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"Airman, you messed up again!"
This familiar cry came once again to Airman Patrick Zuspann. He was always a screw up, barely passed Air force basic training and technical school. Everything he did, he always messed up in some way, this time it was really big.
"Do you know how much that pump cost? That is the new P-7583 'Water Hog,' it has a computerized meter that records how much water it pumps out. It's worth 15,000 dollars," his supervisor said.
"I'm sorry sir. I didn't know there was sewage in that trench. I should have looked better," Zuspann said.
"Zuspann, I swear one more screw up like this, and I will find some reason to kick you out," his supervisor said.
"Yes sir," Zuspann said.
"Just go home and try, TRY to not get yourself killed."
"Yes sir," he said.
Zuspann really did try hard to get things right. It was just every time he did something with his plumbing job, something went wrong. He installed a new water heater, and the water lines would break. He put in new lines and they would always be bent when he when he came back minutes later. He just couldn't explain it. As he walked in his dorm, he felt worse than ever. He was coming close to the end of his six year contract and he hadn't made any progress with his career. He just wished he could forget it all. He walked into his bed room picked up his pet iguana, and laid down on his bed. She was his only friend in the world. In his dark times she always made him feel better. As he laid there, he looked at her in sadness.
"Oh Sam, today was just horrible. I messed up again, big time. The sergeant was really mad at me. One more screw up and I don't think I'll be in much longer. I just wish I could just get away from this life," he said throwing his hands up. As he looked at them, he noticed a scale on his right hand.
"Oh looks like your sheading again," he said. As he reached up to pull it off he heard someone say, "I wouldn't do that if I were you."
He looked down at Sam in surprise. She couldn't possiably have said that. Shruging he pulled the scale off, and skin with it. He sat up and held his hand in pain.
"I told you, you didn't listen," the voice said again.
He looked down again at Sam in shock. "Did you say that?"
"Yes and you don't know how long I have wanted to talk to you," she said.
"But how can I understand you," he asked.
"Look at your hand."
Patrick looked at the hand that the scale was on. There was now a set of blue scales slowly growing and multiplying.
"What is going on," He asked in shock.
"Well you said you want to get away from this old life, so I just helped you out with that."
"You're doing this?"
"But how," he said grabbing his hand in pain, "You're just an iguana!"
"Not exactly," she said walking over. "I'm a dragon. There are not very many of us left. Not many people would be happy to see us so we all took on different reptilian forms to blend into the world around us."
The scales started growing faster now. Soon they covered his whole hand as his finger nails grew out to form claws. Patrick began to panic, causing him to all off the bed.
"Relax. Don't fight it. Let the changes happen and it will be painless."
Patrick had to force himself to calm down. Closing his eyes he began to breath deep. The scales started growing more rapidly now, spreading up his arm and across his whole body. Soon he was covered with scale and his hands and feet had grown claws. Next his bones began to change, starting with his legs. Quickly they became longer and digit like. Then his chest grew fuller and broader. Next his skull began to change shape, pushing outward to produce a muzzle and two horns grew out in a lightning bolt shape. Then the mussels in his body began to change, growing bigger, thicker and stronger. There was not an ounce of body fat on him. Next his tail burst out from the remains of his wiggled for a second the laid still. Finally his wings grew, bursting out through the remains of his uniform. When the transformation was finished, he opened his eyes and looked over himself. A smile grew on his face as he wiggled his tail and flapped his wings.
"Are you pleased," Sam asked.
Very pleased," Patrick answered.
"Good." Suddenly she jumped off the bed and changed into a bipedal dragon like what Patrick had become. She was a purple dragon with long silver hair and deep blue eyes. Her horns curved out in a gental S-shape. Around her neck she wore a small cresent moon shaped pendent. In its center sat a small sapphire.
"Whoa, I thought dragons walked on four legs, not two?"
"That's what you were raised to believe. See back in the middle ages. There were thousands of us, roaming Western Europe, but the people at the time could not comprehend the fact that we were intelligent. So based on their religion, they called us demons and referred to us as animals. Many of our kind were slaughtered and burned. Those that survived fled her and hid, waiting for a chance."
"Ok but, how did I change?"
"Some of us got impatient and took on human forms to, you know."
"I get it, yeah."
"You happen to be a descendent of one of my brethren. But you could only change and join us when you were ready to give up your human life. Now we have a chance to start again. We had so few males when we came here and many of them became human. Will you help us," she asked.
Patrick thought about it for a second. "Yeah this new life could be fun. Let's do it."
"Perfect," she said opening the window, "By the way, my names Tara."
"Tara, I like it."
"And what you what do you want to be called from now on?"
"Call me Zeus," he said.
"Zeus, I like it."
As they flew off into the night he asked, "So can use magic or breath fire?"
"Breath fire, no. Use magic, yes, in small bursts. Like I did with you."
"That explains it then."
"Explains what?"
"All my screw ups."
Tara laughed as they flew off into the horizon. Never again would they be lonely.
My First TF story, hope everyone likes it. The idea came to me while I was at school. It gets a little boring at the end but the rest is ok.

EDIT: After hearing a very good critique. I have changed and added a few things to my story. Enjoy. I have an idea for a sequel story, but its going to be a little bit before it's done.
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Tennessee Dragon

Chapter 1: Mysterious Beverages

It was around 2 a.m. and everyone had gone to bed except Lee. He was a true deviantArt fanatic and was on the site as much as possible. It was hard at first though since he had to keep his account secret for the first couple of weeks until his parents found out.

Suddenly, Lee heard a familiar sound, a rattling metal fence. He let it go assuming it was a cat; being that there were many felines in the area. Around 30 seconds later he heard it again, going the other way! Lee knew something was up and, knowing he was the only one who heard it, went to the back door to have a look. He knew he was the only one who had heard it due to his acute hearing which he assumed came from being half blind in one eye with an astigmatism.

Upon flipping on the porch light, Lee saw a case of Coke(the soda). He thought it odd that the company delivered the drinks to his home, especially at 2 in the morning. There was something odd about them though: the bottles were regular 20oz plastic bottles like you’d find in any vending machine right down to the label. The exception to this regularity was that the liquid was a dark shade of blue. Lee knew his mother to be an avid Coke drinker and figured they were a new product she’d ordered. He noted though, about the odd delivery time and where on the premises they’d been left. After all, few people knew about the back entrance to his house. The suspicion passed and Lee realized how thirsty all this thinking had made him. He thought to himself, “Mom won’t mind me having one. After all, I am HER son.” He did take very much after her although people told him of his resemblance to his father. Lee wrestled a bottle from the crate, cracked the seal, and had drank most of its contents down before realizing the awful taste. It was like drinking gasoline! He spat out what he could and threw the thing away, but not before swallowing some.

Lee had just gotten back to his computer and his chatroom when his stomach began to ache.” I really shouldn’t have drank that stuff!” he said, thinking out loud as he often did around that time of night. “I’ll warn mom about that stuff tomorrow.” He went to the kitchen and got an antacid and some water. After ascending the stairs however, Lee noticed something about his feet. He often walked digitigrade to be quieter soto not wake his family, but it usually displeasured his ankles to do so. Right now though, he couldn’t feel a thing. “I must be used to it now,” he thought. “Weird, I’ve only been walking like this for about a month.” Lee ignored it and took his medicine. Soon after he was back in #NFSfans chatting it up, stomachache subsided. Around 3 however, it came back and it was worse.

Lee told his friends he’d be right back and, knowing how to deal with a severe stomachache,(he knew the reactions to stomach pain he’d read about in dragon tf stories only compounded the pain)he laid down on the couch and waited for it to go away. It didn’t and he let out a small, quiet yelp and nothing more. The pain had changed from the “ouch” kind to the kind you get when riding a roller coaster or waterslide. It didn’t hurt Lee but caused his body to make adrenaline for the upcoming changes.

The first thing Lee noticed was a tightness in his house pants(warm pants some of us rednecks don when its cold)that wasn’t there before. He reached behind himself not knowing what he’d find. He couldn’t feel anything and reached inside his pants(not his underwear!)and felt something scaly! When Lee touched it, it jerked like a reflex and he could feel it in his back! His first thought was that he’d seen too many dragon pics and needed to get to bed. He decided he’d sleep there that night fearing further hallucination on the stairs. As he lay down his mid-section elevated! Lee was immensely frightened, thinking his body was being levitated by the unseen hand of the ghost he feared inhabited his house. What scared him more were the tearing sounds coming from beneath him. He nervously reached under himself and found a large hole in his pants, his most comfortable pants! The thing that filled the hole was the most frightening though. It was a long serpentine tail! Lee quietly exclaimed,” Cool, a tail; I alwaysss wanted a tail! I jussst wissh it hadn’t tore my pantssss sso badly though.”

He realized something about his voice upon saying this. His voice had recently stopped cracking so bad but now it was deeper than his father’s. Lee also lingered on his “s” sounds more than usual even with his southern accent. It sounded somewhat like a hiss! He proceeded to test this by reciting the familiar rhyme: She sells seashells by the sea shore. He was alarmed by how long it took to say it and how it came out. “Sssshe sssellss ssseassshells by the sseassssshore,” he repeated. After testing his new voice, Lee felt major hunger pains despite just having a snack. He went to the kitchen and surveyed the room. Lee was a known chocolahaulic but right this moment the Reeses-like chocolate covered peanut butter balls didn’t appeal to him. He used his newfound tail to open the fridge and took out an eight-pack of hotdogs. Lee had planned to only eat one or two franks but moments later he found himself throwing away the empty plastic pack. Strangely, this gorging flung a craving on him for that blue Coke. He found the case by the door and got a bottle from it. The liquid, he realized, was the same color as the scales on his tail! The connection was becoming clear.

Before he knew what happened, Lee found the case half-empty and a small pile of bottles beside him. He noticed the rest of the drinks were dark green in color. Though being groggy, he could still taste that awful gasoline flavor clinging to his tongue and decided to try and wash out his mouth. Something told him he’d need a bathroom anyway after drinking all that Coke(you would too, admit it). After slipping past his parents’ room in his familiar digitgrade posture; though he didn’t realize he was doing it; Lee ran into the bathroom. While in the bathroom he let out a yell that would have woken the neighbors had his tail moved to muffle it, hands busy elsewhere. His feet had grown scales like those on his tail and his freshly trimmed toenails were growing at around one millimeter a second, at his best guess. They were getting sharper and were turning solid white! All the while he could hear bones pop and crack as his ankles moved up the back of his legs. Lee could barely stomach all this plus the fact that he could see his little toes were shrinking back into his body.

Lee would often say he believed in dragons but he really didn’t. One of his friends, Skyler, did believe in them and if what Lee thought would happen did happen, Skyler would get the news ASAP. These assumption, unbeknownst to Lee, were correct and he began to think so as he was washing his hands; which was made harder by the added height his new feet gave him. He could see through the flowing water that his fingernails began to grow longer and sharper. He tried to hurry and finish washing but cut his left hand in the process. Lee stared at the cut expecting it to gush blood due to its size, but blue scales poured out onto his hand instead. A similar situation happened with his other hand moments later. About to scream from surprise, he willed his tail to cover his mouth so as to not cut his face worried what might happen.

As Lee exited the bathroom he noticed a feeling of “lightening”. He was never obesely large but he wasn’t an Olympic gymnast either. He could now feel fat burned off his body. “Mussst be being ussed asssss fuel,” he said with his lisp. It felt weird being skinny to him; he was large all his life and never felt this small before. Lee began to feel his spine press against his skin as plates punctured the scales on his tail, slowly making their way up his back. They were the same dark green as the rest of those Cokes and looked odd against his blue scales. “Wait, thosse ssscaless weren’t there before!” he screamed in his head. The lisp had even invaded his internal voice! He was right though, as the navy blue scales spread over his torso from the plates and nearly enclosed him in them. As they spread, they caused Lee’s torso to expand tearing off his night shirt(another southern custom)and revealed a five inch wide strip of skin from his chest to the base of his tail. This didn’t last long as the scuds from his tail filled the opening. He looked comical: scaly body, hands, feet, and tail with human arms, legs, and head. Just as he thought about this,(with no mirror he had to imagine it)scales from his body, arms, and legs began growing toward each other stretching his arms and legs as they went making more sickening popping and tearing the remains of the pants off. ”I really wisssh that didn’t have to happen,” he complained. Lee decided to go look in the mirror at his mostly new form.

Did you ever get that sinking feeling? Lee didn’t. He became aware of a rising sensation while staring at the “dragon” in the mirror. His neck began to elongate and become scaled and scudded. Lee almost burst out laughing at his reflection. Anyone would’ve had to laugh at a dragon with a human head and no wings. He immediately took notice of an immense pain in his dragonic shoulderblades. Long bony appendages were growing from them. He assumed they were wings as webbing grew between the bones. Lee dared not open them for fear that they were larger than the small room he was in. He ran back downstairs to the living room(den) and was amazed at their size! They were at least six feet each! In his rush, Lee failed to notice the final changes that took place, although he could plainly feel them. His near-perfect teeth had elongated into fangs and were becoming tight in his jaw as more and more grew in. Thankfully, his jaw had began to stretch and the teeth were much more comfortable. Unlike most dragon transformations he’d read, Lee’s hair did not fall out as his ears became holes in the sides of his head. He found his senses much more acute and, with the astigmatism gone, he could see better than ever in both eyes. The Coke did have a side effect though. It had unusual properties, (obviously) but it was still carbonated and Lee felt a huge urge to belch. He stepped into the middle of his front yard since he had seen a dragon belch before. The stream of fire that lept from his scaly maw would’ve torched the house across the street, had he aimed at it. He enjoyed the feeling of freedom but dove back inside for fear of being discovered. Once inside Lee tried to sum up what had happened. “Okay, firssst I drank the Coke,” he thought to himself. “Then I felt bad, then I transsssformed into a dragon? That’sss ssome good Coke!” He pulled the mirror off the wall and gazed at his new form. He was about eight feet tall with a seven foot tail, twelve foot wingspan, and was navy blue with green plates running down his back. His dirty-blonde hair and lack of horns seemed odd to him, but it passed.

The only question was how his parents, and more crucially Skyler, would react?
Go easy but be honest as this is my first story.

EDIT: I had to make myself a bit smaller so i could fit inside my house.
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"I really miss her," Zeus said.
Ever since his transformation, Zeus (formally Patrick) had spent his days learning how to fly, training in sword fighting, and mastering his magic. He was living his dream, but he did miss one thing. A female airman named Jennifer. He was sitting under the old willow tree in the camp thinking about her as Tara walked up.
"What's wrong Zeus," she asked.
"I don't know. I just feel lonely."
Tara looked at him in confusion. "Have you not found a mate yet? There are many females here, have none of them caught your eye?"
"No, and it's not that I don't find them beautiful, because I do. It's just, I already found a 'mate'. But it's impossible now. She's a human and I'm a dragon. We just can't be together.
"Well it's not entirely impossible," Tara said taking off here pendent. "Here," she said handing it to him.
"What is it," he asked.
It's a moon pendent. It allows us to channel our magic so we can cast spells. It helped me change you," she said.
"Thank you , but how do I use it," he asked.
"I'll teach you the spell, but for those that do not have draconic blood, you must convince them to change or the spell won't work.

Jennifer sat in her dorm thinking about Patrick. It had been two months since he had disappeared. There was no trace of him except for the remains of his uniform. She had always wondered where he went and why he didn't ask her to go with him. He was the only one that understood her, without him she didn't know what she would do. She looked again at a picture of the two of them at comic-con in their dragon costumes. She smiled as she remembered Patrick getting the tail of his costume caught in the door the first day they were there.
"It never did look right after that," she said.
"Didn't feel right either, still doesn't," said a familiar voice.
Joy filled her as she turned around and saw Patrick sitting on her window ledge. He looked about the same as the last time she saw him, except he was more muscular. She felt her heart skip a beat as she looked at him.
"What are you doing here? I mean I'm glad you're ok but if the police find you here, we'll both go to jail," she said.
"I know," he said standing up, "But I had to see you."
Just then Jennifer got off her bed and hugged him as hard as she could. "I've missed you so much. What happened to you? Where did you go," she asked.
"I think it would be easier to show you rather than tell you," he said letting go of her. As he stepped back from her he whispered something she couldn't understand. Suddenly a white light engulfed him, it made her close her eyes it was so bright. When it disappeared, Patrick had changed into a blue bipedal dragon. He was wearing a black tunic, leggings, and brown clock, his hair was slightly longer, and there was a large bag slung over his shoulder. She jumped back slightly when she first saw him, but she soon relaxed.
"So you're a dragon. That explains a lot," she said.
"I'm surprised you're so accepting of this," Patrick said.
"Patrick, you're my best friend. What you are doesn't matter to me. I knew you as a human and you're still that same person," she said.
"Thank you Jennifer, that means a lot. Now I have a question to ask you," he said taking her hand.
"What is it," she asked.
"Will you come with me back to the dragon camp?"
Jennifer looked down and was silent for a minute, and then she said, "I don't know."
"What's wrong?"
"Will the other dragons accept me?"
"Not as a human," he said, "But I can make you a dragon."
"Really, but how?"
Patrick reached inside of his cloak and pulled out the pendent Tara had given him. It was a oval shaped pearl and a crescent shaped sapphire inlaid in pure silver. Around the outer edge there was a small inscription in strange characters. He held it out so that she could get a better look at it.
"That's beautiful, what is it," she asked.
"This is a moon pendent. It helps us channel and amplify our magic. With it I can cast a spell that will make you like me," he said, "But the choice is yours. I can't force it on you."
Jennifer thought about it for a minute, and then said, "Yes I will, for you."
Patrick smiled and put the pendent around her neck. "Just relax and this won't hurt," he said. He then began chanting quietly. Suddenly Jennifer felt an itching sensation on the back of her right hand. She looked down at it and saw a small patch of emerald green scales growing there. It scared her a little at first but she quickly calmed down. As she let out a deep breath, the scales began to quickly multiply covering all of her body. As the last scale grew out, she felt a slight pull in her legs, as if someone was pulling on them in two directions. She looked down just in time to see her legs shift and become digit like. She watch in amazement as her toes fused together to form three clawed toes on each foot. Next she felt her face push forward to form a muzzle. Then two horns grew straight out of the back of her head. Next her mussels grew large to accommodate her new body. Suddenly she felt a pressure in her pants as her tail burst out. Finally two wings burst out of her back. When it was finished, she walked over to her mirror, the remains of her clothes falling off as she went, and looked at her new body. She had been changed into an emerald green anthro dragon. As she stood there, Patrick pulled reached into his bag and pulled out a new set of clothes. There was a pair of brown leggings and a black shirt.
"Here try these on," he said handing them to her.
"Thanks" she said taking them. As she got dressed, she began to feel her new body. Her new scales felt hard and cold, not like her human skin which was soft and warm. Putting on the legging was a challenge, trying not to tear them on her new claws. As she slipped on the shirt, her hand stopped at her face and began to feel it from the top of her horns to the bottom of her jaw. She felt depressed at the fact she lost her beautiful human face.
"I'm hideous now," she said looking away from the mirror.
Patrick walked went over to her and gently lifted her head so they were looking into each other's eyes saying, "No you're not. You are the most beautiful dragon I've ever seen."
Jennifer smiled, and then leaned forward and kissed. "Thank you," she said, "So where do we go now?"
"Back to the camp, Tara can't wait to meet you. She's the one who gave me this pendent to me," he said walking over to the window. "And help me discover a world I never knew existed before." Then holding out is hand he asked, "So are you ready for it?"
Jennifer smiled and then taking his hand she said, "Yeah, let's go."
Well here is the third one. It is a little continuation of the first one. I felt a little sad that Zeus was just thrown into this new world so i wanted to bring someone eles in. I hope you like it. I might do a drawing of the pendent later, not sure yet.
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Hello there, dear reader! It looks like you're about to start reading this story ^.=.^
While I'm honoured that you'd like to read my works, I regrettably have to inform you that this story has been discontinued after eight chapters and a sidestory merge. There won't be any more chapters in this story, sadly.

