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Yes. I know I'm weird.

I was watching fantasia a few months ago with Lenny and Van, and I decided that I wanted to work on centaurs...
Centaurs with real, working anatomy.

So I sat down and did a quick sketch to get an idea of the proportions and then did the skeletal layout.

Things to note:
If you look at Greek/Roman sculpture and art, centaurs are not as huge as mots people make them, and I tried to stay true to that, instead of more current, popular, media. thus, A centaur stands at about 12 hands at the whithers, about the same as a Welsh Pony.

The human torso segment of the centaur masses about the same as a horses head and neck, perhaps a bit heavier, but not that much

To counter the weight of the upper body and provide tighter manuvering and the like, the hind quarters are based on a quarter horse, raised and heavily muscled.

No, you're not seeing things, there are THREE toes on the ground, not one. I wanted some slight differance with a true horse and I wanted them to not have the exposed frog that a horse does.

The head is not in proportion for 'just slap a human torso on a horses body'. If you notice the headis probably nearly twice the size a humans would be. They've got a bigger body, so they also have a bigger brain to body ratio.

The jaw and nose are also differant tehn a humans, giving them a 'roman' nose like apperance and a HEAVY jaw.

There's quite a bit of space inbetween teh vertibre of the 'human' lower back area, that is to allow maximum flexibility. A centaur can lean down and touch his/her front toes; or twist around and reach tehir haunches/tail.

The ribs continue up from the horse ribs. Tehre are NOT two seperate rib cages, instead three of the ribs in front of the front hooves create a basic ';pelvis', then are almost completly lost in the waist section to allow manuvering sace, tehn form a rib cage like that of a human for the foremost 'sixth limbs/arms' to attach to.

...Oh and the arms are slightly longer in proportion then a humans as well.
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So. Here are the members of the Notion Club, or at least the ones I've deemed important enough to illustrate. They are, from left to right:

FRONT ROW: Nicholas Guildford; Arundel Lowdhawm; Michael George Ramer; Wilfred Trewin Jeremy

BACK ROW: Alexander Cameron; Sir Alfred Raymond, Rufus Rupert Dolbear, Douglas MacPhee

I'm very proud of this picture, it took me a long time and it was a lot of fun. It was interesting thinking of different poses, expressions, and simple face types for all of them. Someone commented that all my faces look the same, so I tried to counter that here. Not sure if it worked, but it was fun to try.

WARNING! LONG DESCRIPTION COMING UP! Tolkien provides you with loads of information, but I doubt you're interested in all of it (i.e. Ramer belongs to Jesus College and is a professor of Fiino-Ugric Philiology), so I'll just tell you what I consider important about the lot of them.

Nicholas Guildford (Front, far left) is the Notion Club's secretary. He takes down all the notes, and the papers are written from his POV. He's in the earlier "Camera" pic here: [link]

Arundel Lowdhawm: (Front, middle left) You've seen this guy already. To the club, he's their resident comedian, rabble-rouser and such. He is also a philologist, interested in Anglo-Saxon and Icelandic, like Tolkien was. (He looks like Oscar Wilde, but that is simply my own device.)

Michael Ramer: (Front, Middle Right) He is the one who discovers and describes the notion of traveling in dreams. He's an image of Tolkien in the story (indeed, he has many of the same dreams), so I doubt Tolkien would have drawn him like this. Guy looks like a Nazi. But bald guys with sunglasses look cool.

Wilfred Jeremy: (Front, Far Right) This guy seems to be important, but the notes end just where he is starting to get visions. He seems to be a kind of seer, and sees many of the things Lowdhawm does.

Alexander Cameron: (Back, Far left) This guy barely shows up in the papers, and when he does he's a little annoying. I included him because I think Tolkien meant for him to be a bad guy. I drew him something like Charles Williams (who Tolkien was not very fond of), but it doesn't really show.

Sir Raymond: (Back, middle left) This man is actually NOT in the papers. I transplanted him into my version from George MacDonald's "Back of the North Wind", simply because that story had a similar dream-travel premise. He's intended to resemble George MacDonald.

Rufus Dolbear: (Back, Middle Right) Known as "Ruthless Rufus" This guy is always half-asleep, but every so often he says something that shows he knows a lot about what's going on in the club. I think Tolkien meant him to be a Lewis, so I drew him like one.

MacPhee: (Back, far right) If you guys don't know who this is, you should. He's not in Notion Club Papers either, he comes from "That Hideous Strength", where he plays the resident agnostic. I think Tolkien's Notion Club is linked with that story, so I stuck him in.
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I no longer post to this account and while I really appreciate the watches, please direct them towards my new account: :iconfighter-jet:. Thanks!

