress! Is a heell!

I create a cowboy pants because if the back dress had a simple cloth that could be imposible to rig...

So, it come with extras props to attach the dress pieces to another v3.1 ponies models...So enjoy!

I'm working with low-poly system, because i must learn to use the necessary polis...So this is the why of the downgrade of my quality on models...
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I saw it before but i can't remember from who...Anyway, YAY this is my deviation #100
What make it so special?

I wrotte a application, is a VTA Rescaller, because the existent isn't working and well, if you're interested on the app, you can download it here [link]

Just open it, open a qc, insert the scale value (For values more than 1 the tool could be experimental, i had issues with mlp 3.1 but it work on male source models O_o)
Later, in the folder of the qc, you will found a folder called "Resized" and there a folder with the qc and all the stuff, remember to rename the name of the model before compile it

Those ponies model have a 0.344 model size (The same size than woona model)

If you get pink and black textures error, download the mlp pack 3.1 because i won't upload ALL the pack for those kinds of models...Enjoy!
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Thanks to astrix for the pic (My garrysmod is broken)

Is another model for use as bonemerge or just in twilight (As you can see, i'm using the new eye system)

Is bonemerge with ponies v3.1, so you can merge it with other ponies,but i don't know if it fits

Certain points to say:

-The dress have some clipping problems...Sorry, i did my best efforce
-If you don't like the new eye, you can use the bonemerge prop to attach it on twilight
-You can toogle between stars and not stars
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Wake up mr freeman

Hello and welcome...It's another cool model from ~Litronom
I love the turtles...So i've portted it to gmod!

It's cool, and VERY FAAAAAST (Runs at the speed of the light and nearly the speed of the sound)


-Full rigged
-Stand Pose

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