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   “Good Morning, Crystal Beach!  Today, it looks like it will be smokin’ hot at 92°, so don’t forget to put on some sunscreen, hit the beach, and enjoy yourselves!  With that being said, continue to enjoy the rest of this fine morning by listening to these summer classics on 93.8 Platinum.”

   I groan as I get out of bed.  Besides not having a good night’s sleep, I’ll also have to endure an entire day of heat.  Shrugging, I turn off my radio and head off to my kitchen.

   As I make myself some breakfast, I decide on what I want to do.  I could always stick it out inside by watching TV or browsing the internet, but then again, I’ve been quite the shut-in lately.  I haven’t seen or talked to my friends lately, nor have I gone out just to have fun.

   I look out of my window, and I sigh.  Though I don’t live right on the beach, it’s only about a ten minute walk.  After a few minutes of debating with myself, I come to a decision.

   “What the hell.”

   I put on my swimming trunks, grab a towel, and I head off to the beach.

   When I reach my destination, I am greeted by the natural ambience of seagulls and waves.  After a quick moment’s decision, I decide to just lie down on my towel and chill.  After all, what the hell else is there to do?  Go into the water?  I’ll pass.  I’m neither a surfer nor a seven year old.

   After a few moments of comfort, I begin to notice two bikini clad women walk up to me.  One is a blonde, who is wearing a lime green bikini.  The other is a redhead, who is wearing a pink one.  Nevertheless, both are super-hot.

   “Um, hi?” I say as they reach me.

   They both begin to scan me with their eyes, until, almost at the exact same time, they smile.

   “What’s your name?” the blonde hair chick asks.

   “I’m…uhhh…my name is Jameson,” I stutter.

   The two girls look at each other, and they share a giggle.

   “Well…” the redhead says seductively, “It’s pretty hot out, and we haven’t put on any sunscreen yet.  Would you, like, wanna help us out with that?”

   Upon hearing this, I can’t believe my ears.  Here I am, an average guy on the beach, and two of the hottest women I’ve seen in my life want ME to rub sunscreen all over their bodies.

   “Sure!” I exclaim.

   “Great!” the blonde squeals as she hands me a bottle of sunscreen.  She and the redhead then lie on their stomachs.  

   “Start on my back, please.”

   At this, I hurry to squeeze the bottle onto her back.  When enough is on her, I begin to rub.  Damn, her skin is so soft!  As I rub, I try to keep it near her shoulders, as I do not want to “intrude”.

   “Ahhhhh, that’s nice,” the blonde moans, “Could you, like, go lower?”

   “Lower?” I ask in disbelief, “Uh, yeah, sure.”
I continue to rub as I reach her lower back, being very cautious not to get too greedy.

   Again, she moans, “lower”.

   It is at this point that I’m nearly at her butt.  All of a sudden, though, the blonde shakes her body, which cause my hand to slip.  I freeze as I hear a voice behind me.

   “What the hell are you doing to my girlfriend?”

   I turn around, and standing above me is a 6 foot 3 muscular guy, who is covered in tattoos.  

   “I said, what the hell are you doing to my babe?”

   At first, I think the guy is just freaking out because I’m putting sunscreen all over his girlfriend.  As I turn around, though, I realize that my hand slipped earlier.  Braced for the inevitable, I turn around to see my hand on the blonde’s ass.

   “Like, get your hands off of me, you pervert!” the blonde yells, “Daniel, this guy just walked up to us and tried to do, like, things!”

   “Yeah,” the redhead adds in, trying to play along, “He wouldn’t leave!”

   At this point, I’m utterly confused.  If these two women wanted me to put sunscreen on them, then why are they acting like I’m some sort of sex offender?  I mean, the blonde’s boyfriend is literally about to beat the crap out of me!

   “Listen, punk,” Daniel sneers, “It’s about time to teach you a lesson.”

   Daniel then grabs me by my hair, drags me over to the water, and then throws me in.  I land face first into the salty liquid.  Great, I knew this was too good to be true.

   Behind me, I hear Daniel grunt, “Ash, Sharon, let’s go.”

   “Thank god.”

   “Yeah, let’s ditch this loser.”

   Out of undeserved respect, or unwanted fear, I laid there in the water, not getting out until I know they are gone.  As I lay there, I notice a coin right beside me.  Not really paying attention, though, I pocket it.

   When I know the coast is clear, I walk back to my towel, trying to process what the heck just happened.  I mean, I go from being the luckiest guy in the world to a punching bag.  Was that their idea of fun?  To have that blonde’s boyfriend beat up any poor bastard like me, just because she could?

   With a great sigh, I take the coin out of my pocket.  It looks as if it is made out of a bronze alloy, but whatever was on it is gone now due to erosion.  Out of boredom, I begin to flip it.

   Honestly, though, it’s unfair that women like that can be so seductive, so shallow, while men like me are helpless to fall prey to them.  It’s a power that they abuse, a power they don’t deserve.  With a great heave, I flip the coin high up into the air.

   “I wish I had their power instead.”

   The coin then lands on my hand, but different.  It takes me a few moments to notice it, but it’s plainly obvious that a change did indeed occur.  What was once a blank slate is now full of markings, and what appears to be a portrait of a woman of some type, perhaps a goddess.  This confuses me greatly, but not as greatly as what will happen next.  

   Immediately, a great pain shoots throughout my body.  I notice the coin in my hand shrink, but then I realize that it’s my hand growing smaller instead.  I yelp, and I drop the coin.  My arms also shrink, causing them to become both shorter and softer.

   I double over onto my stomach as the pain fills my bottom half.  My feet shrink while my legs grow curvier and slightly longer.  It is at this point that I notice that all of my body hair is disappearing as well.  I hear a crack, and I look back to see my hips and ass expanding at an alarming rate.  

   As they finally stop expanding, I feel a ruffle on my swim trunks.  I look back to see my swimsuit shrinking into a speedo, and then into a thong.  At first, I feel as if my circulation is being cut off, but then my pain subsides.  Confused, I put my hand to my crutch, only to find that my “stuff” is no longer there.

   I’m about to cry out, but I get myself distracted again, as I notice that the material from the thong begins to grow upwards and encompass my body.  As it slithers upward, it pulls in on my waist, causing me to have difficulty breathing for a few seconds; after that though, I adjust, and the size of my midsection feels natural.  

   I expect more of the same to happen on my chest, except the complete opposite occurs.  The material grabs hold of my chest, and pulls out.  At first, I think it’s just my skin that is expanding, until I realize that my chest is ballooning up.  An incredible sensation fills my body as my breasts expand into a C-Cup size.  When they finally stop, I feel almost disappointed.

   As my breasts fall into place, revealing my cleavage, the material finally stops growing, as two bands wrap around my shoulders, linking the two parts.  The straps then pull down, causing my shoulders to pull inward.

   Next, I feel my Adam’s apple shrink to the point of almost nonexistence.  The feeling continues to grow, as it washes over my face.  I feel my facial features distort as my nose shrinks, my eyelashes grow, and as everything else gets smaller.  Finally, I feel my hair flow down my neck, past my shoulders, and down to my hips.

   When everything is over, I roll onto my butt, and I look around in desperation.  Did anybody see that?  I mean, hello, I just turned into a chick!  My sense of desperation furthers, as a lifeguard drives past me in a four wheeler.  As he goes by, he gives me a smile and a wink.

   Holy crap, how did this happen?  Better yet, why did this happen?  I pick up the coin, and I stare hard into it.  This had to do it.  This piece of junk just had to grant me that stupid wish!  I mean, god, everything just feels so…good.

   My mind comes crashing into a standstill.  Why do I think this feels so good?  Is it because I have…such a sexy body or…pretty eyes…no, no, this isn’t me!  What the hell is happening to my mind right now?

