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Before and After

Tue Oct 23, 2012, 3:20 PM
Today I want to share with you some  of the pictures Hidrico :iconhidrico: took of my costumes. I really love his style, I think he is a fantastic editor. He creates wonderful images, gives them a special enviroment and aesthetics.
I just wanted to show you some of our "before and after" pictures so you can see  our  work as cosmakers and his work as photographer and editor separately ^^

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In August 2011, Eric Greer participated as a media team director in the Otakuthon convention in Montréal, Québec, together with Christine Lee, and interviewed the famous cosplayer Yaya Han, who was also featured in the first issue of Cosplay Gen.…
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Img-00 by techgnotic

It’s been over 30 years since the original “My Little Pony” (a.k.a. “MLP”) franchise made its debut and its following has never been stronger.

The 2010 reboot by Lauren Faust (fyre-flye), “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic,” had its start on DeviantArt where Lauren originally posted the early concept art which would later evolve into the ponies we know and love today. Little did she know that her early concepts and her love of “My Little Pony” would start a cultural phenomenon that would take on a life of its own.

From the onset, Lauren created “MLP” with the intention of breaking the stereotypes long plaguing “girls’ shows,” by putting an end to the dismissive manner in which these “silly and stupid” shows were being produced. Why couldn’t a children’s show have well-defined characters with different skills, unique dreams, human flaws and diverse personalities?

Meet “The Mane 6”

“Twilight Sparkle” is a dedicated student who enjoys reading and learning new things. “Applejack” is an entrepreneur who runs her family’s farm and knows the value of hard work. “Rarity” is a creative designer with a passion for fashion who runs her own boutique. “Rainbow Dash” is a driven athlete who is always pushing her boundaries and aiming for the gold. “Fluttershy” is a kind and nurturing soul who takes care of and nurses woodland critters. And “Pinkie Pie” is the life of the party, bringing cheer wherever she goes. Each also possesses one of the powerful “Elements of Harmony” or ‘Elements of Friendship” (Applejack: honesty; Rarity: generosity; Rainbow Dash: loyalty; Fluttershy: kindness; Pinkie Pie: laughter; and Twilight Sparkle: magic) that when combined create one of the strongest sources of magic in Equestria. Their friendship is not ony magic, but a superpower that helps protect the pony world against all evils.

The Elements Of Feminism

My Little Pony is part of a growing trend in entertainment to finally acknowledge and accomodate the female viewer, girl or woman, and create stories they want to see. And the best part is “My Little Pony” provides entertainment that’s not the standard cut and dried simplistic mush, but built on morally complicated storylines. The team behind the show has taken pride in creating a “children’s show” that’s several cuts above and respected their audience as intelligent human beings.

“My Little Pony” is teaching young girls - and adults - real life lessons about what true friendship is. Twilight and her friends are able to touch on important topics such as bullying, social skills, and acceptance for those who are different than you, while never detracting from being an amusing and entertaining show. Feminine stereotypes have been banished from Equestria and individuality instead is embraced and celebrated. The show’s main characters are six distinct types of females who all become friends and learn to work together to solve different problems in each episode, teaching girls that different types of personalities can be friends. At the same time, the show’s appeal goes far beyond its target audience of young girls.

Fandom Is Magic

“MLP’s” universal themes, imbued with positivity and kindness, have spread like wildfire, touching the lives of girls, boys, women, and men. Fans of the show, known as Bronies (male fans) and Pegasisters (female fans), have created a strong international community that thrives both online and at “My Little Pony” conventions. People are rallying around the central idea of the show that a group of friends, a community, can make a difference in the world for the better. The “My Little Pony” community is one of the friendliest and most welcoming fandoms to be found in the world. Bronies’ and Pegasisters’ love of “My Little Pony” has inspired them to create things such as original music, online communities, cosplays, and you guessed it, fan art!

ALRIGHT, EVERYPONY! Grab your party cannon and get ready to travel to Ponyville for a Grand Galloping Gala of fan art that is definitely 20% cooler.

My dearest, most faithful student Twilight, you know that I value your diligence, and that I trust you completely…”

— Princess Celestia

Eternal chaos comes with chocolate rain, you guys! CHOCOLATE! RAIN!”

— Pinkie Pie

It needs to be about 20% cooler.”

— Rainbow Dash

I’m supposed to send Princess Celestia a letter ‘every week’ telling her a lesson I’ve learned about friendship! Not every other week! Not every ten days! EVERY! SINGLE! WEEK!”

— Twilight Sparkle

Aww, he’s just a big furry guy who got out of his yard, that's all. Right, Cerberus? Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?”

— Fluttershy

What? Is it a crime to change one’s style every now and again? Why, I think it’s a crime not to.”

— Rarity

Don’t you use your fancy mathematics to muddy the issue! I said I could handle this harvest, and I’m going to prove it to you!”

— Applejack

Everypony has fears, Scootaloo. Everypony must face them in their own way. But they must be faced, or the nightmares will continue.”

— Princess Luna

I was the one who used up all the hot water in Ponyville taking a seven hour bubble bath!”

— Spike

Your Thoughts

  1. Who is your favorite My Little Pony character and why?
  2. What would you like to see in future editions of Fan Art Friday?

It’s been over 30 years since the original “My Little Pony” (a.k.a. “MLP”) franchise made its debut and its following has never been stronger. The 2010 reboot by Lauren Faust (fyre-flye), “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic,” had its start on DeviantArt where Lauren originally posted the early concept art which would later evolve into the ponies we know and love today. Little did she know that her early concepts and her love of “My Little Pony” would start a cultural phenomenon that would take on a life of its own.

