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START THE MADNESS! I'll be honest, I have no idea what possessed me to make this. While I was animating I was like I HAVE AN IDEA!

Personal flash build.

The music is by Vengaboys: We like to party (SIX FLAGS OLD MAN FOR THE WIN!) --> [link]

Make sure to +watch for future upcoming animations and art.
I have recently joined Anima for their upcoming Through the Eyes of Another Pony animation project. Check them out! [link]

As well as SweeneyXoz's Cupcakes: The Musical [link]

Hasbro owns everypony and their content!
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:firelite-photo: WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS! :firelite-photo:


Hi! Merry Christmas to Everyone!

I've been thinking about executing this illustration for quite a long time already. Presenting the representative female characters in my indie works from 2001! All characters are my original characters. Budang is the original character owned by me ~Raykosen and ~AngelsTale

Characters from top, left to right:
:snowflake: Luzviminda - The flying character. Featured character in Bayan Knights Komiks. Won the second place in the 5th Toycon's Original Pinoy Super Hero Contest.

:snowflake: Ivoni - The black fox lady in the fantasy one shot indie, Fate Orb Xylia (F.O.X).

:snowflake: Budang - The snow cat. :XD: The Pinoy cat who stars in the gag and comedy indie one shot and series, Budang and Friends. Won in Toycon's Inter School Comic Creation Contest.

:snowflake: Lyn Kreuz - The one in mini Santa hat. She's the sister of the main character in the indie series, Read After Midnight.

:snowflake: Vehuiah - The long haired and winged lady. She is the main character in the one shot release of Vehuiah indie. She is an angel with the gift of beautiful voice. Debuted last 2003 (or 2004? :XD:)in C3CON.

:snowflake: Dampen Daleth - The white haired lolita themed girl. She's the main player in the 2 part one shot indie, Daleth's Embrace. Only daughter and the youngest among the four descendants of Death

:snowflake: Serin - The lady with hoodie. She is the lady counterpart of Kosen Serafita and one of the characters in my thesis, Hybrid. Hybrid is the former Kosen Saga indie.

:snowflake: Ira Ortiz - The pink haired lady. She is the main lady player in the detective story, Private I Cafe.

Although I kinda rushed this artwork, I'm very satisfied with the output. :D I tweaked their original costumes to match the Christmas theme. :)

You may check the related artwork too!

Merry Christmas again! *Off to kitchen*

Drawing Block 12X18
Copic Markers
Touch Markers
Green Pencils
White Ink
White Acrylic
Watercolors for backgrounds

Flash Illustration: Ray Adrian Magbanua
Original writing and art: ~Raykosen and ~AngelsTale (For Budang)
Music: We wish you a Merry Christmas Flute and Piano

Daleth's Embrace, Vehuiah, Fate Orb Xylia, Read After Midnight, Private I Cafe, Luzviminda, Hybrid © ~Raykosen under Revel Productions
Budang © ~Raykosen and ~AngelsTale under Revel Productions
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From the anime series 'Ah! My Goddess'; season 1 opening "Open Your Mind", and season 2 opening "Shiawase no Iro".

Edited using Windows Movie Maker, then converted to Shockwave Flash. (30 FPS, HQ audio)
Took me almost 8 hours total.
Original video from a burned BD disc.

If you Fave, please leave a brief comment. Thank you

2013 marks the 25th Anniversary of the manga series
created by Kouske Fujishima.

First published in "Afternoon" Magazine.
(August 25th, 1988)!!

Please check out my Fan-Fictions from this wonderful anime and manga!!

Season 1: Open Your Mind ~ Spread Your Small Wings (Chiisana ni Hiroge)

Open Your Mind...
Fukai ao no sekai koete meguriau
kaze ga toori nuketeku

Maiorita masshiroi hane fuwari yurete
oshiminaku kakegaenai anata wo tsutsumitai
aisuru hito mamoru chikara ryoute ni motteru hazu (open your mind)

Kokoro wo hiraite (itsumo yume miteta)
negai wo kaze ni nosete tooku (open your mind)
Mienai hane ga aru (hora anata ni mo aru)
jiyuu na basho ni yukeru
Sou dare demo...

