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This was the final animation I did for DC back in 2007. It was great fun to animate :) Hope ya digs!
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Promised my good buddy :iconlakehylia: a surprise.
:star: SURPRISE!! :star:
Check out Stacky shakin'/shufflin'. :XD: Nothing wrong with shaking ass to a party song.
A little something to show my appreciation for two awesome people (relatively newlywed), Tlink and Stacky. Without their friendship and words of wisdom, i wouldn't be BlackSen. ^3^
I'm sure everyone will appreciate this animation, if you know what I mean. XD
Too lazy to put in a mute button. Hell, it's 7:24AM here.... Sleepy time.
Done in Flash CS3, 12fps for those who wanna know.

PS: This actually might be a WIP. thinking of actually Animating a dancing Tlink and throwing him in the mix. Stay tuned.

Shake Dat Now on Youtube: [link]

Due to the music in the animation scaring people and/or causing their ears to bleed, I've fixed the animation so the music doesnt start until you press the Newgrounds Play button.
Now maybe It will stop killing people....:XD: Enjoy.
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A little fun . Move the mouse over the screen.
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Update 04/05/2014

Hoy es el dia de la madre
Me gustaria,con permiso de Maria :iconmarazul45:dedicarles este pequeño tributo

Today is Mother's Day
I would like, with your permission Maria
:iconmarazul45: dedicate this little tribute


Intente buscar un loop musical para este tema ...
Imposible,la maestría es imposible de doblegar a pocas lineas los momentos de ilusión..
¡Que hable el genio!
O mejor que suenen las cuerdas de esta guitarra en quien la oye vacío.
¡Que pocas ganas de mentiras quedan!,¡que pocas ganas de verdad!
Que pocas ganas de nada...
Luz de luna :…

Original de:

Fragmento del Romance de Aranjuez del Maestro Rodrigo
Interpretado por Paco de Lucía..…


After Effects (Animation)
Flash (Animation)

Gracias Maria,por todo tu apoyo...

Para mas nitidez en la animación:
Botón derecho y opción aumentar...

To see more clearly the animation:
Right click option to increase ...

Si quieres animar una obra tuya,mándame una nota.
If you want your painting animated like that, please send me a note.
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:star:Final Fantasy X Kingdom Hearts RPG game:star:
--- Demo ---

20th Jan 2014: Hi there everyone, thank you for supporting this project! I finally have a better flash program so you should see some updates soon!

If you like this game please support me on facebook/patreon!

Try updating your Adobe Flash Player
Use a different browser

*Double click on the menu button to use the menu*

Here goes nothing... *crosses fingers* 2 months of work ^^; some of the very ugly graphics are done in November 2010 (I was 14?!) , so they're a bit... hahah... I had to re-draw some...

(by the way, if you wait long enough on the title screen, the background changes :3)

How to Play: Use your mouse to navigate the maps and interact with characters. to access the menu, double click on the top right corner of the screen that says: MENU. To battle, go to the school > Melee class > The door to the right of Kuja. (You'll have to be Lightning)

notice: The save button only saves your munny and bio in the menu, I have not been able to work out anything else ^^; sorry for the inconvenience!

:new::bulletgreen: 4/2/12- :new:
- Extended storyline
- Able to find crystal of Naught before end of Demo
- (Demo doesn't end at just Axel and Roxas!)

:bulletgreen: 27/7/11
- Vexen is finally back from lunch -- I know ;D
- Extended storyline?
- Added an end to the game... for now ;D
- you can't challenge Reno yet.

:bulletgreen: 1/5/11-
- Changed the map Graphics
- Added HQ cg cutscene~~ :D
- Game has some sort of storyline now :]
- You can now enter Cloud and Noctis's room. Tidus, Roxas, Axel and Terra's rooms are still locked.
- You may speak to Axel
- Purchase items from the mall (clothes, wigs, accessories and potions)
- Shops added: Apothecary, Wigs & Things, Clothes store
- Characters added: Cloud (FF7), Terra (FF6), Rydia (FF4), Lord Rasler (FF12), Warrior of Light (FF Dissidia [representing FF1])
- Roxas, Vanitas, Riku, Sora and Tidus now appear in the menu. They will be appearing in the game soon
- Lightning able to battle using potions
- Sephiroth, Squall, Firion and Rinoa drawn up, they might appear in the next update
- Storyline ends at finding the Apothecary
- Load button might make your health dissapear... best not to use the save/load function yet. Trying to solve it ^^;
- About Xion -- I'll have to replace her with a button for the moment, until I get to draw her... sorry ^^;