Author: spotted
Curator: spotted

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NaruSaku Story Scene - Demonic Vengeance

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 27, 2009, 12:13 AM


Blackberry Bloom by SuicideBySafetyPinA Thing of Beauty by LeaWiggins Dancer by Bisat Wallpaper 222 by Ann-McLaren Memory Of Yasemin by inObrAS

Based on the votes! It seems you guys want some heartache, or rather a twisted dimension. >3 Yes, I never said anything about mushy-mushy stuff now did I? >w> Anyway, this is what was voted for, and so shall it be! ^^ ENJOY! And this one has my OC in it. ^^ SO BE NICE! :iconohseriousplz:

Warning: Scene Contains Language. Reader Discretion is Advised.

"" = Dialogue
'' = Thoughts

     She panted as she rushed through the darkened hallways! Pushing open each door that she passed! The candles lining the walls of the hall produced an eerie orange and crimson glow.

     "Where are you!?" she gasped as she opened yet another door! Running down the hallway, her pink hair flailing in the wind! She was obviously concentrated on finding someone. She kept running down the hall, another one of her team mates following her. His raven hair and cold coal black eyes watching her every movements.

     "Where do you think he is?" he asked. She looked at him, her emerald eyes sparkling in the candle-light. She shrugged and whipped her head around. They both ran through the corridors and opened every single door they could possible find! Running sharply down the hallway at sprinting speed, the young man remarked, "I don't even understand why we came out here. It's obvious he hates us after what we did to them both!"

     "I... I dunno," she replied. It was true, they both weren't liked when they were younger. Raising himself and another at the same time was probably brutal. But... he didn't have to run away for vengeance! She disliked him for that, "but whether or not," she began, "he's still our... team mate," she said. The raven haired boy stared at her.

     "Do you have some kinda crush of him or something?" he asked. She whipped around quickly and glared daggers at him.

     "NO! NEVER!" she shouted! He stared at her calmly and sighed.

     "Alright... but let's just try and find him already. I'm getting tired of this," he said. With that both ninja sprinted down the hallway! As she rounded a corner, she caught sight of her captain and her other team mate.

     "Any luck?" the man asked. His had wood brown hair and a metal platting around his face.

     "No... Captain Yamato. You?" Sakura questioned. The man known as Yamato shook his head.

     "We checked all of the rooms," the other team mate said, his voice calm and emotionless, "but sadly we were unable to find him as well." he finished.

     "We have to try, he's got to be around here somewhere. We just have to keep looking!" she said. Yamato sighed and shook his head.

     "Sakura," he began, "honestly I don't know why you're even wanting to do this mission. If you put him down when you were young, who says he'll ever change his mind to come back with us. You both have done enough damage to him as it is. Who knows what Orochimaru did to him," the captain said. Sakura stared at him, and she was silent.

     "I know I'm unable to feel emotion, simply because I'm considered a tool," the other, raven haired boy said, "but even I think I know that the man we're looking for will not forgive and forget easily. Sakura... Sasuke, it's you're fault..." the boy said.

     "Sai..." Sasuke began, "...shut up..." the young man showed no emotion. Sakura sighed, and it was in that moment that she felt something, sharp and strong! She gasped and looked in the direction!

     "What is it Sakura!?" Yamato asked! How could they not feel it? It was such a strong sensation! She could barely believe what she was feeling. Immediately she dashed off! "What the hell!?" Yamato gasped! He then ran straight after, Sasuke and Sai following!

     'How could they not even feel that!? That Energy!' she thought. The feeling made her skin burn. She ran until finally Yamato grabbed her and an explosion erupted from within the room ahead! Dust and debris scattered around the ground!

     "You would have been killed if you had gone any further! Don't be so damn hasty!" Yamato scolded! Sakura stared at the gaping hole. Light poured through it, and it was evident that Sakura found herself his enemy. However, she did not care, she shambled to her feet and streaked out of the hallway! Following after, Yamato, Sai and Sasuke ran towards the light, and upon coming outside, they saw her... staring at something. A dark figure rose high above them on the ledge of the rock. A tail swaying calmly, almost as if mocking them. The ears that twitched faintly from the wind, and those crimson, slitted eyes that never took their gaze away, nor even blinked, let alone shifted once, stared at the pinkette with hatred and fury, though he held no emotion. They all stared at the large figure, and that was when the silence finally broke. His demonic, and very deep voice causing their spines to tingle!

     "Sakura... long time... no see." he said coldly, "Sasuke... and who do we have... here?" he asked, "ahh... yet another loser, a bag of flesh and blood and mortality joins the ranks, eh?" she asked. He had... changed so much over the years. Sakura no longer felt his pain and sadness, not even a tiny bit of happiness. She felt a violent temper, and torturous attitude, and a blood craving revenge that would only satisfy his needs. No longer did he wear orange, and for some reason, this change crushed her.

     "Na-ru-to..." she whispered, her lips moving slowly.

     He was dressed, almost lightly. A sleeveless, fishnet shirt, and orange pants matching his rising sandals was all he wore. His completely filled out body cast a large shadow. He was more built than Sasuke, sporting 12 pack abs even. His cut muscles and chiseled body... his fangs, his whiskers, which had moved up to his higher cheek bones and had darkened and had become real, most likely due to his transformation from human... into a fox-like creature. His defined claws and razor sharp nails from finger-to-toe made Sakura tremble.

     That... saw-bladed blond hair looked as though it were dyed an orange... red-orange colour. Carious piercings on his body, his ears and pecs for instance. A chain collar around his neck and metal braces on his biceps and wrists. A chain hanging from his belt. He looked more like a demon gangster than a ninja, however Sakura found this not the case. The bones from his hands, his tarsals, meta-tarsals even were defined. Along his arms and some parts of his body, were tattoo's or strange symbols and designs. Flames upon his wrists up to his forearms. Even spicing it up with black and orange tinted lensed, folded, sunglasses that hung from his shirt. The sign of a pure badass. He even picked up a habit that Shikamaru had. A cigarette stuck out of his mouth. One his back was a short katan, and at his side was a satchel that held a large, boomerang-like knife.

