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soo after I asked you which topic should be the next one you chose "The Avengers" ;D so I started with a collection inspired by Black Widow because ... well she is HOT ;D
for those who voted for district 5 don't worry! my next collection will be the district 5 collection :D
I also decided to do both so one week I will make a "District - collection" and the other week I will make a collection inspired by a character of the Avengers :D I think then I won't be bored XD

AAAND you can vote for the next character! ;D so just leave a comment or a note :D I think that sounds like a lot of fun :D

oh and of course I hope you like these designs here ;D Have a great day!

ohh ENG - ITA today (2012 UEFA European Football Championship) soo excited :D
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Hey everyone! :D
Soo I found an apartment !! ;D I am SO EXCITED!! So today I got the keys and in the next weeks I will move in my OWN new Home in BERLIN! ;D such a good day!
Also today is the final of the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship !! (Spain vs. Italy ... unfortunately without Germany T__T)
So now to this collection xD
inspiration: ... everything with electricity like: different Lights, Bokeh, power pole, light bulb, old lamps and that song [link]

I hope you like it ;D And my next Avenger-Collection will be inspired by ...*drum roll ... LOKI xD (He got the most votes ;D)
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Finally done. My fashion version of Avengers

Iron Man mmm...not my favourite but i decided that the design should be futuristic and unusual- after all Iron Man is famous for his costume so i just had fun and didn't think about anything
Hulk That was interesting!!!I wanted to show muscles- hope i could do it
Loki What to say!!!!Loki is awesome!!!So i made a bit of military but still stylish coat and added jewel stones to show the power and glamour
Thor I drew metal corset for him/her and puffy red skirt. Feel a bit bad that i didn't use round elements from original costume- but i think you still can recognize the charecter
Black Widow Is there anything better than little black dress for russian spy?Of course not!! But it's not a simple dress- pleas take a closer look at it!
Hawkeye I felt a bit sad that his costume was so plain in movie- so i wanted to make it more interesting. And i wanted to draw such boots!
Director Fury His design was the easiest one- i just knew what i wanted to draw!!!!Bossy and sexy!What a mix!
Captain America Old-fashioned, with high moral principles- so it's teacher style this time!!!!!

Sorry, I'm bad with anatomy

All charecters belong to Marvel

Designs evolutions

If you want to reblog it- do it from my page [link] !!!!!

FAQTo start with- my real name is Sasha. But for many years i've been called Sashii or Sashiiko and i really like when people call me like this

1)What is your major in university???   -I study fashion design and i guess you can see that in my works. But i also got a degree in Web-design.
2)How long have you been drawing? -I've started when i was eight and went to art school for kids(it's like evening school where you go after normal school)i finished it when i was 15 and at that time i hated drawing!!But when i was 16  went to USA and met there a great teacher- he is my inspiration and thanks to him i do what i do now.
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Euphoooooria! ;D Congratulations Sweden!!

So here is the "District 3 - Collection"!
inspiration: mhmm I don't know xD maybe futuristic-technology and Tron, because of the industry of District 3 (Technology)
I know they are crazy ;D but I think that's a good thing for the chariot rides!

I hope you like them :D and have a great day!!

Capitol -
District1 -
District 2 -
Facebook: [link]
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so today I finished the "District 2 - Collection"!!
this time there were 2 main inspirations:
1. military/esp. old armors because District 2 "is where most of the Peacekeepers are trained and weapons are manufactured"
2. marmor, beacuse of the industry there (and I like the texture)

I hope that makes sense ... if not ... I still hope you like it :D
Have a nice day!!
(you can also add me as a friend on facebook [link])
The Capitol
District 1
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Hey everyone! :D
So here is the "District 4 - Collection"!
inspiration: the ocean, fishnet, trident, shells, corals, algae, fishes ... I think almost everything which is related to fishing ;D because that's the industry of District 4.

I hope you like them :D ohh and what should I do next ... District 5 or some designs inspired by "The Avengers" (best film ever :D) ? and thank you for all the good wishes :D
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I finished the District 1 dresses ;D
the main inspiration: diamonds, because District 1 is known for manufacturing luxury things
so there is a lot of glitter and bright colours (similar to the Capitol) and I think dress 2 and 5 (from left to right) are for the Chariot rides :D

I hope you like them! :D
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Hey! so here are some new designs ;D
inspired by my short trip to Berlin. There are so many people and so many different styles it was great and I can't wait till summer when I will live there :D
so I think most of these outfits are ready to wear too like the last ones ;D so I think this is the second part from

and I listened to some of your tips because this time I tried to use some textures
I hope you like it ;D and have a great day!
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Hey Everyone!!
so this week I had some time to draw and here they are -like promised- the designs of the "Loki-Collection" ;D
it was so much fun to draw them and I really hope you like them ;D
(sorry for too much horns XD but I really like them)
And if you want to vote which character I should use as my next inspiration for the next collection just vote on my page ;D

have a great day :D
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YEEES! xD Finally it's ready! So the first piece of my "The Hunger Games Project" is a collection inspired by ... the Capitol and Effi Trinket :D
so there is a lot of colour and fabric and volume and crazy hair but it's ... THE CAPITOL ;D
I think the next part will be inspired by District 1 or another District I don't know yet xD
wait 12 (13)Districts ... which means 12 (13)collections o.O oh hell that's so much work xD

I hope you like these designs and have a great day!!
Edit: thank you so much for all the favs and comments :D
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