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Advice: Animation Resource Links by CrevistAdvice:Video and Audio links by Crevist

Recommended Tools:
-wacom tablet or something similar(for animating or just for digital art)
-recording software(if you have none and don't have the money to buy some go to the link here
-microphone(if you intend on recording voices or sounds)

most of these you can pick up at a Best buy,future shop or any other store that carries electronics.

DA Clubs and flash Communities

Some Flash clubs and Communities to join meet people,learn and improve.

:iconflashers::iconcreativeanimations::iconiranflashlord::iconflanimate: :iconhappy-flasher: :iconflashexplained: :iconworldwideflashers: :iconall-animate: :iconevolvdstudios-online::iconmaster-flash: :iconflashy-flashers:

Converting flash into a video file for Deviant art or Youtube(Turning your SWF file into avi)
Swivel is a free program that you can download to convert your animations. Successfully transfers over your audio as well and any actionscript you use to trigger the next scene or if you are using a v-cam for different shots in your animation. This is only used for animation publishing however you can go into the manual of the program to try and get the aspects you want to be interactive.


-another good website that covers the basics of flash and more advanced tutorials for web related purposes

Flash Explained

-Nice website to learn the basic tools of flash as well as making menus,banners,galleries, etc. Also holds allot of other useful links and tutorials with actionscript included.

BestFlashanimationsite -its an ok site with allot of different step by step tutorials

hotscripts -mostly for those who are into the coding aspect of flash and other web related coding

Newgrounds-nice comminuity with a wide range of flash from animation to games. Allot of different topics to join ranging from flash animation to coding and even art.

Flashkit- decent website though its a bit outdated you can find allot of tutorials(2.0 coding mostly) as well as sounds to download.

Animation World Network-mostly for information but there are allot of talented people who post in the forum to get tips and advice.

1. user created tutorial pages

2. animation


4. Books and other suggestions

#1 User Created Pages

Here is a list of tutorials I helped throw together a while ago
Flash Tutorials by ArtistsHospital

This link contains . . .

-creating a video camera for zooming,panning, and fades rather than changing your content on the stage (action script 2.0 only)
-Basic training(using the tools,basic code, etc ) to get started with flash
-video tutorials on making fbf animations in flash( using the onion skin tool to properly sync animations)
-Sound and music links(Some royalty free some you may have to pay)
- and advanced coding in other portions of the list
Here is the v-cam for actionscript 3.0 Actionscript 3:Video Camera

Quick notes about using the v-Camera
(a quick run down of how to work it without reading the long pages of its usage)
-whatever the camera see is what your audience sees this means you can have a pretty big work area
-to create a fade to white or black all you need to do is change the brightness in your movieclip properties(should be under "Color:")
(-100%=black fade) and (+100%=white fade)
-to create a smooth natural tween when you pans,tilts, or zooms with your camera after you tween select your first frame then look within your properties you see something labeled Ease moving the slider to (-100% in) starts the tween off slowly and then begins to pick up speed and performs the complete opposite when you set it to (+100% out)
-this method is great you can use it to your own creations too for example like creating a bouncing ball or something that is flying through the air

Want to protect my flash game from decompilation?

from reading some links it's almost impossible to protect an swf from decompilers. But you can, for example, encrypt your ActionScript and it'll be very difficult to decompile it.

kindi you can buy but you can download the 30 trail for free to try… ambiera has a 7 day free trial to try… a article which is more easy to follow along with… forum discussing possible solutions to fixing the issue

To continue looking for other solutions but allot of the mains ones I posted here are in here already here the google link to…

#2 Animation

Additional links that could be useful

Video tutorial on fbf animations and other topics(Some thought process information about animating a cartoon as well)…

Sprite Resource(character sheets for those who want to animate with sprites)…

Animation tutorial (basic run down on fbf animating with step by step visuals and quick explanation of the filters and using easing with motion tweens)…

Lip syncing tutorials (syncing up your audio to your characters mouth movements)………

Painting in flash(coloring and shading techniques)…

Animating sprites in flash tutorials(in depth look on how to take your sprite sheets from the Sprite Resource section and make them animated……

Perspective tutorials(learn to create depth and add distance to your backgrounds)…… part 1… part 2

Optimize your Flash
-adding sound/music to your flashes
-pre-loader tutorial(though your basically changing the ng pre-loader)
-cropping music to place in your flash…

Special effects

big fat tutorial
-creating special effects in flash and background design…

walking cycle for dummies
-generally how to make a fbf animation of your character walking…

Create special effects in flash

TheExtreme Stick Tutorial
-basically making animated sick figures but there are some neat special effects that are shown to do as well…

Unleash your Imagination(NEW)…

this is basically a big tutorial on
-insight to creating a flash movie,cartoon, or story
- flash basics and getting started
-wire framing
-fbf animating
-lip syncing
. . . etc

the only down side is you might need to take some time to read through it since a majority of the pages are lengthy to read but are useful to know

I hate N00bs Tutorial(For beginners)
-very simple…

Flash Background Tutorial…

Animation Tutorial-Running Dog tutorial

-shows the proper method of making a decent enough frame by frame running dog in flash…

Basic Explosion tutorial

-thought process of making a explosion in flash as well to how to instructions
-there a bit to read but overall worth a look…

Flash tutorial(beginner info and other stuff)

-basic rundown of the tools and how to properly set up your fbf along with other techniques…

More basic training

-its a bit lacking in some places but overall a decent enough lesson's to look through

Lesson 1: Know Your Tools…

Lesson 2: Basic Characters…

Lesson 3: Coloring in Flash…

Lesson 4: Advanced Characters…

I thought I would post this big bunch of flash video tutorials………

Flash video tutorials

Youtube is also a good place to find flash tutorials…

there is about 66 pages(1308 submission) of video tutorials to look through some coding(such as games) and some animating and others talking about using the new features in CS4.