     "W-What happened... to you?" Sakura asked. He looked like no ninja she'd ever seen before. He took the cigarette and blew the smoke from his mouth, down at them.

     "Simple, I made a deal with the devil inside me, and sold my wretched soul for immortality and power so that I could take revenge upon everyone I now hate... hate so fuckin' much," he said. Popping the cigarette back in his mouth, moving it to the right of his lips he sighed.

     "So... many fuckin' years it's been. You're faces... they are a disgrace. Showing them upon my immortal shadow. You're disgusting," he said and puffed, "I wonder, should I... just wipe you all out now, or should I just do nothing. Lemme ask someone you knew who was a baby, who you even hated still because he was my lil' bro." Naruto said. A small whimper came from behind the large blond, "s'okay buddy, come on out. Show these pricks how much my lil' bro's grown." he said. Out from behind Naruto, a small boy peered. Innocent sapphire eyes, gray hair and a cloak. Naruto picked him up and held the boy, "see him? My baby bro's grown now. And you couldn't even imagine what I felt when he reached that big age of ten. Ahh, memories... fuckin' priceless," he said and smacked his lips and sighed. Taking the cigarette out of his mouth and extinguishing the tip, tucking it in a pocket, he rubbed his nose against the boys.

     'That... aura...' Sasuke thought. 'could he... could he be as strong as I can feel? This... this CAN'T BE! His... chakra signature is... it's un-natural! What did Orochimaru teach him!?' the raven-haired Uchiha thought.

     "Say "hello" Kishimaru..." Naruto said. He shook his head and hid his face within Naruto's collar bone, "that's right. You don't say no "hello" dirt, do you? Nuh uh," he said in a soft tone. Clearing his throat, he spat on the ground, "you see!" his voice boomed mightily, "it was you fuckin' morons that, originally, made me snap. But I have to thank you fucks for you're... generosity. Because, if you hadn't completely pounded me into the ground with you're words and," he glared at Sakura then, "fists, wouldn't have even taken Kyuubi's offer! In, fuckin' fact, I wouldn't have even become nearly as strong as I am right now! Friends, people who love you... pfft, bullshit. No one except my mother and my father, and this lil' guy right here, love me. And it's in this tiny ring of sentimentality that I, Naruto NAMIKAZE, son of the Yondaime Hokage of Konoha, found reason to live without committing suicide." he explained. They all flinched when they heard the mention of the Yondaime.

     "You're lying!" Sasuke growled! Naruto narrowed his eyebrows.

     "Try me bitch... fuckin' duck-haired pussy. Do a DNA test, they never lie." he said. Putting Kishimaru down, Naruto popped his shoulders and cracked his knuckles and neck. "If it gets too bloody squirt, cover those eyes of yours. I may be a ruthless killer, but I love you enough to make sure you're not experiencing anything you shouldn't be seeing. Okay?" he asked. The boy nodded, and Naruto gripped his Katana. There was a sash on the end, like a Dao blade would have. Sasuke activated his Sharingan.

     "Don't try anything. I can see you're every movement dobe." the Uchiha said. Naruto shook his head.

     "Don't play that shit with me..." the blond had developed a mouth over the years Sakura could tell.

     "Naruto!" Sakura said forwardly, "you're coming back to the village with us! Now!" she said. The blond looked at her and put his shades on. In an instant, he disappeared and in that flash of a second, he appeared right next to her. Her towered above her... above them all! Sasuke searched for the blond, and upon finding him next to Sakura, he was flabbergasted!

     'What the hell!? My Sharingan couldn't even pick up that... that speed!' he thought! Naruto sighed and looked down.

     "Damn... you're fuckin' short girl. He pulled out his cigarete and snapped his fingers, causing a flame to ignite so he could lite the cigarette. Puffing it, he lowered himself to her and blew the smoke in her face. She gasped and coughed, "amazing you aren't punching me... you're scared... scared shitless. Well baby," he said emphasizing the word "baby" just to piss her off, "you and these other fucks ain't got shit over me. Ya'lls bunch'a pussies. You can't even fight back, you're scared..." Naruto said and shook his head. Sakura stared at him. He had... a certain feeling to him now. Naruto's right ear twitched and in an instant he whipped out his katana and stopped Sasuke's blade! He looked at the Uchiha and shook his head.

     "A robe with a purple rope sash. Definitely you... but... the cut in the shirt shouldn't be there, unless," he said and took off his shirt, "you have a body of steel... like this!" he was doing this just for the hell of it! He was massive, strong, his golden body and large figure was just the tip of the iceberg! "Unless you have pecs like these, cover yo'self... bitch," he said and twisted the blade before kicking it in the air. He jumped up and grabbed the sword before landing softly, right in front of Sakura still. He observed the blade and checked it.

     "Not bad... but..." he said tossed the blade before taking his own. In a flash, eh swung up and sliced the kusunagi blade in half! "that... was just the blade... I would'a made steel chop sticks out of it if I had pumped any chakra into this baby. Now..." he said and kicked Sasuke away before turning back to Sakura. He was fast... he moved like lightning even for his massive size! "Look at you, I can just peer down the crack of those boobs. Eh... bigger ones weren't really my type anyway..." he sighed.

     "You... I won't hurt you..." he whispered hotly into her ear, "but I'll give you somethin' to think about. What you said... I was worthless, a disgrace, an abomination to the ninja world. Ahh... sweet memories," he chuckled deeply, "well, anything you gotta say... crybaby? Crybaby... crybaby... crybaby... c'mon crybaby. Say something intelligent and smart. C'mon, hit me with yo' best shot crybaby. Oh yeah... you can't, because you's one fuckin' hell of a weakling. I even heard you were trainin' with that big boobed lady Tsunade," he said, "I commend you for that shit because, hell, not even I could crush boulders and shit like you can... but that dun mean I'm not working on it." he said and sighed, shaking his head. He saw tears trickling down her cheeks and awed in pity, "aww... the lil' crybaby's startin' her water works again! You probably wanna hug, don't you? Want me to just forgive and forget and comfort you and hug you and hold you tight while I say shit like, "it's okay Sakura, it's okay, shhhh," and shit like, "there's nothin' that's gonna hurt you, don't cry... shhhh" ...pfft..." he spat on the ground and got in her face, "well, you missed those chances... if you showed any respect at all to me... we might actually be in love and doin' all that shit... hell, we might even be fuckin' right now. You'd be in a land of pleasure and delight if you were with me," he said. She stared at him, "but hell fuckin' no. You just had to be a stuck up bitch and dawdle over that worthless pile'a shit over there." he sighed.

