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The world is made up of all textures
There are those we can find with the skin
Ones that are easily seen by the naked eye
And those we can find only by the soul within

The ceramic cup is smooth and glossy
A honey scent sways from steaming tea
Those that drink with pinky out feel classy
Tea feels warm and like a welcomed embrace

When I touch your face
When I grasp your hands
I feel the sweet kindness inside
I know where the concern stands

But when you touch my own face
When my hands would be enveloped by your own
Can you feel the scars inside?
Can you feel the pain that brings me down?

The ceramic cup became rough and worn
A scent is gone and steam faded cold
The one that drank lost their class
Tea having disappeared in days of old
Textures are the smoothness or roughness of an object

wasnt sure what category this fit into..
first time i wrote a poem not based off something that actually happened to me
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There is a room where I belong
Where no souls may enter
Where no one can hear my cries
These four white walls
Reveal nothingness and abandonment

I was always the girl on the sidelines
Where all I could do was watch from a distance
While you shared your warmth with another
These four white walls
Reflect my empty world and forgotten wishes

I wish you would reach out to me
As I reached to you when I broke
Can you see the stitches through my torment?
These four white walls
They may as well be padded to forget my sanity

You said nothing would change when I left
These four white walls
I've become hidden from the world
These four white walls
You've disappeared; please, find me once more
These four white walls
White just won't do
These four white walls

Be my brush and return, and my love for you will be my palette
Help me rid myself of these white walls of suffering
please free me of these four white walls
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Character Name: Mega Man

Voice Actor: Jeremy Shada/Yumiko Kobayashi

Theme: Opening Theme (Mega Man 2)

Alternate Costume: Wears armor based off of Mega Man X


“Why must we fight? We are not enemies.”

Intro Pose: Mega Man teleports in via a blue beam of light while crouched and without his helmet. His helmet forms over his head as he gets up off the ground.

Vs Character Intros:

(Vs. Sonic/Shadow) “How can something organic move that fast?”
(Vs. Tails) "I hear you have some interesting tools."
(Vs. Eggman) “So it was you all along!”
(Vs. Ulala/Frank West/Phoenix Wright/Avatar) “It’s not safe here! You should get somewhere safe!”
(Vs. Street Fighter Characters) “Here comes a new challenge!”
(Vs. Zero) “You’re one of Dr. Wily’s robots aren’t you?!”
(Vs. Geo) “Another Mega Man? How is this possible?”
(Vs. Tron Bonne) “Huh? Do I know you?”
(Vs. Bass EXE) “Bass has gotten an upgrade. I had better be careful.”
(Vs. Batsu) “You seem a little nervous. You okay?”
(Vs. Viewtiful Joe) “Oh, hey. You must be a big fan.”
(Vs. Miku) “I can tell you’re more than just a program.”
(Vs. Team Fortress) "Can I really raise my Buster against a human?"
(Vs. Mario) "This will make for some good practice."
(Vs. Jinx) "Even if you're a human, I won't let you fire upon innocents!"

Taunt: Mega Man leans over and makes a teasing gesture at his opponent

“Come and get me!”
“Nyah nyah.~”


“I did it!”
“I’ll keep fighting for both humans and robots!”

Win Pose: Jumps into the air with his arms raised. As he comes to a landing his helmet vanishes and he smile while holding his Mega Buster upward, holding his arm in his other hand.

Vs Character Win:

(Vs. Sonic/Shadow) “You’re sure you’re not a robot?”
(Vs. Tails) "I think you and Dr. Light would get along just fine."
(Vs. Eggman) “People like you and Dr. Wily just never learn!”
(Vs. Ulala/Frank West/Phoenix Wright/Avatar) “Just leave everything to me.”
(Vs. Street Fighter Characters) “It was great to face you one last time.”
(Vs. Zero) “This robot feels familiar for some reason.”
(Vs. Geo) “It’s good to know that I’ve been such an inspiration.”
(Vs. Tron Bonne) “That was strange. Just who is she?”
(Vs. Bass EXE)”Wow…That was a lot harder than last time.”
(Vs. Batsu) “Rush, you might want to back off. He seems to have a problem with dogs.”
(Vs. Viewtiful Joe) “That’s a great Quick Man cosplay you have!...or was it supposed to be my brother? Hard to tell.”
(Vs. Miku) “Wow. That technology’s better than I thought!”
(Vs. Team Fortress) "I had to fight back, but they seem unharmed somehow."
(Vs. Mario) "Next time I'll win with just my Buster!"
(Vs. Jinx) "I'm not sure if I even want to use weapons like these."

