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Arrows rained down by the hundreds. It did not take long for Artemis to rally her Amazon sisters and take a full frontal assault against their attackers. By the hundreds, fully armored men stormed the shores of Themyscira. They wore battle armor similar to the Amazons and seemed to have the same kind of warrior's fire the Themysciran women had as well.

"Amazons!" Artemis shouted over the noise of rushing war. "Attack!" she commanded with her sword pointed towards the enemy. She pulled on the golden reins of the Pegasus and flew directly towards the heart of the enemy's swarm. With a great swipe of her blade Artemis took the heads of four of the male warriors clear off.

A wave of angry women followed her down her path with their swords raised. By the hundreds the Amazons stormed into battle. But this was not an epic battle like David versus Goliath. This was a war of the century! While one man would fall on the battle grounds, he took with him two Amazons.

These Warriors's training was similar to the ancient Spartans. They were ruthless and cunning and organized. Whoever was at this Army's helm, he knew what he was doing. Steel clashed against steel. The cries of fallen Amazons were heard throughout the island. Paradise was lost.

"Suggestions Sister?" Alexandria asked as she tightened the grip on her war hammer. She and her two younger sisters were soaring above the battle field ready to engage. But they needed a plan. Tatyana remained unnaturally silent. She was strategizing the best form of attack.

"Perhaps it's best if we hold the front line…" Selene offered. She was against the violence, however seeing her Amazon sisters in such peril brought out a drive in her to help. "If we hold the line it is less likely for Themyscira to be sacked…"

The plan seemed plausible and the fact the Selene was offering war advice was rare. Tatyana contemplated the quick plan. Her thoughts were however short lived with the gruesome cry of pain coming from down below. There was a burst of immense purple flames that rained down on the island ground. The enemy had Dragons!

"Selene!" Tatyana snapped quickly as she released the trident from one of her hands. She had a plan now. "Tame that Dragon!" she ordered and began to fly away towards the shore. "I'll put out the fire!" she stated.

"And what shall I do, dear sister?" Alexandria asked crossing her arms. Tatyana stopped mid flight and smirked at her older sister.

"Crush them!" she ordered. Alexandria grinned and rocketed to the ground. Taking her hammer, Alexandria crashed into the battle. She wasted no time in hammering her male oppressors down to size. One by one, she crushed them all!

Lightning surged around the base of her weapon. Engulfed with power, Alexandria blasted lightning straight through several warriors. The cauterized wounds sizzled and left a burnt flesh smell in the air. Like an angry bull seeing red, Alexandria could not stop her assault.

"Alex, watch out!" Artemis warned and reached for her arrow, but it was too late. One of the male warriors snuck up behind Alexandria she was in battle. She turned around and fell victim to his war club. He directly hit her in her head.

The club broke in half and Princess Alexandria was unharmed. She glared at the man and then at the club he had tried to strike her with. Her cerulean eyes glowed violently with fury. She grabbed the man by his throat and hoisted him into the air.

"You stupid little man!" she said. Alexandria tightened her grip as the man struggled for breath. He clawed at her chainmail like skin with futile hope. The Princess scoffed and snapped the man's neck. A winged horse landed just feet from the Princess and Artemis jumped off of the magnificent beast.

"Are you alright?" the concerned woman asked. Princess Alexandria nodded and looked at the amount of blood on her hands. "Perhaps one day you will find a man that you can't break!" she said with humor in her voice. Alexandria looked wide eyed at her Aunt. Did she not know?

"Men…who needs them?" the Princess asked.

Princess Selene quickly made a large circle with her lasso. She whipped it through the air and planted it perfectly onto the ground. The fire all around quickly reversed its destructive path and surged around the lasso.

Besides being made of unbreakable material, the lasso of Truth is empowered by the Goddess Hestia and cannot be overpowered by any other flames whatsoever. Princess Selene was able to create a force field of Hestia's flames and killed down the fire from the Dragon's breath.

Quickly, Selene's Amazon sisters ran within the lasso's barrier to protect themselves from the flames. The Dragon however was still a threat that needed to be dealt with quickly. Princess Selene could not commit violent acts, but she could order her Amazons to.

"Amazons!" she called out. The warrior women looked to their young Princess with obedience. "Fire!" she ordered.

By the dozens the warriors pulled on their bow strings and fired their arrows at the black scaled beast. Its lime green devil eyes scowled at the warriors' futile attempt to injure the creature.

Opening its mouth, which was the size of a city bus, the Dragon spewed out more of its deadly purple fire breath. The Amazons huddled to the ground in fear, but the flames bubbled around them. The Dragon's fire could not penetrate the lasso's barrier.

"Do not yield my sisters!" Princess Selene said strongly. "We are safe within the lasso's border."

"And are we to remain here forever?" asked one of the warriors. A few of the other Amazons said similar remarks. Were they just to remain hiding forever? None of the Amazons had the strength and power The Princesses possessed. Only one of King Tristan's children could defeat such a creature.

"No, we will find a way to win this battle and-"

"This battle will be over the sooner you pick up a sword and fight!" said another Amazon speaking out of turn. Princess Selene did not receive the same respect the other crowned children did. She could easily pulverize any who opposed her, but she didn't!

"Ocean waves…heed my command!" Princess Tatyana ordered pointing her trident towards the sea. The weapon glowed with power.

"What do you need?" said a strong male voice from behind her. Tatyana gasped and turned around to see him. Her future husband Triton, the son of Poesidon.

"Triton!" Princess Tatyana squealed. She threw her arms around the God and hugged him close. He held her in and kissed her. They were in love from the very beginning, from children to young adults. Their union would be the merger of the millennium for two worlds. Themyscira and Atlantis would become one super nation, united by mystical ocean waters.