     "Let's get somethin' straight, you and I baby. You see, I've changed, and when I mean changed, I mean I hate you so fuckin' much it's like... not even funny... Ya see... over the years I lost my emotion and my love and compassion and, instead, replaced it with hatred, rage and all that other good stuff. And to be honest, I couldn't be happier..." he then burst laughing! "if I still hold that emotion! Ahhh! But seriously bitch, I hold nothing of love for ya'll anymore." he said and waved his hand through the air as if chopping it, "it's all cut. You can't rely on me, you have no control over me, and if you try to hit me I'll break yo' fuckin' wrist so much you won't be able to even break a toothpick with them tiny fingers," the blond said. His threats... his vulgar language. She had never felt so intimidated in her entire life. And it was in that moment she... felt something. Was this what Naruto's infinite pain was like? It hurt... so very much. She felt herself paralyzed.

     "Feel guilty now... don't you?" Naruto questioned. She... sniffled, her reddening eyes and cheeks staring helplessly at him. The Naruto she knew was gone from her life... and it was her fault alone.

     "N... N... N-N-N-N..." his turned his head and held his ear over it.

     "What's that baby? I can't hear you. Speak louder..." he said shaking his head.

     "N-N-N-N-a... Naruto..." she sobbed, her bottom lip quivering like crazy. She felt so distraught right now, she could barely speak to him. All she could do was raise her hands and cup his thick neck. He raised his blade to her neck and glared at her.

     "Try strangling me and I'll slit you're tiny throat..." he threatened. She did not... instead of strangling him she walked into his mass and gave him... a hug. He shook his head and sighed, putting the blade away. Not because he was show sentiments towards her, but because he was tired of this shit. Her hot tears cascaded down her cheeks and dripped on his shoulders. He remained emotionless, and in that moment they... "shared" together, after many years apart... Naruto only felt more hate towards her, than ever. Hitting him in the past, and now showing her sentiments of apology to him now? Instead, he said nothing... there was, now, no more emotion or forgiveness left for her. If she wanted his love... she would now have to earn it back... and that... even the newly turned eighteen year-old blond knew... would take far longer than she would hope.

*End of scene*


Something quite different, no? Very different yes! I hope you enjoyed this scene. Please comment. Night!

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Hey everyone! I have reduced my digital downloads of the following photos of Akira to 80 points each. I have a photoshoot with her in about a week so if I can sell a bit of these that will help me pay her.
Custom sets of Akira are possible. You have to send me a note.
All the following premium downloads are just 80 points. All of these will be reset to 200 points after our shoot! So if we shoot on Monday, the prices will reset. If we shoot next Friday, that's when the prices will reset. So get yours now, I cant guarantee when the shoot will happen. 
Thanks for watching everyone!

Want by srefislimitedI May Be In Trouble... by srefislimited
Eyes Anew by srefislimited
Pure. by srefislimited

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55-img-00 by techgnotic

In Bangkok, Thailand, students are being arrested for raising their hands in the air to flash Katniss’ three–finger “freedom” salute.

That’s right, the Katniss who’s the fictional heroine of the popular dystopian sci–fi “Hunger Games” movie series. The world has changed over the last few decades in a very big way, but some are apparently unaware of it or undisturbed by the stunning ramifications.

Advanced surveillance technology is endangering not only personal privacy, but also any possibility of political organizing being kept secret from government power. So even the most democratic nations are now faced with Big Brother seeing, hearing, and knowing everything. Drones and other military tech advances have meant a reconceptualization of warfare making resistance by those who have taken stands against their governments or ruling forces a difficult undertaking. Potential political leaders can be snuffed by drone strikes before anyone knows their names. Governments snooping on text messages can stop demonstrations before they happen. Still, the need to protest remains, leading us to ask—what form is left to us?

We still have the movies.

Putting on a Guy Fawkes mask or raising the “Katniss salute” are now actual political statements.

What many see as the planet’s politically leaderless void is now being filled by our movie hero champions. Fictional movie characters are delivering those heartfelt speeches about freedom and love of humanity that move us and inspire us, while the words of our actual political leaders, for many, continue to evoke only vague hopes of a better tomorrow. There may be a breath of hope in this—but the sword of movie propaganda cuts both ways. Movies are entertainments produced by corporations for profit. “Politically correct” messages are usually imparted only accidentally. The politics of “Katniss” will be determined at the box office by what her fans are willing to hear. Let’s hope her fans demand the studio not attempt to “soften” of her character so she can remain the female “Spartacus”—a Roman slave who lead an infamous revolt and a very cool movie.

The words of movie heroes are now igniting real passion in the hearts of people in Thailand, moving them to take a symbolic action: raising three fingers into the air. If this goes against government wishes and leads to arrests being made then these protesters will go to jail for referencing a fictional story from a movie.

In China, the premiere of Mockingjay, Part 1 has been delayed. A movie about a rebellion to overthrow a fictional oppressive government is quashed by a government perhaps fearful of the example Katniss and her comrades might put into the heads of audiences in China. But in a familiar pattern of banning content, China potentially makes the movie (which millions will see anyway on illegal downloads) all that more powerful as a symbolic torch for freedom.

