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This is one of the Illustrations appearing in the recent "RIFTS: Black Market" published by Palladiumbooks.

Not everyone who wishes to hunt for gold wants to throw away their humanity and become a mining borg. For them the best option is the Mole prospecting power armor. Bandito has put all its expertise in designing mining equipment for borgs into the Mole. The Mole is heavily built with powerful robotics and heavy armor in case of cave-ins. Just in case the armor is trapped underground for an extended period of time it is equipped with a rebreather/CO2 scrubber, a water recycler system and a small refrigeration unit for holding food stuffs. Due to the demands of mining, the pilot of the Mole sits at a small control console and the power armor is completely automated. This prevents the pilot from tiring and allows him to work for hours on end without having to come to the surface for a rest break. With the Mole’s weight and purpose built design, the mining armor is slow and ponderous, but then the Mole doesn’t need to sneak up on a vein of gold.
While the Mole is not a combat power armor, most of its mining systems make impressive weapons if an enemy gets close enough to the Mole for them to be effective. One arm, either the right or the left, ends (no hand) in a powerful mining drill, which in turn is surrounded by the four laser emitters of the Mole’s laser cutter, a powerful beam that can cut through stone, steel and worse like the preverbal hot knife through butter. Mounted on the forearm of the mining drill arm is a hydraulic jackhammer that can extend far past the drill bit to batter stone and rock into powder. The opposite arm, left or right, from the mining drill has both the modular forearm and modular hand housings that allow either of them to be swapped out for a variety of mining attachments, the same type of tools used by a prospecting borg (see Rifts® World Book 14: New West™, page 187 for the Mining Borg Attachments). And mounted on the back of this arm (just above the modular housing connection) is a ferro-concrete sprayer, which can be used to spray down streams of ferro-concrete foam which starts to instantly harden (in 1D4 melee rounds) into a strong, M.D.C. structural support for reinforcing the walls and ceiling of a mine to prevent cave-ins. The Mole has everything the prospector could want in a piece of mining equipment.
Model Type: MPPA-02 The Mole Prospecting PA
Class: Prospecting and Mining Powered Armor.
Crew: One.

Running: Only 30 mph (48 km) maximum. Cruising speed is a more cautious 15 mph (24 km). Note that the act of running does not tire out its operator thanks to the power armor’s fully automated robotic exoskeleton.
Leaping: The legs of the Mole are designed for strength not leaping, the Mole cannot leap at all.
Flight: Not possible.
Underwater Capabilities: The Mole cannot swim, but can walk along the bottom of the sea or lake bed at about 25% of its normal walking/running speed. Maximum Ocean Depth: One mile (1.6 km).
Statistical Data:
Height: 9 feet (2.7 m) from head to toe.
Width: 7 feet, 6 inches (1.9 m).
Length: 4 feet, 6 inches (1.4 m).
Weight: 2.5 tons.
Cargo: Small area for the pilot's personal items, as well as a weapon bin that has room for one rifle, one pistol, light body armor and a canteen. A two gallon (7.6 L) water cooler and a compact refrigerator is built into the unit.
Power System: Nuclear; average life is 20 years.

Weapon Systems:

1. Mining Drill: In place of one of the Mole’s hands and forearm (buyers choice as to which one) is a huge, powerful drill made for making large holes (a man can fit his head into one of these holes) in rock and metal and drilling away rock.
Primary Purpose: Mining.
Secondary Purpose: Defense.

2. Hydraulic Jackhammer: Mounted on the back of the mining drill is a heavy-duty Jackhammer designed to break rock into small pieces, typically used on rock that has already been drilled in order to clear rock during mining.
Primary Purpose: Mining.
Secondary Purpose: Assault.

3. Cutting Laser: There are four cutting laser emitters mounted equally around the mining drill, the cutting laser is designed to blast and shear through rock and metal via super heating and cutting. While not meant as a weapon, the cutting laser can do a lot of damage at short-range, but it has a hard time hitting any target beyond ten feet (0.3 m).
Primary Purpose: Mining.
Secondary Purpose: Anti-Armor/Anti-Robot.
4. Ferro-Concrete Sprayer: The spray looks a lot like the nozzle of a fire hose, but sprays ferro-concrete foam from a large liquid storage tank on back of the Mole. Used to reinforcing the walls and ceiling of a mine to prevent cave-ins.
Primary Purpose: Mining.
Secondary Purpose: Defense.

5. Handheld Weapons: Energy rifles, rail guns or melee weapons may be carried if desired. Remember that the Mole Prospecting PA can also be fitted with a variety of mining attachments (see Rifts® World Book 14: New West™, page 187 for the Mining Borg Attachments).

