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For reasons unknown I felt drawn to the sword as well the weird armor I waited until both Mr. Friedle, and Tarah left for lunch before I picked up the ancient sword as I held the magnificent sword in my right hand. . . Both actually since it felt heavy as I held up the sword I noticed the ruby gem in the center of sword's hilt began to glow I felt strongly drawn to the jewel that I looked right into. It was like I was being pulled into the very jewel itself  no matter how scared I was I couldn't bring myself to look away I blame my curiosity . The scenery around me changed one minute I went from standing alone in the Antique Shop to the middle of what looked like the center of a castle court yard, by the way the it was set the scenery reminded of a movie I once saw called A Kid in King Arthur's Court. In the distance I swore I  could have heard voices as well as clashing of weapons being the very curious  person I was I followed the noise my inner self was screaming danger, but at this point I didn't care so I walked  thru the courtyard, amazed at the very beauty of  it all. I looked up as I  walked under an arch, and towards what looked liked a stone stair well being careful, I walked down the gray aged looking well, and further down past half un finished structures, I felt ground as my right foot left  the safety of the courtyard. As I continued  into the forest whilst looking for the clearing  I heard the same voices
" Aw come Lion-O!" I heard what seemed to be a boy's voice whinnying. I shook my long russet head as I looked around the forest
"I said no Kat, and that's final" A masculine male's voice replied "And besides I'm sure Tygra won't training you some" Lion-O said being as  quite as I possibly could I walked closer until five feet stood in the distance I noticed the masculine voice came a tall tan-mocha muscular  man with spiked crimson hair he had to be at least 20 yrs or more. As I went to back up, I apparently tripped on something thus landing on my ass, and the noise caused a major reaction from the duo which  wasn't what I was expecting I heard the sound of growling I gulped 'This is it life as I know it is over' I thought to myself I heard chuckling before the voice
"Don't tell me that you're afraid of a girl 'O Lord of The Thunder Cats" Wilykat said smirking as he walked up to where I was. Lion-O snarled as he looked at the young wildcat
"I'm not afraid of a young girl" Lion-O's voice was loud, Wilykat laughed
"Yeah whatever, Lord of the Thunder Cats!" Wilykat said, Lion shook his spiked crimson head as he walked over to the duo, he noticed Kat was talking to someone "So what do they call you?" He asked I'm Wilykat"
"Raelyn" I said ever so softly
"What kind of name if that?"
"Its human, and what are you?" I asked
"I'm a feline, that's Lion-O" Wilykat said pointing to the masculine man I winced as I tried to move my body
"What are you?" He asked me, I looked up at him
"Human why?" I asked him, Lion-O rolled his frosted Cerulean eyes
"Wilykat move away from the trespasser before she hurts you!" Wilykat looked over his left  shoulder at the Lord  of the Thunder Cats
"I doubt she's dangerous, Lion-O she can barely move let alone hurt me" I began to have a chronic coughing fit, blood caught Wilykat's golden eyes " N she's injured Lion-O" The lion sighed as he walked up, and stood next to the young wild cat male, his frosted cerulean eyes noticed the blood the young cub was talking about, and groaned.

He also noticed how different my eye color was
"Fine, she can stay the young girl. . .Wilykat cut him off
"You mean grown girl don'tcha She's like a teenager" The young wild cat asked/ told Lion-O cocked his spiked crimson head to the left side and looked down to the curves of young woman. Sure enough they caught him off guard, Wilykat smirked "So?  Lion-O looked back at him
"What?" The young lord asked as looked at the young bruised woman  lying there in the brush. . He noticed her skin was that of a lite mocha or latte Anyways he knew he can't just leave her there she would die. So w/o thinking the young lord swooped me up in his strong tan-mocha arms as he, and Wilykat left the forest, and headed back to the castle. Only a times  on the way to the castle did Lion-O look down at me when I  looked at him he saw I had a rare eye color which was frosted purple chrome with a tint of silver. As Lion-O reached the outskirts of the forest he heard a  light humming sound; wonderin;  where it was coming from he was surprised when Wilykat told him the soothing sound was from the young woman he was held in his arms apparently I had fallen asleep in the young Thunderian Lord's arms
"So whatcha plan to do with her once we get to the castle?"
"No idea, but she does need medical attention  to see to her injures" The lion told the young wild cat as they set foot in the courtyard of the castle.

       A male tiger approached the duo
"Lion-O, Cheetara was. . "The tiger stopped when he saw what his younger brother was holding "Woe hoe looks like Lion-O has found his mate, that was fast!" Lion-O snarled lowly at his brother
"Not likely"
"A personal slave?" The tiger asked
Tygra!" Lion-O roared causing me to up "Fuck now look what you have done!" Tygra smirked down at me I screamed, trying to get away; Lion-O had managed to calm me down. Wilykat looked up at Tygra
"That wasn't very nice" He said sourly
"Hah who said I was I'm nice kid?" Tygra asked Wilykat.
Lion-O shook his spiked crimson head as he walked thru the not so crowded courtyard into the castle, he  managed to find a spare bed chamber which was naturally across the hall from his very own, sighing. He kicked open the heavy wooden door of the bed chamber, walked in, and up to the large bed, being gentle, put me down upon the queen sized bed
"Sorry about that" Lion-O" said
"Lion-O" A young female voice said
"I'll be right back" He told me as he left the room standing outside was Wilykit
"Cheetara sent me to find you" She said
"Tell her I'm busy right now"
"Kay" He watched as she skipped down the hall b4 he returned inside the room, and walked to the large bed
"Want to tell me what you where doing in the forest?"
"I got lost" My soft voice replied
"That's understandable" A light knock was heard he snarled again I jumped "What?" The door lightly opened to revel a young female wildcat, and a cheetah
"Lion-O everyone is looking for you" The  cheetah told him
"Wilykit keep the girl company until I get back"
"Um sure" Lion-O, and the Cheetah left the room, the wildcat girl looked over at me "So" She said as she rocked back, and fourth on her hind legs "I'm Wilykit what do they call you?"
"So how'd you end up here?" Wilykit asked me
Honestly I don't know"
"Oh whatcha do for a living?"
"Deal with ancient antiques, and technology" Her golden eyes lit up
"Technology really?"
"Yes, and a bit of engineering on the side"
"How cool is that? So have you made stuff?"
"Of course"
"Technology, wait till  Lion-O hears  about this. . . So are  you like his mate, or something like that?"
"No just someone injured" My chronic cough started up the blood thicker this time, Wilykit was a bit freaked, but ignored it seeing how Lion-O was rather busy today she walked over to the heavy door, I noticed she was having a hard time I slowly got up, n helped her with the door still coughing
"Lion-O said you're suppose to be resting" She told me
"I know ugh just thou. . "The harsh coughing continued which was making my throat very raw I groaned, rolling my frosted purple chrome eyes, she looked at me
"You shouldn't be up" Wilykit told me a knock was heard
"Oh no "She sighed as I walked back, and fell into the bed I sighed as I  covered up with the blue sheet; Wilykit answered the door, and saw none other than Tygra standing there
"Its you, I thought you were at the Thundercats' meeting Tygra" Tygra looked down at her
"I was until I left to find Lion-O" The tiger told her, she knew he was lying
"Stop lying Lion-O left with my brother an hour ago, so don't use that excuse!" Wilykit said a bit louder than she meant, I groaned, and got up being curious as I was I walked over to the door, n saw the tiger standing there
"Ugh not you again" I said Tygra looked at me with a glint in his golden brown eyes
Hmms wonder what happens in this chapter? Let's see Raelyn meets Lion-O, Wilykat and the crew.
ThunderCats-Tobin Wolf

Chapter 3: [link]

Chapter 4: [link]

Chapter 5 :
Chapter 6: [link]
Chapter 7:
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"So the new kid's here?"

"Yes, he is, Logan. Try not to scare this one away."

Logan grinned around his un-lit cigar, eyes crinkling at the edges. "You give me so little credit, Charlie. I promise not to traumatize our new student. Until the second semester, at least." Charles Xavier rolled his eyes, but smiled.

Logan strolled out of the main office, taking out his cigar and absently twirling it in his fingers. So, a new mutant? Logan cocked his head to the side, thinking. What kind of person would he be like?

Tall, thin and very nervous, the newest student (mutant?) clutched his completely new books as he tried to stay away from groups of people over there.

He was lanky, obviously either a vegetarian or he didn't eat that often; he had slightly shaggy brown hair, a warm, kind of inviting brown, like oak; he had his head cast down, constantly though. So, no one really got to look at his face, but he was pale. Not deathly so, just pale like he preferred to stay indoors.

It was third period when Logan was deciding to wander around, the easily frightened new student was hurrying from the Bathroom when Logan walked out of the office. His eyes trained on the floor his chin tucked like a constantly scolded child.

Logan stopped when he saw the scrawny kid. He cocked his head to the other side, still twirling the cigar. He blinked, just staring.

He pursed his lips, before walking over. "Now, you look like someone who stays indoors half the time," he stated, keeping a hand in his jeans as he twirled the cigar. "You know, that isn't very healthy. One can grow and flourish when settled into the sun. Much like plants, actually."

Logan had a habit of spewing out rants to start a conversation.

Flinching, the new Mutant quickly stumbled back away from Logan. He looked up once before focusing back on the floor.

Jonathan tensed, he swallowed hard. "Y-yes.... I know," he said, quietly. "I have a class, excuse me." Why did he even speak?!

Jonathan quickly tried to walk around the man that was in his way.

He avoided any contact with him though, fear of what could happen, what he could see.

The air buzzed around this Mutant. There was something screaming at Jonathan to be seen, pleading and begging.

"Oh pffft. I hardly doubt any of the staff here are going to interrupt a Teacher conversing with a student." He quickly walked next to the nervous man, giving a friendly smile. "My name is Logan. And youuuu," he stopped twirling the cigar and pointed at the man. "Must be the new student." The smile widened to a grin, revealing slightly crooked teeth.

Teacher? As Logan started to walk next to him, Jonathan quickly took a slight side step, making sure there was no room for them to touch.

"Indeed, I am," he answered quietly, a quick sneak of a look to see how far he was from his classroom. "Fifteen steps." He counted aloud, without meaning to. It slipped. A mumble of the next number down slipped from between his lips.

"I'm sorry, Teacher, but since it is my first day, I'm already behind in this year's homework." Jonathan stopped, exactly twelve steps from the door. He kept that close, in his mind, holding onto it.

"Whaaaat? Homework?" Logan pocketed his cigar, cocking his head to the side again. "What stuck-up twit would give homework for a mutant school?" He rolled his head to the other side, squinting his eyes. "Is it Summers? That man desperately needs to take a vacation someday." He blinked, then grinned wide. "Pardon my rudeness, but I didn't manage to catch your name, dear~"

"Ms. Ororo has given us homework," Jonathan said quietly, "and Ms. Gray."

He tensed slightly at the usages of the names before he took two steps back, toward the door. "Ten," he breathed quietly.

"Crane," he said, to the last thing Logan had mentioned. "It's Crane." He took another three steps. "Seven." The counting came out almost compulsively.

"Ahhh. Yes, that would explain that increasing amount of schoolwork and complaining the others have been giving." Logan shook his head and smiled in a friendly manner at the kid. "Well, since you seem eager to get moving, I'll leave you to it. Hope to bump into you again, Crane." With a wink and a grin, he sauntered down the hallway, reaching in his pocket to twirl his cigar again.

