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I'm leaving the pony fandom;
I'm done with all the gossiping and the bitching,
The back-stabbing and the gender-switching
Between people who pretend they're something
They're not. [5]

I'm getting out of the fandom;
I'm sick of its porn and its gore,
Its darker side and its desire for more
To join the herd of egotistical pricks
Like them. [10]

I'm tired of this fandom;
I'm bored by endless proverbs and morals,
By the puffed-up glands of internet quarrels
Of who loves and tolerates in greater amounts
And wins. [15]

I've had it with this fandom;
I'm hateful towards drama and exaggeration,
Towards those who react to every situation
That comes about and fucks with their next
Great idea. [20]

I've given up with this fandom;
I'm leaving DeviantArt and deactivating my account,
Leaving behind my reputation and getting out
Of this mess of a culture of childish
New-borns. [25]

Well, I'm still in this fandom;
I decided to give it another shot,
Because without the bitching and the clop
Culture, and the drama and the preaching
That surrounds me like vultures, [30]
I have nothing to complain about,
Which doesn't suit me well.
This is directed towards every brony who has ever threatened to leave the MLP fandom, only to pussy out. However, it's also something of a personal sentiment.

Want more satire about bronies? Check out some of these:

There's a Hole in my Lyra (Down Below) "Written from the Venerable Earl... to the concerned party,

It has come to my attention that with grave discourse many have seemingly adopted a negative stance towards the recent pony plush-toy range with the custom-cut vagina. I contend that such a plush has every right to exist and that those negatively disposed towards it are failing to see the multitudinous benefits to its existence. Firstly, and with the greatest of importance, may I add, I strongly argue that this plush-toy is no less acceptable than any other erotic image or work of fiction designed with the primary objective of helping a brony to reach a satisfying climax. In fact, I
An Admonition to the Reluctant Clopper By drawing out his fleshy tool,
He half-invites to be taken for a fool,
When reluctance fails to help him repent,
Nor escape from his practice of personal torment.
By crying loud for help to avoid this lewdness, [5]
He opts for the route of faithful shrewdness;
To give up clopping, he says with sincerity,
Would help return to a previous prosperity.
His life oft-regarded for such a precious thing,
Now amorously enslaved by the hopeless sting [10]
At the tip of his member when he surfs for smut,
And suffocates himself for sexual glut.
Resolutions on the cusp of every New Year
Fail to draw him from his state of despair:
The Great Fandom Debate I was on the internet in Springtime in a very secluded corner when I heard an obsessive and an abstainer holding a great debate. Their argument was fierce, passionate, and vehement, sometimes sotto voce, sometimes loud; and each of them swelled with rage against the other and let out all their anger, and said the very worst they could think of about the other's character, and especially they argued strongly against each other's passion.

The abstainer began the argument in the corner of a forum and perched on a high pedestal---there was plenty of distance around it--- behind an impenetrable thick wall. He was all the happier because of the wa
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Clove smashed her fist into the sturdy bark and recoiled quickly as sharp pain shot through her arm and pinched her nerves. She huffed in frusteration. This had never happened before. Well, before she had fell from her tree house and crashed into a couple of apple trees before landing on her arm. Clove sighed in frusteration again and rubbed the soreness away. Why did she have to forget to use shift while she was working on another extension to her house? Why did she have to make her house in the tallest jungle tree she could grow? Oh yeah, to be safe from the mobs, that's why.
The faimiler chirping of her friendly rainbow patterened enderman drew closer as Skittlez teleported to her. "What is it this time Skittlez?" Clove asked. The colorful enderman chirped a bit more in response. Clove imedatily perked up and smiled. "That's a great idea! I'll go and call him now." Skittlez chirped satisfyingly to himself and picked up his block of cobble, and teleported away again.
 Clove made a dash to her tree house. The sun filtered through the apple orchid's leaves, signing that it was about noon. The minecrafter made her way up the tall ladder, and onto the spiral staircase that lead to the front doors of the massive tree house. Once Clove was at the doors, she pushed a wooden button, triggering the redstone which sung the iron doors open, allowing for her to enter. Clove quickly slipped her iron sword off out of her belt and walked over to the phone. The device soon made the same rining tone as it alerted the Admin that somone was trying to reach him.

Barley was ripped away from his day dreams as he heard the phone ringing on his desk. He sighed in relife, knowing that it was just the phone, not one of the other Admins. He glanced at the caller I.D
Clove Endflame.
Barley scowled alittle. He didn't remember meeting any Clove in the lobby, but then again, so many players come and go now a days, it gets extremely difficult to keep track of them. Yes, the Admins had a list of all the players who played on the server, but Barley was too lazy to check it at this time. He picked up the phone and put it to his ear.
"Hello? Barley_Ball777 speaking."
"Hey, this is Clove."
Barley almost imeadlity remembered who it was. Clove Endflame. She joined the server just a few months ago. She had been lucky so far, considering that no one had greifed or trolled her yet. No wounder that Barley didn't remeber her almost imeadtly. She never calls, due to the lack of problems with the area she settled in.
"Oh! Clove! What's up? I haven't heard from you in, like, forever! Now, what seems to be the problem?"
"Well, I had fell from my house and landed on my arm. It's keeping me from working. Do you think you could help?"
Barley scowled into the phone. "Sorry. I'm just the Watch Admin. I don't have that kind of authority yet. You need to talk to Sunset, or one of the other Admins."
"Isn't atleast one of them on?"
"Nope. They're dealing with an important matter right now which contains claffiyed subjects that even I'm not allowed to know about."
"Let me guess; their holding a meeting."
"Ding ding ding, we have a winner."
Barley could hear Clove sigh into the phone. "Well, thanks for letting me know. When do you think that they'll be back on?"
"Soon hopefuly. I'm about ready to fall asleep."
Clove chuckled a bit. "Yeah. I'm getting tired of haveing this stupid injury keep me from working."
"I recomend haveing an apple or two. Maybe some steak. See if that helps." Barley wanted to contuine the conversation. Anything to keep him from his boredom. Unfortantly, another phone rang just as he finished his sentence. "Sounds like you've got work to do. I'd better not hold you up. Talk to you later?" Clove asked. "Yeah, talk to you later." Barley said and hung up.
The Watch Admin swung around in his chair and checked the caller I.D.
Oh boy.
Barley cringed. He had gotten about six calls from her in the past week, and with each call, it seemed that the minecrafter was loseing her patience with the griefers that were constantly bombarding her and her friends. And fast.
Barley gingerly picked up the phone and held it up a couple of centimeters away from his ear. "Yes Tomboy? What happened this time?" He asked carefuly, not wanting to tick her off even more than she might already be.
"They did it again. Please, do something about it. It's obvious that they aern't going to stop." Tomboy's voice was a deadly calm as she talked.
Barley's heart just about stopped in its path. Non of the other Admins were here and he didn't have the authority to ban anyone yet. "Um..W-well, the other Admins arn't exactly here right now and they wouldn't tell me why and I can't ban anyone yet because I don't have the authority yet, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, pleaaaaaseee don't kill me!" Barley begged. There was an uncanny silence between the player and the Admin. Barley knew what was coming for him. A years worth of getting chewed out for not being able to do anything, but report the problem.
Instead of a rageing minecrafter, a deafted sigh flitered through the phone. "Alright. Just please, tell the other Admins as soon as you can." Barley relaxed a bit. "I will. You won't be griefed anymore as soon as they get back. I promise." The phone call ended with a simple click from the other side. Barley placed the phone back down and began writing on a sheet of nerby paper with a pen. 'Clove Endflame needs her arm healed, and Tomboy77 is still getting griefed.' He clipped the note up on the wall and leaned back in his chair. Hopefuly, this would be the last of the troubles for today.

Tomboy leaned against a wall of the wooden house and grimanced at the missing block of wood in the floor. That was going to bug her sooner or later." Well? Are the griefers going to get banned, or not?" Beans asked from the chest he was filling up again. "We have to wait. The only Admin on is the Watch Admin. The others are gone for some reason, and they wouldn't tell him why." Tomboy informed. TTsnim frowned and Alice crossed her arms over her chest. " Well, whatever the Admins are doing, I'm sure that it's for our beneifts." TTsnim said. She always perfered to look on the bright side of things.
The sound of the door opening could be heard, along with the frightened pleads of another player. The sounds drew closer, as Herobrine and Mr.Free entered the room. Herobrine had caught another griefer by the looks of it. The griefer looked white as a sheet, and trembled in fear. The greifer had black hair that looked a bit weird on the side of his head. He had a beard as well, and brown eyes. He had on just mainly black clothes. His shirt though had a pointed silver arch on it. He had on dark blue gloves and dark blue boots as well. A gold and purple amult was wrapped around his neck.
"Please don't hurt me! I wasn't griefing! I swear to Notch I wasn't!" The minecrafter begged. Tomboy's eyes widened as she reconized the player. "You're AntVenom!" She exclaimed and broke into a grin. The player looked up at her. "Yes. Yes I am, now if you don't mind, could you please tell him to let me go? I wasn't trying to do anything! I was just passing by!" The youtuber asked. " He was planning on stealing your things while you went mineing." Herobrine explained. " No I wasn't." "Tssss." Mr.Free agreed with Herobrine. "That sounds like griefing to me." Alice said. Beans pulled out an iron sword and pressed it against AntVenom's neck. "Were you, or were you not about to grief us. If you don't tell the truth, well, let's just say that it won't be pretty." Beans threatened. Ant paniciked. "Okay, okay! So I was going to grief you, but obivoulsy I can't now." Beans withdrew his sword and sheathed it. "See? No one has to die if you just tell the truth." "Tssssss..." Mr.Free hissed from his postion in the room. "The sun's going to set soon." TTsnim translated. AntVenom cringed a bit. " We are NOT letting him stay." Beans snapped. " Oh, comon! This is AntVenom we're talking about! He's practicly famous! We can let him stay for one night, right?" Tomboy begged. " Please?" TTsnim added. Beans glared at the two. " One night. That's it." He said, and stormed off to go and refill the other chests that had been griefied. Herobrine let go of AntVenom. "I'm goning to go and farm for a bit." Herobrine informed and left the house. " Thank you. I really owe you one." AntVenom sighed. Tomboy shrugged it off. " It's fine. There should be a few extra bedrooms in the house. Mr.Free will show you where they are. "Tsss!" The derped creeper protested. "Comon Free. He is our guest after all." TTsnim said. Mr.Free slumped and walked over to AntVenom and gave him a short tour around the house. Once AntVenom and Mr.Free were out of earshot, Tomboy, Alice, and TTsnim grinned at eachother. " Well, things just got intresting!" Alice said.
Alright, so for thouse who don't know, there is this awesome series made by :iconmidnight-vixen: and it's called Crafty Girls. Midnight Vixen also shares a youtube series with :iconttsnim: and :icon4isling: . In my opion, these three are extremely funny, and they defiantly rank up there in my top 10 youtuber list. Their artwork is amazing and I highly suggest that you go and check them out. You can find the comic series Crafty Girls and other comics by :iconmidnight-vixen: at :icontomboy-comics: (I sound like a comerical, don't I XD) You can find episodes of Crafty Girls here -----> [link] (Sorry that I couldn't find the Daimond Denisen's youtube channle, Youtube refused to cooperate. :/ )

Tomboy and Vitali the bat (c) :iconmidnight-vixen:
TTsnim and Mr.Free (c) :iconttsnim:
Alice (c) :icon4isling:
Story, Clove, Skittlez, Barley, & Sunset (c) :iconarcticindigosponge:
Beans (c) :iconbeansandpixels:
Hero/Herobrine (c) Whoever created him in the first place.
AntVenom (c) AntVenom
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The banning of Hero/brine

In the office, you could hear Notch's angry shouting at someone or something. Notch was scolding at the kneeling Herobrine for being loved.

