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You can see the previous version of the doll on the left Here.

But anyways! An actual new doll! (Well remake) and a alteration of the doll on the right, actually, I finished the one on the right first but still. I spent way to long working on these but i'm happy with them now. ALSO look out because I am very likely to release the base that I used on this, just got edit it a little and fix up some things maybe then i'll upload it
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Unoriginal title~

Inspired by one of Gareth Pugh's design: [link]
Here's the rest of the collection: [link]

Base: DHF (~grotesque-lestrange)

Tumblr: [link]
FB: [link]
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Best fwendies ^_^

So this has been a WIP for a really long time -__- pretty much only the base colours changed though so not exactly a wasted piece of art =P

Anywho, it's Chunexia and Emily having a sleepover with Chun's cat Jay :) I wanted to do Emily's cat aswell but you dont really take a cat to a sleepover do you 0_o lol

Imagine that Chunexia's room is really dark and moody and the sheets are black...I really did not have any patience with it.

So glad i've finally used this base! ^_^
base; ~scenefag <3

yes he is a Sphynx cat just incase you thought I'm awful at cats ;P
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i gave anna a revamp ;-; i didn't want her to have a double sidecut anymore, and i wanted her to have a septum and purple/blue hair. ;-; yeah idk. topless collab for *TheThirdAct ;-;

and yeah, i did have a cigarette in her hand, but ~scenefag did that and i didn't wanna copy her ;_;

base by ~zapatones
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A friend of mine asked me to create a wallpaper on his main character in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 X-23.

The art is from the official art of MVC3 and from X-23: TARGET X #2
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Hawkgirl portrait doll, for the superhero/supervillain doll pageant [link] I never entered a pageant before but I just couldn't pass up that one LOL, and obviously I'd choose Hawkgirl =p well it's just part of what would be my submission for round 1, gotta make the full body doll too. Apologies for my atrocious shading, I'm a dolling beginner pretty much and I can't shade to save my life. :o Also I'd like to thank all the wonderful dollers on dA who post such awesome helpful tutorials (which were unfortunately lost on me, given my failed attempts to utilize them :o)

No base cuz I just couldn't find one that reminded me of Hawkgirl (I'm very picky when it comes to my beloved Hawk) but I used this screencap as reference [link] sketched it, didn't trace it. I just think that pose captures her well. I tried to make it look like Hawkgirl as much as possible but instead it came out looking kinda like my sister. :o Oh well :|

If anyone has any tips how to fix this doll I'd really appreciate them. :)

EDIT: I changed the wings, made the feathers bigger more like on JLU... hope it looks better... I really don't know what I'm doing LOL =p :o

EDIT #2: changed the wings yet again tried to make the feathers look more... feathery I guess. Bleh. I can't draw :o

Final round 1 entry: [link]
Final round 2 entry: [link]
Final round 3 entry: [link]

Hawkgirl (c) DC Comics
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100 Watchers
Here's a new free wallpaper for everyone out there;)
This image can also by as a postcard via Artflakes:[link]
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A wallpaper compiling some of the x-men fanart I've done in anticipation of the upcoming movie (hope it doesn't suck!). I'm going to upload a few color variations.
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Base by Autumn Pixels

This doll was specifically made for my new Website Design, I swear, I update the websites design more often then I do the actual content XD

But anyways, this doll was so fun, and hard, I can't even explain xD I love EVERYTHING about her, EVERYTHING, except maybe the metal of the bar stool, but that is an acceptable loss in the front of the awesome of the rest of it <3 <3

And for once.... well, people, look at her shadows, instead of just shading them all with their own pallets, I gave all the shadows a bluish tinge, omg seriously, :D improvement? probably not it was hard and i'll probably be to lazy to ever do it again