Once inside, Jonathan sat down and kept to himself. Nothing buzzed quite like that man had.

He went through his day in peace.


Lunch went by without one of his fatal visions, and it was nearing his last class. Art.

Four minutes later, Jonathan stepped into the art class and his movements became jerky and stiff as a buzz started to pick up around him.

Jonathan quickly made it around the room. He sat down as far away from everyone physically possible, with a table still in front of him.

"Goooood morning, darling pupils~!" Logan slid into the room, all smiles.

"It's evening, Professor."

Logan slouched. He arched an eyebrow while waving his hand, the other hand on his hip. "Morning, evening. Same day. So!" He stood tall and grinned at the class. "Who wants to draw?" A chorus of small cheers made him grin wider.

Jonathan flinched as he heard the Professor. The buzzing got even louder as Logan spoke.

He just hummed, wanting to see whatever it was that was needed to be seen.

Jonathan swallowed hard as he gripped his pencil, hoping that he could remain invisible while the other mutants and the Professor did what they needed to get the class over and done with.

"Right then! Today for class, we shall be studying how to draw abstract." He took a pen from his desk and motioned with it as he talked. "Just let your writing utensil flow on the paper~ As usual, I'll walk around and check your throughout class."

With that said, the students started to draw.

Logan smiled. He loved his job.

Jonathan stared down at the paper quietly. He wasn't sure if Art was such a good idea anymore.

He closed his eyes. The buzz started to drown out anything else that was being said around him.

The brunette wet his lips, before he gathered his bag and stood up to go. Art would have to be changed. He wouldn't be able to handle the buzz much longer, much less a semester of it.

Logan heard the boy get up before he watched him. He frowned as he saw him quickly walk out.

"John," he said to a boy with reddish hair. "Watch the class." And he followed him.

Crane was already down the hallway. "Hey!" he called, jogging after him. He slowed as he walked beside him. "You alright?"

It hummed, the air became electricity around him and Jonathan jumped when he heard the shout.

He turned around instantly, his deep, oceanic blue eyes became wide with confusion before he spotted the professor. Jonathan quickly looked away, clutching the books close to himself as he tried to make himself a smaller target.

"Just fine," Jonathan answered in a strained voice. He cleared his throat. "If you'll excuse me Professor," he said, turning to go.

Logan placed his hand on the boy's shoulder, stopping him. "Now, hang on. If you're not feeling well, I need to escort you to the Infirmary. Can't let you walk around by yourself. Jean will kill me."

Suddenly, he was touched.

Touched by the source of the buzzing.

It all came to him, very quickly, slamming him against a rather large, very angry red brick wall.

Jonathan tensed, his entire body seizing up before suddenly he dropped to his knees, tears springing to his eyes and he started to cry with all of the information, all of the older man's life playing before his eyes. All in a short, three-second period.

Jonathan fell. It really, really looked like he was having a seizure.

Logan almost missed catching the shaking boy, holding him by the shoulders. "Whoa, there!" A look of panic was plastered on the older mutant's face.

Wordlessly, he scooped up the boy in a bridal hold and ran to the Infirmary, a look of pure concentration on his face. In short moments, he was in the ward.

"Jean!" he called, gently placing the boy on a bed. Some of the shaking has subsided.

Jean came to Logan at the shout.

She lifted her eyebrow before looking down at the young student was still twitching, trembling. "What happened?" She asked, focusing on the cupboard behind Logan and getting a sedative before catching it.

She sighed slightly, "Can you hold him down, long enough for me to stick this into his neck?"

Logan gently held down the skinny wrists, still looking slightly panicked.

"I don't know what happened," he answered. He watched Jean press the needle in the white skin. "I was teaching my class, and he walked out after a few minutes. He looked sick, so I went after him to escort him here."

A light-bulb went off, and he pulled his hands back. "I think me touching him triggered it."

Once the kid was settled down, Jean listened to Logan before frowning slightly. "Triggered... his power?"

She blinked lightly and looked at the now very pale, slightly sweaty kid. "Did Professor Xavier tell you what this kid's power was?" she asked as she opened Jonathan's eye slightly, "and did he tell you the kid's name?"

"I didn't get a chance to find out more about him. I know his last name is Crane, and he's a loner." Logan pulled a chair over and sat down near the bed.

He shrugged. "He didn't talk that much when I tried to start a conversation."

She smiled slightly at Logan's bit of information. "Just like you used to be."

She checked his pulse, before moving his hair back and starting to place some small pads on his forehead, carefully spaced. "What do you think his mutation is? How long did you touch him before he had his seizure?"

Logan stuck his tongue out, leaning in the chair. "I only touched him for a moment, half a minute. Whatever caused him to start to break down and cry must be something pretty powerful. 'Would explain why he always keeps to himself."

Logan got up. "I got to get back. I put John in charge of my class, so there must be something broken to clean up."

Half a minute? That wasn't very long.

She listened to Logan, both his thoughts and his actual spoken words before looking back at Jonathan. "Alright, Logan. I want you to come back here when you're done with your class, though," she said calmly, before focusing back on the task of getting Jonathan stabilized from the seizure.

Logan walked out of the room, waving slightly. "Will do, dear. Oh." He turned around, one eyebrow raised. "Can you tell Summers to breathe for once? Heard he's been giving homework out the wazoo lately." He blew a kiss and winked, and he was out the door.

Jean smiled slightly at Logan's words before going back to focusing on Jonathan. She noted the conversation starter for later with her Fiance.
And lo! Another glorious roleplay~! 8DD

Me and ~shadows666 got to reminiscing about out earlier X-men rp, and we both decided to try it over, but as a brand-spanking-new version.

Which means: Young!Jonathan Crane, British and Charming!Logan, and memory problems all around!

Btw, Hugh Jackman is currently NOT going to be Logan in this baby. Know why?

[link] That's why~

~shadows666 = Jonathan Crane, Jean Gray
~Purple-Hero = Logan, Charles Xavier

:star: All characters belong to their respective owners. :star:
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Rainbow Mika

Origin: Street Fighter series

First Appearance: Street Fighter Alpha 3 (1998)

Voiced by: Jennifer Hale (ENG) Natsuki Rio (JPN)

Theme song: A remix of R. Mika's theme from Street Fighter Alpha 3

Alternate costume: A blue hooded training jacket with dark blue sweatpants

Stage: Saturday Night -Main Event- (Shared with Zangief, Alex, and Hugo)


Standing light punch, Crouching light punch, Jumping light punch
Standing middle punch, Crouching middle punch, Jumping middle punch
Standing fierce punch, Crouching fierce punch, Jumping fierce punch


German Suplex L or R + PP
Brain Buster L or R + KK
Shooting Star Headbutt:   DL or DR + PP
Hip Buster AIR L or R + PP
Neck Breaker AIR L or R + KK
Flying Body Press   Jump diagonally, D + H
Knee Drop   Jump diagonally, D + L
Rainbow Sobat L or R + M
Sliding    D + H
Flying Peach QCB + P
Shooting Peach QCB + K


Heavenly Dynamite    360, 360 + K, Tap P or K repeatedly
Rainbow Hip Rush   QCF x2 + P
(Lv. 3) Caffeine Rush   DP + PP: R. Mika will pull out a cup of coffee and drink it. Then goes into a caffeinated state which instantly increases her speed.
(MAX) Sardine's Beach Special QCF x2 + K
_Hashiru    L or R
__Dageki: J. Ocean Drop Kick L during Hashiru
__Dageki: Mika Sliding    M during Hashiru
__Dageki: Mika Lariat H during Hashiru
  __Moonsault Press Do nothing or press P after Dageki
  __Missile Kick K after Dageki
  __Paradise Hold Hold L + R after Dageki
  __Wingless Airplane L or R + K after Dageki
_Tobikoshi Collide with opponent during Hashiru
__Haigotori Tap P or K repeatedly during Tobikoshi
  ___Enzui Lariat P during Haigotori
  ___Enzui Drop Kick K during Haigotori
  ___Rainbow Suplex L or R + P during Haigotori
  ___Daydream Headlock   L or R + K during Haigotori


Alpha: German Suplex
Beta: Shooting Star Headbutt
Gamma: Flying Peach

QUOTES: Intro quote: "And now, entering the ring, here's the one and only, Rainbow Mika!"
"Think you can get past me?"

Win quote: "Well, what can I say? A loss is a loss."

vs. Zangief: R. Mika: "Hey, there! Where were you after all these years?"
Zangief: "Let's see how much you've improved over the last time I trained you."
vs. Alex or Hugo: "Alright, buffoon head. Show me what you got!"
vs. Haggar: R. Mika: "Get out of my way, big guy!"
Haggar: "Let's see you try to run a city, young lady!"
vs. Shuma-Gorath: "Yikes! So many arms!"

After defeating Zangief: "That training you gave me after all these years really paid off. Thanks!"
After defeating Alex or Hugo: "You're all brawns and no brains." ::Yawns::
After defeating Haggar: "I may not have the talent to run an entire city. But I'm still stronger than you!"
After defeating Shuma-Gorath: "Ugh! Never again will I fight a multi-armed creature from another planet!"

Tag-ins: "Out of my way!"

Zangief: "Mentor!"

Alex or Hugo: "Buffoon Head!"

Haggar: "Muscled Man!"

Captain America: "Cap!"

Phoenix Wright: "Mr. Wright!"

Tag out: "Bye, bye!"

Taunts: ::Cracks knuckles and puts fists on waist:: "Let's do this!"
::Cracks knuckles and puts fists on waist:: "OK. I'm ready!"

Replacing Fallen Allies:

(One Ally Remaining) "I won't fail you, mentor!"
(No Allies Remaining) "I can't give up!"


(Light Attack) (vs. Zangief) "Mentor, how could you betray me like this?..."
(Light Attack) "Ugh!"
(Light Attack) (During Caffeine Rush) "Argh! My head. It's killing me!"
(Time over) ::Falls to knees in exhaust:: "I couldn't do it, mentor."


Aims To Be The Best     - Complete Arcade mode with R. Mika on any difficulty  

Wrestler in Training    - Complete Arcade mode with R. Mika on Very Hard

Tomboy                  - Complete 5 missions with R. Mika

High School Graduate    - Complete all missions with R. Mika

Fame Seeker             - Use R. Mika 30 times

Zangief's Biggest Fan   - Complete Boss Rush mode with R. Mika

Filled With Potential   - Use R. Mika 100 times
What I think Rainbow Mika's moveset would be like in UMvC3 IMO.^_^

Credit goes to Capcom from the character and image.^_^
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Encuentros fortuitos

Capitulo 7.

— ¿Cuánto tiempo tardara antes de que ese cachorro quiera presumir su victoria? — Pregunto Bengalí, abandonando el juego de ajedrez para servirse otro vaso de licor.

— No lo hará, Leo es diferente.

— Eso piensas ahora. — Bengalí estaba genuinamente preocupado por la seguridad y la falta de sentido común que Tygus estaba mostrando. — Pero cuando ese león obtenga lo que desea de ti te abandonara.

Tygus no contradijo las palabras de Bengalí, tampoco tuvo una oportunidad, ya que de pronto Torr se interpuso entre los dos tigres tratando de llamar su atención, era una de sus noches libres antes de una misión importante, no debían echarla a perder discutiendo sobre el comandante Leo.