   My struggle to resist this new personality takes a huge blow as a tingling of bubbles pop one by one in my head. I must resist, but this, like, feels so great.  I want it so badly…but no, it’s not me!  Can it be me, though?  No, it can’t be.  I’m Jameson…James…Ja…Jasmine.  Yeah, I’m, like, soooo Jasmine.

   I lay there on my towel, not realizing what was going down just moments before.  I mean, like, why was I so confused?  Did I drink too much this morning…nah I didn’t.  With a loud yawn, I stretch my arms up into the air, as if almost embracing the rising sun.

   I can’t help but feel a great energy pulsating through my body, as if something extraordinary happened.  Though I believe that I have been a female my entire life, I have this weird feeling of déjà vu, as if I was somebody else for a very long time.

   As I come back to, I realize that a couple of yards away from me is a lonely guy on a beach towel.  Though he is probably a wimp, I feel somehow sorry for him.  I reach into my purse, which wasn’t there moments earlier, and I pull out a bottle of sunscreen.

   “It’s time to make somebody’s day,” I giggle.
Important Note: I don't own this picture, nor do I claim the rights to it. :| (Blank Stare) 

This is a request for tg-tfs, and I really had a good time with this. I am a dummy!  Unlike the other two stories I've written since my return, this one I aimed to make more of a fun TG and less serious.  So in other words, show me the sexy! Giggle 

Putting that aside, though, please let me know what you think below!
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Name:  Caitlyn Cozzo

Alias: The Tempest, Sword of the Sea

True Age: 200

Visual Age: 30

Gender: Female

Status: Active

Squad (Former): Squad 6

Rank (Former): Captain

Other Groups: None


Ambition: To preserve the memory of Byakuya Kuchiki

Hobbies: Devotion, training.

Dislikes: Disrespect, cruelty

Among the new set of Captains that serve as the highest military force of the Soul Society, the most notably calm and compassionate by reputation is Caitlyn Cozzo. While still incredibly strict and expecting of her squad, she in no way subjects them to harsh punishments or shows any sign of cruelty towards those under her charge, or to the majority in general.

Though her appearance can be slightly off putting, especially with her eye-patch, she is a kind and somewhat gentle, which is a rarity among Captains ever since the conclusion of the Violent Fires Rebellion and the restabilising of government in Soul Society.

She consults and teaches fairly, even personally educates certain members of her squad that are falling behind. She is respected by her underlings for her compassion and by her fellow Captains because of her immense strength. She has often interfered and stood up to the more violent among them, and has the power behind her authority. As a result, she has garnered loathing from the more twisted Captains.

However, she also has a darker side to her, much like the rest of them.  When completely isolated, she punished and harms herself before a personal shrine of Byakuya Kuchiki, showing that she has something of a mild obsession over him, but is able to recognise it and so punishes herself as a result.

She is also shown to have zero tolerance for sexism. Even openly contradicting the  Head Captain in some instances. Some of these cases have brought into question her sexuality, especially around her lieutenant.

It has been noted that her emotions and personality are taken to an extreme level when her Bankai has been activated, and purity becomes all she thinks about, obsessing over it to a point. Perhaps Byakuya's death was a catalyst into moulding it into that fashion.

Physical Information

Hair Color: Blue

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: White

Hand: Right

Height: 5'9

Weight: 10 Stone


A woman of fine age and wisdom, she does not lack appeal in any regard, but makes sure that her authority comes first and tries to dampen her attractiveness. She is easily recognisable with her long raven-blue hair, and (as much as she detest it) her ample chest. She is considered one of the most beautiful women in Soul Society despite her bet efforts to hide it.

Her most recognisable feature is the eye patch she wears, used to cover the eye she lost during the Violent Fires Rebellion. It has the kanji symbol of purity written on it, though no one truly understands why she wears it when she could easily have a false eye implanted.

Historical Information

Born: 1095

Location: Italy

Age at Death: 30

Death:  Spear Wound
Born into a world where women were simply tools and easily replaceable, Caitlyn managed to sneak into one of the many battalions that were taking part in the religious crusades to reclaim Jerusalem. Disguised and trained as a knight, she took part in many fights, killing many and shared in many victories. However, hesitation to take part in the pillaging of a village ended with her being speared through the gut, leading to her untimely death.

Soul Society proved to be very kind to her, as her exceptional control over reaitsu from a young age paved the way for her to enter the esteemed Cozzo Family. Over the years her strength grew and managed to settle nicely as the 3rd Seat of the 6th Division. From that point on she always found herself drawn to the silent and disciplined nature of Byakuya Kuchiki. The years of service to him eventually formed something resembling love, only she wished to never compromise his decisions or his personality and so watched from afar.
However, she noticed a change for the worse in him after his adopted sister, Rukia Kuchiki, entered his life, and especially after her rescue. Her perfect image of Byakuya was broken by her, and a deep rage grew towards the young reaper, even though it was blatant jealously.

She was recruited by Azazel Monroe to become one of his generals by means still obscure. One can assume it was under the assumption that Byakuya Kuchiki would be spared and Rukia Kuchiki would not be. Partaking in the Violent Fire Rebellion, she was responsible for slaying many of her fellow squad members, even coming into conflict with Rukia Kuchiki. As a result, she lost an eye, and could do nothing to stop Byakuya Kuchiki falling in battle.
When the battleground was cleared and the new regime was established, she immediately assumed control of the 6th Division and enforced the laws and teachings that she had learnt from her former Captain.


Other Trivia

She has a secret compartment in her barracks for her shrine to Byakuya Kuchiki.

She constantly ignores the pleas or sometimes intentionally mentally crushes the captive Rukia Kuchiki.

She always volunteers to take tours of the World of the Living.

She may or may not have a sexual relationship with her lieutenant, Mar Reina.

She adores the colour blue

She despises sexists and corruption of any kind.


Battle Capacity

Reiatsu: Blue

Experience: Expert swordsmanship and mastery of Kido.

The strongest opponents defeated: Rukia Kuchiki, Izuru Kira, R?j?r? ?toribashi

Swordplay Master - Practised the way of the sword to the point that can even outfight the strongest of opponents.

Shunpo Expert - Speed and grace come naturally to her, easily able to out manoeuvre the majority of attackers.

Kido Master - Easily able to chain Kido together. Alteration to her body allows several high class techniques to be used in succession without fatigue or drawback.

Hakuda Expert - Able to successfully use hand to hand combat effectively to disarm most opponents.

Strength: High

Endurance: Moderate

Speed: High

Agility: High

Intelligence: High

Spiritual Power: High

Zanpakuto Information

Name: Sugisatta Shio (Tides Gone By)


Command: Submerge

Shikai -

Appearance: Takes the form of a broadsword with a cerulean colour blade and a moss green edge running down the centre. It has the ability to become pure water and even manipulate the water around it, making it a very powerful tool that can change the surroundings.

?b?fur? (Overflow): A torrent of water that fills the surrounding area, allowing instant tracking of enemies

Doshaburi (Downpour): A rainstorm occurs, the droplets able to change their density at will

Arainagasu (Wash Away): Able to change the water flow of the area in a single direction, zooming in and crushing the opponent

Bankai -

Name: Sugisari Wasurejio (Forgotten Tides Gone By)

Appearance: Turns the user into a being of pure water. While this form severely weakens the user's endurance and speed, it allows total manipulation of all water surrounding it. Able to take on various forms for defensive and offensive purposes.

Jundo No Yoroi (Purity Armour): Chainmail and plate that coat the user's weakened body for added defence

Dekishi Shita Ken (Drowned Sword): A blade of water that can switch its size and properties between contaminated, pure and crystal

Umi Sogeki (Sea Sniper): Summons several spears formed of water that lash at the opponent

Umi No Hinba (Sea Mare): Creates a mare out of dense water. Able to offer protection, attack enemies and be ridden for quick getaways

Umihebi (Sea Serpent): Take on the form of a giant serpent formed of dense water. Incredibly powerful and nearly unbeatable defence

Setsudan Hikisaku (Cutting Tear): A thin burst of water that easily tears through opponents


Lost Heaven by Black Label Society

Rain Wizard by Black Stone Cherry
My OC Shinigami; Caitlyn Cozzo, Captain of the 6th Division
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In a world as colorful, diverse, unique and beautiful as it is today, I’ve learned through my 10 months on this website that many people enjoy expressing themselves in many different ways when it comes to art.