Popular culture seems to have created a worldwide narrative of “freedom,” though it’s still as vague and hazy as the fictional sources it’s being extracted from to find its final shape. At the end of the day Katniss is a fictional character living in a fabricated world conceived of by her creator Suzanne Collins.

She is not taking real action, not facing consequences for marching in the streets, she may be the spark that lights the kindling—but the kindling has to be there to light. The heart of revolution lies in the people. Fictional characters don’t create social change, people do.

Your Thoughts

  1. Have you seen the Katniss three finger salute used by people at your work, at your school or in the streets? Do you have a clear sense of its meaning?

  2. What fictional story, character or role has inspired you to political action in your own community?

  3. As an artist, have you used symbolic images to substitute for grand ideas such as freedom or social equality on the one hand or repression and fundamentalism on the other?

That’s right, the Katniss who’s the fictional heroine of the popular dystopian sci–fi “Hunger Games” movie series. The world has changed over the last few decades in a very big way, but some are apparently unaware of it or undisturbed by the stunning ramifications.

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Hello, lovelies (:

Since it's summer and the school is over for some people (*yay*) I guess everyone will find a little bit more time for deviantart.
That's why I decided to make some of our lovely deviants happy by giving them a premium membership and points :aww:

All you have to do:

fav this journal in order to participate and voila!

(*faving this journal is needed just so I can know who's entering the contest. Counting each comment would be a hard job
*the prize can't be transferred to someone else's account)

The prizes:

- 3 month premium membership
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The 2 lucky winners will be chosen by generator.

update* deadline:  8th July, 2012.

Don't forget to tell your friends so they can participate too :happybounce:

Good luck and xo

The Winners:

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Congrats, guys!
Also, thank you all for participating. I am glad this giveaway has been very popular and many deviants entered.
See you soon in the next contest :la:

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IMPORTANT update: I hope I'm not breaking any rules by organizing this giveaway contest. I sent a question to ask people in charge is this allowed after getting a note from one of the deviants.
This is a giveaway. I don't ask anything in return. I just wanted to be fair and give a chance to people who might have never had a premium membership to get one as a gift.

If being kind and generous will get me banned, someone please tell me.

Thank you

Img-got-og by techgnotic

The current popularity of the bloody and salacious Game of Thrones and a host of paler imitators may have roots in Cate Blanchett’s Oscar-worthy performance as the historical Elizabeth (1998), the Queen who was perhaps the most important ruling Royal, King or Queen, in British history.

The politics and imputed romances of her reign embroiled both her throne and bedchambers. Released from her half-sister’s dungeon to go on to successfully stabilize a country wracked by religious war, all the while being threatened by Spanish invasion from without and overthrow by the plots of her male “suitors” from within, her life was epic and an intimate human drama rarely captured in fiction.

Then the British import The Tudors (2007–10), brought us an updated lusty beautiful/horrifying portrayal of King Henry VIII, this time focusing on the athleticism of his youth—before he was gravely injured (crushed under a horse while jousting) and became the iconic morbidly obese figure we’re more familiar with.

The Tudors casting of the svelte and smolderingly sexual Jonathan Rhys Meyers (as well as the alluring Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn) marks one of those important departures from the collective story we all carry in our heads, created from childhood on through college and beyond. We call this general narrative “history.” We become incensed over what we feel are profane depictions of our heroes and their beliefs and intentions—as if we could ever know what roiled the mind of a monarch in 1532. Protestants are understandably upset when the Reformation is de-emphasized as “back story,” the better to focus on a King maneuvering wickedly and recklessly in order to secure a divorce both secularly legal and religiously Hell-free, the better to pursue the super hot girl of his dreams.

There is Jeremy Irons in The Borgias as Pope Alexander VI in the late 15th Century committing every possible sin and debauchery that moderns minds could project or imagine for any man of power, much less a Pope surrounded by a family and College of Cardinals just as ruthless with privilege and wealth. Watching this re-casting of the past you need to pinch yourself to remember that the action is set within the Roman Catholic Church which was then and apparently still may be a political and social quagmire. The critics favor a modern French production of this story, Borgias, where they cavort and garrote in the same fashion. This version’s episodes are still in production.

The Nixon Presidency (1969-74) has long been held in the collective American consciousness as the high-level mark in Presidential criminality. But only fringe conspiracy theorists believe that the Nixon ninjas actually murdered political opponents and witnesses. Yet that’s currently accepted as “believable” plotting in popular dramas like Scandal and especially the American remake of House of Cards, in which Kevin Spacey’s deranged politician, Frank Underwood, has no problem with assassination as a method to attain his vengeance and promote his personal advance.

And that’s what it is all about on these current shows: politics as a means to personal revenge, enrichment, and power for sheer power’s sake. The good ol’ days of Henry’s romancing of Anne, let the world burn, seem naïve now.

Do viewers really accept this current storytelling as credible, that this stuff is really going on in the White House, in the royal court of the Tudors or at the Vatican or is this just “political science fiction” grounded in reality but played out into another world altogether?

Game of Thrones, adapted from a series of novels still being completed by fantasy writer George R.R. Martin, might just be the craziest-ever mash-up of wildly divergent time periods, some actual historical events, dragons, mysticism, warring Kingdoms of tangled bloodlines, political marriages, incest among the nobles all soaked in the blood of a thousand traitorous sword-thrusts and festooned with heaving bosoms in (and often out of) designer silks and satins. The interior and architectural decoration of the times of this tale seems to have been informed equally by combinations of ancient Babylon, Egyptian archeology, Conan the Barbarian and Victoria’s Secret. Ruminations by grizzled older warriors trudging toward the next battle touch upon the great themes of crime & punishment, political corruption, religion, loyalty and true brotherhood—but never rise above standard wooly maxims. Never has so much superlative acting and massive production value been expended on comic book level human drama.

“Thrones” is a new extension of Hollywood storytelling nonsense with every scene crafted to push my buttons in some pleasurably cathartic manner.

