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Photography by Cathleen Tarawhiti 2007 - 2013
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Model - Harriette Ramaekers

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- YES to all commercial use but there is a small fee [link]

Any questions, just ask. Have fun.
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In this tutorial, we are going to show you several ways to export from poser or Daz studio
to autodesk maya.
1 The old fashioned way - Exporting figures and bvh files
2 Exporting with Poser collada or Daz studio collada
3 Exporting Daz studio fbx

Also we are handling, how to export your figures.
complete skinning in autodesk maya ( if you need to export by the old fashioned way )
Problemsolving and adjusting weightmaps.

Setting up the character in autodesk maya 2012
importing blendshapes / morphs and how to set them up.
Creating constraints and handles for your character

Length : +/- 2,5 hours

Products needed :
Autodesk maya 2012
Poser 5 till 2009 or poser pro versions
or Daz studio with fbx plugin
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do somethin'? you kiddin'?

Please read the rules in my journal should you wish to use this image.
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New model I'm working on. Cinema 4D.
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New Contest is coming soon!

Please follow my Rules
:bulletblack: You can use my stock for digital art, photomanipulations, traditional art and also as reference for Traditional art.
:bulletblack:  If you use my stock, you have to send me a link to your creation either by comment or note!
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:bulletblack:  You are allowed to use my stock outside of deviantART but you have to credit me and I want a link to the Artwork.
:bulletblack:  Ask me if you want to use my stock for commercial!
:bulletblack: You are NOT permitted to repleace the face of my stocks by another and not to use only parts (like a dress or something else..)

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:bulletpink: How to make Photomanipulations (for Beginners)…
Thank you for using my stock! Thanks for Favs, for suggestions, for Watch+ and everything else :dalove:
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