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Posted on June 25, 2012 at 7:15:03 PM

We're sponsoring Artists' Alley 2012!

We're headed to Comic-Con International:
San Diego to sponsor Artists' Alley!

We Love Artists' Alley

We're back at Comic-Con!

Last year, our sponsorship of Artists' Alley was a huge success. We were able to provide a more comfortable environment for the artists, display their art on huge screens over the Alley, and let people attending the convention draw with deviantART muro on fantastic digital screens. We plan to do this and more in 2012 as we take on the great pleasure of sponsoring Artists' Alley at San Diego Comic-Con again.

Six deviant scholarships

We increased our number of scholarships from two to six this year, and have chosen our talented recipients. These six amazing deviants submitted their Portfolios to the Comic-Con group and have been chosen by DeevElliott to showcase their work in Artists' Alley. Each scholarship recipient will be able to display their work in the Alley and receive critique from top industry professionals.

:iconlarkinheather: :iconspyrosverykios-comix: :iconmleiv: :iconunderanangel: :iconmogorron: :iconsambees:

Five Kick Ass Panels

DeviantART is hosting five panels, discussing important art-related topics with extraordinary guest panelists. We'll even be giving away deviantART swag!

Comic-Con Panel by ~GreenifyME

Supercharge your deviantART profile like the masters.

AdamWarren, DeevElliott, Zubby, alohalilo, diablo2003, and yuumei are among the superstar deviants on this panel, moderated by our very own spyed. They'll be sharing how to optimize your deviantART profile like a pro. (Saturday, July 14th from noon - 1 PM)

:iconadamwarren:, :icondeevelliott:, :iconzubby:, :iconalohalilo:, :icondiablo2003: :iconyuumei:

How to examine fan art under the law: a counter-cultural disconnect?

Featuring our very own makepictures, this presentation discusses the legalities surrounding fan art and includes a review of the impact of new technologies on the genre and the confessions of a fan art fanatic. (Friday, July 13th from noon - 1 PM)

Living and creating in the deviantART world.

yuumei is here to show you how easy it is to get started sharing your art, finding inspiration, making new discoveries, and establishing yourself in the world of deviantART. (Thursday, July 12th from 3 - 4 PM)

How to better understand the sociology behind cosplay.

Join veteran cosplayer, Yaya Han, aka yayacosplay, for a stimulating discussion about the many social aspects of cosplay. Yaya will answer a number of questions, including: Why do we cosplay? How has cosplay progressed in the last 10 years and what are the positive and negative aspects? (Thursday, July 12th from noon - 1 PM)

Don't break in, break out!

DeviantART offers the world different publishing perspectives for content creators. Deviants DeevElliott, MrBabyTattoo and yuumei discuss the future for creators and publishers with techgnotic. (Thursday, July 12th from 4 - 5 PM)

Cosplay Forever

We're hosting a cosplay art show that takes place from Thursday - Saturday, upstairs near the autograph area. This collection of the best and the brightest of cosplay comes from over 15,000 submissions to deviantART. The prints will be available through a silent auction with bids starting at $10. All proceeds will go to the Schreiner Burn Hospital, which uses cosplayers to cheer up patients in the hospital.

We are also having a cosplay group photo. Every cosplayer at Comic-Con is welcomed to join our epic display of cosplay at its finest. Join us on Friday, July 13th at 4PM on the Convention Center roof. If you want to be a part of this, be sure to follow our deviantART Twitter to get the latest updates.

We'll be hosting a deviantART Benefit Art Show featuring cosplay photography and donating the proceeds.

Myoubi's eyes by ~Karim-sama

Follow Us During Comic-Con!

If you're already planning to attend Comic-Con, join us in Artists' Alley! Show your support for these artists by visiting the tables that line Artists' Alley. DeviantART will have various staff hanging out in Artists' Alley all day, so be sure to come by, say hi, and introduce yourself! We'll even have some special, limited edition deviantART swag to distribute.

DeviantART will be situated directly in Artists' Alley, which is located on the far left of the Convention Center. If you plan to attend Comic-Con, let us know in the comments below!

Deviants who are unable to join us in person can be kept up-to-date by following the journals we will post to the Comic-Con group. Join this group for updates from the convention floor, including interviews with high-profile artists. We'll also be updating our Twitter and Facebook pages while at the convention, so check back often for updates!