Worries over what conservative or liberal or sexist or pro—or anti-gay messaging is going on here must be laid aside as there is no algorithm detailed enough to explain what any of this story really “means.” It really is just a “game” to be won or lost by its ever-shifting rules. Being naked in its intent to be no more than sheer entertainment makes the series immune from serious academic, philosophic, historical or literary criticism. Game of Thrones frees us to enjoy it for what it is: a feast for the senses on the way to the next big lunatic lunge on the narrative rollercoaster. A sampling of tributes to the show as imagined by its many deviant fans is a testament to what will go down as one of the most marvelous box of chocolates one could ever hope to have opened. It’s undoubtedly not good for us—but it’s just oh, so good.

I wait every Sunday here in Los Angeles, attending screening parties when I can, for this glorious, masterfully crafted, and richly creative tour de force which acts as a deliciously sweet nightcap after another in an endless series of 80 hour work weeks.

How about you?

withWilliam Simpson


What is the most important information that needs to be expressed on storyboards at this point in production? This information usually flows from who (director/editor) to whom (set designer, etc)?

William Simpson:

In prep, the storyboards are full of the essential camera movements and green screen CGI elements. As always, Storytelling is the essential element, something that will be understood by the various departments, from Director of Photography and the camera dept, through the VFX green screen CGI dept for visual composites through to producers, determining what can be afforded to be shot.

I work directly with the director, interpreting his/her ideas, and sometimes with the line producer, working out the logic of the storytelling to give us a 'heads up' as to what may cause problems for the actual shoot.

The information flow, is usually from Director, to me, then on to production, before they distribute the sequences to all others who may need them.


Is there much "pre-editing" being done in the sequencing and layout of scenes? And if so, what is usually being emphasized by directors, editors and others in their input?

William Simpson:

There's quite a bit of pre-editing being achieved in the sequences, the process enabling a ' nailing down' of shots, especially for the cost constraints. Part of what we determine in prep, is what is logical and artistic to film, and then combine it with the shot list allowance of what we feasibly can actually have, What can be practical live filming, and what has to be an VFX shot.


William Simpson is an international artist, whose career began in comicstrip art, working on a range of character icons: Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, Batman, Transformers, Hellblazer, Tyranny Rex, Aliens, and Vamps. Now he's primarily in movies.

In recent years he has developed his work in the film industry providing conceptual art and storyboards for a variety of feature films, such as: Reign of Fire, directed by Rob Bowman, Freeze Frame, directed by John Simpson, Neil Jordan's Breakfast on Pluto, and most recently, Game of Thrones for HBO, David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's Your Highness for Universal, Lord Richard Attenborough's 2006 production, Closing The Ring and the Tom Hanks produced, City Of Ember. Currently on Game of Thrones for HBO.


Is there a tremendous amount of detail on storyboards on a big production like Game of Thrones that wouldn't exist with a more modest production—or is the functionality of deciding how a narrative is going to be told the key consideration always in any production?

William Simpson:

I think functionality of narrative is pretty essential, but, there's a lot of storytelling, good directors know, and don't need to be visualised in a board first, but on a show like Game of Thrones, the details in what will have to have CGI elements, a primary concern for compositing real with unreal. We’re creating Westeros here, and we have to see what can be achieved by drawing it first. It must be considered worthwhile as I've been there for 5 years already.


Is there a special feeling you get from being so deeply involved in the internal "DNA" of what is obviously going to be an important landmark series?

William Simpson:

I think the delight is in watching so much of what you've done, realised on screen. Game of Thrones is a vast production and requires quite a lot of prep over the ten episodes in a season, and so many drawn sequences turned into film footage is always a buzz. It's definitely great to be an essential part of fandom's fav series.

We’re creating Westeros here, and we have to see what can be achieved by drawing it first.


How did you come to get your job doing storyboards for Game of Thrones? Is this the usual pathway to being considered for such jobs, or are there others for interested deviants to pursue? What can you tell artists who want to do storyboarding as a dream job? What should they be doing?

William Simpson:

This is a really big question and there is a massively convoluted answer to it. You see, there's a lot of being in the right place at the right time, and having 20 years of comic strip experience doesn't hurt!

I was brought in to do some concepts, while I was working on Your Highness. I wasn't told what the project was, just given a few key pages of script, and asked could I come up with some castle images and knights and a few interesting location shots, one being the beheading scene at the beginning of the story. These images were then sent in a package to HBO, and they seemed to help them decide on coming to N.Ireland to film with their production base. When I was told we had the series, while still on Your Highness I asked my producer friend Mark Huffam, " do I have a job then" haha, to which he said "of course".

I asked my producer friend Mark Huffam, “do I have a job then” haha, to which he said “of course.”

William Simpson:

After I finished my concept art on "Your Highness" ad did a day of 2nd unit directing for it, I then moved on into Game of Thrones and started conceptualising weaponry. I created the designs for all the hero weapons, at that time, 'Ice', 'Needle', 'long claw', etc, were mine, as well as developing the very first set of images of the "White Walkers", "The Godswood Tree", "Cersei's" carriage, and "The Three Eyed Ravens". I helped on some of the armour and helmet elements for Costume. I did a pretty neat version of the 'Hound', pretty close to what was made. After that, I went on to Storyboarding.

The comic side of me has generated a diverse artist, so having been recognised as such, I was used properly to generate ideas in the beginning. I've since storyboarded all four seasons, and will be getting into the fifth, coming this year.

It's not been the usual pathway, but then I don't think there actually is a 'usual'. Sometimes, I pitch myself at films, if I know in advance they're happening, though now, most of my time, I'm called up and asked, when am I available. It's nice when you get a call, which has a value on what you do as an artist with experience.

