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Una pequeña Animación del Juego BloodRayne Betrayal Para PS3 con la sexy Rayne, otra mata vampiros.

by WayForward
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Assalaamu alaikum [peace be to you],

I red this short story of Sir Isaac Newton and I liked it. I wanted to share it with you guys/girls. hope you like it.

and feel free to share it with your friends if you like. ^_^

you may or may not like the argument presented here. that's not a problem. everyone is free to accept what he/she is convinced about.

Sadly Comments ARE disabled.
can you guess why?... well, it's obvious. some of those visiting this page lack manners and choose bad bad way to disagree.
I noticed that always when I draw an artwork about God, most of those who disagree are uneducated and impolite people. does disbelieving in God make people impolite? just wondering...
oh, and please, don't go and avenge on my profile page. if I see an impolite comment there or any argument about this artwork, it'll be flagged as spam. I didn't disable comments here to find them in my profile page. :D

this is not intended to offend anyone. if you don't like my artwork, just close the page and visit other artists' galleries.

peace be to you.
Comments disabled by owner.
Girls. :D

Just been working in iClone/Maya/ 3DSM Reworking stuff for my remake of the RE series in film form. Sometimes I get bored and stuff like this happens haha.

Nothing is final. Editing all textures/models/rigging. Ex: Claire


Thanks to:


For the orginal Sherry, Helena, Ada, and Sheva models.


For the Classic Ada edit.

Grotesque for the original Claire rip.


For the fixed Claire rigging.

Jill from Umbrella chronicles/REmake rips;Other small edits here and there by me.

Snippet from Beyonce's "Run the World (girls)" No copyright infringement intended.
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Fourth part of my Warhammer 40k animation doodles. Featuring the answers to questions never asked, such as "How does the birth of a spawn look like?" and "What about Rok-surfing orks?"

If you'd like to use Duuk Rok'em as a special character in Apocalypse, here are the unofficial rules:

Duuk Rok'em 300pts

Da Golden Eguhlz: Counts as a twin-linked autocannon when fired and gives him an additional attack in melee.
Shades: These permanently gives Duuk a 5+ armour save.

Special Rules:
Waaagh!: See the WH 40k: Orks Codex
Furious Charge: See the warhammer 40k rulebook.
Relentless: See the warhammer 40k rulebook.

Super Ego: Each time Duuk Rok'em suffers an unsaved wound he must immediately take a Leadership test. If the Leadership test is failed he suffers a wound. I the test is successful the wound is discarded. Attacks or Psychic powers that does automatic wounds causes a wound as normal (No leadership test required). Attacks that causes Instant Death instead cause a single wound to him (Also without Leadership test).

Letz Rok!: Duuk always starts the game in strategic reserve, arriving exactly like a "Rok'em, boyz!" strategic asset from the Apocalypse: Reloaded rulebook, although he always scatters 2D6 (FEET, not inches). Note that the destroyer hit from the Rok does not affect Duuk in any way. He may shoot or run on the turn he arrives, although he may not assault. If the Rok scatters out of the table, Duuk will instead come in from that table edge the following turn, on foot (and probably quite pissed off because of the miss).

Power Kick: Duuk may opt not to use his normal attacks in close combat, instead inflicting a Destroyer hit in melee. Note that you need to roll to hit as normal (unless it is a bunker, static vehicle etc).

Warhammer 40k (c) GW
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Today we follow the adventures of a group of imperial guard vs tau, an orbital bombardment, a Khorne Berzerker, a Tervigon, a Dreadnought, a ripper swarm, Hormagaunts, a Hammerhead, more guardsmen and a Swooping Hawk, most of wich are your requests! :)

Hope you like them! :)
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This episode includes some Ork Speedfreaks, a pair of bored Space Hulk Terminators, a gretchin animation that I'd love to see as a game, featuring a grot, a couple of guardsmen, a grav-chute, a Valkyrie and an Adeptus Astartes on a bad day. Last but not least, an Exorcist.

Games Workshop fanimation :)
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[Assalaamu alaikum] Peace be to you,

I read another short story and I liked to make it in my style and present it to you, hoping it can help some of you my dear friends. wisdom has no limits. ^_^

hope you enjoy it.

I didn't write the story, I found it in internet...

if you don't like it, it's fine. someone can't please all the world. but I really appreciate if you try to be polite and respectful even if you don't agree. if you can't, just ignore my artwork and leave in peace.

also, non-constructive critiques are not welcomed.

Salam [peace]
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In addition, please make sure you have read these journals if you would like to join:
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Let it load for a while and if it doesnt load, try to reload the page a few times!

Just something I wanted to try (: I always loved this scene in Saving Private Ryan - the distant explosion sounds are just too great.. So I borrowed them and edited them slightly and put some ambient sounds in there as well : P

It's nothing much, but it was fun to do none the less.
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I have been trying to learn basic level of action scripting to make interactive turnarounds but so far I've only been able to achieve making a pause and play button and a preloader. What can I say, coding really isn't my thing. If any of you know how to action scripting and would like to help out then do let me know. I would like to know how to add key trace function for frame by frame slide show type of thing.

Attara (c) :iconadamc11779:
Sculpt by Me.
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