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This is :iconbry-sinclair:'s Reboot of Star Trek Voyager featuring a mostly different crew, Here's an Exerpt from the original...

On another website, someone once posed a "what if" scenario, in that: What if Kathryn Janeway had been assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise-D as Captain Picard's Number One, instead of Will Riker.

I took this idea and went the other way: With Janeway in TNG, what might VOY have been like if Riker had been Captain? And so my Star Trek: Voyager ReBoot was born.

Things are of course very different in this alternate reality, but the U.S.S. Voyager is still assigned to hunt down a Maquis ship and then pulled into the Delta Quadrant, where they face a 70 year journey home. In my mind though, it will be a far tougher voyage on the crew and they won't resort to shooting up the entire quadrant as they try to get back home.

Anyways, here is the Micro Hero crew for my Voyager ReBoot universe (all those marked with a * are provisional ranks):

Commanding Officer - CAPT William Riker (Human, Male)
Voyager is his first command, at just 35. He has proven to be a brave soldier, shrewd diplomat and true explorer.

First Officer - LT CDR* Ro Laren (Bajoran, Female)
One-time Starfleet officer, she left to join the Maquis out of principle. Now back in uniform she will fight tooth and nail for her people.

Second/Chief Security/Tactical Officer - LT Tuvok (Vulcan, Male)
Cool, calm and logical, he was undercover with the Maquis when all contact was lost, and Voyager was sent to find him.

Chief Science Officer - LT Veronica Stadi (Betazoid, Female)
Warm, sensual and intelligent, she is a long-time friend of Captain Riker's, who he often turns to for advice.

Chief Flight Control Officer - LT JG* Sean Liam Hawk (Human, Male)
Once a promising young officer, he quit Starfleet and joined the Maquis after someone very dear to him was killed by Cardassians, but was caught by Starfleet after a few months.

Chief Engineering Officer - LT JG* B'Elanna Torres (Human/Klingon, Female)
A former Academy drop out and Maquis, her technical knowledge is unmatched, nor is her temper or sarcasm.

Ship's Counsellor - LT JG Ezri Tigan (Trill, Female)
A passenger returning to Trill to complete her training as an Initiate, she now finds herself looking after the mental health of the ship whilst also facing the prospect of being a mother.

Chief Operations Officer - ENS Sam Lavelle (Human, Male)
A rookie with potential and an eye for the ladies, he has a great respect for Riker though dislikes those who violated their oath to Starfleet.

Chief Medical Officer - The Doctor (Hologram, Male)
Designed as a short-term supplement to the medical staff, he is the only fully qualified doctor left onboard. But what he has in knowledge and skill, he lacks in manners and pleasantries.

Cook/Guide/Mission Specialist - Neelix (Talaxian, Male)
A charming scoundrel with a heart of gold and a dark past. He is a jack of all trades and has many contacts across many planets. [I hated the design and character of Neelix, so he has changed significantly]

Hydroponics Caretaker/Medic - Kes (Ocampan, Female)
A bright young woman, with a big heart and natural wonder about the universe. She joins the crew to see the stars and help the crew where she can. [She won't leave the ship, also her species now live until they are about 20]

Auxiliary Tactical Officer - Lt. Cmdr. Jonathan Francis Satchel Jr.
one of the 18 people assimilated from the core sample of the Enerprise During it's first run-in with the borg, he was later liberated in 2368 by an electrokinetic storm in the Nekrit Expanse, wanting desprately to be an officer again, when Lt. Commander Ro Laren crashed on the Unity Colony, he was surprised that a starfleet vessel was in the Delta quadrent and asked Captain Riker for permission to return to duty later on and was granted the Position of Auxiliary Tactical officer. [Johnny is My OC.]