Original Illustration already SOLD to :iconmecha-master:

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By requests, I have uploaded the pencils of the Shadow Boy power armor for thoe that want to see the line work, or to color the Power Armor in their own idea of color schemes/camou, etc. The Shadow boy is published & featured in Rifts: Black Market by Palladiumbooks.

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Hot off the black market literally, this is a peak of one of the illustrations I did for Rifts Black Market which is published by Palladiumbooks.

Based off the powerful iconic Glitterboy design, but retooled as a fast paced hopper assault power armor.

more to come...
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Rifts® Northern Gun™BEACHMASTER NG-V36

The intimidating meal monster that is the Northern Gun Beachmaster is the larger, combat robot counterpart to the Beach-Stormer power armor. It has reliable underwater propulsion and navigation systems, and it is made to rise up out of the sea or lakes during amphibious assaults and storm enemy coastal or river positions as well as to attack ships in deep water.

In the dark depths of the Great Lakes or the open ocean, the Beachmaster is an ambush predator. When a suspected enemy vessel is indicated approaching on sonar, a unique ballast system enables the Beachmaster to slowly rise from the lake floor or ocean depths as well as at harbors and docks.   A favorite tactic is for the Beachmaster to climb up onto a ship, or hang from the side of one ship while blasting away at another.   The Beachmaster is not terribly fast compared to certain submarines or aquatic magic vehicles, but is big and tough enough that it can usually take on anything that it can catch up to. Its undersea weapons are mainly sort-range, and feature many dual-capability principles.

Once on land, the Beachmaster lives up to its name, providing a pivotal armored fist for amphibious infantry o rally behind and follow into battle. With its heavy weapons, it can neutralize patrol boats, towers, rail gun nests, and bunkers, as well as infantry troops. Its flamethrower, in fact, is one of the weapons used for flushing out bunkers and scattering troops or monsters’ nest and den sights. The Beachmaster’s hands, large and powerful for close combat purposes, are also designed to be effective in climbing and engineering operations.  The robot can dig up enemy positions or scoop sand and soil into makeshift ramps to assist tracked or wheeled vehicles in coming ashore during amphibious landings or making defensive mounded walls and trenches for protecting troops and securing field positions. To lead the charge, the Beachmaster tears up whole lines of barbed wire defenses, plows through tide-walls and earthworks and can engage monsters and other robots in hand to hand combat.  To assist in such operations, the Beachmaster has a chainsaw on its left a forearm and an array of weapon systems.

Model Type: NG-V36

Class: Amphibious Assault Robot.

Crew: 2, one pilot and one co-pilot/gunner, the robot is designed so that a single plot can operate everything if necessary.


Running:  60 mph (96 km) maximum.

Leaping:  10 feet (3 m) high or across, Increase by 50% with a running start.

Water:  Up to 30mph (48 km) on the surface via propulsion system, limited to about 20 mph (32 km) submerged and 20mph (32 km) walking along the lake floor.  Maximum depth is 4,000 feet (1,219 m)

Flying:  Not applicable.

Statistical Data:

Height: 26 feet (8 m)

Width: 16 feet (4.8 m) from shoulder to shoulder.

Length:  15 feet (4.6 m)

Weight:  25 tons

Power System: Nuclear, average life is 20years. Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and electric battery versions are also available.

Weapon Systems:

1. Blue-Green Chest lasers (2):  A pair of chest-mounted blue green lasers are the Beachmaster’s only energy weapons equating to an unlimited payload.  They have respectable range underwater and are even more effective on land.

2. Shoulder mounted Mini-Torpedo Launcher:  It can launch torpedoes when submerged, moving along the surface of the water or standing adjacent or above the water’s surface (torpedoes drop into the water and speed off toward the target).

3. Shoulder Mounted Mini-Missile Launchers (2):  Standard plasma missiles that can discharge din volleys above or below the surface.

4: Heavy Flamethrower:  Typically used to flush out bunkers and enemy positions, but is also very effective against sea monsters and most animals that are afraid of fire. The flame thrower is designed to be waterproof and is usable on the surface of the water, but comes with valves that automatically seal it off underwater, deactivating it and preventing water from contaminating the napalm reserve.

5. Mega Damage Chainsaw: The chainsaw can be locked in position in its stowed position (as depicted) to slice opponents or cut through ship hulls, netting, barbed wire, etc., or the chainsaw can be slid forward to extend above and beyond the hand and used like a short sword to slice through obstacles and opponents alike. The blades are capable of cutting through armor and delivering grievous wounds to many monstrous opponents.    

6. Electric Field Antenna: The final trick up the Beachmaster’s sleeve is a long antenna mounted along the robot’s back.  When activated, the antenna produces a strong electric field in the water around the robot, repelling and shocking sharks and other sea creatures and dissuading sea monsters from attacking.    The field does no real damage, but has a stunning effect which prevents sensitive creatures from closing in n the robot and will drive less determined attackers away.  The field has no affect on torpedoes, ships, submarines or other watercraft.