"Herobrine, you know that you are a glitch, and you can't be loved! So, if I catch you dating a girl again, you will be banned forever!" yelled Notch.

Herobrine nodded sadly, with tears in his eyes.

"But Brother, Diamond loved me..." started Herobrine, but he was cut off.

"Diamond was a foolish girl to love you. That's why she was deserved to be removed from the game!" yelled Notch, his face turning red."Now, go and destroy something!"

Herobrine dragged himself out of the office, looking downcast. Until he saw me walking past, with my two thousand and twelve Minecon cape flowing in the wind, my long brown hair blowing. Herobrine looked up and instantly fell in love with me. I stopped and turned around, only to see a blushing Herobrine holding a red flower in his right hand, and his left hand was behind his back. I slowly smiled and took the flower from his hand. He gently grabbed my hand and pulled me along with him. Then he introduced himself as we strolled. A long lost memory somewhat tingled in our heads.

"My name is Herobrine." he said. "And you look so nice!"

I blushed.

"Thank you, Hero. My name is Tigerwarrior13, but my friends call me Tiger for short." I said while I held his hand.

He took me to the Crafty Girls server and he left me there for protection. Then he left to do something. I was wondering what he was doing and then I heard screams from a nearby village. I decided to check it out.

The Player Village...

Herobrine was destroying everything and the players were screaming and running around like crazy. I ran into the scene and yelled his name. He stopped, and glared at me, clearly annoyed by me. He ran over to me and scolded me for interrupting his things.

"TIGER, YOU NEVER EVER STOP ME FROM DOING MY OWN THINGS!" he yelled in my face, with his white eyes glaring into my blue eyes.

I stumbled back.

"But, Hero, this isn't the real you! The real you wouldn't destroy an innocent village, and I think it's time to put aside your destruction." I said sadly.

He stopped and realizes that I was right. His eyes became pale blue.

"You're right, Tiger. Help me fix everything." said Hero.

He and I helped to repair and replace every destroyed block and the players thanked us for helping them. Hero took me back onto the CG server and sat down with me on a bench.


Hero and I were just sitting on the bench on the CG server as usual, but this time Notch appeared and Hero stood up.

"Brother, you haven't been acting like yourself for a long time. What's been going on?" demanded Notch.

Hero sighed.

"It's because I don't like myself when I destroy everything. Tiger has the same problem. We need each other. I'm really sorry brother, but I can't be stopped being loved." said Hero sadly.

"That's what you said when you were with Diamond! Tiger is just an average girl!" yelled Notch. "You are banned permantely!"

I stood up. I hated being called average girl because I wasn't! Had Notch completely forgotten that I was half mutant creeper?

"Brother, give me one more chance!" sputtered Hero, tears streaming from his eyes.

"I have already given your last chance, and now I'm banning you in front of your love!" growled Notch.

Notch raised his Ban hammer above his own head and brought it down. For me, everything seemed to be in slow motion and silent. I saw the hammer slowly moving onto the kneeling Hero. I tried to shout something, but nothing came out of my mouth. There was a loud thunk and Hero was screaming in silence. Then he stopped and got up. I was stunned, He walked towards me and gently grabbed my hands and held them firmly. He leaned in and kissed me. A last kiss. His form was flickering between binary and physical. He was fading into nothingness. Then he let go and put his right hand over my chest.

"I'll live forever in your heart like Diamond." his voice said.

Where his hand was over my chest, a dot glowed and then Hero faded. Everything returned to normal. I burst into tears and wailed. Notch sat down next to me and tried to calm me down by saying that he will be back, but I denied the facts. I read his mind and now Hero is gone forever, only existing in my heart and in the coding of the game. I pushed Notch away and ran into the hills. Everything seemed to be silent again. I collapsed on the same spot where Hero and I sat to stargaze. I continued to cry and a wave of nostalgia washed on me.


I still remembered him when we were kids. He was often called mean names by the bullies. I had the same thing. I remembered one of the days, and the event was still clear. Hero was backed against the school wall, surrounded by the bullies. He had bruises and scratches all over him, meaning that he got beaten up. I hurried over and tried to help him up, only to get shoved by a bully.

"Trying to help the dork, half-blood?" smirked the bully.

I growled.

"Oh, that scares me so much! Too bad that you aren't made for a combat!" said the bully sarcastically.

That was enough for me. I unleashed my full creeper power on the bullies. I was really angry, and I didn't know how to control myself. The bullies ran away in fear. I calmed down and looked at Hero. He was trembling in fear. I pulled him up.

"That was fierce, kid! No one could ever stand up for me like that!" said Hero excitedly.

I nodded and we became friends. But after a few years, we lost contact with each other and I thought I would never see him again. And now, I found him again, only to be removed.


I heard "Vanilla Twilight" playing in the background.

The stars lean down to kiss you,
And I lie awake and miss you
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere

'Cause I'll doze off safe and soundly
But I'll miss your arms around me
I'd send a postcard to you, dear
'Cause I wish you were here

I'll watch the night turn light-blue
But it's not the same without you
Because it takes two to whisper quietly

The silence isn't so bad
'TilI look at my hands and feel sad
'Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fight perfectly

I'll find repose in new ways
Though I haven't slept in two days
'Cause cold nostalgia
Chills me to the bone

But drenched in vanilla twilight
I'll sit on the front porch all night
Waist-deep in though because
When I think of you I don't feel so alone

I don't feel so alone
I don't feel so alone

As many times as I blink
I'll think of you tonight
I'll think of you tonight

When violet eyes get brighter
And heavy wings grow lighter
I'll taste the sky and feel alive again

And I'll forget the world that I knew
But I swear I won't forget you
Oh, if my voice could reach back through the past
I'd whisper in your ear
"Oh darling, I wish you were here"

I cried more and the world was suddenly different. I wasn't my usual happy self. Instead, I became depressed and gloomy. Stef and Tomboy found me weeping in the hills. They both carried me back to their main building, where I kept weeping.


"How long has Tiger been crying?" demanded Tomboy.

Everybody groaned because Stef had already answered the question three times already.

"She has been in there for at least two weeks now. I never thought how much she needed Hero, and now Notch removed him." grumbled Stef.

"I wonder if Mr. Free can solve her problem..." said Jepray.

Stef had an idea.

"Let's send Mr. Free into the room and see what happens!" said Stef excitedly.

Stef showed Mr. Free my room and he walked in. I saw him and hugged him. He was surprised, but let me hug him for awhile. Stef just stared at us.

"Umm....I think we just leave them alone for a while." said Jepray.


I heard a faint voice calling my name in the distance. I let go of Mr. Free and dashed out of the room, and right into the stables. I mounted Shadow, a pure black horse, and rode to the faint voice which was in the hills. Stef and Tomboy had a "WTF" expression on their faces. I kept on riding until I reached the stargazing hill. There, in the full moonlight, was Hero, as a spirit. I sniffled and dismounted Shadow, and let him free graze. I then walked over to the spirit Hero. He held his hand out and I gently grabbed it, and it felt solid and warm. He then pulled me close and kissed me. I felt my sadness going away and felt the warmth and affection coming at me. The Crafty Girls and friends came out, only to see Hero holding me close to him as I wept happy tears. My head was on his shoulder, and my arms were wrapped around his neck.

"Oh Hero....I missed you very much!" I sobbed.

"There there, I missed you too, honey." said Hero calmly as he stroked my hair.

Then he held me close and looked up at the sky, as if to thank Notch for letting Hero visit me. Then he gasped because the sun was rising, and his form started to fade again. I felt him fading, dropped to my knees and grasped his hand as he slowly ascended back into the heavens. I felt his grip loosening, as he was slowly going up, mouthing "I'm sorry." and then he was gone, and the clouds closed the gates, and everything was silent. I slowly laid myself down and sobbed quietly. I looked at my fingers and sighed. I really missed his hands holding mine, and missed his calm and warm attitude. I really missed him so much that I felt like I wanted to ride Shadow all the way into the heavens to be reunited with my Hero. I found Shadow grazing at a nearby river and mounted him. Rode all the way back into the stables and dismounted. I hurried back into my room, tears brewing from eyes. I jumped into my bed and sobbed into my pillow. If Hero was here, he would've held me and let me cry for a while until he decides it was enough. But he wasn't. I felt cold, and I moved my hand over to his side of the bed, expecting him to be there. He wasn't. I felt more of the chilly feeling going down my spine and into my bones. Hero would've stroked my cheek and nuzzle his nose against my neck. But I didn't feel anything on my neck. Nothing on my cheek, not even a single bit of warmth. Everything seemed cold to touch, and the room seemed to spin when I walked. Going on my own wasn't easy. My eyes were a little bloodshot from losing sleep for two days, and I really wanted Hero back. I stumbled out of bed and hugged Mr. Free. I gazed out of the window as the sun rose out of its sleeping point in the mountains, tears streaming from my eyes as I thought of Hero rising nice and high in the sky.

And so Hero tried to visit my every night to comfort me, and he would leave in the day because that's when the heaven gates open and all spirits must go back into heaven.

Notch let Hero visit me every night because I would be very gloomy around those times.

I continued to weep until I felt my health dwindling down....and then I died of such sorrow. I was finally back with my beloved Hero.
My friends grieved for me because Notch doesn't realize how much I needed Hero, and now I died because Notch never gave Hero a second chance with me. If Notch gave his brother a second chance, then everything would've ended very differently.

R.I.P. Tigerwarrior13
June 27, 2013 - August 2, 2014

R.I.P. Hero
Unkown birthdate - August 2, 2014

May they rest in peace...
So sad.......listening to "Vanilla Twilight" by Owl City
This story is based on the comic "Removed" by :iconmachi46:
:iconttsnim: as TTSnim/Stef
:iconmidnight-vixen: as Tomboy
:iconjepray: as himself
Notch as himself
Minecraft © Mojang
Crafty Girls and friends belongs to themselves
Hero/brine belongs to Mojang©
Lyrics are from Metro Lyrics
Diamond Denizen belongs to :iconmidnight-vixen:/:icontomboy-comics:
Mr. Free belongs to the Crafty Girls
They're not really dead....just to give you the feels

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Contest time again!

Here is my entry for the NintyFans group's Unlikely Alliances contest as viewable here. Wish me luck!

May 2012 Contest: Unlikely AlliancesWell, it's time for a new contest! :D

:star:Theme: Unlikely Alliances:star:

Can you think of two Nintendo characters that you'd love to see pair up together to take down evil? It can be anyone! Perhaps your Nintendo hero has persuaded an enemy to join forces to take down something far more sinister than them?

With a Summer of Blockbusters coming at the cinema (and not forgetting The Avengers...), this seemed like a perfect action packed contest to run with...just in time!