Kaze ga kagayaki dashitara arukidasou
mou kowakunai kara

Season 2: Color of Happiness (Shiawase no Iro )

Kono hiroi sekai no naka deaubeki hitotachi ga
Mado no mukou niji no mukou ni mieru kizuiteru hazu

Miageta sora ha ima demo ano toki to onaji iro de
Kumo ha katachi wo kae kyou mo anata wo mimamotteiru

Kyuukutsuna omori wo nuide kimochi wo yurushite
Saa mimi wo sumashi sono toki wo matte
Ima mezamenasai

Oozora ni kaita chiisana yume wo itsumo kanjite

Toorisugiru hitonami ni tsukareteshimatta toki mo
Utsumuitari nagedashitari shinai de hane wo yasumete

Shinjiru kimochi no tsuyosa ga areba kikoeru deshou
Massugu anata wo omoi utau watashi no koe ga

Shizuka ni irozuku machi asa no hikari

Soshite kyou to iu ichinichi ga peeji wo mekuru no

Oozora ni tsutsumare kyou mo utau wa kokoro wo komete

Owaranai kono michi iku tame mado wo akete arukidasu
Sou sureba motto niji ni chikazukeru kitto
Oozora ni kaita chiisana yume wo taisetsu ni shiyou
Sou sureba itsumo shiawase ni nareru kitto
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This animation was for the develloper. So he can understand the animations and the HUD.
The character is Ambarian : [link]
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Looping animation

Note: Move mouse to red line when trying to click the "PLAY" button. And you might want to Ctrl+Mouse Scroll down to zoom out to view entire flash

EDIT: Shrunk it down significantly and changed song from .wav to .mp3 for better load time (hopefully)


Action Script made me SO angry, but I'm a little rusty so yeah.

Anyway, within three days I whipped up this small thing.

UPDATE: This is the new and improved version of this flash, which includes a significantly better play button and the inclusion of a "Back" button to go back to the main menu since apparently that's the better part of the flash lol. I also redid the title and removed my name in favor of a subtle dA URL button that leads to my profile.

Programs used:

Adobe Photoshop CS5 (vectors)
Adobe Illustrator CS5 (convert vectors for Flash)
Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 (animation)


"The Art of Celestia's Dress" - Princess Celestia Is Best Pony, by Not A Clever Pony

Support the artist: Not A Clever Pony @ BandCamp


It's not much, although when I learn more Action Script I can do better.

I was inspired to do this by the recent episodes, "Ponyville Confidential" and "MMMystery Express." Rarity was just so adorable in those episodes!

Rarity isn't my favorite pony, but she's getting close!


I don't really mind if you upload this somewhere else, but please do link back to me with credit because it took a rather long time to do this.

Thank You!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is property of Hasbro, Inc.
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Soul Eater chapter 47 scene
(Sorry, only in spanish)

spanish manga: [link]

english manga: [link]

hope you like it! >w<
made in Macromedia Flash 8
by ~SabakuNoJackce
**Death the Kid theme/ Bang bang have a nice dream** thanks c:
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This model is sculpted and textured in zbrush. It was created with game limitations in mind. The shader used to create the skin was baked down to a texture. Assuming your game engine has a good lighting model and has image based shader system I believe this is a pretty accurate representation of how it could look in game.
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Promised my good buddy :iconlakehylia: a surprise.
:star: SURPRISE!! :star:
Check out Stacky shakin'/shufflin'. :XD: Nothing wrong with shaking ass to a party song.
A little something to show my appreciation for two awesome people (relatively newlywed), Tlink and Stacky. Without their friendship and words of wisdom, i wouldn't be BlackSen. ^3^
I'm sure everyone will appreciate this animation, if you know what I mean. XD
Too lazy to put in a mute button. Hell, it's 7:24AM here.... Sleepy time.
Done in Flash CS3, 12fps for those who wanna know.

PS: This actually might be a WIP. thinking of actually Animating a dancing Tlink and throwing him in the mix. Stay tuned.

Shake Dat Now on Youtube: [link]

Due to the music in the animation scaring people and/or causing their ears to bleed, I've fixed the animation so the music doesnt start until you press the Newgrounds Play button.
Now maybe It will stop killing people....:XD: Enjoy.
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One of my prismatic dragons turn around test. I was hoping to show the iridescence a bit better in real time :)

You can get sculptures at my website. :star: Merfle Munchies Website here.

:star:1st editions and FOR SALE! Here :star:

My stores: Art poster prints/Books/Calendars store | Custom Posters | Digital Download store! | Merfle Munchies Sculptures

Follow me at : :facebook:FaceBook | :twitter: Twitter | :googleplus:Google+
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A little fun . Move the mouse over the screen.
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