7: NG -505 Heavy Rail Cannon (Optional): The Beachmaster “Ship Hunter” Variant has a Heavy Rail Cannon mounted in place of the mini-torpedo launcher.  The Rail Cannon cannot be used underwater. 

Rifts® Northern Gun™ One is the most tech-filled World Book Palladium has ever produced. In addition to world information, background and O.C.C.s for the Northern Gun corporation and Ishpeming, there are 27 robots, 70+ weapons and all kinds of dynamic information and gaming resources. Courtesy of the largest arms dealer and independent manufacturer on the continent: Northern Gun™.

Northern Gun™ is the most famous arms manufacture in North America. Outside of the Coalition States, one could argue, no other kingdom is as powerful or influential, at least when it comes to technology and weapons. The manufacture and sale of Northern Gun weapons and vehicles has given virtually every kingdom, town, colony of settlers and adventurer group a chance to survive and prosper. Located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, NG has been the premier outfitter of mercenaries, adventurers and upstart kingdoms for generations. Now, for the first time ever, learn Northern Gun’s history, goals and plans for the future. Of course, that means new weapons, robots, power armor, vehicles and gear.

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Featured in the RIFTS Northern Gun 2 sourcebook published by Palladiumbooks

NG-X39 Mantis

The Mantis dubbed ”robot killer,” is an intimidating close combat power armor suit able to stalk monsters, battle Xiticix and chop giant robots to pieces. The mantis derives its name from the praying mantis because is overall design and appearance is inspired by the insect. The Praying Mantis is a deadly predator in the insect world, known for snaring is prey in is large, serrated scissor-like arms where spines hold its victim tight as the victim is devoured alive, often head first. The Mantis power armor is built for speed, leaping and cutting down is adversaries. Its primary close combat weapons are a pair of scythe like forearm Vibro-blades that are sharp on both sides. As the main weapon, these blades have many applications and are best used in the hands of pilots skilled in martial arts and are often wielded like a pair of samurai swords.  Those who master the power armor are devastating in melee combat.  Even when the blades are tucked in and sheathed in their forearm housings, the scythes can be used to stab or deliver backward thrust as well as parry incoming weapon strikes.

As usual, Northern Gun’s design team has tried to create a multi-purpose assault power armor. In the case of the Mantis, it is specifically designed to a) fight Xiticix and raid their hives; b) kill and neutralize giant robots, magic Automatons and Iron Juggernauts on the open battlefield; c) neutralize large armored vehicles, including APCs, tanks and dreadnaughts; and d) to function in intense deadly close combat as a predator. This make she Mantis excellent for commando style assaults, rescue excursions, prison breaks, boarding ships (chopping through ship hulls) and all manner of close combat. Pair it with the Cougar and or Lynx power armors on Xiticix hive raids or commando operations and watch out! Coat the scythes with silver, and arm the mantis with a few other anti-demon weapons and it becomes effective against the supernatural.

 Model Type: NG-X39

 Class: Armored Infantry Assault Suit & Xiticix Hive Raider

Crew: One

Speed: 50 mph (80 km) running

Leaping: Unassisted thruster leap can reach 15 feet (4.6 m) high or across and increase by 50% with running start. With leg thrusters engaged the leap is increased to 30 feet (9.1 m) high or across and is increased by 50% with running start. However, VTOL upward leaps are enabled with the use of its back mounted thrusters which are designed for angled and straight directional leaps.  A full jet thruster assisted leap from stationary position or a running start can propel the Mantis upward or lengthwise 200 feet (61 m). Once hurling upward or forward, he Mantis can adjust is trajectory and slow is descent easily.  

Power Leaping Travel: 90 mph (144 km) using the integrated jet thrusters with VTOL capabilities.  

Height: Man-Sized at 6-7.6 feet (1.8 to 2.3 m)

Weight: 485 lbs (218 kg)

Weapon Systems:

    1. Vibro-Mantis Scythes (2)

    2. NG-L133 Crown Laser( mounted on the central crown of the armor’s helmet is a light laser used to cut out and destroy targeted sensors, cameras and weapon systems of the enemy as well as general combat. Often used on an enemy that is secured and pinned by the Scythes. Range : 1,200 feet (366 m) ; Payload: Effectively Unlimited for nuclear and Solid Oxide models.

    3. NG-I233 Ion Pulse Blaster – Mounted in armored shoulder housing that protects and conceals the weapon when it is not in use, the ion blaster is one of the Mantis’ two relatively long range weapons. It can shot forward, but has a 45 degree up and down arc of fire. With a range of 1,000 feet (305 m); Payload: Effectively Unlimited for nuclear and Solid Oxide models.