The aim of this contest is to create an entry that shows your chosen alliance take down an unspeakable evil. It can be anything from the Nintendo universe....and perhaps

So, the theme of this contest is pick two Nintendo characters that don't normally go together and make them fight a big, bad evil.

I can do that.

So here I have a sort of prelude to my Pokemon Future series. Ash Ketchum has grown into a young man and attained his goal of becoming a Pokemon Master.

But at what cost? And what can a mysterious stranger from the stars teach him about life and himself?
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so i may write about
how hot showers make me gasp for air
like a whore because it burns but
i don't do anything about it
and that might be a metaphor for
how i like to feel overwhelmed
or for how i prefer my skin in a hue of fried pink
instead of rotting yellow because it reminds me of
death and pain does
just the opposite

and also i may write about
how when i stare at the stars for too long
i start to lose focus and lights blur together
and that could be another metaphor
for how I like to feel hungry for what's out of reach
or how i like to feel lost in what i sense
or how i like to feel like I'm drowning
in air for no fucking reason

maybe you don't care much for metaphors
and comparing my toes to river stones will not
make you understand me anymore than
it helps me understand myself
and besides
artists tend to exaggerate things
and make them look grander  
or more vile than they are
because they hate living in a world
where rain is water drops and not
your very own metaphor for life
and your perception of the sun doesn't
make you more special for finding the right way to
lie about it
anymore than it makes it more special for shining

artists also love to lie
or maybe that's just me
i could easily hate hot showers
and be bored to death with the sky
after just five minutes of gazing
and thinking up new meanings for myself
it doesn't make a difference though does it
it's not about truth or metaphors at all
im not sure what art is about but i have plenty of ideas
on what's it's not  

maybe i should just ditch metaphors and words
that feel soft in my mouth but dig tunnels in my head
and stop trying to write draw and sing with grace and glamour
(i might think differently if i was succeeding)  

pain turns me on but i probably won't tell my lover
because i feel weak when i'm her slave
and the sky makes me feel small and insignificant and helpless
and i hate feeling weak unless she's
tied me down and forcing me to be
in which case
i love it  
i won't tell her this either
i'll only whisper 'harder' on her neck and crave that
she understands and tries to take my skin off

i bet you didn't expect this
to be just another rant about sex because
sex sounds less poetic without all the
fucking metaphors  

damn i never could make these things sound
finished but that's because
when i write they're usually still going
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  The next morning, you awoke under sheets of green and sunlight streaming through tall windows which allowed you view of the kingdoms around you and your own little homes.

  Last night, Natasha came and knocked you out, dragging you back over to the castle as her brother requested. Which meant that Ivan did not forget who you were.

  Sitting up, you rubbed your tired (e/c) eyes and cried out for someone,"H-hello...!? I-is anyone there...!?" There were footsteps in the hallway and the door opened up to Queen Elizabeta herself. She had gentle green eyes and beautiful long, brown hair.

  She smiled sweetly at you and sat beside you in your bed,"Good morning miss ___________...King Ivan requested you for breakfast. You may borrow whatever you like in the dressers. I don't fit in those drab old things anyway."

  Firstly, a Queen was referring to you as miss. Second, Ivan wanted to see you. "Thank you your majesty-"

  "Please, there's no need to be so formal." She gave a calm smile,"Call me Elizabeta. You really seem to be making King Russia very happy, so you must be a very sweet young lady."

  "Thank you..." You breathed with a smile. "He makes me happy too..."

  Elizabeta sat next to you now,"Might I smell a romance brewing!? Quick, get changed and ready! I can't wait for this!" She climbed off the bed, looking back at you and grinning widely,"I can't wait!"

  As she ran off, you couldn't help but laugh at what an interesting character this woman was indeed.


  You came down and into the dinning room, looking around to see if anyone was there before turning the corner. When you did so, the three occupying the room all turned their heads towards you.

  Smiling sheepishly, you took a step in. You were wearing a light green dress which was tied tightly on the stomach and flowed freely on the bottom, rippling beautifully. It had thin straps over your shoulders and was open more so on the back. And even with the simplicity of it, this 'drab dress' was worth more than your home.

  After a moment of mindlessly staring, you curtsied,"G-good morning everyone." Scanning the three, you felt everyone in the room now looking curiously over at you. The jack was giving you a filthy look though with his violet eyes.

  He stood up a bit, adjusting the frames on his face. He wore a long, dark cloak of green with a jabot sticking from over a lighter green vest he wore beneath. His hair was dark and a stubborn kink stood up from seemingly nowhere. This was Roderich.

  "She has very adequate manners...for a Joker." He spat it out as if it were poison in the mouth. His eyes narrowed towards you,"I suggest that you sit down and remain silent like a woman is to do." He rested back as if he didn't do anything wrong.

  You were in shock. You knew there were people who still saw Joker's as diseased, mutated creatures, but you never actually encountered such a person. Besides, you weren't even a true Joker, you were a refuge.

  Elizabeta smacking him upside the head,"Roderich, that was very rude! ____________ here is our guest and should be treated as such." The Austrian scowled and didn't speak up again.

  King Ivan gave you an innocent smile,"Please, sit beside me today. We have much to talk about, da?"

  Nodding, you sat beside him. Looking at him closer up with a feeling that wasn't fear, you examined his clothing. Again, it was all green, but he wore a darker green coat over what seemed like a light-green and white tunic which was lined with white fur. For all you knew, it could be real animal fur. He wore a hat which matched the color but had a club on the side which held a string with a cotton ball onto the side. Now looking at the sides of the white tunic, you noticed two patches of green atop the white sewed on messily.

  King Ivan noticed you staring at him for a few moments, taking a look at all he wore. "You look very beautiful my sunflower." You flinched in fear for a second before laughing it out nervously. "I see you like my clothing." He took a handful of cloth and wavered it under the table a bit.

  "They're more than she could possibly afford. All you Jokers are just filthy peasants!" Elizabeta smacked Roderich once more, hearing this comment come from him.

  "I'm sorry...I shouldn't even be here..." You started, standing up and making the wood scrape against the floor with a terrible screech. "My brothers will be worried and-"

  "Your brothers were very nice to me." Ivan said with his childish smile, causing you to sit back down and scootch back into your spot. "The albino was seemed very nervous, da?"

  " met my...? When did this...?" The words came out rambly and confused.

  He nodded,"Da, I went to go see you yesterday and your little brother Peter said you were in the Kingdom of Spades. And then your brother Gilbert came home and said that you went missing...again. So I left Natasha and she scared everyone away."

  That explained why everyone was gone and how you got here, but everyone might be holding a funeral service for you right now. The village might suspect that he came to do away with you. Once and for all.

  "B-but...! I-I need to go before they think-!" Again, you bolted up, only to have Ivan stand beside you, resting a hand on your shoulder.

  He looked deeply into your (e/c) eyes and you sensed something in him that you hadn't before. He seemed so...lonely. "Please don't go yet. You haven't eaten anything and I wanted to speak with you alone."

  "A-about what...?" Turning your head to Elizabeta and Roderich, you sighed and looked at him,"They would understand..."

  The King nodded and in a complete and unforeseeable action, knelt down on one knee and took your hands. He looked with innocent violet eyes which were shimmering, his face red,"Look __________...I have not known you long...but I believe I love you...and I wish to make you my Queen. Marry me?"

  Your face turned a deep shade of red. "I-Ivan..." Your eyes watered up,"Ivan...I-I can't..." His eyes widened in shock,"Ivan...I need to help my brothers...I'm a Joker...I have responsibility..." It hurt you to say this,"Ivan...I love you so much...but I can't..."

  His head perked up at the last part. " me...? But..." He stood up, towering over you as he did days ago. "Promise me this...if this war ever ends...come back and marry me...make me the happiest man alive..."

  "Mister Ivan sir! You can't possibly-!?" Ivan shoot a dark look at Roderich and for a second, you felt a dark aura from him making chills go up your spine.

  Ivan looked back at you with calm eyes, needing eyes, hurt eyes. Throwing your arms around him, you cried out,"Yes Ivan...I'll come live with you...and we'll be happy forever..."

  He lifted you up a bit and twirled you,"You don't know how happy you have made me ___________!" Ivan's eyes were light and happy, something you wanted to see more often. He brought you down and pressed his lips against yours, an indescribably wonderful warm vibes through your body. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you deepened it a bit before he pulled you away, pressing your foreheads together.


  You walked home about an hour later. The food you ate was superb in every sense of the word. And now you would have to explain to your brothers why you were kidnapped. What was going on in your life. About your plan. And about and you and King Ivan.

  Now that you knew your objective was in your grasp and that you now had a motivation to do so, you wanted to make peace with all four kingdoms. You needed to. 

  But then, what would happen to Gilbert and Peter? Simply, you believed Gilbert would go back to the Kingdom of Hearts with his brother and Peter would too back to his real home with his real parents.

  Walking back in the village, everyone was gasping in surprise. You had 'escaped' the 'evil' Russian King twice now (meaning you didn't get killed). They must've been shocked.

  When your small home came back into view, Gilbert ran out and grabbed you, holding you tightly and apparently even holding back tears. "_-_________...I thought Ivan killed you...he came looking for you...a-and his psycho sister..."

  Peter came running over from a distance. He had been in the Kingdom of Spades judging by the direction he was coming from. He was excited about something but when he saw your face, he paused and ran over to you in tears.

  Gilbert let you go and you scooped the young child up,"It's okay baby...I'm home...King Ivan didn't hurt me..." Your heart fell a bit,"He's a nice man..."

  "___________...I met my parents today..." You nearly dropped him. Gilbert gave you a funny look and you dragged them all inside. All of you had some talking to do.

  Placing the small blond on the couch, you sat beside him, followed by Gilbert,"How did you meet King Alfred and Queen Arthur?"

  "The jack found me...Yao. And he brought me to meet my parents!" He exclaimed enthusiastically, wiping the tears from his eyes. "They said that you came to see them yesterday and thought that maybe he'd find you. When I heard Yao ask me for you and me, I told him I was alone and he took me there."

  Gilbert smacked the back of your head,"Dude! Leave the royals alone! You met Ludwig, Ivan and Alfred. What are you doing!?"

  Sighing, you explained it. You wanted to meet all the kings, invite them to a land of neutrality and have this war end before it starts.  You left out the fact that you would marry Ivan if peace was achieved.

  "But...if we get split apart..." Peter whimpered. "I mean, I could see Gilbert because he'd live with his little brother...but __________..."

  "It's okay'll all work out." You smiled and kissed his forehead. "Now go wash up and get ready for bed." He whined a bit and climbed off the chair, headed towards the bathroom to shower off.

  Gilbert smiled,"Okay then, I'll sneak out extra early and get you a diamond so that you can go talk to Lili and Frenchy. I warn you, Frenchy is stingy about people but his Queen is a very sweet woman who he cares for. Get on her good side and he's assured to be want to be an ally to you."

  Nodding, you wished him good-night and went up to your room. Tossing your dirty and worn sneakers to the side and curling up. Shuddering a bit, you thought about how you were keeping the biggest secret you possibly could keep from your closest friends who were like brothers.

  Shutting your (e/c) eyes, you saw Ivan's beautiful and loving eyes staring at you. He seemed so happy, you just couldn't tell him 'no' (like you even would have anyway). And at the moment, you were in the midst of being happy and torn. 'I'm sorry guys...but I'm going to marry Ivan...whether you like it or not...'

