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Journal Entry: Fri Aug 3, 2012, 10:31 AM

100+ works to enjoy this month. :D

Dalek by AlexRose312Draco by AlexRose312Scarlett Johansson by Andela1998Glimpses by 05emort123
Harry Potter (A Father Figure) - Chapter One
-Chapter One-
It seemed to be a typical summer afternoon at the Leaky Cauldron. People were rushing in and out to eat for lunch breaks and the roar of chatter within the building could be heard from several shops away. Hidden and secluded in one of the rooms were two wizards that very much hated each other.
Harry looked at Snape as he paced the wooden floors, walking from the only door to the small window on the opposite wall and back again. His dark hair fell over his face with every step, and there were faint lines under his eyes that showed obvious signs of stress. Though the dark prince kept his sentiments to himself, anxiety was evident in his furrowed brows as the sounds of shuffling feet against wood echoed throughout the room.
Harry sat in the corner, off to the side and out of the way where his hands were folded in his lap. The young wizard felt the tension coil around his body and awkwardness settle in the bottom of his
Lilah by TheSlaveQueenNatural Beauty by BrickRed1A Matter of Perspective - pen drawing by HoshisamaValmor
Rapunzel by TiaVonQurarsle by xxsensiDrapery Study da Vinci by AmBr0Golden by art-of-amie
Michael and Anahita (The Autumnal Equinox) by Aty-S-BehsamInseparable by SandraHultsvedSutileza femenina y gris by JormanComegatoIn home by JormanComegato
Blue Feathers by TheSlaveQueenElizabeth by artbydarrylJared Leto by Andela1998Benedict Cumberbatch by BloodLexy
Bleeding away by BlacleriaSketch Card : SCARF by blessyo4Asian Beauty by HelenePietAdele by Sierra-la
From the shelter of my mind (Tom Hiddleston) by arthawk87Castiel by TalestrissMini Tom by Pencil-Stencil:thumb317733890:
Lunch Time by sharmz
Respect The Models Sign XXL by KiLLERdjay2k15Windows to the world by BloodLexyDon't Pass Me By by Gyllene
Give Peace A Chance by Just-a-LittleDreamerKaiden Hawke by ErinM31Dante DMC3 pen drawing incomplete version by HoshisamaValmor
To A Heart
What if after this life...?
You'd fall so in love with me?
When our eyes meet in time
Emerald pools deplete into my ocean blue
And the vintage record begins to skip
As we begin this dance again
I must confess
Hoping you who is so far away will notice me
I look up to the throne upon which you sit
So very high above me
Like Luna in the sky
You with your crown
Winds blow
My breath escapes me
And I hear leaves rolling across like marching feet
A momentary distraction
An outstretched hand as if only to kiss
Where all my eviscerated feelings wish to reach you
Longingly, my absinthe fairy
With how love screams from my lungs and rains down like marbles falling from the skies
Of every color and every design
All around you
Where I will envelope you, consume you, devour you, and inspire you
I'd wish to kiss the orchid in which you withhold
And show you all wonders of love in this vast world
Caressing you in weeping kisses to carry you over the edge
So fade away with me into another time and anoth
Sunset by Nadine-PotCBald Eagle by little--grasshopper
Your Light by ErinM31:thumb315973066:Zhang Ziyi by Gyllene
Pon de replay by Cindy-R07 - Amelie by PreetikaSharmaSketch Card : HOLMES by blessyo4
Benedict Cumberbatch by SecondGoddessStare death in the eye by acjub:thumb313784897:
Imogen by Sierra-laCM: Mitsuki by TiaVonI want sleeep by YouWillBeSurprised
Song Thrush nestling by YouWillBeSurprisedBlonde Bond _complete by 05emort123Johnny Depp by artbydarryl
It's Play Time!! by Darklight-phoenixStudy by phoenix132Drapery Study Durer by AmBr0
05 - O-Ren Ishii by PreetikaSharmaPied Wagtail by little--grasshopper:thumb310915668:
Hermione and Slughorn by tanjadrawingWillemijn Verkaik as Elphaba by tanjadrawingHarry Potter by Miss-CatherineDay 2: Cheetah ACEO by whitetippedwaves
Gerard Way WatercolourPainting by sharmzYet Another Winter by aRtUSSELLHimalayan Cat by KW-ScottCrystal Engergy by acjub
Olivia Wilde 02 by IlojleenWhisper by SandraHultsvedSully Erna - No rest for the wicked by IlojleenRemniel. by Dreamael
Devil You Know by dreamarianDay 15: Common Seahorse ACEO by whitetippedwavesBlack Bear Mug Shot by KW-ScottThe Path to Decay by SecondGoddess
Can you feel it? - Jared Leto by arthawk87The Mentalist by TalestrissDon't be afraid of the dark by freshberriesWindswept by phoenix132
All you need is Beauty by BlacleriaPlumes by HelenePietMiss Lucy by freshberriesKeira by Miss-Catherine
Eric Clapton by Just-a-LittleDreamerACT I by ArtGoldArtJim Moriarty by xxsensiLolita by aRtUSSELL
The Boy With The Mohawk by art-of-amieJensen and Ian by Cindy-RPause the game by Pencil-StencilSummer Sunset by Nadine-PotC
Green Eyes by BrickRed1Damon Smolderhotter by pepperbunbunPunk!Quinn - A Bitter Song by Before-I-Sleep
Rebecca Hardwood 06 by phydeauSmoke and Mirrors XI by phydeauLive's Fun by ArtGoldArtWeep by HoudaShams
Sunset, Grapevine TX 2012_0730 by Phaedris Vulture in the storm by Phaedris


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Journal Skin by Zaporozhenko Vitaly Vint26
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Deceptive Deviants.