Victory Quotes:

“There’s still so much more to do, but I’ll keep fighting on for the sake of everlasting peace!”
“I’m more than just a robot! I’m the protector that the world has been waiting for!”
“It’s a shame that that I can’t copy your abilities via the Variable Weapon System. You’ve got some great moves!”

(Vs. Sonic) “Somehow our world seems to be colliding with one another. “We have to join forces if we’re going to fight against both Eggman and Wily!”
(Vs. Amy) “You remind me so much of Roll. She’s often a bit mad at me for being left behind too.”
(Vs. Eggman) “You’re just a bad as Dr. Wily! There’s no way I’m going to let you get away with this!”
(Vs. Silver) “This could have been a disastrous fight. It would be like turning my Buster shots into his own personal Leaf Shield with those powers.”
(Vs. Blaze) "Almost thought my armor would melt right off. I should bring along Pump Man's weapon should I ever fight you again."
(Vs. Wolf) "You're pretty strong! I should see if I can get the Super Arm next time so I can match that strength."
(Vs. Beat) “My slide function really needs some work. It just shut off for some reason after my most recent adventures.”
(Vs. Ulala) “I have to admit, you really bring some enthusiasm into the crowd. What’s your secret?”
(Vs. Hotsuma) “I would think my brother would be pretty jealous if he ever got a look at that scarf.”
(Vs. Jack) “Sometimes I wonder why I have this weapon installed on my arm, but you don’t seem to have given much thought to your own.”
(Vs. Rodin) “So can you upgrade me with a new weapon? How many bolts do I need for an upgrade?”
(Vs. Selveria) “Is your loyalty really worth this?! All this fighting is only just going to escalate if you keep this up!”
(Vs. Nei) “Neither of us seemed to really want to fight. So how did we end up battling to begin with?”
(Vs. Ryu) “That Hadouken seems like an interesting technique. I just wish there was some way I could learn a move like that.”
(Vs. Chun-Li) “You seem familiar. Weren’t you a news reporter that I saw in television once?”
(Vs. M. Bison) “I know that I can’t turn my Buster on a human being, but at this point I consider you anything but human!”
(Vs. Cammy) "I think we've actually fought alongside each other before. Charlie was with you and I had those skates outfitted on me, right?"
(Vs. Zero) “I’ve never seen this robot before, but he acted almost as if he knew me from somewhere.”
(Vs. Geo) “I almost thought you were a robot like me, but I had no idea that extraterrestrials were involved.”
(Vs. Captain Commando) “We’re both fighting to uphold the peace for humanity, so why must we be fighting?”
(Vs. Strider Hiryu) “Auto’s a big fan of yours! Is there any chance that I can get an autograph?”
(Vs. Frank West) “I’m still confused on how he was able to come across a Mega Buster of his own.”
(Vs. Nick Ramos) "Do you mind passing that wrench? My servos feel a bit loose after that last fight."
(Vs. Linn) "You look familiar for some reason. Have you ever fought in a unit that uses roller blades in combat?"
(Vs. Amaterasu) "Maybe I should have let Rush do all the fighting just to make it fair."
(Vs. Avatar) “You seem to be able to adapt to any environment. Are you sure that you’re human?”
(Vs. Miku) “Roll asked me to give out a request. Can you sing “Where the Wind Blows” at your next concert?”
(Vs. Ralph) “I just can’t shake this feeling that I’ve seen you somewhere before. Are you in cahoots with Dr. Wily and all these other villians?”
(Vs. Mario) "I have a feeling that "smashing" is going to be a different experience compared to this."
(Vs. Jin Kazama) "Eh? No, I don't think we've met before and I've always been about this size."
(Vs. Pyro) "Does this person even realize what he's doing? I had better have Eddie bring us a fire extinguisher."