I am however working on a new project that will hopefully outshine this old gal - it's going to be released some time in the future, and I hope you'll be there to read that was well.

If you can deal with this story ending abruptly with no end in sight, then by all means read on, and dream.

Jarl Gullberg


People dream. It's natural. Daydreams you usually control and you can make them whatever you want. Sometimes they get forgotten, sometimes they spring back to life after a long time, or just a heartbeat. Sometimes, they come true.

Last year, I stayed home from school two days because of stomach pains. My mother thought it was some kind of odd flu, mainly because she had it too. But i can tell you, this was'nt a normal Get-to-stay-home ruse. This was longing. A longing to be a Dragon. I had just read a lot of Dragon TF stories on the internet(And, as everyone else just thought they were very good stories, but nothing more.) when the sensation popped up. It was also around this time that I begun making short, not too suspicious inquires (I didn't want to sound like an Ubergeek. That would have been, well, embarrassing at best.) about what they would do if I suddenly turned into a dragon.
How was I supposed to know that paved the way for my coming life?

I guess my story begins on the first of january 2011. I was bored, so I logged on to Skype as normal, where I was almost instantly greeted by the ordinary "Cucumber?" from Eric. This is a running joke between us, using either fruits or catchphrases from the internet to say hi to each other. I answered by typing in "NEEEEEEEEEEEIN!!!" which is also a somewhat retarded but still fun response. Comes from a YouTube video if you have to know.

"So, what are you doing you videotapesmellingmonkeybeerchuggingpinapple?!" Eric said.

"Nothing at the moment you tomato-throwing newspaperpage! You?" I answered, giggling a bit. He always seems to come up with the most ramdom stuff, no matter how hard I try.

"Playing a bit HoN. Isn't going that well though."

"Hm. I told you that game's boooring lol :D. No plans for tomorrow?" I said, just having had an idea.

"HoN's not boring, you pineapple! I'm just having a bad day playing, that's all. And no, no plans for tomorrow. What do you have in mind?"

"Yeaaaah...Sure haha. I thought we could meet up and just leave the computers a while? We've been sitting here just chatting for, what, two weeks now? Havn't seen you since the LAN."

"Sure, why not? At your place or mine?"

"At my home if it's OK :) Got something I want to check out in the woods,"

"Now you've tickled my interest, Jarl. Wazzup?"

I pondered if I should tell him right away what I had found or just wait until he arrived. I settled for baiting him a bit and then telling him.

"Give me a guess, hehe. I'm not evil so you can have a clue first. It's related to that rockslide that ocurred during that storm, remember?"

"Uuh...You know I hate guessing...You found gold? Crystals that the slide uncovered? I know you get crazy about that stuff."

I quickly typed :
"Nope. This is way better. The rockslide opened up a cave in the mountain :D. I thought we could explore it and see how big it is."

"A cave? Man, that's awesome! I'll go ask my parents if they can drive me to your house. Sucks not being old enough to drive."

"Do that. I'll BRB in the meantime."

"Yeah, see ya. Don't shut down Skype, will ya?"

"No way, Go ask them now you cucumberfoot!"

I heard a loud rustling as he took off his headset and hurried off. I thought about the cave for a while and what we might find in there. My thoughts strayed to the subject dragons and transformations and all off a sudden that longing sensation hit me like a train. My stomach was in upheaval, and I was feeling a bit dizzy. I half-groaned, half-muttered to myself "I know, I know. Dragons ahoy." I wrote a quick message in Skype about getting a sandwich and went upstairs. That sandwich was mainly to calm my stomach, but I also needed something else to think of. Therefore, food. When I had fetched that and went down again we chatted some more, but I ain't gonna bore you to death with two hours worth of text chat. To sum it up, he got clearance to come and even sleep here for a night (yay for that) plus he was allowed to go into that cave with me. His parents can be a bit jumpy on things like that, so we thought it best to ask. Besides, a few white lies about our equipment in there can't harm, right?

After about two hours we said goodbye for now and I shut off my computer. When I went upstairs I saw that the TV was still on, so I said to myself,

"Eh, what the hell. Might as well watch some. It's on, and who am I to turn down such an opportunity?"

I zapped around a bit, and eventually ended up on THE most basic channel: 1.

""Report", huh? Well...Boring as hell, but who knows? They might have found something interesting at the very least."

And sure as hell, I didn't have to wait long before a newsreport about a guy in the U.S popped up. He had apparently tried to fool people that he had captured a dragon. A few shots of the guy and the supposed "Dragon" appeared, and I saw how the "Dragon's" head fell off right before the TV cameras, revealing a man who looked like he would become very happy if he all off a sudden was somewhere else.

I muttered to myself;
"And some people really belived that guy? Man, I can't understand why some people even bother."

A few more news flashed by, but none catched my eye, so I turned off the Telly with a sigh, quickly downed a glass of milk and went to bed.

I jerked awake from a particulary nasty dream about me getting my a** kicked by some thugs on an open street, and sat up so fast I banged my head on the roof. Odd? Not really, as my bed is about two metres up in the air. Cursing heavily, I got out of bed only to bump my hand on my cactus, lodging several of the spikes in my fingers. My tears watered from the pain and I had to stop myself from yelling. After calming down a bit and turning my bedlamp on, I pulled out the spikes and looked down on my room. It was as it used it be, rectangular, my worktable in the middle with my computer and the two monitors on top of it. The floor was littered with stuff, as were the shelves. It was mostly books, but here and there some odd stuff peeked out, like some old bottles that once contained mulled wine (I saved the bottles, thought they might come in handy some day.), a broken computer headset, an intarsia from last year's woodcraft lessons, some old lamps that we had yet to put up, a book about  idioms, and magazines. Lots and lots and lots of magazines. I'm pretty proud of the collection my family have managed to pull together. Those magazines mean a lot to me. They were some of the first things I ever read, you know.

I sighed, seeing that my room was in need of cleaning. Well, that would have to wait. I had a cave to explore and I wasn't even dressed yet!
I grabbed my glasses, jumped down from my bed and headed for the wardrobe. I stopped at my mirror and looked at myself. The reflection showed a skinny, medium-sized boy at the age of thirteen with flat, blond hair and a tired but happy expression. I waved to my reflection, went over to the wardrobe, dressed quickly and hurried upstairs.

The clock in the kitchen was showing  9.26. "Good," I thought as I was preparing some sandwiches. "That means Eric won't be here for another two hours. Gives me some time to freshen up."
I raided the fridge for something to drink, and settled for one of the remaining milk packets. Really, I can't survive without milk. I need to drink at least a glass per day, otherwise I get cranky.

With the breakfast settled, I brushed my teeth and had a shower. My sisters were on some kind of thing with the school and not due to be home until 16.00, dad was away working(home at 16.00 too) and mom was sitting at her computer writing. That means that for a few hours, the house will be calm and I won't have to worry about having my sisters running around like some kind of sugar-high ten year olds, bothering me and kicking up a ruckus.

With the breakfast done and the clock at 10.50, I went down to my computer to kill some time and check my mail. Nothing of interest really, a comment on a photo on Facebook, plus a new move from Johan in our correspondence chess.
I browsed DA for a bit, and then I listened to some good old celtic music. Some people say that I'm strange that listen to that kind of music, but I like the swing of it.

It didn't take long though for the clock to get to 11.30, so I went up to see if he'd arrived yet. And wouldn't you know, there their car came roaring up our alley.
I put on my shoes, a pair of pull-on trousers(Hey, it's cold outside!)and a jacket. I went out to help unload his stuff.

"Hey you tomato! How's life?" I said.

"Morning,  troll! Life's living, so I can't complain." He answered with a smile.

"You need a hand hauling that stuff?" I asked.

"Yeah, thanks. Could you take those two bags?"

"On it. Man, those are heavy. What've you got in them, Lead?"I huffed.

"Nope, no lead. Just my clothes and some other stuff. He answered, smiling.

"Kay'. I'll just put them in the basement."

"Roger that. I'm right behind ya."

Our cat Tiger was blocking the door into my room so I pushed him out of the way with my foot. My reward for that was a very annoyed "Mreeeow" and an insulted glare from him.

"Hey, Can't help you're in the way." I said to him.

We packed up Eric's stuff and prepared a bed for him in the basement. He had brought his laptop, just in case we got bored with the cave, so I cleared out a spot on my worktable for that one too. After that was done, we went up and made some lunch. None of us had eaten, the time was just perfect and none of us wanted to have to go back from the cave because that we had gotten hungry.

We packed up some supplies(Sandwiches, what else?), two flashlights, a rope just in case, and our mobile phones if we got lost.

So we begun walking towards the cave, joking and laughing as we went through the forest. We stopped at the ciffside and stared in awe at the devastation. There were shattered stones all over, broken trees that had taken the full shock from the rockslide and large icicles had formed everywhere. I spotted the cave mouth and pointed at it. When we got to the cave, Eric quickly stuck his head inside and instantly yelled in surprise.

"What's wrong, man?" I asked.

He pulled his head out and said;

"This thing is huge! It's a massive frickin hall in there!" he enthusiastically said.

"Nice! Let's go then!" I exclaimed, beaming with excitement.

I scrambled inside, and saw what he meant. The roof of the cave must have been ten metres away, and the hall was at least fifteen metres long. I whistled in awe.

"Dude. Imagine this was here all the time and we never knew..." I breathed, flabbergasted.

There were stalagtites hanging from the ceiling, with lots of stalagmites on the floor. There was a hole in the ceiling that was letting in light, so the flashlights were not needed at first. Eric had gone a bit further in, and beckoned me over. I hurried to him to see what he had found. He pointed at a small hole in the wall that was glowing slightly.

"What the hell is that?" I said, peeing closer.

"I don't know, but it creeps me out. C'mon, let's leave it." He said, sounding freaked.

"Calm down man. It's probably just bioluminiscent." I said, leaning just a little bit closer.

"Bio-what?" he said, looking confused.

"Glows in the dark." I said, reaching into the hole.

"Hey, don't! You don't know what's in there!" He shouted,  but it was too late.

I stuck my arm into the hole, and I felt a small triangle-shaped object in there, nothing else. I picked it up and took it out. As soon as it left the hole, it stopped glowing.

I looked at the small triangular stone in my hand. It was red with black streaks, slightly rough, damp and had a short text inscribed on it. It was just something about it that made me feel uneasy. I looked at the text. "Dreams always come true. It's only a matter of time." I turned it over and I saw a picture of a roaring dragon head. When it dawned on me what I could be holding, I felt cold all over. I needed to get outside, NOW.

Eric just looked at the stone with a curious expression.

"Huh. I guess that was the thing glowing. But it has stopped now, though. I wonder what it is." He said.

I took a deep breath and said,

"I..I think I know what it is...and if it is, this thing unimaginable." I said with a shaky voice.

Eric looked at me, having just seen me go from confident to a very shaken expression.

"What's wrong man? It's just a stone and probably that Bio-stuff you said before." He said, looking a litte worried.

"I..eeh..I think I need some air. I'll be right outside, okay?" I said.

"Fine. Just call if there's something, right? You look scared out of your wits." He answered.

I nodded and went outside. I sat down on a boulder outside and looked at the small rock again. If this really was one of the stones described in some of the Dragon TF stories, that meant that the old saying "All legends have a scrap of truth in them" was true. I thought of the consequences that it would bring if it really was for real. The big question that repeated itself over and over again in my head was "Should I do it?". Then, another saying I had read not too long ago popped into my head.

"You miss 100% of all the shots you don't shoot."

Before I could think it over again I quickly squeezed the tablet, hard. It instantly vanished with a bright flash of red light and was gone. I was still staring at it in shock when my hand started burning like it was on fire.

I could not stop myself, I screamed in pain. It was just as painful as it had been described, maybe even worse. I clamped my jaws shut; This thing would not get the better of me. I heard Eric call from inside the cave.

"What's going on? You hurt?"

I forced myself to call back to him.

"I'm okay! It's just...ARGH!" I yelled in shock.

I looked back on my hand and I saw that scales had begun erupting all over it. As I watched, my little finger and ring finger snapped together and fused. My arm begun to stretch out and thicken. Now the scales had begun to spread and they were quickly advancing up my arm. When the scales had reached my shoulder I felt my muscles growing and all of a sudden the advancing scales changed shape and colour. They begun growing on my chest in large black triangular shapes and I quickly ripped my jacket, T-shirt and pull-on pants off, knowing what to expect next. Standing in my normal pants a lot of things begun to happen at the same time. My left arm had just undergone the same transformation as my right arm and I felt a stabbing sensation on the tips of my fingers. Along with this, all the bones in my body begun realigning themselves in response to my muscles reshaping. My hips snapped, and I screamed in pain, falling to the ground. In the middle of all the chaos going on I heard Eric yell.

"What the hell's going on out there? Jarl, you alright? Screw this, I'm coming out!"

I panicked. He can't see me transforming like this! I tried to yell at him to stay inside, but the pain was too much and it came out as a whine. I heard him half-running towards the cave mouth. But I could not concentrate on that now, I had more, uh, pressing matters to attend to. My tailbone suddenly begun to push against my skin. At first i could not understand that, I was too dizzy. Then it dawned on me. A tail! I could not follow up on this thought though as my fingers sprouted claws in a very painful way and an extra pair of arms erupted on my back. The extra arms continued to grow as my legs begun to lengthen and my toes fused into a three-toed foot.
My nails almost instantly turned into claws and my entire body twitched from the sensation. In the haze, I heard Eric say "WHAT?!"

By now my neck was getting longer. I could feel my head sliding along the ground as it grew, and eventually bumping into a tree. My face begun to stretch out into a muzzle and I felt horns sprouting from diffrent places on my head. When my head got too wide for my glasses they flew off me and I heard them bounce off something. My teeth begun to feel loose and I got the worst headache in the world from my skull reforming to accomodate all the new feautures. I felt my eyeballs bounce around in my eyesockets for a bit until they increased in size and fit snugly.
Now my entire body suddenly gained in volume, my pants exploded off me and my back arced when the nervous system sent all kinds of test signals. I collapsed into a panting heap and turned my attention to my extra arms .

The extra arms were growing into complete wings, and I saw a leathery membrane growing in between the metre-long fingers. Now my lungs expanded and I begun hacking and coughing so hard my teeth flew out. They were however instantly replaced by very sharp and very pointy dragon teeth. My tounge responded to this by gaining in length and I felt a sharp cutting sensation on the tip. When I poked around a bit with it I felt that I now had a forked tounge.
Then came the most odd sensation of them all. All of my organs was moving around and expanding to fill in the gaps. It felt like someone was using my body as a meat liquidizer. It did not hurt much though, it was just strange. Normally I should have wondered about this but I was simply glad to have an end to the pain for a few seconds.
Sadly, that did not last long. I felt lots of pressure points running down my back all the way down my new tail. With a ripping soud and a shock of unimaginable pain short spikes erupted in a line down my back.

With that done, I passed out.

When I regained consciousness I just laid there, not wanting to move just yet. I heard Eric say something, but I could not make anything of at first. Then he said something in a very scared voice which I did hear.

"What the hell was that crap!?! Was that really..?"

I groaned. I could not talk, not yet. I was far too tired.
I heard him say;

"Shi! It's still alive! What the hell is this monster? It's a freaking dragon! What am I going to do now?"

That was a bit too much for me. First being called a Monster and then referred to as "It".

"I would prefer if you called "It" by name. I can still hear you, you know." I said in a hoarse voice.

I heard him take a step back.
"Jesus! You can freaking talk! What kind of thing are you!?"

"It's me, Jarl. Come on, you gotta belive me!" I said, almost panicking.

"How the hell could you be Jarl? Last time i checked, he was a human!"

"That small tablet...It transformed me. Come on, you saw a part of it. I heard you come out."

That seemed to calm him a bit atleast.

"Jarl...? Can that...thing...really be you?" he said in a freaked voice.

"It's me, man! Come on, ask me something only Jarl would know." I said, trying to convince him.

"Okay. What was the first thing i called you on Skype yesterday?"'

"You called me a "videotapesmellingmonkeybeerchuggingpinapple" which was pretty funny. I responded with calling you a "tomato-throwing newspaperpage". I smiled.

"What are you usually called in school?" He asked with a trembling voice.

"The Rumptroll. Came from Oscar, and I was not very happy about it at first, but I caught up on the joke after a while." I answered.

"Shit man...last question. What do you usually drink?" He asked.

"Milk. Lot's of it." I said, hopes rising.

"That's Jarl alright. How the crap did this happen, man!?" he said. I heard him take a step closer.

"It was that stone... Thought they were only a story. I've read about them on the internet. Some guy on DA I think" I said, with my eyes still closed.

"Dude, so you knew about it before? Where is that stone? And why are you keeping your eyes shut?"