Whether it be through romance, nature, darkness, light or everything else there is to express with, it becomes even more interesting when I see the people express themselves with so many different mediums.

Myself? I enjoy expressing my artistic abilities through many mediums: Digital art, poetry, but most avidly, the xReader fandoms. Avengers, Sherlock, Free!, Shingeki no Kyojin and many, many others.

99% of my stories are romantic. I love to write romance, though I usually don’t take it much further than a little something like a sweet little kiss, the beginning of a new relationship, a baby being born, or occasionally, the odd sexual innuendo. Once, I tried writing a lemon. However it didn’t work out very well, and I decided to remove it for personal reasons.

And after seeing what’s been happening to a large quantity of authors, I’m sorry to say that I’m glad I did.

Lemons, or intimate, romantic fanfictions have been getting taken down more and more often, many a writer being warned, reported, had their accounts suspended, and others deactivated. While I’ve always secretly disagreed with this, I’ve been able to supress my personal opinions and feelings about the removal of the lemon fanfictions until now.

Recently, a dear, close friend of mine, TonyStarks-Girl , has had her account suspended for “continuous submission of pornographic literature”.  Which I find to be incredibly rude, unfortunate and rather hypocritical, especially for a website that’s been blocked by many a school, parent and facility due to the lovely amount of  “pornographic” or sexually provocative art that is graced by this site.

Whether it’s digital art of strange, colorful characters, or photography of voluptuous, Photoshopped women in lingerie or much, much less (and many a time these pictures/photos have no maturity content warnings), these artistic forms of expression are constantly popping up on the front page, almost always receiving praise from fans or community members, instead of getting reported or denounced by other members of the community, which has been the case with the submission of lemon fanfictions.

I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that while pictures of nude women, with or without maturity content filters, are perfectly acceptable on the front page, as Daily Deviations, and absolutely beautiful while romantic stories where the reader engages in lovemaking with a character that’s fictional isn’t alright.

Recently, a friend pointed out that the DeviantART guidelines state that things are only sexually provocative/inappropriate if it includes anything about masturbation, penetration, sexual intercourse and the like.

However I don’t think that they understand this simple fact: naked women and pictures of them, or racy, sexual pictures in skimpy outfits are ALL SEXUALLY PROVOCATIVE. Artistic or not, it’s still a depiction of naked people. And half the time, people see naked women and think “oh, look, naked. Good.” Not as in they see it as art, but they see it as an arousing piece that they find pleasurable.

And this is completely and totally acceptable.
So why is it people are allowed to draw pictures of women with huge breasts, hips, and wearing scantily clad outfits, and pictures of actual women without clothing, showing everything they were born with, or covering it up with little to nothing, are perfectly appropriate? No mature content filter required?

And why is it that stories that almost always have the maturity content filter, proper tags, warnings in descriptions, etc., are inappropriate and are deemed unfit to appear on the site? Furthermore, the uploading/posting of such works will result in the reporting, suspension and possible removal of, the accounts of the authors who wrote them?

There’s a simple way to avoid people running into these stories, especially if they don’t want to be seen. It’s the same action that I use whenever I don’t feel like looking at the pictures of sexy women/humanoid creatures that appear on my front page every single day:

Just don’t look at it. Don’t like? Don’t look. Don’t read.

I feel that this is a solution that can be applied here as well. There are many, many pictures that depict sexual activity, and during my extensive time here on this site I’ve had the unfortunate displeasure of witnessing too many of them. And through my experiences with such art, I have learned to look away and ignore those pieces.

However, I’m not saying that it would be wise to simply allow the submission of lemons without proper tags or content filters applied. It’s important that these stories have restricted access to those who are too young or are minors who can’t read them. In my experience, allowing minors to have access to pornography or the like are in danger, and it’s the last thing I would want to have young people who are below the age of 18 to read these stories.

Have the maturity content filter set to strict. Have it set so that only those 18 and older are able to read the stories.

Authors deserve to have as much freedom as other artists on this website. Reader insert writers should be able to upload what they want to upload to express themselves like all the photographers and artists that do the same. Don’t report authors and don’t remove the stories just because they have sexual content. Because every nude picture, every suggestive digital art piece and photograph are all sexual content, whether intentional or not.

Free the author. Let us write what we want to write. Because if people can draw what they want or take a picture of what they want, then we have the right to do the same. Sexual content or not.

Lemons are everywhere, whether we want them to be or we don’t. No matter how many blocked, more are just going to pop up. With the proper rules and proper regulations to ensure it’s safe for readers and writers alike to upload this content, then I think it’s extremely possible to allow us all to have them on this website.

Thank you for your time,

First TonyStarks-Girl , then smtownfanatic , then Eternal-Violet-Void , and a hoard of other authors that have had their accounts suspended or deactivated because of the uploading of lemons. However seeing as lemons have been around on this sight for YEARS, the sudden crack down has made me incredibly angry. It shouldn't matter now, especially when it didn't matter before. And you say it did matter? Well why no one did anything about these stories is a mystery to me.
We deserve to be able to write whatever we want to write, especially when artists can draw whatever they want. They find loopholes, but we can't. It's not fair, and I disagree. While I don't agree with the idea of allowing ANYONE of ANY AGE to read these stories, I feel that with the proper guidelines, it should be allowed to upload the stories we feel like writing.

It's our life. Our account. Our stories. Let us write them and share them in the ways we feel the need to.


picture created by…
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It was 8:00 AM on the second day.  The giant neighborhood garage sale was active once more.  Cars were already pulling into the area and parking all over the streets.  Rachel and JD were both busy putting the remaining items out on their tables, hurrying to get ready for the morning rush.  Both of them had returned to their Bleach girl forms, JD as Rangiku and Rachel as Yoruichi, for fun and to help sell the remaining supply of Costume in a Can's they had left.

"Okay then!" Rachel said stretching her arms, "Everything is all set!  Bring on the customers!"

"Well hopefully they aren't all here for the spray cans," JD, now back to being Jessie, spoke, "I just counted, we are down to 20 boxes, some of which aren't completely full.  I think we should put a limit on how many people can get so we don't run out."

"Good idea," Rachel said, watching as Jessie put a couple of a cans on the main table next to the laptop, "Probably should limit people to 4 or 5 cans instead of as many as they can carry."

Jessie nodded in agreement. Once she finished setting things up herself, she spotted someone walking up. "Customer coming," she spoke.  Rachel turned and observed the figure coming up.  The person was a young man, average looking except for his dyed green hair with regular blue jeans and black t-shirt.  He blushed when he was up close to the two and girls glanced at each other.

Rachel cleared her voice and asked sweetly, "Hi, I'm Rachel and this is Jessie.  Is there anything in particular you're looking for or need any help with?"

"Well," he said taking a deep breath, "There's… something."

"What is it?"

He then looked at the two of them seriously, with a fire in his eyes.  He asked, "Can you two make me into a woman?"

Both girls stared at him blankly and then looked at each other again.  He blushed again, very embarrassed by his outburst.  "Ah…" Jessie said, "You want us to… make you into a woman?"

"Maybe he is referring to the Costume in a Can spray?" Rachel said.  He then nodded his head furiously, still a little embarrassed to speak.

Jessie smiled brightly and asked, "Oh!  You want to turn into one of the hotties from Bleach like us?"

He meekly said, "Yeah… I heard about you two were selling this stuff on Twitter last night and I… I… got curious and decided to come.  I… thought it would be fun to be a girl."