    4. NG-PL333 Plasma Ejector – Mounted n an armored shoulder housing that protects and conceals the weapon when not in use, the Plasma Ejector gives he mantis a big punch at close range when it is needed that can be sued against most sensor clusters, cameras, weapons turrets and also against monsters and animals vulnerable to it. The Plasma Ejector can rotate 360 degrees, but only has an arc of fire of 20 degrees up and down. With a range of 1,000 feet (305 m); Payload: Effectively Unlimited for nuclear and Solid Oxide models.

Sensors and Features: Al standard Ng power armor features plus:

 Helmet Multi Optics System: Passive Night-vision (light amplification with a range of 1600 feet/488 m, infrared optics (1600 feet/488 km) and thermal optics (1000 feet/305 m).

Mounted on helmet on the temples on each side of the head are small searchlights (one conventional and the other is an infrared beam of light.

Helmet Voice modulation – Built in loud speaker to serve as a bull horn, language translator and voice modulator to change and disguise the wearer’s voice with 20 different variations.

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This is one of the Illustrations appearing in the recent "RIFTS: Black Market" published by Palladiumbooks.

The Raptor robot is manufactured by Bandito Arms and the combat robot is based off of the Velociraptor & Dromaeosaurus. It has built in cannons in the nasal cavity, a large bore shotgun mounted in the throat and deadly vibro scythe talons on its hands and feet and its rows of serrated teeth that it can utilize for combat.

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Rifts® Northern Gun™ NG-V61 GUNWOLF

The Gunwolf was created to fill a gap in NG’s robot product line:  a monster fighter.   A robot capable of standing against waves or swarms of demons and monsters, or giant horrors like dragons, as well as able to engage robots, power armors and conventional troops.  With the alarming increase of the Xiticix (an invasive and aggressive alien insect race) population, and the frequent appearance of new demons and monsters, as well as alien monstrosities from beyond Rifts all on the rise, NG execs were concerned.  It seems only a matter of time before Ishpeming, or another nation, might have to fight an entire army of monsters.  Such events were certainly not unprecedented.  People still tell stories about Demon plagues of the Two Hundred Years Dark Age, a nightmare that Northern Gun itself had managed to survive, barely.  The Tolkeenites raised armies of daemonix, Brodkil and other supernatural beings to throw at the invading Coalition army; and the New German Republic (NGR) is famously surrounded by millions of hostile Gargoyles and Brodkil, and have battled them for generations.  With more and more chatter in recent years about the Vampire Kingdoms in Mexico and a new Kingdom of Monsters in Calgary, Canada, not to mention a seemingly growing number of deadly beings, monsters and dinosaurs being flushed out from the North and West, there is definitely a market for an anti-monster robot.

  Since Northern Gun survived the Two Hundred Years Dark Age and has hundreds of mercs, Psi-Stalkers and  ”specialist” under contract who have experience battling such monstrosities, the nation is prepared to deal  with supernatural invaders.  Probably more so than some other nations.  After all, NG has a reserve of silver weapons and ammo, as well as some magic items and strategies and tactics to deal with such an event.  They also make and sell silver weapons and ammo to vampire hunters, demon slayers, mercs and adventurers across the continent, but all are for small scale combat excursions and operations.  There are no heavy , combat robots or preparations for amass onslaught like generations past.  As further evidence of this tactical mistake, NG executives point to kingdoms of magic, all of whom have magical weapons and war machines to deal with such threats.  This concern has led to the creation of the Gunwolf anti-monster combat robot.

 The lead designers of the Gunwolf, spent hundreds of hours researching the supernatural threat in order to design a robot that would have maximum effectiveness against a wide range of inhuman foes.  The end result is a heavily armored and versatile combat robot, equipped to fight creatures of magic and he supernatural as well as high tech adversaries.  To set the robot apart and include more combat features, the team, gave it a stylized, mechanical wolf’s head and a biting maw lined with silver plated teeth and powerful, vice like crushing jaws.

Projectile weapons generally being the most effective against the supernatural, provided the rounds are coated in silver, made of wood or some other unconventional ordnance, the Gunwolf has several such weapons.  A pair of dual rotary rail guns are mounted on the right forearm.  One is loaded with silver armor piercing rounds, the other firing specially designed treated wood and silver rounds.  Located in the nose of the cockpit, in the center of the chest, is a lighter rail gun also capable of firing conventional or anti-monster ammo. Mounted under it is a secondary sensor cluster with two cameras (one conventional, one infrared), an infrared spotlight plus the usual array of sensors.  A pair of concealed, gun-style mini-missile launchers provide explosive power. Plasma missiles are the standard payload for use against monsters and animals vulnerable to fire.  In addition, each hand has large, silver plated claws for seizing or slashing in close combat, but also suitable for climbing, digging, mining, salvage operations and ripping through enemy defenses and ship hulls.