"It vanished...That's what transformed me. On the eye thing, they hurt a bit. Now tell me, How do i look?" I said, wanting to be able to give myself an image of my new body.

"You look awesome." He said.

"Come on, that's not enough. Give me some more." I said

"Okey...You are covered in red scales all over, except on your belly, chest and the bottom of your tail where they are jet black. They look thicker there too. You have massive black claws and are about 2 metres long, excluding the tail. The tail is spiked with some kind of spade-thing on the end. Your head is...Well, spikey. You got a ruff at the back of your jaws too." He said in an awed voice.

"Right. I guess I can't wait any longer looking me over myself....Here goes."

I opened my eyes. Everything was blurry. Ah crap. My glasses. I tried squinting and my vision cleared up just enough for me to be able too see myself. What I saw almost made me cry with joy. I was really a Dragon. But not any Dragon, I was an almost exaxt replica of the Dragon I had always dreamed of. There were a few diffrences, but that did not matter. I was a Dragon, a real bona fide Dragon!

"This is amazing." I said, my voice bursting with joy. "Okay, i'm gonna try to stand up."

I gave myself a push and managed to stand up on all fours. I growled to myself, not wanting to be a quadruped dragon. I forced my body to stand up on my hind legs. It went smoother than I thought, and I was soon standing, leaning against a tree for support.

"Well, that went better than I thought." I said out loud.

I noticed that Eric had stepped back a bit at the sight of me standing. All blurred, he looked scared.

"What?" I asked.

"Well..It's kinda creepy seeing you like that. You know, uh, Green reptile eyes and all. You don't feel any...uh...urge to attack and eat me?" He said, clearly spooked.

"Are you crazy? I wouldn't eat you even if I was hungry. You're my friend, damnit!" I quickly responded, shocked.

That seemed to calm him a bit, and he walked up to me.

"Man...You're huge! I mean, that tail and all makes you seem much bigger. Besides, your voice sounds all creepy."

I turned around and looked at my tail. I tried to move it a bit and was shocked to both see and feel it move.

"That's kinda froody." I said, delighted. "Hold a second, where's my clothes?"

That question seemed to have an effect on both of us. If my face wasn't already I would be the colour of a tomato.

"Er...dude. I have a slight feeling that you're...well..." Eric said, reluctant to state the obvious.

"Naked." I finished for him and gave him the slightly-beaten-but-still-happy-face.

"Yeah. At least your, uh, package isn't showing. That's a plus in a minus, right?" he said, embarrassed.

I looked down, and saw he was right.
"I guess so... Hey, you don't happen to know where my glasses went? I can't see a damned thing."

"I'll see if I can find them. Hold on for a second, will you?" he said and begun to look the place over. It did not take long for him to find them.

"Here! They'd hung themselves up on a branch. Gotta be lucky sometimes, eh?" He said, sounding pleased.

He handed them to me and I tried to put them on. That did not work out well as they were about the size of my snout now. I bent them a bit and managed to hang them on two of my smaller horns. Thank god for metal frames, I thought for myself.

"Darn, it's good to be able too see again... Thanks. But really, I need some clothes. It doesn't feel right without them and I'm getting cold. I think we should head home." I said.

"Guess so. I'll go get my stuff." He said.

We begun half-running home as I was getting really cold by now.
When we was closing in on the house I saw to my relief that no one was home yet, except for Mom. I saw her head peeking up above her computer screen, but it did not look like she had seen us.

"Okey. I guess you get the hard work then." I said, just realizing something.

"What do you mean?" eric said, a concerned look on his face.

"Well I can't really just run upstairs and yell "Hey mom, Now we're home! Oh, and we had a little accident. What's for dinner?", right? That would freak her out." I said, trying to joke it away.

"Aww, dude. I did'nt think of that. This ain't gonna be fun." He moaned.

"Mh. First of all, though, we need to get into the house without getting noticed. I guess we just open the door and act normally, and I try to head for the basement as fast as possible." I said, frowning.

"Guess so." He responded.

"You come after me as soon as possible, okay? Just get down there A.S.A.P, 'kay?" I said and Eric nodded.
"Ready? Okey, here we go. 3...2..1.. 'Kay, let's run!" I exclaimed.

We ran to the door as fast as we could, threw it open, I bolted for the basement and Eric tried to act as normal as possible.

I ran towards the stairs, grabbed a pole with my tail to swing myself around, jumped down almost half the staircase and almost getting stuck with my wings on the doorframe I collapsed on a chair in my room. I took some deep breaths and tried to work out a plan. I realized this could get hairy very, very fast. There was no guarantee that she would belive Eric, or me, right? Hold a sec, though. If she would not, although I highly doubted that she would not, Maybe someone on DA would? It was a long shot, but hey? I'm sitting here as a dragon, so there has to be a shred of truth in it all, right? Who knows, maybe all the stories are true. I settled on that as a Plan C as plan B was to be persistent. Having two backup plans, I felt a little better.

All of a sudden I heard someone coming down the stairs. I tried to bolt for cover but my tail got stuck in the chair. I fell flat on my belly and the chair toppled over me. With a heavy oath in the direction of the chair, I kicked myself loose. I heard a slight chuckle and I looked up. Eric was standing in the doorway with an amused smile.

"What's so fraggin funny? Give me a hand instead." I growled.

He shook his head, smiled and said;

"Sorry. It's just not every day you see a Dragon fighting with a chair. Here, give me your han...uh, claw."


He reached for my paw but hesitated a bit when he saw how sharp my claws were.

"Hey, I ain't gonna claw you up. I'll be careful where I put these things." I growled, somewhat annoyed.

"Right." He said. He grabbed one of my claws and pulled me up(Well, tried to, but it was the small tug that was needed.).

I got to my feet and gave the chair a dirty look.

"Okey...What now? I go upstairs and try to prepare her a bit?" Eric asked.

"Yeah, do that. I'll go and see if I can find some kind of underwear that I can squeeze myself into. I think i got a pair of scissors here somewhere." I said.

"Scissors? What for?" Eric asked.

I just waved my tail and he gave me a look of understanding.

"Ah. Tail. Right. Well, I'll go up then. I'll give you a Heads-up too when we come down." He said, turning to go.

"Thanks. See you in a minute, then." I answered.

Eric went up the stairs, not looking very happy about his place in the world at the moment. I was feeling with him, you know. He was just about to tell a mother that her son had turned into a red, two-metre tall lizard. I could only think of one spot that was worse than his, and that was my position.

"Okey. Can't show myself naked. Underwear, was it?" I muttered to myself.

I went out to my wardrobe, took the largest pair of underpants I could find and tried to put them on. Just getting my feet through was a hard task due to the size of them, and to make matters worse my claws caught in the fabric all the time. After a minute or two of struggle i finally got them both through. All went well until I got to the tail where they refused to go any further, no big surprise there. I looked around for the scissors, spotted them on a shelf (under a book) and cut a hole for my tail. It wasn't the best fit and almost the entire backside of the underpants were gone, but atleast I wasn't naked anymore. I thought about getting myself a T-shirt too, but I realized I could not modify it without help, so that had to wait. Instead i started up my computer to see if I could find something helpful on DA, and prepare an emergency message if it screwed up. I looked at my claws when the computer requested my password and I pushed a few buttons, trying to find out whether or not I could write without wrecking the keyboard. I accidentally scratched a few buttons, but nothing worse happened. Delighted that i could still operate a computer. I logged in and begun searching for just about anything that could help. I didn't really know what I was looking for but it felt good actually doing something instead of just sit and wait.

There! "Use this link should you ever transform into a Dragon" Uh... Is'nt that just a litte creepy, like they had been expecting this? Anyway, I clicked the link and got to a "Contact me" page. I composed a short message with the reason for me writing and my E-mail. I didn't send it though, I just minimized the window because I wasn't ready to send it just yet.

I heard someone come down the upper staircase. I minimized all the open windows and quickly stepped a few steps back so I would'nt be seen instantly.

"Jarl? You down there?" I heard Eric call.

"Yeah." I called back.

"What has happened to him? His voice sounds all throaty?" Mom said to Eric.

"He...uh...changed a bit when we were at the cave. Don't worry, he's still himself." Eric said, trying to calm her.

"Changed? What do you mean? Jarl? Are you okay?" She called down.

Oh, man. This ain't gonna be fun.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Considering the circumstances. Listen, do you remember what we were talking about a few days ago? That dragon stuff?" I said.

"Yes. What..?" she stopped abruptly as she understood. " can't be serious. That's impossible!" She shouted, sounding shocked.

"No jokes here, sorry. I think you should see for yourself. Just...don't storm in, okay? I'd reckon it would be quite a shock." I called up.

I heard them come down the staircase and stop in the hall.

"Okay...are you ready for this?" I said.

"Not really. But now's a better time than never, right? I heard her take a deep breath to steady herself. "Alright. You can come out now."

Here goes, I thought. My entire future depends on how she takes this. I slowly began to inch my head out in full sight, centimetre by centimetre. I looked at her, trying to determine what she was thinking. She was staring at me in..Fear? Disbelief? Acceptance? Then she smiled, shook her head and said:

"Never would I have thought this would happen. What have you done to your glasses?." Then she laughed and ran into my arms, half-crying and hugging me all the time.

I stared at her in shock and tried to gather myself. I was amazed by how well she took it.(Relatively speaking)

"Hey, " I said as I hugged her back; "I'm still me, right? I'm just the same as I was before, mentally."

She pushed me away a bit and wiped her eyes. She smiled a wry smile and huffed a bit.

"We're going to have a hell getting you back into school, you know." She said, wearily.

"School?!" I exclaimed, shocked. I'd certanly not thought about that.

Eric laughed from the corner he was standing in.

"Oh man, a Dragon for classmate. This year is going to be epic.
This is mt forst go at doing a TF(actually writing something this big at all), so cut me some slack.

If you find any grammar errors, misspellings or any other faults, Please tell me.

Thanks to:iconfarm-fresh: for inspiring me to write this and for having made such a fantastical story!

EDIT: Fine, I felt that at four chapters I might as well put links to the next and previous ones.

Chapter Two: [link]
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It was a clear day, not a cloud in the sky, a normal person would feel great in this kind of weather, unfortunately i'm not a normal person
"if a nearby Psychic is reading my thoughts at the current moment, then allow me to explain why im here".

"my name is Edge, Edge Acein to be exact, i know kinda weird name, but i like it, im 17 years old, anyway where was I" i asked myself in confusion.

"oh yeah now i remember, the reason im here is because i have to do a report, and believe it or not i chose to investigate dragons" i sighed

"the thing is i was hopeing to just get all the info i needed on the internet, then spend the rest of my summer sleeping, but..." i sighed louder then befor

"all i could find was strange sightings, and bunch of other stuff and it all happened around a nearby mountain, it doesnt take a genuis to put two and two together, and come up with results that the dragons must live in that mountain".

"i wanted to sleep in my comfy bed for days on end, trust me, one time sleeped for 3 whole days straight, not go hiking up a moutain in blistering summer heat, and the fact im going uphill with a heavy camping backpack isn't helping one bit" i thought as i carried on walking slouching over, i couldn't be bothered to carry my upperbody anymore

"my mom didnt refuse me going me, she says i sleep way to much, but how could anyone not like sleeping, it so comfy and relaxing, in fact i got in trouble a number of times for sleeping in college" i thought as it brought a smile to face and i started to straightin up again

"lets see, at first i got in trouble because i fell asleep in my chair with my arms on the desk and my head resting on my arms, then i got trouble for sleeping ontop of one those long tube shaped lights that hanged from the ceiling, i dont even remember how i got up there, i knew i wasnt going to get any sleep in class so i did the next best, and managed to get some sleep, well at least until the teacher went to the window and saw me sleeping on the ledge outside of the window, i dont see why they were so worried, it was only a 5 story drop from the ledge" i thought wondering what was so scary

i kept walking up the mountain for about another 5 minutes "thats it, i dont think i can" i said trying to get my breath back, laying on my back or should i say my backpack "take another step"


there was a sudden roar i herd coming from up the mountain "if that was a dragon then..." i said, my voice starting to go quiet, "this is going to be sweet" i immedatly got up and started running up the moutain

i kept running up the moutain through a thick forest, then jogging still in the forest, and it kept going until i started walking completely drained of energy and yet i was still in the forest, i fell to the floor, just then i herd the sound of flowing water, like a waterfall.

i got up and ran to the sound of flowing water hopeing i was right, i came to a clearing and what i saw was a gigantic sparkling lake with a waterfall, i was so amazed by the view, until i noticed something Large across the lake

i quickly layed on the ground to give it less chance to spot me, i got my binoculars and looked at the thing across the lake, im could tell it was both black and shiny, it probably had scales and it had a tail and a pair of wing on its back, even from this view it looked as big as a house.

"wait, scales wings tail its size, that must a dragon" i was amazed that i actually found one

"yes we are dragons" a deep voice suddenly said, "wait who's we" i said not noticing that something was behind me.

"that voice wasn't wasnt in my head was it" "correct" the mysterious voice asuring me

"um mister disembodied voice, theres a dragon standing directly behind me isnt there, or have i just gone crazy" "no there is a dragon standing behind you" the deep voice answering my question
"thank you i know i have gone crazy" "then why'd you ask" the voice said a bit angry at the response, "because if i had gone crazy it would have picked the other option but to prove im right i'll stand up and turn around" the voice just sounded like it got even more angry

i got up and slowly turned around


i saw a dragon and it just roared very loudly, it's muzzle about 2 inches away from my face

"cool, lets see" i said getting out a handsize notepad and pen "dragons have long reptile muzzles and flat forked tounges" joting down notes
"dragons also have a tail almost the same length as there body" i said walking towards its tail, taking down notes while the dragon just looked confused
"lift you're foot please" i said pointing at his foot with the back of the pen, and the dragon did so "thank you, dragons have 3 clawed feet with one claw at the back of the foot or paw"
"um what are you doing" the dragon asked even more confused "oh youre right, and they have digitigraded feet" i said focusing no the pad writing downs my notes
"thats not what i ment" the dragon said with a bit of sarcassim, "oh your right, they also have spikes going from the back of there heads to the ends of there tails" i said think he was just helping me with the report
"ok you know what, here jot this down, dragons also have alot of strenth" the dragon said grabing me then rolling back into the forest

the dragon just turned around "dragons also have to horns on there heads and have slit reptile eyes" i said still taking notes, i was eye level with the dragon and he was upside down
"how'd you get up there" there dragon said pointing at me, i looked around and realised i had got to the top of a tree and it was leaning so i was eye level with the dragon and oddly enough i was upside down " did i get up here" i said wondering how i did that

the dragon just grabbed me and put me on the floor "thanks oh i have one favor to ask, could you go on all fours for a second please" i said with a smile on my face, the dragon leaned forward and was standing on all fours
i walked under the dragon and stopped when i got to his belly "hiYA" i said uppercutting him right in the gut
the dragon released a fireball into the air the second i did "wow" i said beside the dragons head looking at the fireball
"you're not very nice" "me" the dragon said surprised at what i called him, "yeah you, you were aiming for dragon across the lake" i said pointing at the dragon laying down now on the other side of the lake, and with that we both watched as the fireball as it suddenly staring falling right above the other dragon, the dragon across the lake saw it and jumped out of the way back into the forest.

"ok you know what im leaving, bye" and dragon flew into the air angry at what i did and was soon flying above the forest, in fact you could almost see all of the forest
"at least im away from that kid now" the dragon said with a bit of relief, "dragons also have leathery wing that gives them the ability to fly" i said taking more notes, i was laying down on where the bottom of his long neck and his shoulders meet "how'd did you get on back" the dragon said yelling at me, "duh, i jumped on, i thought it would be obvious"

the dragon grabbed me and held me in front of face, he didnt look too happy, he was growling at me "how about i just eat you right now" "you cant do that" i said feeling like he would never get the point, "and why not" he said still growling still "because i have to give a report, so i cant be eaten"
"forgot eating you" the dragon just started swinging me in a circle, and then threw me at the forest

"this is so cool ah ha" i said with excitement in my voice, when i reached the forest i hit the top of a tree, it bended then sprung back into shape sending me right back into the sky

i was flying right back the dragon "from Guy sensei on Naruto, i perform, Dynamic Entry" i shouted sticking my right leg straight forward and my left leg behind it with my foot behind my right knee, while i had my right arm straight forward like my leg and i had my left arm first pointing from my side then from the my elbow to my hand, it was facing forward, both my hands clenched into a fist.

i did the dynamic entry and hit the dragon right in the chin, i carried on flying up for a second as the dragon's head moved up because of what i did, he then grabbed me with both claws and he looked, well i think you can imagine what his mood would be, "what the hell was what" "Dynamic entry, i shouted it while i was flying up" i said thinking how could he miss that, he unfortunaly got even more angry "ok" the dragon said with a toothy kinda grin, it was kinda creepy.

the dragon flew about half a mile away from the forest, i could see a clear meadow, by the time it was in full view, the dragon stoped, he spun me around just like befor, and threw towards the meadow "lets see you bounce back from this one" he shouted while i was going like 100 or 120 miles per hour.

the meadow floor was about inches away from me now, but for some odd reason time seemed to go slower, i was a little confused until i saw this shining light coming from the ground, i then tried to grab it, but the second i did there was a huge explosion of dust and earth it, i couldnt remember anything what happened after that.

i woke up and i was in a cave of some sorts, it was well light around me because there was a fire burning next to me, good thing i didnt roll into it in my sleep, "oh you're up" i looked to the other side of the fire and there was the same dragon, he crossed his arms and said "well im not happy, but im surprised that you survived not only the drop, which i want to know how you did that, and how you survived being inside of that explosion, that you dont have to explain"

"well after you threw into the meadow, there was this light, i grabbed it, then straight after was that explosion, i dont remember anything after that"

"oh have your eyes always been yellow, they looked differnt befor" he said pointing at my eyes

"huh what are talking about, my aren't eyes are yellow"

"then check them if you dont believe me"

"and how on earth would i do that, i dont see a mirror in here"

"you could look into the reflection of that puddle" he said pointing to a little puddle next to me

i lean'd over and looked into the puddle, he was right, my eyes had turned yellow, they were still the same shape and size, the colour just turned yellow, "huh your right, they have turned yellow"

"told you" he said obviously gloting he was right for once

"oh by the way, whats your name" i said looking back towards the dragon

"huh my name, its Tsusuke" that was a weird name is was pronouced su-skay

"my name is Edge Acein, nice to meet you" i held out my hand, he stuck out his clawed hand and shook my hand