— ¡Tiempo fuera! — Pronuncio interponiéndose entre ellos.

Tygus inmediatamente decidió escucharlo, no discutiría con Bengalí por cosas sin importancia, ellos eran sus hermanos de armas, el comandante solo era algo pasajero, bien sabía sus limitaciones y Leo era una de ellas.

— Tienes razón, Torr, Leo sólo es algo pasajero.

Aquello provoco que Bengalí sonriera, aunque no estaba del todo convencido de la repentina claridad en el pensamiento de Tygus, ya había sido castigado una vez por causa del comandante y seguía insistiendo en verle.

— Es bueno escucharlo, Tygus, eso quiere decir que ya no volverás a verlo.

Tygus le observo de reojo, suspiro mesando su melena y poco después regresando a su asiento movió una de las piezas del tablero, quería distraerse un poco y esa era la mejor forma que conocía de hacerlo.

— Me temo que no es tan fácil Bengalí.

Aquello llamo la atención de Bengalí, así como de Torr, quien se acerco a su amigo de mayor edad, quien parecía tener un aire de superioridad, como si supiera algo que ellos no.

— ¿Por qué no? — Pregunto el tigre albino. — Sólo es sexo.

Para Tygus no se trataba únicamente de sexo, el estaba enamorándose de Leo con tanta facilidad que le asustaba, era casi como si sus destinos estuvieran conectados, una idea que le parecía ridícula, porque si existía un destino, este debía odiarlo porque le puso al servicio de Lord Mum-Ra.

— Teniendo en cuenta que es mi superior, que Lord Mum-Ra me ha ordenado espiarlo y que nos acompañara a la siguiente misión, yo lo veo físicamente imposible… — Pronuncio Tygus observando el reloj que colgaba en la pared, el cual señalaba que casi era hora de terminar esa reunión. — A menos que pierda la vista.

— No te hagas el gracioso. — Lo reprendió Bengalí con un gesto de molestia.

— ¿A qué te refieres con que nos acompañara en la misión? — Pregunto Torr sirviéndose un poco de licor.

— Lord Mum-Ra decidió que el debe acompañarnos. — Fue la respuesta sencilla de Tygus.

— ¿Por qué? — Pregunto Bengalí, sin comprender cuál era la razón para recibir semejante humillación, ellos eran su escuadrón de elite y ese león era únicamente un burócrata. — ¿Qué hemos hecho mal?

Tygus sabía que no habían hecho nada malo, su escuadrón al menos, él por otra parte estaba jugando con fuego y en el momento en que Lord Mum-Ra supiera de sus encuentros fortuitos en esa nave sería severamente castigado, si no es que asesinado.

— Si quieres puedes preguntárselo a Lord Mum-Ra en persona porque yo no lo sé.

Nadie se atrevería a cuestionar las ordenes de Mum-Ra, sí lo hacías significaba que dudabas de sus decisiones, lo que te convertía en un traidor y estos no tenían una vida muy larga en esa nave.

— ¿Cuál será esa misión?

— Tampoco lo sé.

Aquella situación era demasiado extraña, Tygus siempre tenía en la mano toda la información necesaria para llevar a cabo los barridos planetarios, la búsqueda y recuperación de artefactos y de vez en cuando, en los momentos que se necesitaba de mucha precisión así como de cierto sigilo, los asesinatos de quienes se ponían en contra de Lord Mum-Ra.

— ¿Qué se supone que sabes? — Arremetió Bengalí verbalmente.

Hasta el momento habían cumplido con cada una de las misiones con el mayor de los éxitos y sin embargo, aquí estaban ellos, siendo humillados por su señor.

— Me imagino que el comandante Leo nos dará los detalles antes de partir, mientras tanto… — Explico Tygus con cierto aire de superioridad. — Tal vez tengas otras preguntas que hacerme teniente Bengalí.

Tygus no sentía la necesidad de ofender a su amigo, sin embargo, al mismo tiempo le retaba a continuar cuestionando sus motivos.

Antes de que Bengalí pudiera hacerle alguna pregunta más a Tygus, Torr, el menor del grupo y el único que no era un tigre volvió a interrumpirlos.

— ¡Mientras tanto no hay que desperdiciar el tiempo ni los regalos concedidos por Lord Mum-Ra! — Dijo Torr repentinamente colocando varios vasos de licor en la mesa con una gran sonrisa.  

Bengalí tomó el vaso suspirando, Tygus vio de momento el licor y Torr, tratando de que sus amigos rayados se alegraran un poco quiso ofrecer un brindis.

— ¡Por la gloria de Lord Mum-Ra y sus bendiciones! — Dijo Torr con una gran sonrisa.

Bengalí asintió y levanto el vaso repitiendo su homenaje con facilidad, Tygus por otro lado se petrifico algunos momentos, pensando en las palabras que eran pronunciadas por sus amigos, dudando si las bendiciones de Lord Mum-Ra eran suficientes para brindar por ellas.

Preguntándose por primera vez en su vida si unas horas libres, un poco de comida y de vez en cuando unas palabras de aliento a cambio de sus vidas, el tiempo que están dudaran, eran suficiente para sentirse agradecidos.

Sí debían bendecir aquellas acciones con alegría, en las horas que supuestamente eran suyas para hacer lo que ellos quisieran, para poco después regresar al campo de batalla ofrendando su vida y su cuerpo para esa criatura de piel azul.

Tygus noto que sus dos amigos le observaban confundidos y sin más pronuncio el homenaje a Lord Mum-Ra con la misma convicción de siempre, las palabras resbalaban por sus labios con tanta facilidad que le hizo sentir enfermo de momento, dándose cuenta al mismo tiempo que ya no las creía.

Su meta había cambiado, ya no quería ser el comandante, ahora daría lo que fuera por tener tan siquiera un poco de libertad, compartir su vida con quien él quisiera y no quien le era impuesto, aun si eso significaba ser uno de los más débiles eslabones de los felinos, aun sí aquello significaba arriesgar todo lo que había obtenido, que no era nada en sí, sólo castillos en el aire.  

Probablemente era la culpa de Leo, el comandante tenía el don de meterse en su cabeza e implantarle ideas extrañas, la libertad era solo un sueño que no podría alcanzar y lo mejor era que dejara de soñar con eso.

Tigris se lo había dicho, mientras más deseas lo inalcanzable más te duele tu caída cuando te das cuenta que esto no puede suceder.

— ¡Y por una misión exitosa! — Pronunciaron los tres al mismo tiempo.


— ¿Por qué haría algo así? — Pregunto Panthera alarmada.

No le gustaba la idea de que Leo saliera de la nave y su amigo parecía que únicamente se preocupaba por alguna marca en el cuerpo del tigre, la cual era irrelevante para su rebelión.

A menos para ella lo era, Leo se comportaba como si ese acto fuese lo peor que pudo haber ocurrido, debía convencerlo de encontrar una forma para que se cuidara las espaldas de su amante.

— Yo no lo sé, pero no puedo negarme y lo sabes. — Le dijo su comandante recargado en la pared cercana, sus ojos azules enfocados en el suelo.

— Como sabes que esta no es una misión de asesinato. — Dijo Panthera, recordando que no sería la primera vez que algo como eso ocurría.

— Tygus no permitiría que me mataran. — Pronuncio con demasiada confianza. — Además, si el saco de huesos me quiere muerto porque no hacerlo aquí o él mismo.

— Porque eres demasiado insignificante para él, porque Tygus sería una mejor herramienta para hacerlo… tal vez por eso deja que uses su cuerpo.

Leo no dijo nada, pero negó aquello con un movimiento de la cabeza, podía leer a Tygus como un libro abierto y lo que ellos tenían no era una mentira, era algo que se tenía poco en esa nave.

Podría llamarlo amor, pero estaba seguro que Panthera solo se reiría de él y de sus palabras.

— Tygus no es como tú lo piensas.

— ¿Cómo se supone que es? — Pregunto la mujer de pelaje celeste.

— Es… diferente.

Leo no sabía cómo describirlo, solo que la persona desalmada, el soldado leal a Lord Mum-Ra por sobre cualquier individuo o situación, era solo una fachada, una barrera que se construyo para poder sobrevivir.

— ¡Ni siquiera lo conoces!

Aquello provoco que Leo apretara los dientes, pero ella no se amedrento, lo que sabía del capitán le helaba la sangre y no podía comprender como unas rayas bonitas convencieron tan fácilmente a su amigo de su supuesta inocencia.

— ¡No has escuchado suficientes historias sobre su persona como para saber que te miente!

— ¡No es verdad! — A Leo no le gustaba discutir con Panthera.

Pero no dejaría que los chismes nublaran la mente de su amiga, Tygus era una buena persona y sería mucho más fácil tener éxito en su rebelión si él estaba de su lado.

— ¡Lo mismo dicen de ti y de mi! — Panthera debía comprender que tenía razón, palabras venenosas circulaban en la tripulación haciendo que los animales no confiaran en ellos completamente, era mejor si los tenían separados. — ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre nosotros y Tygus?

— Tygus no me da una buena espina, te estás enamorando demasiado rápido de él, casi ni lo conoces.

Leo trato de controlar su enojo, ella tenía razón, era casi como si de la noche a la mañana se hubiera enamorado del capitán, sin embargo, esa no era la verdad, ya que se enamoro en un solo día.

— Tygus salvo mi vida durante una rebelión, cuando yo era solo un cachorro, de las manos de un chacal.

Esperaba que aquella fuera la respuesta que necesitaba para que Panthera dejara de preocuparse por su seguridad, aunque sabía que no seria así.

— ¿De qué estás hablando?

Leo suspiro, aun recordaba ese día con claridad, el rostro de Tygus entre los felinos sometiendo a los rebeldes y a ese enorme chacal bañado en las luces rojizas que acompañaban las sirenas de alarma de cualquier motín.

— Cuando acababa de morir mi padre yo creí que era una buena idea probar los códigos de seguridad que me dejo, vagar por los pasillos, de pronto comenzó un motín y me vi atrapado en él.

Ese fue uno de los peores y de los mejores días de la vida de Leo, quien había perdido la confianza en los demás para ser rescatada por un joven recluta, ese era Tygus, lo reconocería donde fuera.

— Tan rápido como empezó un felino llego de la nada y me llevo lejos enfrentándose a un chacal de casi el doble de su tamaño, mayor fuerza y más experiencia.

Panthera sospechaba hacia donde iba esa historia, cruzo sus brazos y espero escuchar lo que Leo tenía que decirle.

— Pude haber muerto o ser castigado severamente por encontrarme en ese lugar, pero Tygus me salvo y mucho más importante aún, me hizo confiar otra vez en los demás, me hizo darme cuenta que aun existía gente buena en esta nave.

Tal vez aquella historia era real, pero aun así habían pasado demasiados años desde ese momento y Tygus pudo haber cambiado, tanto como Leo cambio del cachorro desconfiado y huraño al líder amable que los llevaría a la victoria.

— Fue… fue como si el destino lo hubiera puesto en mi camino, casi como un regalo…

— ¿Tygus? — Pregunto incrédula. — ¿Un regalo?

— Tal vez no me crees en este momento, pero te demostrare que Tygus no es lo que tú piensas.

— Has lo que desees Leo, solo espero que no seas tú el decepcionado.

— Tygus no me decepcionara.