"Themyscira is under heavy fire and-" she started. Her lover put his hands to her lips.

"Then let's extinguish it, shall we?" he suggested. Triton didn't need much urging to help his bride. Whatever she were to request from him he would do gladly.

Together with both of their hands on the Trident, Tatyana and Triton commanded to sea to rise. The trident illuminated with an aura the same color as the sea's shine.

Huge globes of water rose first, filling the air with gigantic bubbles of sea water. Next, thick streams arose vertically out of the ocean the size of rivers. They merged together into one destructive column of water and began to roll onto Themyscira's shore.

"Hold it steady as I guide it to the fires, my love!" Triton said. Leaving Princess Tatyana's side, Triton plunged into the mass of water.

A sea green aura illuminated around his body, becoming full circle. Triton's eyes held the same glow and as if operating a giant automaton, he directed the water through Themyscira and towards the great dragon's fire.

"Now!" Triton shouted from within the water. Princess Tatyana shouted and waved her trident through the air in a striking motion. The water blasted out with thd force of a crashing wave and doused the fires almost instantly and then coated the land in salty sea water remains.

He stood in a place he had not stood in a long time, the temple. Themyscira had many patron Goddesses, but none held more meaning to him than her. Diana had died a true Amazon. She left the Amazons behind for Tristan to rule as King and it was up to him to prove Diana was wise in her decision.

He walked back and forth in front of her statue. It was all that could remind of him his fallen sister. Besides the statue was her armor. The golden tiara and breastplate had a soft glow from the torches. Her silver bracelets rattled with the earth as more destruction shook the island.

"I know it's been a while since I've last visited you…" Tristan admitted. His red cape coasted in the air as he walked. He was so much older now, so much wiser. But even so, Tristan would always seek help from his older sister. "I think it's just easier to not visit and remember that you're gone then to come and be reminded of that…Diana, Sister, Goddess…give me strength now…"

On the battle field, Princess Alexandria and Artemis rushed the frontal wave. They pushed the enemy back to the sandy beach shoreline and held the line there. There was more hope now that there was less of the enemy on the island, but even with that small victory the outcome of the war seemed grim for the Amazons and when all hope seemed to be bright for them, a signal rained in the sky.

A figure of a man came down. He was hidden by the sun and slowly descended into view. He was all and built more than any man could be. He wore a suit of blue with a red cape. There was a red "S" on his chest and his face was emotionless.

"Superman?!" Princess Alexandria questioned.
Part 2 of my Epic.. :D

:bulletwhite: [link] (Chapter 1)
:bulletwhite: [link] Chapter 3
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For a glorious twenty years he ruled over his Amazon sisters preaching peace and love. He even opened the borders of Paradise Island to the rest of Man's world. The perfect utopia was available for all to enjoy, but now, Themyscira was under attack on the very shores that were once closed to the feet of man.

"Themyscira will not fall while I am King!" Tristan promised. While his powers were almost nonexistent he was still a deadly warrior who should not be trifled with.

He was surrounded by his Amazon council, they were his inner circle. These were not only the fiercest of the Amazons, but also thd smartest and most experienced in combat. His three daughters were among them, the Princesses of Themyscira.

"Then we shall fight!" Artemis declared. Artemis had become Tristan's personal Champion when he chose to give up his powers. She fought for him and was willing to die in his honor. She raised her sword into the air. Every Amazon in the room joined her. They were all brave and willing to die for Themyscira.

"Prepare the Archers and fetch for my horse!" King Tristan ordered, "If we are to die, then we shall do so on the battlefield!" the amazons cheered.

All together they left Tristan's throne room, leaving him in the protection of his daughters. The three princesses were among the most powerful, their king was in very formidable hands. They were also all mirror images of her, of Diana. But each of his three daughters represented a different part of the fallen Amazon Princess. Alexandria was the oldest and represented Diana's fire. She holds her own in a fight and commands the battlefield. Alexandria represented a true Amazon Warrior.

Tatyana was the middle child and like Diana, she was a clever strategist. She never made a move without being certain she had the upper hand (which she always did). She had as much brain as she does brawn, but has the wisdom of how to wield both. Tatyana represented a true Amazon Commander.

Selene was the youngest of all of King Tristan's children. She represented the purity and love her late Aunt had. She was also the most passive. While trained in every form of combat her Amazon sisters had been trained in, Selene had never before engaged in battle.

"And are we to remain absent of yet another fight, Father?" Alexandria asked scornfully. She was very much so a warrior and did not like the idea of her home being threatened and doing nothing about it. With or without her father's blessing, Alexandria planned on fighting in this war.

"I am only trying to do what is best for you" King Tristan said. Deep within his heart, he could trust his daughters to do well in battle. However, it did not mean he wanted them to go off into war. No parent wished to see their young go off to serve.

"Father…" Tatyana said standing beside her older sister. "Many years ago you taught us that a true Amazon does not run away from battle, but leap towards it. You taught us that it is braver to die doing what you know in your heart is right then to stand by and watch what you believe in fall…"

"Well we believe in Themyscira." Alexandria butted in. "And we believe it is time for you to stop thinking of us like your young daughters that you need to protect-"

"And start thinking of us as your Amazons that can help you defend" Tatyana finished. They presented a strong argument, one of which left King Tristan with no words to counteract. He knew they were ready. Closing his aged blue eyes King Tristan nodded and complied with his daughter's wishes.

"It is in your blood to fight for what is right…and so I will let you go" King Tristan said. He was not talking as their father anymore, but as their King. Alexandria and Tatyana both adjusted their impenetrable silver bracelets with smiles on their faces and waited for their father's command.

