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Textures are the smoothness or roughness of an object

wasnt sure what category this fit into..
first time i wrote a poem not based off something that actually happened to me
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please free me of these four white walls
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Got all the featured Mega Man characters out of the way now. As you can see, each of them represent a different series. YoungCapcom personally chose Jeremy Shada to voice Mega Man and it seems like a good choice. I personally suggested the VA for Geo though. Whenever I play Star Force all I can hear is Takato's voice from Digimon Tamers. Coincidently, I always pictured Omega-Xis being voiced by Steve Blum with something similar to his Wolverine voice, which is funny since he was also Guilmon on Digimon Tamers. On the other hand, their voices in the anime were Jason Spisak and Kyle Hebert, whom I both respect as VAs, but gonna keep my usual VA choices for now. Also as an added bonus, here's some results lines from Street Fighter characters that didn't make the cut.


S- “I am master of the fist!”
A- “Messatsu!”
B- “Destroy!”
C- “Absurd!”
D- “Pathetic!”


S- “No one can defeat Sagat!”
A- “Hahahahaha!”
B- “I must push myself harder.”
C- “Still only a beginner’s level.”
D- “Not worthy for a king.”


S- “That’s how it’s done!”
A- “I’m getting there!”
B- “There we go”
C- “Not there yet.”
D- “Ryu-san’s way ahead of me…”


S- “Training’s all complete!”
A- “That wasn’t so bad.”
B- “Have to put in some effort.”
C- “Got that out of the way.”
D- “It’s just too much work…”

C. Viper:

S- “All finished!”
A- “I’ll be back home in time for dinner.”
B- “Could have been worse.”
C- “Could have performed better.”
D- “Such a pain…”


S- “Ahahahaha!”
A- “Now that was fun!”
B- “Wasn’t too boring.”
C- “I’ll have my revenge!”
D- “That’s impossible!”

As for next time, I'll be doing at least five characters from Virtua Fighter, so stay tuned for that.
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Took a little while, but I got around to getting these done one after another in good time. No new Sonic characters in the project this time around, but we made sure to include some old favorites. BTW, as you probably noticed Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes has now been included in the roster as a Wii exclusive guest character. I've got no problems with that since that's one of my favorites series on that system.

Also, just for fun I'm going to include put down some results quotes of two Sega characters that didn't get to make it back into the roster. I might include more like this along with more quotes of the official roster in the near future.

Billy Hatcher:

S- "Good Morning!"
A- "Yeah!"
B- "Ok!"
C- "Let's go!
D- "Ahhhh!"

As for next time, I'll next be handling characters from the many incarnations on the Mega Man series.

Small Edit: Along with the occasional new quote I've changed Knuckles back to his current VA within the actual Sega games. Also added quotes against the characters that others are handling currently.
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This one's obviously a bit different from the others. Unlike my take on Nemesis, Chaos is completely mute. I nearly thought of Tikal acting as his voice box much like Issun is to Ammy, but that was kind of hard to write given her pacifistic nature. If Chaos were in a VS game I can imagine him having his Battle moves and his other forms acting as super moves.

For next time I'll be doing one last Street Fighter with Juri being added to be roster.
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This is my entry for #nintendo-fc's side-kick contest!

This poem is based on Mr. Resetti from Animal Crossing. Hope you like it!

Comments welcome, thanks! :)
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When Samus Aran enters a dark nebula, more than just any derelict ship broadcasting a distress signal await. Shades of her past threaten to deny her a future!

Happy Halloween 2011, everybody!

Made for the Halloween contest at Metroid-Club. :iconmetroid-club:

Which doesn't mean just anybody can't enjoy it! Please give my hard work a chance! :D

-EDIT November 2011-

I won! I won! First place in the contest which included not just other literature works but fullfledged digital art. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who voted for my work; the competition was stiff and my victory close but it was you that made it happen. Thank you.

Here's the proof:
Contest 9 - Halloween:trophy:

And the winners are...


:iconnofairatu: with Metroid - Shades of Yesterday
Ghosts of Samus' past return to her when she answers a distress call and boards a destroyed ship. An excellent bit of fiction that reminds us of how badass Samus is, and how spooky her games can be!~ Chosen by :devzimeta08:


:iconzoesaday: with The Evil of the Thriller
I don't know - it just made me laugh! An Halloween is all about fun, right? Haha. Enjoy Dark Samu dancing to MJ's thriller. We love that you added in the background zombie dancers. Lovely work!~ Chosen by :devmistytang:



And I got an awesome pic from Dan Rootay as my prize as seen here:
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Part 1 of many.

I was up really early last night as I was worried about my day at college (around 4:00 in the morning). This was running through my head, and I HAD to get it out.

Yes, I had dumbed down the DBZ characters, but to only give the Nintendo characters a fighting chance. There will be Guest Characters in the form of Sonic, Square-Enix, Rumiko Takahashi (YuGiOh's Kazuki Takahashi's wife), and Solid Snake involved.

It's either Nintendo vs Shonen Jump or Nintendo X Shonen Jump. It's like Marvel vs Capcom and Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe in the method of Video Game vs Comic Book, or Video Game vs Manga, in this case.

Don't give me a hard time on this. If you can't see all of the text, download it. As soon as I get everyone involved, I'll make the challenge.

Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
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Follow Samus in her early days through her undocumented missions throughout the Metroid Universe!
This specific installment is about Samus' second visit to the planet Zebes alongside fellow Galactic Federation Space Marines to hunt down the space pirate dragon Ridley.

This has been cut down from the completed version from 36 pages to a 6 page preview, it will be available for 99cents on the Amazon Kindle Store on March 10th! BE ON THE LOOK OUT!

Artwork by DeviantArt Artist Cronoan! THANKS!



leave all feedback here :)
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The second half of Knight Errant is going to differ quite a bit from the first in the plot and tone of the story. Maybe you've noticed that already. Even though it's still technically part of the same fan fiction, it functions as its own autonomous story. That is, you don't need to read the first half to be able to understand and enjoy it.
Preview image: [link]

I have great news for all you Knight Errant fans! I've decided to expand Knight Errant from 22 parts to 30 parts! In other words, the second half of Knight Errant has doubled in length! There'll be all sorts of all new adventures for Galacta Knight as he adjusts to his new identity and destiny.

Also, I plan to make a reference sheet for Sabre Knight, but it's unknown whether I'll be able to finish that before the end of Knight Errant or not. By the way, his species is called a Cirrius (pronounced like "serious")

Anyone want their Kirby fan character to make an appearance? Just ask! If there's enough demand, I'll offer more fan character cameos!

:bulletpink:Coming up next::bulletpink:
Well, that's a bummer! Galacta Knight's stuck on Thunderbreeze for a whole month until his engine gets fixed. What the heck is he going to do until then?

Previous:bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink: Next
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