To be continued...
Part four! I might upload five later today and six tomorrow sometime...
Or maybe five tomorrow and six Monday.

I don't own you or Hetalia!

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: You Are Here!
Chapter 5: [link]
Chapter 6:
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Chapter 5



Six Years Later…

The sun just started to rises, Po was laying on his bed already wake, he couldn't believe how so much has change over the last six years. Something snuggled next to him pulling Po out of his thoughts, he grinned and holds his wife closely, listening to her purrs.

(Tigress and Po have been married for about five years, and now they're living on the second floor of the barracks.)

"Morning honey." Po said tenderly, he leans in and kiss Tigress's forehead.

"It's not morning 'til the baby is awake." Tigress whispered with her eyes closed and nuzzled her head on Po's chest, they hear a whimpering sound coming from the basket next to them.

"Right on cue." Po chimed, Tigress got up and went towards the basket to picked up the black and orange cub inside.

"Morning Xin." Tigress said sweetly as she kiss the baby, Po went behind her and wraps his arms around her waist. They looked down at the baby with a smile.

(Xin is Po's and Tigress's son, he was born last spring, he looks like Tigress, has his father's eyes and the same black blotches on his body except with orange stripes, and has a bit of fur sticking up on top of his head.)

"I'll get Lin." Po said giving Tigress a kiss on the cheek then one to his son, and walked out into the hallway.

The second floor looks just the first, but Tigress and Po modified the rooms on the left side, they took down the walls that divided them so they have room for their big bed.
And gave Bai Lin a room on the right side.

Po enters Bai Lin's room quietly, though she isn't his daughter by blood, she is in so many other ways. Posters of him and the Furious Five hang on her wall, and his old wooden action figures were on her nightstand.

Bai Lin was still sleeping in her bed holding her favorite stuff panda doll in her arms, Po looks at her with such adoration in his eyes.

Po believes that Bai Lin growing up too fast.

"Lin sweetie, time to get up." Po lovingly said as he gently shook her a little, Bai Lin wrinkled her face then turns over her back facing the panda.

"Baba it's not time to get up unless the gong rings." she said groggily, Po chuckled.

*BONG!* the sound of the gong echoed through the Valley.
'Perfect timing.' Po smiled.

"Come on Lin, today is a special day remember?" Po told her, Bai Lin gasped and quickly sat up.

"Today is my first day of training!" she shouted excitedly and fist pumped.

"Yep, and Mama got a surprise for you." Po grinned.

Bai Lin looked at him with those huge sapphire eyes "Really!" She jumped out of bed, Po picks her up and puts her on his shoulders, carry her back to his room.

Tigress smiled when she saw Po and Bai Lin. "I see someone excited today."

"That saying it mildly." Po stated and puts the giggling Bai Lin down, she ran to Tigress and hugs her leg.

"Good morning Mama." Bai Lin said happily, Po took Xin so Tigress can hug their daughter, the mother lifts Bai Lin up in a warm embrace.

"Morning darling." Tigress said lovingly, they hold each other for a while.
"So ready for your first day of training?" she puts Bai Lin down.

"Yes!" Bai Lin replied cheerfully, Tigress smiled and walked over her side of the bed and picked up a box.

"Then you're going to need these." Tigress handed the box to Bai Lin, the white tiger cub opened it and her eyes widen.

Inside the box are training clothes, a dark blue vest with silver linings, a pair of dark blue pants, and a black sash. Also a pair of new sandals.

"This is totally awesome!" Bai Lin shouted and hugs Tigress, "Thanks Mama!" her mother hugs her back.

"Go put them on Lin, so we can see how awesome they look on you." Po said with a huge grin, Bai Lin took the box and hurried to her room to change.

"She growing up so fast, it only feels just like yesterday she was a baby in my arms." Tigress reminisced.

"I know how you feel, I can only hope Xin doesn't grow up too quickly." Po looked at his son.

"Wow, I swear that Xin is looking more like you everyday." the panda said, Tigress smiled and kissed Po.

"And Bai Lin becomes more like you." She added, Po chuckled.

Bai Lin came rushing inside the room with her new clothes on.

"Look at me, I'm Kung Fu warrior! HIYA!" Bai Lin started punching and kicking air, she accidentally kicked a hole in the wall.

"Oops!" Bai Lin covered her mouth, Tigress and Po started laughing.

"Don't worry about it Lin, every great warrior tends to break a few things when first training." Po told her.


The Kitchen…

Jin is cooking breakfast, rice with many different stir-fries to choose from, and all the dumplings you can eat.

Mantis and Monkey enter the kitchen, both yawned, greeted Jin and sat down at the table.

"Where is Crane and Viper?" Jin asked.

"Married couple number two? Probably sleeping in." Mantis said as he wiggled his brow, Monkey rolled his eyes.

"We heard that Mantis." the bug flinched then turn to see Crane and Viper glaring at him.

(Viper and Crane were married three years ago, although it was difficult. Viper's father didn't approve of it because she is the first born to the family line, Viper gave up her title making her sister the heir but all that was in the past and Viper's family came to accepted Crane.)

Crane and Viper sat down at the table, a minute later they all heard laughing and giggling.

"Here comes the Pings." Monkey said with a smirk.

Po and Tigress walked in with Bai Lin holding their paws, Tigress has Xin in the other arm.

"Morning guys." Po greeted.

"Morning." they replied.

Bai Lin rushed to Jin and hugs her, "Hi Nana." Jin smiled.
"Hello sweetheart."

Jin became more of a grandmother then a nanny to Bai Lin.

"What this I see? Lin is wear training clothes." Monkey said, Bai Lin went to him smiling.

"It's my first day of training, Uncle Monkey." she said excitedly and did a stance.

"Already? Lin you're growing up so fast." Monkey lifts her up in his arms and pokes her pink nose, she giggled.

Mantis leaps on Monkey's shoulder "So what style do you want to learn Lin?" the bug asked, "…Mantis…" He fake coughed.

"I don't know Uncle Mantis, maybe I can learn all of them!" she responded enthusiastically, everybody started laughing.

Shifu walked inside and smiled "I see that Bai Lin is ready for today."

"Fu-Fu!" Bai Lin jumped out of Monkey's arms to hug Shifu, he chuckled and hugged her back.

'Your spirit lives on in Bai Lin, brother Lan' The Grandmaster thought.


Later at the
Exterior of the Training Hall

Po is holding Bai Lin's paw, they just made it to the doors of the training grounds, Po looked down at his daughter.

"Ready Lin?" he smiled at her.

"Ready Baba." Bai Lin said happily.

"Now Lin, remember what Mama told you?" Po questioned her.

"Umm…" she responded confusedly.

"You have to call me, Mama, or the others; Master when we're training you."

Bai Lin tilted her head "Why?" Po chuckled, leans down to her ear.

"So you don't make the other kids jealous." he whispered.

"Oh okay Ba… Master." Bai Lin said.

"That's my girl." Po beamed at her and ruffled the cub's head making her giggled.

They went inside and saw a bunch of bunnies, piglets, and goslings playing around.

'Whoa big class this year.' Po thought.

"The Dragon Warrior!" the kids shouted when they saw Po, they ran to him asking all kinds of questions.

"Alright kids settled down now." Po gestured them to sit which they did, Bai Lin sat in the front.

"Now then, who's all here to learn how to kick butt?" Po asked, almost all the kids shouted "Me!"

"Okay but kicking butt is just a small part of Kung Fu." Po kicked up in the air.
"It's awesome, but it's small." the kids gave him a puzzled look.

"Kung Fu means; excellence of self, and the Furious Five each had to learn the secrets to become excellent."

Kids asked him about the secrets Po grin and started telling the stories about the Furious Five.
:pointl: Chapter 4: [link]

- Xin (heart)

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:pointr: Chapter 6: [link]
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"REAP I THIS IS CRAZY AND WE SHOULD KNOW, YOU KILLED SOMEONE I LIKED." Vi screamed as she walked into their home
"HE WAS NOT GOOD FOR YOU."  She turned around and the stomach making her brother double over as she then kneed him in the face making him fall to the floor
"THAT IS FUCKING CRAZY." He screamed lying back on the floor, holding his noise
"Reaper Oliver Birthday I want to talk to you now." He tiled his head and looked at the door to his father office…crap…
"Yes Dad." He said rolling over onto his stomach wincing at the pain as he got up and limped his way into his father office there was his mother and father looked at him…Shit…
"I am going to talk to Violet." Scarlett walked out the room leaving her son with Beyond.

Beyond looked at him with his red eyes  Reap looked at him with his one red eye and his one grey one almost an mirror imagine of his father apart from his clothes and how he stand, "Are you going to tell me what you have done?"  Reap blinked at him
"I did nothing wrong, I was just looking out for Vi." Beyond raised and eye brow at his son
"Did she like this boy?"
"Did he try to hurt her?"
"No not yet but I am sure he would have tried if given the time, Dad I did it for her." Reap said, Beyond nodded and waved his son over to him,  
"I know you two are close Reap but you can't we may kill people but what you want is not part of this and I warn you now kiddo you do what you are thinking you're either going a Catholic board  school or we send Vi to live with uncle L." Reap eyes widen and he shook his head
"It's not like that I swear, okay I am a little too over protective and maybe jealous of the guy she with but it not what you and mum and Vi think." He cried
"Could it because you want someone like Vi the closeness and understanding?"
"I guess so."
"I understand I really do and it's hard for us to find someone but that is no reason to kill your sister's boyfriends or try to sleep with her either. Now come on let's go and kill someone."
"Father and son time is it."
"Some Fathers take their sons fishing others teach them how to play football mine teaches me how to slit a muscle bound man throat and wash in it."
"Is something wrong in that?" Beyond asked looked at his son as they walked out the house, Reap smiled and looked up
"No I love it." the same time with Violet and Scarlett…………………………………………

Scarlett walked out leaving Beyond and Reap to talk as she goes to speak to Vi, she knocked on her door "Go away Reap."
"It's not Reap." There were some footsteps and the door unlocked, she looked at her mother, "Can I come in?" Vi nodded and let her mother walk in closing the door behind her, Vi sat on her purple bed crossing her leg
"Reap killed Michael."
"Oh is that the boy you talked about yesterday?" Vi nodded
"My friend's think he's jealous of the boys because he love me more than he is meant to."
"I noticed. Listen hun there are something's we can do she how it goes, or we let him have his away…Vi shook her head… or send him or you away."
"I don't think I could handle if we were split up Mum. I think he would look for me."  Vi lay her head on her mother's lap and let her play with her hair,
"I am sure, but I am afraid." Scar looked down
"Of what? Feeling the same."
"Yes, we are close."
"Tell you what if he hurts another boy you like or comes after you and feel angry or hurt by it we will deal with it but I am sure he will seat down soon. I am sure he is just wishes he be more like you hun."
"I guess so."
"Now what do you want to do?"
"I want to kill someone slowly."  Scarlett smiled
"Oh I just know where to find them hun."  They got up and put and left their house.

....................................................Couple of weeks later...........................................................................