"now why cant you be like that all the time instead of your usualy crazy self"

"huh im not usualy crazy, i wanted to know if i could pull it off, and it seemed like the perfect time ha ha" i just sat there and smiled

"so i was just unlucky, um i have a favor to ask" Tsusuke was looked serious

"whats that", "could you not turn in that report of yours" he said pointing to the notepad in my pocket

"but why" i said complaining about his request

"because if you turn in that report then the world will know that we are here, and we'll never be able to live in peace again" i knew he was right but i worked so hard on it

"sure i guess" i said but behind my back i had my fingers crossed, "great, then i guess il forgive you for all the stuff you did to me" he said with a smile

"thanks, by the way, somethings been bothering me" i crossed my arms and had a thinking look on my face, some people hardly ever saw me like this because i'd usually figure things out in a instant or not care at all

"whats that" Tsusuke said curious about my question

"you seem differnt then whats been said and seem nice"

"well, first off, you shouldnt believe every rumor you hear, and second off i was just born like this i guess" he said trying to answer my questions, "get some sleep, cause i would prefer it if you wouldnt stay another night here" then Tsusuke just layed on the floor and curled into a ball

"i take back what i said about you being nice" i said, angry at what he just said but he did have a point, i should get some sleep and leave in the morning

i woke up because there was a light coming from one end of the tunnel, "i guess its morning", i looked at Tsusuke and he was still asleep "good" went through my mind, i got up, made sure i still had everything i brought (i did) then i left the cave, the light shined right in my eyes, a couple of seconds later i could see clearly again, when i looked at the veiw i could see i was up high on the mountain, i could see everything, i could see the forest, the lake, the waterfall, i could even see the city

i started walking down a path on the mountain, and from the looks of it, it would take a while befor i reached the bottom of it

after walking down about maybe 1/10 of the path i found what appeared to be a mine cart and it lead straight into a tunnel, something caught my eye inside the cart, so i hopped into the cart to see what it was


"that didnt sound good" and you can guess what happened next, the cart started to move inside the tunnel, i grabbed the thing that caught my attention befor i was inside the tunnel, but befor i could get a proper look at it, there was a bump in the road the cart was going down and the thing i grabbed slipped out of my hand and landed outside the cart, i would get out of the cart, if it wasnt going at such a fast speed, and a bonus is that it might be a shortcut down the mountain

i couldnt stay still inside the cart, it was bouncing around the whole time, im lucky i managed to stay inside the cart, there was a shining light ahead.
the second i got past it, i was all wet, i looked back and released i just came out from near the top behind the waterfall, i was expecting a crash landing into the lake, but the cart was going fast enough to make to the other side of the lake, now i was going through the forest, and it was very bumpy, i started to think the person who put that cart there didnt like me, i looked up ahead to see the city was coming into view past the trees "awesome, i made back in on piece" i shouldnt have said that, the last tree row of trees i was going to crash into, befor i had time to jump out, it was to late, i was going to crash.

i woke up and thought i was dead but, i wasnt because i felt a little pain in my arm, i looked at the mine cart and it was destroyed, it didnt take long to find it, because i was laying next to it, i figured the best thing right now is to head back and write the report.

i got back into the city, it didnt take long, it was about a 10 minute walk, when i got back into the city people kept looking at me, i was wondering why they kept looking at me, that thought ended when i bumped into my teacher, she turned around and had a little worried look on her face, "Mr Acein, your not dead"

"of course im not dead, im standing here breathing arent I" i shouted a little, i was mad that they even thought that i had been gone only 2 days

"its just you hadnt come back in 10 days so everyone thought", wait 10 days, but i only remember being on the mountain for 2

"that must be a joke, i was only gone for 2, anyway il give you my report tomorrow k" i ran off toward my house, thinking that just a little joke

when i got home, no one was there, i walked to the table in the living room, there was a note and it read

"hi, Edge if your reading this, then i guess you came back, we didnt believe all those rumors saying that you were dead, me and your dad have gone on our short holiday for the weekend", wait my parents short holiday wasnt for another six days, i started to panic, so i went to my room and turned on the lights then my computer, it didnt take long befor it loaded up, i check the date and it was 5th of July, which means my parent will be back the day after tomorrow

i couldnt believe i was gone for ten days, but i shrugged it off and accepted it, i started writeing the report, it had everything i had writen down and i also included how dragons sleep and there strength, i was about to hit print "not turn in the report, if you do the world will know we're here and we wont be able to live in peace", i remembered what Tsusuke asked me to do "what do i care, i just want to give in my report, and go back to things being a normal summer", i clicked the print button, and about 5 sheets were printed out for my report, i placed them all in order on my desk and went to bed, there was a odd feeling in the back of my head, i felt like i wanted to cry for some reason, it was weird, i just ignored it and went to sleep

it was morning, and that odd feeling i had last night was gone "good" i thought, i couldnt wait to give my report in and be done with it, so i got out of bed, had a shower, put on some fresh clothes, put on my trainers, grabbed my report, grabbed my key and lefted my house, heading towards the college, i had to get a train, the only way to get to the college was by train from where i lived, students who use the train to go to the college, go for free, because the person in charge of the train knew about my report, i didnt have to pay, but on the train, that feeling came back, this time i remembered i smiled at all of Tsusuke's expressions he made when i did something to him, i snapped out memory lane because the train had stopped in front of the college, i got out with the report still in my hand

i got in the college, the door was left unlocked, the teacher must already be here, i walk along the hallway till i found the stairs then i had go up the stairs to the 5th floor, i managed to get to the top with little effort, "must be all that hiking i did in the mountains" i had to go through the double doors, then walked down the hallway and i'd reach my classroom, class 548, the college is divided into eleven building, one had a differnt subjuct being taught in it, there was ten classrooms on each floor starting from floor one, the eleventh building was for the teachers it only had two floors

i checked to see if the teacher was in there and she was, so i opened the door and walked into the classroom "Mr Acein, good you're here, and i see you have your report"

"um i have a question" i walked towards the open window

"yes and what would that be" she replied

"exactly what are you going to do with the report" i said still looking out the open window

"well i tell the news and everyone about your discovery, and you'll go down in history as the person that revealed that dragons were real"

"so you dont care about what will happen to the dragons" i said and for some odd reason i wasnt happy with what she said

"not really, i dont care and i just want things to back to being a normal summer"

"what do i care, i just want to give in my report, and go back to things being a normal summer" i remember what i said befor, i couldnt believe i said that, "and this report will prove they exist right"

"right, now then would give the report to me please" she siad sticking out her hand

i turned around and said "no" i tossed the report outside the window and the Papers were skatered in differnt directions, oddly enough there was a strong gust of wind that went in differnt direction that skatered and even tore the pages apart

the teacher ran to the window and then turned to me "what did you do that for, you idiot, and what is with those eyes and those fake horns on your head, and you even had them yesterday aswell" wait i did, i dont remember anything like that, "sorry i gotta go" i ran outside the classroom and into the boys toilets on the other end of the corridor, i looked into the mirror and looked at my eyes they had, turned into slits like a reptiles and they were surronded by the same colour my eyes had turned into, i checked my head and there was two white horns sticking out, they were poiting behind me like, if im looking east, then the horns would be pointing between west and northwest.

i check to see if they were a prank, i tried to see if they would come off but everytime i tried it felt i was pulling my skull a little, trust me it wasnt a pleasent feeling, i ran outside of the toilets then ran down the steps, not the best idea because i tripped and fell down 5 floors of steps, when i reached the bottom i was still awake and nothing was broken, i just hurt everywhere, but i could still walk.

i made it home fine without anyone seeing me in pain, by the time i got home i just went to my room and fell asleep on my bed, i didnt even take my clothes off

i woke up about 1am or something, i could tell because i have light-up clock in my room, i tried to go back to sleep, but the second i closed my eyes, there was a pain coming from my back, from where the shoulder blades are, i could already tell what this was, a pair of wings, just then i felt blood runing down my back, i could feel something trying to break out from under my skin, the pain got so bad, i couldnt even pass out from it, just then i felt something pulling from my back, i tried my best not to scream the whole time, the pulling feeling and pain got worse and worse, just then i felt like a final pull and the pain i couldnt handle it anymore and screamed as loud as i could, the two things emerging from my back finally came fully out, my shirt however was ripped, i check to look at them and they were like dragon wings i noticed around me that there was blood everywere, on the walls, on my bed, the floor, i would have been more happy but i fainted from what just happened

i opened my eyes and looked around, i was in a differnt room, i herd someone say doctor, so i just figured i was in a hospital, with whats been happening to my body, no wonder they brought me here, a man walked into the room, "oh good youre up, we were afraid you'd were in a coma or something, you've been asleep for four days" he said, and to tell you the truth, i was getting used to hearing that

"oh, i see" i just looked down

"by the way, why was there blood everywhere in your room" the doctor said, taking out a pen out grabbing a clipboard

"because i grew these", i looked over my shoulders, and my wings were still there, they were blue with a couple of red stripes on them

"ok thats a first, what about your eyes"

"that one i had no clue about", i just looked at the doctor and smiled, to give the impression i was fine, the doctor looked at my eyes and seemed a little freaked out by them, he got up and gave a slip saying i could leave the hospital, then he just turned around and left the room.

i took this as my time to leave, i found my clothes on a seat next to me, i got out of that uncomfertable bed and put my clothes on, the back of them was stained with blood, but there was a gigantic hole in the back of my T-shirt, which was perfect for my wings but i tried to tuck my wings in as tight as i could, it took a couple of tries, but i got it, i put my clothes back on and i kept my new wings under my shirt, my shirt looked odd, it was white on the front, but on the back was a large hole on the back, and it was blood red, my shorts werent just plain blue, and my trainers, well the same as my trousers, a basic blue

i left the room and went to the end of the corridor, i had no idea where i was going, so i figured i'd just look around and try and find my way out

after a hour of trying to find the exit, i was back in front the room i was in befor, no one else was on this floor, i just lent against the wall and tried to figure out how i was going to get out of here, i figured i walk were i havent been yet, so i walked back down the hall and this time went in the opposite direction from last time, and i found the stairs instantly, i would be complaining by now but i just want to get out of here, i walked down the step and trip again "this has been happening to me alot" i thought i was about to crash into the steps when my wings suddenly came out of my shirt and made two more holes in the back, i wasn't falling anymore, i was gliding down the steps, when i finally stopped going down the steps, i was in a another corridor, this had lots of people in it, i tried to stay in the air trying to control my wings but i was panicing, i managed somehow to get to the front desk, i tried to stop instead i just went zooming across the room "i dont know how fly yet" i said souting

i then crashed into a vending machine and then into the one next to it

i pushed the broken wending machine off of me, and walked towards the front desk, "um i got this from the doctor saying i could go", the man at the desk took the slip and comfirmed it

"ok you c-can go" he said stumbling his word a little

i looked back behind me and everyone was staring at me, well its no wonder, if a someone with wings appeared from a corridor, flew over the front desk and landed into both vending machines and walks away fine, what would you do

i had never been in the hospital, but i knew how to get to it, so i figured i'd just walk home like normal, i took my shirt off, folded my wings and put my shirt back on over them.

it was a odd walk home almost every person saw me and just stared at me, some were curious enough to follow me for a while, i would fly home, but i didnt for very good reasons, the first reason was because i didnt know how to fly and i'd rather not crash into anything else. The second reason was if i showed my wings out in the open, everyone would know the truth about dragons, "wait" i thought, there was chain with whats happened, everytime i had a near death experience, i had a dragon part.

"First, i could have been killed by diving head first into that meadow, my eyes changed colour"
"Second, i would have been killed by the crash with the mine cart, my eyes turned into reptile like slits and i grew horns"
"Third, when i fell down those stairs, i grew wings" "but what started it off, wait" i remembered the light, "i grabbed that light befor i reached the meadow and that explosion".

i started running, i wanted to find out as soon as possible, it took me 5 minutes to run back to my house, i almost got hit by a car if i didnt dask backwards when i saw it, i opened the frontdoor and ran to my room, my mom and dad was down stairs when they saw me rush in, i started to get somethings together, some food, drink all that stuff, my mom and dad entered my room seeing that the rumors about me were true, that was becoming a dragon, "what are you doing" my mom asked, with a worry in her voice

"im going back to that mountain, to find out why this is happening" i didnt stop packing my stuff, i didnt even look at them yet, i was too busy getting ready

"but what if you turn into one of those things completely" my dad said, i was a little hurt, by what he said, but i ignored

"im still going"

"no we are not letting you turn into one of those things" my dad said blocking the door

"im partly one of those dragons you so nicely called a thing" i shouted at my dad, i had never shouted at him befor, i put my small backpack on, ready to leave

"like i said we not letting you go" he shouted back at me

i didnt have a lot of choice, so instead of the door i jumped and crashed through the window, i opened up my wings and began flying, i remember how to open my wings from when i fell down the stairs at the hospital and of course i knew how to keep myself in the air thanks to my little flying lesson in the hospital, i didn't take me long to reach the foot of the mountain, flying was a lot faster then walking.

i started walking up the mountain, when i got to the trees i see the mine cart from befor, i continued going up the mountain, i reached the lake but didnt stop to look for long, the sun was setting and i had reached the meadow from befor, i had made it from the bottom of the mountain to about 1/3 of the way up in just half a day, i walked towards the big crater where the explosion was, and i searched for something that could tell me whats happening. it was night time and i couldnt find a thing "what are you doing" that voice, i reconised it, i turned around and looked at the top of the crater, "Tsusuke" i climbed out of the crater, and ran to him

"wait Edge is that you" Tsusuke said confused as to why i looked like i did

"yes its me, anyway forgot how i look, by any chance do you know why this is happening to me"

"no i have no idea why, but why do you have those eyes, wings, horns and a tail"

"i dont know, i got them after everytime i'm almost kil...wait what was that last thing you said" hopeing i just heard him wrong

"a tail" i looked behind me and i had a tail, i didnt even notice it, it must have grown when i searching for a answer to whats happening, it was blue on top with with a couple of red stripes on it like my wings, the underside a stream of yellow plates, kinda normal for a dragon

"it must have been when i almost got ran over" i said quietly

"so it happens everytime you almost get killed right" he said as he walked away and left a gap of 3m between us


Tsusuke inhaled then blasted a large firball at me, i just stuck my hands out in front of me, and the fireball had stopped and dissapeared when it hit my hands it didnt even feel hot, "what did you do that for" i looked at my hand and they had already transformed, the ring finger and the pinky finger had fused together and all my fingers and my thum had sharp claws on the top, and my hand were the same colour as my wings, blue with some red stripes.

"i see you werent kidding" Tsusuke said as he walked back to me, something clicked in my head.

"theres another chain here, when i fell to the meadow, the light affected my eyes the most and my eyes changed colour"
"when i almost crashed into the tree, i think i would have crashed into head first"
"when i fell down the stairs, my back was the thing that hit the stairs the most and when i almost got hit by that car if i had shifted my weight to the back i wouldnt have dodged that car"
"and just know, if i my hands werent claws they would have been burned in a instant along with the rest of my body"

"well lets keep going and transform you completely, and that way you're body would get used to the scales and you wouldn't have to be in near death situations, plus being a dragon is fun"

"no lets search a bit longer" i wasnt about to turn into a dragon completely yet, i wanted to know why first

"fine, theres a weird cave near here, your answer might be in there" he said as he walked away, i followed him and there was a weird cave, it had bits that looked man made with parts that looked like it formed on its own, along with parts that looked clawed out

"ok lets go" i took one step inside the cave and theres was sudden chill in spine, but i had to know the truth so i keeped going, "wait im coming with you" Tsusuke said, he was obviously worried about me, even if he didnt want to show it

we kept walking for a while, we both could see fine thanks to our dragon eyes, we had gotten to a dead end, "um why is there a dead end here, there wasnt last time i came" Tsusuke told me

"wait you've been here befor right, what was at the end"

"i cant remember" Tsusuke said he chuckled a bit that he forgot what was there when we needed it the most

"ok maybe its a illusion"

"a illusion" Tsusuke didnt believe me

"well it's possible, i mean i'm turning into a dragon, and dragons were a myth to begin with"

"well thats true i suppose"

"ok so if its a illusion, i know how we can found out"

"how" he said looking at me

"simple, you run at it head first and see if you pass through"

"forgot it" Tsusuke shouted, and just then the cave started to collaspe

i started running but Tsusuke didn't, i turned around and the deadend managed to collaspe on his tail, the ceiling started collaspe even more, "i'm gonna kick myself for this" i thought, i turned around and ran towards Tsusuke, the ceiling was about to completely collaspe on him, "TSUSUKE" i shouted as i ran towards him, just then there was a strange light emiting from chest and the ceiling had stopped , Tsusuke could move his tail from the bunch off rock on his tail, after that, my vision became a little blury, and the light stopped shining, i fell to the floor, i could feel the cave starting to shake again but i closed my eyes, i was tired all of a sudden, i couldnt stay awake

i opened my eyes and i was in a cave, but this cave looked like the one befor where i learned about my eyes changing colour but smaller, "oh your up" i was having a sudden feeling of deja vu, "yeah im up" i was a little shocked at my voice, it was deeper then it was befor, if i remember correctly then there was a puddle near me, i looked into it and my face had changed into that of a dragon, my eyes had gotten bigger and moved a bit apart, i had a long reptile muzzle and my tounge was flat and forked, it felt a little odd, i got up and fell back down, i looked at my feet and they had become digitigraded, with three clawed feet and one spike at the back, i looked at my arms and they had changed aswell, i looked behind me and my wings and tail had gotten bigger, i didnt realise till now that my neck was longer aswell

"having fun" Tsusuke said, i turned my head back to Tsusuke he didnt seem as big as befor, i slowly got up and i was taller then befor, i was about one or two inches shorter then Tsusuke, "how long have i been asssleep" i asked him, but i was surprised with that hiss i made.