Downloadable component you can use with flash to make pixel art……

and some random links and sites for more tutorials

7.… (53 pages)
8. tutorials on making special effects with text
9. about coding mostly but there are other things there to get someone started(downloadable source files per section)
11. a bit of everything in this flash tutorial page
14.… 68 more pages
15.… small flash section but it talks about the basics(more tutorials located in their flash category
17.… wow 294 pages

#3 Actionscript Coding

Actionscript 2.0:


- learn the basics to advanced actionscript of making a title based game.

basic to advanced versions of coding various things……

Actionscript 3.0
list of many links to learning basic to advanced 3.0 coding and learning to make the switch from 2.0 to 3.0…

Platform Tutorial: Health…

Game engines(pre-made game engines fla files included)…

#4 Animation books(Some available to read for free others recommended to buy)

Teach Yourself Visually Flash CS4

Getting Started With Flash

Flash 3D Animation Interactivity and Games by: Jim ver Hague and Chris Jackson

Force Dynamic: Life drawing for animators

Timing for Animation

The Animators work book

Stop Motion Craft skill for model animation

Producing independent 2D character animation

How to make animated films

Flash mx 2004 game art to Actionscript


The Animators Survival Kit
-nice informative animation book put together by Richard Williams the animation director of the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabit. Its pretty funny to read but allot of the content is technical so if you wanted step by step info its lacking but its useful to those who want to animate both 2D and 3D.

Other books to consider

Storyboard Design Course…

-This book focuses mainly on creating proper storyboards and talks a bit about drawing and other useful things.
- this book can help you for planning out:
media productions
computer games
movies/tv shows
plan out and pitch an idea to clients

-overall the book is really good at explaining different camera shot and how to portray your idea's and thoughts effectively.

Cartoon Animation: by Preston Blair…

-this one was very good at instructing you how to properly frame by frame a cartoon. Allot of examples given from the ground up but lacks the technical instructions that the Animator's Survival kit provides.

All About Techniques in Drawing for Animation Production…

-this book was very good when it came to learning about animation. Talks about what kind of materials they use,drawing characters and backgrounds,story boarding and giving overall tips and talks about different themes.


Here are various links that have caught my eye that seem useful.

Structure of Man (Beginning to Advanced drawing of the human body from your mind) found by:Senor_Sausage

-very good tutorial for learning how to draw from your mind and goes over lots of steps in order to complete a whole person. It does cost money to get the rest of the DVD's its good to have especially when your the type of person who learns by being shown rather than reading through books and online tutorials.

The first lesson is free:

BiteyCastle Academy: Learn animation here first couple of video's are free but you have to pay to see the other video's

Art101 looking through the various news pages on this individuals ng page provides allot of information on animation and art in general.

Primer on animation

Angry Animators: Tutorials
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Just a tutorial for people that wanted to know how I make my makeup bruises. Its really easy but its easier to show them than explain.

Yeah I use normal makeup. This stuff gets used for special effects more than just the way its normally used. XD For me special effects is a better reason to use it ... depending on whats going on.

So hope this helps anyone that uses it!

You can request different makeup tutorials from me, its always fun to doll myself up. XD

Enjoy! :heart:

Art: :iconpokemon-chick-1:
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Final's here -

Yup, nothing too dramatic really going on here; most of the refining painting was all done just with a hard round brush, and it was mostly painted on one layer. 'bout 2 and a half hours, PS.

texture from
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Create possessed glossy eyes in just a few simple steps, with our brand new Photoshop video tutorial!! Head on over to SurrealPSD to check it out:

Possessed Glossy Eyes - Photoshop Video Tutorial


Vamp girl by gromovataya, Fotolia Premium
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Hi my friends! :)

This render I did in my screenshot Megumi.

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Can you believe they threw me a SECOND COVER to draw and color before we ship??? Aw damn... coloring this sucker now.

Final Lines.

Based on the new XBLA/PSN game Bloodrayne: Betrayal.

Art by me.
Drawn entirely in PS CS4
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Photographer is Greg Wright. I'm the model.
If you use this image you MUST LET ME KNOW and show me a link to your work. I must also be credited in your artists notes.
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Photo by ~ PixFactory

Please feel free to use my stock, It's what it's here for but also please link me to your finished work so I can see and I would also ask you to give me full credit as the model <3

(For further info on rules please see my profile page)

Check me out on Facebook :kiss: [link]
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