Astrometrics Analyst - Seven of Nine (Human, Male)
Ensign Jensen Anders was assimilated onboard the Enterprise-D during their first run in with the Borg, then liberated almost ten years later and has a lot to re-learn about himself and humanity. [Seven's male simply because I wanted to make the character different]

As you can see I took some artisitic liberties with Seven's Implants because I believe that the "Jeri Ryan" Implants are too feminine, I've also based the EMH's Skin and Hair Color off of the Star Trek Online Ship USS Khitomer's EMH to make him seem more artificial.
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This is NOT the official Power Rangers season 1 line-up. This is my own version of it. Please read the following journal if you are not familiar with my "ReImagining the Power Rangers" concept : [link]

DO NOT use without my explicit permission first.

/!\ I haven't made a lot of changes for this season, basically I gave Trini a real female version of the Yellow Ranger suit and that's all. I was quite happy with the original season of Power Rangers, that's why I didn't change much. Real changes start at season 2. /!\

Season 1 : Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers 1993

Since the beginning of time, the Power Rangers are the protectors of freedom in all the known galaxies. In the Milky Way, in the Sol System, two forces battle. Zordon, defender of good and Rita Repulsa servant of evil.

DO NOT use without my explicit permission first.

Ten thousands Earth years ago, Rita was finally able to incapacitate Zordon temporarily. Hopefully for Earth, Zordon had one trick left. He splited his remaining powers into five young humans and created the Power Rangers. After a really long struggle, they where finally able to banish Rita.

Today, on the moon, some astronauts discover some kind of space dumpster. By accident they freed Rita and her troops. Still imprisoned in his temporal cage, Zordon had to call once again the Power Rangers to the rescue.

DO NOT use without my explicit permission first.

With the help of the androïd Alpha 5, he choose five young earthling representing each one trait he values. He then reformed the team of Earth's protectors of freedom. Jason, Zack Billy, Trini and Kimberly are : The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

After a few months of battle and countless defeats, Rita decided to speed up the process. She casted a spell on Tommy, a young man who just moved to Angel Grove. She gave him amazing powers, powers as powerful as the Power Rangers and made him her evil Ranger.

After a great struggle, Zordon and his Rangers were able to break Rita's spell, thus making Tommy one of them, the Sixth Power Ranger.

DO NOT use without my explicit permission first.

Other seasons :

Season 1 : You are here
Season 2 : [link]
Season 3 : [link]
Season Alien : [link]
Season 4 Zeo : [link]
Season 5 Turbo : [link]
Season 6 In space : [link]
Season 7 Lost Galaxy : [link]
Season 8 Lightspeed Rescue : [link]
Season 9 Time Force : [link]
Season 10 Wild Force : [link]
Season 11 Ninja Storm : [link]
Season 12 Dino Thunder : [link]
Season 13 S.P.D. : [link]
Season 14 Mystic Force : [link]
Season 15 Operation Overdrive : [link]
Season 16 Jungle Fury : [link]
Season 17 R.P.M. : [link]

Microheroes are © :iconmimiczethird:
DO NOT use without my explicit permission first.
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Exclusively for International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS) 2012 @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic on the 26th of Aug! A limited Edition Collaborative print with legendary cosplayer Yaya Han :iconyayacosplay:! :D You can pre-order a copy now! (email if you'd like to reserve one)

Each print retails at $20, so get them while stocks last. Will be there to sign and sketch! Hope to see y'all there! :D
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Well, this is obviously a corruption of the 7-Eleven logo, which should be well-known over most of the world. I made it on the 11th of september this year, but I've had the idea for a while. It's a fairly obvious idea, so I'm sure I'm not the first one to have it. As for the meaning of the picture, feel free to interpret.

Rhinoceros & Photoshop, 2006-09-11
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Here she is! All colored. I think when I release her as a print I will add some sort of a background. But for right now, this is what I have.

The model is the very very beautiful Yaya Han.

Now, I am on to the next project!! :D
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Here is a group-shot of all the MINIBOTS and MINICARS. Inspired by ~Sigmacore

Check out the original Minibot group-shot: [link]
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Woo...I miss this show!