Keeping in mind the need t have weapons that can dish out damage to human opposition and ordinary monsters (not just magical or supernatural beings), a heavy ion cannon is mounted on the left forearm and lasers fire from the wolf’s optics.  The ion cannon and lasers are effective against fellow mortals, armored vehicles, dinosaurs, and other dangerous animals, as well as the terrestrial servants and henchmen of demons and monsters.    Of course, a silver plated rail gun slug will chew up mortal troops as nicely as the supernatural, but the design team wanted to insure there were weapons sufficient to deal with a wide range of enemies.

The designers understood that most monsters and supernatural beings fight like predatory animals.  That means they like to pounce and attack with tooth and claw in close combat.  This is where the Gunwolf is at its greatest advantage.  The biting maw, fangs and massive silver claws are equal to those of any monster, but there is more thought to them than that.  The Gunwolf pilot will deliberately bait monster adversaries to charge and pounce.  When the beast get sin close, the pilot grapples and seizes the creature, the robot’s claws digging deep into the monster’s flesh.  Better yet, the tooth-filled muzzle bites into the monster’s neck or shoulder, or one of its limbs, and holds tight.  With the monster held by the maw or claws, or the creature willingly engaged in hand to hand combat, the pilot can fire the chest gun while the gunner blasts with the eye lasers and / or he flamethrower housed within the Wolf’s jaws.  Likewise, the mini-missiles can be fired right into the giant monster and if the pilot or gunner has the angle, the robot can blast away at point blank range with either forearm weapons.  This strategy and tactic may sound unfair and brutal overkill, but fighting such creatures is no game, and a quick kill is the best possible result.  

Northern Gun has recently added a significant number of these anti-monsters to their own military reserve.  They have also been assigned to a select number of border patrol operations and excursions into hostile wilderness to hunt monsters and to put the relatively new robot through its paces in the field.  To support Gunwolf patrols, a few other fast robots or power armor may be deployed with them.  A small, standard Gunwolf patrol consist of 3-6 Gunwolves and two fast, smallish robots or 3-4 power armor troops.  Larger deployments may consist of an entire squad of 8-10Gunwolves and 2 other robots or 2-4 power armor troops.  Such squads have come to be known as the Northern Wolves.  Meanwhile, an entire platoon of 14-20Gunwolves, 2-4 other robots plus 2-8 power armor troops are known as a Wolf Pack.  While the smaller, accompanying robots and power armor units provide support, they more often fill the role of hounds to flush predatory monsters out in the open or toward the Gunwolf where it lays in wait.

Results with the Gunwolf have been impressive and intimidating, making it popular among bounty Huners, monster hunters, mercenaries and city states whom have issues with monsters or demons and the supernatural.

Model Type: NG-V61 Gunwolf.

Class:  Anti-Monster and Infantry Combat Robot.

Crew:  Two;  one pilot and  one copilot/communications engineer.


Running:  60 mph (96 km) maximum.

Leaping:  Due to the heavy armor and bulk, the powerful robot legs, even with jet stabilizers in the legs, can only leap 10 feet ( 3 m) high and 18 feet across (5.5 m) with a running start.

Water:  The Gunwolf is not designed to swim, but can walk along the bottom of rivers, lakes and seas at a maximum speed of 25mph (40 km), maximum depth tolerance is 1,200 feet (366 m).

Flying:  Not applicable.

Statistical Data:

Height: 26 feet (7.9 m).

Width:  20 feet (6 m) shoulder to shoulder.

Length:  14 feet (4.2 m).

Weight:  30 tons fully loaded.

Power System:  Nuclear, average life is 20 years. Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Electric battery versions are available.

Weapon Systems:

1. Dual NG-232 Rail Guns:  These big guns are mounted on the right forearm of the robot, and are bigger than even many vehicle mounted weapons. Opponents who underestimate the Gunwolf’s range capabilities by focusing only on the Gunwolf’s jaws and talons are often struck from afar by a surprise burst of nasty rail gun rounds. Ammo can consist of conventional rail gun ammo or silver coated rounds or the special weighted wood rounds with silver rings.  Depending on what the Gunwolf is hunting or expects to encounter, the robot is likely to carry different types of rounds. There are silver-plated slugs for creatures like werebeasts vulnerable to silver, and wooden rounds with silver rings to use against creatures like vampires.  Rail gun blades: Even when the ammo is spent, the barrel tips are lined with short silver plated blades for stabbing, goring and slashing and an deliver grievous blender damage when the barrels are rotating at high speed.

