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soo after I asked you which topic should be the next one you chose "The Avengers" ;D so I started with a collection inspired by Black Widow because ... well she is HOT ;D
for those who voted for district 5 don't worry! my next collection will be the district 5 collection :D
I also decided to do both so one week I will make a "District - collection" and the other week I will make a collection inspired by a character of the Avengers :D I think then I won't be bored XD

AAAND you can vote for the next character! ;D so just leave a comment or a note :D I think that sounds like a lot of fun :D

oh and of course I hope you like these designs here ;D Have a great day!

ohh ENG - ITA today (2012 UEFA European Football Championship) soo excited :D
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Hey everybody!
Finally some new designs xD I am soooo sorry for being so inactive but moving to Berlin is pretty stressful ;D whatever!
so here is the "District 6 - Collection" inspired by the industry of that district: Transportation (because of that the designs are structured and I used a lot of black and grey and geometric patterns)

I hope you like them and my next designs will be inspired by Iron Man (because of your votes ;D)
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Hey everyone! :D
Soo I found an apartment !! ;D I am SO EXCITED!! So today I got the keys and in the next weeks I will move in my OWN new Home in BERLIN! ;D such a good day!
Also today is the final of the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship !! (Spain vs. Italy ... unfortunately without Germany T__T)
So now to this collection xD
inspiration: ... everything with electricity like: different Lights, Bokeh, power pole, light bulb, old lamps and that song [link]

I hope you like it ;D And my next Avenger-Collection will be inspired by ...*drum roll ... LOKI xD (He got the most votes ;D)
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Euphoooooria! ;D Congratulations Sweden!!

So here is the "District 3 - Collection"!
inspiration: mhmm I don't know xD maybe futuristic-technology and Tron, because of the industry of District 3 (Technology)
I know they are crazy ;D but I think that's a good thing for the chariot rides!

I hope you like them :D and have a great day!!

Capitol -
District1 -
District 2 -
Facebook: [link]
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Finally done. My fashion version of Avengers

Iron Man mmm...not my favourite but i decided that the design should be futuristic and unusual- after all Iron Man is famous for his costume so i just had fun and didn't think about anything
Hulk That was interesting!!!I wanted to show muscles- hope i could do it
Loki What to say!!!!Loki is awesome!!!So i made a bit of military but still stylish coat and added jewel stones to show the power and glamour
Thor I drew metal corset for him/her and puffy red skirt. Feel a bit bad that i didn't use round elements from original costume- but i think you still can recognize the charecter
Black Widow Is there anything better than little black dress for russian spy?Of course not!! But it's not a simple dress- pleas take a closer look at it!
Hawkeye I felt a bit sad that his costume was so plain in movie- so i wanted to make it more interesting. And i wanted to draw such boots!
Director Fury His design was the easiest one- i just knew what i wanted to draw!!!!Bossy and sexy!What a mix!
Captain America Old-fashioned, with high moral principles- so it's teacher style this time!!!!!

Sorry, I'm bad with anatomy

All charecters belong to Marvel

Designs evolutions

If you want to reblog it- do it from my page [link] !!!!!

FAQTo start with- my real name is Sasha. But for many years i've been called Sashii or Sashiiko and i really like when people call me like this

1)What is your major in university???   -I study fashion design and i guess you can see that in my works. But i also got a degree in Web-design.
2)How long have you been drawing? -I've started when i was eight and went to art school for kids(it's like evening school where you go after normal school)i finished it when i was 15 and at that time i hated drawing!!But when i was 16  went to USA and met there a great teacher- he is my inspiration and thanks to him i do what i do now.
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Hey everyone! :D
So here is the "District 4 - Collection"!
inspiration: the ocean, fishnet, trident, shells, corals, algae, fishes ... I think almost everything which is related to fishing ;D because that's the industry of District 4.

I hope you like them :D ohh and what should I do next ... District 5 or some designs inspired by "The Avengers" (best film ever :D) ? and thank you for all the good wishes :D
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so today I finished the "District 2 - Collection"!!
this time there were 2 main inspirations:
1. military/esp. old armors because District 2 "is where most of the Peacekeepers are trained and weapons are manufactured"
2. marmor, beacuse of the industry there (and I like the texture)

I hope that makes sense ... if not ... I still hope you like it :D
Have a nice day!!
(you can also add me as a friend on facebook [link])
The Capitol
District 1
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Hey! so here are some new designs ;D
inspired by my short trip to Berlin. There are so many people and so many different styles it was great and I can't wait till summer when I will live there :D
so I think most of these outfits are ready to wear too like the last ones ;D so I think this is the second part from

and I listened to some of your tips because this time I tried to use some textures
I hope you like it ;D and have a great day!
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I finished the District 1 dresses ;D
the main inspiration: diamonds, because District 1 is known for manufacturing luxury things
so there is a lot of glitter and bright colours (similar to the Capitol) and I think dress 2 and 5 (from left to right) are for the Chariot rides :D

I hope you like them! :D
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Here is the Complete Collection of gowns. Download size is 2560x1440, so it should be resizeable to fit most desktop sizes if you want to use it as a wallpaper.

The series:
Thor and Cap
Iron Man and Hulk
Black Widow and Hawkeye
Coulson, Fury, and Hill

and if you're interested, here you can find all the backviews of the gowns (they're quite sketchy).

Also, I've been honored by quite a few cosplayers making these gowns or gowns based on these themselves! You can find my growing list here.
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