"You two shall lead my front line" He ordered, "Alexandria, you can command the Amazons like no other. Tatyana, your strategic battle plans can surely be our upper hand today, but before I deploy you…I must first arm you…"

The two princesses' ears perked with this statement. They already had gifts of great power granted to them by the Gods themselves, but what more could they possibly be given? King Tristan snapped his fingers. In a rush of white light, two legendary artifacts appeared in his hands. Both were from myths of old, and both equally powerful. In his left hand, King Tristan held a massive hybrid war hammer. It had a long handle with a curved blade at one end of the colossal block.

"Alexandria…" King Tristan said raising the hammer/ax into the air. "A gift from the Norse God of Thunder himself, The Mjölnir… slayer of Giants and the Midgard Serpent. Take it…

Slowly Alexandria stepped forward and grasped the handle of the weapon. Lightning surged around it as she did so. However Alexandria had dealt with Godly lightning before. She took hold of the hammer and raised it into the air. Lighting and wind blew all around her. She clutched the Mjölnir with both hands and gasped.

"Do not fear its power" King Tristan said. "For it is yours to command." The lightning stopped and revealed a newly transformed Alexandria. Her powers had almost tripled now. She could take on armies with her newly found strength.

"Tatyana, consider this an early wedding gift…from myself and your soon to be father-in-law" King Tristan said presenting his second daughter with a golden Trident. The princess gasped. There was no mistaking this Trident, it was his. Lord Poseidon had given up his Trident to the bride of Triton, heir to the Ocean Kingdom.

Tatyana grasped the Trident tightly. It too glowed with power just as Alexandria's hammer had done. The God of the Seas had always held Tatyana in his favor and bestowed upon her a most unbelievable gift. He had given her one of the greatest weapons of legend.

He had not forgotten his passive youngest daughter. Selene had tried to stay under the radar as her older sisters were being super charged with weapons. However King Tristan had a gift for her as well, whether she liked the idea of being a warrior or not.

"And finally, my little Selene…" Tristan cooed. The young princess shook her head. Denying the very idea of being in the war.

"Father please!" she insisted, "Amazon I may be by birth, but I am no warrior!" King Tristan's collected face stoned for a moment. While nobody objected the fact that a warrior's spirit was not one with Selene, in the time of war there was no room for the weak hearted.

"A Princess has a duty to her people…" King Tristan simply stated. His tone however was not that of a loving father, but of a King who was heartless and demanding. He would not yield to his daughter's wishes. Whether she liked it or not, she was going to fight.

"Father, I…" Princess Selene started. She knew there were no words to save her now. His mind had been made up.

"Come forward child, come forth and accept your gift." said her King. Selene dropped her shoulders and bowed her head. Complying with her father's orders, Selene approached and held her hands out. King Tristan still held a cold face to her. He unlatched the golden rope from his belt and placed it in her open hands.

"I give to you the golden lariat of Hestia…" King Tristan said. Selene perked her head up.

"The Lasso of Truth?" she asked.

"With it, you are the personification of fire" King Tristan said, "Use it well and with compassion…" there was a horse's whine. Artemis was now present once more with Tristan's black Pegasus. The horse was fitted with golden armor. Even the beast was ready for war.

"My King!" Artemis announced, "Your horse is ready!" King Tristan smiled and nodded. He was however not done with his gift giving. He snapped his fingers and in a hot white light, new totems were bestowed onto Artemis.

"By the Gods…" Artemis said examining her new silver bracelets. She would recognize them anywhere! They were the gauntlets of Atlas! The very same gauntlets that provided her with super strength when she held the title as 'Wonder Woman'. And on her feet were the sandals of Hermes! The same sandals that gave her the ability to fly and move at super speeds. By all intensive purposes, Artemis was Wonder Woman once more.

"You will go in my place Artemis" King Tristan announced. "My strength is not what it used to be and the Amazons need a strong leader. Take my horse so there will be no question who is in charge." he ordered.

She was his best soldier. Without a word Artemis climbed on top of the Pegasus and pulled on its golden reins. Raising her sword up high over her head, Artemis pulled on the horse's reins, causing the magnificent beast to stand on its hind legs.

"For King Tristan!" Artemis declared and the Pegasus took off into the sky. "For Themyscira!"

They all watched as she flew off into battle. Artemis was the epitome of an Amazon. she was brave, bold, daring, cunning. she was all of the things that made a warrior truly great. King Tristan raised his sword into the air.

"Go my daughters...raise hell!" he commanded. On his word his three daughters took to the air. Alexandria and Tatyana without hesitation flew off after Artemis. Selene remained lingering in the air however. It was a very big possibility that this was the last time she was going to see her father.

"You are who the world needs you to be..." King Tristan said in his fatherly tone. Selene was his youngest child. She still was a child. She flew after her sisters, waving farewell to her father.

"You are Wonder Woman..." He said with a spark in his eye.
This is based 50 years in Tristan's future. His time in the mortal world ended and he returned to Themyscira to serve as King.
His own League had broken apart.
Wonder Woman is gone.
The Future is in the shits right about's up to the children of Tristan to save the day...