Algunas horas después Tygus y Leo se encontraron en el puente, Torr y Bengalí ya estaban revisando los últimos detalles mecánicos de sus naves de caza, al mismo tiempo que su capitán trataba de obtener algo de información de la misión que realizarían.

Su junta se realizaba a pocos metros de distancia de los camaradas de Tygus, de quienes había logrado hacer una investigación profunda para saber qué clase de felinos eran, Bengalí estaba encargado del apoyo médico, Torr de las comunicaciones y la tecnología, Tygus era el encargado de las acciones ofensivas.

Tygus estaba observando los mapas, grabando la información en su implante mecánico solo en caso de que la misión fuera mucho más complicada de lo que parecía en un principio.

— ¿Te das cuenta que esta puede ser nuestra primera cita? — Susurro Leo con una sonrisa en sus labios, verificando que ni Torr ni Bengalí los escucharan.

Tygus prefirió ignorarle de momento, solo Leo podría pensar en algo como eso, ¿Una cita? Ni siquiera sabían si regresarían con vida de su misión y ya estaba haciendo planes dementes para estar solos, fuera del alcance de las cámaras de la nave.

— Tú y yo fuera de la nave por primera vez… yo diría que hasta suena romántico.

Insistió Leo, viendo que Bengalí y Torr terminaban con sus tareas previas al despegue, estaban a punto de acercarse a ellos para arruinar el momento íntimo que acababan de ganar.

— Sólo dices tonterías, Leo, en vez de pensar en una cita deberías concentrarte en la misión, no creo que sea tan fácil como lo piensas.

Ese planeta no le daba una buena espina, las fotografías tomadas por el dispositivo explorador señalaban que no había civilización alguna en ese lugar, una fauna animal que parecía de nivel medio y elementos climáticos que parecían ser bastante inhóspitos, sin embargo, no era nada que no pudieran controlar con su tecnología.

El único problema era que los exploradores nunca presentaban información del subsuelo y por lo que podía ver, una de las edificaciones tenía una gran profundidad, en la cual entrarían a ciegas.

— No digo tonterías, además… si no lo sabes estaré concentrado en cuidar tu espalda.

— Y yo me pregunto… ¿Quién cuidara mi espalda de ti, comandante? — Pronuncio Tygus guiñándole el ojo.

— Eso sería sí tu quisieras que la cuidaran, pero te gusta exactamente lo que hago con tu espalda. — Rascándose la barbilla y aprovechando la ligera molestia de Tygus, quien suspiro sumamente incomodo, finalizo con la misma facilidad con la que daba sus órdenes. — Con todo tu cuerpo en sí.

— Como dije antes solo dices tonterías.

Leo sonrió de nuevo y de pronto endureció su expresión, Bengalí y Torr se acercaron deteniéndose frente a ellos, el tigre blanco le miraba de forma neutral, el ocelote parecía sonreírle de manera jovial, aunque sabía que Torr estaba de su lado y el médico le odiaba.

— Comandante… Capitán. — Pronunciaron al unisonó.

Saludándolos de manera formal golpeando su pecho con el puño cerrado para después colocar sus manos detrás de su espalda, esperando las órdenes que se les encomendaban, Tygus utilizo la misma postura, y espero sus órdenes, sus rasgos de repente se endurecieron.

— En el planeta ustedes sobrevolaran la superficie de la zona marcada en el mapa, en donde ustedes nos dejaran por un lapso de doce horas, después de esas doce horas regresaran por nosotros y con suerte tendremos las coordenadas de la computadora central que nos señalo el libro del augurio. — Pronuncio Leo con una expresión decidida, observando a sus tres soldados.

Leo señalo el lugar donde serian abandonados en el mapa, era una construcción que parecía de cierta forma avanzada, allí había una computadora que aparentemente tenia coordenadas para encontrar la siguiente piedra de guerra.

— En la superficie Torr buscara la forma de ingresar en la seguridad del complejo para que podamos entrar, Bengalí tendrá la sala de emergencias lista para cualquier imprevisto, nosotros entraremos en el complejo.

Era suficiente información para sus soldados, aunque debía recordar que estos no respondían a sus ordenes sino las de Tygus, quien le dio su lugar sin siquiera pensarlo.

— ¿Alguna pregunta? — Pronuncio Tygus una vez que Leo termino de darles sus órdenes.

— ¿Qué hay en ese complejo? — Inicio Bengalí.

— Eso lo averiguaremos una vez que bajemos al complejo… — Tygus observo a Leo de reojo y finalizo. — Lo que buscamos son unas coordenadas que nos lleven en dirección de la siguiente piedra de guerra.

Tanto Bengalí como Torr asintieron y Leo caminó en dirección de su nave de caza, la cual tenía una insignia diferente, la que mostraba su rango, a su lado se detuvo Tygus, rozo con las puntas de sus dedos la insignia de su propia nave y después se abrió la compuerta.

— ¿Sabes pilotear una de estas? — Le pregunto Tygus mirándole de reojo con una sonrisa imperceptible en sus labios.

No sabía si Tygus le hablaba en serio o solo estaba bromeando con él, de cualquier forma le demostraría que era tan bueno como el piloteando una nave, bueno, tal vez no fuera tan hábil como su amante pero no era un completo inútil.

— ¿Estas retándome? — Pregunto Leo escuchando que las otras compuertas se abrían al mismo tiempo que las suyas. — ¿O sólo quieres ser amable?

— Ambas, aunque estaba pensando que tal vez sería una buena idea que recogieras tu melena… — Pronuncio Tygus rascando su barbilla. — Para que no te estorbe la vista.

— No… — Dijo Leo guiñándole el ojo. — Mi melena y yo nos llevamos muy bien… además, se de antemano que es uno de mis mejores atributos.

— Yo pensé que tus ojos era uno de esos, pero como tu gustes comandante.

Poco después Tygus subió en su nave de caza, Torr y Bengalí ya los esperaban, Leo suspiro poniéndose un poco más serio aunque sus mejillas al mismo tiempo que se sonrosaba ligeramente, esperaba que la misión no fuera tan engañosa como lo pensaba, porque en ese caso no llevaban las provisiones, los hombres, ni la maquinaria necesaria.

Leo siguió su ejemplo y una vez que su nave estaba lista para iniciar el vuelo decidió que era momento de pronunciar algunas palabras de aliento, no quería perder a sus hombres y debía cuidar su fachada como el comandante del ejército de Lord Mum-Ra.

— Marchemos hacia la victoria y encontremos utilizando el máximo de nuestras capacidades lo que Lord Mum-Ra nos ha encomendado.

Leo esperaba que sus palabras fueran las adecuadas, aunque se sentía enfermo por la sinceridad que logro imprimir en ellas, ya que sabía que con cada nueva piedra que Mum-Ra tuviera en sus manos su libertad se hacía mucho más lejana.

— Ya escucharon al comandante. — Pronuncio Tygus. — Por la gloria de Lord Mum-Ra.

Aquellas palabras le molestaron a Leo, aunque bien sabía que el había sido el causante de que Tygus y sus soldados siguieran su corto alegato de coraje, aunque no podía negar que lo hacía sentir celoso.

— ¡Por la gloria de Lord Mum-Ra!


La lealtad de Tygus, y su escuadrón, era refrescante, no por nada los había elegido como la elite de sus felinos, la pureza racial de Bengalí y su capitán estaban más que comprobadas, por un momento dudo sobre el valor del ocelote en sus fuerzas especiales, sin embargo su capitán tuvo razón, era la pieza que le faltaba para terminar de formar su escuadrón más glorioso.

El cual esperaba que fuera solamente conformado por tigres, aquella raza felina que era su favorita entre todas las demás, imitando la población que conformaba en su mayoría a sus fuerzas especiales, ya que ellos eran hermosos, fuertes y agiles, así como orgullosos.

Y ese orgullo era sin duda una de sus características favoritas, aquello que les llevaba a servirle de las mejores formas posibles, generación tras generación, dejando a Tygus como el mejor de todos sus soldados.

Por eso Lord Mum-Ra estaba seguro que Tygus no le fallaría en detectar cualquier indicio de traición en el joven comandante, que si bien parecía un soldado implacable y ambicioso parecía planear algo que no alcanzaba a comprender del todo.

Eso no le gustaba, mucho menos después de la sospechosa explosión en uno de los túneles de su dominio, durante la cual su comandante y su elemento favorito estuvieron encerrados demasiado tiempo, sin ninguna clase de vigilancia.

Para Lord Mum-Ra era obvio que su comandante deseaba a su capitán y esa ambición que encontraba interesante en el joven león podría llevarlo a pensar en que podía decidir como comandante y su mano derecha el destino de los habitantes de esa nave, aun el destino de Tygus, pero esa era una facultad que solamente él podía tener.


Tuvieron que pasar varias horas de viaje antes de poder encontrar un sitio que les permitiera aterrizar sus naves de caza, al contrario de lo que supuso Leo al principio era imposible que tanto Bengalí como Torr se mantuvieran sobrevolando la estructura que fotografió la nave exploradora.

Por lo que decidió que lo mejor era que los esperara en ese punto hasta que recibieran un mensaje que les ordenara recogerlos, si eso no ocurría en las próximas dieciocho horas, Torr tendría que llamar por algunos refuerzos.

Eso si la atmosfera pesada del planeta lo permitía, aunque Leo estaba seguro que ellos podrían encontrar la estructura donde se encontraban las coordenadas que el costal de huesos deseaba, por lo que no serían necesarios refuerzos.

Ambos llevaban mascaras de oxigeno, cada rastro de su piel estaba cubierta con su uniforme, apenas podían escuchar sus voces a través de la estética, mucho menos ver los movimientos del otro, ni el paisaje que parecía estéril de no ser por los repentinos movimientos de la fauna, una que era de un tamaño considerable, parecida a insectos que se escondían entre las rocas de minerales desconocidos.

Tygus usaba la máquina de su ojo izquierdo para guiarlos, todo el tiempo con su arma de asalto apuntando el frente, Leo apenas podía ver sus alrededores y su arma, un rifle de balas expansivas lo tenía preparado, imitando la postura del capitán.

La fauna parecía ignorarlos, de vez en cuando una de las criaturas aladas sobrevolaba sus cabezas pero sin hacerles daño, haciéndoles pensar que tal vez ellos eran tan extraños como esas criaturas lo eran para ellos.

Por fin después de dos largar horas de camino encontraron la entrada a la estructura de una civilización que parecía ya no encontrarse en ese planeta, Tygus se detuvo a unos metros de la puerta en lo que Leo oprimía una serie de símbolos en lo que sin duda alguna debía ser una cerradura.

Leo sabía que debía esperar por Torr para que el abriera los cerrojos, pero después de tratar de comunicarse con sus compañeros y solo encontrar estética supo que estaban solos.

Un silbido le aviso que las puertas ancestrales comenzaban a abrirse y de pronto una luz de color azul ilumino sus rostros, varios de los extraños insectos volaron, huyendo de la luz, un poco de vapor les evito al principio ver el interior de la estructura que parecía aun funcionaba por fuerzas automáticas, para después despejarse y mostrar un pasillo que les recordó de alguna forma el lugar del que habían venido.

Leo entro primero seguido de Tygus, quien cuidada su espalda de la fauna que hasta el momento no les había prestado atención, al cerrarse las puertas un nuevo sonido mecánico les indico que se estaban sellando las puertas y la luz de color azul parpadeo dos veces.

