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She turned out a bit darker than I had originally planned but all the same, I think she's charming =) I see so many elegantly leaping or side posing for wolves that I decided to try a more challenging angle. Boo @ my scanner for clipping her creative tail!

Fan Art (c) Sarah Eve Phillips
Okami Character Design (c) Clover Studios
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the aftermath :)
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This is my an entry for a contest.. ^_^

Here in the Philippines, lots of people buy foods at the street.. Where there are vendors selling very affordable foods.. Mostly fried, and served with a dip.. Here are some of those.. They're eating fish balls.. (w/c are not balls.. XDD) You can see some kikiams too and some kwek-kwek.. weird names i know.. ^_^

i won! i won! XD [link]
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Made in Ultra Fractal 5. FULL VIEW PLEASE! This has textures and details in it that cannot be seen in the preview image. Thanks for looking!

This is my entry for the Fracal category of the Think Pink III Contest. It is a tribute to those who have survived breast cancer. It's important to remember that this disease can be successfully treated if caught early!

Buy cards, prints and posters of this piece at my redbubble gallery.

8/4/10 - Featured in the FRACTAL ABSTRACTS Group at RedBubble.
8/6/10 - Featured in the FRACTAL PARADISE Group at RedBubble.
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Bokeh :heart:
Cute how that word has spread across deviantart.
I been a fan of the art form for a long time, just not always get around to do one with drops.
Taken handheld in sunlight on a flower in my garden, out of 70 shots this is the one i like the most.

Used RAW here, since i hear so much good about it.
Must say it is good for some contrast adjustment indeed.
Contrast, slight color change, grain removal and crop for square.

Since some had comments on these earlier i just state it again, the light circles are Not added in photoshop, they are straight out of the camera. has a good definition on Bokeh: [link]

Thats about it, any feedback and question is welcome and very appreciated.
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The Pink Rose! :glomp: :horny: :giggle: :date: :handshake: :O_o:

I submit this to ^JunkbyJen's Think Pink III Contest

Category: Photography

Jen is celebrating her 7th anniversary as a breast cancer survivor on October 2nd. Send her your love and enter her contest with many submissions! The only requirement on the art is - IT MUST BE PINK!!!

The contest starts today July 1, 2008 and ends October 2, 2008. Read the contest article to learn more: [link]


You can find the original colored rose on my photo account *Viliggoly: [link] and here: [link]

The title is handwritten like in all other pieces of the rose series.


The complete series: :pointr: Magical Roses

:star: RED: Luxury
:star: BLUE: Crystal
:star: GOLD: Precious
:star: PURPLE: Passionata
:star: SILVER: Metallica
:star: BLACK: Onyx
:star: WHITE: Sinfonia
:star: GREEN: Paradise
:star: ORANGE: Brillante
:star: PINK: Innocence
:star: RAINBOW: Perfection
:star: NATURAL COLORS: Star of Roses

EXTRA >>> :star: YELLOW: Regina

Made with Canon EOS 30D, edited in Photoshop CS3.

:pointr: My Waterdrops Collection

My photo account


© Copyright by Lily A. Seidel 2008. All rights reserved. You may not use my work without my written permission.
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The basic shapes that envelop us all. Simple and wordless I wanted to create a contemporary and minimalist image of everything that embodies Deviant Art. I considered defining the letters more but I think leaving them blank gave the shape itself an even stronger form and allowed for some breathing space. It's about what we choose to see in the image and using 3 of the most recognizable shapes to the human mind gives the sense of unity in its power to define almost anything. It may seem cliche to use these shapes but what defines Art more than these basic forms that we've spent our toddler years diligently hammering down into their corresponding holes?
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