Attending Staff

:iconspyed: :iconheidi: :icontechgnotic: :iconmakepictures: :iconmccann: :iconlaurenkitsune: :iconmegturney: :iconayame-kenoshi: :iconaunnyd: :iconmoonbeam13: :iconxraystyle: :iconmarioluevanos: :iconshyree: :icondamphyr: :iconendosage: :iconrenonevada: :iconcrosby2: :iconaunjuli:

About Comic-Con

Comic-Con International: San Diego is the largest comic book and popular arts convention in the world. With panels, seminars, and workshops with comic book professionals, along with art shows, portfolio review sessions, and the various exhibits, attendees walk away with cheer in their hearts, bags of swag in their arms, and some tired, well-exercised feet. For more information, check out the Comic-Con website here.

Comics are art.

Every year, San Diego Comic-Con hosts a gallery of artists in what's known as Artists' Alley. For the second year in a row, it's with great honor that we can announce deviantART is sponsoring the Alley! We're also paying the way for six emerging artists to attend, hosting five interactive panels, and hosting a cosplay photography silent auction. Read on for all the exciting details.
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Special thanks to :iconbrigadierdarman: for sharing this. How many different references can you spot?
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Big thanks to :iconkaijuduke: and :icontheciemgecorner: for bringing these videos to our attention.

Linkara, the man with a pretty hat, recently did a review of "Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters" issue two. Also known as that time Anguirus was forced to swallow his own tail, in order to protest of the Mexico / Texas border wall...Or something like that.

Watch Said Review Here

AT4W: Godzilla- Kingdom of Monsters #2 by MTC-Studios

And speaking of Linkara and giant monsters; here's his three-part retrospective on the often overlooked, Kung Fu and Chinese influenced "Power Rangers Jungle Fury". Also known as that time martial art masters could summon giant wild cat robots, with only the power of their respective spirit chi...Or something like that.

HOPR: Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Part 1

HOPR: Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Part 2

HOPR: Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Part 3

31 of 31 - Dai Shi by SCCSkwerl 14 of 31 - Scorch by SCCSkwerl 20 of 31 - Armadeevil by SCCSkwerl
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First of all, the biggest and best news of all: :iconteri-minx: is back! :iconkermityayplz:

I am giving her all the times she needs to get caught up and catch her breath and I would give everyone that advice as well. Welcome back! :hug:

Secondly, :iconcgman: has been working hard on a project involving yours truly and my hammer and sickle wearing heroine. Here's a link to the preview:
It's fun, it's tongue-in-cheek and more importantly if you help support his Patreon with the same amount as a value meal ($6) you get to see all of it, help a great artist out in the community out and watch a really incredible animation! It will have both FMG and BE and you should get your pledge in (if able) before it's finished, which should be around the end of the month.

Another massive thanks to :iconatariboy2600: for his amazing comic gift! :hug:
Soviet-Superwoman Seeing Red! by Atariboy2600

Finally there might be Soviet Superwoman action figures on the in for sale...SHhhh 
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For those of you who don't know...the Ant-Man trailer premiered last night on Agent Carter. I for one am surprised at the length of it...considering they are calling this a "Teaser". I don't really agree with that assessment.

So what is everyone's thoughts on the trailer? I have my own ideas and believes about it, but I will keep shut on that...until everyone else tells me what they think first. Don't want to really influence anyone's opinion.

So what are your guy's thoughts. Comment below and let me know!

[Ant Man Trailer]
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2014 was a surprisingly good year for Kaiju.

Say what you will about Legendary Pictures' "Godzilla". But if there was one thing we can all agree on, that it got a lot of the non-fans on board with the character of Godzilla himself. As opposed to a distant respect (like in the wake of the 1998 film), or some bizarre (possibly xenophobic) repulsion against even 'getting' the basic concept to begin with.

Seriously, after the "Godzilla" screening was over in my local cinema, I was transported to some strange world of opposites, where I was mulling over the film's weaknesses, while all around me, the so-called 'normals' were falling in love with the King of the Monsters.

Sexy Super Model Looking Lady: 'Godzilla's so cute...Even if he did drown billions of people'

GODZILLA by GrievousGeneral SantaZilla Says... by a3dkid

In addition to that, "Attack on Titan" anime made its way to American television, and became popular over here as it was in Japan. Complete with Toho Productions working on a two-part live actions film adaptation, along with the announcement of a new Japanese series of Godzilla films.

Ultraman made an official, and equally successful debut on Crunchyroll, with several series ending up in the top 20 most viewed programs on said site (here's hoping "Ultraman Gaia" makes it on there and SOON).

IDW's Godzilla comics got a much needed boost in sales, thanks to the new film, especially  "Rulers of Earth" which was extended beyond thirteen issues. And with NEW monsters coming in future additions.

And even though he's been greatly scaled down to seven-feet in height, from his original Kaiju-size, there's something strangely satisfying that the once obscure Marvel Monster dubbed Groot now being a household name around the world.

