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This is the Duaghter of Cotton and :iconask-servantcaramelk:.
She is a young ,kind,sweet girl. Like Her Daddy Cotton she has quite the sweet tooth. She is a bit on the shy side however when it comes to strangers but she is always open for friend ship.
As u can clearly see she is half Cotton Candy and Half Chocolate Kiss which means shes twice the sweetness. I dont mind you all asking her a question or 2 .

And yes thats her Aunty Sugar right there With her over protective brother and handsome brother-in-law ))
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(( I'm not suppose to be on this account either but.....:iconlazycryplz:

Jutes are lil' creatures that live in MP3's kingdom and like almost everything else in her kingdom, they have speakers and can play music too.
Here's some stuff about them~ ' 7 '

-Baby Jutes are harmless because all they can really do is roll around and play music, but when they grow-up....they are a little harder to handle.....
-Although they don't really get too tall, they do get real heavy and strong when they become adults, and most of them start to turn on their owners (because if they think they can take you, then they're going to try and take you).
-The MPs really aren't suppose to keep them as pets, but if they choose to they won't get in trouble for it (cuz it's usually adults who buy them and they know what the risk is of keeping one, so if they wanna take the risk it's like pfffffttt more power to ya lol U u U).
-They will get in trouble though if there is a home that has an adult jute and children living in the same house.
-Some MPs enjoy the jute's aggressive nature though because they make great sparring partners lol XD ))
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Mask: even more shy like this then she is normally.
-afraid of boys
-loves crafting, and making thinks out of wood, mostly masks.
-loves singing in the school's chorus but is to shy to sing out.

Permafrost: the sick kid.
-he is usually sick, because he is always cold.
-he trys to stay warm by wearing under armour, and wearing a scarf outside of school.
-from Greenland.

for this - [link]
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((When one gets knocked over the others are sure to suffer the same fate XD

I couldn't help myself, since TB got an outfit update I had to do the others, Just for fun of course, I don't really care if they use the designs or not UuU I'm just happy they let me do this to them...

And thank god I came to my senses when I started coloring everyone pink...... though Lupe did look good with them sassy pink pants UuU just sayin

All characters (c) their respected owners ))
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Name: Prince Andreas (from the Frap kingdom)


hieght: 6ft

weight: adverage

body type: muscualar and slim

species: frappuccino (like from starbucks)

Accent: yes he has a swedish accent though he is mixed with swedish and french.

Personality type: LOL hes a flirt! the rest youll have to find out.

I guess its afe to say hes like Jakiel distant Cousin.

Yall can Rp with him and such UuU and plz give me your feels on him any changes or ideas u think i can put into his design? ))
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(( Man, I got lazy after doing the eye. Myeh, it could have been worse. UuU]
Panty and Stocking, babes. ))
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:iconcraiplz: I actually tried to do a good job on this..By the way I changed Cui's name to Catherine,cause
Cuillere means spoon in French..Who wants to name their kid
spoon? So I changed it to Catherine.
Also..This is actually how Cui's supposed to have her hair,
with a slight pinkish red but I get lazy..and I'm not a fancy
deviant..But yeah...

Her father is the owner of a pudding producing factory,
she uses her dad's debit card /prettyoften/
Her mom disconnected her cellphone plan
resulting with Cat to have a make-up addiction,
and eventually calling her mom on the payphone,
asking her to connect her cellphone once more..
She secretly takes interest in the playing the cello when alone
and likes to be in cooking class,mainly looking forward to culinary arts as well as cosmetology.
She tries to study but get's easily distracted and eventually slacks off.
She carries a make-up bag with her all the time.
She thought the uniform was too plain so she decided
to add her own flair to it.
She get's bullied by :iconaskkat:[bygettinghermake-upstolen]
For :iconaskbero:'s AU School.
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"My mother's name..was Genevieve.."She said quietly, looking down at her lap as she remained seated.
"I loved her very much..everything was perfect and beautiful...but that was before the mold spreaded..
The kingdom became engulfed in mother.."She cleared her throat and gripped her hankie."Was one of the first victims..
She wore gloves, just so I didn't catch was highly contagious..I was young..I didn't understand.."
She said as her breath shifted slightly."I loved her too much.."

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Oh! I've always been the ugly urchin in th family ^/////^
Take that Tina! *Yells at the anemone to her right*
You can't call me names anymore! You either Ferra! .....For the last TIME! I don't care that you were prom Queen!
Colleen stop calling me that! You ain't Mom's favorite!
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(( lol i figured i did bumble. i might aswell to hornet aswell.
Hes not as much fun to dress up as bumble is. mostly cause, with girls you and put them in all kinds of pritty dresses, guys got a limited kinda thing with coats and shirts and yeah. but i do like what i put him in.
and just like with bumbles when i put her into the 80s cause why not. i put hornet into the 50s!!...cause...that was the only one that seemed to fit him XD

enjoys ))
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