Sun Sep 2, 2012, 7:00 PM

If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything.

This is a journal I've been meaning to write for a while but I don't know where to begin.
I'm going to list some scenarios that have bothered me and afterwards give a short comment.

Just to be clear:
- This concerns traditional art only.
- I don't disapprove or dislike all of these examples but I want all media and alterations be listed in the artist's notes.
- This is just my pet peeves.
- there are many deviants that I like that use effects.
- I'm not an art-nazi, this is for those who pretend to be something they're not.
- This does not include correcting scanning and photography quality loss - I have no problem with that.

1. Sepia color overlay.
There are many deviants that change the color of their graphite drawings from black & white to a faded brown in Photoshop.  Fundamentally I don't have a problem with that but it should be listed in the media since the artwork is not 100% traditional. Adding this effect does give a warm atmosphere to a piece and makes it more appealing, which is a misrepresentation unless the drawing was actually drawn in sepia - something that is infinitely more complicated than plain graphite/charcoal.

2. Diffuse glow.
This is a function in Photoshop that softly blows out the white in an image and makes it look soft and fuzzy. It gives a smooth finish and if not listed in the media is a misrepresentation of skill level.

3. Textures.
Adding textured background to traditional images shifts it to mixed media. An artist that adds these effects to their drawings can not be grouped with others that actually work on textured paper or draw the effect.
I am not opposed to doing this but the omission of the edit information creates a misrepresentation of the actual traditional piece.
This is a drawing I did last year where I loaded both the edited and original side-by-side.

4. Dodge and burn.
Photoshop tools to make areas lighter and darker. Correcting your mistakes with Photoshop tools gives you an unfair advantage - I guess you must rely on your conscience there.
There have been a few cases where artists have taken it to a whole other level by changing the layer style of the graphite drawing to "multiply", then putting it on a light gray background and dodging+burning tints and tones - then trying to pass it off as drawn on gray paper. Yeah - I noticed.

5. Clone stamp tool.
Photoshop was never intended to fix the hair you couldn't successfully draw with pencil. Amateurs always grab the clone stamp tool but don't realize it leaves an echo. Pixels being repetitively copied make a pattern and can be spotted a mile away. Throwing a tantrum won't make your lies okay.
It can also create a blurring effect when used at low opacity which stands out in a grainy graphite drawing!

6. Coloring.
Coloring a graphite piece in Photoshop makes it digital mixed media. What determines the category of a drawing is its overwhelming element. There is a gentleman that regularly tours the front page with this deception.

7. Tracing & Overdraw.
Tracing: to be honest it doesn't bother me as much as other deceptions. Especially with new artists - everyone has to start somewhere.
Overdraw: :wtf: This really irks me. This is done by artist who don't even bother tracing their drawings and then attempting to draw the shading BUT ACTUALLY DRAW OVER A PRINTOUT. I really have no words. All you're doing is messing up perfectly good paper.
How empty is your life that gaining popularity with a lie is acceptable to you?

8. Digital overlay.
Breakdown: First they trace an image and draw it but then overlay it in Photoshop with the original image to make it look better. YOU CAN NEVER DO IT PERFECTLY YOU IDIOTS!
A certain "dignityless" deviant loves doing this and he along with several others have fooled most of dA. Taking their deception on is futile as masses of fans blindly follow the mob mentality in attacking any accusers. Man I hate stupid people!

My View

If I am one of your watchers and you are guilty of the above I probably don't fav your work anymore. Some instances like the sepia thing I evaluate on a case to case basis.
If you are new to me and are guilty of any of the above I won't fav or watch matter how nice you are to me. This doesn't mean I don't like you but you cannot bullshit me so don't try.


In light of this I'm going to do a raffle and give away one of my drawings. Whomever gets the drawing can then be my witness that I'm not deceiving you - but seriously, half of dA already has my work.:facepalm:
Sometime this week or over the weekend I will announce this year's HALLOWEEN HOO DOO CONTEST. Everyone that helps to advertise it will go into a draw and can choose one of these drawings as a prize:
Talented. by dreamarianIan Somerhalder by dreamarianTrust by dreamarian

So keep a lookout for the announcement!

AND dudes! I'm totally getting better at this digital stuff!!! Here's my latest creation - it's a self-portrait thingy:

Have a fabulous week!