Groot Goes Hollywood by DadaHyena

On the other-hand, not all is perfect; Discovery Channel's once beloved and respected Shark Week finally...well...Jumped the Shark, by airing their second 'false documentary' two-years-in-a-row, "Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine". And yet, the  masses still fell for it. But hey, if my soulless aunt on my mom's side still believes that "The Time Machine" is based on a true story...*sigh*

"Power Rangers Super Megaforce" proved to be one of the worst entries in an already uneven franchise. But it was balanced out with all the older episodes (the good, the bad, and the wacky alike) getting released on gorgeous DVD sets through "Shout! Factory".

"Shout! Factory" also released more giant monster shows and movies, including the forthcoming release of "Zyuranger" - the first official release of a Super Sentai series in America, which didn't include American actors, ala Raymond Burr...Armed with slapstick pies.

Gamera Breaks Through by Zetroczilla Pacific Rim vs Gamera by kaijuverse

the creature by LemonxChanh Gamera by FlyQueen

However, what does concern me, is the lack of any news surrounding Gamera's 50th Anniversary; either Kadokawa Pictures is being REALLY good as keeping things under-wraps. Or based on a last minute cancellation of revealing their future plans in a Japanese magazine, are in dire straights.

And seeing how both Godzilla and Doctor Who's 50th birthdays were lackluster (the former more so than the latter), I fear the same (if not worse) for the Guardian of the Universe.

TODAY'S TALK-BACK: What do you wish to see from Gamera's suppose 50th anniversary, hopefully coming in movie form later in 2015?

Here's my personal wish; any co-staring monster that isn't Gyaos or a Gyaos-variant! I'm sorry! They're great monsters an all, but ever since 1995, that's almost all we see from the Gamera franchise!

Iris, Super Gyaos, Clone Gyaos, Two-Headed Neo Gyaos, Hyper Gyaos, Serpentine Gyaos, Armored Gyaos, JSDF Gyaos Jets, Mecha-Gyaos / The Dragon Fortress, Underworld Gyaos, Albino Gyaos, Sea Gyaos, Gyaos Hounds, 1973 Gyaos, The Bio-Mech Invaders, Stupid Sexy Gyaos, and anybody else I'd either forgot to mention, or I'm about to discovered by accident.

Anyone BUT a Gyaos - Please! Other than that, do whatever you want, Gamera and Kadokawa.
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Hi everyone.

It's a new year so it's time for the annual Guardians membership drive / update.  This is done, in part, to create awareness of the team  for the new members of the Angel Falls group.

Those who are current members of the Guardians, please send me a note if you want to continue to be a part of the team.  If you want to change your role (Active / Support) you may do so as well. 

Anyone on the current roster who does not respond by 1/8/14 will be removed from the team.  

If you are not a part of the Guardians, and would like to be, please contact me via note with your character(s) and the role they would like.

The Active roster are the ones who are the first responders and their membership is known to the public at large.

The Support Roster are those that work behind the scenes but are not part of the fighting force.

Any new members of the Guardians will be tagged with the "Probationary" label.  I don't think there are any hard and fast rules but I've always felt that the new members wouldn't be allowed to go out on solo missions under the Guardians banner for a certain period of time (say, 90 days) and would need another Guardian to accompany them (new heroes have to be evaluated, much like new employees at a workplace) until that period of time is up.  I think this opens up opportunities for team ups and collaboration between writers.  Again, this isn't a rule but a suggestion.

If you would like your character to be part of the Young Guardians, this is the opportunity to do so as well  Contact me via note with the pertinent information.

For the Young Guardians, there is only an Active Roster.  There is no "Probationary" label for those who join that group.

If you are a Guardians member, and would like to help lead the Young Guardians, please note me as well.  Those who currently serve in those positions, and wants to continue in their role, will need to let me know via note as well.

I've volunteered to keep the Guardians and Young Guardians rosters updated so if anyone ever wants to join, leave, move between Active / Support, or any other type of maintenance regarding the team throughout the year, feel free to note me directly.  I'm a big fan of the Guardians concept because it offers a lot of opportunity for stories for both new and existing members to the Angel Falls group.  

The only rule for membership is that no Wildcards are allowed, only Heroes.  This was put into place by LoneStranger and that won't change going forward.

Thank you for your time and be sure to check out the new rosters in the coming weeks!
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For our very own :iconmrtrainfreak12: who loves live-action giant robots.

Sometimes, an Obscure Kaiju is just a brand new character who simply needs some love and attention.

Although in his 70’s when he passed away earlier this month, special effects director Koichi Kawakita was still very active, through both tokusatsu filming, published books on the Godzilla series, and through his company Dream Planet Japan.

