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Drew these things just to cheer myself up from the current journal which I filled it with BAAAAAWWWW. Guess I'll start explaining now..

Upper left: After another chat with :iconcurlycutie468:, we ended up letting Shen& Nyu Wu have a sixth child, Yoko.
She is an albino peahen. Her name means "Free child" in Japanese. I have yet to make a story of her, and add some final touches to her whenever I have time for the peafowls.

Upper middle: Just a sketch of Xuanfeng as an adult.

Upper right: An alternative outfit for Mori.

Lower left: Zhuang's not amused, he doesn't want to cut his long hair.

Lower middle: Finally made a love interest for Zhuang.. but surprisingly... this one is Hatsumomo&Xieng's kid, Nadeshiko. I've decided to pair him up to her to keep him safe from... certain fans.. >A>;;

Lower right: and I've also decided that Zhichi Hua should have a short hair. The one she's holding is the long hair that she cut.

Xieng (c) :iconkaausho:
Other characters here (c) Me
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"You twist that other wrist of your's, and you'll take a one week break from training."

"...I know."

Weh. Inspired by one of my RP moments with ~Zelman-Clock awhile ago.
I'm so sorry for putting you in that state of crap, Jubei.
But hey, at least you get free treatment from your mate. :'D *hammer'd*

Sorry I haven't been active much, besides drawing& RPing, my bloodthirst for Left4Dead is back. -A-

I need to improve abit more on Wolf boss.. :/ I'm slightly satisfied with his outcome here.. And Jubei ain't abit pissy here. Guess it was the afflicted pain.

Ugh.. don't ask about our Rp.. it's very mature. :I


Wolf Boss (c) Kung fu panda, Dreamworks
Jubei (c) Me
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Soooooo people had been asking me, "dudette, what's behind Jubei's back? Seems that fluffy hair of her's had been covering some unraveled secrets.", which infact the audience is right.
Although it's like Nyu's but her's is her name marked at the back of her neck, Jubei almost occupied her back with that mark.
It's not some kind of rebel thing, it's to indicate some family insignia. Jubei's insignia is shaped almost like a lotus, she is wind element.
Mitsuaki, Ketsueki& Noriko has this one too, although from different parts of the body& different trademarks as well. Each insignia boost certain strengths of the siblings and somehow supports their defense mechanism.
It's not a painful thing, infact, even the siblings are proud to have these insignia with them.
Family pride baby~ 8-)

FFFFF-..Reminds me of Shanoa from Castlevania crossed with Fairy Tail. TvT

Jubei (c) Me
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Oh traditional art, I've missed you so very much. QnQ

Well I've finally got a little update on Wolf Boss& Jubei's kids. ;u;

Xuanfeng's name means "Whirlwind", she's a flutist and wields a war maul(like her dad. c: ), and a huge daddy's girl. XD She's sort of friendly. And those three things sticking out from her head is both a headdress and a projectile weapon, they're kunais.
I have ideas of pairing her up with Shen& Nyu's kid, Yang.. It's not official yet, but I'll sort things out.
I got my inspiration from Yamabuki from Pop'n music. :)
The last& final kid will be up soon.

P.S- guys..? if you didn't receive my replies from the RPs, I can repeat what I just said. QuQ....the internet connection here is screwing off again, I'm terribly sorry. ;A;

Xuanfeng (c) Me
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Eeyup.. decided to make a revamp for Jubei. :I
Both in outfit& in weaponry.
So, I probably ditched the Sais, the black sword& the useless Hobby-Peacock. I've seen too many characters use sais& black swords. =A= And that Hobby-Peacock would only lessen her speed if she's equipped with it, I needed to respect her that she's the stealth type.

And I have NEVER let ANY of my characters used the tonfas before, so I gladly gave it to Jubei. Although she still has some knives as projectiles..
Meh.. I'm up to submit maybe one or two more before I can throw myself in my comfy bed.

Jubei (c) *SkitzOpheliac
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...and best man(from afar) :'D *shot*
I'm glad I get to draw the kids again. =v=;;

Xuanfeng is a big daddy's girl, she usually follows him around ever since she was small, but until now she still loves to be around him, talking all the things from what she's been doing and stuff but she also hangs out with her mom& siblings. ;u;

I just feel like adding Zhuang there..coz I miss him. And no, he's not doing some fanservice pose, just looking at his family, he's not jealous or anything. xD

I might have to cancel her relationship with Yang(Nyu&Shen's son) by making him break up with her, I don't seem to like the outcome of them being together. ._.