2. Medium NG-223 Chest Rail Gun:  A medium rail gun is built into the chest and used against closer targets and on opponents while seized or grappling or locked in hand to hand combat. Like the other rail guns it can fire conventional rail gun rounds, conventional silver-coated rounds or special wood and silver rounds. 

3. NG-I-323 Ion Cannon:  Mounted on the left forearm is a medium ion pulse cannon.  The cannon is hardwired into the robot’s nuclear power supply for ammo and provides decent firepower, reliability and an unlimited payload.

4: Retractable Mini-Missile Launcher(2):  Housed in the lower sides of the chest chambers are retractable mini-missile launchers designed primarily for anti-aircraft, anti-missile and anti-flyers but also serve secondarily as anti-personnel/monsters and anti-armor arsenal.  With a payload of 28 missiles (usually plasma as standard), 14 per launcher that can be fired one at a time or in volleys of two, four or six with a one mile range each.

5. Wolf’s Head Weapon Platform:  The robot’s head is a multi-weapon platform and sensor unit with eye lasers, fire breathing and bite attacks.  The design and mechanics of the Gunwolf’s head are particularly noteworthy.  It is both the main sensor array and a multi-weapon system, with pilot and crew seated inside the robot’s chest, not the head.  The large fangs are silver-plated, as are the rest of the smaller vice teeth.  The powerful jaws are capable of biting and tearing through mega damage hides and armor.  Inside the mount is a flamethrower to use against animals and monsters afraid of or vulnerable to fire. The flame thrower come with values that automatically seal it off underwater, deactivating it and preventing water from contaminating the napalm reserve.  The sight of a fire-breathing, wolf’s headed robot is also startling and a frightening image and has been shown to have an effect even on lesser demons.  The eye housings contain a battery of optic systems, as well as a pair of light lasers.  The sensors are located in the top of the head. Mounted on the back is the Wolf’s Howl, an ultrasonic attack that disorients many animals and supernatural targets.  

6. Wolf’s Howl Anti-Monster System:  The art of piloting Gunwolves is the ability to close the distance upon your adversary(s) and shred them apart.  To assist in closing ranks and getting the jump on the enemy, be they monsters , robots or power armors, the Gunwolf is equipped with an experimental NG-RS-X Scrambler, dubbed the “Wolf’s Howl” or just “Howler.” Via the spinal fin emitters located on the back of the Gunwolf, the Howler emits a variety of disruptive pulse waves at various subsonic and ultrasonic frequencies simultaneously.  Monsters and animals with acute or enhanced hearing (including Xiticix, Dog boys, or other mutant animals, some Dimensional beings and vampires!) are sensitive to the ear splitting noise, causing the creature’s ears to hurt and head to throb. Moreover, it is disorienting and painful to the point that the creatures suffer many penalties.  Also note that the Howler also has a short range scrambling effect on electronic communications and sensor systems, creating static, whistling and crackling on earphones and speakers and interfering with radar, sonar and radio communications.  All this makes tracking and targeting very difficult and gives the Gunwolf an advantage to locking onto confused or disoriented targets.

5.  The Gunwolf has all the standard robot features plus the following:

Thermal Imager

Infrared & Ultraviolet Optics

Infrared Searchlights

Multi-Camera system:  The Gunwolf has two cameras in each of its eye sockets, one on each forearm, two in the chest sensor cluster, one in each of the chest missile launchers and two in the back.





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Rifts® Northern Gun™ V-50 BIGFOOT

The Bigfoot gets its name from the stout, heavy legs and two massive feet required to support this walking artillery battery. Inspired by the NG Gunbot, the Bigfoot is bigger, more powerful walking weapons platform.  A robot suitable for us e as a walking defense bunker or medium –artillery platform.  Something Mercs going to war and nations defending their borders would salivate over.  The Bigfoot delivers in spades.

Carrying on the tradition of the Hunter Mobile Gun, the NG Bigfoot is a full-sized, low profile, robotic rifleman designed to hammer enemies with a pair of big cannons and a variety of weapons.  Its entire upper body is a weapons turret that can rotate 360 degrees and has a 30 degree up and down arc of fire.  Its purpose is to inflict grievous damage to giant robots, armored vehicles, fortified positions and fortifications, and mega damage monsters.  The big plasma cannons are operated by the pilot, who sits inside the massive weapon turret between the barrels.   Above the pilot compartment is a high powered, four-barreled, gatling laser gun. It is mounted on an independent turret so that the gunner can rotate to fire upon other enemy targets and to defend the main guns and he robot from incoming attacks by ground troops, flyers and missile volleys.