"oh dont worry, you'll be able to talk normally after you get used to talking with a dragonic muzzle, oh and you've been asleep for about 20 days or so"

"what, how could i be asssleep for that long, i got to go tell at least my parentsss im ok at leassst" i couldn't stop hissing, i ran towards to exit and tripped the moment i started running, i got up and starting running again and triped again, i tried one more time and the same thing happened, i could hear Tsusuke laughing his head off at what i was doing, "forget running, il wing it" i opened my wings and flapped them as hard as i could, and i was already in the air, with a few more flaps i was flying out of the cave heading towards the city.

after flying as fast as i could i was half way towards the city, just then something tackled me from above, it was Tsusuke "what are you doing" i shouted

"what do you think will happen, if you go back into the city, everyone will know what about us" he shouted as held a grip on my shoulder with his left arm and my arm his right arm, i couldn't stand this, and i tried get my tail to work and it did, it wrapped around his neck and tugged him of my back, i resumed flying like befor, Tsusuke tried the same trick again, i was prepared to throw him off again but three other dragons appeared and they all tackled me, all four of them grabbed hold of me and made me crashed into the forest, they all pinned me to the floor but i kept struggling to get free

"if you go, then everyone would be after us, after you" the completely green dragon said

"if you go, how will everyone react, they wouldnt go near you" another dragon said this one was red with tons of black strips

"your parents might not even care about you, do you want to go through that pain" the black dragon said, it was the one at the lake that almost got hit with a fireball

"if we have too, we will kill you" Tsusuke said

just then my mind snapped, i managed to send everyone a few feet into the air i stood up and lets out a loud dragonic roar, my mind calmed down and i could think clearly again, i guess that was just my new instincts going a bit wild

i lowered my head back to normal, "can, can i" i said, everyone was a bit surprised that i calmed down after that, they all looked at me, i turned around and they could see i was crying "can i sssee them after i know how to get around without being ssseen" i said tears still pouring out of eyes, that everything i knew was taken from me in a instant

i felt a hand on my shoulder "of course you can, but it could take a while" it was Tsusuke, he said that with a smile on his face, trying tell me to go back to my old self, i just kept crying and i lean'd on Tsusuke, i dont know why but he just felt the closest to family i had right now, maybe it was because he was there while it happened, after a while i stopped crying and we walked back up the mountain, Tsusuke let me stay with him, i kept wondering the whole time when i could see everyone in town again, but for now i  have got to get used to my dragon body.
k here we go, my first dragon TF story

hope you like it, and please comment
*Edit* Also to everyone who keeps saying and asking, there is not going to be a sequel.
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For those who wants to listen to me, this is my own personal story...this is how I became a dragon. Believe me or not, it's true. I'm a dragon now, I live just like a dragon should live, I eat what a dragon should eat, and I am just like a dragon should be. And you know what? I don't regret the decision that changed my life, not even a little. I'm happy now, and that's all that matters. But let's start from the beginning, should we?


Okay, it all started that day...exactly three months ago. I was walking in the street, with nothing to do but randomly looking around, at the various shops at my sides. There were candy stores, hardware stores, grocery stores, and so on. But there was one particular shop that caught my attention. It was a...I don't know what it was...I think that it was supposed to be a mythical items shop, but I'm not sure.

And what did I do? I walked inside, just to take a look., the shopkeeper definitely liked dragons. There were many dragon related items: necklaces, statues, cards, plushes, inflatables toys (don't ask), and many other objects that I couldn't even recognize. The shopkeeper itself looked a dragon in human form. His clothes reminded me of dragon scales, and he had a necklace that looked like...a dragon fang.

Amazed, I started to walk around. I definitely wanted to buy something, I didn't know what...but at least one of those objects was going to come home with me. The shopkeeper kept an eye on me the whole time, maybe he thought that I was trying to steal something, but he looked more like he was trying to read my mind.

Finally, I found something that I could definitely fall in love with: a red crystal orb, called “The dragon's eye”. It didn't really looked like an eye, and the fact that was shining made me wonder...but I didn't care, it was cool. So I picked it up, and I brought it to the counter. The old man looked at me.

“Five dollars” he said.

I gulped. “Really? This thing is really that cheap?”

“Do you want to pay it a hundred dollars or more? I'm offering you an incredible object for five dollars, and you are refusing it?” the man said, offended.

I stepped back, while taking my wallet. “Of course”. And I gave him five dollars. After that, I quickly grabbed the orb, and I left the shop...that man seriously scared me, I don't know why. While walking away, I didn't notice that the orb was starting to glow.

Two hours later, I was sitting on a bench, in the middle of a park. The moon was shining in the sky, but the whole area was surrounded by darkness...horror movie style. And fortunately, because of the darkness, I noticed the glowing orb in my pocket. I took it, noticing how it was a lot lighter than was like holding a feather. Suddenly, the orb started to shine, and a voice echoed in my head.

“Do you want to be a dragon?” it asked.

That was definitely an incredibly weird question. I bet you are probably wondering...did I say yes?, I didn't. What I said was something like, “I don't know...I need to think about it”

Then I heard a sigh. “Very well...take your time”

And so the orb stopped shining, but it was still glowing anyway. I was shocked...a red orb just asked me if I wanted to be a dragon. And, you know...after reading many stories on the Internet about people that turn into a dragon because of some freaky object...I knew what the orb was going to do. And that was kind of weird, because...I actually liked the idea of being a dragon. What exactly a dragon is? A mythological creature of immense wisdom and from human logical, and even natural laws (reptiles can't fly...that's what people say).

And while going home, I asked myself...did I really want to be a dragon after all? I could have a better life, not worrying about anything but myself. I could clearly see what the world had to offer, from a totally different prospective...the one of a creature of the nature itself. I smiled...the idea really intrigued me. And by the way, I didn't have a family parents died when I was thirteen...I didn't have a girlfriend, I didn't have brothers or sisters...I didn't have anyone...I was alone. So, what was I leaving behind? Nothing, except for a mediocre job at the local supermarket.

I walked inside my house, and I thought...where a dragon lives? In a cave, of course. Or even better, I could fly wherever I wanted, and have the world as my home. Yes...dragon were free, they can do whatever they want.

I sat down on my armchair...I realized in that moment that there was a problem: the humans. People will never accept a dragon around their cities. Humans think that there are two kinds of living beings...humans, and animals. And dragons, even if they are sentient, and intelligent, are considered animals. That for me...was the real problem of being a dragon.

I was still trying to decided, when the orb started to shine again. “So...did you choose? Do you want to be a dragon?”

I sighed. “It's not that simple...this is not a world for dragons”

“This IS a world for dragons...they existed many years ago, and they said that this world was their own paradise”

I snored. “Yeah...but why they disappeared from the face of the hearth? Human killed them, that's why”

The orb laughed. “Dragons still exists...humans don't know where they are...but they are still here, in this world”

That was unexpected. “There are dragons? And...are they okay?”

“Obviously they are...they found the true a secret place, that only the ones with closed eyes, and open mind could find”

That didn't make any sense. “ you think that...if I become a dragon...I will be able to join them?”

“Of course...they always accept dragons. And you will find everything you need in their secret land: food, a cave to live in, a lot of things to do, and...female dragon to start a family”. The orb laughed at the last part.

“Very funny” I said.

“, do you want to be a dragon or what?”

I stood still...still unsure. “One thing...who are you? I don' even know you”

“I'm a red spirit....I live to help people to find happiness. When you bought this connection orb...I read your mind, and I saw your wishes and dreams. You don't know me...but I know you”

I sighed. “This...doesn't make any sense...I'm sorry”

“It don't want you to understand...but now, you want to be a dragon or not?”

I smiled...I knew what I wanted. “You know the answer...yes, I want to be a dragon...transform me”

The spirit didn't answer me, he didn't need to. The orb literally shattered, and a red mist appeared in front of me. Then, a red flash, and then...nothing. The orb was gone, and nothing happened to me.

At first, I thought that I dreamed everything...but I didn't...because it started. I suddenly started to spit blood...something was attacking my internal organs. I knew that the spirit was starting to change me, and I also knew what to do. I ran outside, and then in the woods. When I was sure that no one could see me, I took off my clothes, and I stood there...waiting for something to happen.

I started to grow, my whole body was growing...except for my skin. What happened next shocked me: my skin was teared to pieces, revealing black scales underneath...that's why I was spitting blood....maybe. After a few minutes I stopped growing, and so I stood there, as a giant human with scales.

My muscle and bones started to change too. Two seconds later, I was quadruped, and I probably had the strength to destroy an entire building. That was cool, but I didn't wanted to use my new strength to kill or harm someone, unless it wasn't completely necessary.

My hands and feet were changing. The nails were replaced by new sharp deadly claws...and I had only four finger instead of five. Not having thumbs is really annoying, but I got used to it.

A sudden crack, and a long serpentine tail, and two bat- like wings erupted from my back. Suddenly having a new pair of arms, and a new...flexible arm...was really weird. I could feel them, and move them, just like my old human arms and legs. But anyway, that was seriously cool... wonder why human beings don't have tails anymore.

To add a little extra...steel plates appeared on my chest, giving me a very...noble look. And obviously, I definitely looked like the kind of enemy that you shouldn't have.

The transformation reached the end, and the most painful part. My neck lengthened, fangs replaced my teeth, my face became the long draconinc muzzle, my hairs felt off, my ears disappeared, and two long horns growth. And to complete my dragon brain received new informations. I couldn't explain it...but I suddenly knew many things...things that I wasn't supposed to know...things...that humans didn't know.

After that...I was complete. I was a dragon...a noble, beautiful red dragon...ready to start his new life.

“Very good...” a voice echoed in my head. “Now, it's time for you to join your new brothers. Follow the moon, and you will reach the paradise. I will go back to the spirits world...farewell”

“Farewell” I said...even if I knew that the spirit couldn't hear me anymore.

I immediately took flight, surprisingly knowing how to use my new draconic abilities. It was like I have been a dragon my entire life...I'm not kidding.

I did what the spirit told me to do...I flew toward the moon. All of sudden, the moon seemed to become bigger and bigger, and after that...nothing. The only thing I remembered, is that I woke an immense white flowers field...a dragoness at my side. She was smiling at me, and the moon that was shining behind her...made her look like an angel.

“ must be the new dragon...I'm Terra...nice to meet you” she said.

I smiled. “My pleasure”

She smiled too. “ you need someone to show you your new home?”

“I'm right behind you” I said.

“Good...but you will have to catch me” she said. Then she took flight, and she flew away.

“Is that I come!” I yelled, and I chased after her. In that moment I knew...that I made the right decision.


And that's it...that's how my life changed. Now, guess what? Terra is my mate now, and she is now peacefully sleeping in our cave, with out hatching.

Yeah, I are probably wondering...if one day...a red spirit will come, and give you the possibility to see your dreams come true. And I want to say just one thing: have faith...your day will come...soon.

And with that said, I can give this story to my old human friend. He will find a way to let you read this story, and if you are reading it...he succeeded.

Thanks everyone for listening to me...

...and goodnight.
This is a new story about dragons, enjoy :)

P.s I hate the title, but...whatever.
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I saw a silver blur, weaving through a forest, its metallic hue only magnified by the weak light that filtered through the thick treecover. He - it's only apparent that he was a living thing when he'd started to tire - slowed. Deep blue, previously masked by the trees and sky, adorned the top of his body. Even in his tired state, he was still capable of movement at an astonishing pace, dodging trees at a seemingly impossible pace. I still couldn't tell what he was, but I had vague suspicions. It soon became obvious that he didn't slow from fatigue. He was looking for something. I watched him, trying to make out his form between the numerous trees. He began to approach a clearing, and I would finally see what he really was. His form began to emerge out into the clearing. He was, he was a...

"Hey! Vegetable! Get up, it's time for school!"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm going!"

I groaned, and rose from my warm, cozy tomb of a bed. That dream's been bothering me, recurring for the past week, always starting before I could see what he was. But, I couldn't dwell on it; I've got more tangible duties that were happening away from dreamland. School was the top priority in the morning, and normally after class as well. I always seem to manage to bite the bullet on homework. 

I willed myself away from the comfort of sleep, and over to my closet, to don my usual drab: a loose T-shirt, and a pair of well-worn jeans. Hey, never said I was an interesting dresser. With that, and other hygienic necessities complete, I went into the kitchen to make myself a simple breakfast, and waved bye to Mom on her way out. 

That couch was definitely comfy when I checked the clock. But I had no choice, and I forced myself out of that little bit of heaven, and into my backpack, to begin my schoolday. 

I locked the house's door, and set off down my cozy little suburb. The house was at the very end of my suburb, conveniently placed as far away from the school as possible. But, it did give ample time to talk to the neighbors, and organize any thoughts I had. Unfortunately though, my thoughts were more thoroughly cataloged than most archives, and the only people I could see were behind the wheels of cars.  But then, I spotted a lifeline: I spotted exactly one Adam walking down towards the intersection. 

My best bud for years, he's a natural-born swimmer, and has the body of one. Dusty brown hair covered his head, and it was long enough to hide the thin cables snaking from his ears. Those headphones were like tiny fortifications against the outside world; he had no idea I was even near here. So, I might as well mess with him.

I tried to muffle my footsteps as much as possible on my approach to him, which wasn't saying much. But, as I approached him, a regular whumph coming from his headphones meant that I probably could've tapdanced to him. 

I just walked right up to him, and he just kept looking straight ahead. He was a relaxed guy, and I really didn't expect him to take a look at any of the near-identical homes to his left anytime soon. So, I kept it up for a good five minutes before he finally noticed me. 

He calmly turned his head to the left, and turned it back ahead, then snapped back to me, with an odd look plastering his face. It was part confusion, part surprise, and all hilarious.

I tried to stifle any laughter, "Hey, how's it going?"

He took off one of the headphones, "Umm, fine? And you?" 

"Good, just been enjoying the music."

"How long?"

"Oh, about five minutes or so, give or take."

He looked at his headphones, "That loud?"

"Heh, yeah. I could've sung all the way over here."

He shrugged, "Eh, it's good music."

"I could definitely argue with you on that one. But, to each their own."


We reached the school - a modestly sized maze of off-white classes and hallways - but I spotted something out past the school, to the small forest at the edge of town. It seemed to be glint of blue, shining straight into my eyes, almost like something was signalling me. Darned curiosity, I just had to check this out. And my habit of arriving to school early definitely payed off now. 

"Hey, Adam, you saw that right?"

"Saw what?"

I pointed to where I spotted the source of the light, "Over there, I saw a big flash of light, almost like a signal."

He raised an eyebrow, "Don't tell me you think you should..."

"Yup, just can't resist checking it out."

He chuckled, "You've watched way too many movies, you know that?"

"Yeah, I know, but c'mon, just a quick look. We have what? Twenty minutes? Plenty of time to check this out."

Adam rolled his eyes, "Whatever, carry on Indiana Jones."

And with that, we set off into the forest. While not large by any standard, was still big enough to get lost in pretty easily. But, it's not like we're going to go far into it, maybe a few hundred feet at most. At the edge of the forest, we dropped off our backpacks, and started to look for anything like that flash of light. Well, at least I was anyway.

Adam just stood there, backpack slung over one shoulder, "I still have no idea what you're looking for."

"It's like a, umm," I tried to think of what exactly I saw, "You know, I'm not really sure. I'll know it if I see it again."

He rolled his eyes again, "I would've figured that I'd be the first one you'd send off the deep end."

I chuckled, "Hey, I'm not crazy, I'm curious."

"Sometimes, there's not much of a difference, especially for you."

"Suit yourself."

Then I spotted it. It was silvery at the bottom, and blue at the top. It couldn't have been the same thing from my dream, could it? The thing moved through the trees like the wind, and sounded like it too. The sound seemed alien though, it was a lower octave than the stereotypical sound, and didn't change in pitch at all. It paused for a moment, its form still in a state of perpetual blurriness, and looked at us, before setting off again.

"Please tell me you saw that too," I said.

It took him a moment to snap out of his wide-eyed stare, "Yeah, I did. Guess I did follow you into crazyland."

"Well, ready to go deeper into the rabbit hole?"

"As long as we're not late for school."

"I'll take that as a yes then," I started running towards the ghost, for lack of a better word. "You coming?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm still trying to get my bearings. What was that?"

I stopped, and raised my hands in defeat, "You're asking the wrong guy. I know just as much as you do right now." 

"Got me there."

I resumed running, and Adam jogged up to catch me. He didn't run to me, he jogged. I wasn't a slow runner by any definition, but it's almost like he just teleported to me. 

Between breaths, I coughed out, "Cheater."

He just chuckled, and we kept following the specter's trail, which wasn't really that hard. Each step it took left a slowly fading phantom footstep, which made for a near compass-rose to follow. The fact that the paw-shaped tracks were glowing made it all that much easier.

I made a mental check of time, and the check turned up red. We must've spent at least ten, maybe fifteen, minutes following this trail by now. What's worse, I made a cursory glance back down the path we took. Well, tried to anyway. The trail wasn't there, at all. All of the footsteps faded a few feet away from us. Looks like we were all in. 

After another five minutes, Adam stopped, "Are you sure this is a good idea? We've been following these ghost-track-things for what? Fifteen minutes? Maybe we should turn back."

I faked a laugh, made difficult by my heavy breathing, "Heh, yeeeaaaah... about turning back," I pointed to the nearly invisible tracks behind us, and the distinct lack of them further back, "We're kind of, umm, lost?" 

He sighed, "We're gonna have to keep following this, aren't we?"

I shrugged, "Seems like that, doesn't it?"

He rolled his eyes, yet again, "I'm gonna kill you if this is a prank."

I raised an eyebrow, "Oh really? And if it isn't?"

"I'll kill you anyway, just for dragging me into it." We both broke out laughing, and kept on following the tracks. 

Some time later, I was starting to get worried. I'd tired enough to warrant going from a run, to a slow jog, and Adam seemed a little too eager to slow down as well. It definitely looked like we weren't going to make it to school any time soon, just pounding in the fact that we had to keep following the trail.

I was panting heavily by the time we reached the clearing. I was panting by the time we stopped at the edge of the clearing, but I wasn't focused on my physical state at the time. I was fixated on the clearing. This wasn't just any clearing; this was my clearing, the same one from my dream. I knew it; I could feel it. Except I saw what I had never seen in my dreams.

The blur was no longer a blur. It stood at the center of the clearing, the near-perfect circle devoid of trees, and I could finally see what it, no, he, looked like. He stood there, staring at me, with translucent silver eyes. He wasn't solid, instead looked to be one with the wind, distorting and flickering in response to the gusts.

But then the winds died down, and he stopped flickering altogether. I was hit by a moment of panic, thinking he'd disappear, but no. Instead, he became nearly solid, the light struggling to pass through his body. He was silver and blue - just like I saw him. Except now I knew what he really was:

He was a dragon.