"Oh it is fun!" Jessie said happily, "All the cute clothes you can wear, these new and wonderful emotions of woman, a sense of pride about who am I that I never felt as a guy, and the fact that you become so much more beautiful than you were before!"

"I think you should lay off the spray for a while," Rachel commented, "I think it is starting to scramble some of your brains."

"I am perfectly fine," Jessie said, sticking her tongue out and then returning to the boy, "Well, I'll help you out!  First of all, what's your name?"

"Jay," he said.

"Okay Jay," she said grabbing a spray can from the table, "Here is the solution you desire!"  She handed him the can and he read the label: 'Costume in a Can: Anime Babe Bleach Edition. Ready for your enjoyment! One spray and one new you guaranteed. Warning: Do not spray into open flames and does not mix well with suntan lotion. Effects may last up to an hour to a week depending on the amount of spray used. Side Effects Include: Runny Nose, Upset Stomach, Happy and Accepting Feelings, and Itching and or Sensitive Skin. Do not use if pregnant.'

"Now," Rachel said, explaining the situation, "This is how the spray works.  One quick spray and your body changes into a random Bleach girl.  Once you transformed, the effect will last anywhere from an hour to a week depending on the amount of spray used.  Continuously spraying yourself while you are a Bleach girl every now and then will ensure that you stay one for a long time.  However, the girl you become is the one you are stuck with for good.  For example, I turned into Yoruichi and as such, I cannot turn into say, Rukia.  I will always be Yoruichi every time I spray myself.  You get it?"

He nodded and said seriously, "So, if I get sprayed by this, I'll get giant boobs like Jessie?"

Jessie blushed and Rachel laughed, "It's a possibility since a couple of the girls do have huge knockers.  Anyone in particular you are hoping for?"

He nodded again and said softly, "Nel."

"Oh Nel is a fun one!" Rachel squealed, "We had three of them yesterday!  She's one of the only girls to match Rangiku Jessie here in curves.  Seeing Nel makes her a bit jealous to see another possible rival."

"So?" Jessie said, "I am not jealous.  I'm much curvier than any other girl in Bleach.  I don't see any of them as a threat."

"She's jealous," Rachel smirked, "Just ignore her.  So, before you buy a can, would you like a free sample?  One quick spray and you turn into a girl for an hour.  Feel free to use the mirror to examine yourself as you changed.  If you like the results, feel free to then buy a can.  If not, no harm and no foul; feel free to hang around until the effects wear off."

"Okay," he said with a nod, "Let's try this."  Rachel complied with his request and gladly gave him a quick spray, using the can he was holding.  He coughed slightly and turned his attention to the full length mirror besides the table. His heart was beating fast and his mind raced with tons of different thoughts about what was going to happen to him.

The first change kicked off almost immediately.  His dark brown eyes brighten up with a lovely light green color.  He blinked his eyes a few times in surprise, but as he did, they grew longer and surprisingly bright blonde.  His nose thinned, but it also had a sharp point, slightly protruding out a bit.  His facial bone structure and muscles dramatically reshaped themselves into a more womanly appearance.  His lips plumped to a nice size, quite similar to Jessie's own.  His eyebrows turned bright blonde as well.  Wrapping up the facial change were two blue lighting shaped markings on her cheeks.  Already, he looked like a completely new person.

"One thing's for sure," Jessie commented on his current appearance, "You're not turning into Nel.  Honestly, I don't think I have seen this one yet."  Jay was slightly disappointed not turning into the girl he wanted to be.  However, he could be fine with that depending on who he becomes.  So far, he didn't recognize the girl himself, but a few more changes could probably fix that.

In response, all of the green dye in his hair suddenly leaked out and splattered onto the driveway.  Once it was gone, his normal old brown shade had returned, however, only a minute or two, as a new color quickly swept over his head.  His new color that appeared was now a bright blonde like his eyebrows and eyelashes.  Rachel grimaced as she looked at the green stain and said, "Ah yuck!  Now I got hose off the driveway!"

"Sa… sorry," Jay said.

Rachel shook her head and said, "Not your fault.  Honestly wasn't expecting that at all.  Then again, no one came in before with dyed hair."  She sighed and went off to fetch the hose from the side of the house.

Jay's short hair exploded outwards in all random directions, leaving a giant mess of wild, long hair falling all over his head.  Most of it fell to neck length, but some big strands only reached eye level.  An odd grouping of hair fell in front of his face and crossed each other, giving his face an odd x-mark in hair.  The rest of his hair flowed out in all directions and different angles, some even pointing upwards on the top of his head.

"Now that's disorganized hair if I ever seen it before!" Jessie commented, "Perhaps you would like some of my hair care products? I betcha I got something that can fix that problem in a jiffy!"

"No…" he said, twiddling with some of it, "I… I sort of like it."  Was it as well kept or stylish as Jessie's or even Rachel's?  No, but that didn't matter.  This felt rather right to him and pretty good.  He could work with it.

"Well if that's what you want," Jessie shrugged, as Rachel approached with the hose, "But you let me know if you change your mind."

"Careful," Rachel said, spraying the green liquid on the ground, "Going to get a little wet here." Jessie step back as Rachel hosed the driveway down.  Jay jumped back, but as soon as he did, his legs and torso instantly stretched.  His feet almost immediately touched the ground the second he jumped.  He now stood an extra 3 inches higher, one inch more than Jessie's.

"Taller than me," Jessie noted, "Hmm… still don't know who the girl is yet."

"I may have an idea," Rachel said, tossing the hose onto the lawn and out of the way, "But I would need one more body adjustment to be able to tell who he is turning into."

"Who could she be talking about?" Jay thought, staring at himself in the mirror.  However, a small smile formed on his plump lips and he said quietly to himself, "Whoever it is, she is very pretty.  She may not be Nel, but I think love being this girl instead."

A light brown splotch appeared on his cheek next to one of the lighting marks.  It suddenly spread over his face, darkening it, but still leaving the blue marks visible.  It spread like wildfire down his neck and over his body.  As the skin changed, it also smoothed out and hair strands dropped from his body, except for his eyebrows and head hair.  His entire complexion, once white and now light brown, was completely different in only 30 seconds.

"Ah-ha!" Rachel said, as a light bulb went off in her head, "I recognize her now!  She's Harribel [or is it Hallibel?], one of the Espada!"

"Oh yeah…" Jessie said, remembering the woman, "But I don't remember her having a mouth or those marking on her face before."

"You stopped reading before they showed what she looked like," Rachel explained, "But that is definitely her… minus all the Hollow pieces and curves so far."

"Harribel…" Jay thought, "She's beautiful… I'm beautiful… this is… so wonderful!"  A warm feeling went throughout his body as a sense of joy burst within in him.  He was so caught up in it that he didn't even notice the tingling feeling in his genital area.  His male part faded away and was replaced by a more female appropriate one.  She was a girl and even though she didn't realize this particular change, she still knew she was one.

She closed her eyes and sighed happily.  However, she opened her eyes as an odd pain went through her stomach.  She groaned and the two girls came to her aid.  Rachel asked, "Are you okay?  What's the matter?"

"It's… my stomach…" Jay groaned, clutching her sides.  Both girls looked at each other and grinned, realizing what was happening.  Jessie patted her on the back and said, "Oh there's nothing to worry about.  It's just your body going through the final phase and giving you the curves you so rightly deserve as a woman now.  This pain only lasts a few moments."

"Really?" Jay said.  Both girls nodded and a sense of relief went through her.  She thought she was sick or having a bad reaction to the spray now, but it was comforting to note that it wasn't case.  Her figure was developing and she was excited.

They helped her stand tall and lifted her t-shirt up a bit to show her what was happening.  Her waist was pushing in, but her stomach was developing tone and muscles.  It soon looked like she had the torso of a woman who works out a bit but still has an hourglass figure.  The pain went away and Jay smiled, running her small hands along her sides.  She was undoubtedly enjoying the curve going on and would likely enjoy what was to follow.