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These are some of the wonderful traditional (pencil or charcoal) works by talented members  of :iconthefavouriteshowcase:   
Be sure to check out this great group full of amazing art and those artists' whole galleries :)

Gentle by eajnaScreaming agony by arthawk87'I Hate This Picture!' by LilaeaBluecoatThe Entertainer by aiholicWaiting by titol87
Walter Bishop by markstewartClint Eastwood Drawing by JamiePickeringElizabeth Taylor by MariannaevaShow your true colours by acjubGlass of Water by rahultokas
Hold Me Tight by artboltMilla Jovovich by Anthony-WoodsHighway Man by JustABeautifulDreamAudrey Hepburn 3 by MVVRHalf of you_Christina Aguilera by Esteljf
Wishing ... by AngelasPortraitsKairit by Avogel57Pensive Sharon by CodinasJessica Alba. by dreamarianWarchild by amberj8
Natalie Portman - Semioriginal by Keh-venNewspaper by MonicaSousaPearls and Drops by ArielRGHDavid Beckham by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-OCicus by tacsitimea
:thumb264689264:Dog? by MadEmillBob by XeNzOHead On by xxx-ellie:thumb204382045:
Sully Erna - Sinner's Prayer by IlojleenWithin the Artist's loving Hand by IleinaRosenote by secrets-of-the-penTime Lines by NicksPencil
Ian Somerhalder by carmenharadaThe world through my eyes by dloraasSee Into My Eyes by AmyCornelsonBaby Panda by BannanaPower
Floating from a dream by dloraasSad .. by Dodos24Freckles by True-TearsDavid and goliath by thunder2165
Drawing of a Little Girl by Acacia13Lockwood v.s. Lockwood by El-i-orBlind Love by Eka-EkatherineAmy Lee Snow White Queen by ZhaoT
Indiana Jones - Harrison Ford by Doctor-PencilDefender by Katerina-ArtEliza Dushku by DeanSidwellArtdreamcatcher. by Lady2
End of an Era by MattDeakinFineArtChristina Aguilera by Maggy-PWe are the Massacre by pbird12Blue by HyperionDreams
                                Cat 2 by tajusViggo Mortensen - Aragorn by robdolbs
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Favourite Showcase Feature V

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 22, 2012, 8:33 PM

 Hi All! :icontardglompplz: 

Please :+fav: this article so more people can see it. :huggle: 

Check out some amazing art from the members of :iconthefavouriteshowcase: 

Serena by Briscott Deni. by dreamarian April by LouSasa :thumb267577063: 
SUNFLOWERS III by ARTBYTERESA :thumb278351051: Force One by dalifan-teresa Full moon flowers by Monaco29 

Dreamer with Doubts by abcartattack Alicia Keys by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O  Avatar by ayshafaseeh 
Sweet and Sour by VahnKira Donar's Whisper by VikingWidunder Wolf 2012 by ZhaoT 
Owl 2 by 7-Year-Bytch CHeeeeetah by narufag Venezia by CamillaMalcus 

Kids on Piano by sDoost 'Party Animal' - Tea Party 2 by GreyRadian Siesta In Rostock's Eastern Historic District by BarbaraPommerenke Autumn's Glow by eajna
only silence by bohomaz13 Tears and Lace ... SOLD by graemeb Red Wolf Moon by BaiLang 
Syrup and kiwi by dh6art Transient by PutItOnPaper Autumn dance by jogijs 
The Messenger Goddess in Oil by daveinaz Jade by SalmaAshraf Vivid Dreams and Fragile Machines by Bihni Hummingbirds - Marquetry by amazoncanvas  

A big giant thank you to the amazing deviants and groups who art sponsoring this article! :iconsquishhugplz: 

:iconangelinabenedetti: :iconathenatt:  :icondreamarian: :iconkelch12: :iconkoala145179: :iconlilaeabluecoat: :iconpbird12: :iconrockinfroggi:  :iconyoungmoons: :iconzakkiya29: 
:icondraw-along: :iconthe-da-university: :icontraditional-artists:

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Journal Entry: Mon Sep 17, 2012, 2:15 AM
Hover a question to see the answer

Skin by pjuk

What pencils and supplies do you most often use? (Including coloured pencils )
For graphite drawings I use a fairly basic set of tools and I do have preferred brands.  I mainly use Tombow Mono 100 pencils, Tombow Mono Zero Erasers, Blu-Tack (instead of a kneaded eraser), Tortillions, colour shaper  and Tissue if I'm blending.    I mainly use a smooth plate finish paper for graphite drawings, my preferred brand is Mellotex, but I also use Winsor and Newton Extra Smooth Bristol board.   My essential kit is here it's not exhaustive, but it's what I use most of all.
For coloured pencil drawings I use Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils and Blu-Tack and occasionally a touch of white acrylic for highlights if I've lost them in the colouring process.  I like a Hot Pressed Watercolour paper for colour pencil drawings.  It's smooth enough to keep everything looking nice and blended, but has enough tooth to hold a good 8 or 9 layers of colour.  
For black paper drawings, I use Caran d'Ache Pablos, they're great!

For how long have you been drawing? (is it something you got passionate about some years ago or has it been following you since you were a kid)
I've been drawing for almost 2 years now.  I was always able to draw a bit in school etc.  But before coming across dA and joining, I hadn't picked up a pencil in 10 years.  I would say I always loved art and enjoyed being creative, but it's only recently that it's became my passion.  I have worked my way through many things, including card making for charity and I also really love to make jewellery, but I don't upload it to dA.  These things were all just a creative outlet until I found realism.