For anybody wanting to do any form of art, including storyboarding, you have to be in love with drawing, and storytelling. You have to have a perverse nature that allows you to work long hours drawing as a job, and then finding yourself also drawing for fun. You have to love this pursuit. No half measures. I try to bring all the sensitivity I had in comic strips, into what I do in storyboarding, though some may do it as a job, I tend to come at it as a solver of problems in storytelling and somebody who says, 'great, I'm going to be drawing all day!' No fear! It's another great mode of self expression.

For anybody wanting to do any form of art... You have to love this pursuit. No half measures.

For The Reader


Would you assign world class literary and philosophical value to Game of Thrones? If so, why?


Is there an unspoken “agreement” between film producer and film consumer as to the intended “pure entertainment” vs. “think” purpose of a film experience?


Are you annoyed when historical figures are portrayed in ways that greatly diverge from the picture of them you have always had in your head? Or do you find this refreshing and creative, even if involving massive “poetic license?”


Do you think moviemakers have a duty to portray historical figures as they were, or is it enough that their life events are accurately recorded, as well as their beliefs and words. Is it OK to cast Peter O’Toole as Lawrence of Arabia when the real Lawrence was only 5 feet tall? Is it OK to give the young Henry VIII six-pack abs?


Do you think fantasy and science fiction stories should steer clear of politics generally and stick to common human questions of love, loyalty, valor as motivators for characters? Does the feeling that the author is subtly pushing his or her political or social beliefs on the reader, no matter how delicately, a turn-off for you? Or is this something writers should never hide in their art?


Do you think all the elements of Game of Thrones that could be found by individual viewers to be offensive, sexist, racist, homophobic, pro-violence, are “forgiven” by the utter outrageousness of the story in general? Should there always be a place for politically incorrect fun?

The current popularity of the bloody and salacious Game of Thrones and a host of paler imitators may have roots in Cate Blanchett’s Oscar-worthy performance as the historical Elizabeth (1998), the Queen who was perhaps the most important ruling Royal, King or Queen, in British history. The politics and imputed romances of her reign embroiled both her throne and bedchambers. Released from her half-sister’s dungeon to go on to successfully stabilize a country wracked by religious war, all the while being threatened by Spanish invasion from without and overthrow by the plots of her male “suitors” from within, her life was epic and an intimate human drama rarely captured in fiction.

Writers: techgnotic 
Designers: marioluevanos 

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A Modern Day Fairy Godmother

Thu Jan 8, 2015, 8:36 PM
Img-og by techgnotic

There’s a hint of fairy dust in the air at the Firefly Path workshop where JoEllen Elam (Lillyxandra) brings her fairytale costume creations to life.

Weaving her magic through every piece of the enchanting princess gowns and fantastical fairie wears she creates, JoEllen is here to show that Cinderella isn’t the only one with a fairy godmother. Armed with only a love for cosplaying, a passion for costuming and a can—do attitude, this self taught costume designer began her professional costuming journey in 2002. Eager to learn as much as she could in both business and design, JoEllen used every opportunity to pick up a new sewing technique or internship. Primarily through trial and error she went from creating her first pillowcase to whipping up her own dream–like creations, and after being on DeviantArt for 10 years, is now a fairy godmother to her customers, making their dreams come true through her commissions.

Once Upon A Time

Before her days as a professional costumer JoEllen found her way into the fantastical world of ‘cosplay,’ a term much less prevalent at the time than it is today. From the comical anime Hand Maid May, she picked the character of May as her first cosplay costume creation. From there her love of costuming and cosplay was sparked and only continued to grow with each stitch she sew. She compares cosplay to “a very addicting drug”—you could say she was hooked (many other deviants can probably relate). Her most recent cosplay was a collaboration with The Zelda Project where she shines as Princess Zelda.

Spreading The Fairy Dust

Years later as a fully established professional costume designer and makeup artist, JoEllen has been able to turn her hobby in a real life profession. Working out of her whimsical studio in Los Angeles, she has crafted hundreds of costumes and props, worked on several Hollywood productions, been showcased in magazines, and invited as a guest to several conventions where she’s shared her knowledge and love of costuming.

As effortless and magical as JoEllen seems to make constructing her glittering gowns and transforming herself into her favorite characters, she is the first to tell you that it took her a long time to get to where she is today. She’s been kind enough to share a few tips for aspiring costume designers and cosplayers from her years of experience and sits down with us to talk about what it takes to bring to life a Firefly Path creation.

How much of your identity is based on Lillyxandra and how much in JoEllen? Reading your descriptions of the various Masquerade Fairies and Dragoon Warrior Women (costumes you design and create) begs the question: Does cosplay sometimes blur the lines between fantasy and reality, especially when the costuming is of such high quality? Is cosplay an outlet for creativity or an escape from reality?

:iconlillyxandra: Lillyxandra

When I first started cosplaying and posting my work on forums and web pages back in 1999/early 2000’s it was a big faux pas to post your real name for fear that someone would find out where you lived and steal your identity haha. Creating a handle for yourself was customary so I came up with my handle "Lillyxandra". It was not my intention to create a separate persona around my handle, but through posting my work under that name I developed one.

Cosplay is Fantasy and Escapism all wrapped up into one beautiful eye candy package. With each costume I create I'm bringing a fictional character to life through costuming. Every part of a costume should tell a story about the person wearing it. When you put on a costume it has the ability to transform you into something beyond your everyday life.

Is cosplay a form of rebellion against society’s “adult” structures against youthful creativity and imagination?

:iconlillyxandra: Lillyxandra

For me personally Cosplay has always been positive activity. That being said it is a much more an “acceptable hobby” now than it was 10 years ago. It's become more mainstream through entertainment throughout the years. Thank God I don’t have to over explain what it is anymore. From TV series, Movies, Video Game, to Mobile Phone Games the fantasy genre is everywhere and it’s not just for kids!

How do those non-familiar with cosplay react when they learn of your passion? Is it generally positive and inquisitive or negative and dismissive?