[Edit - 13-2-2011]
Uggggh been meaning to do this forever, but I removed one of the folds on the knee ontop and also softened the shading on a couple of folds, I also fixed up the face because the lips where to high contrast and lazily shaded, also made her nose look a little more button-ee and made her eye look more realistic/soft, same with her cheekbone. I also did some other minor edits.
[Edit - 18-2-2011]
Fixed up the shading knee that is on top, fixed up the autopsy scar and softened up and smoothed out a lot of the skin shading.
[Edit - 03-3-2012]
EEeeeeeeeEEE~<3 my second DD, thank you! <3
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Profile for: Succubus Eros

Gender: Male
Race: Human, Demigod
Age: 10, physically 19-20, later 18
Birth date: February 23
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: N/A
Height: N/A
Measurements: N/A
Quotes: "Everything I do, everything I've done, is for my own reasons. And I don't need to explain myself to you."
"You should know better than to challenge one of the Princes of the Underworld."
(Twist): Despite his teenage appearance, Eros is only about 10 years old.

His name, Eros, comes from the Greek God of Love, more commonly known by his Roman counterpart, Cupid.

Eros is the son of Cassiopeia Ariel and Gemini Saga. He was conceived during the assault on Sanctuary by Pegasus Seiya and the others. Strangely, he was not born until well after the battle with Poseidon. For reasons known only to him, Eros chose to become a new Specter in his 'uncle's' army, becoming the irresistiable Succubus Specter.

Eros actually comes from one possible future after the battle with Hades, one in which his mother Ariel, stays behind in the Underworld to try and keep it from collapsing on her friends and fellow Saints after Hades 'dies'. Accepting her fate as Goddess of the Underworld, Ariel uses her powers to restore most of the Underworld and eventually revives Hades and the Twin Gods. Later on she gives birth to Eros, and a few years later, her second son, Endymion. Why Eros came from the future is yet unknown, and will only say that 'his reasons are his own' and that 'he's doing this for the ones he loves'.

Eros is manipulative, seductive and ruthless when it comes to getting what he wants. He's not afraid of using any means nessicary to achieve his goals, and he will use ANY means. As a powerful psychic, the youth has no problem using mind-control on others if he needs to and will often use sex (true to his Surplice) as another means of controlling people.

He does, however, have a large soft spot for children, and often refuses to do anything to hurt them. He also shows no tolerance to those who hurt children in his presence.

Cassiopeia Ariel/Persephone: Mother; The Saint of Cassiopeia and the reincarnation of Persephone, Empress of the Underworld. Ariel is the mother of both Eros and his younger brother Endymion.

Gemini Saga: Father; Eros' biological father. Living in the Underworld allowed him to know his father, but he still regrets that his father was dead before he was born. Because of this, he seems to bear a grudge against Athena.

Gemini Kanon: Uncle; Eros' biological uncle thanks to his father being one of the Gemini Twins. Like his father, Eros respects and admires his uncle and regrets that they died before he could truly know them while alive.

Hades: Stepfather; Eros' stepfather although he refers to the god as 'uncle'. Hades shows no resentment towards Eros despite that he has a different father and even seems to look on the youth as one of his own sons. So much so that, at Endymion's request, Eros was named Second Prince of the Underworld.

Andromeda Shun: Stepfather; Since Ariel and Shun married before the battle against Hades, Shun is one of Eros' two stepfathers. Of all the Saints, besides his parents, uncle and 'aunt', Shun is the only Saint that Eros holds any respect for.

Endymion: Younger half-brother; Eros' younger brother, the First Prince of the Underworld.

Andromeda Erana: Younger half-sister; Eros' younger sister, the new Andromeda Saint.

Leda: Younger sister; Eros' younger sister, daughter of Gemini Saga. Eros' full blooded sister, sharing both parents with her. He is very protective of her, as well as his other siblings.

Naga Ermyr: Lover; The son of Crane Relmara and Wyvern Rhadamanthys.

Yuzu: 'Cousin'; The daughter of Crane Relmara and Phoenix Ikki, younger half-sister of Ermyr.

Base by: ~ChaosSoda [link]
Wings by ~base-o-holic
Succubus Eros *AngelOfBeauty88
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