Which techniques do you use - circulism, cross-hatching, messily doing the under layer then blend it and 'repair' and add details on upper layers, etc (or all of the above) - do you prefer blending or leaving your drawings with more texture?
I use a couple of techniques to be honest, I'm not very consistent.  If I want something unblended, I use circulism and have a tutorial on this
If I'm going to blend a drawing, I actually do the same thing and lay everything down using circulism and blend it out.  It gives a much smoother blend than scribbling and trying to cover it up.    My preference is to use a nice homemade tortillion for blending too.  I make them from newsprint and sand the ends before using to break up the fibres … it makes blending very easy.

Which pencils do you use?  Do you just use a certain brand?
I'm a pencil snob, I cannot tell a lie :D  My preference is Tombow Mono 100 pencils.  They are so smooth and beautiful to use, nothing else compares for me.  If I had to have a second best (and  less expensive) I'd use Staedtler Mars Lumos.  They are great and I loved them before I found the Tombows.  The 8B Mars Lumo still lives alongside my Tombows.

How do you get inspired - movies, music, seeing a lovely photo, making a combination of more than one of the above - and how does it work for you? when something inspires you does it have to be done instantly otherwise you lose interest, how long does it take you to finish a drawing (approximately, since every drawing is different), do you obsessively sit through most of the drawing process and finish it without making major pauses or do you procrastinate and just stare at it for most of the time?
Inspiration is a relatively random for me.  I often come up with all these ideas spinning in my head and never do anything with them.  Occasionally they make it onto paper and it can be anything that sparks an idea …. Often statements in books get me thinking.   Ideas come to me more often than not in the middle of the night.    
Sometimes it's simply that I see an image and I have to draw it.  If it's an idea that is mine, I will go and source images to make my idea reality.  I like to start something quite quickly when it comes to me or I would most likely lose interest, I'm not very patient with myself.
On average I'd say a drawing takes me about 14-16 hours from start to finish, but I've been known to draw something in 5 hours - 30 hours, it really depends.  It takes me a while to finish a drawing as I don't have a lot of free time, but I rarely stare and procrastinate, I just go for it.

What is your favorite time of the day to draw?
My favourite time of the day to draw is at night when my little ones go to bed and the house is silent.  It's my wind down time and when I can lose myself a little bit.

I assume you're self-taught (or if not, did you ever take art classes, how old were you), but if you are self-taught have you ever been looked upon by a 'professional' who thinks he knows everything just because he went to a school, yet objectively looking you're much more skilled  have you ever been told - you're doing this wrong, this shouldn't be like that, you're not allowed to blend, you should work quickly and instinctively instead of being such a perfectionist?
I am self-taught (other than general schooling) and think I've come across my fair share of 'I'm better than you because I've been 'properly' trained' while I've been here.  I have a very firm belief that if another artist tries to belittle what you do to make them seem better, be it because they were trained or because they create their own characters, then the fault lies with them and them alone.  If they have insecurities, they will come out in their derogatory comments.  Art is art to me, if you love it, do it!  So, these opinions mean little to nothing.

Have you ever been 'accused' of not being a true artist because you do realism, and have you ever been asked "why don't you just take a photo" - what did you reply?
Yes, I think most realists have to some extent.  You know, most of the time, these people don't really deserve a response, they're just being rude.  I genuinely couldn't care less if someone has a problem with me creating a realistic drawing, if they can't see the difference from an observed drawing to a photo then that's their problem and since dA is full of wonderful realism, why are they here and looking at it .. you know?   
If I felt someone was being genuine in this question, my response would be that I am not merely recreating a photo, I am observing and manipulating and using drawing as my way of expressing how I see the photo.  Emphasising and eliminating as I see fit to make it more me.    It is a challenge and a pleasure and in the end, a photo does not come close to a realistic graphite drawing in depth and impact … in my opinion.

Do you have art exhibitions, do you take a lot of commissions or are you more of a hobbyist?
No, I've never had an exhibition, I'm quite insecure about these things and also quite shy about my work.  I've been lucky enough to have a few drawings published through dA contacts though.  I take a few commissions, but am quite selfish in my time management, I like to draw for me most of the time.  

Do you have an obsession over pencils and art supplies in general?
Absolutely, nothing makes me happier than browsing around pencils and paper and buying things I don't need just to look at them!

How do you make areas so black just using pencils?
This is the question I get asked more than anything else.  I am often met with disbelief and told that it's not possible.  My response is 'just because you can't do it, doesn't mean it can't be done'!
So, how do I make blacks black?  A few ways.  If I don't mind a texture difference in a drawing, I would use a Mars Lumo 8B pencil.  It is graphite, but looks more like a graphite/carbon hybrid.  It lays down dense black but matt, so it will show very differently to the natural sheen of graphite.  I use this less often.
My more likely way to create black is to very carefully do it using various pencil grades.  Details of this can be found here and in the comments of this deviation, where there is a link to a video of me drawing…

Can you teach me how to draw?
No, I don't think I can, unless you can come and sit right next to me :( I can give you answers to specific questions, but to learn to draw you need to practice and find your own way.  No, I don't think I can, unless you can come and sit right next to me :) I can give you answers to specific questions, but to learn to draw you need to practice and find your own way.  