Vi was in one of College's loos stalls making out with Luke, he had his tongue down her throat as his hand roamed her body making her moan his name, she smiled and sided down and started to un zip his jeans, "VI!" she looked up to see Reap looked at her
"What are you doing?" she said as he pulled the boy way from her and threw him on to the floor
"GO ON GET GOING YOU LITTLE CREEP!" He shouts kicking him his the backside out the girls bath room,
"REAP WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?" she shouts at him, as he walked back to her and pusher her back into the loo stall, his face blank like when he is killing, he stood close to her as he closed the loo door and locked it she could sleep the blood on his clothes "You killed someone to day didn't you?" he looked at her and kissed her, Vi pushed him way
"Again what is your problem?" He pushed her back against the wall and kissed her again.
*Pic is not mine I jut need using it until I do my own*

Pic belongs to :iconyuumei:

I'm might go to hell

any way I do not own death note or BB

however me and :icondeathqueenmisa: own Scarlett, Reap and Vi and the story
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Name: Kamen

Nickname(s): Faceless; the Mannequin; the Kenpachi's White Shadow (White Shadow)

Age: 8 (3 Years in Production)

Sex: Androgynous (Identifies as Male)

Sexual Preference: Asexual

Species: Artificial Shinigami

Alliance: 11th Division Lieutenant

Appearance: The ultimate creation of the Gotei 13's greatest mind, Hanjimono Kin, Kamen is a triumph of technology born from a union of unbridled imagination and countless hours of intense development. His production and assemblage were completely unique. Never before had there been an artificial being created only by inanimate material, cybernetics, and other forms of cold Seireitei technology; bio-mechanics and Kidō-influenced genetics had been at the forefront for the creation of artificial souls until their ban nearly a century ago. To manufacture a mechanical being that so perfectly mimicked a Shinigami--without a unique 'soul' that would have made him a violation of Central 46 law--was nothing less than a scientific blockbuster, and its implications have resonated throughout Soul Society ever since. Even now, five years after his unveiling and assignment to the 11th Division, Kamen is still the only one of his kind, and the resources required to produce his vital systems are so rare that he will likely stay as such for some time to come. This uniqueness, along with his particularly shocking looks, has made him one of the more recognizable Shinigami in the greater areas of Soul Society.

Seisui Naito, the current Kenpachi, is a lifelong sufferer from a rare genetic disease known as Charon's Breath. This illness can cause extreme outbursts of ravaging spiritual pressure that can make traditional forms of medical treatment almost impossible for the average 4th Division member to administer. Kamen was specifically designed to address this problem. By accumulating and containing an enormous amount of spiritual energy--drawn from both Harotaissen Tsuribakki and Seisui Naito, himself--within an astonishingly compact internal battery, Captain Hanjimono was able to give his creation a complete immunity to the fatal effects of both donors' spiritual pressure while providing an almost endless power-source to fuel such advanced cybernetics. As such, he is solely responsible for the late-life caretaking of his Captain, tasked with the duty of containing such outbursts and transporting the Kenpachi safely to either the 4th or 12th Division for recovery. This all-encompassing task shows deeply in the design of the Lieutenant, who is precisely the same height and build as his Captain; it helped the artificial Kamen earn his nickname as the Kenpachi's White Shadow.

The mold from which Kamen was cast was not made with aesthetics in mind. While it would have been a simple task to craft a unique face and present his creation as a perfect replica of a Shinigami, Hanjimono Kin felt such things unnecessary--even counter-intuitive. Kamen's blank, featureless face proudly proclaims the artificial nature of his being, and it was expressly designed to inspire curiosity, awe, and immediate recognition in those who come into contact with this technological marvel. To Kin, Kamen is nothing less than a symbol of pride for him and his production team; to give him a face would have put him at the same level as any normal Shinigami--something that would have drawn away from the astounding accomplishment of what had been created. It would have also been unnecessary thanks to the Lieutenant's unique senses, which don't need ocular units or auditory receivers. Although many end up reacting with a certain level of fear when they first encounter the blank face of 'Faceless', they almost always come to respect the creative masterpiece that he truly is.

The material that makes up the outermost layer of Kamen's body is a uniform composite of various metals and plastics. A white, eggshell finish naturally formed out of this combination, and Captain Hanjimono chose not to tamper with the initial looks of his design due to a mixture of contentment and the trivial nature of appearances. As such, Kamen looks to be made out of a matte porcelain with no reflective qualities whatsoever, which can come off as unusual to those who have little understanding of the science and chemistry behind his creation. Cool to the touch, Kamen's skin feels like a wall of hardened, refrigerated plastic, although its durability is many thousands of times that of such elastic material. Although it was too much of a logistical nightmare to fashion realistic skin that could withstand the punishment necessary for Kamen's functions, the innovative Captain did his best to give some malleability to his creation, and it shows in the ease of bending joints and the silence of his movements. If he were completely obscured in clothing or darkness, it would be nearly impossible to detect his artificial nature.

Although he has no mouth, no facial features, and is clearly not a normal Shinigami, there remains a level of sincerity to Kamen's design. Despite the lack of vocal organs, he is able to speak in a neutral male tone much like one might expect from an artificial being. These words are projected straight through his head via speaker inside his machinery. Although there is a lack of an organic feel, the Lieutenant has managed to simulate vocal tone, sarcasm, and, on occasion, laughter, thanks to his artificial intelligence. His asexual body shape and lack of sexual organs remains one of the more controversial choices made by Hanjimono, but Kamen identifies as a male, and as such many of his Division-mates have adjusted their opinions to match.

Kamen has been through many physical trials and countless hours in battle, but no visible wear can be seen anywhere on his body. He always appears to be sparkling new, as if he had just walked out of the 12th Division laboratory, and few have any idea why this is. The truth boils down to self-repairing technology. Built with the ability to self-diagnose and self-repair at a level far beyond any average biological structure, the 11th Division Lieutenant is able to patch up wounds, gashes, and other imperfections over a very short amount of time. Although this would not help him detach a severed limb without oversight from a technician, it is more than enough to keep his aesthetics in check until he can find a better avenue of repair. The flawless white skin of his mannequin-like form remains flawless only because of this advanced technology.

Despite having only a budding concept of modesty, Kamen finds it prudent to wear his Lieutenant uniform at all times. His no-sex physiology originally convinced Hanjimono Kin to let him out into public without any form of clothing. The resulting complaints confused the socially-inept Captain, but they quickly resulted in a formal request to keep Kamen's clothing up to par with the most basic of regulations. Over time he has gotten used to the idea of wearing clothing, and he is sometimes quoted in saying that it makes him feel more accepted by the community--if he were a simple object, he would not have been asked to cover his body.

Despite his acceptance of clothing regulations and his encyclopedic knowledge of the Gotei 13 dress code, Kamen has not attempted to alter even the smallest bit of his uniform, despite it being well within his rights as an official Lieutenant. The black cloth is always cleanly pressed and streamed; the Lieutenant badge is always kept even with the shoulder on the left arm; and even his sandals, which serve no purpose as his feet are artificial, are fitted perfectly to his body. This meticulous nature has made him the target of jokes by some of the more laid-back Shinigami, but even they cannot deny the strict sense of duty instilled in the Mannequin.

Personality: Although Kamen may not be an organic being, nor does he have a true 'soul', his personality is as realistic as that of any normal Shinigami. The circuitry behind the simulation is self-adaptive. It changes rapidly to varying conditions, building upon itself and reinforcing previous assumptions much like an organic brain would do. Hanjimono Kin designed the technology with the idea that circuit-based machinery could do the same amazing things as brain tissues, which, in reality, are just wires of a different kind--all it took was the right software and an appropriate, manipulative power source. The project was easily the most ambitious thing the young Captain had ever attempted, but the work paid off with the help of his extreme intellect and the efforts of an entire Division of scientists. The final product was a spectacular personality matrix that literally birthed a new generation of artificial intelligence.

Like normal living creatures, some things were programmed into Kamen's mind from the get-go. But the amount of basic information preprogrammed into him was far more than any normal organic life-form. The propensity towards Shinigami loyalty, incredible martial skills, and an encyclopedic knowledge directly downloaded from the Gotei 13 archives were all part of his first day of consciousness, allowing him to function fully despite his youth. However, much of his social slate was kept clean. This controversial decision was made by Captain Hanjimono; he wanted Kamen to have a chance to evolve his own unique personality based on his interactions and, in a sense, his own personal desires. How such a socially inept individual came to embrace this concept is beyond many scholars, but some believe that it was his attempt to perfect in Kamen what he fails to do in himself.

As a 'person', Kamen is incredibly loyal and has a strong desire to protect others. To many, this may come across as emotionless programming to fight and defend, but there is more to his actions than simple electronic commands. His Captain, Seisui Naito, is his closest friend in more than one sense. Not only is his sworn purpose to care for the ailing Shinigami, but he finds his quiet nature to be calming and without stress. Never does Naito push for conversation or judge him on his still-developing social ability. With him, things are simple, and combat functions as an alternate way for the two to communicate. Other individuals find Kamen more like a work-in-progress in personality than a full-grown individual. He may have knowledge of mathematics, history, science, and tactics beyond his peers, but he has very few solid experiences to draw from, making him 'intelligent' but not necessarily 'wise'. He has few personal stories and often resorts to historical examples to back up his opinions.

While his personality continues to grow as months pass, Kamen has begun to take up hobbies to occupy his free time--he does not require sleep, which leaves his ample periods when his duties are low-priority. He has found a love in reading, which he can achieve by sensing inked words through spiritual receptors. While many of the historical archives were downloaded into his memory core before his construction, much of the texts in Soul Society remained in written-work only. These documents are still new to him. Through Captain Yorushi he has access to a vast collection of historical papers, many of which delve into the pasts of the clan systems and nobility. Captain Gingitsune often brings back a human-world book or two when he returns from one of his excursions. And while he can read much quicker than any other Shinigami (save Hanjimono Kin, who is just about as capable, even without unique senses), Kamen prefers to take his time and appreciate what he digests.

Kamen's way of seeing the world has given him a special sort of awareness that many others do not have. While many Captains can sense intention from decades of hard-earned experience, he can do so by scanning physiological responses. He knows when a person is lying by how many chemicals are pulsing through their systems. Emotions, while somewhat budding in himself, are easily diagnosable and exploitable thanks to the way he perceives the world. In addition, without a traditional sense of sight, he has no real opinion on looks and cannot be swayed by attraction. These unique features have made many people uncomfortable. Normal social tactics that many take for granted--flirting, lying, and such--simply do not work when dealing with the 11th Division Lieutenant. In concept, given enough time and experience, Kamen has the potential to become unbelievably adept in social situations, making the elimination of his biggest weakness just a matter of time. Unfortunately, no matter how good he may become in conversation, his abilities in combat will never improve.


Black Box: Kamen's white body contains a vast amount of incredibly compact technology, but almost all of it is dedicated to battle, power conversion, and basic functions. Thousands of miles of incredibly thin wire and circuitry are stuffed into the solid mass that is his humanoid form. But those elements are not the only things that exist within his body. Everything that is 'Kamen'--his personality, intelligence, and experiences--are all stored in a 'Black Box' less than a few inches in diameter. This cube is set deep within in his left thigh, far from the normal areas targeted for fatal injury in battle, in order to keep it safe. Surrounding the vital object is a thick layer of armor plating that can withstand the cutting force of a Captain-class Zanpakutō. As long as this incredibly durable piece of machinery is kept away from harm, Kamen still exists, and any damaged parts of his shell can be replaced without interrupting the core of his being. In fact, so long as this piece is fully functioning, the Mannequin can be vaporized without losing the ability to return. It would take many weeks to find the materials to create an entirely new body, but the possibility is there. While nothing so extreme has happened yet, Kamen has lost a limb or two in battle, and this particular feature of his being has played its part in keeping him whole.