Tygus dejo de apuntar la puerta para posar sus mirada en el pasillo estéril que les aguardaba, Leo se quito la máscara de oxigeno y la parte de su uniforme que le evitaba ver con claridad.

El capitán de las fuerzas especiales estaba a punto de reprenderlo si no supiera que Leo tenía alguna razón para quitarse la estorbosa máscara de su uniforme, su comandante señalo un instrumento que media las condiciones ambientales de los planetas que visitaban señalándole que dentro de esa estructura las condiciones para la vida eran perfectas.

No debían desperdiciar el oxigeno que llevaban con ellos, por lo que Tygus también se quito la máscara, respiro hondo y se acostumbro a la luz de color azul, al mismo tiempo la máquina de su ojo se ponía en descanso.

— ¿Ahora hacia donde? — Pregunto Tygus.

Leo no tenía la más remota idea por lo que instintivamente reviso lo que parecía ser una pequeña computadora de las que había en la nave, presiono varios símbolos que le parecían de cierta forma familiares y después de algunos minutos estaba seguro de algo.

— No tengo ni la más remota idea. — Respondió Leo con tranquilidad, encogiendo sus hombros.

Tygus suspiro e inmediatamente trato de localizar a sus compañeros, en esencia a Torr, esperando que de alguna forma dentro de esas instalaciones la señal pudiera llegarles.

— Torr, me copias Torr.

Insistió varias veces al mismo tiempo que Leo seguía introduciendo extraños códigos en la computadora esperando que de alguna forma se pareciera a la de su nave, cuyos códigos y secretos conocía de memoria.

— ¡Maldición! — Se quejo Tygus, golpeando la pared cercana.

De que les servía tener un experto en maquinas cuando no podían comunicarse con ellos.

— Creo que encontré algo. — Dijo Leo sintiéndose aliviado.

Tygus se acerco a él para ver que era aquello que había visto su comandante, quien le mostro una especie de mapa que señalaba varias habitaciones, una en el centro a la que solo se le podía acceder si atravesaban un elevador y varios pasillos.

— ¿Qué es lo que ves? — Pregunto Tygus.

— Mi instinto dice que tal vez esta habitación sea la que contiene la computadora central. — Le explico Leo no muy seguro.

Tygus paso una mano sobre su cabello, no le gustaba la palabra instinto, era parecida a la magia y al destino, algo que no podían controlar del todo.

— ¿Cómo lo sabes? — Quiso asegurarse.

Leo era el comandante, al final era quien decidía que hacer.

— Llevo años aprendiendo del libro, esta computadora es por mucho más primitiva pero tiene algunas cuantas claves que reconozco.

Tygus conocía bastante sobre las maquinas que utilizaban, pero él era un felino de acción no un erudito, aunque si podía ver lo que señalaba Leo.

— Ya veo…

Leo al ver que Tygus no estaba del todo seguro quiso darle mucha más información acerca de sus suposiciones, sabía que las decisiones las tomaría él, pero aun así quería tener la confianza de su amante.

— Creo que este cuarto de aquí tiene que ser la computadora central porque al igual que en la nave solo se puede acceder a través de un pasillo y las señales que veo me dicen que la información viene de este punto.

Tygus asintió, aquello era suficiente para él, Leo sabía lo que hacía o por lo menos eso era lo que quería creer.

— ¿No hay sistemas de seguridad? — Indagó Tygus ligeramente asombrado.

— No que yo vea.

— Eso es extraño, no he visitado un solo planeta que no tenga sistemas de seguridad. — Tygus podía apostar su vida por ello.

— No, yo no veo nada.

Leo volvió a revisar el mapa de color azul y al no ver ningún sistema de seguridad repitió su respuesta, no había ninguna clase de protección por el momento, podría estar latente o descompuesta.

No estaba seguro del todo, sin embargo, lo mejor era avanzar con precaución siguiendo los consejos de Tygus, después de todo su amante era quien tenía la mayor experiencia en las misiones foráneas.

— No hasta dónde puedo verlo, pero lo mejor será que avancemos con precaución. — Pronuncio Leo comenzando a moverse en la dirección en la cual esperaban encontrar la computadora central. — No queremos sufrir alguna desagradable sorpresa.

— Tú lo has dicho.


— ¿Ya lograste comunicarte con ellos? — Pregunto Bengalí por enésima vez.

Torr comenzaba a desesperarse, la atmosfera y algo más le evitaban poder mandar una señal a su capitán y comandante, estaban solos debajo de la tierra, en ese momento tal vez podrían estar pidiendo refuerzos pero no llegaban sus mensajes.

— ¡No! — Dijo lanzando los audífonos al suelo, levantándose de la silla enfrente del panel de control de su nave de caza. — ¡Algo interfiere con las señales!

— Así que están solos…

— Eso me temo. — Respondió Torr enfocando su mirada en el infinito. — Aunque si lográramos volar el dispositivo que no nos permite comunicarnos podríamos llegar a ellos.

— ¿De qué hablas? — Pregunto Bengalí.

— Hay algo que está obstruyendo las señales, un pulso casi imperceptible pero que está allí, sí pudiéramos interrumpirlo podríamos llegar a ellos.

— ¿Puedes localizarlo?

Torr no estaba del todo seguro si ellos podían interrumpir el pulso que cegaba sus comunicaciones, sin embargo después de todo lo que había hecho Tygus por él se sentía como un traidor al no ayudarle y sí algo le pasaba a su capitán jamás se lo perdonaría.

— Podría intentarlo. — Respondió Torr antes de que Bengalí se lo solicitara. — Aunque no prometo nada.

— No pido que lo hagas.


— ¿Llevas mucho tiempo junto a Torr y Bengalí? — Pregunto de repente Leo, quien se había cansado de caminar en silencio en esos pasillos celestes. — Parece que se conocen muy bien.

Tygus no supo que decir al principio, llevaba tanto tiempo sirviendo junto a Torr y Bengalí que ya los sentía como si fueran de su propia sangre.

— A Bengalí lo conozco desde que somos cachorros... Torr por otra parte es mi especialista en comunicaciones desde hace unos seis años más o menos.

Aquello llamo la atención de Leo, quien quiso saber más, en especial sobre el oficial medico, quien lo trataba como un estorbo, casi como sí su mera presencia pusiera en peligro la vida de Tygus.

— Me imagino que son largas historias.

Tygus no se sentía seguro en esa estructura, esa supuesta tranquilidad era enervante, estaba seguro que de un momento a otro algo aparecería de todos los flancos y quería estar preparado.

Sin embargo al mismo tiempo se sentía con ánimos de responder las preguntas de su amante, no veía cual era la razón de mantener su pasado en las sombras.

— Lo son… — Inicio Tygus pensando en una forma de explicar porque había decidido que Torr, un ocelote fuera parte de su escuadrón. — Durante una misión Torr era miembro de la infantería, mi especialista en comunicaciones no pudo descifrar los candados de una base militar y no podíamos pedir ayuda, ese día creí que sería el último de mi carrera militar.

Leo le observo de reojo, sintiéndose alegre y complacido al ver como Tygus confiaba en él lo suficiente para contarle sobre su pasado.

— De pronto llego este ocelote, era muy joven y estaba muy nervioso, diciendo que él podía romper los candados y comunicarse con nuestros refuerzos.

Tygus al recordar el nerviosismo de Torr sonrió, jamás había visto a un soldado tan asustado al mismo tiempo que aseguraba ser mejor que un teniente de las fuerzas especiales.

— En menos de treinta minutos logro comunicarnos y romper los candados. — Al ver la mirada de sorpresa de Leo, Tygus finalizo. — Obviamente lo promoví en cuanto llegamos a casa.

— Torr suena como un buen tipo.

— Es medio hiperactivo pero es un buen elemento — Respondió Tygus sonriendo en su dirección. — Aunque como otros que conozco siempre dice un montón de tonterías, yo creo que es cosa de la edad o falta de rayas en el pelaje.

— ¡Como si eso tuviera algo que ver! — Se quejo Leo casi inmediatamente.

— Así que admites que dices tonterías. — Insistió Tygus. — Leoncito.

— No soy un leoncito.

— Eres más bajo que yo, más joven que yo y eres un león, lo que te convierte en un leoncito.

Leo no dijo más al respecto y se detuvo delante de una puerta que debía conducirlos a un elevador, el cual a su vez los llevaría a un pasillo que conectaba con el centro de esa estructura.

— ¿Ya te dije que eres muy tierno?

Aquella palabra con T indigno al capitán casi inmediatamente, él no era tierno, él era un tigre y estos no lo eran, por lo menos eso era lo que pensaba Tygus, quien le miro fijamente con un tinte rosado en las mejillas.

— ¿Tie… tierno? — Pregunto Tygus bastante ofendido. — ¿Por qué tierno?

Tygus parecía realmente abochornado, dándole una apariencia sumamente adorable.

— Llevamos poco tiempo como compañeros y ya me pusiste un diminutivo, no me estoy quejando, en sí me gusta que me digas leoncito.

Respondió Leo sonriendo al ver la reacción de su amante, besando sus labios rápidamente para después centrarse en su tarea, dejando a Tygus aun más avergonzado.

Mum-Ra creía que él era el único que lograba que su siempre compuesto capitán enfureciera, pero eso no era cierto, era el único que lograba pintar sus mejillas de rojo, el único que lo dejaba sin habla y el único que podía lograr que su corazón latiera emocionado.

Sí, Tygus cumplía su palabra al entregarse a él como jamás lo había hecho antes, y él se aseguraría que eso jamás cambiara, su tigre era un regalo por la pérdida de su padre en las manos de Lord Mum-Ra, algo que le ayudo a seguir adelante cuando todo parecía oscuro.

Leo quería ser su héroe, quería regresarle la esperanza y darle la paz que se merecía, porque sabía que Tygus había perdido tanto como él pero a diferencia suya, nadie jamás había llegado a rescatarlo.

— ¿Compañeros?

¿Acaso Tygus creía que solamente se estaba divirtiendo con él? ¿Qué su relación sería pasajera?

Tal vez así lo creía pero se equivocaba, él deseaba estar a su lado hasta que envejecieran, en una casita acogedora, con plantas y mucho sol.

Y una vez que la rebelión tuviera éxito podrían marchar a un lugar seguro, podrían cumplir sus sueños.

— Sí. — Respondió Leo con mucha convicción. — Seremos compañeros.

En ese preciso momento se abrió la puerta evitando que Tygus hiciera cualquier otra pregunta, observando con detenimiento lo que parecía ser una imagen imposible, sorprendiendo a ambos felinos que jamás creyeron ver algo como eso.

No después de trasladarse por una superficie estéril con una atmosfera adversa.

Tygus dio un paso en el interior del hueco del elevador, rozando con sus dedos lo que parecía ser una planta con flores de color rojizo, de pétalos hermosos y cuyo aroma era simplemente exquisito.

— ¿Son plantas?

— Eso… eso parecen. — Respondió Leo ingresando en el cuarto, observando la inmensa extensión que tendrían que descender para llegar hasta el pasillo que buscaban. — Están por todas partes.

— Tal parece que tenemos mucho que descender. — Señalo Tygus utilizando su implante para medir cuantos metros serían. — Demasiado.