What inspired you to take up drawing for serious? Was it something, somebody or you've been drawing all your life, so there wasn't any 'magic moment'?
This is a really easy one for me.  It was dA … I came across the site one day and saw all these drawings that I couldn't believe were drawings and had to do it too.  It was my entire driving force to learn.    Some of the people I remember from that first day are Cataclysm-X and Akalilith and one other who I've since found out doesn't actually draw, so that makes me a bit sad that I looked up to them.  Though, I guess it was positive for me in a round about way.

Have you ever thought of drawing from imagination? Not some parts of drawings, but the entire drawings.  I'm not sure if you haven't - I'm thinking about the eye you drew which is tattooed now, was it from imagination? What about other drawings, are there more?
I can draw from imagination and sometimes do, but I do prefer to use references and add bits to them, it's relaxing to not have to think too much.  The tattoo was imagination and a couple of drawings that I have done as commissions are from imagination.  They are in storage at the moment on request of the commissioner, but I'll upload them when he tells me I can.  One of them, I'm actually very fond of, so I'm looking forward to uploading it.

Do you prefer portraying men or women?
Neither really, I like both.  I especially like drawing mens skin and womens eyes, so I guess it's a pretty even split.

Pencils or coloured pencils or other medium?
Lol, I think this is a really easy one .., it will always be graphite, I love it but I am getting very fond of my coloured pencils too and the more I work out how to use them, the more I enjoy it.    I also really like pastels and watercolour,  but am not very good at either … more practice needed there for sure!

Do you post every drawing you start and finish? Are there some pieces that you didn't post online?
I have a couple of things lying around that never made it because I've not finished them.  I might still, so they could make an appearance at some point.  I pretty much post everything here on dA unless it's something a commissioner doesn't want online.    I also have one drawing uploaded to Stash that basically sucks, I won't upload it and offend everyone … it's only there for giggles  :D

Have you thought about making some tutorials?
I've made one tutorial on unblended skin, but if anyone wanted others, I'd do them if I thought I could.

Do you consider yourself a real artist?
Yes I do, a developing artist … I'm a work in progress

Why pbird12?  
This is such a dull and kind of weird answer.  The P is for Paula.  The rest … okay, well, here in Scotland, men sometimes call girls 'mah burd' (my bird, it's basically a relatively derogatory term for a girl/girl friend) and where I used to work I was called just P (for Paula) for a long time.  But people started to add things onto the end of this (I had PBoss, when I got promoted, I got PBitch when I got promoted and annoyed someone lol) but most of the time I got PBird and it just kind of stuck.  After hearing it for years,  it was the first thing that came to mind when I joined.  The 12 is my favourite number.

Might be a lame question, but how do you manage to juggle your time and find time to draw, especially with young children around?
It's not really easy, but for the most part I draw in the evening when the kids go to bed, with the aid of a daylight lamp.  I find it relaxing and it's my wind down time.  It's almost impossible to draw with the little ones around … small dirty fingers are very bad on Bristol board :crying:  

Which artists have influenced you most?
I answered before in the FAQ that it was dA artists who made me pick up a pencil.  But in terms of style and influence, I don't know that there is any single artist to be honest … I admire many things and many people and I couldn't narrow it down.  

How do you do your sketch and why can't I see gridlines?
You will never ever see gridlines or guidelines on my good paper because I never draw them on there.  My sketches always take place on a piece of very thick tracing paper or vellum.  I do this for three reasons: First reason, I can put the paper over a pre-printed grid and I don't have to draw it every time.  Second reason, I'm very heavy handed and like to sketch and erase a lot until I'm happy, doing this on plate finish Bristol board is a disaster waiting to happen, so I make my mistakes on separate paper and only transfer the lines I'm happy with.  Third reason, I think is pretty self-explanatory.   I can flip the paper over and still see my sketch, so can then redraw the lines I want to transfer without a lot of fuss and time.   This is not the most accurate way of working, but it works for me.

You don't draw very many guidelines, how can you see what you are doing?
I guess this is just a personal preference, I dislike a load of lines all over my paper, it's just graphite waiting to be smudged for me, so I keep my sketch to a minimum and only draw the absolute essentials.  Also, I really hate sketching and gridding, I like to get to the good part as soon as I can.  Sometimes it means sacrificing a likeness, but that's something I need to work on I guess.  

How do you make your own tortillions???
These are soooooo easy!  I use newsprint because it's really soft and fibrous, but you can use anything that's not too heavy.  Here are a couple of tutorials…

Oh, and where are your weaknesses, and where do your strengths lie in art?
I think I still have a long way to go in most things really, I'm not at the point I want to be at yet and probably when I get there, I'll have a new goal.  But I guess my weaknesses are patience, although I'm working on it and I'm getting better.  In terms of actual things to draw, my weaknesses are with mouths and sometimes hair.  I guess lack of confidence is a weakness too.  Strengths, I don't really know, I pretty much just draw and see what happens for the most part.  I am very very stubborn and determined and that can be annoying but probably is a strength when it comes to learning.  I'm also pretty happy to give most things a go, I like a challenge.