"I think Jay here is really enjoying herself," Jessie said to Rachel, "Can't blame her though.  Turning into a woman or girl because of this spray gives you a great feeling, doesn't it Jay?"

"Damn straight," she said, without thinking, "By the way, its Jenny now.  It's more appropriate for a girl like me than silly old boy name like Jay."  

A thought raced in the back of her mind just then: "Where did that come from?" She's normally quieter and a bit shyer than that.  Where did this boost of assurance and confidence come from?  As she thought about it, another thought crossed her mind.  Did it really matter?  She felt great!  It's like this spray stuff helped her become more certain of herself and frankly, she loved it!  Why be the quiet and shy self she normally is when she can express herself or her feelings more?

There was a growing tightness feeling in her jeans then.  She looked down and saw them stretching.  Her thighs grew to a more toned and womanly proportion like Jessie's own, the inner sides rubbing up against each other.  Her hips widen, putting some real nice and sexy curves on her body.  Her ass also swelled to a more rounded, but firm shape.

Despite how much Jenny liked these changes, her jeans didn't agree with them.  The sides of them split opened, the back split up in the middle, her button popped, and the zipper unzipped itself.  Without a doubt, her pants were not well built for hips like hers anymore.

"Oh no!" she said, her entire face turning red, "Not good!"

"And this here is why we unzip when our hips come in," Jessie explained, "It's a good lesson to be learnt from all of this."

"Too bad it set you back one pair of jeans," Rachel added.

Jenny ignored the two of them, looking over her tattered jeans.  Well it was true that she probably wouldn't wear them now that she was a girl, it still didn't mean she wouldn't wear them when she turned back into her original self.  Definitely the least liked part of this transformation so far, even though she did enjoy her luscious hips.

"Umm…" she said, asking the two girls, "Do you have any skirts or shorts I can borrow?  I need… oh!"  At this point, she noticed her voice finally diverge away from her male one into her new, mature feminine one.

"Oh your voice finally came in!" Rachel said happily, "How wonderful!  As for your question, sure!  We got clothes you can borrow or in this case, buy from us.  You look like you're Jessie's size.  I'm sure she would be happy to help you there."

"Sure," Jessie said, "But let's hold off on that for just a minute and let her finish changing into Harribel first."

Jenny nodded, realizing a certain feature was missing so far.  She turned back to the mirror and she took one more deep breath as the final phase started.  Her back arced, pushing her flat chest out more on display.  However, that lack chest soon corrected itself as two, young breasts started to emerge.  Swelling to an A-Cup, they gently pushed against her t-shirt.  From there into a B-Cup, they pushed harder and their outlines were fully visible on her clothing.  They were growing a bit sensitive, causing Jenny to blush as they rubbed against the cotton fabric gently.  It was a new feeling for her, but one that she kind of liked.

Then they grew into a C-Cup, really stretching the fabric of the t-shirt and raising its hemline upwards, revealing her bellybutton.  D-Cup came next and the shirt struggled to contain their size, pushing against their confines with all their might.  They were heavy, but yet didn't burden Jenny's body like she thought they might.  They swelled to an E-Cup, causing a tear in the middle of the shirt, splitting it slightly open.

"Oh mine," Jenny said starting to pant as she brought her hands to her bosom, "So… hot…"  With one last mighty heavy [and even a moan from her], her breasts swelled to a nice size EE-Cup, finally stopping.  However, this last burst of growth split the shirt even more, causing a large tear that showed her vast cleavage.

With that, Jenny was complete.  She felt so warm, the last part of the transformation being a bit of a doozy for her.  She stared at her reflection and smiled.  A lovely, confident, and quite hot woman with dark skin, blonde hair, and an amazing figure stood in the place of what use to be a shy, average looking boy with dyed green hair.  She was quite thrilled by it.

"So what do you think?" Jessie said, "It's not Nel, but it certainly is a girl with a giant boobs like me.  Mostly the same size from what I can tell."

"What do I think?" she said turning to Rangiku clone.  A huge smile appeared on her face and said loudly, "This is awesome!"  With that, she gave Jessie a giant and tight bear hug, though it was difficult to wrap her arms around the strawberry blonde when both of their massive chests pushed together kept them at a distance.

"Well aren't you affectionate?" Rachel said, scratching her head, "A far cry from the guy before."

"Great isn't it?" Jenny said, letting go of the now red faced Jessie, "I never felt this brave before or so confident about myself.  I feel like I can finally talk to people without getting flustered or nervous!  Not to mention, this spray made me into one hot number."

"That's putting it lightly," Jessie said as she cooled down from the hug, "Anyhow, I think it's time to get some new clothes."  Jenny glanced at herself once more, observing her torn jeans and split open t-shirt, which if she wasn't too careful, could end up flashing innocent bystanders.

"Yeah," she said with a small smile, "I think I do need some new stuff."  Jessie smiled herself and took the new woman into her house to find some better fitting clothes.  Rachel stayed behind and watched the stands while the two were busy playing dress up.

Over 20 minutes later, after trying on different outfits and showing Jenny how to put a bra on, the two girls returned with Jenny, who carried a paper bag full of her boy clothes.  Rachel looked at the two and squealed with delight as she observed the new outfit.  Jenny sported white, open-toed sandals; short blue jean shorts that reached only half way down her shapely thighs; and a form fitting black crop top that showed lots of her cleavage and her firm abdomen.  Underneath it all, she wore white laced panties and bra, which fitted her shape perfectly.

"Looking good girl!" Rachel said with a wink.

"Thanks," Jenny said.

"She's only been a girl for less than 30 minutes and she already as a good fashion sense," Jessie said, teasingly elbowing her, "I was going to pick a regular pink top, but she picked out that crop top herself because she thought it would look better on her.  I got to admit, it does."

'Let's not talk about it," Jenny said, "Let's talk about the spray cans!  How many can I buy?"

"Only 5 due to a limited number we have left," Rachel said, "5 dollars in total, plus 15 for the new clothes."

"Deal!" Jenny said getting some money from her wallet, "I would have paid more for this stuff.  You made me so happy!"

"Maybe we should," Rachel said scratching her chin.

"I was just kidding about paying more," Jenny said, narrowing her eyes.  Rachel chuckled and took her money.  She put the spray cans in the bag and watched as the newest Bleach Babe walked off cheerfully, swaying her hips side to side.

"And there goes another satisfied customer!" Rachel remarked.

"And there's more where that came from," Jessie said, noticing a group of people coming up the drive, "Incoming!"  The girls hopped to it eagerly and went to help these new customers, hoping soon to help another person discover the fun that comes from the Costume in a Can spray.
Hooray! Another finished piece ready for you guys to enjoy. This time, the story is for TGTF42, who requested his OC Jay be turned into the number 3 Espada, Harribel/Halibel.