 Another one of NG’s walking guns, the Bigfoot has no arms, but does have an advanced radar, sonar and communications suite, with superior sensors and designed to be a battlefield communications relay station.   All data collected by the Bigfoot can be transmitted t other combat vehicles and troops within its range of transmission.  Moreover, transmissions can be “bounced” from one strategically located Bigfoot, mobile command base or other communications relay system to transmit communiqués and data for hundreds, even thousands of miles.   This makes the BIgfoot especially valuable to large mercenary companies, armies and defenders of kingdoms and territories with long borders to transmit and track real-time battlefield targets and information.

Bigfoots are often used for the defense of NG hovertrains rather on ground or aboard the amazing speedy trains.

 Model Type: NG-V50

Class:  Infantry Assault Robot.

Crew:  3, one pilot, one communications officer and one gunner (outside).


Running:  45 mph (72 km) maximum.

Leaping:  Not possible.

Water:  The Bigfoot cannot swim, but can walk along the bottom of rivers, lakes and seas at a maximum speed of 20mph (32 km), maximum depth tolerance is 2,000 feet (610 m), but the exterior gunner cannot survive pressure of such depths unless clad in environmental body armor/power armor or enchanted with magic that protect him.

Flying:  Not applicable.

Statistical Data:

Height: 26 feet, 5 inches (8 m).

Width:  16 feet (4.9 m) for the upper torso; 11 feet (3.3 m) at he hips, but 20-25 feet (6.1 to 7.6 m) fr the feet in most stances.

Length:  32 feet (9.7 m) from the back to the tip of the main guns.

Weight:  24 tons

Power System: Nuclear, average life is 12 years.

Weapon Systems:

1. P-6040 “Magma”Plasma Cannons (2):  The main guns designed for Anti-Armor, Anti-monster, Anti-Infantry and Assault are a pair of massive plasma cannons  – another new design that is still considered a bit experimental.  The cannons can be fired one at a time or linked-fire in tandem at the same target simultaneously and have an unlimited payload.  

2. Defensive Mini-Missile Tubes Launchers (4):  Beneath each of the Plasma Magma Cannons area pair of mini missile tube launchers, each containing two mini missiles, four per pair, eight total.  These are used against enemies who get to close for comfort and to knockout incoming missile volleys the laser cannon might miss.

3. NG-457-RFL Laser Turret Cannon:  The 457 –RFL is used to engage the enemy from a distance and is excellent against flyers and incoming missiles, but is suitable against ground targets, troops and vehicles.  Its revolutionary gatling gun design enables each of the four barrels to fire in rapid succession. This enables the gunner to pepper and strafe an enemy position with laser fire much  like a machine gun or rail gun, or fire a concentrated laser burst assault of our blast a split second apart from one another, or at one specific target. Both are devastating results.

4: Short-Range Missile Launcher (Right side):  Atop the communications suite is a short-range missile launcher with a 10 missile payload range of up to 5 miles (8 km) (exhaust ports in the back) that can be fired by the Communications Officer or the pilot.  It too is built on a turret that can rotate 360 degrees and has a 45 degree, up and down arc of fire.   The launcher can slide down to the side of the communications suite when not in use, w here it is less noticeable.

5. Communications and Sensor Suite:  Mounted on the right of the Bigfoot, where an arm might be expected, is an entirely separate compartment known as the Communications Suite.  It is here that sensors, radar, and communications systems are located.  A dedicated systems engineer/communications officer sits inside in a reclined position, surrounded by monitors and data feeds.  Atop of it, is a radar and communications transmitter and relay dish.   All sensor systems are advanced, military grade with enhanced radar, sonar and communications systems designed to enable the Bigfoot to be a battlefield communications relay station.  All data collected by the Bigfoot can be transmitted to other combat vehicles, robots, power armors and troops within its range of transmission. The Comm Suite contains all standard robot sensor systems plus:

 Enhanced radar

Enhanced sonar

Comm and Data Relay Capabilities - Wideband and directional radio communications system with built in scrambler hat transmits both audio and video from the cockpit, communications suite and battlefield video.  Includes the capability of sending and receiving scrambled/coded audio and video transmissions. Audio pick up and filtration system works both multi-directionally and as a shotgun mic. Audio recording and enhancement. A tactical camera can record up to 48 hours of footage (often used for combat analysis, field studies and combat training) into video memory and can be transmitted live to one or more receivers, or stored and sent later.

Thermal Imager

Infrared and Ultraviolet Optics

Nightvision Optics

Smoke Grenades (3)

Built in language translator (programmed with the nine known languages, plus room for 12 additional and can recognize and monitor up to three different voices and two different languages or dialects at  once.  


 Rifts® Northern Gun™ One is the most tech-filled World Book Palladium has ever produced. In addition to world information, background and O.C.C.s for the Northern Gun corporation and Ishpeming, there are 27 robots, 70+ weapons and all kinds of dynamic information and gaming resources. Courtesy of the largest arms dealer and independent manufacturer on the continent: Northern Gun™.