Are you the only artist in your family or is it in your blood?
I'm the only one in my family and I know no one else, in real life, interested in art at all :(

How do you blend, and do you use different blending techniques when drawing with graphite pencils vs. with coloured pencils?
I blend mostly with my pencils themselves using circulism (for both graphite and colour pencils).  But I might also blend with tissue or tortillions when using graphite depending what I'm doing too.
I also use a white pencil to blend/burnish colour pencils too.  I like a Derwent Colorsoft one best.

Do you use any kind of technique to get the proportions right (e.g. the grid technique, measuring distances with a ruler, tracing, turning the paper upside down, using a mirror to find mistakes, etc.)?
I do a bit of everything.  If I don't need a really good likeness, I freehand.  Sometimes checking with a ruler for key points.  Sometimes I use a grid if I need a good likeness.  I frequently turn my paper upside down to draw … it really works!  I don't trace, that's not really drawing to me, I wouldn't have any sense of achievement  :shrug:

Is there something you would never ever draw (and if so, why not)? And what will you probably never get tired of drawing?
Not really, I wouldn't draw anything rude or explicit, just because it would make me uncomfortable.  I'll never get tired of drawing portraits, in my whole life I never could until I joined dA and the novelty just hasn't worn off yet and I doubt it ever will.  

Do you ever feel like not drawing? What do you do if you have no motivation or does this never happen to you?
Yes I do sometimes … sometimes because I'm too tired or I just don't have any motivation.  I find it very frustrating when it happens.  Even although I might not have the urge to draw, I still always want to and have ideas.  It's a strange mix of things, but just waiting it out for a few days usually lets it pass over and then all is well again :)

How many of your pieces come from commissions or are most of them just what you want to draw?
I do some commissions, usually portraits and don't always upload them.  Some people don't like that too much, especially if it's kids portraits.  But the work I post on dA, almost all of it is just what I want to draw.  I like to draw for me and what I like, so that's when I'm happiest.  

What do you do with your finished pieces?
My finished works are all sealed and stored in portfolio cases like this one… plan on decorating these soon :)  I don't have anything framed or displayed at all.  My family have some things they have pinched hanging in their homes and I don't know where to look when I go there … I think I have some issues :P

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Liam Neeson by AmBr0 Debbie Harry - Blondie by Anthony-Woods Flower Power by trixxx 
Taylor Swift by Q-Le :thumb277784389: BillKaulitz by Gothvm
Kiss Of Love by MaasikaVaarika ADELE by AngelasPortraits fate by SerenaSchwinge2acc
Grandad Wilfred Mott by Jellyneau MGS4 - Old Snake by BorisKoci Carla Ferreira by artbolt
Jared Leto - Stranger in a strange land by Ilojleen Scarlett Embraced by EverIris deep thoughts behind a face by regina6
Atalanta y Apolo by Tresdiasdegracia Mocha drawing... by titol87 The Mouse Family by Coramina
Fading into nothing by DaveLopes Jared Leto by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O Please no by Briscott
:thumb276271264: Amy Winehouse by DeniseEsposito No More Tears   ... Sold by graemeb
Girl with flower by dh6art Dreamer with Doubts by abcartattack Winter by jankolas 
A Faery's Child by BriannaAngelakis :thumb276731959: smell of silence by bohomaz13
Hummingbirds - Marquetry by amazoncanvas Red Core by BaiLang Autumn's Glow by eajna

Hope you enjoy the featured artwork and find some faves amongst them! 

It would be great if you could fave this article so that more people will see it and enjoy the artwork. 


a big thank you goes to :iconpbird12: and  :icondreamarian: for sponsoring this article!



#TheFavouriteShowcase monthly traditional art feature.
January 2012.
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A while ago, :iconpbird12: a.k.a Paula wrote an article
Fake art - why care and what to look forI posted this last week for anyone looking for help to spot fake art.  This is not law, if you don't care, feel free to move on.  But if you do care that there are fakers out there, then maybe this could be of some use to you too.  We have a serial faker on the loose on dA today so it sparked this little lot once more.  
So, the questions/scenarios asked are always the same and the responses/justifications are always the same, but give them a minute to sink in before replying and insulting.
(Q1) Why do you care if someone is cheating what does it have to do with you?
(A1) Well, this is a public ART site and if people are submitting art that is not actually what they claim it to be, then they are dishonest. This will annoy some people and not others. If your passionate about your work then the chances are you'll find it insulting to the artistic community as a whole. Additionally, a lot of admins of groups HAVE to deal with fakes as a daily occure

which states clear cut facts so as to why the whole issue about someone faking their art creates rage waves through the art community!
The last week has been a riot which ended up in me getting blocked by two deviants here who clearly have something to hide!
I obviously care much less about the fact that there are many artists here on dA who get more famous than others considering the skill work. Some people get lucky and some don't. It's not easy getting known around this site.
But the fact that people would want to fake art to get accolades makes me angrier than ever.