:iconlillyxandra: Lillyxandra

It’s very positive. Any time I’m out in public doing a photoshoot I always have lookie—loos coming up and asking questions about the costumes and what we are doing. They have always been positive and complimentary of my work when I tell them my profession as a costume designer and are generally interested in what I do.

As a professional designer who also appears at conventions in character, are you sometimes looked upon as a dealer who’s gotten to involved with her product? Or do cosplayers question how much your participation is a true commitment to the cause and how much is advertising your wares? Or are we over-thinking all this, instead of just enjoying it?

:iconlillyxandra: Lillyxandra

Over my career as a costume designer and cosplayer I have developed a brand name for my company, Firefly Path. But that does not take away from how special or enjoyable creating and wearing a costume is. Making costumes is my full time job so I rarely get to cosplay for pleasure, so when I do cosplay it’s for my own enjoyment and not for promotion. What started out as a hobby had developed into a career, so of course anytime I wear my designs it inadvertently acts as advertisement.

When you are contacted by members of the DeviantArt community wanting to “do what you do” what do you advise them? If so, what is your best piece of advice for an up and coming cosplayer or designer?

:iconlillyxandra: Lillyxandra

As cheesy as it sounds.. my advice is do what you love to do. You. Are. Unique. Nobody shares the exact same view as you do. So take your individuality, create something amazing, and share it with the world. And keep doing it!!! Persistence is key.

What do you see as your longer term goals in costume design, special make-ups … and cosplay?

:iconlillyxandra: Lillyxandra

I really enjoy being a couture house with my team of talented seamstress making one–of–a–kind garments for a limited number of customers every year and really pouring our creative hearts into each design. If I could balance offering my designs to a wider market while maintaing my unique custom designs, that would be ideal!

Lillyxandra’s Top 5 Deviants to Watch


FantasyNinja not only is a talented seamstress, but her understanding of armor and make–up really ties her final product together perfectly.


I love Jolien’s take on her original fantasy costumes. She has a great way of adding a lot of elaborate details without making her costumes too busy. All of her designs are absolutely ethereal!


Maria’s not afraid to take on crazy elaborate costumes. Talk about Epic Cosplay, her gallery is full of awesome!


This Polish Costume designer has a hauntingly beautiful style that is truly unique. Each of her pieces feels as though they have a story behind them.


Tano & Artano are a fantastic cosplay team. I really admire the fact that they find the perfect locations for their photoshoots.

Your Thoughts

  1. Costume designers, where do you get your inspiration from when designing a costume?
  2. Cosplayers, when you are in cosplay do you feel you are fully immersed in the world of the character? Or do you just enjoying taking on the appearance of your favorite character?
  3. As a cosplayer when did you take that first step in dressing up outside of Halloween? As a non–cosplayer what would it take for you to dress-up outside of Halloween?
  4. When was last time you were in any kind of costume and what did you wear?
  5. As a professional artist you sometimes have to compromise your design to fit your client’s vision, share with us your real life experiences of what it means to be a working professional artist.
  6. If you could be outfitted by Lillyxandra, what character would you want her to put an original spin on?

There’s a hint of fairy dust in the air at the Firefly Path workshop where JoEllen Elam brings her fairytale costume creations to life. Weaving her magic through every piece of the enchanting princess gowns and fantastical fairie wears she creates, JoEllen is here to show that Cinderella isn’t the only one with a fairy godmother. Armed with only a love for cosplaying, a passion for costuming and a can—do attitude, this self taught costume designer began her professional costuming journey in 2002.

Writer: spotted 
Designer: seoul-child

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Yeah. I try to make beautiful 3D women.

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 29, 2012, 2:35 AM
Regarding all the stuff that has come up in the last year about women in games, and tropes in videogames etc etc unequality and all that. I wrote this over at polycount but sharing it here.

I'm not sorry at all that I am in the pursuit of beauty in my work.

I'm not going to stop for anyone. I do what I do, because I enjoy it.

For years all I built was big space marines and ww2 soldiers, no one ever once told me back then I should 'diversify' and 'do something else' no one ever hassled me either it's just pretty much accepted. Pretty girls though?

Fucking taboo.

Well you know what, I call BULLSHIT.

If you look at my work and all you see is a sex-doll, that's your business not mine.
I never intended any of my girls to be this way. None. If you ask me about any of them, instead of taking them at face value like so many people do, you would discover that they all have intricate back stories, and all mean a great deal to me personally due to what was going on at the time in life etc.

I've spent years honing specific lines and shapes just of female torsos and faces, in an attempt to try and refine my skill. I still feel nowhere remotely close to getting where I want to be, and I will continue to pursue it until this facet of the craft is no longer appealing to me. I certainly will not be stopping because people have misinterpreted my intentions, nor do I care if people cannot forgive me for falling into the stereotypical trap due to not being a good enough artist to hit my intended goals yet. You can rally against me and boo me off stage all you like.

I only share a fraction of my work online, and yet I have had people express their concerns at polycount and here at deviantart via PM about it, I've had people tell me I objectify women, I've had people tell me I'm a pervert who likes to jack off to my own art, I've had people call me disgusting, revolting, I've had people say that I should be banned from entering comps if I make females, the list really goes on and on. Working on RIFT I even had people tell me I should be shot.

The bottom line is, you won't catch me groping women in the workplace, you won't catch me making sexist remarks or lewd comments, nor will you find me discriminating against any person regardless of their sexual orientation, beliefs, gender or race when I've been in a position to hire, because tbh when it comes down to it, I JUST DON'T CARE if your gay, lesbian, transgender, male, female or what color your skin is, or what you believe in, whether you are in a minority or a majority. Your art, and your passion for your craft , is the thing that tells me all I need to know about you.

If making pretty girls in my spare time, to you, lumps me into the same category as these kinds of discriminatory men, then so be it. Im very proud to be doing what im doing, and again. NOONE will stop me.

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  • Playing: Assassins Creed 2
  • Drinking: Rice Milk
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