Want to join the fun? Check out this journal entry to find out how:

Rest of the Series Can Be Found Here:
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Drake was an average teen, didn't much care for pop artists, like rap and metal instead. He loved to listen to comedians, and he heard so many of them mention the song called Single Ladies by Beyoncé. Drake decided to look it up and found it to be rather catchy like most pop music, but he liked the video, mainly because of her looks, but he didn't mind the music either. He looked at the related videos and he saw one named if I were a boy, the title seemed rather odd, so he clicked on it to see what it was. As soon as the song started so did the transformation. His hands shrank and became dainty, his arms slenderized, while his body hair fell out and his skin color grew much darker. He looked down at his hand and jumped in shock at what he saw, his shoulders crashed inwards as he arched his back in pleasure as two voluptuous breasts formed on his chest. His stomach was reshaped into a sexy core like that of a model or dancer. His hips shot out and his butt filled in and made his pants tight, his thighs became slightly larger and smoother, and all his leg hair fell out. His feet became more feminine and petite. His penis shriveled away and was replaced by a tight, wet lit. The changes rushed to his head as his facial structure changed, his lips puffed out and his eyes grew larger and darker. His nose shrank and flattened a bit, then his hair cascaded down his shoulders. His T-shirt, boxers and baggy shorts were transformed into a tight, black dress, and a cute black thong, and some high heals. She struggled to her feet as she turned to face her bedroom mirror, she looked in awe as she ogled herself. She tried to take a step but her legs were frozen, and she said to herself, "I'm Beyoncé?!?"
Yet another please be gentle :)
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in the embryo of the city
in their cage
they paint their nails not

that the sun is watching
from his trap door
in the cloud ceiling where
whales can't swim but go

to dream
and drop down their weight in rain
not measured in pints
but lives overflowed

in lost archipelagos full
of automatic islands
that catch the eyes like needles
when viewed from further away

than the end of the world
we're all evolving in the wrong direction
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This is a piliot chapter of my story that i started writing. If you like it, ill write some more! If you dont.... Oh well :D This is for a Fanfic Contest, right here if you wanna check it out----> [link] The cover photo belongs to :iconjack104: and heres the link of the original photo ->… I dont own Adventure time....Or the genderbent versions ^~^ thats Pendalton Wards job. The "Oh, my cheek meat!" is a quote from "Bad Little Boy" ENJOY.....or not ._.
Chapter One: Your here!
Chapter Two: number1hinatafan2.deviantart.c…
Chapter Three: number1hinatafan2.deviantart.c…
Chapter Four: number1hinatafan2.deviantart.c…
Chapter Five: number1hinatafan2.deviantart.c…
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Chapter Eight: number1hinatafan2.deviantart.c…
Chapter Nine: number1hinatafan2.deviantart.c…
Chapter Ten: number1hinatafan2.deviantart.c…
Chapter Eleven: number1hinatafan2.deviantart.c…
Chapter Twelve: number1hinatafan2.deviantart.c…
Chapter Thirteen: number1hinatafan2.deviantart.c…
Chapter Fourteen: number1hinatafan2.deviantart.c…
Chapter Fifteen: number1hinatafan2.deviantart.c…
Chapter Sixteen: number1hinatafan2.deviantart.c…
Chapter Seventeen: number1hinatafan2.deviantart.c…
Chapter Eighteen: number1hinatafan2.deviantart.c…
Chapter Nineteen: number1hinatafan2.deviantart.c…
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Sex is sacred,
Sex is dirty.
Sex is bodies driving against each other for pleasure,
For reproduction, for love, for need.
For desire and lust, and want and passion.
Sex is something that every human wants to do,
Needs to do,
Sex is the driving force behind our minds,
Pushing us forward and preserving us in time.
Fucking and loving, caressing and holding.
Tongues moving together and folding
Bodies against bodies, and sex against sex.
Sex is the want, sex is the need.
To push together and forward, spilling the seed.
Sex is beautiful, sex is rough.
Sex is grinding and moaning
Sex is gentle and moving.
Sex makes us cry, sex makes us laugh.
Sex is a secret, hidden away,
Sex is a pleasure, brought out to play
For new life or for fun, sex will be had
And if you don't like it, well that's too bad.
Because no matter how you try and hide it, SEX HAPPENS! Everywhere! All the time! Yay : D
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"And you have a good day yourself!" Jessie said cheerfully, handing the customer's shopping bag.  The customer smiled brightly and skipped off, happy as could be.  Why shouldn't she though?  Only a few moments ago, she was a young, grouchy sort of guy in a foul mood.  After a quick spray of the Costume in a Can, he had turned into a peppy and cheerful looking Loly Aivirrine (A far cry in personality from the original version to be sure).

It was 11:17 AM and things were certainly underway in at the neighborhood wide garage sale.  After a big burst of people right away, things had settled down in the area, now at a nice and more manageable rate.  Jessie *coughJDcough* and her partner, Rachel, were busy selling off their wares and dealing with the waves of customers that came through.  At that last person left, there was no one left at their particular sale, allowing themselves to take a quick break.

"Phew!" Jessie said, collapsing in a lawn chair, "What a day!  So many people!"

"I know," Rachel said, taking a drink from her water bottle, "I'm just glad it slowed down for a sec so I could at least drink a little bit.  We've pretty much sold off all our clothes now, so I hope the rest of the stuff goes quickly."

"At least faster than that spray stuff," Jessie sighed, "We've sold, like, 7 cans out like over 500 over or something?"

"Well certainly some large number," Rachel said.  The two of them previously had discovered a large stash of boxes full of Costume in a Can spray that JD/Jessie bought earlier.  Having no use for every single box, they decided to sell around forty boxes, with a buck a can.  To help convince people of its power, they turned into their Rangiku and Yoruichi forms today and even set up a video on their laptop so the spray in action.

However, they weren't selling too well.  Maybe like 3 people took an interest in it and bought a can or more.  Most of the garage sale customers weren't interested in such an odd product, found it stupid, or didn't think it had any worth.  So unless a miracle happened, they were going to be stuck with a lot of cans that they wouldn't know what to do with.

Suddenly, a young man came up the drive.  Rather average looking individual, maybe two or three years younger than them.  He glanced around at the wares and then to the girls.  He looked him curiously and approached after staring them for a moment.  Jessie and Rachel exchanged glances and then Jessie asked, "Umm… may we help you sir?"

"Y-yes," he said, "My name is Keenan and I heard about something… odd you were selling here."

"Nothing illegal I assure you," Jessie commented, suspicious of the older teen's prescene, "What did you hear?"

He shrugged and said with uncertainly, "Just a rumor and all, but I heard… you were selling something… that can turn a person into a chick."

The girls looked surprised by this.  Did one of their previous customers who bought a spray can mention this before?  Rachel asked, "So… where did you hear about that?"

"A friend of mine named Chris," Keenan explained, "He posted on his Facebook page about finding this spray can and a picture of a girl that looks like Rukia from Bleach that said she was Chris."

"Oh that guy who turned into her earlier!" Jessie said, "She was the first customer to buy one of our spray cans!"

"So what is this all about?" Keenan said, "I'm still a little shaking on the details here."

"Well," Rachel explained, clearing her throat and holding up one of the Costume in a Can spray cans, "This here a special spray can.  With one simple spray of whatever the hell is in this can, you can turn into one of the lovely ladies of Bleach.  The results, as you can tell, are quite impressive.  I, myself, am Yoruichi."

"I am Rangiku," Jessie winked, pushing up her chest a little.

"Some random side effects like a boost of happiness and stomach cramps," Rachel said, "A maybe a runny nose, but that's it.  This stuff is grade A awesome and makes you feel awesome as well."

"Not mention quite sexy," Jessie said, stroking her chest once teasingly.

Keenan blushed and directed his attention onto Rachel, who only grinned at him.  "So," he said, glancing at the can she held, "Really can turn you into an anime chick?"

"Darn straight it can," Rachel said, "Proof right before you or would you prepare to see a video replay of the magic?"  She pointed to the laptop that was already queued up to the video she wanted.

"That's okay," he said, "I was just wondering… if I could… maybe try it out myself?"

Both girls' eyes sparkled with delight and they grasped his hands lovingly.  They said blissfully in union, "Really?  You want to be a hot girl like us?"

"Well…" he said pulling his hands away from them quickly and blushing some more, "I was… just sort of interested in seeing what it might be like to change…"

"That's perfectly okay!" Rachel said, shaking the spray can she held, "I'm more than happy to change you!  Tell you what; I'll give you one quick spray for free.  The effects will only last an hour, so you don't have to worry about being a girl for long if you're not happy with the results!"

"Okay," Keenan said, "If it's only for an hour."  Rachel smiled and gave him a quick spray of the product.