Here are two examples on what happens when you try to confront artists whom you are suspicious about!
Example 1- The "awesome":iconnatmorley:
Nonsense-1 by zakkiya29
Now now Bratnorley) , you don't need to get all worked up for a single comment there do you?
You obviously think we are all stupid people here who don't really see what you are doing? The scribbles you do to hide what lies underneath and the perfect proportions that never go are a millimeter apart from the reference, all seem a bit fishy don't you think? You only reply to the people who seem to confront you. Does that make us idiots in not understanding that you obviously know you are on the wrong and you're just retaliating because you are scared to be found out. Well guess what you may have the internet to hide behind with your not-at-a;;-legit drawings but in the real world you are obviously going to get a taste of what actually lies there!

Example 2-The very "professional" :icongabbi3ram0s:
Nonsense by zakkiya29
Madam Ramos! You blooming career at 20 which you have so professionally achieved by learning how to use a few filters in PS or some other editing program seems like such an achievement.Let me tell you a little secret! Even your editing skills wont get you anywhere! Guess what they are pre-made! And as for the fact that I should concentrate on what I do. I do my drawing with a 100% dedication and I spend my time learning how to get better after each drawing. I might not be very good but I know that I am legit and I can produce proof that I am! So don't you dare threaten me by telling I need to take free lessons from you to improve my skills because I obviously am not looking for a lesson in an editing software! And I am not stupid enough to not understand your sarcastic P.S.!

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Journal Entry: Thu Jun 21, 2012, 5:28 AM

:icondeviantartloveplz:Hello my  fellow deviants!:icondeviantartloveplz:

"Hold fast to your dreams, for without them life is like a broken winged bird that cannot fly"

Please feel free to :+favlove:  art feature so that many more people can enjoy these wonderful deviations!

:iconthefavouriteshowcase: is a wonderful group that not only showcases some beautiful deviations but also helps in its promotion as well.This week's art feature is about BIRDS.Enjoy!


 Flip Mirror by BogdanBoevFlight.. by M-Atif-Saeed
  the lady by shash17All eyes on me by A2Matos 
 2012-23 Dreaming by W0LLETurns on a dime by kayaksailor
 I have wings by clippercarrillo.:Winter Downy:. by RHCheng
 Mr. and Mrs. Duck.... by SalemikFly from Spring to Spring by simzcom
 Sparrow. by MateuszPisarskiSaturday Night at the Punk Rock Cafe by TerribleTer
 corner of the earth by tolgagMandarin Duck by StuchlyPhoto
 Alcedo atthis by blue5KPerfect Reflection by cindy1701d
 Northern Cardinal by Ryser915Immature Little Owl by WNPhotography
 Banquet by romainjlMohawk by FriendFrog
 So Lonely by Death-Soldier101:bigthumb195636756:
 Watching you by SounavaEvening Swim by KeldBach
 .:Feeder Raiders:. by RHChengGriffon Vulture by phonalys
I am only the lonely by rockmylifeBarn Swallow by CharlesWb



Be sure to fave this feature and spread the word. And also make sure you give these deviants lots of :iconcutieelove:

Other news articles


:icongrouphugplz:SUPPORTERS AND SPONSORS :icongrouphugplz:

I would like to thank everyone who has agreed to help me advertise this feature!


Art Feature by zakkiya29

A feature for TheFavouriteshowcase featuring beautiful deviations about birds
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A Cup of Creativity Challenge!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 27, 2012, 12:02 PM
My last challenge (The CCC - The Crayon Creation Challenge) turned out to be a load of fun and produced some unbelievable artworks!  I thought it was time to do a new challenge.  From the poll, there seem to be plenty of you to take part :dance:

What's the point?
* For fun
* For the challenge
* To try something new with a non standard medium  
* I'll feature everyone on my page for a week with the art from this challenge
* For my favourite piece, I'll give away my coffee creation as a prize (and if it sucks, I'll do you a drawing instead) :D

What are the rules?
* Paint a portrait using coffee as your medium and nothing else (well, maybe a tiny bit of graphite for your sketch and tiny touches of your choice of white/black medium for highlighting/darkening choice areas, but that's it!)  Your art must be at least 90% coffee.
* Paint whoever you like, but it must be a painting that you have put time into; I won't accept halfhearted or obviously rushed entries (I don't care about skill levels, I never have, never will, just that a little effort has been put in)
* I don't think there really much to be said here, you must use coffee to make your art - that is all!
* When your done, please send me a note titled "A Cup of Creativity" so I can gather everything in my faves to do the feature later
* If you could pop a little blurb into your artists comments saying it's for my challenge and a link to this journal that would be great, your watchers won't think you've lost the plot then
* You can enter a maximum of deviations, but if you so one and would prefer to enter it over one already entered, let me know and I can change it

What's the timescale?
* 8 weeks from today, so the challenge ends on the 21st February


1st Place
My A5/A4 painting from this challenge
400 Points from me
400 Points from the wonderful LilaeaBluecoat