:bulletwhite: [link] Chapter 2

The Crowned Children
:bulletred: Princess Alexandria [link]
:bulletblue: Princess Tatyana [link]
:bulletyellow: Princess Selene [link]
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                                                                  Gods of Earth

                                               two indestructible gods, thrust into being
                                          born to a foreign planet ravaged by evil and war
                                     every passing moment brings Earth closer to its demise
                                                      I think not, justice will prevail!
                                    you, an Amazonian queen, wrought by the hands of gods
                                            and I, an alien prince, became a man of steel
                                                      blessed by Earth's yellow sun
                                    with strength absolute, we could tear this world in two
                                                    but no, this land is now our home
                                              Earth needs protectors Diana, me and you
                                                once again, the planet is under attack!
                                            together, we''ll carry the world on our backs
                                                   evildoers beware! and run in fright
                                                  you pale before our combined might
                                                     and you'll do this world no harm
                                       A man and a woman, born to a foreign planet that
                                                             turned them into gods
                                            you, a proud unbreakable Amazonian queen
                                                  and I, an indestructible man of steel
                                           with strength absolute, we'll defend Earth until
                                                                 our dying breaths
                                            this world needs protectors Diana, me and you
                                                     together we'll see our planet through
The first in my series of poems about male and female superheroes teaming up. I chose to start with Superman and Wonder Woman, who are very similar. Superman represents an ideal of masculinity, while Wonder Woman represents an ideal of femininity. They're both nearly invulnerable, and in my opinions are cookie cutter superheroes. I didn't write using as many fancy words as I usually do, mainly because I tried to make it match Superman's personality; a simple but good-hearted person. I also think that they're back stories are simpler than a lot of other superheroes, so I wrote this poem with simple, yet meaningful words.
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Act I:

The present, Themiscirya, Diana's chambers.

WW: Are you mad?

QH: Initially, yes. Your orders were simple:  travel to man's world and bridge the gap of communication between their world and ours. NOT to fall victim to passion, especially with a mere mortal. You were birthed to be a warrior, not a mother.

WW: He wasn't just a mere mortal! He was the strongest human being on earth. And passion!? It was----

QH: However, what is done, is done.

WW: You stated as you felt initially, how do you feel now?

QH: I'm at a loss for words.

WW: Mother I---
Suddenly, Artemis walks in.

ART: You shall rid yourself of that burden, Diana!

WW: Artemis, you have no say in this, as to how you found out is a complete mystery to me.

ART: the entire island knows, even Olympus knows!

WW: Well if the Gods know, then at least one of them will defend me!

ART: Oh please, you are bestowed with the gifts from the Gods and you procreate with a mortal, what could you possibly want with a man, let alone a child?

WW:  Nothing you could possibly fathom.  Aphrodite understands, and would defend me.

ART: I knew allowing her to go to Man's World was a complete mistake, as was permitting her to continue with the Justice League.

WW: I have no regrets, Artemis; about Man's world, The League and especially, this.

WW: Mother, what shall I do?

QH: Whatever you believe is necessary, daughter; though I may not agree with you consummating with a mortal, I should have known from my travels to earth, time spent with the other sex can lead to a dismal outcome. I know you are strong, as you are my daughter from clay and my blood, you will do the right thing and I will be there when you need me most.

Artemis walks out of the room, leaving Diana and her mother. They embrace in a hug.

End of Act I

I am just a fan, creating a fan-based comic storyboard and designing a comic strip for fun.

However this particular comic-storyboard was written by me, and is my intellectual property.
Copyright (C) 2012 by Suvarna Shah

COMMENTS, please!
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Name: Wonder Woman (real name: Diana)
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Themyscira
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Princess of Themyscira
Abilities: Super strength, flight, Amazonian combat, healing factor and empathy
Official Team: Superheroines
Debut: All Star Comics #8
Voice Actor: Susan Eisenberg

Princess Diana was born of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, and Zeus, King of the gods. This gives her all traits of the gods such as strength and agility. She left her island of Themyscira and ventured to "Man's World" as an emissary of peace. One of her prominent tools in battling evil is the Lasso of Truth which forces whoever gets captures by it to reveal the truth.

Special Moves:
*Amazonian Upper: Wonder Woman rushes up at her opponent.
*Silver Tiara: She throws her tiara at her opponent.
*Lasso: She tosses her Lasso of Truth at her opponent, ties him/her up and slams him/her to the other side.
*Shield Toss: She throws her shield at her opponent like a boomerang.

Super Moves:
*Lasso Spin: Wonder Woman wraps her opponent around the Lasso of Truth and spins him/her in circles. She then flies over with a kick.
*Athena's Might: Wonder Woman calls upon Athena and she strikes at her opponent with a giant spear.

Neo Max:
*Power of the Amazon: Wonder Woman bashes her opponent with her shield. When it hits, a bunch of Amazonian gaurdswomen show up to beat the opponent over the head with the handles of their spears. Wonder Woman then ties the opponent around with her Lasso of Truth and drags him/her close to her, followed by a slash that knocks the opponent out.

Wonder Woman (as Diana Prince) and Steve Trevor are at a museum tour. (Fun Fact: this museum they're in is in the SNK world)
Diana: "So what do you think about the tour, Steve?"
Steve: "I like what I'm learning here. It's good to learn about the history of an alternate universe, and this one isn't as crazy as some of the others you and the Justice League have encountered before."
Tour Guide: "And this here is a diorama of the heavenly princess named Athena. Athena was bored with being a princess so she set out for adventure and fought all kinds monsters that inhabit Fantasy World, ruled by an evil emperor named Dante. Now to the next exhibit."
Diana: "Athena? Let me check it out."
Diana stumbles upon a diorama of Princess Athena battling Emperor Dante and his pet monster Cerberus.
Diana: "You know, I bet this Athena is as vigorous as the Athena I know of from my universe. What do you think, Steve. Steve?"
Steve: "Y'know, I have some questions to ask about the two Athenas."
Diana: "Why?"
Steve looks at a statue of Athena and tries to compare SNK Athena with DC Universe Athena
Steve: "Now this Athena was a rather rebellious princess who wanted to see the outside world. Meanwhile your Athena is a rather responsible figure who is always aware of her duties, like aiding you in battle. Looks like this Athena was a rather naive girl, in contrast to your Athena, who's called the "Goddess of Wisdom" for a reason."
Diana: "Well, yeah."
Steve: "And I'm gonna guess the Athena you're more familiar with dress more modestly compared to this Athena. *giggles*"
Diana: "Uh, I think we should continue following everyone in this museum tour."