— Bueno, ya comenzaron los problemas capitán, espero que esta misión sea más a su gusto.

Tygus no comprendió al principio de que le hablaba Leo, quien parecía divertirse con esa situación.

— Decías que estaba siendo demasiado fácil, ya comenzaron los problemas…

Su amante no le prestó atención y comenzó a buscar las herramientas para realizar un descenso, escuchando que Leo hacia lo mismo, el comandante parecía sumamente divertido con todo eso, tanto que le hacía preguntarse porque.

— ¿Qué te parece tan gracioso?

— Que esto no se parece en nada a una cita.
Esto es Slash, es de los Thundercats, quienes no me pertenecen y por lo tanto no gano dinero haciendo esto.
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Excerpted from my book Her Unwelcome Inheritance, a story about Faerie, going off to school, family tensions, and what to do when people you respect reveal that they believe in something absurd and impossible.

She was burning
Burning behind walls of ice

Grey was on her lips, on her bare throat, on her exposed arms. Her eyes were glassy, the pupils fallen as if grown weary of staring straight ahead, and had, as the centuries passed, slid imperceptibly downward.

Her hands rested in her lap, grey with grey nails. Nothing set her apart from the hundreds on hundreds of other figures sitting in that crowded room, grey and still, clad in clothes deteriorated to hints of ancient splendor – in all that room only the gold shone unmuted beneath a fine breading of dust. They sat, row upon row, rank succeeding rank, gazing into the dark recession of the vast unlit room before them, empty eyes reflecting an empty future. Chairs devoid of occupants stretched on into the shadows before her, testament to an aborted legacy.

Nothing set her apart, save that she was foremost in the room, most forward-facing in a long hall peopled with forward-facing figures, entombed in silence. No-one would come to sit beside her.

But she was not as they, the others she had succeeded, for she was, far within herself in the darkest crack of her innermost being, Awake.

Horribly, inescapably, awake.

Burning behind walls of ice. Trapped in an unmoved, unmoving ark that festered on the still mummifying waters of the Deplorable Word, in which all her world was wrapped, awake amidst a frozen agony so thorough that even the agents of decay had not survived it. Drinker of the draught of living death.

Lilith had foreseen this fate for her descendants, foreseen the slow inevitable implosion of an empire ruled by demonspawn and built by willing slaves seduced away from the daughters of Eve. Lilith had recorded her secret despair during her last days, admitting in the final throws of self-torture the truth of her essential being, and that of her children. And that was how she, She Who Waited, had understood how to defeat her sister's armies, how to rise above the despair of Lilith and so, perhaps, to escape.

Having done all, she was waiting. Nothing else was left to her.

A stirring, a mere glimmer in the antechamber, announced the visitor's arrival. She had minutes, perhaps.

Her heart beat, one cant, an event she normally reserved to mark the melding of one century into another. It flushed the grey first from her lips, then from her hands. She drew breath, one shallow intake, and her bosom swelled with stale air. There was pallor and color now in her cheeks, snow-white and rose-red, beauty to snare a traveler from beyond the stars.

Then the bell sounded, swelling louder and louder in defiance and desecration of the holy stillness, and now she could move. Yet she did not. Her gaze was now directly ahead, in her eyes a betraying hint of life. Behind her, the seated images of her many ancestors did not murmur, or glance, or rustle in answer to the footstep that sounded on the carpeted aisle. It belonged, she felt instinctively, to a man. Her heart beat a second time.

"Arise," intoned the deep masculine voice, its tone accustomed to rulership. He had halted some few paces behind her chair. The sound of his voice brightened her dim and forgotten appetite, ever so slightly, and yet its note of command rankled her more powerfully.

"Come where I can see you," she answered; only her jaw moved.

He stepped into view, boots, riding breeches, dark crimson shirt, long elegant navy coat sweeping from broad shoulders. Fit, aged past prime, short silver hair. Not quite... human. Still out of reach.

Nevertheless, she knew his name; names had always come easily to her. "There is no welcome for you here, James Oberon le Fay, Fifth of that name, Oberon the Dispossessed. There is no welcome in all this world to anyone, unless he prove worthy of my embrace." She shifted position in the chair, knowing her form and figure to be exquisitely alluring under the cobwebs of her gown. Her lips, now purpled and turgid with desire, scarcely moved when she spoke. "For what have you come? Have you descried my beauty from afar in some magic mirror or divining pool?"

"Indeed I have," Oberon replied, that deep voice thrilling her spine. "I have come seeking your counsel."

"And what," she returned, brazenly looking him in the eye and willing him to step nearer, "do you offer me in return for my counsel?"

"Can that not be discussed when the manner of my need is known?"

Oh, but he was beautifully maddening! "It can," she answered. "Then come, Oberon, kneel and kiss my hand, tell me of your errand and receive my blessing." She lifted a limp, elegant hand towards him, displaying the slender muscle of her bare arm, the smooth skin, the fine-boned wrist.

He frowned, slightly; his dark brow compressed imperfectly. "It is not fitting, Lady, that one king should kneel to another. Also, this room with its host of still figures disquiets me. May we not rather walk in the streets above?"

"There is nothing here worth seeing," except me, she said, dully.

"It is my earnest wish, I must insist."

She regarded him with a single eyebrow arched high, in a query implying deserved contempt. But she had to go with him, she knew she had to; what other choice had she?

And so, one image of Jadis, last empress of Charn, rose from its chair in the Hall of Graven Images. And one image of Jadis, last empress of Charn, remained seated in that chair, for she would never be able to truly leave – self-bound and self-preserved until the end of Time, the end of all worlds.

"After you, milady," James Oberon murmured, maintaining a polite distance. Her dress swirled about her ankles as she walked the aisle out of the dark.

Above, through the dead open air that seemed to hang like tatters of cobweb ribbons from the sky, air that almost had weight of its own, the huge cool red sun, forever partway down the horizon, gave the impression of an everlasting autumn. The effect was not dispelled by the brown leaves drooping from ragged trees all along the avenue, clinging to their wooden skeletons in the absence of wind or microbe to wear away the stem's fibers.

Around them, as they paced the cobblestones, lay or sat or slumped the dead. Soldiers had died in the middle of a charge, falling over onto their weapons face-first into the dust. Civilians had died while taking shelter behind doors and bits of rubble, slumped over in a heap of limbs. Errand-runners had died, messages undelivered in hand, fallen into the gutters. Horses knelt before halted chariots, their drivers sprawled against the sides of the cars. Here and there birds had died, falling from the sky or from trees to impact on the ground in pitiful little puddles of feathers. A cat had died spread-eagled on a walltop. No note of decay, no movement of rain or wind had been introduced into the endless symphony of unmitigated death.

Her rule of Charn had been, and was, gorgeously absolute.

Except, now, for him.

Oberon paced beside her, surveying the grand silent city without comment, without reaction. His gaze was one of appraisal, that of a man bred to be accustomed to the splendor of imperial cities and palatial monuments, and to the glories of war. He would not ask what had happened.

"My errand, Lady, concerns my need for a skilled medium. There is a question I must ask of a woman who died in my – in the world in which I presently live, fifteen years ago."

She crooked an eyebrow at him. "That is a small matter. The dead of all worlds share the same waiting place, and may be called back to any. Are there no mediums in your world?"

Oberon shook his head. "None that have the skill. The woman I seek is not fully human, but part fay."

Jadis nodded. "This I can do for you. What can you do for me?"

Oberon turned to her fiercely, his brown eyes shot with intensity. "Do it, and name your price. I, and my sons, and the sons of my sons, shall be bound to it for a hundred generations – if it is within our power."

She led him to the top of a divining tower, its flat cylindrical chamber open to the sky above and to the eight directions, kindled blue fire beneath the stone pool of brackish water that dominated the center of the tower. In the old days, before the Deplorable Word, a thunderhead would have gathered around the tower; now there was nothing to disturb.

Thrusting her left arm up to the elbow into the pool, she began to stir up the cloudy waters, slowly. Faces, the eyes wide and unseeing, coagulated and dispersed. "For whom do I seek?" Jadis asked, her voice cracking in the blue heat.

"For Christina Godfellow," Oberon answered, shielding his face from the scorching heat. "Ask her if she had any children, or siblings, and what their names are."

Jadis murmured into the pool, and the faces darted, one this way, one that, like frightened fish, unwelcome as unnamed.

Hours passed. Oberon slumped against the wall of the tower, faint with dehydration. He drank, sparingly, from a canteen slung beneath his coat. And she stared into the pool, unblinking, calling, calling, always calling. The faces appeared and fled.

"Surely it has been more than a day," Oberon said, breaking the silence, "yet the sun does not move."

Jadis did not look up. "This planet is dead, and no longer turns. Sleep, Oberon."

He slept.

For a hundred days he slept, and all that time she called, and fed the blue fire, but no face appeared to which the name he had named belonged. At last the pool went dark.

"Wake up, Oberon," she commanded curtly. "Christina Godfellow yet lives."

He started up, and seized her hand. "What? You lie! You are sure?"

Jadis shook him off. "She lives, and the waters of death cannot descry her. Where she is now, I cannot say."

"This news is beyond my hope," Oberon answered, swaying against the arch of the tower with his fist clenched to his brow. "What price do you ask?"

She smiled, coquettish, showing her teeth, reaching for his hand. "Stay with me, liege-lord; I desire that you desire me, forever and always."

"Nay Lady, that is not within my power to grant; for I am a king, and my son is not old enough to rule in my stead."

"Then," she said, taking half a step closer, the sweetness of her breath in his nostrils and the passion of her gaze in his eyes, "take me with you. Make me your Queen."

He wavered, troubled, uncertain, half within her power, desperate to surrender. Softly he said, "Lady, I have seen what you did to your world. How could I bring you to mine?" She flushed, dark with anger, and her spell faltered. His expression hinted at pity.

"Then kill me!" She clutched at him now, pressing his fingers between her palms, scarcely knowing who she was or what she did, her voice ragged and terrible and catching in her throat. "Kill me! Draw sword and cut me down, then go to my figure in the Hall of Images and strike the head from its shoulders! Let the trickle of my ashen blood defile that wretched hall." She was on her knees now, gasping, but she had sold her tears long ago. Only one other time had she been awakened by the bell, in eleven thousand years of waiting. Of burning.

"Lady," said Oberon, raising her to her feet, "by what power can your life be ended?"

Wordless, she shook her head. "To discover it, and use it, shall be your price, James Oberon. You, or your sons, or the sons of your sons, unto a hundred generations."

Oberon bowed. "Let it be so."