Kawakita was also an active teacher of tokusatsu film-making at Osaka University, which resulted in the students and local actors to come together to create the independent television series "Gunbot: The Armored Robot” (original air date: 11/7/2014)

I don’t not much at this point, but this low-budget, yet equally well executed series involves an alien invasion of crab-like robots sent by aliens from The Valent Star System. And the Japanese defense force responds with their mechanical combat giant, Gunbot to fend off the 'Valent Invaders'.

It’s no secret that Koichi Kawakita LOVED giant robots and similar mecha. And would fill his films to the brim with as many science fiction machines as possible.

In fact, one of Kawakita’s never realized dreams was to remake ”The Mysterians” (1957) during the 1990’s, but Toho seemed unresponsive to the idea. Though they did ultimately allow him to include an updated version of Moguera in ”Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla” (1994).

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My plans for yet another giant primate didn't pan out. So instead, here’s a Kaiju from the Gamera series, that you probably never knew existed!

Because he never did to begin with!

Monga (also known as Mosoga) is the bull horned, blue-skinned beast seen at the top half of those creature designs. And was planned to appear in 1969’s ”Gamera vs Guiron”, but was cut due to budgetary reasons.

Seeing that Monga is a totally different character from Guiron, and considering the circumstances behind his axing from the final film, it’s very likely that Monga is the legendary ’Terra Monster’, mentioned in articles surrounding ”Gamera vs Guiron”.

As you might know, the plan was to have a new species of monster overwhelming the dying planet of Terra. But to save time and money, the filmmakers took the old Gyaos suit, and simply painted it silver; rechristening the results as Space Gyaos.

However, it’s also just as likely that Monga here was an alternative opponent, in place of Guiron.

Beyond my educated guess work, Monga’s name and design are both plays on the Japanese flying squirrel (Momonga). And is therefore, Monga would have been similar to the more popular (though still obscure in his own right) Toho monster, Varan.

Now you’re all probably wondering ’Who are all those walking fish monsters beneath Monga?’ Well...That’s Jiger from ”Gamera vs Jiger”!

Before becoming the reptilian demon of the final 1970 film, Jiger was originally envisioned to be a walking fish monster, along with two other lizard-like alternatives (everyone on that page beyond Monga, is a rejected Jiger design).

Although I like Jiger, the walking fish concept would have been more intriguing. And seeing how many looks were drawn and considered, we must have came close to such a thing.

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Snake Day continues here at Obscure Kaiju Month!

And if Hades Goddess Sphinx is the kind of giantess Kaiju you bring home to mother, than our current subject is the kind you...well...don’t.

Hades Goddess Gorgon from the series ”Mahou Sentai Magiranger” (2005-2006), is the other lone female member of The Infershia Pantheon; ten naturally born giant generals of the demonic underworld of Infershia. And who are second only in power and strength to their supreme tentacled overlord, N.Ma (an obvious Cthulhu homage).

But whereas Sphinx was a wise and honorable member of the Pantheon, Gorgon is devious and selfish femme fatale.

Although she could hold her own in combat, Gorgon prefers to manipulate (or intimidate) some of the other male members of The Infershia Pantheon, to do her dirty work. Like the childish glutton Hades God Toad, or the violent and hot-blooded Hades God Drake (the latter being the closest Gorgon has to a genuine friend, though that’s not saying much).

Based on the Gorgons for Greek Mythology, she has the ability to turn people to stone, but threw her venomous bite, instead by deadly stare. She can also transform into either a Naga, or a pure Giant Snake, in order to devour her victims, and entrap them within her magical stomach.

And Gorgon's main weapon is a mirror-shield, akin to The Aegis of Athena. And is capable of firing laser beams from the marble statue face, as well as conjuring smaller killer snakes, to do her bidding.

16 of 31 - Serpentina by SCCSkwerl

For the American adaptation, ”Power Rangers Mystic Force”, Gorgon was renamed Serpentina, of the Ten Terrors. But beyond that, her character was basically the same.

It's humorous to note however, that Disney (who owned Power Rangers at the time), forced Saban Entertainment to go out of its way to cover or hide the busts and suggestive figures of most of ”Magiranger” lady monsters. But by the time Serpentina came along, with her out-in-the-open ‘dominatrix motif’ and bare breasts, both companies seemingly just gave up. And let this risque character pass.

Hmmm...Bare breasts...Dominatrix-style outfit...Sexual rendition of the classical Gorgon...Part-time Naga and / or snake who swallows people alive...Is it just me, or is Hades Goddess Gorgon the next DeviantART mascot in waiting?

Don't Worry Everyone: The last serpent up for Snake Day is extremely wholesome, compared to the vile temptress shown above.
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