His coloring was a pale silver, almost exactly like his eyes, complemented by navy blue on his scutes and wings. The wings themselves were two-toned blue: the same shade on the top as his scutes, and a lighter shade on the bottom. On his head, jutted out twin pairs of ivory horns, one nestled under the other, in contrast to his jet-black claws on each paw. And at the end of his blue-and-silver tail, sat two sets of dangerous-looking tail blades, one set about a quarter of the size of the other. In a less stunned state, I would've thought it looked like the Assassin's Creed logo.

But I was not just stunned, I was confused. How did he get here? What does he want? Why was he in my dreams? What, exactly, is he? Why does he seem so much more familiar than a simple dream...

The earth seemed to jerk forward for a split second, then return to its normal orientation, for a split second more, only to repeat the process over and over again. 

"Hey! Hey! Snap out of it!"

I blinked, "Wha... what just happened?"

He finally stopped shaking me, "You were just... I don't know... hypnotized, by that thing," he shot a suspicious glance at the dragon, "You were just staring at it, and it was staring back at you."

"How long?"

"A minute, maybe two at most."

"I think," I paused for a moment, "that he was trying to tell me something."

"...Say what?"

"When I was... err... hypnotized, I think he was trying to tell me something."

"What did he tell you?"

"Yeahhh, still working on that part. I was just kind of thinking about heading in there and seeing what happens."

"Sometimes, I wonder. You just want to go in there and see what happens?"

I rubbed the back of my neck again, "Yeah, pretty much. Do you have any better ideas?"

He paused, then sighed, "No, I don't. But what if he's hostile?"

"Why would he wait until now to attack us? He could've done that at any other time during our little trip."

"Maybe he wanted us to starve to death."

I nodded my head toward the clearing, where the dragon was standing, waiting, "Then why's he still there? I'm telling you Adam, he wants me to go there."

"Got me there. Guess I better get my lawnchair and popcorn, and watch the show."

I started waking towards the clearing, "That's the spirit."

I approached the clearing, and I noticed the dragon's eyes lock onto me. They followed me was unblinking watchfulness as I broke through the threshold of the circle. I stopped, and tensed up. The air in here had a sort of electric feel to it; power just hanging in the air. 

"Umm, hi. I'm just gonna be direct to you, what are you?"

I am you.

I knew what he just did: he's telepathic. But the intrusion didn't seem foreign, it seemed to just... fit in. Didn't stop me from being bewildered by it.

"Umm, could you explain, please?"

I am a part of you.

Oh yeah, that totally helped the confusion, I shot, through my thoughts.

To my surprise, he got the message, I heard that

Well, good, now, explain what you mean. And I mean really explain it.

He made something along the lines of a telepathic sigh, I am a physical extension of your spirit, part of you that has been separated for years, and I've been looking for you for years. 

Ok... and what does this mean?

I belong as part of you.

And how would that work?

Like this.

He rushed at me, and I was too stunned to do anything about it. But instead of crashing into me and making my body an impromptu ax, he just passed right through me. I looked behind me for his transparent form, but found nothing. He didn't pass through me, he passed into me. 

I lifted my shirt to check for damage, and received a shock. My skin... was turning blue. And on top of this, it began to ache, and the adjacent skin was turning blue as well. But on closer inspection, I noticed that only my stomach and chest area was turning blue, the rest was turning a smoky grey, almost... silver. 

I was becoming a dragon.

At the thought of this revelation, it almost seemed to accelerate, or at least go into the next phase. What was a small throbbing at the affected skin exploded into full-blown agony, and my skin seemed to dry up. It cracked, the pain not unlike getting dozens of knife cuts, and formed into navy-blue scutes. Next to these, my skin turned to a sort of dull metallic silver scale, pain laced through every one. The transformation continued down to my legs, and I braced myself for what I knew would come next...

But no amount of preparation could really prepare a person for having their legs snapped and reformed. I yelled out in pain as my legs reversed, shifting my stance to digitigrade. The scales continued down the rest of my legs, removing two of my toes on each foot, and changing the other toes to jet-black talons, just like the ghost.

Just as soon as my legs finished, my back began to pulse in agony. But I didn't cry out; I gritted my teeth and waited. Three pressure points made themselves known on my completely transformed back: two at my shoulder blades, and one at the base of my spine. Simultaneously, a pair of wings and tail burst out of my back, splitting open scales that were quick to heal.

The scales coated my shoulder, and raced down my arms, covering them with metallic silver scales. I lost a finger on each hand, and my fingernails blackened and lengthened into claws. Now my arms were transformed, just as the rest of my body was, except for my head. That was going to change very, very soon.

My neck felt like it was being stretched, and at least one vertebrae was added to my neck, but that was only the beginning.  The scales reached my jaw, and I suddenly lost control of the muscles. With that lack of muscle control came lack of feeling, which was a very welcome reprieve from the pain of the last few minutes. But not knowing what the progress was at didn't mean that it stopped, which made itself very clear as my face started pushing itself out into a muzzle. At the same time, my hearing and smell fizzled out, leaving me a void that was more than filled with visual input. But just to spite me, that went dark too, leaving me just my sense of touch.

My lack of input went on for at least a minute before it all came back, at the same time. The sensation was like having a floodlight shone straight into your eyes, in the middle of a dark cave. It was definitely not fun, at all. 

Another minute passed before I was able to blink out the spots in my eyes, and my nostrils weren't being burned up from all of the input. The first thing I could see in true clarity was Adam, staring at me with a gaping mouth and wide eyes. 

He floundered, "You're still you... right?"

I put on my best sarcastic voice, "Nawwww, I'm Micheal Jackson."

"Ok, you're definitely you. Nobody else could make a joke that bad," he smirked.


Adam looked around, "But now we're lost in the middle of a forest with no idea how to get out," he tried to put on his best damsel-in-distress voice, and put his hands on his cheeks, "What are we to do, O mighty dragon?"

I rolled my eyes, "Well, princess Adam, I have wings," I flexed my two-toned wings, "And I'm pretty sure they work."

"Oh boy, this looks fun."


"Fine, I'll let you get me out of here, but I'm still gonna kill you when we get back."

"Looking forward to it."
A birthday present for :icontbutler4484:
Posted a day early.
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Noah paced around his bedroom, frustrated. His costume for Halloween was really late, coming only in the early evening of the event itself. While Noah wouldn't have minded that, the costume was a huge disappointment.

A few weeks back, he had ordered a Chinese dragon costume, of which the shop keeper was all too eager to describe to him, but didn't have a sample to show. But it was described as a realistic long dragon costume, sleek and snake-like. Slender limbs for arms and feet, elegant fins across its back, and a long snout with flowing whiskers. And at a low price, how could he say no?

However when it did come, he realized he should've said no. The costume he saw was one that looked entirely fake. The skin was made of cheap rubber, scales painted on. The "realistic features" were whiskers and attachable claws. It didn't even come with horns.

Trying it on, Noah realized it didn't fit him. Not because it was too big or too small, but because it didn't seem like it was shaped for a human at all. The body was too tight, constricting him at his waist, but yet the whole body stretched across the living room floor, more than two times his height. He looked almost comical, with the top of the costume at his neck, and the rest of it flowing past his feet and across the room. His hands could fit into the costume's arms and fingers, but his feet was far from reaching the ones near the bottom of the costume. Feeling ridiculous, he fitted the claws on.

Suddenly, a constricting feeling took over him. Looking down, he realized the whole costume was squeezing his body tightly. His broad shoulders and muscular chest felt the worse, followed by his abs. The costume was squeezing it so hard that all the features were showing.

Trying to cut himself free, he tried to stumble for the scissors on his table, but fell flat as even his feet were stuck fast together in the vacuum of the costume. Thrashing around and wriggling on the floor, he looked like a snake in pain.

The transformation starting, his body began to stretch out under the pressure of the costume. His torso slid across from inside the costume, fitting the costume nicely. His feet managed to reach the costume's lower limbs, and his feet were separated from each other, pushed into the limbs. The rest of his torso continued further to fill the rest of the tail.

Meanwhile, the costume came to life. The skin turned from rubber into a leathery material, and the scales layered themselves nicely across his body. The fins on the top of his back also caused a tingly sensation in Noah, as he realized he can control them across his back.

Shocked and frightened, he struggled. He managed to gain a bit of control over his lower limbs, and he tried to move himself across the room to the table again. Instead of walking, however, he half-slithered, half-floated across the room. He didn't notice this, as he was too focused on getting out of the costume quick. The costume at his neck was already stretching up, and threatening to cover his face. Grabbing the scissors he tried to cut away at the material on his wrists. He might as well have been trying to cut steel, for that was what it sounded like as he hit the blades of the scissors against his scales.

That was when he noticed his hands were already fully-formed dragon ones, fitted with sharp and menacing claws. He tried to pull away at the costume around his torso. It stretched out, like rubber, but snapped right back on the moment it was released. He was desperate now. The costume was up the back of his neck, and coming down over his eyes. He clawed and pulled at the material again. He clutched at some scales around his chest, and pulled them outwards again. Again, the material stretched out. But instead of letting go, he held them there in hope it would slow the transformation. It didn't. The costume continued down over his face, and he quickly took a deep breath just as the costume went right over his mouth.

Noah was quite a sight. Below his waist was a snake-like body with two clawed feet, and above his waist was a human torso covered in scales, with claws at the end of muscular arms. His head was still human, though covered in a red piece of stretchy rubber, constricting and suffocating his head.

Running out of air, he screamed. The rubber material pushed itself into his mouth, further aggravating the distress he was facing. It pushed itself to the back of his throat, where it stayed there.

Meanwhile, his head was facing a severe makeover. His mouth began to protrude outwards, forming a long dragon-like snout with two huge nostrils at the end. The whiskers took shape over it too. The back of his head began to grow horns that branched out like antlers. 

His facial features were still very much visible as the rubber was constricting his face tightly over the course of it. He was still yelling and writhing about, very much desperate for air. Suddenly as he opened his mouth, the rubber in his throat cleared up as he gasped for air. His mouth was now filled with sharp teeth, and a long tongue. A scaly mane grew out from behind his face, and the rubbery parts left on his costume turned into skin and scales.

Tired out from the transformation, Noah flopped to the floor. Then, getting up to look at a mirror, he saw a dragon. It had a long and snaking body with clawed feet, and at the top he could still see his muscular chest and arms. However his arms still ended with claws, and his head was fully dragon. He got what he was promised. A realistic Chinese dragon, just in time for Halloween. 

This was either going to be the worse, or the best Halloween night he had.
Request by :iconmyseriousmystogan: of him turning into an Oriental dragon
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The Christmas Dragon

Amongst the bustling streets of Philadelphia, Eric Venia walked with his hands in his brown coat, purposely avoiding the Christmas-spirited carolers and fraudulent Santas as he walked by. The snow fell softly to the ground as a slight breeze stung his face in the loaded streets. Most of the crowds were enthralled with the Christmas spirit. Eric, however, was not. The people amassed throngs that were thick and difficult to pass through, unless someone was to slip down the dark alleyways between the old red brick buildings. Eric did so, knowing he was heading for trouble making shortcuts through the one way streets. He could only hope he wouldn't be paying for his brooding mood and rash decisions from a heartbreaking woman.

As it turned out, if he wouldn't have bad luck, he would have no luck at all. Four burly men crawled out from behind the dumpsters. He looked behind him for an escape, but two more men appeared from the trash he had walked past, foolishly oblivious of their presence. Eric was soon staring down the barrel of a forty-five. There was no way out for him this time.

"Gimme your wallet, or we'll beat you until your wallet pops out of ya!" The lead gangster demanded.

Eric frowned, "You're probably going to beat me to a pulp anyway, right?" A round of chuckles from the men confirmed his suspicions.

"Heh heh heh, maybe. So it's your choice. We could do this the easy way, or the real easy way. You've got a few seconds before my men and I become… impatient." He said, taking a solid step closer to him. Eric wasn't sure what to think. Maybe anger, maybe frustration, or maybe even fear, but Eric was too detached from the moment to show any feeling. His night was a terrible one to begin with. He was devoid of the feelings that followed this precarious moment.

He did feel the first punch though, which woke up his senses. It was straight to the face, and by how bad it hurt, probably breaking his nose too. Blood oozed out from the first strike, carrying Eric's anger along with it. He threw a swing back, catching the leader in the chin. Eric's surprising retaliation nearly knocked the leader over, but when he caught himself again, rage flashed in his eyes. Eric had a sense he was going to lose this one.


"Get him!"

Instantly five men surrounded him and took no time to gang up on Eric. They all punched and kicked him from all angles, making it too hard for him to defend himself. Eric threw a few solid kicks and punches back before a baseball bat nailed his skull. The dull thud of wood knocked him to the ground, where he was kicked and punched again and again without mercy. His mind reeled at the pain, but his head hurt so much, Eric's body soon fell numb. He felt less and less of every painful kick and punch after a little while. Soon he felt nothing; he was looking through his eyes like a looking glass.

He watched as he was kicked a few more times, then the leader, the one holding the baseball bat, proudly stride over to Eric's pulverized body. He crouched over Eric, patting down for his wallet. The leader decided to rip off his coat, leaving him freezing in the dirty snow. He found his wallet in the coat and smiled at the sight of cash and credit cards.

"Well it looks like you won't be needing these anymore. See ya 'round boy." The leader gloated, practically fanning himself with the twenty dollar bills as he laughed with the others. Eric could do nothing to help himself though; he was broken and beaten in the cold bloody snow.  

The smug faces and greedy smiles abruptly turned to shock as a woman suddenly knocked one of the six men down, sending him to his dreamland. She seemed to materialize from nowhere, and it showed on the gangster's faces. Eric could see she was dressed in blue jeans and a black coat that was zipped all the way up. She was about average height, and average size. Eric saw nothing special about her, but she managed to knock out a muscular brute in less than a second, which had the others surprised.

She acted again, this time knocking the next closest body to the ground, fast asleep. The remaining four immediately reacted, throwing punches and kicks aimlessly in her direction. She avoided them all, and even stole the bat from the leader when he swung at her. One of the men tried to come from behind and grab her, but she saw him coming. She quickly used the wall to slam his head into it, sending another man unconscious. The fight was starting to even out to a three to one advantage, but with a spectacular show of skills with the bat to beat them back, the three remaining men weren't so sure of their chances.

They paused.

The leader took a few seconds to ponder the odds. He looked at Eric, then at his fallen brethren, then to the lone woman before him. He frowned at the sight of her. The mystery woman whirled the bat like a samurai warrior, further influencing his decision.

"Fine lady, you win this one." He finally said, sensing the end of the skirmish. The three remaining men ran away, the leader throwing off the coat and dropping the wallet, along with all its contents. The mystery woman picked them up, and dressed Eric with his brown coat. She wore a warm smile on her face and her brown hair was a mess, but she had saved his life. That much Eric could clearly see and remember.

"Stay awake please." She asked, but Eric was too tired. He closed his eyes and began to fade away.

At least he was warm again.


Eric awoke in his bed, his eyes flashing wide open. He felt terrible, perhaps the worst that he had felt in a long time. Somehow someone, perhaps his savior, had managed to locate his apartment. He was gratified to his savior, but he saw no signs of her. He tossed off his covers, feeling the bruises and aches of his savage beating. Getting up, Eric swore even the balls of his feet were blasting him with shocking pain. His first thoughts were of regret, not being able to thank her for what she had done for him so selflessly. In Philadelphia, selfless people like her were hard to come by.

He hobbled around like an old man to his living room, where he could clearly see the door was securely locked. The apartment keys were lying on the floor in front of the door, right where his mystery woman had slipped it under. Nothing was missing that he could tell, but not that anyone would want to steal from his apartment. It was not very clean, and not luxurious in the slightest, but it was home.

Eric found his wallet and coat folded on the kitchen table. As he approached, he found that a Christmas card with a silver necklace had been left behind for him. He checked his wallet; all was as he had left it. He picked up the unexpected gift, and inspected it more closely.

The necklace was made of sterling silver, shaped and crafted into a pair of wings. Embedded at the very center of the silver was a spectacular diamond the size of his little fingernail. The diamond was cut down to be shaped into a rhombus, angled perfectly to stand on its corners. The chain was much thicker and longer than a normal necklace; he sensed it was special. Eric marveled at the beautiful piece of work; this was no cheap gift.

He felt it weighed several ounces, and instantly knew it was worth a small fortune in diamond and silver alone. He just couldn't understand what he did to deserve such a gift, or anything for that matter. He took a quick glance at the card for a simple answer. The front read, Merry Christmas, Eric.

Eric assumed possession of the necklace, trying it on for the first time. It was beautiful, far more beautiful than anything he had in his apartment. The chain was much longer than it needed to be as well, the silver wings hanging down to slap the bone over his heart. Curious, he opened the card for more answers.

Hello, Eric. I heard about your breakup with Jane. I am sorry to hear about that. Maybe we should have a coffee down the street or something to talk about it. I know that you can always change what you are, but what you change into doesn't always change who you are. The necklace is for you to keep. You should see mine; it's blue.

Sincerely, Lilly
P.S.: With great power comes great responsibility. Use it with care in whatever you do, Eric.

Eric was confused; what could he have meant by that?

Then he realized how cold his apartment had gotten all the sudden. There were no drafts, and the thermometer read a good seventy-four degrees Fahrenheit. Eric was freezing though! He looked down and saw that the diamond was glowing. He couldn't believe it; the diamond was emitting light!

The diamond's light grew until he was nearly blind. Eric was strangely calm though, the light giving him warmth and healing him of all his wounds. In seconds all that was left was a warm, burning sensation all over his body, but it felt good. He embraced the warmth with a shiver of jubilation. He didn't even notice anything was amiss until he looked in the mirror across the room. Eric was amazed at was he saw.

He was white with scales. He hadn't even noticed the change! The good burning sensation intensified, making him grow taller. His shirt and pants tore into shreds, falling off of him. There was nothing to hide though; the scales had covered him completely. He felt his muscles contract, swelling and growing with the extra height. Eric panted in excitement; he didn't know what was happening, but he was eager for it to continue.

He didn't have to wait long, as he felt a new limb sprout from behind. A snow white tail with a black spade-like tip slipped onto the floor, growing out to five feet in length. Wings spawned from his back, unfolding as far as the apartment walls, shining of the purest white. He was not quite finished, even as his feet changed and he was forced onto his toes, which had grown black talons.

