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Gift for :iconastrinova: because her main has the most intriguing design that i just could not pass up the chance to draw C:

Sorry the pose is kinda wonky |D hope you like it oUo

Nova (c) :iconastrinova:
art (c) :iconraetastical:
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Point commission for :iconcrisiscontrol:

I really like this character, but it was difficult to come up with her pose. x( I hope, you like it.

Char (c) ~CrisisControl
Art by Me
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Yep. She's braaannddd new! Recently got this character from :iconclouderoo: and I love her to bits. She's shared between me and my boyfriend

Looking at what I have on the ref so far I don't believe I need to add anything except a few things such as her being Momo's cousin and that she likes money. A looooot of money. Payday is her favorite day. She's someone who likes to have fun and let loose so she tends to dislike people who are too serious all the time instead of for obvious important things. She also doesn't like to sit around and do nothing for periods of time, so she'll stay active and on her feet until she's tired, doing things like maybe jogging to pass the time if there are no plans for the day. She has to keep up her shape for as long as she's a mercenary so that's another reason. She also HATES being broke.

I think that's about all I can add for now. xD

Jubilee also belongs to - :iconmattgasmic:
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This is for *CyanBoots :heart:

This was a collab between ~CrisisControl and myself. Crisis did the sketch, while I did the color and animation.
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EDIT 2!!~

Got it finished! I hope you like it, ~Astrinova! <3


EDIT!~ <3

Flat colored the picture and I also line-arted it. Any tips on how I should color this? I want to try something new.


It's not the cleanest sketch in the world, but sketches rarely are.

This is just a WIP of a gift I am making for :iconastrinova:.
I adore her character - there is just something about her that just makes me wanna draw her.

I'm sorry if the proportions and stuff are off, they will be fixed when the picture is finish. :)


//. Nova belongs to ~Astrinova
//. Art by =CobaltShard
//. Made completely on GIMP 2.6
//. Time taken - 6 hours
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Yes. Full reference meaning a full fledged, digital reference + full text backstory for those who like to read. I need her story posted in her entirety here in at least one deviations rofl


Name: Momoko (Momo)
Nicknames: Mo, Redhead (from family), Peachy, Momo-hime, other peach puns (to piss her off)
Age: 18
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: Female
Height: 3’3”
Weight: 82 lbs
Marital Status: Girlfriend of Chill the Wolf

DOB: May 28th
Birth Place: Westopolis
Residence: An apartment in Station Square in which she moved to when she was 16.
Alignment: Indifferent
Top Speed: 157 mph

Special Attacks:
Roll – Rolling up into a ball and dashing down a desired path.
Spinball Jump – When jumping, she wraps up into a fetal position, spiraling in midair with flames surrounding her to make up for her lack of spines.
Flaming Homing Attack – Lacking the necessary amount of spines on her body to inflict adequate damage to her opponent, when hurling herself, rolled up in a ball, in mid-air at her target, she is engulfed in a large body of flames.
Flaming Spindash– Rolls into a flaming ball and dashes into target.
Internal Burning – Alters foe’s inner body temperature to high levels and can nearly burn them from the inside.
Heat Control – Targets key areas in her body to store heat for extra boosts in strength.
Solar Strike – Compresses enough heat in arm muscles to dominate opponent with a single, fiery, explosive blow, bone-crushing enough to injure her in the process. Rarely used because of recoil value and stamina drain.
Solar Mirage – Alters heat waves to create desert heat illusions to confuse her opponents.
Spontaneous Combustion – Focus of heat levels upon any object and blows it up within seconds.
Flame Teleportation – Surrounds herself in flames and focuses her heat levels to the location she desires. This is an unperfected technique, meaning she can’t use it very often to say the least. She cannot teleport anyone else without burning them either.
Heat Sensory – Can detect if someone is within the vicinity from a 100 mile radius just by picking up their body heat temperatures.

Abilities & Aptitude: Momo is gifted (yet cursed) with the ability to manipulate solar energy and heat. Her main sources of power are the sun and the Earth’s core. The rings on her gloves regulate her body temperature so that her power is stable. Without them, they are unstable and difficult to use. When the sun is down, Momo, while still relying on the Earth’s core, is not as powerful. In fact, at this point she can only generate a moderate sized fireball, thus unable to use 97% of her special attacks. However, this does not mean she’s defenseless; she can still hold her own very well offensively. Her strength does not compare nearly anywhere near Shadow or Knuckles, but she is still fairly powerful and can take a lot of punches before she’s down for the count. However, she does lack defense skills, and always jumps into a fight without a battle plan. Another strike against her is that she is poor at assuming her foe’s next move.