He coughed and asked, "So, how long does it take until… oh!  My voice!  It's all different and stuff!'"  His male, teenaged, voice had gone up in pitch and vibrancy, becoming that a young teenage girl.  Though initially scared, a sense of calmness flowed through his body and he became to relax, naturally accepting what just happened.

"Oh course," Jessie said, "Can't have a guy voice coming out a pretty girl now?"

Pretty girl?  Those words, for some reason, excited him and made him feel a bit happy.  He said, "No, I guess not."

"By the way," Rachel said, pointing a full-length mirror set up next to the table, "Feel free to use the mirror to check out your progress as you change."  Keenan nodded and walked over to the mirror.  He gazed into it, waiting for the next part of his transformation to begin.

It didn't take long though.  His light colored irises turned brown while his eyes slight became bigger and cuter.  His eyelashes slightly length for a more girly style, while his eyebrows thinned and turned orange.  His face feminized, teeth became slightly whiter, his nose shrunk, and his lips slightly became fuller (though nowhere near as noticeable as Jessie's).  Having completed that part of the change, he now had an appealing and rather pretty face.

"Wow," he said, touching his face gently, "I'm so…"

"Cute?" both girls said together.  He blushed and briefly smiled.  He thought, "Yeah… cute.  I do look cute."

As he touched his face, it became softer and smoother.  He pulled his hand away and looked at it.  His hand was also similar, even hairless now!  He pulled back his shirt's sleeves, seeing the change taking place their as well.  In fact, only half a minute, his whole skin was supple, smooth, and blemish free.

"That's another plus of the spray," Rachel said, noticing his new skin, "As a girl, you need to shave your legs otherwise run risk of being criticized about not shaving by some asshole.  However, as an anime girl, you don't need to do and waste a bunch of time."

"It's not like you need to even when you're normal," Jessie said.

"Can I help it that as a slime girl, my skin is always hairless?"

"Uh-huh," Keenan said, not really paying attention.  He was slowly becoming enraptured by his transformation.  Happy and pleasant feelings were filling him and he started feel so… girly and even beautiful.

He smiled again as he noticed another transformation starting.  His dark hair at its roots started turning a dark, burnt orange color.  It quickly ran up each strand of hair to its tippy top, changing his head hair's entire color.  His short hair then started growing out, stretching down to his waist while some in the front fell onto his chest.  Finally, a couple of loose bangs fell over his forehead, with a slight parted fringe in the middle.

"Looking good Orihime," Jessie commented.

"Orihime?" Keenan said glancing back.

"Yeah!" Rachel said, "You really look like her a lot [from the neck up at least].  You are going to be a real looker for sure!"

Keenan looked back into the mirror, slightly smiling.  "They're right," he thought happily, "I really do like Orihime.  I'm only to be just as cute as her… I can't wait!"

He giggled slightly as his body started to shrink.  He dropped 3 inches to the same height as Rachel.  His muscles decreased and any extra fat melted away, leaving behind a slender and female figure for a girl a bit younger than his age.  His stomach flatten and his shoulders lost their broad nature, curving downwards.  Finally, his hands became smaller and his fingernails slightly grew longer.  With that, Keenan now held the figure of a teenage girl, more specifically, that of Orihime's.

Due to this decrease in size, his clothing fitted him awkwardly.  His shirt was a size or two larger, with the hemline slightly going past his hips now.  His shoes were two sizes too big with his feet easily sliding in and out.  His pants, on the other hand, just fell to the ground, no longer able to properly fit around his smaller hips.

"Don't worry!" Rachel said, "We also sell clothes here.  I'm sure we can find something fit your new measurements."

"Though not right now," Jessie said, "Since you are going to turn into Orihime, your current figure isn't going to stay very flat for much longer."

"That's right!" Keenan said, "She's a pretty curvy girl isn't she?  I'm going to have her curves pretty soon."  A large smile crossed his lips and a sense of joy rang throughout him.  He was going to be a full figure, attractive girl and he loved it!

An odd feeling aroused in his private area.  A slight blush crossed his face as he looked down to it.  He lifted up his longer shirt and looked at his boxers.  A bulge that used to be in the middle them was no longer there.  Curious, he casually (not casually enough since both girls behind him realized what he was doing and grinned with amusement) touched his crotch area and found nothing but flatness.  He wasn't going to be a girl, she already was one!

Both girls walked up behind the new female and placed their hand on her shoulders.  They smiled warmly and said gently, "Welcome to womanhood Keenan."

She slightly teared up as new feelings and emotions arose in her.  They were so different, but yet so wonderful.  She was a girl and she loved it.  "Please," she said softly, "Please call me Kelly.  It's… it's much better than Keenan right now."

"Sure thing Kelly!" Jessie said.  Hearing her name being said, Kelly's heart rose.  She happily stared into the mirror, waiting for her full transformation to complete her new, pretty self.

Unseen by her, her waist slightly curved in, giving her flat hips a slight curve.  Her back arced a bit, pushing her chest out a bit more, though with its flatness, it certainly didn't show off anything currently impressive.  A feeling of warmth and excitement ran through her body and her eyes grew with excitement.  The change was coming to a close and it was going to be great!

Her hips pushed outwards, building off the curves set by the narrower waist.  Her thighs thicken a bit, rubbing against each other.  Her rear end inflated slightly into a more firmer and shapely look. Finally, her hips finished their stretching, now giving her a nice and round, curvy shape on the bottom.

Her chest started tingling and her smile widen, eager to see the final part in action.  Two small bumps appeared on her chest and grew outwards in an A-Cup, not visible yet underneath her big shirt.  They inflated to a B-Cup, now rubbing up against her shirt and sending pleasurable waves throughout her body.  They grew into a C-Cup, pushing against the shirt and showing their outline in it.  Finally, they grew in a perky and health D-Cup, raising her shirt's hemline up a bit and stretching its fabric tightly.

With that, there was no more Keenan at all.  Just Kelly, a lovely and rather appealing Orihime look-alike. Kelly smiled proudly, turning her back slightly to see her backside.  Rachel and Jessie looked at each other contently, happy help a boy discover the fun of being a Bleach Babe like themselves.

"This is just amazing!" Kelly said, "I'll really like it a lot!"

"Now we need to get you some clothes," Jessie said, "Rachel, help the dear find her some proper clothing for a girl like her."

"Absolutely," Rachel said, taking Kelly by hand and leading her over to the table with clothes on it.  After ditching her former boy pants and large shoes, Rachel helped Kelly find some better fitting clothes.  Once done there, she led her into the house where Kelly could change into her new duds, while Jessie tossed Kelly's former boy clothes into a bag and managed the sale by herself.  

A few minutes later, the two girls returned.  Kelly now wore a short-sleeved pink shirt with a collar, form fitting red gym shorts, and white sandals.  Underneath, she still wore her old boxers and had no bra.  She would need to find some women undergarments that would fit somewhere else, not that she minded.  She was kind of intrigued by the prospect of finding panties and bras for her new curves.

"Looking good Kelly," Jessie said.

"Thanks," she said, tossing her former shirt into the bag Jessie had packed with her clothes, "Anyhow, I thought about it as I got changed and I want to buy some of those cans of spray.  They are so much fun!"

"They certainly are," Rachel said pleasantly, "How many would you like?"

"Five cans of this!  How much?"

"Only five dollars cutie," Jessie said.

"Sold!" Kelly said, taking out her wallet and getting some money.

As she handed Jessie the cash, she said, "You know how my friend posted about this on Facebook, right?  I'm going to do the same as well!  Maybe you'll get some more people down here to buy this great stuff!"

"That would be rather nice," Rachel said, putting the cans into the bag, "We got tons of these spray cans cluttering the entire garage."  With that, Kelly took her stuff and headed off, ready to face the world as her new female self.  She waved good-bye and headed down the sidewalk away from them.

Jessie sighed sadly, "Yeah, it would really be nice to sell more of this stuff, but at the rate we're selling, we'll be stuck with these cans for a very long time."