Eric felt his face push out farther and farther, creating what he now knew as his muzzle. His nose and teeth meshed together to make the white scaled snout, complete with pointy pearly teeth. His ears grew fins, and his head grew a pair of black horns out of the back, completing his look. He was still standing on two feet, which made it all the more amazing to him. He was a glistening white anthropomorphic dragon.

Eric's head would have brushed the ceiling if he had not bent his knees some. His wings did, however, touch the ceiling. He contracted and folded them as naturally as any dragon would, and swayed his tail in delight. This was a rare gift indeed.

Eric decided that while the night was yet covering the skies with darkness, he would try something new; flying. He clacked his talons over to the balcony, opening the sliding door and unfolding his wings for the jump. In a spirit of happiness and excitement, Eric leapt into the air, gliding down the streets of Philadelphia. He would indeed have coffee in the morning with Lilly. After all, she had saved his life. The least he could do was buy her a good coffee.
something i cooked up yesterday. it's a little early, but a month from now, no one will know the difference, right? :XD:

enjoy everyone. Merry premature Christmas. :)
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Private Matt floored the accelerator on his humvee and slid onto a long drift as he barreled down a small dirt road. He grinned as the engine whined and grew labored as he climbed a hill. Inside his hummer was his squad of soldiers. One manned the .50 cal mounted on the roof. His other three sat in the seats, weapons at the ready. They all had a blank look on their face, prepared for the fight ahead. One of the soldiers checked his rifle safety and tapped his forward assist, making sure the bolt was forward. He smiled slightly and sat his weapon back on his lap. He looked over to the center of the vehicle and looked at the person sitting there. He snorted as the passenger held her hands in her lap, head hanging low. He looked out the window, out into the darkness. He bobbed as the humvee started to slow. The driver hit the brakes and the truck and skidded to a halt in front of a dense wooded area. He turned the switch to the hummer, the diesel engine sputtering and shutting off. The passenger of the truck opened the heavy armored door and stepped out into the cool night air. He spit onto the ground and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. The soldier on the .50 aimed his weapon at the woods and pulled the charging lever back and slid a round home, ready to rock and roll. The passenger of the vehicle, a Sergeant first class that goes by Moore stood outside in the cool night air, his M-4 in his hands. He walked forward towards the night and lit one of his cigarettes. He looked back at the hummer and spoke.

“Bring her out…” he said looking back at the woods. “It’s time to see if this works….” The sergeant then pulled a small pendent out from his uniform and held it in his hands.  The pendent was a small dragon holding a human skull. He tightened his grip on it and closed his eyes and spoke softly. “I know you’re out here, and I’m here…..come and get me….”  The private in the back seat opened the door to the hummer and stepped out. He reached back in and pulled the other passenger out with him. Out of the hummer came a young woman, a look of fear and confusion on her face. She stumbled a little and regained her balance. The soldier pulled her along with him bringing her to the sergeant. He looked at her and smiled. He put away his pendent and grinned. “Do you know why you are here?” Moore questioned the girl. She didn’t respond, just looked down at the ground. He spoke again. “I asked do you know why you are here?” She looked up at the man, a tear in her eyes and shook her head. The sergeant smiled. “Why you are here to help me child. You are an asset that I need for my mission. I know a lot about you. What secrets you hide.” The girl looked at him and started to cry again.

“Why are you doing this to me….” She wailed, her legs chattering in fear. The soldier holding her by the arm snorted and held her tighter. She looked at him and protested. “You’re hurting me!! “ The sergeant looked at his soldier and scolded.

“Let her go, she won’t escape.” He said turning around looking back into the woods. “You know where we are, don’t you?” he said taking a long drag off his smoke.  She looked up at him and shook her head naively. “Don’t lie to me. I know you know.” He said turning back around. “I know these woods very well; I know what lives out here and so do you.” She couched down and held her legs with her arms. The sergeant looked back at the private in the hummer and barked. “Turn on the radar; I want to know when it gets near to us.” The private acknowledged the order and flipped a switch and turned on the passive radar. The sergeant walked over to the hood of the truck and hopped up on it. He hit the hood and told the passenger to turn on the lights. He flipped a switch and the woods lit up with the headlights and the running lights. He stared out into the woods and growled. Things were too quiet. He felt his trigger finger twitch in anticipation. He took his M-4 and charged it and flicked his cigarette away. “And now we wait…” he said resting against the windshield. The woman looked at him and slowly stood up.     

“What are you going to do to me?” she questioned, a look of confusion on her face.
“I’m waiting my child, waiting for her to show up.” He said relaxing. He knew she would be here. She would sense that something is wrong out here and, knowing how she hates violence towards her kind she will come. And when she does he would be ready….ready to get his revenge for what happened so long ago. He pulled out his pendent once more and let it hang outside his jacket.  Moore looked at the girl and decided to give her a little comfort. “So…what is your name?” he said resting his head on the roof. She looked at him and hesitated.

“My name is Faith, why do you ask?”

“It’s just a question…” He said leaning up.  “…just a friendly question.”

“Why are you doing this to me?”  She said walking closer, beginning to get angry.

“Because you are just like the thing I’m trying to kill. You are a dragon…” the sergeant said coldly. “You are just a human at the moment, but when I’m done I will make sure you are just like her.” He motioned over his throat. “dead.” She gapped and backed up quickly. Moore aimed his rifle at her and barked. “Don’t you do it! You will serve your purpose, dead or alive, so you go ahead and run…” Faith looked at him hard and then at the rifle. She fell to the ground and began to cry again. Moore laughed slightly and hopped off the hood of the truck.  He walked towards her and stood over her. There was a crack of lightning then a loud thunderous boom of thunder. He stopped and looked up at the black sky. The wind began to pick up and it started to rain. It started off slow then quickly picked up. You could see the large droplets of water in the headlights of the hummer. The sound of the steel truck in the rain caused a static sound to surround the area. He shook his head and walked to the side door of the hummer and reached in and grabbed his vest of armor. He donned it and snapped the neck plate, shoulder and side plates on and secured his ammo pouch to the front of it. He secured his 9mm to his side and grabbed two extra clips. He checked on his M 240 and made sure it was loaded and ready to go. He then grabbed a rain poncho and closed the door. He looked in the window and spoke.

“Keep watching that radar, I don’t want anything sneaking up on us.” The private nodded and watched the green screen closely. The sergeant then walked over to Faith and covered her with the poncho to shield her from the rain. He looked down at the shivering poncho and sighed. He did feel bad about what he did to her. It wasn’t fair for her to have to go through this. He lowered his weapon and bent down to her. She didn’t remove the cover to see, too afraid of the horrible things on the other side. He slung his rifle and took his hand and slowly eased it down towards her. But he stopped half way. He pulled out his pendent again and looked at it then at Faith. It didn’t feel right anymore. He was acting out of vengeance. It was wrong as all hell but what could he do now? It was too late. He gripped the pendent and gritted his teeth in anger. He shook the thought out of his head and stood back to his feet. So what if she lost something dear to her, I lost everything and all I have left is this fucking pendent. He brought his weapon to bare and stood there in the rain, staring into the woods. “Where are you…” He was about to speak to Faith when the private in the hummer spoke out loudly.

“Sergeant!! I’m getting something. It’s large and it’s heading our way at a high rate of speed!” he said alarmed. Moore smiles, the rain flowing down his face. It was finally time to get his much wanted revenge on the murderer of his family.  

“About fucking time.” He said wiping the rain from his vision. Moore looked back at his gunner and barked. “As soon as you see it, shoot.” The man cocked the weapon once more, sliding a round into the chamber and placing his thumbs onto the triggers. Moore looked back at the woods and waited patiently. Through the rain he heard strange sounds yet he stood undaunted. Sounds of heavy footsteps grew closer to his position Faith looked from under the poncho and stared at Sergeant Moore, then out into the woods. There was another flash of lightning and then a deafening boom of thunder again. Moore looked at the private and motioned with his hand to cut the lights. There was a pop and the lights winked off, leaving the sergeant and Faith standing in total darkness. Faith whimpered a little and covered her face with the camo poncho. Moore stood in the darkness, waiting, ready for whatever she could throw at him. His comrade Chris told me of her, how she was the most ruthless dragon out here. He told me he had multiple run-ins with her, all ended in failure. Moore knew in his heart that this one was the one. He could feel her growing closer to him, just like so many years ago. He can still see the icy blue and grey eyes staring at him in the darkness. He held his pendent in his left hand and his rifle in the other. He then hid it away under his vest and stood next to faith. There was a loud crash coming from the woods and then silence; only the sound of the rain falling onto the leaves, and the rustling of the branches in the woods. There was a series of lightning strikes, lighting up the night with its brightness. Moore stared intently into the woods, his eyes straining to focus in the failing light. Then lightning flashed again, this time there was a figure there, a dark colored figure. A huge creature stood about 30 feet from Moore. The lightning flashed again, this time longer. The figure was still there, this time the light caught its eyes; they glowed steel. The sergeant grinned and spoke.

“Hello there Everwar…I’ve been waiting for you…” he said standing with his rifle ready. The beast let out a throaty laugh and its eyes seemed to glow like two icy blue lasers, cutting through the darkness, both focused on him. The creature had a voice, a heavy female voice with a hint of anger.

“What are you doing in my woods human, come to pick a fight with me? Or is it something else you want?”  She said walking towards the soldier. He yelled to the private in the hummer and he cut the lights back on. The trucks lights flashed on, bathing the large black dragon in the light. Moore stood there with his rifle trained on Faith. The barrel was inches from her head, his finger in the trigger. Everwar stopped her advance and growled. “You had better not do that…” she growled, lowering her head close to the ground.

“Or what? What are you going to do? Kill me? So what. She will be dead along with me.” Moore said looking into her cold eyes. She snarled and her eyes flickered black. “You know what I want…I was told that you had the charter stone, I want it now or she gets it…” Everwar reared back at this and hissed.

“How do you know of that? No human knows of the stone!?” she hissed through her teeth she began to circle closer to the Sergeant. He placed his other hand on the rifle and pressed it against faith. She screamed and covered her head with her hands. Everwar roared in anger and stopped in her tracks Moore laughed and spat on the ground.

“I have my ways of getting information, just like I know about Faith here. You will give me what I want or I will kill her, just like I did her parents…” Everwar snarled and stepped closer to Moore, anger manifesting in her eyes.

“You did what to them?” she said holding back her rage.

“It was such a shame; they cooperated so well too, too bad they had to get in the way of my revenge. I feel bad for Faith here. You should feel ashamed of yourself seeing how it’s your fault her parents are dead.” Everwar roared at Moore, sending water and spit at him.

“MY FAULT, you killed them! How is this my fault!” she roared, her eyes glowing even brighter than before.

“You should know, you know a lot about killing someone’s parents, just like you killed my family so long ago, I just returned the favor… a eye for a eye.” Moore pulled off the poncho and revealed Faith hiding underneath it. He pointed to her and spoke. “Why don’t you tell her yourself, tell her how you killed my parents. You murdered them while they slept. You left me with the corpse; you left me to bury them. You left me alone in this world. I have no more feelings, no more love, kindness, nothing. You killed me too, on the inside. I feel nothing. You think this girl will make me feel bad if she dies. I could care less if she dies. All I know is that you will give me the stone or she dies right here right now…” Faith looked up from the ground and looked at Everwar, tears streaming down her eyes.  

“Don’t worry my child, everything will be alright.” She nodded her head and shivered a little from the cold wind. Everwar then looked at Sergeant Moore and snarled. “This might be the first time I met you but I can ASSURE you it WILL be the last time we meet.” She growled, lowering her head.

“I know it will.” Moore said looking at the gunner and holding up his hand. “Last chance, give me the stone and I will spare her life, choose no and you both die…make your choice.” She laughed, her gray tongue flailing out of her mouth as she chuckled. “Fine then, OPEN FIRE!!” the sergeant roared. The private depressed the trigger on the .50 and the gun boomed. Rounds flew from the barrel, straight towards Everwar. Then something seemed to happen as her scales seemed to shimmer and change. Her outer layer of scales seemed to be change. Her front scales seemed to turn to a hard plate of steel, the rounds fired upon it bouncing off harmlessly. Moore watched as none of the rounds penetrated. The gun stopped firing and there still stood Everwar, a large smirk plastered on her reptilian face. She lifted her head and smiled her sharp teeth.

“My turn…” she then roared and white and black flames seemed to fly from her mouth right at the hummer. Moore yelled and jumped to the ground and covered his head. The ball of flame flew towards the hummer and engulfed it in flames. The soldiers yelled and grabbed what weapons they could and jumped from the burning vehicle. Everwar laughed and looked behind her and called “Acro…” As  a puddle of water seemed to give birth to a small dragon, about the size of average human. It screeched and ran up Everwar’s tail and stopped on her shoulder.  Everwar looked at him perched on her shoulder and nuzzled him with her head and growled. “Take them all out, but leave Moore for me…” He screeched and hissed and leaped from her shoulder and right at one of Moore’s soldiers. The private saw the strange creature running close to the ground and yelled out in fear. He fired his machine gun at the creature as it closed the distance between them too quickly. The rounds that he fired at it seemed to be absorbed into him like it was made of water. He yelled out in terror as Acro tackled him broke his neck with his paw and hissed into his face. Acro then jumped from that dead body onto the other soldier by him. The private yelled out as he fell to the ground, with Acro on top of him. Faith watched in horror and ran from her spot and ran towards the woods. She ran as fast as she could and hid behind a tree. Moore looked back at his fallen soldiers and then back at Everwar. She roared and took off after him. He turned and started to run backwards firing his weapon.

“Shit, shit, shit!!!” he cursed as he fired in vain trying to stop her advance. He jumped and tried to slash at him with one of her taloned paws. The sergeant jumped from it and crashed into the burning humvee. She flew past him and spun around, laughing.

“What’s wrong? You talked a good show and now you’re running from me? What is with that?” she joked slowly creeping towards Moore. He reached into the humvee and pulled out a belt of grenades and pulls one from the clip and primes it. He then throws it at her, hoping to damage her with the shrapnel. The grenade sailed through the air and Everwar caught it in her jaws and clamped down on it. There was a muffled pop as a trail of smoke twirled from her jaws. She opened her mouth and spit out the pieces. Moore staggered back amazed that it did no damage. “You really need to stop this. Instead of killing you I might decide to play with you first. “She scolded. He looked down at the other grenades and decided to toss a gas grenade. He pulled the pin and tossed it at her feet and ran from it. She looked down at the small gray ball and laughed. “What is this…” That was all she could say before the ball burst into a thick white cloud of gas. She took a breath and immediately began to cough. He roared out in anger as her eyes burned. Her face felt like it was on fire. He rubbed her face with her claws and growled. Moore looked back at her and laughed.

“What!! You don’t like tear gas!! I thought you were all big and bad!” He roared in my direction and aimed her dark black eyes at me. I stopped laughing and continued to run. She growled and pushed off the ground with her hindlegs and took to the skies. Moore looked up in the skies and saw Everwar circling overhead. Then she tucked her wings in and rocketed at Moore with incredible speed. He yelled as she grabbed him in her hingpaws and took to the skies again. Moore kicked and tried to free himself from her. She then landed and roared at the sergeants face.

“That is it human!! You have struck the last note of your life!!” She then took her claw and pulled at his armor. There was a rip as the Velcro ripped and the vest pulled off of him. She then roared and held him over her mouth and prepared to eat the man. Moore yelled in anger and fired his pistol at her as he was lowered into her mouth. But before Everwar finished the deed her eye caught a something on Moore’s side. She held him out in front of her and took her talon and tried to pull up his shirt. He yelled and tried to hold it down. His face looked like he had seen a ghost. He didn’t want to reveal what he hid. She growled and pulled harder. “You will show me what that is!!” Moore’s jacket ripped and Everwar’s eyes met the sight of black scales. She roared in anger and threw Moore to the ground hard. She then stood over him. “That’s why you hate me so much!!! Because you are me!!!!” she roared lifting her paw into the air over Moore. He rolled and evaded the foot. She snarled and chased after him. She roared, baring her fangs. Moore turned and fired his pistol into her mouth. She roared and rocked back in pain at the attack. Moore used this time to grab his radio and yell as loud as he could.

“Now! “ he yelled into the radio. As he did he ran from her as fast as he could.
Everwar roared and took off after him. He got a good head start but as she closed the distance she heard a noise off in the distance. She slowed and stopped and listened. She took a deep breath and chuckled to herself. “This human will not go down easily will he.” She said as her eyes met multiple Humvee’s coming over the hillside. She smiled and roared at it the advancing trucks. They opened fire at her with their machine guns as she closed the distance with the lead hummer quickly. Before he could turn from her path they were already nose to nose, unable to disengage. She growled and struck the side of the fender with her paw and overturned the truck with one swipe. The men inside tumbled and yelled in surprise at the attack. She then jumped on top of the truck and crushed the roof down onto the men trapping them inside. She then spit her black and white fire over it and roared in anger. She then looked to the other trucks, her eyes black as night. She snarled and lunged after another Humvee and snatched it up in her claws and threw it at the neighboring vehicle. It crashed into the roof and immediately burst into flames. The occupants that survived the crash crawled from the burning wreckage, battered and bruised.  Everwar roared and flew down at the men, teeth bared and claws outstretched. One man looked up in pain and the last thing his eyes met was Everwar, a look of hate and rage never seen before. Moore stood in the field and watched as his men were picked off one by one by this beast. He yelled off into the storm in anger and defeat. He knew the battle was over, it was only a matter of time till she got back to him. He needed to get Faith and himself out for here.

“Damnit!!” he yelled in vain at Everwar as she sat by the two burning Humvee’s. He grabbed his radio with white knuckled hands and barked into his radio. “Fall back. The attack didn’t work. We need to get the fuck out of here. There was static over the radio as no one responded. Then a raspy cough followed by a voice came over the radio.

“I read you sergeant, we are directly behind you. Be ready for pickup!” he yelled. The sergeant turned and looked at the advancing Humvee and sighed. He then looked back at the woods and thought of Faith.  He shook his head and snorted. She picked her fate, what did it matter now, he had to get the hell out of there.  The Humvee skidded to a stop and the driver yelled to the sergeant. “Get the hell in here now!!”  The sergeant held his chest and opened the door the truck. He looked back and saw the dragon staring at him. Moore quickly jumped into the passenger seat and slammed the door closed. He then grabbed a sidearm and loaded it, charging the slide loading a round into the chamber. He looked in the mirror and expected to see her in the image but to his surprise he saw nothing but the rain. He looked over at the gunner and spoke.