Results Quotes:

S- “I’ve got it!”
A- “I have to keep fighting.”
B- “Okay. Everything’s functioning well so far.”
C- “Think I need an E-Tank after that.”
D- “There’s still so much I could have done…”

Character Name: Zero

Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch/Ryotaro Okiayu

Theme: Zero’s Intro Stage (Mega Man X4)

Alternate Costume: Made to look similar to his Mega Man Zero version


“Mission start!”
“Target is in sight.”

Intro Pose: Zero beams down in a red beam of light with his hand gripped on his sheathed Z-Saber

Vs Character Intros:

(Vs. Knuckles/Shadow/Silver) “Not human obviously. Just what are you?”
(Vs. Eggman) “Why…does he seem so familiar?”
(Vs. Ethan/Zephyr) “Think you got what it takes to be a Hunter? Prove it then.”
(Vs. Zylo/Jon Talbain) "Haven't fought a wolf since the Nightmare crisis."
(Vs. Mega Man/Geo) “X? No…You’re different somehow.”
(Vs. Bass EXE) “What is this? Some kind of Maverick Virus?”
(Vs. Strider Hiryu) “Let’s see if you’re worthy of your class.”
(Vs. Hayato/Travis) “You call that a Beam Saber? Don’t kid yourself.”
(Vs. Team Fortress) "You're overestimating yourself a bit too much."

Taunt: Massages his arm and closes his eyes as he faces away from the opponent.

“You’re not worth it.”
“Target is engaged.”


“Mission complete.”
“All set. Returning to base.”

Win Pose: Turns his back and gives a thumbs up before beaming out in a red beam of light.

Vs Character Win:

(Vs. Knuckles/Shadow/Silver) “Stronger than expected. Just what is this chaotic energy?”
(Vs. Eggman) “Ungh…guess it was nothing. Must have been thinking of someone else.”
(Vs. Ethan/Zephyr) “Still got a lot to learn.”
(Vs. Zylo/Jon Talbain) "Transforming into a beast. Its almost like a human Maverick."
(Vs. Mega Man/Geo) “You’re so much like him, but still just a kid.”
(Vs. Bass EXE) “If you bring harm to humans, I’ll be the first to put you down.”
(Vs. Strider Hiryu) “Your edge moves like lightning, but I’m still better.”
(Vs. Hayato/Travis) “My Z-Saber cuts through anything in my path.”
(Vs. Team Fortress) "You might as well call off your mission."

Victory Quotes:

