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*EDIT* It's not much, but I darkened the mid ground a little. Until I learn more efficient techniques for digital work, that's about what I can do. :nuu:

Finally! :dummy: Background could have been better, but overall I'm pretty happy with it.

This is a pic of a battlefield that has been "broken" (i.e. battle lines have blurred into one big mess.) Faction units (in green) fighting Federation units (in desert paint.) In the background you see some Federation missileers and in the far back, one of the main assault platforms and its compliment of mecha.

The title comes from "ace" pilots -those who have earned a name on the battlefield. Hiro groups aces into two categories: "runners" and "shooters." Runners employ exceptional maneuverability, and often specialize in melee tactics, while shooters are highly flexible and accurate with firearms. Typically each ace has a little of each in them. Hiro is THE ace of the Federation. Kana is a runner ace, and Eric is a shooter ace. None of them appear in this picture though. ;P

Oh and something I never mentioned -The Federation refers to the Faction as simply that, or the full name, the "Red Seal Faction." The Faction military and the citizens in Faction-controlled territories refer to themselves as the "Red Seal Republic." Just in case anyone wondered what "RSR" meant on the mech in the foreground.

Also, I realized earlier that I gave an overestimation of size for the mecha in "Dream" -based on my original mechanical designs and the fact that I actually did some approximate measuring, the mechs are around 28 meters tall, not 40. ^^;
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Did this pic because I said I'd do an Armored Core-style sniper mech for :iconaxonn5:'s Birthday. Sorry for the simple background.

I'm fairly pleased with the way if turned out. :dummy:

No real basis from the actual series; I just used the concept of a cored mech with interchangeable parts (which look like all the mechs I draw anyway) and tinkered around a bit. It's left and right arms are different parts, to clarify.

Its armaments include:

High-explosive assault harpoon, reinforced shotgun, jammer, tactical knife, internal components (grenades, mines, flares and ECM), and of course the high-capacity and rapid-fire sniper rifle.
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Medic Mecha for Search and Rescue team
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Well haven't worked on it for a while, its almost done, still have to put more work in the weps and mechanical parts.

BTW this render kinda turned out bad I didn't have enough ray bounces.
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fuck yeah i managed to ink this one...someone please tell me how to draw the sea...
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Final with some add-on decal Sinanju Gundam
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just play armored core bitches!!!

oh man, drawing this was such a pain...but i liked a lot :)
drawn listening :[link]
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"in the neck of every pilot is installed a device connected directly to the spinal cord. once connected to the machine starts the so-called synchronization, the synthetic nervous system of the main computer connects to the pilot's brain allowing him to control every single function of the unit. at least this is what they say, once you're in there all translates in to vortex of sensations, the muscles constantly contract and relax themselves creating spasms and convulsions, pain is mixed with pleasure for what seems like hours but which are actually a couple of minutes.
in the end you lose awareness of your body and gain the machine's motor skills. "
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Universal Century 0082
-A story of a father, son, and his wife-

Making fun universal century fan fic
tells the story of one of the industrial colony that was attacked by the remnants of Zeon soldiers,
Where will be one pilot tells the Southeast Asian Federation of Adriyanto Salim ...

Salim Adriyanto can save his family who also lived in the colonies ...?

The image above tells one scene where Adriyanto just got up after crashing pretty far from the explosion caused by the invasion of Zeon to industrial colony, then approached one of the fleet to seven soldiers who happened to be assigned to guard the colony ...

While the mechanical data:

Gundam Ez-Plus (left)

Limited production of Gundam Ez-8 was developed to battle in space with adding special thruster on the back, but basically using the framework that has been in the GM Striker makeovers re ...

Model Number: Ez-8 Pluz
Total Height: 19 m
Weight: 63.5 t
Generator Output: 2050 kw
Material: Alloy Gundalium
Armaments: Head Vulcan, Machine Gun + Grenade Launcher, Machine Cannon, Beam Zaber, Bazooka

RGM-79 Strider (right)

I was profiled as a development before the "GM Powered", in short this is a GM-reinforced durability

Model Number: RGM-79
Total Height: 18.5 m
Weight: 58.5 t
Generator Output: 1600 kw
Material: Titanium Ceramic Composite
Armaments: Head Vulcan, Bull pup + Grenade Launcher Machine Gun, Beam Zaber, Bazooka, Shot gun
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CRG-360F GiLRAM Fortress
Related Link :
• Clean Slate WIP ► [link]
• Line ► [link]

Rate = 93
Story = Red Guardian
Class = Heavy Artilerie
Overall height = 17.2
Base weight = 68200
Full weight = 104200
Armaments =
• CMCLG-G36 Main Massive Condensed Positron Gun
• CMRG-G36 Optional Mini Rail Gun
• CHCS-G36B Secondary Beam Gun
• CBS-R1 Melee Beam sword
• CRWS-G36 Dispersing Neutron Cannon
• CAM-G36 Chaff
• CDMP-G36 Missile Pod
• CAB-G36 Pulse Interceptor
• CDVC-G36 Attached 75mm Vulcan Cannon
• CDMG-60 Atached 30mm machine guns
• CHCS-G36S Heavy Coated Carrier Shield

Line : 0.5 Standard BGel pen + 0.3 Pilot hi-tech
Softwares : Easy Paint Tool SAI
Hardwares: Mouse DX
time : forgot, but arround 3-4 hours i guess


Armored Unit produced by Chezernoff Heavy Industries. Used by certain military officer and the rebel of the Republic.
A modified series of GiLRAM III for long range attack with more firepower and heaviest defense of all GiLRAM series. Its armor were coated with the material used for the light shield used by G-100. Due to its weight, it cannot move as agile as the previous series, its has the slowest movement speed of all the series.
The Positron Gun of this series can destroy everything on its way, the energy can reach longer than 100,000 range. The positron gun consume a massive energy, to cover it, the G-310F was equiped with an energy reserve system on its back.
The pulse interceptor was attached to repel any incoming intermediate energy attack. Chezernoff was also attached a rear weapon system to anticipate its vulnerability from back attack [due to the weight, this system scatter out a neutron energy to jamm enemy system and do a significant damage.
The lastest version of shield for G-360F can withstand any attack, from a simple projectile to high particle attack. Upon impact with any energy attack, its shield battery activated to back up shield durability against it. It also can carry additional ammo for its projectile weapons.
G-360F is a perfect option for Long range combat, the production cost is also very high, makes the price even higher, thats why this kind of GiLRAM are few can be found in the battlefield. Only experienced or ace pilots are allowed to ride it.


done with the BG at last :D
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