“Do you see her?” the sergeant said wiping the rain off of his face. The gunner looked around and leaned into the hummer.

“I don’t see anything now, but it’s hard to see much with all this rain.” The gunner said as he manned his weapon again. The driver looked over at sergeant Moore and spoke.

“Sergeant, just relax, she’s gone. Just try and ease up a little.” The man looked back at the field and shook his head. “I don’t understand why you would try and fight something like that, I mean come on….” Moore looked at the man hard, trying not to say anything. “I mean it’s a….OH MY GOD!!!” that was all the man said before crashing into Everwar. The hummer slammed into her massive body and came to a bone crunching halt. She roared, the sound echoing in the hummers interior.  She grabbed the door with her claw and ripped it off the hinges. She then grabbed the sergeant out of the seat with her talons and yanked him out. He yelled and tried to hold on. She growled and pulled him from the wreckage. She then flexed her wings and took to the skies. The sergeant struggled and tried to free himself. Everwar roared and let him go. He yelled out and impacted the ground with a thump. He rolled and stopped with a bone crunching halt. She then landed a few feet from the sergeant and began to circle him. The sergeant looked at her and sighed.  

“Go ahead and kill me. You got me now, what are you waiting for?” she said nothing, just continued to circle, her black eyes never breaking contact with the sergeant. She growled and spoke.

“Im not going to kill you, I’m going to let the charter stone decide your fate.” She said lifting up one of her scales. She pulled a small chain from under the scales and held it one claw. She tugged and a small pendent freed from the scales. It dangled from the thin chain, picking up the feint light in the dark. As she drew closer it began to glow a dull red. The sergeants eyes grew wide and he yelled.

“You wouldn’t!!! you cant!!!” he screams as he tries to skitter away on his back. His hand slips in the mud and he falls backwards. She growled and drew closer to him and roared.

“I WOULDN’T!!” she took her talon and pressed the sergeant into the mud. She roared into his face and held the stone above him, hate glowing in her eyes. “Its judgment time…”

“NO!! stop!!” a voice screamed from the bushes. The sergeant and Everwar looked over and saw Faith running from the darkness, her face contorted with sadness and tears. “DON”T DO IT!!” she pleaded. She ran over and grabbed onto Everwars foreleg and held it crying onto her scales. “Don’t do it please! I beg you!! Give him a chance!!” Everwar growled.

“WHAT! Are you crazy!! Why should I give him a chance!!!” Everwar looked at Moore and snarled. “This monster does not deserve a second chance!” Everwar took the stone and held it over Moore. “Any last words…” Faith looked at the dragon and shook her head and shielded Moore from the stone. Everwar barked “ GET OUT OF MY WAY!!”

“NO, I won’t let you do it. Please just let him choose.” Faith said looking at Moore. The sergeant looked back at faith and frowned. Everwar growled and let her claw come off of the man. She stepped back and looked at the two.

“Very well.” She said turning around. She lifted up the one scale and tucked the charter stone away and lightly let the scale fall back down. There was a metallic click that broke the silence. Everwar snarled and turned around. What she saw caused her to roar in anger and rage. Moore had picked up his pistol and now had Faith at gunpoint. Everwar roared. “I TOLD YOU FAITH!! THERE IS NO GOOD IN THIS BASTARD!!” faith let one tear fall from her eyes. She choked back her fear and shook her head. She spoke calmly and looked down.

“You’re wrong dragon, there is good in him…” she said smiling weakly.

“HOW IS THERE GOOD!! HOW DO YOU THINK THAT!!!” she looked up at her, more tears in her eyes…she spoke.

“…I’m still alive…”
Everwar snarled. “This is what you call good? He killed your family and you want to give him a second chance!!” Moore shifted his footing and looked at Everwar then at Faith. He began to tighten his grasp on Faith. He growled and pushed the barrel deep into her head, yelling at the dragon.

“This is all your fault! You made me like this!!” Moore shouted out into the rain. Moore’s face then began to lose its edge and began to lower to a frown as he chewed those words for a moment…”its…its …not….your fault…” he said letting the pistol fall from Faiths head. He let her arm go and staggered back. Faith took off and ran to a tree and buried her face into the bark and cried. Everwar looked over at her and shook her head. She then looked back over at Moore and snarled.

“You know what, I’m not even going to kill you, I’m just going to let you toil in your own mess. Let you deal with this for the rest of your life, and believe me, I’ll make sure you live out your life to the fullest, make you suffer for all that you have done…” The dragon then turned around and began to walk off. Moore raised his pistol and aimed it at her. He yelled.

“DRAGON!!” she stopped and snarled as she saw the weapon aimed at her. She knew that it would do no harm but she still took it as a threat.

“You fire that weapon and I will make sure you die, there will be no one to stop me this time.” She said facing him. Moore laughed and cocked the hammer back and aimed down the iron sights. Everwar stood directly in the path and waited to strike. But then the sergeant did something unexpected. He lowered his weapon and stood down. He ejected the clip and let it fall to the mud. He then ejected the round in the chamber and dropped the weapon.  He then dropped to his knees and began to cry. Everwar stood there baffled. She didn’t know what to do. She was so confused. She then looked over at Faith and then back at Moore. She slowly walks over to Moore and sat down in front of him.

“This does not absolve you of what you have done; you still have to pay for what you have done…”
Moore shook his head and sighed. “Go ahead; I’m not going to stop you.” He said lifting up his shirt and looking at the scales. He grabbed his pendent tight and gritted his teeth. “Punish me like my family was punished…” Everwar growled and turned away. She said one last word to me before she walked away.

“It’s no longer my decision…” Moore held his pendent and began to cry again as he began to think off all he has done wrong in his life. He felt sick as it all played in front of him in an endless stream. He felt sick to his stomach. He remembered how he ruined that poor girl’s life and then threw away her second chance. How could he been so stupid? He grabbed his chest and bent over and slammed his head into the mud and yelled. He was angry, at himself, for all that he did. He wanted to die, but if he did the only thing waiting for him was as eternity of suffering, and no one to miss him….
Everwar walked up to faith and bumped her on the back and spoke. “Hey there, why are you crying?” she said using one of her wings to shield her from the wind and the rain. She looked up at her with tears in her eyes.

“I thought I could change him, make him see that there are people that care out there. All he needs is someone like him. I thought I could help, but I was wrong…” Everwar growled and bumped her again.

“After you lost so much you still gave him a chance. Why I still do not know but you did. You never gave up on him, even when he did. You believed in him to do the right thing.” Everwar turned Faith around and showed her Moore.
“And look how your perseverance rewarded you.” Faith stopped crying and smiled, wiping the tears from her eyes. “I do not forgive him for what he did, but it’s up to you to determine if he is worthy to be forgiven, it is out of my hands. You made him see the light, it’s your duty to make sure he never forgets what you did…” Faith got to her feet and hugged Everwars leg.  She looked up at her and frowned.

“What do I do now?” she said looking over at Moore. “I don’t know what I should say.” She smiled and began to walk away.

“Tell him to be himself, tell him to never forget who he really is… that’s it’s ok for him to remember…tell him that he can feel pain again and not be shamed by it. Don’t let him die on the inside, show him the light…” Faith stood up and watched Everwar walk away and sit down staring up at the clouds. She then looked at Moore and smiled. She walked over to him and sat down next to him. She took her hand and placed it on his shoulder and spoke softly.

“Hey there soldier, stop that crying…” she joked.  Moore just hung his head and did not respond.  She frowned and looked down at the ground. Then finally the rain began to stop falling, slowly until the rain stopped. Faith looked up at the sky and saw the clouds dissipate and reveal the black star lit sky. She looked back at the sergeant and looked at his side. She reached over and lifted up his shirt and her eyes grew large. She reached over and touched the black scales with her hand. Moore groaned and inched away from her. She sighed. “This is nothing to be ashamed  of, why are you so hateful to our kind?” she said resting her arm on his shoulder. H looked up at her and sniffed his nose.

“Why all of a sudden are you so nice to me? Threatened you, your parents, your life….” Moore said hanging his head low. “I deserve to be killed for what I did…” Faith smiled and tried to embrace Moore. He pushed her away and turned away. “I don’t disserve your forgiveness, I wish Everwar would have just killed me…” the sergeant said looking at his hands.

“I had her spare you, I saw something she didn’t. I see that you are good, that there is something under that rough exterior. You could have killed me. I know you didn’t kill my parents.” She said with a smirk. Moore looked up at her and nodded his head.

“Yes I know I didn’t, I never planned on it. I was just so blinded by my anger that I lost all control of myself. I’ve done so many things that I will never forgive myself.”

“But you need to, stop living in the past, that’s what has made you the way you are now, just let the past be past…” Moore looked down at the ground and sighed. Faith raised his head up and looked him in the eyes.  “What happened you your parents?” she said wiping some of the mud off of his face. Moore closed his eyes and gripped his pendent tight.

“If you must know. They were killed by dragons when I was little. They were murdered by a black dragon; I have yet to find the one. But I must be honest; I have lied about the circumstances.” Moore said letting the pendent hang from his neck. “My family was not innocent like I have been telling. They were wanted by the dragon council for murder and crimes of war from long ago. My mother and father were called traitors to the clan. They chose a life of exile to keep their newly born son protected. They knew what would have happened to him if the others found out.” Faith looked at him and frowned.

“The newborn was you wasn’t it?” Moore nodded and continued on with his story.

“My mother took care of me while my father provided for us both. We live peacefully, keeping to ourselves. Life was almost good, that is until someone found where we were hiding and found me. They sent dragons after us, to kill me before I could grow.” Faith held her hand over her mouth and gasped.

“But why? What did you do?”

“They didn’t want to have the bloodline to have a future; they wanted it do die out with my parents. They came to my home with an army of dragons and demanded that I be handed over or they would all die. But my mother was very loving and fond of me. My father fought them off as long as he could. The last thing I remember of him is him fighting off the dragons so that my mother and I could get away.” Everwar caught the story and her ear twitched. She looked over at Moore and sighed.

“That’s terrible!! How could they do such a thing!” faith yelled.

“Because there was no one that was going to stop them, it was their rule over us.” Faith shook her head and listened. “My mother was injured trying to shield me. I was very young but I knew that she was injured severely. I knew she didn’t have much time left. She landed far away from the battle. She landed in the woods and immediately collapsed from her wounds. I tried to get her to stand back up but she couldn’t. I cried and tried to force her up. She just laid there moaning, dying and there was nothing I could do. She told me that they would not stop hunting me until I was killed. They would stop at nothing to get me. Then she took out a small pendent and handed it to me. She told me as long as I wore it they would not be able to find me. She placed it around my neck and turned me into a human child about 6 years old.” A tear formed in the corner of Moore’s eye as he thought back to that day. “She died to protect me. My mother and my father both gave their lives. That is something I can never repay back. It is something that haunts me.” Moore took his pendent in his hands and holds it tight. “Ever since my mother gave it to me I have never taken it off.” Faith raised Moore’s head back up and smiled.

“So that is why you hate dragons so much. They killed your parents. You don’t want to be a dragon, which is why you still wear the pendent. You’re afraid of what you will be.” Moore shook his head and spoke, sadness heavy in his voice.

“I have tried so hard to make myself believe that I was human, to forget all that I lost. To live a normal life….” Moore said looking at the pendent hard. Faith touched the pendent with her hand and smiled.

“But that is your normal life, why hide it. Stop trying to hide what you are and try and understand it.” Faith cleared her throat and spoke. “Would you take it off for me?” Moore looked up at her and shook his head.

“I don’t know what will happen…what if something happens?” Moore said looking down at the ground. “What if something bad happens…”

“I will be right here with you, I won’t leave you.” Faith said holding Moore’s hand. “I’ll be right here…” she said taking her other hand and grabbing his pendent. Moore closed his eyes and waited to see what happened. He felt the chain slide up his neck and around his ears. Then the pendent was removed. Faith dropped the pendent and held my hands knowing what might happen. Moore looked into her eyes and gave her a weak smile. Then something began to happen. Moore twitched slightly and grasped Faiths hands. He gritted his teeth and doubled over. Faith looked at him and began to get panicky. She grabbed Moore’s hand and held it tight. “Moore! Just hold on, it will be over soon.” She reassured him. He flexed his right hand, his knuckles cracking loudly. Le looked over at it and watched as his skin began to become hard cracking into individually colored…scales. He cried out in pain as his fingers began to elongate and become thicker. His fingernails begin to grow sharper and darker as they become sharp talons. The darkness began to spread up his arm, his human skin drying out and cracking just like his hand did. The muscles in his arm began to grow larger as the forepaw of his new form completed its change. His side where the scales were began to burn. Then he felt them began to spred over his torso. He looked up at Faith with pain in his eyes.

“It hurts…is that normal…” faith felt a tear form in the corner of her eye as she reached out to hold Moore’s new talon.

“For a person in your position, anything is normal…” she said shedding the tear, quickly replacing it with a new one. Moore felt his other arm and had begun to change like his other did. He growled and yelled out in pain as his claws digged into the dirt. He arched his back and a large tail began to push from his spine. There was a loud rip that came from behind him a black tail emerged from behind him. It grew out to be about three meters in length, covered in black scales and spikes. Faith looked at it and cried hugging Moore tight.

“I’m sorry!!! I didn’t think there would be pain!! Please forgive me!!” she said crying again. Moore’s shirt began to stretch now as his torso began to change along with the rest of his body. He growled as chest deepened and became more pronounced. There was a loud crack as his shoulders cracked and split in two. Moore roared out in agony, but it no longer sounded human; more of a draconic roar. Faith fell over and watched Moore continue to grow in size. She backed up again in fear at what was happening. Moore flung his head into the air and roared again, his jaw beginning to stretch out into a muzzle. His eyes began to change color, shifting from green to a deep blood red. His hair fell out, replaced with black scales. Horns grew from his skull as he continued to roar. Faith covered her ears and turned away in fear. Everwar’s ears perked and she looked over at Moore. She snarled at him and lowered her ears in anger.

“So that’s who you are…” she said turning to watch.  Everwar felt a rain drop hit her head. She looked up at the sky again and chuckled as it began to rain again. She shook her head and looked back at Moore. “Figures that you’re parents are still watching you…” she said covering her body with her wings. “I just hope Faith knows what she is doing by releasing you…”

Moore shook his head and growled in pain as his lower half was attacked by the changes. He began to feel his legs growing. He gritted his teeth as his feet burst through his boots. His feet twisted and grew larger, his toes becoming three large talons, a smaller talon growing on his ankles. He felt his hips shift and grow larger to support his weight. He fell onto all fours and began to pant. Then a very strange sensation plagued him. It almost felt like his head was detaching from his shoulders. The vertebrae in his neck began to grow longer, new vertebrae forming. His head then attached to the back of his head in a odd change of views. He glanced over his shoulder and felt that it didn’t hurt his neck. He spotted two small arms growing from his back. Then fingers on the arms began to grow longer, stretching to a great length. Then a thin greenish membrane began to grow between the fingers. He experimented with his new wings; moving them a little and to his surprise they moved. He stretched them out to full span, more than twice his body length. Moore felt his body twitch once more and it all stopped. He noticed that he was standing on all fours, comfortably. He stood up on his haunches and looked at his claws.

“I thought that I was going to be human forever…never have to remember the shame that came with my natural form…and the crimes…” Moore said looking over at Faith. She was still crying from before. He felt his heart burn slightly in his chest as he thought how he hurt her, seeming that pain hurt more than it used to in his human days. Then Moore began to feel like something was watching him; like eyes bored into the back of his head. Someone was watching him. Moore turned his head and looked over at Everwar. There she sat staring him down, her black eyes locked onto his. He glanced back at Faith and started to walk towards her. He looked over at Everwar out of the corner of his eye and saw that she was still watching him. He snarled at her and snapped his jaws. She did nothing, just watched. Moore walked up to Faith and nudged her with his muzzle. She looked up at him, tears in her eyes and latched onto his leg.

“I’m so sorry Moore, I didn’t think…” Moore spoke, his voice louder and deeper than before.

“Its done and over with, there is no changing it now Faith.” He said sitting down in front of her.

“But look at what I did! I ruined your life!!”
Moore smiled “no you didn’t, this was my life. I have just forgotten.” He said nudging Faith with his muzzle. Moore then lied down and sheltered Faith with his large wings. She smiled and rested up against his belly, resting her head on his shoulders. Moore took his tail and curled it around her and smiled. “go to sleep my child, you are safe…” he said looking at her with his red eyes. But for some reason his red eyes did not faze her, she just smiled and nuzzled into him, quickly going to sleep. Moore lied his head down and was prepared to sleep himself when he heard footsteps.  He opened one eye and watched as Everwar pawed over to him. He looked at her and sighed. “Well now you see what I was so desperately trying to hide, what I was trying to correct.”She snorted and looked down at Faith.

“I know what I must do but I cannot.” She looked up at Moore and growled. “I cannot take away from this girl, she choose you to protect her, and that you must do.”

“Why wouldn’t I do that?” Moore said looking at her, watching her innocence. “how could I say no to her? I owe her everything…”

“And you will give her everything…you protection, your love….” Moore nodded and looked back at her and smiled. “…and your life if need be…” Everwar said in a cold tone. Moore looked up at her and snarled.

“I would do it!” he said wrapping his tail around her more. “She protected me, and I will protect her…” The rain began to slow in speed and finally the last drop hit the newly reborn dragons wings. HE shook them gry and tucked them nest to his body and lied his head next to Faiths head. “Just leave me be…” he said closing his eyes.  “…let me enjoy just ONE day as a free dragon…let me feel what it like again…” Everwar looked at him and nodded her head deep.

“That I will do….Slasinth…but how long will it last…” and with that she turned and walked off back into the woods. Moore opened one eye and watched her disappear. He smiled and looked once more at Faith. He remembered how they met. And now look…what was he thinking?  Moore looked over at his ruined uniform and boots and shook his head. He rested his head down  and sighed.

“Trading one villain for another...”
just a story I wrote based on a RP with :iconilkyra: and :iconeverwarthedragon:. just a little thing I put together on short notice, i think it ther in shorturned out fine. and it also shed some light on Slasinth's beginnings, his childhood and why he is the way he is. hope you like it.

Faith is a (c) to :iconilkyra:

everwar is (c) to :iconeverwarthedragon:

Slasinth and SGT Moore is (c) to ME!
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