:bulletgreen: 3/4/11-

- In the mall, there will be a few shops to buy clothing from, so you can dress up the character later x]
- The menu isn't put in the town map yet, so you'll need to double click the MENU tab at the school, forest, beach, courtyard etc. It should work everywhere it shoes up, except for the Town map.
- Battle system only works for Lightning at the moment.
- Noctis, Reno and Terra don't have any dialog at the moment.
-Maerixia Flora is fresh out of flowers :XD:

:damphyr: Characters featured so far:

:bulletyellow: Lightning Farron (FF13): Main
:bulletorange: Noctis Lucis Caelum (FF13 versus): courtyard
:bulletyellow: Lord Rasler (FF12): Introduction
:bulletorange: Yuna (FF10): Main
:bulletyellow: Kuja (FF9): Melee class
:bulletorange: Cloud Strife (FF7): In his room
:bulletyellow: Tifa Lockhart (FF7): Main
:bulletorange: Reno (FF7): Beach
:bulletyellow: Zack Fair (FF7: Crisis Core): Garden Cafe
:bulletorange: Aerith Gainsborough (FF7): Maerixia Flora
:bulletyellow: Terra (FF6): Clothes store
:bulletorange: Rydia (FF4): Introduction
:bulletyellow: Warrior of Light (FF1): Introduction

:bulletorange: Aqua (KHBBS): Main
:bulletyellow: Terra (KHBBS): Class 1A
:bulletorange: Marluxia (KHCoM): Maerixia Flora
:bulletyellow: Demyx (KH2): Surf shop
:bulletorange: Zexion (KHCoM): Library
:bulletyellow: Kairi (KH2): Main
:bulletorange: Namine (KHCoM): Main
:bulletyellow: Xion (KHDays): Main
:bulletorange: Vexen (KHCoM): Apothecary

Tidus (FF10) , Stella (FF13 versus) , Axel (KH2) , Sora (KH2) , Riku (KH2) , Roxas (KH2) , Ven (KHBBS) are all featured in the introduction, and will be added in soon. Vanitas, I've already drawn up :meow: but he'll be in the intro cutscene... so I haven't done that one yet :XD: ^^;; Definitely adding Sephiroth sometime soon :]

I'll probably be adding characters like Vaan, Firion and others from Dissidia and FF13 :XD: I'll put up a few polls for this.

Watch out for updates~!! :D


Other games you may like:

FF x KH Girls dressup by ArlequinneAqua Dress up by ArlequinneAxel Dress up by ArlequinneFinal Fantasy Series Dress up by ArlequinneFinal Fantasy + Kingdom Hearts by Arlequinne

Game made with Macromedia Flash MX 2004
Graphics made in Paint Tool Sai

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Thought I'd dig out one of my older pics and give it a whirl.

I know it's mostly black too, but I wanted to keep the same look as this pic I did. [link]
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Just a quick animation I did of Skyrim.

I'm still practicing on flash so that I can get better at it. I've still have yet to learn how to do buttons and preloaders on flash.

Also, if you want to view the animation smoothly, right click on the video and go to 'Quality' and select either Medium or Low.

Music is by Pavel Zuk from Newgrounds here: [link]

Voice and animation was done by me. 8D

Enjoy! c:

© The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim/Bethesda
© Jimmy Tran
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What happens when you take one of the most brutal movie villains from Batman, and film his entire family!? That was very cheesy!

Written by: BuddyComics

Animated by: ThePivotsXXD

Bane / Bane Jr. : ThePivotsXXD [link]
Announcer : Mike Peterson [link]
Principal : Edgar Nielen [link]
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My apologies for being so absent! October has not only been super busy for me work wise, but I have also been VERY sick with the Flu and Pneumonia :sick: :cry:

BUT here is something cool! At Dragon*con I got to do something interesting, a 360 shoot! You can see the costume in its entirety and zoom in, so that is really cool! Sadly I had already took out my white out contacts since this was later in the day and I was super exhausted. Thats also why I look slightly derpy haha. But enjoy! Hopefully I will do a cool shoot for her soon :)

Photo / 360 photos by :iconimagesolutions2: ~imagesolutions2
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There are a few hiccups but the editing process was fun.  The model is :iconifria:
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