Momo is also a well rounded athlete, and excels at most sports. Her favorite is basketball.

Hobbies & Talents: Playing video games, training, sports (preferably basketball), sparring for fun
Weaknesses: Weak reflexes, weak defense, anti-socialism, shy around strangers/crushes, cheering someone up in bad situations, her temper

Personal facts
Greatest Friends: Ciera the Hedgehog Shyrao the Hedgehog and Jazz the Cat (to an extent)
Associates: Ruri the Cat, Nai the Wolf, Saria the Hedgehog (who she treats like a sister), M the Hedgehog
Rivals: Momo makes rivalries between her and other fire users to prove who's the best.
Enemies: Bastion the Hedgehog Solaire the Demon and everyone else in the Cosmic Crusade.

Team: Coconutz
Position: Power
Other members: Ciera (speed), Shyrao(Fly)

Known relatives:
William Hedgehog (father) – scientist and mechanic, had the most part in teaching Momo how to utilize her abilities. Assists her with any technical needs.

Sanya Hedgehog (mother)– certified nurse, had the most part in raising Momo

Theodore “Pimp” Sinclaire Hedgehog (older brother) – self centered, egotistical, money hungry womanizer. Very overprotective of his sister. Older than Momo by six years.

Candice “Candy” Hedgehog (older half sister)– presumed to be mentally retarded with a small vocabulary but seems to have an understanding of the world around her. Her true intellect is shrouded in mystery and hidden behind constant utterance of the word “poo”. Was taught how to fight by Momo.

Rumiya Hedgehog (aunt)– elderly, innocent and caring for her niece’s needs. Momo goes to her for advice.

Likes/Favorite activities: Enjoying city life, video games, training and sparring, inspecting situations of interest, hanging out with friends, caring for chao in the Chao Garden, the summertime

Dislikes/Least favorite activities: studying, wintertime, settling disputes among friends, opening up to new people

Gourmet of choice: Pizza, or any kind of pasta

Beverages of choice: Sodas, specifically of the Pepsi variety (Mountain Dew) *even though Momo has an unhealthy diet, she balances this out with working off any fat gained, as she trains herself frequently and for a long period of time throughout the day.

Personality: At first glance Momo can be described as aggressive, irritable, and sarcastic. However, some will come to find she’s as sweet as her name suggests (“Momo” means peach, for some of you nonwapanese) and albeit very shy, doesn’t mind having new friends and comrades. Momo is strong, physically and emotionally, but has average mental strength. Anti-social, she can be rather nervous and uncomfortable around people she’s met for the first time. When provoked, or pissed off, Momo tackles a dispute head on without hesitation. At times she becomes extremely stubborn, and it becomes difficult to convince her not to do things her way. She also has an affectionate side for chao, admiring their childish tendencies; this may also imply some sort of motherly instinct. Momo is very personal about sharing her true feelings and opinions, and often times it’s difficult to tell what she truly thinks in most situations. She is also a keen observer in situations of interest.

Items & Weapons:
Regulator Rings – These rings boost her firepower up and makes solar manipulation easier for her. Their main power source comes from the rays of the sun. When she doesn't have them, she's not as strong as she could be with them, and her strongest attacks will not deal much damage.

Solar Charger – Extreme Gear air board with a booster on the back. Her father built this to harness her solar manipulation capabilities in order to operate it functionally. Has moderate top speed but excellent cornering. ***There will be a seperate ref for this!

Themesong: Keep Yourself Alive – Daisuke Ishiwatari
Figure.09 - Linkin Park
*lyrics define Solaire and Momo’s relationship before the seal.

Back Story: Momo’s father, William, was a scientist, knowledgeable and experienced in several areas of scientific experimentation. His daughter, only nine months old, had accidentally been involved with the process of his latest experiment, which dealt with trying to absorb UV rays from a solar eclipse. The result was a greenhouse effect on the heat in her body that mutated and unknowingly fused her DNA with the flames of Solaire, an ancient demoness that was formed and resided within the core of the sun. From that point on Momo’s father began to realize that she could trap a considerable amount of heat within her body and conjure it at will. As she grew up he educated her on her unique abilities. Whenever he figured out ways to help her control it, he would teach her. Eventually she picked up on it and at some point went on to train herself.