Reiatsu Battery: Technology as advanced as Kamen requires a power source with nearly limitless energy potential. Normal batteries would not suffice, and they were taken off of the drawing board as quickly as they had been put on due to the logistics of changing them on a bi-daily basis. Some sort of internal generator was considered, but only briefly--the problems of tackling space consumption were too complicated. Captain Hanjimono finally found a solution with the help of his Lieutenant, Hayashi Ishurimoto, and a group of premier scientists brought from all corners of Soul Society. They found a way to chemically alter Sekkisekki, a material known to stifle spiritual energy, to do just the opposite of its natural inclination. The resulting material was capable of absorbing a tremendous amount of Reiatsu in a relatively safe container. This monumental accomplishment, unfortunately, only produced enough to create two batteries; one is locked deep within the Yorushi family vaults in case the other is destroyed. Captain-Commander Harotaissen, the wielder of the most Reiatsu in Soul Society, volunteered to donate a full day of meditation to feeding this battery. Seisui Naito did the same. With two powerhouses having fueled the battery with their energy, Kamen can function fully--fighting included--for another ten years before a recharge would be needed.

Missile Cavity: Not without a mind for productive ordinance, Hanjimono Kin installed a large missile battery within Kamen's chest at least a foot in diameter and a couple of inches deep. The roots of this emplacement are grounded throughout his torso, allowing the kickback to remain minimal so long as his footing is somewhat stable. When activated, a two-door panel opens in the front of his chest and slides tightly against his skin; he generally opens his uniform to avoid obstruction and potential backfire. Each missile launched generates smoke and heat from the propellants, which is vented through six holes, arranged like that of a dice-face, along the upper-half of his back. In order to address the numerous kinds of situations that Kamen would likely face in his Shinigami duties, Captain Hanjimono designed and installed four types of missiles that rest within the Lieutenant's body. Should the Mannequin run low on any specific type of ammunition, the 12th Division has a production line set up to make additional supplies.

High-Impact Missiles: The most basic of armaments, with inspiration drawn almost entirely from Human-world technology, these missiles are jam-packed with explosives set to detonate on impact. Because of the size constraints of the chest cavity, Captain Hanjimono made these the most numerous but smallest of the ammunition types. Twenty of these missiles are packed into the outer corners of the battery. Launched at high speeds, most often in groups of three or more, the concussive force of a single impact is similar to a small bunker-buster by Human military standards, which is often enough to deal serious damage to even the largest of Menos Grande. Used tactically, the explosions caused by these weapons can give a field advantage in an otherwise implausible situation. Kamen has utilized them for everything from distractions to clearing obstacles to direct assault weapons. His aim is even good enough to use them to intercept other projectiles mid-flight. Unfortunately, due to their small size and high yield, Kin was not able to install any tracking or guidance into their compact internal chambers, making them strictly point-and-shoot.

Acidic Missile: A type of ammunition created for use in a multitude of situations, the acidic missiles are a bit larger than their brute-force cousins. This is due to their thick casings, which are made from a resilient composite in order to contain the extremely volatile compounds that slush around inside. There are ten of these in Kamen's chest cavity. Upon impact, a small divider within the missile breaks with the help of a contained internal explosion. This causes two separated, highly acidic liquids to mix together as they spread out across the impact site. The resulting compound is so highly reactive that it can eat through steel in seconds and cover a site as large a ten feet in diameter. Once released, this light yellow acid continues to dissolve organic and inorganic material until the chemical bonds are exhausted; it usually takes fifteen seconds to become neutral, after which it becomes a clear, odorless semisolid. Unlike the high-impact missiles, these acidic pieces of armament have little use past their military applications. The compounds are almost entirely uncontrollable once combined, making it too dangerous to manipulate until the effects wear off.

Firebomb Missile: Extremely heavy ordinance that rivals the pure destructive power of Human-world weapons, the firebomb series of missiles are designed for crowd control and to cause widespread damage to landscape and physical structures. Hanjimono Kin outfitted three within Kamen's chest for redundancy, but he has never had to resort to using more than one in order to meet whatever objective he had in mind. This incredibly destructive weapon cannot deal as much damage as a Captain-class Zanpakutō technique, but it has enough power to go above and beyond any normal Lieutenant-class ability. The inside of these bronze-tipped projectiles are filled with a napalm-like semisolid that can be projected across a massive area upon impact. The explosion lights this material on fire almost immediately, spreading the flames over the target zone in a matter of seconds; it only takes a blink of an eye for an entire building to catch fire. These flames are only stoked by water thanks to the oil-like properties of the chemical used as the accelerant, making it incredibly difficult to stop the destruction before the life of the fire takes its natural course.

Sensory Overload Missile: The ultimate unit of offensive technology within the incredibly complex missile battery, the sensory overload model was the most difficult to design, expensive to produce, and destructive in its somewhat controversial application. It is easily the largest and heaviest of the missiles, as well; only one can fit into the center of the battery at any given time. When launched, the sensory overload missile tracks a target designated by Kamen through his extended, computer-based senses. It is almost impossible to avoid without using extremely advanced movement abilities. Captains should have no problem making short work of the tracking system, even with its redundancies and advanced software, but anyone below that class would be hard-pressed to avoid the effects of this armament. Unlike the other types of missiles, this one is not activated upon impact, nor does it employ any kind of internal explosion in its functions. The sensory overload missile simply opens up with Kamen's mental command, releasing a flurry of extraordinarily bright fluorescent lights in a symphony of colors. Those who don't shield their eyes are almost always blinded, while anyone prone to seizures risks extreme injury if exposed for more than a few seconds. Loud noises--like shrieking, impacting chunks of metal--echo out from within the lights as specially designed devices turn on. Kamen is immune to these effects due to his unique senses, but few others are so lucky. Once the sensory overload missile is launched, the 11th Division Lieutenant generally attempts to end the battle as quickly and decisively as possible.


Zanjutsu Master: As a veritable reliquary of electronic records, Kamen was designed as the perfect soldier to combat Hollow, rogue Shinigami, and any other threat as a member of the Lieutenant-class. This purpose was further honed into his design due to his placement as the second-in-command of the most martially-oriented Division in the Gotei 13. Because of his encyclopedic knowledge of swordplay and all forms of Zanjutsu, tied with his electronic brain and premier control of his limbs, he can rightfully be labeled as a master of close-quarters-combat with a weapon. But such categorical knowledge only goes so far. While he can effortlessly perform any technique within the parameters of his strength and flexibility, his creativity and lateral thinking leaves a lot to be desired at this point in time--as does his experience. Once he spends a few more years in the fields of combat, it is likely that he will determine his own preferred style, but even then it is unlikely that he will improve much past the point he finds himself in. This is truer still because of his locked strength and speed, which will never increase, no matter how much he might train. As a master of Zanjutsu, he can easily defeat most in his class in a straight fight of blades. His impeccable timing and flawless technique are the envy of many younger Shinigami and a frightening curiosity to those of the higher ranks. Individuals from across the Seireitei have come to watch Kamen perform abilities that take perfect forms to complete; only Okada Ayano, the true master of Zanjutsu, can match the flawlessness of his movements.

Hakuda Expert: Although his skills in Hakuda were given a backseat to his implanted knowledge of Zanjutsu, Kamen has a natural proficiency for hand-to-hand combat thanks to his strength and the number of stances/techniques he has buried into the memory core of his processor. Only a small portion of his pre-installed memory existed for the purpose of unarmed combat, however, and his final repertoire does not afford him the title of 'master'. Still, he is more than capable of holding his own against all but the strongest of hand-to-hand fighters. When in combat, he tends to employ rather straightforward attacks that use his enhanced strength to the best advantage. Haymakers, roundhouse kicks, and other high-impact, low-difficulty moves seem to do the most amount of damage in the shortest amount of time, which is why he has relied on them so heavily in his Hakuda practices. Fatal techniques like snapping someone's neck or breaking their spine are also heavily relied upon by the 11th Division Lieutenant. For him, being disarmed is nothing more than a disadvantage, and pulling punches in such a situation is an error in judgment. While he is more than capable of employing some incredibly complex maneuvers thanks to his strength and flexibility, Kamen finds most of them to be better suited to those who prefer hand-to-hand combat over Zanjutsu. Since he is not among that number, he rarely employs the techniques.

Shunpo Expert: Although incapable of Kidō, a Shinigami art that requires a 'soul', Kamen is adequately able to control his energy to perform the Hohō technique of Shunpo. While much of his power circuits are routed to muscle function, combat, and his advanced senses, only a small portion (in comparative terms) is dedicated to such a delicate form of propulsion. The result is a level of speed just a little below that of other Lieutenants, who can train their bodies to move better under the conditions of Shunpo. Kamen's speed can never improve thanks to his artificial body, nor is there technology advanced enough to increase his capabilities through upgrades. This static level of speed is a potential threat to him during combat. Should a quick enemy figure out just how fast the 11th Division Lieutenant can move, and that he cannot possible go any faster, it would be a rather simple task to outmaneuver and defeat him with minimal effort. As such, Kamen takes great pains to mask his limits and move far slower than his full speed. Many of his comrades have no idea what his full capabilities are. Those involved with his production, including a variety of Captains and scientists, are well aware of his top speed; they choose to keep his secret and allow him the tactical advantages that come with his method of misdirection. He generally fakes a limit of seventy percent of his actual abilities, making him seem like the slowest Lieutenant in the Gotei 13.

Immense Spiritual Power: While he may be an artificial being without a legitimate 'soul', Kamen has access to an incredibly potent well of spiritual power in the form of an internal Reiatsu battery. While a large portion of this energy is spent on the day-to-day demands of powering a fully-functioning cybernetic entity, much of its deepest stores remain completely untapped. Harotaissen Tsuribakki and Seisui Naito, two powerful Shinigami with almost endless wells of Reiryoku, each spent a full day of meditation to pour a tremendous amount of their own power into the battery. The resulting torrents of spiritual energy mixed and fused within the confines of Kamen's body, creating a unique Reiatsu that he calls his own. This purple and white swirling energy not only powers the Mannequin's daily functions, but his combat skills and Zanpakutō, as well. When released, this Reiatsu spreads outwards and generally incapacitates anyone below Lieutenant-class. Those who have the aptitude to fight him on even ground sometimes find the power he gives off to be a little overwhelming for someone of his supposed strength, but it is nowhere near the level of those who donated the original energy. Still, most Lieutenant-class combatants find themselves below-par in comparison to the Reiatsu of the White Shadow, which makes him one of the more powerful of his class as far as such statistics go; he essentially  reaches the Captain-class in spiritual pressure. Kamen's power stores are so vast--just from that one day of meditation--that he is not scheduled for a refit for another decade.