*Regular Costume: Her New 52 attire
*Another Costume: Her Amazonian armor (as seen in Injustice: Gods Among Us as her Regime costume)
*Battle Intro: Wonder Woman bows to the goddess Athena and says, "Athena, guide me". She's blessed with the Lasso of Truth and as Athena vanishes, she gets ready to fight.
*Winning Pose: Wonder Woman unsheathes her sword and shield and swings the sword two times and then puts both the sword and shield away.
*Victory Pose: Two Amazonian guards women teleport behind Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman gets out her sword and shield and holds the sword in triumph after saying, "With strength comes purpose!".

Quotes/Special Quotes:
see Pre-Fight Conversations for Wonder Woman's special intro quotes

Winning Quotes:
-"An Amazon never surrenders!"
-"You are no warrior."

After-Match Quotes:
-(general) "No one, especially not you, can come against the Amazon."
-(general) "You're good, but you're not cut out to be the strongest compared to me."
-(vs. Ai/Fio/Kasumi/Yuri) "If you want, you can train with the Amazon."
-(vs. Aquaman) "Poseidon has abandoned you in this fight! Now there is no hope!"
-(vs. Ares) "With you defeated, there will be no more chaos in the world of man!"
-(vs. Ash) "Let go of your arrogance and narcissism! You need help more than ever."
-(vs. Athena) "The weird part is, I thought there was one Athena."
-(vs. Atomic Guy) "You are the strongest man alive? What about Clark Kent?"
-(vs. Batman/Superman) "Looks like you'll have to train harder next time."
-(vs. Billy/Black Adam/Lex Luthor/Nightmare Geese/Riddler) "You embody the worse in men!"
-(vs. Brainiac) "Brainiac, your evil will be no more!"
-(vs. Brother Blood) "You will not obtain blood samples from me, Sebastian!"
-(vs. Cyborg/Killer Moth/Maxima) "Luckily I've grown accustomed to this kind of technology, technology you'll never see in Themyscira."
-(vs. Deathstroke) "You have underestimated the Justice League once. This won't happen again!"
-(vs. Elta) "Poseidon? I thought there was only one Poseidon."
-(vs. Harley Quinn) "I've now beaten you twice!"
-(vs. Hawkgirl) "Alien technology like Nth is meaningless against me!"
-(vs. Iori) "You harbor too much anger, which is why you have lost!"
-(vs. Joker) "Your jokes are not funny, Joker! Now get loss before you face a much greater punishment, even if Bruce will look at me funny for doing it!"
-(vs. Janne) "Be lucky you won't get in trouble for falling for a man. Here in Themyscira, we Amazon are forbiddon to fall for men."
-(vs. Killer Croc) "I hope you are no demon because you look like you could be a minion of Hades!"
-(vs. Mary) "Even normal women outta train harder! Just look at Barbara Gordon."
-(vs. Mai) "Guess which woman is the strongest now!"
-(vs. Orochi) "I'll let the gods of Olympus deal with you."
-(vs. Scarecrow) "These monsters you sent after em can not work. Not as long as I am stronger than ever!"
-(vs. Shiki) "Do not worry, sister. You'll find happiness in Themyscira."
-(vs. mirror match Wonder Woman) "Why are you trying to copy me and my likeness?"
Why bring in Wonder Woman as the next DC character after Superman and Batman, you ask? Because they're both part of the DC Trinity that makes them iconic characters for DC Comics... but while they are of the DC Trinity, Wonder Woman's not in the same team as Superman and Batman however. She has her own team called Superheroines, who's other members will be submitted sooner than you think.

*Knowing that there are two different Athenas in each universes, this is the topic in her ending where Wonder Woman (as Diana Prince) and Steve Trevor try to compare SNK's Athena with DC Universe's Athena.
*Yes, her Regima costume from Injustice: Gods Among Us is her Another costume with a new name.

Wonder Woman © DC Comics
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ACT 5:

Hawkgirl scouted the waters and harbor.

HG: He couldn't have gotten too far, especially with the hit I gave him.
Eventually finding him unconscious, bleeding from his head, somewhat severely, drifted upon seaweed and dirt. She lifted him up and flew to where the other men and now cops were.

COP1: Thank you, Hawk Girl, Martian Man-hunter filled us in on what's been happening.

HG: Good, the Cargo is over there. The Justice League can dispose of it for you, properly if you wish.

COP 2: There's no need, but thank you.

Lex grumbles, eventually vocalizes

LEX: You'll all have plenty to dispose of, once the 3rd ship makes intermission, positioned correctly, the cargo can reach here and destroy every living organism around it! Only a few are immune, and those will dispose many of your dead carcasses!

HG: HG to watch tower, transfer please.

Once back on the Watch Tower, Hawk Girl went right over to Superman, who wasn't looking too good. J'on was able to remove the remains of the Kryptonite sample, however the residue that had rubbed off onto Superman was circulating within his blood stream.

JJ: I don't know what else to do for him, not until Batman comes back.

HG: They're not back yet?

JJ: No, Bane and the Joker are quite a formidable duo, remember it was Bane who broke ---
Batman entered with Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. Batman hung on to G-L and Wonder Woman.

BB: Bane who what?

JJ: Nothing, glad you're back, we need you. But it looks as though you've sustained injuries yourself.

BB: It's nothing.

He violently shook off GL and WW.

He walked over to Superman.

BB: we need to expose him to yellow sun radiation, we need Captain Atom. He can absorb the radiation of the sun and possibly generate the particles into a liquid form to inject into superman, with my help of course.

TF: Whatever we need to do to get the big guy rolling again.

WW: In the mean time, we should put him into the solar room, while Captain Atom absorbs the radiation and Batman can be fixed.