(Vs. Self) “Still more copies? I’m really getting tired of these and I bet no one’s even checking the blueprints.”
(Vs. Tails) "You've got some interesting gear, but someone your better off supporting from the sidelines."
(Vs. Shadow) “Whoever decided to call you the “ultimate” obviously set his standards for that title too low.”
(Vs. Silver) “Time travel? The less that our world has to deal with that the better. Whatever transit system you’re running on obviously didn’t have much effort put into it.”
(Vs. Ulala) “I have to admit…something about this rhythm has gotten more enthusiasm for this battle than I would have expected.”
(Vs. Hotsuma) “Your sword’s almost acting against you like a virus. Wouldn’t it be better just to be rid of it?”
(Vs. Ethan) “In some sense, you’re a bit of a Hunter yourself, but you’re still just a rookie.”
(Vs. Zephyr) “You’re human as far as I know, but it would seem that the two of us have lived similar lives. Although, the way you use your guns reminds me of someone else.”
(Vs. Selveria) "You can still choose to back down. There's no need for the Hunters to be at odds with your faction."
(Vs. Ryu) “Wait…That technique! Could it be the same one that X once used?!”
(Vs. Cammy) "You're stronger than I thought. Never would have imagine someone would ever bring my off my feat."
(Vs. Mega Man) “So you’re just his predecessor from the past. Even still, I can tell that X inherited more from you.”
(Vs. Tron Bonne) “What’s this outdated weaponry? I’ve seen Ride Armor much better than that.”
(Vs. Geo) “Combining with that thing could almost have you pass for a Reploid, but that doesn’t mean you’re not without weaknesses.”
(Vs. Viewtiful Joe) “I don’t know what you were trying to prove. Just because your outfit resembles a Hunter doesn’t mean you have the skills of one.”
(Vs. Frank West) “Don’t try to challenge me until you get a real Beam Saber. You’re still just a civilian.”
(Vs. Nick Ramos) "Now you know what sets you apart from a real Maverick Hunter."
(Vs. Wesker) “I could care less on whether you call yourself a human or a god. If I see an enemy in front of me, then I’ll defeat it!”
(Vs. Hayato) “Putting all that power into one weapon. I can only imagine that it’s a bit unstable.”
(Vs. Sol) “You’re more than just a lone hunter. I can tell by that strength that you’re not human.”
(Vs. Travis)”Your Beam Saber needs a conduit just to maintain its shape. Where did you pick up that piece of junk from?”
(Vs. Kasumi) "Calm down. I'm not an assassin. Besides, X wouldn't much care for me if harm came to a living being."
(Vs. Jinx) "Not a Reploid, but just about everything about your behavior just screams Maverick."
(Vs. Heavy) "You're powerful for a human. Can't imagine how fearsome you would be with a Reploid body."

Results Quotes:

S- “I’m not a SA rank Hunter for nothing.”
A- “A high rank, but I’ll still need double that.”
B- “Time to get serious!”
C- “It’s not over yet!”
D- “Damn. I’m losing my edge.”

Character Name: Tron Bonne

Voice Actor: Tara Platt/Mayumi Iizuka

Theme: We’re the Bonnes! (Mega Man Legends)

Alternate Costume: Tron is disguised as Roll Caskett and has the Gustaff looking similar to Data


“Alright! Hand over all your Zenny!”
“Come on, Servbots! Let’s get em!”

Intro Pose: The Gustaff slides in on is wheels before folding out and standing up on legs. Tron then stand up and points to her opponent.

Vs Character Intros:

(Vs. Tails) "I'll show you who has the better inventions!"
(Vs. Eggman) “Time to see who the real genius is!”
(Vs. Vyse/Ruby Heart) “I’ll show you the Bonnes are the top air pirates!”
(Vs. Amigo) "Wasn't one dancing monkey anyone enough?"
(Vs. Zephyr/Hayato/Sol) “Bounty hunters? I should have guessed!”
(Vs. Zylo/Jon Talbain/Amaterasu) "Eeeee!~ Why did I have to find a god here at all times?!"
(Vs. Chun-Li/Captain Commando/Leon) “You’ll never take me alive!”
(Vs. Mega Man/Geo) “Mega Man! I’ve finally found you!”
(Vs. Frank West) “Hey! What’s that look you’re giving my Servbots!?”
(Vs. Jinx) "You! You're going to pay for that and by pay I mean in Zenny!"
(Vs. Team Fortress) "Hop to it Servbots! Looks like we've got some trouble."

Taunt: Tron stands up on the Gustaff, laughing as she holds a hand up.

“Walk all over them!”


“Ha! You’re history!
“Nice work, everyone!”

Win Pose: Servbots begin to cheer while around the Gutsaff while Tron stands up on one leg. She then faces the screen and flashes a V sign with her fingers

Vs Character Win:

(Vs. Tails) "Kids like you can't understand what a real genius is."
(Vs. Eggman) “I’ve got youth and brains, which is more than you’ll ever have, old man.”
(Vs. Vyse/Ruby Heart) “The Gesellschaft is much better than any tin can you call a ship!”
(Vs. Amigo) "I don't know how Mega Man could deal with both you and Data."
(Vs. Zephyr/Hayato/Sol) “I must have quite the hefty price to get this much attention.”
(Vs. Zylo/Jon Talbain/Amaterasu) "Ungh....Just go away! Shoo! Leave me alone!"
(Vs. Chun-Li/Captain Commando/Leon) “Always fun evading the law, but it gets too easy sometimes.”
(Vs. Mega Man/Geo) “Wait…Does he seem a bit different? Ah well!”
(Vs. Frank West) “Your weapons are in serious need of an upgrade.”
(Vs. Jinx) "Nobody mistreats my babies without my permission!"
(Vs. Team Fortress) "The Gustaff has more than enough to outlast your whole arsenal, commoners."

