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This was a requested tutorial.
I had already straightened all my dolls hair so I just used one for an example any how.

This is how I boil straighten my Monster High dolls hair.
Please be careful when boiling your doll hair, the water will be extremely HOT and will burn if you spill on your skin. [ I would know It happened to me xD]

This was the first tutorial I have ever done in a picture tutorial so I hope it`s alright. [ sorry it`s messy ]


I hope this helps!! View my gallery for more MH!

Monster High (c) - Mattel
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BIG FILE, please view full-size.

Sorry my photos are so orange. My camera is not great, and I only had yellow light!!

So instead of uploading a bunch of pics separately, I figured this would be better.

This is my first reroot of a Monster high doll.
(gloom beach draculara)

Kinda wanted to show my step by step process.
finished this all in one day~ ♥
I went into a zen-mode and just tried to knock it out.

So I clipped all her hair, cleaned the paint off, and let the head sit in the sink full of acetone for the glue.

(found out the scalp paint likes to smudge EVERYWHERE.)
it all came off eventually, and it loosened the glue inside the hair plugs.
(I used 100% acetone)

Whatever that tool in the second photo is's the best thing ever.
I tried using tweezers to pull out the hair plugs, but it took forever, and didn't get nearly as much out.
These medical tool thingies, someone help me with the name, work fantastic.
They are MUCH longer, and grip very well.

So anywho, I started plugging away, and ended up with a huge mane. I'll be trimming it back, and giving it shape soon.

The yarn I found at Big Lots for $1, and ended up using the whole bundle for this one reroot job.
Looked really cool as dreadlocks, since the yarn varied widths and colors.

The braid I added was just for fun, but this hair is crazy fun to style. There is so much of it, and you can do a lot of stuff.

The part I did was tedious, but added to it I think.
I put a bit of glue over the part, to help it stay woven.
There is also glue inside the head for the plugs.
I've been putting light layers of glue at a time, but adding more as I go.

Hope you like my little photos, since this was fun to do!

Can't wait to start on the Ghoulia next.
The very top photo is of all the dolls I'm working with.
Obviously the first 2 on the left are MH dolls.
(dead tired Ghoulia, gloom beach draculara, and I got a new one today- gloom beach abbey)
the mermaid I found at the thrift store for $1, so I'm going to use her tail for a mermaid custom MH doll.
The little one there is a Ghostbusters - Janine Melnitz doll.
Found her a while back in a pack at toys r us, so I'll be painting her too.
Next one in the middle of the sitting ones, is an old Chicago bulls Barbie. She's the only articulated barbie I ever had, and I've been testing techniques on her.
Not sure about what to do with her yet.

Last one is also a thrift store find.
I believe it's an older LIV doll. The copyright info said 2009
She was only $3, and was in GREAT shape.
Her acrylic/glass eyes really stood out to me, and her articulation is fantastic.
So I'll probably cut her head open, take out her eyes, do a custom faceup and mohair wig, then put her eyes back in.
(i want them to look a different direction too)

hope you enjoyed my dolly rant!
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Another tutorial! :D

I always see people with their doll pictures, the ones with the really starchy hair, it truely annoys me; so I decided to make a quick tutorial with the Toralei doll I bought today!

Hope this helps~

If any questions ask! :D


==> Tutorial && Photos by ALittleRiddle
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Monster High tutorial to make a cape.
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mh cleo
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This is my very first tutorial I ever made so please don't be too hard on me. Please ask questions or make suggestions so I can know what to add to it or take away! Thank you!
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Almost done! Just needs her hair fixed and her lips glossed! ^^ Do you like her little freckles? ; w; It's my first time trying to make some and I'm happy with the result~

If you’d like to be placed on my mailing list for repaint slots, please send me a note with your email.
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First ever repaint,
I went into this without an actual concept..
I have taken it off as well as her hair to redo her.

:3 wish me luck.. second time repainting..D:
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I don't know if it was the right choice,
but I undid her of some of her fingers showing some bone :0
figured they had fallen off during gym class..
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