JJ: WW is right.

He walked over to the intercom and called for Captain Atom and assigned the mission at hand.

J'on assisted Superman with Flash, while Wonder Woman assisted Batman. All who was left were Hawk-girl and GL.

HG: What happened to him? You too look scuffled a bit.

GL: Bane is what happened.

HG: But Wonder Woman could have easily taken him out.

GL: Bane was and always has been Batmans opponent, that would never change nor will it. He quickly assigned us, and he took off. Was putting up a good fight, until…..


HG: until what?

GL:  I was against the Joker, while Wonder Woman took out the recruits, must've been 7 of them, not hard for her. She managed, up until one of them shot out theses new bullets that don't react on impact, but rather open right before it hits the target. This specific bullet had electrical netting which stabilizes its claim, momentarily. She screamed, Batman took one quick look, called out to her, and Bane chose his moment. I've never seen or known for Batman to ever get distracted, but this was different. Something is going on between them.

HG:  And I thought it was only us!?

They both embraced.

HG: Oh, you smell bad

GL: Thanks, it was one of Joker's gases, luckily I blocked most of it and LUCKILY it wasn't his laughing gas, I think it was something to knock me out, but it was real weak. He seems to be off his game lately.

HG: But you stopped the Cargo from shipping out right?

GL: Of course—

HG: Did they reveal anything about a third Cargo?

GL: No—why?

HG: Lex did, he kept saying, intermission….in the water, not exactly too sure where it would be coming from.

GL: We should go. FLASH!

Flash sped over, with a bagel in hand.

TF: What's up GL?

GL: I was just informed of another Cargo ship, we need to find it and stop it.

TF: No prob.

All three walked over to the screen, but didn't see any radioactivity signals.

HG: Why isn't it showing up! Isn't it the same material?!

GL: maybe they have an untraceable shield.

TF: We need to scout the waters. Besides, J'on is with Sups, he should be fine until
Captain Atom and Batman converse.

GL: He's right, Flash will come with me, you can fly on your own. Keep the lines open if anyone see's anything.
I am just a fan, creating a fan-based comic storyboard and designing a comic strip for fun.

However this particular comic-storyboard was written by me, and is my intellectual property.
Copyright (C) 2012 by Suvarna Shah

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"Alexandria no!" Artemis shouted before the Amazon Princess could advance. Alexandria looked to her commander with question. Why would she stop her from confronting Superman?

"That is not Superman..." Artemis simply stated with great severity.  Behind the imposter man of steel others rose into the air. All of them were Superman. The one in the center eyes' ignited with red light. Quickly a thin beam of heat vision escaped and fired down on the island. The Amazons quickly jumped for cover.

"It's a Superman robot!!" Tatyana quickly shouted in the air. She pointed her trident at the fleet of robotic Kryptonians. Lightning shot out of her trident and blasted four of the nine Supermen imposters. The robot men pummeled to the ground and crashed hard against the stone floor.

The remaining five robots shot through the sky as a piloted team. Alexandria flew into the air. With her hammer in hand she clobbered the Supermen, however one missed her blows and continued to soar.

"He's headed for the palace!" Artemis shouted with terror in her voice. Almost all of Themyscira shuddered with her. King Tristan was in grave peril. Without his powers he would be cannon fodder for the android, but the robot would never fulfill his murderous plot.

Just as quickly as he shot through the sky, a golden rope bound itself around the robot's torso just as lightning quick. Princess Selene gave one good tug and down the robot went. She flew in circles, force crashing her bound Superman into his fellow automaton brethren. One by one she obliterated them all until there was only one left. Her two sisters Alexandria and Tatyana watched with dropped jaws.

"Are you going to stand there all day?" she asked and shot past them towards her android foe. "We've got a battle to win!"

"Yes Ma'am!" her two sisters rejoiced. Princess Selene high kicked the robot into the sky and quickly shot into the air. She slammed her fists down and sent the metal down crashing down to the ground with the same effect as a meteor.

"So much for you being passive" Alexandria stated with her arms crossed. She held her hammer just in case, but there was no point. Selene was on a rampage! She stomped down on the android as it began to stand once more. Its metal body crunched under her feet.

"I am passive sister..." Selene responded calmly. She kicked the android across the battle field. "I do not harm people...however this hunk of tin isn't alive!" she said justifying her actions. She wasn't hurting anyone. She was simply beating up an oversized toaster.

"We've got trouble!!" Artemis shouted. With her bow drawn she fired a few arrows into the sky. The skies were flooded with winged demon women as well as flying machines, human flying machines!

"Harpies!" Princess Tatyana hissed. Somebody freed the Harpies from the underworld and they were now wreaking havoc on Themyscira!

"We have bigger problems!" Princess Alexandria shouted. She pointed towards the ground where the armored men were being accompanied by other beings. Armed with poisonous arrows the Centaurs stampeded through the island marsh. Human soldiers stormed with their semi automatic weapons. The Amazons were outnumbered!

"We've got another problem Sisters..." Princess Selene added with a calmed voice. She pointed towards the horizon. Past the enemy ships was an even greater threat. A green scaly figure appeared and slithered into the ocean depths. From the small portion that was spotted it was clear that this monster's size was greater than anything the Amazons could handle.

All around the island there were cries. Brave Amazon warriors fell to their deaths. The force of the enemy was too overpowering to even the most skilled of fighters. There was no hope left. The Amazons had failed.

"Triton!" Princess Tatyana shouted. Her sea lover quickly appeared at her side in a rush of ocean air. His presence salted the air and wisped the ground.

"My love?" he quickly responded. Tatyana handed him her trident and pushed him towards the shoreline.

"Summon your Atlantian warriors and by us some time with that sea monster."