And she lunged for him, like a viper, teeth bared, hands seeking his throat – but he was gone, a shimmer in the eternal afternoon, gone across the eons, gone behind the stars. Jadis stood alone atop the divining tower above the dead streets of Charn, and sat alone in the Hall of Images, beneath the dead streets of Charn. Awake, waiting.
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Origin: X-Men series

First Appearance: (UK) Captain Britain, vol. 1 #8 (Dec. 1976)
(U.S.) New Mutants Annual #2 (Oct. 1986)

Voiced by: Kimberly Brooks

Theme song: A remix of Psylocke's theme from Marvel Super Heroes

Alternate costume: Ninja Psylocke

Stage: Skyscraper at Night -Los Angeles-


Standing light punch, Crouching light punch, Jumping light punch
Standing middle punch, Crouching middle punch, Jumping middle punch
Standing fierce punch, Crouching fierce punch, Jumping fierce punch

Light kick, Crouching light kick, Jumping light kick
Standing forward kick, Crouching forward kick, Jumping forward kick
Standing fierce kick, Crouching fierce kick, Jumping fierce kick


Triple Jump: AIR U,U
Moonsault Kick: AIR U + H
Vanity Kick: B + H after certain attacks
Backstep Kick: B + H, hold F
Chuugaeri Abise Geri: F + H
Psi-Shot: AIR QCF + P
Psi-Blade: AIR QCF + L,L,H
Psi-Spin Curve: AIR QCF + H,L,L
Ninjitsu: AIR HCB  + P or K
__Psi-Drill: any direction + P or K


Psi-Thrust: AIR QCF + PP
__Repeat: any direction + P or K
Maelstrom:  QCF + KK, tap P or K repeatedly
Kochou Gakure: AIR QCB + KK


Alpha: H Psi-Spin
Beta: H Psi-Blast
Gamma: H Psi-Blast


vs. Wolverine: "Your claws are no match for my Psy powers, Logan."

vs. Cyclops: "So, you're challenging me to a duel, Scott? Fine then."

vs. Phoenix: "It's time to put out the flames, Jean."

vs. Storm: "Master of Elements? Give me a break!"

vs. Rogue: "Don't even think about stealing my abilities, Anna!"

vs. Iceman: "Are you trying to freeze me, Bobby?"

vs. Strider Hiryu: "Sorry, but this fight is mine."

After defeating Wolverine: "No, seriously. Get lost, Logan."

After defeating Cyclops: "I'll never lose to someone like you."

After defeating Phoenix: "Your flames didn't even leave a rust on my abilities."

After defeating Storm: "You call that fighting? Whatever."

After defeating Rogue: "That's what you get for stealing other people's powers!"

After defeating Iceman: "Just looking at your lack of power already gives me the chills."

After defeating Strider Hiryu: "Hmph! Not on my back, you sorry excuse of a ninja."

Tag-ins: "Stay out of my sight!"

Wolverine: "Logan!"

Cyclops: "Scott!"

Phoenix: "Jean!"

Storm: "Ororo!"

Rogue: "Anna!"

Iceman: "Bobby!"

Captain America: "Cap!"

Phoenix Wright: "Mr. Wright!"

Tag-out: "You think so?"

Taunt: :: Puts hands on her hips while beckoning her opponent, and smiles:: "Yeah, right!"
:: Puts hands on her hips while beckoning her opponent, and smiles:: "Not this time!"

Replacing Fallen Allies:

(One Ally Remaining) "I'll end this!"
(No Allies Remaining) "You're finished!"


(Light Attack) "Ugh!"
(Time over) "How could I lose so easily?"

Titles: Coming Soon
What I think Psylocke's moveset should be like in UMvC3, IMO.^_^

Credit goes to Marvel for the character and image.^_^
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It was 8:00 AM on the second day.  The giant neighborhood garage sale was active once more.  Cars were already pulling into the area and parking all over the streets.  Rachel and JD were both busy putting the remaining items out on their tables, hurrying to get ready for the morning rush.  Both of them had returned to their Bleach girl forms, JD as Rangiku and Rachel as Yoruichi, for fun and to help sell the remaining supply of Costume in a Can's they had left.

"Okay then!" Rachel said stretching her arms, "Everything is all set!  Bring on the customers!"

"Well hopefully they aren't all here for the spray cans," JD, now back to being Jessie, spoke, "I just counted, we are down to 20 boxes, some of which aren't completely full.  I think we should put a limit on how many people can get so we don't run out."

"Good idea," Rachel said, watching as Jessie put a couple of a cans on the main table next to the laptop, "Probably should limit people to 4 or 5 cans instead of as many as they can carry."

Jessie nodded in agreement. Once she finished setting things up herself, she spotted someone walking up. "Customer coming," she spoke.  Rachel turned and observed the figure coming up.  The person was a young man, average looking except for his dyed green hair with regular blue jeans and black t-shirt.  He blushed when he was up close to the two and girls glanced at each other.

Rachel cleared her voice and asked sweetly, "Hi, I'm Rachel and this is Jessie.  Is there anything in particular you're looking for or need any help with?"

"Well," he said taking a deep breath, "There's… something."

"What is it?"

He then looked at the two of them seriously, with a fire in his eyes.  He asked, "Can you two make me into a woman?"

Both girls stared at him blankly and then looked at each other again.  He blushed again, very embarrassed by his outburst.  "Ah…" Jessie said, "You want us to… make you into a woman?"

"Maybe he is referring to the Costume in a Can spray?" Rachel said.  He then nodded his head furiously, still a little embarrassed to speak.

Jessie smiled brightly and asked, "Oh!  You want to turn into one of the hotties from Bleach like us?"

He meekly said, "Yeah… I heard about you two were selling this stuff on Twitter last night and I… I… got curious and decided to come.  I… thought it would be fun to be a girl."

"Oh it is fun!" Jessie said happily, "All the cute clothes you can wear, these new and wonderful emotions of woman, a sense of pride about who am I that I never felt as a guy, and the fact that you become so much more beautiful than you were before!"

"I think you should lay off the spray for a while," Rachel commented, "I think it is starting to scramble some of your brains."

"I am perfectly fine," Jessie said, sticking her tongue out and then returning to the boy, "Well, I'll help you out!  First of all, what's your name?"

"Jay," he said.

"Okay Jay," she said grabbing a spray can from the table, "Here is the solution you desire!"  She handed him the can and he read the label: 'Costume in a Can: Anime Babe Bleach Edition. Ready for your enjoyment! One spray and one new you guaranteed. Warning: Do not spray into open flames and does not mix well with suntan lotion. Effects may last up to an hour to a week depending on the amount of spray used. Side Effects Include: Runny Nose, Upset Stomach, Happy and Accepting Feelings, and Itching and or Sensitive Skin. Do not use if pregnant.'

"Now," Rachel said, explaining the situation, "This is how the spray works.  One quick spray and your body changes into a random Bleach girl.  Once you transformed, the effect will last anywhere from an hour to a week depending on the amount of spray used.  Continuously spraying yourself while you are a Bleach girl every now and then will ensure that you stay one for a long time.  However, the girl you become is the one you are stuck with for good.  For example, I turned into Yoruichi and as such, I cannot turn into say, Rukia.  I will always be Yoruichi every time I spray myself.  You get it?"

He nodded and said seriously, "So, if I get sprayed by this, I'll get giant boobs like Jessie?"

Jessie blushed and Rachel laughed, "It's a possibility since a couple of the girls do have huge knockers.  Anyone in particular you are hoping for?"

He nodded again and said softly, "Nel."

"Oh Nel is a fun one!" Rachel squealed, "We had three of them yesterday!  She's one of the only girls to match Rangiku Jessie here in curves.  Seeing Nel makes her a bit jealous to see another possible rival."

"So?" Jessie said, "I am not jealous.  I'm much curvier than any other girl in Bleach.  I don't see any of them as a threat."

"She's jealous," Rachel smirked, "Just ignore her.  So, before you buy a can, would you like a free sample?  One quick spray and you turn into a girl for an hour.  Feel free to use the mirror to examine yourself as you changed.  If you like the results, feel free to then buy a can.  If not, no harm and no foul; feel free to hang around until the effects wear off."

"Okay," he said with a nod, "Let's try this."  Rachel complied with his request and gladly gave him a quick spray, using the can he was holding.  He coughed slightly and turned his attention to the full length mirror besides the table. His heart was beating fast and his mind raced with tons of different thoughts about what was going to happen to him.

The first change kicked off almost immediately.  His dark brown eyes brighten up with a lovely light green color.  He blinked his eyes a few times in surprise, but as he did, they grew longer and surprisingly bright blonde.  His nose thinned, but it also had a sharp point, slightly protruding out a bit.  His facial bone structure and muscles dramatically reshaped themselves into a more womanly appearance.  His lips plumped to a nice size, quite similar to Jessie's own.  His eyebrows turned bright blonde as well.  Wrapping up the facial change were two blue lighting shaped markings on her cheeks.  Already, he looked like a completely new person.

"One thing's for sure," Jessie commented on his current appearance, "You're not turning into Nel.  Honestly, I don't think I have seen this one yet."  Jay was slightly disappointed not turning into the girl he wanted to be.  However, he could be fine with that depending on who he becomes.  So far, he didn't recognize the girl himself, but a few more changes could probably fix that.

In response, all of the green dye in his hair suddenly leaked out and splattered onto the driveway.  Once it was gone, his normal old brown shade had returned, however, only a minute or two, as a new color quickly swept over his head.  His new color that appeared was now a bright blonde like his eyebrows and eyelashes.  Rachel grimaced as she looked at the green stain and said, "Ah yuck!  Now I got hose off the driveway!"

"Sa… sorry," Jay said.

Rachel shook her head and said, "Not your fault.  Honestly wasn't expecting that at all.  Then again, no one came in before with dyed hair."  She sighed and went off to fetch the hose from the side of the house.

Jay's short hair exploded outwards in all random directions, leaving a giant mess of wild, long hair falling all over his head.  Most of it fell to neck length, but some big strands only reached eye level.  An odd grouping of hair fell in front of his face and crossed each other, giving his face an odd x-mark in hair.  The rest of his hair flowed out in all directions and different angles, some even pointing upwards on the top of his head.

"Now that's disorganized hair if I ever seen it before!" Jessie commented, "Perhaps you would like some of my hair care products? I betcha I got something that can fix that problem in a jiffy!"

"No…" he said, twiddling with some of it, "I… I sort of like it."  Was it as well kept or stylish as Jessie's or even Rachel's?  No, but that didn't matter.  This felt rather right to him and pretty good.  He could work with it.

"Well if that's what you want," Jessie shrugged, as Rachel approached with the hose, "But you let me know if you change your mind."

"Careful," Rachel said, spraying the green liquid on the ground, "Going to get a little wet here." Jessie step back as Rachel hosed the driveway down.  Jay jumped back, but as soon as he did, his legs and torso instantly stretched.  His feet almost immediately touched the ground the second he jumped.  He now stood an extra 3 inches higher, one inch more than Jessie's.

"Taller than me," Jessie noted, "Hmm… still don't know who the girl is yet."

"I may have an idea," Rachel said, tossing the hose onto the lawn and out of the way, "But I would need one more body adjustment to be able to tell who he is turning into."

"Who could she be talking about?" Jay thought, staring at himself in the mirror.  However, a small smile formed on his plump lips and he said quietly to himself, "Whoever it is, she is very pretty.  She may not be Nel, but I think love being this girl instead."

A light brown splotch appeared on his cheek next to one of the lighting marks.  It suddenly spread over his face, darkening it, but still leaving the blue marks visible.  It spread like wildfire down his neck and over his body.  As the skin changed, it also smoothed out and hair strands dropped from his body, except for his eyebrows and head hair.  His entire complexion, once white and now light brown, was completely different in only 30 seconds.

"Ah-ha!" Rachel said, as a light bulb went off in her head, "I recognize her now!  She's Harribel [or is it Hallibel?], one of the Espada!"

"Oh yeah…" Jessie said, remembering the woman, "But I don't remember her having a mouth or those marking on her face before."

"You stopped reading before they showed what she looked like," Rachel explained, "But that is definitely her… minus all the Hollow pieces and curves so far."