Enhanced Strength: The artificial muscle tissues that make up the internal structure of Kamen's body contain some incredible feats of Seireitei technology. Nanofibers and other composites are wound so tightly underneath his skin that, should they be unraveled, they would circle the Earth over three dozen times. With elasticity far beyond any other material, these fibers mimic normal muscle function perfectly while maintaining a much higher yield than their natural cousins. What truly sets them apart from normal Shinigami tissues is that they have no room for variable output. Any other individual would have strength powered by their spiritual energy, which is embodied in their muscles and makes them appear far stronger than any Human could ever be. Should their spiritual aptitude rise, so would their strength, which is why a small Captain can be more physically able than a giant, rank-and-file Shinigami. Kamen, on the other hand, is powered by his unique internal battery, which never changes the output capacity of its energy stores. His muscle tissues are similarly locked in their capabilities, always operating at 100% efficiency. They have no room for improvement or atrophy. Fine control of his motor skills prevents him from accidentally unleashing more kinetic energy than is necessary for his intended action, however, which is a safeguard created after serious injuries occurred in the testing stages of his early life. Although his muscles are always operating at maximum efficiency, Kamen can fold a paper crane--he is actually quite talented at creating them--as easily as he can demolish a building. The massive difference in strength is controlled by his cybernetic brain.

Enhanced Endurance: Made from a composite of incredibly durable, flexible materials, Kamen is uniquely equipped to withstand injuries and conditions that others would be hard-pressed to survive. Enemies that are significantly weaker than him have serious trouble piercing his naturally tough outer layer, which is similar to the shield of Reiatsu that Arrancar and Captain-class Shinigami can produce. His mechanical body and lack of internal organs makes him resistant to certain kinds of injury--piercing, limb-loss, and internal bleeding--that would impair the function of even the strongest warriors; the redundant systems of his design prevent critical system failure unless the majority of his body--or his black box--is lost. Extreme heat, cold, drought, and other environmental hazards can slow down the functions of his processors, but they rarely do any permanent damage unless they exceed rather high thresholds; most would have died long before such conditions had been met. This is due to a regulation system that spreads temperatures evenly across his body. The program is so advanced that it can actually convert some degrees of the high temperatures into energy that can then power his internal cooling units. Self-repairing technology can then take care of the rest. Poisons and paralytics are completely useless unless they specifically target the types of materials that make up the majority of Kamen's body, and due to his lack of orifices, administration of such things is next to impossible. In his entirely, the Mannequin is notoriously difficult to kill. In this way he is much like his Captain.

Alternative Senses: Hanjimono Kin's choice in creating Kamen without a face was not only because of a lack of care for aesthetics and a want to show off an artificial nature; the sensory program within the 11th Division Lieutenant does not need either sight or hearing for him to function. A separate project that the prodigy Captain had been working on for years found its final use in the Mannequin. Kin had been trying to find a way to actively track Arrancar, who can instinctively mask their Reiatsu and become almost impossible to track effectively. A sort of 'spiritual-energy sonar' was the final result of the project, and it was installed in Kamen as his only major sense. By sending near-constant bursts of energy out in all directions, he is able to see and hear based on how the energy reacts to the objects and waves that surround him. While this allows him to sense everything that a normal individual would be able to, including color (thanks to a program designed to interpret light reflection), it suffers from a fatal flaw. If Kamen should face an enemy with too much Reiatsu or the ability to manipulate/negate spiritual energy, he can be rendered both blind and deaf; the sonar essentially shuts down. In most cases, Kamen's sense give him an extreme upper hand on his opponents. He can sense lies through blood pressure, see around corners, and retain a three hundred sixty degree awareness.

Expert Tactician & Strategist: Built with a black box memory core with enough storage to be a primary server for an industrial nation, Kamen has the mental capacity to process utterly staggering amounts of information. The entire breadth of the Seireitei database was implanted into his mind during production, giving him access and immediate recall of every bit of Soul Society information below a specific level of strict classification. The massive amount of historical data and battle records afford Kamen a wealth of tactical knowledge that most scholars struggle their entire lives to comprehend. Famous deployments and maneuvers are at the tip of a mental whim for him, making it a simple matter to match an existing situation to a historical doppelganger and finding a successful strategy to ensure victory. Being a walking database allows him to remain prepared and knowledgeable far beyond many of his peers. The only issue with his strategies--what prevents him from becoming a master tactician like Kuchigane Yochi or Kirinonai Utsuro--is his somewhat stubborn reliance on historical examples. Pure creativity and lateral thinking, although quite possible with his advanced program, are not utilized to their full potential, which makes him somewhat predictable to those who have an advanced knowledge of strategy. Painfully obvious solutions that require minor out-of-the-box thinking have been bypassed in favor of complicated actions, only because they had worked in the past. It remains an error in computation that Captain Hanjimono and Captain Seisui hope will work itself out eventually. As time goes by, Kamen is expected to gain a familiarity with creativity that will foster his growth into a premier strategist. Until then, he remains one of the most fearsome tactical Lieutenant in the Gotei 13.
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This is part 1 of kamen's sheet, which contains general information about the character.

Part 2, which contains information about his Zanpakutō and Shikai, can be found here.


This reference sheet represents the 11th Division Lieutenant of my non-canon Bleach world. While he may seem overpowered, this particular description is not the one I use in roleplay--the power scales represented in its text are only in relation to the personal stories and the fiction which I write. When roleplaying, I use altered sheets with abilities to scale with the setting, completely devoid of power comparisons.


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Kamen © NexusYuber
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Disclaimer: I do NOT own Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler and sadly never will. *cries in corner*

Title: Checkmate

Pairings: Sebastian/Ciel

Rating:  T / Pg-13

Genre: Drama/Angst/Romance

Summary: Ciel was either to die by his own hands or by the hands of another, but Sebastian wasn't about to let that happen. Not when he had him so closely in his grasp.

Timeline: Anime/manga timeline.  

Warnings: SebaCiel warning.  Nothing horrible. =D  I'm quite light on that stuff.  Oh, but there is a lot of angst. Take note that if you don't watch Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, this might be a bit confusing.

Status: Finished

A/N:   So, this is MUCH different then what I usually write, so take it easy on me.  XD  Also, sorry if this idea is boring.  I tried. x.x



By Sasurealian

One Shot

Ciel frowned at himself in the mirror of his bedroom.  His hair was brushed back out of his face revealing his features more-so than before.  He noticed that his eyes were rounder than he would have liked and the tone of his skin was musky.

He hated his reflection.

Because all he truly saw in it was nothing.

He released a huff of air as he brushed down his black overcoat, trying not to take too much time on getting ready.

He no longer needed 'his' help anymore.

There was a knock on the door and Ciel didn't flash a look as he answered, "You may enter."

The door was quickly pulled open as Sebastian strode inside, "My lord, the carriage is ready for us to depart."

Ciel studied the way his butler bowed before he replied to him solemnly, "Very well.  I'll only be a moment."

Sebastian raised his head and shot a look towards his master.  If he noticed Ciel was distressed, he didn't act on it and left with a quick, "Of course, my lord."

Everything in Ciel's life felt like a game to him and he knew that all too well.  From the beginning of birth to the decaying of flesh that death brought, it was all a game of chess.  Only Ciel wasn't a silly pawn, no, he was the king and Sebastian served as his queen ready to protect him even if it meant risking his own life.

Or so he once thought.

Ciel let his eyes roam to his night stand where he picked up a gentle white rose.  He brushed his fingers over the lush pedals before he brought the rose to his breast pocket, forever sealing it there until he would no longer need its services.

Eventually its beauty would fade after its usage and it would no longer act as a purpose in his life anymore.

Yes, that was how he served in Sebastian's life.  Something that was once whole that would slowly fade into dust.

With once last glance at the mirror, Ciel headed towards the exit of his room.  

It was time.  Yes.  The time had come to when he would last see his lady again.  His cousin; his fiancé.  Or..use to be.


    Ciel remained silent from the moment he stepped in the carriage to the moment he stepped out.  Sebastian would occasionally flash him a look of concern, but Ciel ignored it, stating it was Sebastian trying to get through to him as always.  Besides, he thought, it was his job to care and if he didn't do his job correctly, what was the point of having him around?

The Earl hunched his shoulders as he clung to his worthless jacket.  He knew something heavier should have been sporting him, but he refused to have Sebastian dress him today, stating he was old enough to do it himself.  No longer was he a kid and he didn't want to be called out as one either.  If he was going to be the king in his chess game of life, then he was going to do a hell of a job before it became the end in an unsettling checkmate.

"My lord, your lips are blue.  Your attire is providing little warmth to you,"  Sebastian spoke as he approached the stoic man.  Ciel turned himself away from his butler, making sure to hint that he didn't want his fake affection.  After all the king never let anyone close enough to him because he feared that they would only strike him down.  Sebastian however caught Ciel's uneasiness and stopped his actions beforehand.

"I inquire you're troubled, my lord."  Ciel didn't respond once again and walked towards the church.  He didn't need Sebastian there any longer.  He knew now what he served in his life and Sebastian didn't have to say or do anything for Ciel to understand.  He got it now.  No thanks to the demon left standing out in the gales that would brush by them both.  Only, the biting cold didn't affect his butler as much as it affected Ciel.

Ciel didn't appear fazed as he watched his once fiancé walk down the aisle with another man.  Nor did he find it strange when she kissed her newly found husband on the lips so passionately.  He was happy for his cousin.  She had finally found love, but it wasn't him.  Thank goodness it wasn't him.  In the time of five years Elizabeth had learned that not only did she not love Ciel, but she didn't want to marry someone her parents chose for her either.  Ciel accepted it when Elizabeth came storming up to him crying and stating that she wasn't going to marry him.  Actually, Ciel felt relieved because now he didn't have to worry about disappointing her in the near future.  Now some other man would have to deal with her when she went shopping.  Some other man that she would marry would have to dread the days she complained over her dramatic, yet pointless days that god forbid did not matter.

Ciel flashed an entirely fake smile once Elizabeth caught his eye giving him a grin.  Yes, this was the last time he would see his cousin.  Not because he did not care for her or because he was glad to finally have her out of his life.  No, it was because he was sure that his deck of cards in his hand were about to run out, and once he slapped down his last card he would realize that winning wasn't as important to him as it was five years ago when he was barely the age of a teenager.

Ciel sharpened his baritone voice at Sebastian as he headed towards the exit of the chapel, "I will wish her the best of happiness, but for now we must depart."

Sebastian found it wise not to argue with his master's request, thinking that he wasn't in a pleasant mood today.  Although if he assumed Ciel was angered by his cousin's betrothal, he was very wrong.  Sebastian only found it strange that Ciel was being especially bitter towards him today.  Usually Ciel was the quiet type who didn't request for much attention.  In fact Ciel – almost – didn't act human some days.  He was a mere shell of a human who waited to die.  Sebastian instantly frowned at the accusation.  It was silly of his master to get so frazzled over nothing.  After all, he had so much to live for.

The Earl sniffled back the wetness from his nose as he gazed up into the graying sky.  The cold was providing to become worse by nightfall, but he didn't care.  He would be home by then, in his warm bed, alone.  Yes, alone like he always was ever since his parents past away.  Ciel didn't react when Sebastian closed in on him.  He remained calm as always, ignoring his butler's presence altogether.

"My lord, if I may,"  Sebastian began as he reached out and touched Ciel's shoulder.  The touch jolted the Earl and he immediately backed away slapping Sebastian's hand elsewhere.

Sebastian – almost – seemed amused by Ciel's actions, only he was getting anxious as to why Ciel was acting rather odd today, "You seem upset, my lord.  Care to explain what is bothering you?  If is lady Middleford- oh correct me, I meant to say Aldwin-"

"Don't muddle with what does not concern you, Sebastian.  Learn your place at once, for you are my servant and that is all you'll ever be."