Reference found online
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The Survivors from the Year of Hell

Excerpt from :iconbry-sinclair:

In the original Voyager series, it was a two-parter at the end of which everything was reset and the ship carried on as normal. In the ReBoot, the Year of Hell against the Krenim does occur over a two episodes (which spans almost a full year), but at the end things aren't reset. The ship is left with severe damage and heavy casualties. The episode ends with the U.S.S. Voyager landing on a planet in order to make repairs. What follows would be a three of four episode arc dealing with the aftermath of the Year of Hell, as well as discovering that they aren’t the only Starfleet ship lost in the Delta Quadrant (and I’m not meaning the Equinox).

Year of Hell Survivors:
Captain William Riker – With his ship crippled, many of his crew wounded and over a dozen dead, he has a lot to face as repair work begins.

Lieutenant Commander Veronica Stadi – With the loss of Commander Ro Laren and Lt. Commander Tuvok being incapacitated, she assumes the position of Acting First Officer.

Lieutenant Sean Liam Hawk – With the ship marooned on an uninhabited world, he leads expeditions into neighbouring systems to find materials and supplies the crew need for repairs.

Lieutenant B’Elanna Torres – Leading repairs and reconstruction of the battle damaged Voyager, she pushes herself and her staff to exhaustion to get the work done.

Lieutenant JG Ezri Tigan – With the crew having lost so much, her expertise is in great demand, especially as some choosing to bury themselves in work, rather than face their feelings.

Lieutenant JG Sam Lavelle – After being beamed aboard the Krenim’s temporal weapon, he missed the brutal assaults that Voyager suffered, but he is more than ready to do his part.

Chief Petty Officer Neelix – Given a battlefield commission, he was appointed Acting Chief of Security after Lt. Commander Tuvok was incapacitated.

Kes – With the loss of the EMH Program, she has become the most skilled medic onboard and is doing all she can to see to those injured over the Year of Hell.

Seven of Nine – Still new to Voyager, he is now witness to how the crew pulls together to repair the ship and support each other through their collective loss and grief.

Lieutenant Commader Jonathan Francis Satchel Junior: After the 5th to last attck his Mechanical Arm was severely Damaged pushing Captain Riker out of the path of a falling beam, he can still operate consoles with his good hand, so Captain Riker Gave him the Benefit of the doubt and allowed him to fill in for Tuvok Coordinating Damage control and Weapons repair and restock.

Lieutenant Commander Tuvok – He was blinded whilst studying an undetonated chroniton torpedo fragment lodged in the hull, and without the Doctor’s expertise he has been put on medical leave.

Year of Hell Casualties:
Commander Ro Laren – Along with Lieutenant JG Sam Lavelle, she was abducted by the Krenim temporal weapon. Whilst onboard she learned how the weapon worked, so during the last battle she managed to sabotage it, but was killed in action whilst doing so.

The Doctor – As Voyager took more and more damage throughout the year, many systems were damaged, computer data lost and sections of the ship rendered uninhabitable; this included Sickbay. The EMH Programme was destroyed, leaving the ship without a doctor.

So Whaddya Think of this format of the Year of Hell Survivors?
Starfleet Uniforms Courtesy of :iconhenshindaisuke: [link]
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Bubo v2.0 (Steampunk Portrait)

Bubo is Greek for Owl. It is currently used as the Genus name for the Horned Owls and their relatives with ear tufts. It is also the common name for the Greek owl - which is also the name for Athena's owl - which was made into a clockwork owl for the original Clash of the Titans movie. My piece is titled Bubo v2.0 because it's version 2 of the clockwork owl.

Refer to : [link]
(There is a better link - but DA's automatic link converter screws up that URL)

MODEL: Yaya Han (who also made the costume)
TOOLS: Intuos 3 Wacom tablet
PROGRAM: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
EFFECTS: I don't use any 'effects'. In Illustrator I use simple strokes and Brush strokes, gradients and gradient meshes, and many many objects with varying transparency settings. In Photoshop I paint, often using the semi-transparent settings and glaze in the traditional neo-classic technique.

She goes very well with this piece:
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