"Harribel…" Jay thought, "She's beautiful… I'm beautiful… this is… so wonderful!"  A warm feeling went throughout his body as a sense of joy burst within in him.  He was so caught up in it that he didn't even notice the tingling feeling in his genital area.  His male part faded away and was replaced by a more female appropriate one.  She was a girl and even though she didn't realize this particular change, she still knew she was one.

She closed her eyes and sighed happily.  However, she opened her eyes as an odd pain went through her stomach.  She groaned and the two girls came to her aid.  Rachel asked, "Are you okay?  What's the matter?"

"It's… my stomach…" Jay groaned, clutching her sides.  Both girls looked at each other and grinned, realizing what was happening.  Jessie patted her on the back and said, "Oh there's nothing to worry about.  It's just your body going through the final phase and giving you the curves you so rightly deserve as a woman now.  This pain only lasts a few moments."

"Really?" Jay said.  Both girls nodded and a sense of relief went through her.  She thought she was sick or having a bad reaction to the spray now, but it was comforting to note that it wasn't case.  Her figure was developing and she was excited.

They helped her stand tall and lifted her t-shirt up a bit to show her what was happening.  Her waist was pushing in, but her stomach was developing tone and muscles.  It soon looked like she had the torso of a woman who works out a bit but still has an hourglass figure.  The pain went away and Jay smiled, running her small hands along her sides.  She was undoubtedly enjoying the curve going on and would likely enjoy what was to follow.

"I think Jay here is really enjoying herself," Jessie said to Rachel, "Can't blame her though.  Turning into a woman or girl because of this spray gives you a great feeling, doesn't it Jay?"

"Damn straight," she said, without thinking, "By the way, its Jenny now.  It's more appropriate for a girl like me than silly old boy name like Jay."  

A thought raced in the back of her mind just then: "Where did that come from?" She's normally quieter and a bit shyer than that.  Where did this boost of assurance and confidence come from?  As she thought about it, another thought crossed her mind.  Did it really matter?  She felt great!  It's like this spray stuff helped her become more certain of herself and frankly, she loved it!  Why be the quiet and shy self she normally is when she can express herself or her feelings more?

There was a growing tightness feeling in her jeans then.  She looked down and saw them stretching.  Her thighs grew to a more toned and womanly proportion like Jessie's own, the inner sides rubbing up against each other.  Her hips widen, putting some real nice and sexy curves on her body.  Her ass also swelled to a more rounded, but firm shape.

Despite how much Jenny liked these changes, her jeans didn't agree with them.  The sides of them split opened, the back split up in the middle, her button popped, and the zipper unzipped itself.  Without a doubt, her pants were not well built for hips like hers anymore.

"Oh no!" she said, her entire face turning red, "Not good!"

"And this here is why we unzip when our hips come in," Jessie explained, "It's a good lesson to be learnt from all of this."

"Too bad it set you back one pair of jeans," Rachel added.

Jenny ignored the two of them, looking over her tattered jeans.  Well it was true that she probably wouldn't wear them now that she was a girl, it still didn't mean she wouldn't wear them when she turned back into her original self.  Definitely the least liked part of this transformation so far, even though she did enjoy her luscious hips.

"Umm…" she said, asking the two girls, "Do you have any skirts or shorts I can borrow?  I need… oh!"  At this point, she noticed her voice finally diverge away from her male one into her new, mature feminine one.

"Oh your voice finally came in!" Rachel said happily, "How wonderful!  As for your question, sure!  We got clothes you can borrow or in this case, buy from us.  You look like you're Jessie's size.  I'm sure she would be happy to help you there."

"Sure," Jessie said, "But let's hold off on that for just a minute and let her finish changing into Harribel first."

Jenny nodded, realizing a certain feature was missing so far.  She turned back to the mirror and she took one more deep breath as the final phase started.  Her back arced, pushing her flat chest out more on display.  However, that lack chest soon corrected itself as two, young breasts started to emerge.  Swelling to an A-Cup, they gently pushed against her t-shirt.  From there into a B-Cup, they pushed harder and their outlines were fully visible on her clothing.  They were growing a bit sensitive, causing Jenny to blush as they rubbed against the cotton fabric gently.  It was a new feeling for her, but one that she kind of liked.

Then they grew into a C-Cup, really stretching the fabric of the t-shirt and raising its hemline upwards, revealing her bellybutton.  D-Cup came next and the shirt struggled to contain their size, pushing against their confines with all their might.  They were heavy, but yet didn't burden Jenny's body like she thought they might.  They swelled to an E-Cup, causing a tear in the middle of the shirt, splitting it slightly open.

"Oh mine," Jenny said starting to pant as she brought her hands to her bosom, "So… hot…"  With one last mighty heavy [and even a moan from her], her breasts swelled to a nice size EE-Cup, finally stopping.  However, this last burst of growth split the shirt even more, causing a large tear that showed her vast cleavage.

With that, Jenny was complete.  She felt so warm, the last part of the transformation being a bit of a doozy for her.  She stared at her reflection and smiled.  A lovely, confident, and quite hot woman with dark skin, blonde hair, and an amazing figure stood in the place of what use to be a shy, average looking boy with dyed green hair.  She was quite thrilled by it.

"So what do you think?" Jessie said, "It's not Nel, but it certainly is a girl with a giant boobs like me.  Mostly the same size from what I can tell."

"What do I think?" she said turning to Rangiku clone.  A huge smile appeared on her face and said loudly, "This is awesome!"  With that, she gave Jessie a giant and tight bear hug, though it was difficult to wrap her arms around the strawberry blonde when both of their massive chests pushed together kept them at a distance.

"Well aren't you affectionate?" Rachel said, scratching her head, "A far cry from the guy before."

"Great isn't it?" Jenny said, letting go of the now red faced Jessie, "I never felt this brave before or so confident about myself.  I feel like I can finally talk to people without getting flustered or nervous!  Not to mention, this spray made me into one hot number."

"That's putting it lightly," Jessie said as she cooled down from the hug, "Anyhow, I think it's time to get some new clothes."  Jenny glanced at herself once more, observing her torn jeans and split open t-shirt, which if she wasn't too careful, could end up flashing innocent bystanders.

"Yeah," she said with a small smile, "I think I do need some new stuff."  Jessie smiled herself and took the new woman into her house to find some better fitting clothes.  Rachel stayed behind and watched the stands while the two were busy playing dress up.

Over 20 minutes later, after trying on different outfits and showing Jenny how to put a bra on, the two girls returned with Jenny, who carried a paper bag full of her boy clothes.  Rachel looked at the two and squealed with delight as she observed the new outfit.  Jenny sported white, open-toed sandals; short blue jean shorts that reached only half way down her shapely thighs; and a form fitting black crop top that showed lots of her cleavage and her firm abdomen.  Underneath it all, she wore white laced panties and bra, which fitted her shape perfectly.

"Looking good girl!" Rachel said with a wink.

"Thanks," Jenny said.

"She's only been a girl for less than 30 minutes and she already as a good fashion sense," Jessie said, teasingly elbowing her, "I was going to pick a regular pink top, but she picked out that crop top herself because she thought it would look better on her.  I got to admit, it does."

'Let's not talk about it," Jenny said, "Let's talk about the spray cans!  How many can I buy?"

"Only 5 due to a limited number we have left," Rachel said, "5 dollars in total, plus 15 for the new clothes."

"Deal!" Jenny said getting some money from her wallet, "I would have paid more for this stuff.  You made me so happy!"

"Maybe we should," Rachel said scratching her chin.

"I was just kidding about paying more," Jenny said, narrowing her eyes.  Rachel chuckled and took her money.  She put the spray cans in the bag and watched as the newest Bleach Babe walked off cheerfully, swaying her hips side to side.

"And there goes another satisfied customer!" Rachel remarked.

"And there's more where that came from," Jessie said, noticing a group of people coming up the drive, "Incoming!"  The girls hopped to it eagerly and went to help these new customers, hoping soon to help another person discover the fun that comes from the Costume in a Can spray.
Hooray! Another finished piece ready for you guys to enjoy. This time, the story is for TGTF42, who requested his OC Jay be turned into the number 3 Espada, Harribel/Halibel.

Want to join the fun? Check out this journal entry to find out how:

Rest of the Series Can Be Found Here:
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Drake was an average teen, didn't much care for pop artists, like rap and metal instead. He loved to listen to comedians, and he heard so many of them mention the song called Single Ladies by Beyoncé. Drake decided to look it up and found it to be rather catchy like most pop music, but he liked the video, mainly because of her looks, but he didn't mind the music either. He looked at the related videos and he saw one named if I were a boy, the title seemed rather odd, so he clicked on it to see what it was. As soon as the song started so did the transformation. His hands shrank and became dainty, his arms slenderized, while his body hair fell out and his skin color grew much darker. He looked down at his hand and jumped in shock at what he saw, his shoulders crashed inwards as he arched his back in pleasure as two voluptuous breasts formed on his chest. His stomach was reshaped into a sexy core like that of a model or dancer. His hips shot out and his butt filled in and made his pants tight, his thighs became slightly larger and smoother, and all his leg hair fell out. His feet became more feminine and petite. His penis shriveled away and was replaced by a tight, wet lit. The changes rushed to his head as his facial structure changed, his lips puffed out and his eyes grew larger and darker. His nose shrank and flattened a bit, then his hair cascaded down his shoulders. His T-shirt, boxers and baggy shorts were transformed into a tight, black dress, and a cute black thong, and some high heals. She struggled to her feet as she turned to face her bedroom mirror, she looked in awe as she ogled herself. She tried to take a step but her legs were frozen, and she said to herself, "I'm Beyoncé?!?"
Yet another please be gentle :)
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Sonic woke up with pain all over his body, he's head was hurting him and he had a high fever, he reached for his phone and called Shadow. After a few rings, Shadow answered the phone. "This is Shadow." "Hey Shad-" he coughs, "You alright Sonic, you don't sound to good." "I need your help, i don't feel good." He get's up then he feels woozy, "Please, can you come he-" He suddenly fainted and Shadow heard a thump from the other line. "Sonic? Sonic, answer me!" Sonic had his eyes closed as he was laying on his floor. Shadow came into his room, he picks up Sonic as he teleported there, he puts him in his bed and felt his forehead. "He's burning up..." He then goes to the bathroom and get's a washcloth and puts it under cold water, he then puts it on his head. Sonic slowly woke up, "Shadow?" "Yeah, i'm here...don't move, you'll fall again." He coughs really hard, his lungs hurting under the pressure of the coughing. "Stay here." He get's up and goes to the medicine cabinet and takes out some medicine, one for his fever and coughing, and another one for his aches. He get's a glass of water and pours the water in the glass. He then hands the pills and the glass of water to Sonic, he helps him up and holds him still as he took the medicine and drank the glass of water. "Sleep." He then fell asleep. Shadow watched him as he slept. "Get well soon Sonic."
I saw a picture and it gave me an idea for this story.

The picture is by :icondarklight98:
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in the embryo of the city
in their cage
they paint their nails not

that the sun is watching
from his trap door
in the cloud ceiling where
whales can't swim but go

to dream
and drop down their weight in rain
not measured in pints
but lives overflowed

in lost archipelagos full
of automatic islands
that catch the eyes like needles
when viewed from further away

than the end of the world
we're all evolving in the wrong direction
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