Sebastian watched as Ciel pulled on his coat to suffocate the coldness that wrapped around his entire being.  He saw through Ciel's façade better than anyone else.  He knew Ciel and why he acted the way he did.  It wasn't an easy feat and the butler knew it.  Part of the reason was because Ciel didn't accept himself and the naked truth was, Ciel didn't realize how little he truly cared about his own existence.

Sebastian often wondered what made Ciel loath himself so much.  Ever since he first bound the contract between them both, he had been dark and let the void inside his heart snatch the life out of him only leaving the core of his soul left wide open for everyone to see; and see it Sebastian did.  At first Sebastian could have easily bragged about how Ciel had the most luring soul he had ever come upon, but the more months went by (which eventually turned into years), he realized that Ciel wasn't like most mortals.  Of course that would explain his luscious soul and why he wanted it, but that wasn't all he wanted anymore and deep down inside the fragment of a soul that the demon had left, it frightened him.

Ciel bore his eyes into Sebastian's crimson ones as he waited for his obedient reply.  It didn't take long for Sebastian to calmly get down on one knee and place a pale hand over his heart, "Yes, my lord,"  His voice rang out in a deep baritone.  

There was a moment of pure silence in which Ciel found annoying.  He studied how his butler's lips upturned into a shrilled smirk and it irritated him to bits to think that perhaps Sebastian thought Ciel was being childish again.  He was done with the hidden respect he was receiving, but what the silver haired boy didn't realize was Sebastian's smirk was not a way to ward off the younger boy, but just a way to acceptance.

"You may head home alone.  I won't be following you."  

Sebastian watched as Ciel side stepped the carriage and slipped his fragile hands into his pockets as he guided his way down the streets of London.

"Master, you shouldn't walk alone in this weather, let alone be out in it as the sun goes do-"

"That was an order."  Ciel snapped out angrily.  It was defiantly a new found emotion for Ciel since usually anger never claimed the best of him, but there was so much of something collided up inside his very soul to the point Ciel didn't care what emotions he showed anymore.

Sebastian inwardly scowled as he watched Ciel escape down the streets of London.  He didn't understand why Ciel would just leave like that.  Where would he possibly be going and why wasn't he allowed to come along?  There was never a time where he was left behind because if there was Ciel then he was always there beside him.

This only frazzled the demon more, which lead to more mixed feelings since he knew that demons didn't become frazzled.  In fact, demons are simple creatures that humans make out to be something worse.  A mortal is in more ways than one more malicious than a demon could ever be.  Sebastian knew his young master understood that, for they are what took his happiness from him.  They stole it out of his life and left him naked on the floor and scarred for eternity.

Demons had feelings and they certainly had emotions just like everything else with a beating heart.  Yes, his heart did hum within his chest and he knew because his nature had heartless intent which made him seem like a shell of a creature that only craved one thing, and one thing only.  


Of course that was a true understanding, it didn't mean that the demon didn't understand love, didn't understand hatred, happiness, or fear.  He had all emotions, but the secret was, he could hide them better than anyone else.

Ciel reminded him of that creature.

He never left anything in and he certainly didn't approve of it either.  The only question he could ask himself was why?  

Why couldn't he breathe for once in his life and give his lungs what they craved for so long.  He was slowly becoming a withering rose, which was a disgrace since when he started off he was a delicate rose with the most pedals of them all.

But….with any rose comes thorns and to get through those thorns was the blocking point.

The ebony haired butler let his eyes flare up the becoming darkness.  No, he wouldn't accept losing Ciel, because after all there was something else that he wanted and maybe- just maybe he could reach it before it tumbled over the edge, no longer there for anyone to save it.


     Ciel kept his eyes ahead of him as he continued to walk down the cobblestone.  He stared up at one of the buildings in London and frowned.  Without thinking he made his way over to the unstable stairs and climbed up towards the top, flinching as his chilled hands became even colder when mental touched them.

Once at the top Ciel peered his eyes over the building and froze instantly.  If he fell he knew he would no longer sustain life because the distance between him and the ground was far too great.  His bones would shatter on impact and it would all be over for him in an instant.

He relaxed himself as he sat on the ledge.  The cold only became worse and the darkness in the sky had finally overcome leaving him with only his frigid breath to call his own.  His jacket was meaningless to him now, for his body was chilled to the bone.

The Earl began to wonder where he went wrong.  It all started when Elizabeth disappeared out of his life.  Maybe to most people in this world it was nice to be alone and always alone, but he could remember what it felt like to be happy and he secretly missed it.  The nights his mother would peck him on the forehead and whisper goodnight was cemented inside his brain and he longed to have that back if only for a day.

He was already dead to the world now that his soul belonged to a demon and the problem was that Ciel didn't care.  He never would regret selling his soul to a demon because in the years that have passed by he could say he was some-what happy.  There were positive days when he and Sebastian would debate the queen and her annoying orders.  He even enjoyed the days where he would sit alone in his manor and listen to Sebastian read of the days chores.

It only bothered Ciel when things became personal, but he began to wonder when that started to happen.  He wanted to have Sebastian by his side more and more and when Sebastian wouldn't obey his every command it would infuriate him to a huge extend.  

Although it shouldn't have mattered to him; he was the master and Sebastian his servant.  There was no bond because it wasn't created to begin with.  To top that off, Sebastian was a demon and he a human.  Why create a bond that didn't ever exist?  Sebastian only stayed by his side because he wanted his soul and that made sense, but something inside of Ciel hated it and the more he glared down off the building the more he wondered if he fell would he actually die?  Would that free him from the contract he had with Sebastian?

Somewhere deep inside himself he knew he wanted to be free of his butler.  He could no longer stand the looks he spared when Ciel would ask him for something.  Each and every day his human heart would become more and more attached, but there was no emotion or feelings of love that Sebastian could give back.  He was a demon and Ciel should have known better.  Or if not the demon and human relationship then he was still his butler and as his butler he would only abide by his orders because it was his job.

Ciel braved his heart as he inched himself off the edge.  He gasped once he slipped and caught the edge of the building with his hands.  There was no pulling himself back up because the cold had stunned his muscles and he felt too weak to hardly hold him where he hung.

Finally after one final breath of foggy air, he released his desperate hold on the ledge and closed his eyes as he fell.  The only thing that came to his mind was Sebastian bowing as he abided to his order.

He waited for the impact to take place, but it never came.  He felt free and the biting cold nip at his face in pain.

He snapped his eyes opened and gawked once he saw Sebastian cradling him in his arms.  He struggled in the demons hold, but Sebastian didn't let him down until he found a safe place for his master.

"You idiot, release me.  I'm too old for you to be doing that anymore."

Sebastian obeyed and let him down against the ground, "Master, I do not encourage you jumping off of buildings, it is very dangerous."

Ciel knew this would come.  Sebastian would brush his attempt off like it was nothing.  He was ready to finally let it happen.  He was ready to finally meet his end.  It was checkmate for him this time.  He only had one last card to play.

"Take my soul, Sebastian.  That is an order."

Sebastian's face became a deathly pale color as he took in the order.  The demon knew why Ciel had ordered it.  He could no longer stay happy in this world anymore.  He had to escape it and that only angered his butler.  His soul was beginning to fade into the darkness, but no, the butler wouldn't allow it.  He wouldn't allow it.

Ciel sat on a bench in the darkness with not a sound around.  It began to snow and Ciel was sure his lips were now a nice shade of blue, "Don't disobey me, Sebastian."  

Sebastian bowed with a faint smile, "Yes, my lord."

Then Ciel waited.  He waited for the moment he knew Sebastian had been wanting for so long.  To finally devour his soul and be filled with everlasting fulfillment.

But when Sebastian got on one knee and took his hand gently giving it a sweet kiss, he was left stunned.

What his butler said next shattered everything inside his body.

"Ciel Phantomhive, marry me,"  It wasn't a question, but more of a order.  Ciel looked astonished by what his butler just said.  He couldn't have been serious.  This must have been some cruel joke that he was to play before he took his soul from his body.  But the look splayed on his butler's face told him otherwise.

"H-huh..?"  Ciel choked out as he sat frozen-*

"I no longer want you to be alone, Ciel.  I want to be bound to you in another way.  In exchange for our contract become my soul mate and become my bride."

Ciel felt his stomach churn and something inside his body fell apart.  Maybe it was the hardened shell around his heart, but no more words would escape his mouth and just the way Sebastian said his name was enough to make him lose himself.  This was a dream.  He knew it was not something Sebastian would ever say.   It wasn't like him.  He was a demon.

"You're lying."  Ciel seethed.  He didn't like Sebastian teasing him and he found it especially rude of him to do so before he snatched his soul.

Although Ciel leaned back as Sebastian moved towards him.  The butler placed his hand back against the bench Ciel sat on and took hold of the younger boy's chin, "A demon cannot lie, my lord."

He then pressed his lips against Ciel's in the softest kiss he had ever received.  

It was different than the kisses Elizabeth once gave him.  They were messy and tasted of some type of lip stick, but when Sebastian pressed his lips against his it felt like his heart had floated away and nothing felt more right than things did right now.

He timidly shut his eyes as he leaned into the kiss.  It felt wrong not to.  Sebastian licked his lips to let him in and Ciel obeyed unknowingly.  Sebastian mapped the inside of Ciel's mouth as he gently snaked his arms around Ciel's middle.  The younger boy mewled into the kiss once Sebastian bit his lower lip.

Finally after what felt like an eternity and the need for air, they broke.  Ciel felt the feeling in his hands return once Sebastian grabbed them and Ciel was sure his face appeared completely disarray.  He was a mess.


Sebastian then yanked Ciel towards him and pressed him into an embrace.  He hugged the younger boy tightly in desperation.  Ciel needed it and he knew that to be true because even his stoned heart needed it, too.

"Listen to me young master- no, Ciel"  Sebastian spoke as he hugged Ciel into his chest as tightly as he could, "I'm a demon and yes, I corrupt evil.  I'm known for taking souls and I am known for my sins, but-"  Sebastian shut he eyes and puzzled Ciel's head under the crook of his neck, "-but you have startled the fragment of my soul I had left and also my heart."

Ciel remained still as he swallowed. Hard.  He had no idea how to answer him, but it didn't matter because Sebastian did that for him.

"Ciel, I love you.  I love you because out of every living thing in this existence you were what changed me for the better.  Everything we have been through and every moment we've shared.   So that is why.." Sebastian tipped Ciel's chin up so he could see his face, "That is why I want you to bind your soul to me through marriage so that we can never be separated."

Ciel's lips eased apart as he touched Sebastian's cheek, "Ask me again, Sebastian."

"Marry me, Ciel."

Ciel immediately kissed his butler- no, soul mate's lips and Sebastian smirked as he pulled apart, "I'm going to take that as a yes."

"Hn, I'm forced into checkmate.  I can't say no…besides…."  Ciel blushed as he crossed his arms, "We were already soul mates from the minute we met."

Sebastian leaned his forehead against Ciel's, "Then say it to me, Ciel."  He purred out.

Ciel let a butter pink blush fall over his face and the cold no longer affected him as the words slipped out of his mouth, "I love you, too."

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