General feeling of late. It'll pass, it always does.

Hoping that in by coloring a [lol]messy sketch that I'll get over this art block. If not, I'll have to try to push through it.

I'm feeling lazy, I'm sorry. Work starts tomorrow anyhow.

I am /so/ hiding my mistakes behind copious amounts of sand in the foreground.

Line brush: :iconebonred:
Abstract brush: :iconsabu-kudo:

[Edit]As per :iconcapt-topknot:'s prodding, I attempted to add more differentiation between Link's hair and one of her bandanna tails.
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//Water Dragon
by prisma maulana

i dont have an idea to make the dragon, before.
but , she tells about her dragon shirt design.
after i heard that, i become inspired to make dragon illustration.

i make this on A3 Sketchbook 150 gsm paper

firstly ,
i make this with a 2B Pencil
as a sketch and the detail of sketch

secondly ,

i take a photo of this sketch,


colouring in photoshop
(with Mouse)

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I you like this, please consider joining my facebook art page, where I upload the majority of my art: [link]


I wasn't satisfied with my old Aslan picture and thought I wanted to draw something that more accurately reflected the beauty of him than my old picture... Something that also felt very powerful yet sweet and calm... I'm really happy with how it turned out because I feel like I accomplished it with the roaring flames and the soft night, the mellow sunset and the crashing waves...and in the middle of it all, his caring face...

It took me ten or more hours total.
Prismacolor pencils on parchment print paper, white acrylic paint.

Please ask before you post anywhere else. Depending on the purpose, I'll be happy to oblige, but PLEASE note me FIRST.

If anyone wants a print, send me a note.
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As promised, here is the "clean" version of Sacred Waters. Anatomically correct as a Ken doll ;)

I am leaving the original version up with a content warning for "nudity".


A warrior-hunter wolf stops at his tribe's sacred spring to partake of the waters in preparation for a ritual hunt.

A commissioned painting for a couple who wanted me to pretty much make them something pretty (with a few specifications such as the tribal feel, color scheme, and pose). I was allowed to come up with an idea based upon previous work of mine that they liked, and this is what I came up with for them.

I'm not sure how long this took me all in all since I've worked on it here and there over a period of several months. If I had worked on it steadily it might have taken two weeks? I don't know. All I know is it was hours and hours of work, but oh so fun and worth it :)

Acrylic on 14" X 18" Illustration Board


Original version (with furry bits) is here:

Other paintings in this series:

Comments disabled by owner.

Un boceto antiguo (mas o menos del 2003), pero que aún me hace mucha gracia, esta basado en el genial comic de Alan Moore y Kevin O'Neill, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Me parecía divertido crear a sus análogos ratones al estilo the Great Mouse Detective



I sketch old (of the 2003), but that still do much grace to me, this based on brilliant comic of Alan Moore and Kevin O' Neill, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

It seemed to me funny to create to his analogous mice to the style the Great Mouse Detective

As all works this drawing has Copyrigth

Artwork © Nuria Abajo Gamarra- iluvendure (myself)
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Vintertid is swedish for time of winter. Only that Vintertid sounds nicer, really.

Megacloseupuberwidescreenbackgroundversi on:

This was fun to do. Sure, alot of the detail in this is lost but... ach, hell, I won't give you vultures the hires version tho >:C

And sure, this doesn't really deviate from my old formula, but after having drawn so much stuff for school and other this mindless colouring just felt... really bloody nice. Fun play with brushes as well.
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Jidai (samurai a like dude) and Astir (red eyed fellow) again.
No they're not gayz XD They're young shounen boys who will become tru mens in the future ( IF noone rapes em D: )

BTW i love that song [link] it kinda suits them XD

It's too annoying to color on my mom's notebook so i've made only 4 color sketches. It's so slooooooooooooooooooooow D:
colouring took me around 40 minutes.

Well even if it's simple one i hope that you will like it <3

for :iconugly-baka-girl: :heart:

Jidai and Astir (c) me and radittz. There will be soon a comic with em whee~~~

:star: EDIT :star: Drawing & Illustration, Drawing, Fantasy, Original Characters, Traditional Work - Thats the cat i used and i see ANTHRO!!!! LOL WTF ?! o_O
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Commissioned Icon Done by the amasing Falia!! Thank You i love it!!!!

Blood Is c. Me
Art done by [link]

Her work is amasing and she is a pleasure to work with!! Take a look.
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