Enjoy. c:

Xuanfeng, Zhuang (c) Me
Wolf Boss (c) Kung fu panda 2, Dreamworks
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Didn't gave much effort because I got really tired. =u=;;
A few hours ago, I've played Battle Realms just to kill the boredom xD It may be one of the oldest yet not a famous PC game, but it's really cool to play.
Suddenly realize each clan can relate to two canons& two OCs. I went apeshit. :iconmingflailplz:

For Lord Shen, I've made him a unit from Dragon clan. Because, he'll probably enjoy the fireworks there as a chemist, though I mixed him with the Dragon warrior(because of their weapons) and the Zen master, Teppo. I'm somehow fascinated with how crazed warriors chemists are, they enjoy explosion and fireworks, the same way Shen would.
Nyu Wu on the other hand is pretty perfect being a witch(obviously) from Serpent Clan. I didn't get to know their designs a little bit so I thought of creating my own witch design for her.
Ironically, Wolf boss goes to the wolf clan and what really suits him the most is being a Sledger, holding the huge sledgehammer minus the Norwegian accent. xD
Another irony is the Jubei is called "Little Lotus", so she's probably Lotus clan. There are no units that matches her alot, so I've mixed up two classes and she's somehow a hybrid of a Channeler and Staff Adept, perhaps those two classes are the ones that relate to her.. xD

Looks like Shen seems surprised& fascinated that Nyu Wu has loads of test tubes(since its the witch's primary weapon), but they are not to be toyed with.. Upon throwing& contact with surface, the glass breaks and explodes, causing some nasty crackling damage.
Meh, Wolf Boss& Jubei just seem to watch the two peafowls do their business. xD

Lord Shen, Wolf boss (c) Kung fu panda 2, Dreamworks
Nyu Wu, Jubei (c) *Midnight-Ahri
Battle Realms (c) Liquid Entertainment
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Something for my sister, :iconcurlycutie468: I've promised to draw her squirrel OC, Cecilia with the other three girls adopted by Rushifa. :):heart::huggle:
I was going to make a fifth member but I got tired. These four are Rushifa's main children from the orphanage. They all get well with each other. And Cecilia had to be adopted first because her hibernation was nearing. XD There were a few who suggested who wants to join BUT I know what you're all thinking. :| Just wanna get adopted so that you'll get fucked byf Rushifa. Shoo dammit. He'd sell you to the whorehouse right away.
Well anyways.
AGH. Never thought this would take me a complete 8 hours to finish. Hatsumomo's tails were a bitch to detail. :iconlazysulkplz: I've decided to revamp her tails to the pointy one like the ninetails have. And about her being a five-tails? Just to save some chi strength.
All Asian foxes have this, BUT NO HYBRIDS. They had to be of the canine family if it's going to be considered a hybrid and inherit it's nine-tailed parent. I'll explain more of the nine-tailed kitsune soon as I draw another individual Hatsumomo art. X'D

LOL, I've managed to make a semi-realistic art and sorry for not updating much in the past few days, I'm having a Lord Tourette syndrome for awhile thanks to my BF. :iconlordtourettesplz:

And please stop asking if it's okay to pair Uragi& Hatsu up.. They're already taken. T_T

Jubei, uragimono, Hatsumomo (c) Me
Cecilia (c) :iconcurlycutie468:
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Just to give myself some refreshments that's all. Felt like doing another sketchdump with some charries.XD
Spoilers for others ahead.

1. Jubei practicing her swordplay with her sais(you might not see the other but it's hidden on her other hand)
2. A sweet moment between Yves and Myrtle. XD Yves being all affectionate towards a puzzled Myrtle. XD
3. Little Kurage.
4. This is actually for my sister, :iconcurlycutie468: a request from which little Qiao& little Jubei are sitting on Shen's train, enjoying their ride. :lol: I'll try to finish it soon.
5. My demon OC, Ophelia. Kinda tweaked her abit.. forgot the skirt.. woopsies. D;
6. My God of War OC, Serris.. acting all mischievous and evil. XD
7. Dunno.. Hatsumomo in her battle stance.. wearing an alternative outfit. Yes, she can summon cold flames from her tails.
8. Contemplating Czardas. :I
9. She's actually a dragon I love in Legend of Mana, her name is Vadise. :) Ain't she beautiful? XD
10. Erm.. well.. this turned out random, When Rushifa told his brother that I'm their mom, Beelzebub just scoffed. B'C
12. Thage getting pissed off by a fan. :XD:
13. A little preview on Jubei& Wolf Boss' last child, he's a goat& wolf hybrid like Itazura. Probably you know his name now. If he faces sideways, he has a mohawk hair like his dad. Maybe I should make him into some sort of mediator. :I
14. Me and :icon091492: fangirling over the hot dudes from Game of Thrones, nuff said. XD
15. LSP from Adventure Time. :iconohmyglobplz:

And uhh.. the final drawing.. ;-; Sorry for disturbing you Jubei...

Characters (c) Me
Vadise (c) Legend of Mana
LSP (c) Adventure Time
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I suppose this would either be a revelation or a trivia for everyone.. Just recovered after playing L4D2 for abit. :I
This is actually drawn on paper, I scanned it awhile ago and finished it on SAI for 30 minutes.

Originally Jubei was SUPPOSE to be a wolf.. but I ended up ditching that idea and supported the goat design because I like interspecies love and a reversal of fortune for Shen's story, since a goat took care of him, how about he takes care of a goat in return. :)
To be honest, I don't even like supporting CatXDog love. TOO overrated.

So yeah.. probably this is her early design before I settled with her being a goat instead.
The body would probably be the same except hooves are replaced by paws and she had a long tail.
fuck.. the eye's too big.. and she's sort of had that emo-ish bangs before..
Leik Lilly from Alpha& Omega. *SHOT*

Jubei (c) Me
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