"I know," Rachel stated, sighing herself, "I know she meant well, but I really don't think her post will get more people down here to buy Costume in a Can."

Once she said that, a group of individuals showed up, a couple of guys and a few girls mixed together.  They approached the ladies and one of them asked, "Hey, I saw a post on Twitter talking about something called Costume in a Can."

Rachel and Jessie looked at each other and Jessie remarked, "I guess we may have spoke too soon.  So, what can we do for you?"

"We're the University of [State name withheld]'s Anime Club!" a girl among them said, "We heard you were selling spray cans that can turn people into anime characters!  We want to buy a box or two from you!"  With that sentence, the two girls would experience a whole lot of more people showing up to buy their cans for the rest of the garage sale event.
Here's yet another piece for the Costume in a Can series, this one in particular taking place right before Rache and myself/JD/Jessie were flooded with customers wanting the spray can. This particular one was for shadowwind900, where he turned into one of the female leads of the show and kidnapped victim, Orihime Inoue!

Want to join the fun? Check out this journal entry to find out how:

Rest of the Series Can Be Found Here:
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"Ugh...what happened?
Where am I?
Oh no...tied up again, oh god. Someone!
Anyone! HELP ME!" I shout.

There's no answer...just the sound of water dripping.
The dungeon is unbearably do I always end up in these places?

"What is that? Hey! HEY! St-stay away from me!" I say in fear.


The strange slime reaches out, tenderly stroking my bare skin, sliding up my shirt and fondling my helpless belly.
I tug and tear at the ropes holding me down...but they hold strong!
The slime moves closer, covering my body.


The slime pulls my clothes around, attacking every inch of flesh it can find.
Tiny fingers dig into my belly, poke an prod my belly button, and feather like strings slide in between my toes.
The slime's tickling is soft, but reminds me of my nightmarish encounter with Lady Venus.
Fear floods my heart, the though of suffering this for a life time.
I tug with all of my might, tearing the ropes and crawling away frantically.
The slime gurgles and turns to face me. The figure of a woman rises up from the slime.
I stare in horror, but prepare to fight back as as she advances on me!


Soft Slime emerged!

"L-L-Let's do this!"

I casts Feather Fire!
The monster squeals and dances in place, feathery flames licking her body!
Soft Slime was unaffected!
" be strange human, yes?"
"You can talk?"
"I be slime, of course I talk!"

Soft Slime's body stretches out...wrapping around my lower body!
I suddenly feel fingers tickling my legs, knees and feet!
I loses 18 Stamina!
I'm being tickled in a Slime Trap!
"You no win...Slime beat Magic Girl."
"N-n-n-no! I can't believe that!"

I get ready to tickle...

Soft Slime tickles!
I loses 20 Stamina!"
"You see? I strong you weak."

"I wouldn't say that!"

I tickles her belly!
She cackles and swats my hands away!
Soft Slime loses 25 Stamina!
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Magic Girl fight back with hands, yes? This be interesting."
"It will be!"

I'm still helpless!

I drink an Orange Juice!
I recovered 75 Stamina!

"Is cheating! Magic Girl use heal item!"
"It is something you CAN do here!"

I'm still helpless!

Soft Slime tickles!
I loses 22 Stamina!"

"You be strong...I be wrong, but do not change matter!"

I get ready to tickle...
Soft Slime's HP increased by 7 and MP increased by 30
Soft Slime is guarding.

I tickles her belly!
She cackles and swats my hands away!
Soft Slime loses 12 Stamina!

I'm still helpless!

I get ready to use an item...

Soft Slime's HP increased by 7
Soft Slime is guarding.

I eat a Fruit of Knismesis!
I recovered 6 Stamina!

I'm still helpless!

"It didn't work!"

"Slime's Trap no remove by fruit."

I get ready to tickle...

"You cheat, I cheat, steal Stamina!"

Soft Slime latches into me!
Tickling senstasions spread through me as she absorbs my sweat and tears!
I has 17 Stamina drained!
"Is not fair, you say yourself, "Is what can do"."

I tickles her belly!
She cackles and swats my hands away!
Soft Slime loses 24 Stamina!

I'm still helpless!

I get ready to tickle...

Soft Slime's HP increased by 7 and MP increased by 30
Soft Slime is guarding.

I tickles her belly!
She cackles and swats my hands away!
Soft Slime loses 12 Stamina!
"HAHAHAHAHAHA! Is useless, you no beat Slime!"

I relax as the slime dissolves!
"Finally free!"
" not in plan, but no matter!"

I tickles her belly!
She cackles and swats my hands away!
Soft Slime loses 37 Stamina!

Soft Slime tickles!
I loses 18 Stamina!"

I drink an Orange Juice!
I recovered 75 Stamina!

Soft Slime is waiting.
"Slime have suprise."

I get ready to tickle..

Soft Slime's body stretches out...wrapping around my lower body!
I suddenly feel fingers tickling my legs, kknees and feet!
I loses 18 Stamina!
I'm being tickled in a Slime Trap!

I tickles her belly!
She cackles and swats my hands away!
Soft Slime evaded the tickle!
"Is too weak, no can beat Slime."
"You say that...but I WILL beat you!"

I'm still helpless!

I get ready to tickle...

Soft Slime's HP increased by 7 and MP increased by 30
Soft Slime is guarding.

I tickles her belly!
She cackles and swats my hands away!
Soft Slime loses 12 Stamina!

I'm still helpless!

I get ready to tickle...

Soft Slime's HP increased by 7
Soft Slime is guarding.

I tickles her belly!
She cackles and swats my hands away!
Soft Slime loses 13 Stamina!

I'm still helpless!

I get ready to tickle...

Soft Slime's HP increased by 7
Soft Slime is guarding.

I tickles her belly!
She cackles and swats my hands away!
Soft Slime loses 12 Stamina!

I'm still helpless!

I get ready to tickle...

"Is tired of old going! Slime win!"
Soft Slime tickles!
A brutal tickle!
I loses 72 Stamina!
"AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHANOHOHOHOHO! That was...close...2 Stamina left..."
"What, Human Magic Girl survive? Is impossible..."

I tickles her belly!
She cackles and swats my hands away!
Soft Slime loses 24 Stamina!

I'm still helpless!

I drink an Orange Juice!
I recovered 75 Stamina!

I relax as the slime dissolves!

"Bah, Slime nearly had you."

Soft Slime is waiting...

I get ready to tickle...

Soft Slime latches into me!
Tickling senstasions spread through me as she absorbs my sweat and tears!
I has 18 Stamina drained!
"Magic Girl no win. Slime always say."

I tickles her belly!
She cackles and swats my hands away!
Soft Slime loses 40 Stamina!

I get ready to tickle...

Soft Slime's HP increased by 7 and MP increased by 30
Soft Slime is guarding.

I tickles her belly!
She cackles and swats my hands away!
Soft Slime loses 18 Stamina!

"Magic Girl...I will not lose!"

I tickles her belly!
She cackles and swats my hands away!
Soft Slime loses 37 Stamina!
"AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Stupid...Magic not possible...Slime lose to...human...?
Is no matter...Slime find new tasty human..."

I was victorious!
150 EXP were received!
Blue Slime Jelly was found!

The slime dissolves into the ground, leaving behind a high, fluttering giggle.
I sigh with relief, turning to face the doorway.
What other horrors await me in this tower?

Where Lyra frees herself, and fights the slime.
:XD: I made her sound like Shampoo from Ranma 1/2, LOL
Reason: According to the original they can speak human languige halting.

I do not own the Tower of Gargalesis, it belongs to DeusExProcella on Tickle Theater, and *NeoChaosLarry here, the original Mamono belongs to Kenkou Kurosu. I just added some lines in battle, and some showing what Lyra is thinking.

Picture: Soft Slime/ Slime.
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