Triton did not wait another second. He vanished in bubbly sea foam. The foam seaped into the ground quickly turning the dry dirt into moist mud. There was no trace that he had been there once the mud dried.

"I'll handle the Harpies!" Alexandria offered. She twirled her hammer in her hand and shot into the sky. The first Harpy that came within distance was clobbered like it was a fly falling victim to a swatter.

"I can take the Centaurs" Tatyana stated. She put one foot out and then stopped. What was there for Selene to do?

"Selene..." Tatyana said. Her baby sister looked to her. Her baby blue eyes begged not to be ordered to fight. "Tend to the wounded" she said after scoffing.

Tatyana sprinted into the battlefield with her trident in hand. It was already glowing with the power of Poseidon. She blasted out a bolt of lightning, instantly incinerating a rapid Centaur on the spot.

But what the women didn't see was the fast approaching threat. It was not as massive as the Sea Serpent, nor was it as numerous as the Centaurs and Harpies, but even so this threat was just as or even more deadly.

"It's a rapid Minotaur!" one of the warrior women shouted. She then cried out as she was slashed with her opponent's sword.

Running through the Amazons like a speeding snow plow was the Minotaur and at its helm was a rider. That's when things went from bad to worse. This rider was all too familiar to the Amazons of Themyscira, for the rider was an Amazon!

"Ebony!" Princess Selene cried. Betrayal was worse than any burn. It went under the skin and ate away at flesh and soul. Ebony was a traitor.

As if she were riding an unstoppable killing machine, which she was, Ebony tore through the Amazons' defenses and made her way towards the palace where the King was, but just as the minotaur's hooves touched the stone steps of the palace, it lost its rider.

Swooping down from out of nowhere, Artemis appeared and kicked Ebony in her jaw, sending her rocketing backwards into the air. The Minotaur however continued up the steps and crashed violently into the palace's doors. They shattered upon impact and the beast rode in.

"He's going after The King!" Artemis shouted. Across the battle field in separate positions the Princesses gasped in terror. Their father was in Danger!

Artemis flipped her sword in her hand and shot through the air with her blade in front of her. She went after the monster, leaving Ebony to the mercy of Princess Selene. She towered over her with her arms crossed.

"Of all people…I would've never expected betrayal from you…" Selene said. Ebony scoffed and stood up with her sword being drawn shortly after. "You turned your back on your people, on my Father-"

"Your Father is a fool, Selene!" Ebony shouted. She swung her sword. Quicker than lightning could strike down from the sky, Selene dodged the swipe and then pulled for her lasso. Holding it in both hands, she countered the incoming swipes of Ebony's sword.

"You can only delay me for so long!" Ebony boasted, "He granted me power! Power your Father could not! You cannot hope to defeat me!" she declared. Swiftly, Ebony kicked Selene's hands and forced her lasso free from her grip. After kicking the defenseless Princess to the ground, her attacker then kicked the lasso out of reach and held her sword into the air.

"And now you cannot hope to survive this!" she then said. Ebony shouted out and forced her sword downwards. Selene screamed and shut her eyes in terror. She crossed her arms over her head to defend against the incoming blade.

"Selene!" the other two Princesses cried. They were too far away to help and even if they were, they wouldn't have been able to stop what came next.

As Ebony's blade came down its path was interrupted from Selene's flesh. Almost instantly, a transparent dome formed around Selene. The blade crashed and shattered against the blue aura and Ebony jolted back. Selene opened her eyes after hearing the blade shatter upon impact with something. She and her sisters gasped with what they saw.

"If you thought this battle was over, you're sadly mistaken!" came a man's voice from the sky. He hovered to the ground with his fist out in front of him. The blue dome had a tail that pointed towards him, but not entirely to him. The dome was attached to the ring on his finger. It was a ring of a Blue Lantern.

"And I should only hope that you didn't that you could attack my sister and walk away!" the man then said with a very cold, very stern expression on his face. "Never fear dear sisters…" He said, "All will be well…"
There's a Prince? Wuuuutttt???

:bulletwhite: [link] (Chapter 1)
:bulletwhite: Chapter 4

The Crowned Son
:bulletgreen: Prince Elijah :bulletblue: [link]
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Act III:

2 months and 15 days ago

J'on J'onzz was on duty, gathering the Justice League into the tower.

JJ: Tower to base, we need all founding members here, immediately.

J'on was already there, along with the Flash and Batman. One by one, each 7 arrived. (Superman (Kent), Batman (Wayne), J'on J'Onzz (martian), Wonder Woman (Prince), Green Lantern (Stewart), Flash (West), Hawk Girl (Hall)

SP: What is going on?

TF: Do we have any food around here?

WW: Flash, now is not the time for---

TF: Ahh, here we go.
The team rolled their eyes.

J'on: I've been monitoring them around just a week ago (turns to screen). Huge drug cartel, but it seems like a fluke, viewing our screening satellites, it looks as though it could be something radioactive---

BM: It's not full of cocaine or heroin. It's disguised as so and is carrying a major mass amounts of weaponized material. I've been monitoring them from the bat cave---

TF: So that's where you've been

BM:  As I was saying, I've been monitoring them and who they've been communicating with, coincidentally their perimeters are staying within the Gotham Harbor and Metropolis. I haven't seen any changes. They tread very lightly.

GL:  and who might we say is up to this?

BM: With a heavy load such as that, and large amounts of weaponized material to wipe out both Gotham City and Metropolis, I'd infer it to be one of ours (looks to Superman).

SM: Check out Interpol, see who is in and who has yet to be taken in.

JJ: Superman, take Flash, and Hawkgirl. Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman will assist you.
I am just a fan, creating a fan-based comic storyboard and designing a comic strip for fun.