Northern Gun™ is the most famous arms manufacture in North America. Outside of the Coalition States, one could argue, no other kingdom is as powerful or influential, at least when it comes to technology and weapons. The manufacture and sale of Northern Gun weapons and vehicles has given virtually every kingdom, town, colony of settlers and adventurer group a chance to survive and prosper. Located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, NG has been the premier outfitter of mercenaries, adventurers and upstart kingdoms for generations. Now, for the first time ever
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This is a Digital painted rendering I did for limited prints and in time for the upcoming Gen Con. It is of one of the assault robots that is manufactured by Northern Gun in the RIFTS setting. The line art version


was released as sneak peak in the Rifter #62 and will be featured in the upcoming, highly anticipated, long awaited “RIFTS: Northern Gun book 1, both written by Matthew Clemens and Kevin Siembieda and published by Palladiumbooks..

Between getting NG completed, other projects and catching up on commissions, I’ve been trying some new Digital painting techniques and experiments and learning from EDSFox and Feng Zhu in uping my painting skills, so much to learn, whew.

Gunbot Combat Robot

The Gunbot is an aggressive combat machine, a weapons platform loaded down with more guns than armor. It is a “robot-hunter” like the tank-hunters of old, a bipedal cannon made for ambushing more heavily protected opponents. It has exceptional maneuverability for engaging threats. Those that are unfortunate enough to step into the Gunbot’s sights will come under fire from its ion cannon/rail gun primary weapon. Dual Mini-missile launchers (24 payload) and a heavy 3-burst variable type grenade launcher completes the package, giving the Gunbot a range of different weapons options with varying effects and engagement distances.

Model Type: NG-V47.
Class: Infantry Assault Robot.

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This is one of the robots that I illustrated for Rifts Northern Gun (NG1) published by Palladiumbooks. It was debuted in RIFTS NG Prototype and will be released in NG1.


With the immense popularity of the old EX-5 Behemoth Explorer, and the exploding population of settlers, refugees, adventurers and explorers, Northern Gun’s robot engineers have decided to develop a number of wilderness exploration robots. Robots that have decent weapons and armor, but are designed for long travels and exploration missions. Robot that can house four or more adventurers and even offer sleeping accommodations. The Bulldog is one such robot.

An Instant hit the moment it was released on the market, the R & D Engineers went with four legs for maximum stability over uneven terrain, but also included tracked option for increased speed on open road. To use the tank like treads, the Bulldog leans back as if standing its haunches, the legs lock, the treads slide down and lock into place, and the robot is off to the races. The Bulldog is low profile and stands tall enough to tread through deep standing water, marshland and shallow rivers and ponds with ease. The interior compartments are sealed, so the Bulldog can travel underwater, walking along the bottom but it is not often done. The top mounted anon cannot be utilized underwater unless the gunner has an oxygen supply and suitable armor protection for depth.

In an effort to make the Bulldog an all purpose vehicle, there is a giant robot hand used for digging, excavation and moving fallen trees and debris out of its path. It can also be use dot pull or push heavy loads, stalled vehicles, and for salvage work. The two small robot arms and hands, also located in the front of the vehicle, are used to gather specimens, tear apart wreckage, gather salvage, make repairs on other robots and vehicles and similar work.

Standard weapon systems are the nose gun manned by a dedicated gunner, a missile launcher on the left side and a heavy laser cannon in an open-air turret on the top of the Bulldog. The Open air turret is to provide maximum visibility in all directions while exploring. A passenger can sit on a foldout jump-seat to keep the gunner company or to see the sights. The Pilot’s cockpit is mostly mega damage e reinforced plexiglass windows to provide a comprehensive view of the countryside. The Bulldog comes with snap-on Mega Damage armored plates that can easily attach, leaving only a narrow slit, when the team expects trouble.

Model Type: NG-EX 20
Class: All-Purpose Exploration Robot.
Crew: Three; One pilot, one Co-pilot/gunner, one top side gunner. Can accommodate one additional crew or passenger comfortably, but as many as 4-6 could squeeze in under cramped condition.

Walking: 50 mph maximum, Riding on treads : 70 mph.
Water: Up to 15 mph walking along the bottom, maximum depth is 2,000 feet.
Flight: Not Applicable.

Height: 19 feet, 7 inches.
Width: 16 feet from shoulder to shoulder.
Length: 25 feet.
Weight: 24 tons.
Cargo: The Bulldog’s storage bay is the size of a closet, plus three 4x2x2 exterior lockers. The pilot cockpit and forward Gunner have enough space to stow a suit of body armor, survival kit, first-aid kit, 5 gallons of water, and a backpack. Additional crates and packages can be tied to the exterior of the robot.
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