2nd Place
An ATC from me
200 Points from me
200 Points from the wonderful LilaeaBluecoat

3rd Place
200 Points from me
200 Points from the wonderful LilaeaBluecoat

* Well, I've never used coffee as a medium but I gather it is much like painting with watercolour
* So, considering that, be careful of the paper you use, make sure it is stretched or is a pre-stretched watercolour paper to prevent ripping or warping
* Try not to get carried away between layers, leave things to dry before overpainting or you get into a mess
* Make sure you mix up enough of your coffee mix to cover the area your working on, or your colours will be all skewy

There is a very wonderful artist here on dA who has a coffee tutorial that I think will be very useful Painting with Coffee by Gold-Seven

I hope that covers everything, but feel free to ask any questions you might have here or if you have any pointers, please let us know! :nod:
I do hope you'll take part!
Paula  :heart:

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The Then & Now Feature.

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 17, 2012, 3:34 PM

Artists For a Cure Glow Stamp by xgnyc:iconshakecancerplz:

The idea for this feature has developed over the past month or so, triggered by the comments we all get from time to time, like; "'I'll never be able to draw like that" or "I  wish I could learn how to do that".
Also around a month ago I was asked a few questions by a very sweet, polite 16 year old girl on here who was extremely grateful that I took the time to answer her.
To cut a long story short, I've taken this girl under my wing in the hope of giving her the encouragement and feedback she lacks from those around her and also to develop her skills and knowledge to the point where she feels confident enough to experiment and grow on her own.

So, this feature is mainly for those just starting out in the world of graphite along with those doubting that they could ever improve beyond their current level and is just a very small selection of graphite artists I both admire and aspire to become as good as. All were chosen for this feature due to the inclusion of early works in their gallery.

I just wanted to add a link to a great article made by :iconsvenjaliv: last year on this very subject. I know many of you would have seen it at the time but I'm sure there are plenty who haven't and this is a good opportunity to give it another airing.…

There is also a great contest starting soon aimed at inspiring others. This is being held by :iconofonesoul: who is looking for various forms of contributions and offering a number of chances to win 3 months premium membership for just helping with the contest. There is a lot of information on this and it can be found here:…


September 25, 2010:iconstardivider1plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider3plz:February 15, 2012
Angelina Jolie? by pbird12:iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz:I'm just a girl by pbird12

October 21, 2008:iconstardivider1plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider3plz:February 6, 2012
Johnny Depp by Thubakabra:iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz:Natalie Portman by Thubakabra

September 13, 2004:iconstardivider1plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider3plz:October 6, 2011
Jennifer Aniston by Cataclysm-X:iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz:Muse - Darkshines by Cataclysm-X

February 13, 2011:iconstardivider1plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider3plz:February 2, 2012
Jared Leto by TanyaMusatenko:iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz:Ian Somerhalder. by TanyaMusatenko

September 30, 2009:iconstardivider1plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider3plz:January 22, 2012
Jack Nicholson - young by Doctor-Pencil:iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz:Stevie Wonder - I Just Called To Say I Love You by Doctor-Pencil

March 21, 2009:iconstardivider1plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider3plz:January 27, 2012
Lara Croft 2 by Pencil-Stencil:iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz:Croft by Pencil-Stencil

April 7, 2007:iconstardivider1plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider3plz:July 21, 2011
Ian Somerhalder 01 by Ilojleen:iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz:Ian Somerhalder 05 by Ilojleen

August 29, 2009:iconstardivider1plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider3plz:November 27, 2011
Mozart... First portrait by Stanbos:iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz:David Tennant by Stanbos

May 9, 2011:iconstardivider1plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider3plz:January 30, 2012
Jason Isaacs. Sort of... by LilaeaBluecoat:iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz:Not For Wimps by LilaeaBluecoat

May 24, 2007:iconstardivider1plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider3plz:January 7, 2012
angel. by acjub:iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz::iconstardivider2plz:Show your true colours by acjub

Features To See

:iconzakkiya29: has a new feature for TheFavouriteShowcase  Centred around Architecture it's a must see, so get your scrawny butts over there and don't forget to fave.…

Here's the latest feature for you to enjoy and fave from :iconanmeher: for :iconthefavouriteshowcase:…

Competitions to enter

For those of you who may be interested, :iconjoannamoory: has a contest now running with two beautiful references to choose from. Please take a look with a view to entering or contributing features or prizes.…

:iconwicked-illusion: Is also holding a great contest with fantastic prizes, the theme being pet of yours or those you know so go take a look at what's on offer and I'm sure you'll want to enter this.

The talented Pastel and Sanguine artist :iconarielrgh: is holding a contest to challenge any graphite artist to reproduce a photo of his own. He is offering fantastic prizes for the first 3 places. Details can be found here.…

Take care all

Gary :icontimmy64plz:          Artists For a Cure Glow Stamp by xgnyc:iconshakecancerplz:

  • Listening to: The voices in my head
  • Reading: Tea leaves
  • Watching: Paint dry
  • Playing: Hard to get
  • Eating: Do I have to?
  • Drinking: Hydrochloric acid
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