However this particular comic-storyboard was written by me, and is my intellectual property.
Copyright (C) 2012 by Suvarna Shah

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Act 4:

Each team arrived accordingly: Metropolis

SM: TF, Hawkgirl, lets head toward docking.

(They see two guys loading up a few barrels too heavy for their size, on the back of a ship)

SM: Looks relatively easy.

TF: You can say that again.

HG: We should go in.

SM: wait, we can't pounce right away.

Guy one: All th'cargos loaded.

Guy two: Yeah, no thanks to the boss, we should up the ante.

Both men hopped in and signaled the mariner to guide the ship out. A figure steps out from the Bow.

Shadowed figure: Me? Up the ante, for you and your supposed men, who didn't even show up?

Guy one: Boss!

Guy one steps back

Guy Two: You shouldn't be here, just in case Sups shows up.

Shadowed figure: He doesn't know this operation has been planned for the past 2 months, and will be completed by early morning, before anyone has a chance to stop me. The entire Justice League is useless to this city, let alone to the planet. Gotham and Metropolis will be in complete disarray. As for you two, I'm a fair man, you've completed your job, and you shall get rewarded.

Both men approached the shadowed figure.

Shadowed figure steps out, it was Lex Luthor.

SP: Batman, come in, we just found our leader---you guessed it.

BM: busy now. Bane is on the other end of this with the Joker.
Superman flew down.

SM: Guess again Luthor!

Hawk Girl and Flash followed.

LEX: Looks like you've caught me, but even you can't be in three places at once. At least one of these Cargo ships will make its destination, and even if the other doesn't, there is a timed intermission: Cargo ship 3.

Superman charged.

Lex pulled out a sample of Kryptonite, stalling the man of steel.

LEX: Do it

Guy one: Took out two guns, and started shooting both toward Hawkgirl and Flash. However these bullets were capsules that burst into electric nets, which were to catch the flash and stabilize him, while the other bullets were a gas concoction the Joker created to be inhaled by the victim and paralyze them momentarily.

Guy two pulled out another gun, equal in size, but shaped slightly different, pointed it towards Superman.

LEX: Let me do the honors. Get over here!

Guy two: walks over closer to Lex, still pointing at Superman, Lex still holding the
Kryptonite towards Superman as well, eventually trading items.

LEX: it's been fun Superman, after all these years, and yet you still never killed me, never crossing that line. Too bad, you wished you would've.

Shot was fired, however it did hit superman, in the shoulder, instead of heart where Lex was aiming. Hawkgirl came out of nowhere and pelted Lex with her mace.
(She managed to dodge the bullets, however the ones she didn't, she used her wings to deflect the gas. )

Lex fell off the boat into the water.

Flash was still stuck, getting weaker by the electric netting. Hawkgirl removed the netting quickly with her mace.

Both ran over to Superman to see his condition.

SM: Take them out.

Superman nodded towards the two men.

Easily defeated, after understanding their bag of trips and running out of ammo quickly, Flash and Hawkgirl gathered them up, and tied them with the docks rope.
The mariner was also found and tied. Hawkgirl turned the boat around, alerted J'on, who alerted the police. Flash ran to Supermans aid, he needed to remove the Kryptonite from his shoulder immediately.

HG: J'on, we need to get Superman out of here, transfer him up with Flash immediately! He has Kyrptonite in his bloodstream now.  Lex? Yes, I'll go after him.
I am just a fan, creating a fan-based comic storyboard and designing a comic strip for fun.

However this particular comic-storyboard was written by me, and is my intellectual property.
Copyright (C) 2012 by Suvarna Shah

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Angel of the Darkest Sea

In the beginning, there was light…

Cast upon a raft, adrift in a heartless sea,
My mind was imprisoned, clouded with doubt,
I was alone, they could not find me,
I’d fallen from grace and could not get out.

Tidal currents would flow and ebb,
Wrought with words that wished to fly,
To soar above all that held them back,
And part the clouds that made them cry.

The sunlight brought naught but fire and pain,
Soothing syrens of the sea began to call my name,
Guiding my soul into the cool and rolling waves,
A realm of “darkness and corruption” is where I’d be saved.

Drawn deeper through abyssal depths,
Forgotten by the light, who’d all but left,
I found to my delight, creatures of such purity and life,
My soul began  to find a strength despite its strife.

Twas from here he came…

A being born in darkness and the unforgiving sea,
His eyes held its depth and flowing beauty,
They held the strength and mystery of eternity,
And those eyes then turned their gaze to me.

What they see in me, I’ll never know,
Myself, a fleer of cold, unfeeling light,
He lends his strength to mine, and it begins to grow.

His presence fills my heart with joy,
His heartfelt words bring a smile to my mind,
His spirit unchains my wings, and teaches them to fly!

I remain, surrounded by the steadfast life that saves,
The secrets of truth that lie beneath the waves,
Forgotten by the realms above, for they will never see,
Now my angel of darkness has come for me.

In the cradle of life, beneath the sea…

This was one of those poems that won't let you do anything else until you finish it. Sort of entrances you I guess, I dunno, the darn thing wouldn't let me work on my essay! :shakefist: See, it all started when I wanted to change my msn name, this really pretty line bubbled to the surface and that's what I used: "Tidal currents... ... wished to fly"... then it decides to be all 'You must write the rest of this!' *whipcrack*... O.o... anyway, my brain wouldn't let me study until I wrote this out... came out of nowhere... Argh, I don't write romantic nonsense normally, thus it sucks... and the structure changes continuously, so it is not fixed, nor is it open, that's why I put it under 'song', because I didn't know where else it would properly fit... *spazzes*...whoo, and I'm on caffiene... O.O... real coffee, none of that Timmy's crap, had to grind it myself with a porcelain salt shaker and soup bowl... and... *dies*
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