Her mom did not agree with this. She tried her best to force her husband to quit his experimenting, since he already “messed up their daughter for the rest of her life”. But William refused, and continued to encourage Momo and assist her as she advanced at heat manipulation. Little did they all know; Solaire began to form an actual consciousness, sharing Momo’s memory and awareness of the world around her, thus beginning to become a second entity within the young hedgehog. This didn’t become apparent until she actually began interfering with her subconscious (dreams, thoughts, etc) and they exchanged during violent nightmares.

At 16, Momo moved to Station Square with her brother Pimp to start anew, as problems at home with their parents, financial and marriage-wise, began to take a toll. It was there where she met her friends Ciera, Shyrao, and many others; and hooked up with Echo, her first boyfriend. Momo enjoyed the positive turn her life was taking; she began meeting new people who easily accepted her for who she was. However Solaire’s interferences became more common, and stronger. Strong enough that it began to affect Momo even when she wasn’t sleep or thinking.

Finally, Solaire found a way to turn the tables and take control of Momo’s consciousness, transforming Momo into Solaire Momo; in this state, Momo was instead an entity and Solaire was awakened. It was a battle of the mind as Momo mentally struggles to regain control of her body back as the demoness wreaks havoc on the outside. If Solaire is able to manipulate Momo’s body completely, Momo’s soul would die off and her body would become a tool for destruction.
Solaire gained an understanding of the world through Momo’s eyes, and she wants the opposite of it; she detests the idea of rules and regulations and would rather rid anything of it. The first Solaire Momo experience was stopped by Ciera and Shyrao, just barely risking their lives as they had never expected it. They began to realize just what they were dealing with, and from then on vowed to help protect Momo from herself.

However, one day, an odd occurrence came into place; Gabby, younger sister of Nai the Wolf, placed a seal on Solaire, separating her from Momo completely, giving her a similar DNA and body type; they were now two different people. However, Momo weakened in power, but the seal weakened Solaire even more. From this point on her life turned around in circles; she broke up with her boyfriend, she met even more new people like M, Chill, and some of their friends. She encountered worthy opponents like Kaji, W-2, and Shannohn, and was constantly testing her strength, wanting to remain tough and strong as she always was.
In a few months’ time, an unexpected turn of events led to Momo dating Chill. Her life was calm and peaceful for a while until the Cosmic Crusade kidnapped Jazz—and once it was discovered Solaire was lending her hand in this; she opted to join the Blitz Mercs to put a stop to Bastion’s evil intentions. Little did she know she was running right into a trap…

Characters mentioned in last half of backstory
Shannohn- :iconshannohnflames1070:
W-2- :iconclouderoo:
Kaji- :iconkanetsu-no-atsusa:
All other characters not my own belong to close friends and my boyfriend.
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So I decided to participate in :iconastrinova:'s contest and it was mainly to make her character Nova some alternate looks...I think it's clear to say that I went way over board but I love designing clothing so I couldn't help myself!! ^^;

Anyways, Mass Effect is much to thank since there was a needed space theme so I looked at all of Shepard's casual wear from all games and sorta came up with stuff as I went.

NOTE: Any of the colors can be changed I would not be offended if they were. Also shoes can be flip flopped with outfits and so on. It's like having a closet of options.

Hope you guys enjoy...*takes in breath* Wish me luck...I need....slee...Z z Z z Z z....
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This is my contest entry for my :iconliv-kat: :heart::heart:

Not going to lie, I had to rush this big time.. I knew I wouldn't have any time from today to the deadline to finish it, so I did what I could. T__T My tablet also decided it doesn't like my new computer much and isn't working properly, so AAAA.

There's so many things that bother me about this... B( I AM NOT A HAPPY CAMPER.

Nonetheless, I hope you like it Livvy!! ;o; I mainly just wanted an excuse to draw Liv, even if it is a different outfit. <3~ I hope you like it either way, and hopefully it suits her okay!

Wish me luck :heart:
And go enter the contest too if you have time! x)

... Will probably scrap this soon. .__. I wish it was better ddddddd

Liv the Ocelot (c) *Liv-Kat
Artwork done by *MissSnowify

Edit:Realized I forgot her paw pads and BIRTHMARK (which is.. kind of important B( ).. so I added them in. Hopefully not too noticeable of a mistake </3.
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Point commission for :icondody-inferno:

Banal pose. Reminds one of the poses from the official art, but I do not know which exactly, because there were so many of them.

Char (c) *Dody-Inferno
Art by Me
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