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The much-demanded FAQ for the technology of Dark Nova. This will be a work in progress based on the questions I get (valid ones), however I'm also not going to dump the entire game manual on here. So, if you have questions about the setting, feel free to ask, and if I can I will address them :)
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Alright, so for thouse who don't know, there is this awesome series made by :iconmidnight-vixen: and it's called Crafty Girls. Midnight Vixen also shares a youtube series with :iconttsnim: and :icon4isling: . In my opion, these three are extremely funny, and they defiantly rank up there in my top 10 youtuber list. Their artwork is amazing and I highly suggest that you go and check them out. You can find the comic series Crafty Girls and other comics by :iconmidnight-vixen: at :icontomboy-comics: (I sound like a comerical, don't I XD) You can find episodes of Crafty Girls here -----> [link] (Sorry that I couldn't find the Daimond Denisen's youtube channle, Youtube refused to cooperate. :/ )

Tomboy and Vitali the bat (c) :iconmidnight-vixen:
TTsnim and Mr.Free (c) :iconttsnim:
Alice (c) :icon4isling:
Story, Clove, Skittlez, Barley, & Sunset (c) :iconarcticindigosponge:
Beans (c) :iconbeansandpixels:
Hero/Herobrine (c) Whoever created him in the first place.
AntVenom (c) AntVenom
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So sad.......listening to "Vanilla Twilight" by Owl City
This story is based on the comic "Removed" by :iconmachi46:
:iconttsnim: as TTSnim/Stef
:iconmidnight-vixen: as Tomboy
:iconjepray: as himself
Notch as himself
Minecraft © Mojang
Crafty Girls and friends belongs to themselves
Hero/brine belongs to Mojang©
Lyrics are from Metro Lyrics
Diamond Denizen belongs to :iconmidnight-vixen:/:icontomboy-comics:
Mr. Free belongs to the Crafty Girls
They're not really dead....just to give you the feels

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The festivities begin! The challenge is on!

This time we see the premeir of two new characters!
:iconjepray: As Jester Jepray
and :iconherobrineing: as DI!
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A new project that I'm starting in collaboration with artists. It's an advice column, in the simplest of terms: I want you to send me notes if you have any problems, secrets or comments on the pony fandom of any nature. It doesn't matter how embarrassing, offensive or vicious they might be: if you want someone to comment on them in an unbiased way, send them over. Maybe there's something within the fandom that you particularly despise, or perhaps you're feeling sad and need to hear some friendly advice? Whatever the motive, send a note with your comment or question.

I'll then respond to them with advice and commentary and post the answers up in future installments. Users will remain anonymous, so you don't need to worry about your feelings and thoughts getting out onto DeviantArt. You may find that some of the things that you've personally been feeling will be addressed.

Feel free to note me if you would like your questions and observations to be answered in an upcoming edition. Every edition will be engaging with three issues. The above three featured today were submitted by anonymous deviants.

Artwork by *ColgateFIM. Go check out his stuff!
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Next Ch: [link]


Next Chapter: [link]

Second chapter is up and we are introduced to the planet where our story is gonna take place, but before we get that far the Space Pirates have rolled out the welcome for both Samus and the Federation.

More on the Federation and why they are there later in the story.

The first "Appereance" of the leader(s) and mastermind(s) of Project Dread next chapter as well as a bit of a classic Metroid. :)

Samus Aran and all things Metroid (C) Nintendo

See ya later
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If you are confused about Tajina's relationship with Taij, I suggest reading the opening tale :love:

:star: Previous Tale: [link] >>>>>>>>> :star: Next Tale: [link]


The chibi on the intro to this chapter is the 'charming' Marino :) He's also quite talkative and sometimes, very clingy and intrusive. This chapter is based off personal experiences; I'd like to have written more but I keep these chapters to a strict four page on Microsoft word, so they're quite rushed :noes: Despite all that, I still hope that this piece is enjoyable :heart:

It's very hard not writing "Tajii" when I write about Tajina :XD: Keep in mind that these tales CAN BE READ SEPARATELY.. for the most part :)
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This is directed towards every brony who has ever threatened to leave the MLP fandom, only to pussy out. However, it's also something of a personal sentiment.

Want more satire about bronies? Check out some of these:

There's a Hole in my Lyra (Down Below) "Written from the Venerable Earl... to the concerned party,

It has come to my attention that with grave discourse many have seemingly adopted a negative stance towards the recent pony plush-toy range with the custom-cut vagina. I contend that such a plush has every right to exist and that those negatively disposed towards it are failing to see the multitudinous benefits to its existence. Firstly, and with the greatest of importance, may I add, I strongly argue that this plush-toy is no less acceptable than any other erotic image or work of fiction designed with the primary objective of helping a brony to reach a satisfying climax. In fact, I
An Admonition to the Reluctant Clopper By drawing out his fleshy tool,
He half-invites to be taken for a fool,
When reluctance fails to help him repent,
Nor escape from his practice of personal torment.
By crying loud for help to avoid this lewdness, [5]
He opts for the route of faithful shrewdness;
To give up clopping, he says with sincerity,
Would help return to a previous prosperity.
His life oft-regarded for such a precious thing,
Now amorously enslaved by the hopeless sting [10]
At the tip of his member when he surfs for smut,
And suffocates himself for sexual glut.
Resolutions on the cusp of every New Year
Fail to draw him from his state of despair:
The Great Fandom Debate I was on the internet in Springtime in a very secluded corner when I heard an obsessive and an abstainer holding a great debate. Their argument was fierce, passionate, and vehement, sometimes sotto voce, sometimes loud; and each of them swelled with rage against the other and let out all their anger, and said the very worst they could think of about the other's character, and especially they argued strongly against each other's passion.

The abstainer began the argument in the corner of a forum and perched on a high pedestal---there was plenty of distance around it--- behind an impenetrable thick wall. He was all the happier because of the wa
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This delightful chapter was helped along via a rp by our dear mods who played as themselves except for TTSnim who played the part of Herobrine XD 

Featured in this chapter are characters based on TomBoy, FuzzyArtemis, Itoe and Herobrining.
Six belongs to me

Previous - Denizen Reborn - Chapter 10

Next - Coming Soon
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