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Since no one wanted him i decided to keep him as i am attatched cause he was my 1st OC LOL

:iconlazydieplz: nanny nanny booboo
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This is my beautiful, enchanting tattoo done by the beautiful Petra. You can see the full turnaround color image in her gallery in the link i posted. It is a calligraphic style and geometrical style fox reflecting over the red triangle

I have followed Petra's Work for about 2 years now. I was, and am, in love with her tattoo skills.
And the most wonderful thing happened to me 2 months ago, she was visiting from the Czech Republic in America. She was working from a tattoo parlor called White Rabbit Tattoo about 50 blocks from my home! I rushed to the tattoo parlor, and managed to get her very last slot before she went back to Czech.

We sat down and worked this design out together last month, which was an honor to have her work with me (i just wish i got a picture of us together) I was originally going to get a cat, but then i mentioned a fox. She looked at me and said in her gorgeous accent with broken english, "No cat, you are like fox. Your face, eyes, body. It is fox." and so i took her advice and we picked a fox!
And then i sat down for a 3 1/2 hour session to get this beautiful piece of art done.

I am blessed to have Petra's work on my body forever, and i will never regret it
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My sushi dog custom from :iconwitchpaws:
AHHH what a cutie, i love him so much ^v^

Name: Bailie
Drink Based Off: Bailey's Peppermint Irish Creme Whiskey
Gender: Male
Personality: Cheerful, Kind
He is in the Christmas spirit all year round! <3
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100 points=1usd
Starting bid is 100 points/1 dollar
Auction ends 24 hrs after the highest bid
Also, art will be acceptable in bidding too TvT hope I am not confusing art will be worth 20 points!
:iconwannyan: owns this character, do not steal!!
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Basically one of my fave OCs *^* he is my sweet homo sugar pie So this picture took like 3 hours to make a transparent background wowzerz

ignore this next part if you dont like rants

My dad came in my room at 1 am while i was working and got mad cause i was still awake and started to yell at me cause i am "not acting like an adult".... and should "act my age" i mean damn i am only 18, i do :
my own dishes, laundary, cleaning, take care of my cat, manage doctors appointments for my chronic health condition, manage my meds and perscriptions, work on commissions, art school, personal art, a second job, and finding relaxation time. I basically live on my own for fucks sake :/ He is only here at night, half a week.
So i mean come on. This is the main reason my art has been so half assed lately....he keeps bringing me down, so sorry to rant on a picture but like im super upset lol.
but um sorry for putting this on here lol.
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Cute Yevren lovers in cuddly sweaters are the best :heart:
Fawn (right) belongs to me
and the unnamed yevren on the left is :iconhomuah:s
Yevrens are a closed species belonging to :iconvanillatoxin:
EEEEeeeee Yevren OTP 

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ahhh pokemon *^* my irl friend :iconfunky-not-a-junky: and i were having drawing contests to see who could draw the best in a time limit! I won this round haha ;) he chose a puppy entei for us to draw
my fave of the trio is RAIKOU :iconraikouglareplz:
Should i color this cutie pie?
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Contest! Big Prizes! Added another OC(+human form)

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 14, 2013, 11:10 PM

EDIT #2: I decided to add this character to the contest, This is my new Flower Critter, designed by :iconphloxebutt:
My Flower Critter- By Phloxebutt by cattuccino
Kiki Human! by cattuccino
He wears all kinds of baggy sweaters, scarves, boots, and coats and makes tea out of the dry sakura leaves! 

<edit> This contest now ends on my birthday, October 22
The Theme is: 
DRAW KAPPA. He is now going to be my official Fursona. I am extremely attached and in love with him
This is Kappa, his is a sushi dog made by :iconwitchpaws: He is very zen, and enjoys meditating.  

You may not use any previously drawings of him to enter this contest, that is a nono.

You can draw him in feral, anthro, or human form! (in human form he has tan skin and blonde hair like this babe…, other than that you have full freedom with his human form as i have not designed one yet.)

In order for me to choose a winner, i have to have at least 10 entries from different people.

You may enter as much as you would like! 

You may draw him in any medium! That includes traditional, digital, pixels, crafts, you name it! 

///Also, you will get 100 points if you do something traditional and mail it to me, ill also feature you on my page in a box :3 



2nd place gets 500 points  and a waist up by  :icongraffiti-blaze:

3rd gets 300 and a headshot by :iconjinyuck:

People who mail me work get 100 points

If a person draws Kappa in his human form, and  like the way they designed him i will give them 100 points (one person will get this ONLY)

If you need any clarification or questions please let me know.

And most importantly, do not feel like your work is not as good as someone else's. I love all of my followers dearly and appreciate every single one of you! We all grow as artists so HAVE FUN!!! :iconcute-plz:

Contest Entry Folder…

Journal CSS © comfykitty

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I wanted to doodle so here have her for 50 points first come first serve QvQ *crawls back into the sewers*
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I am suprised i could come up with a design i fell head over heels for! I had a different color combo in mind but someone used it before me in the contest so i didnt want to seem like i was copying so i changed it around BUT HERE IS MY BABY . I hope i get a place but all of my senpais are entering so idk cause if i win it is a bday present to myself UGH I LOVE HIM WOW
If i win here is some info
He is A Dragon Mutation
He is Willow's Royal General Brother
He has very bad vision due to the battles he has fought for Yeshren's army 
He loves his fur and likes to have it nice and choppy with pretty fringe <3
Although he is a tough badass his heart is very warm
If anyone wants to make him a transparent backgound for me i would love you a lot 
EDIT: my camera screwed up his fur color it is supposed to be more browns so i tried to change it UGH I WISH I HAD A SCANNER DAMN
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