Victory Quotes:

"I gave you a offer to join the Bonnes, but if you're going to be like that then you're history!"
"I do so much on my own with just my Servbots. I can imagine my brothers are a little jealous."
"Alright! Clean this place out and see if there's any Refractor Shards left!"

(Vs. Knuckles) “Put your backs into it, Servbots! Now that he’s down we should be able to heave that emerald away easy.”
(Vs. Eggman) “Old fogies like you need to throw in the towel. Sure you’ve produced a million more robot servants, but that’s only because I like to conserve resources.”
(Vs. Silver) “That’s what you get for tossing my Servbots around with your freaky powers!”
(Vs. Sarah) “I just wish my Servbots could learn moves like that. Think they have a chance even with the stubby limbs they’ve got?”
(Vs. Vyse) “So what’s a good title for me now that I’ve topped your record? Tron the Magnificent? Tron the Gorgeous? Tron the Brilliant?”
(Vs. Hotsuma) “I was thinking we could trade in that sword for some Refractors, but its creeping me out now that I’ve gotten a better look at it.”
(Vs. Kazuma) “Us Bonnes aren’t scared of the Dojima at all. I mean I know we’re lower on the food chain still and…say can you forget this ever happened?”
(Vs. Ethan) “You must have been stuck digging the bottom of the barrel at some other end of the galaxy. You’ve probably never even come across excellent felons like myself before.”
(Vs. Sakura) “So how do you like that? Maybe my Servbots should be running those mechs instead of you guys. How does having a Bonne Servbot Combat Troupe sound to you?”
(Vs. Larcen) “No second rate cat burglar is going to beat us to our next big score! That’s what you get for trying to move one step ahead of me.”
(Vs. Zangief) "How do you like that? My Gustaff can piledrive with the best of them! Ohohoho!"
(Vs. Mega Man) “Are you guys sure this is the right Mega Man? He seems a bit shorter than I remember.”
(Vs. Zero) “Don’t act like you’re nearly as cool as Mega Man. I mean who would come just to see some ponytailed showoff like you?”
(Vs. Geo) “Argh! Another fake! Well, he is kind of cute…but he’s still not the Mega Man Volnutt I know!”
(Vs. Dante) “Sorry, but I’ve got my own debts to pay up and we’re clearing you out!”
(Vs. Captain Commando) “Hoover is such a gifted genius. I just wish he was fifteen years or so older.”
(Vs. Ruby Heart) “Last time you got the spotlight, but I think it’s time for the better pirate to steal the show.”
(Vs. Frank West) “When did my Servbots get so much merchandising!? Somebody had better not be getting rich on their image without me!”
(Vs. Nick Ramos) "Don't even think about attaching your poor man's trash to the Gustaff. Let me show you how a true mechanical genius handles it."
(Vs. Falcon) “I’m getting strong reading off of this Refractor! Not only that, but he’s rich and a talented Digger. Looks like we have some new competition.”
(Vs. Wesker)  “You see now? I’m that much smarter than you and have much better taste in evil plans. I mean the whole wipe out humanity shtick has been done to death.”
(Vs. Phoenix Wright) “I never thought I would see the day that I got put on trial. Too bad that us Bonnes always have an escape clause.”
(Vs. Poison) “What a lousy backwater gang. Gutter trash like you can’t compete with me and my brothers.”
(Vs. Jin) “Don’t compare me to that Devilotte brat! She doesn’t even bother to create her own inventions and has her lackies do all the work!”
(Vs. Katt) "Gah! It hurts me so much just to be in the presence of such a dimwit!"
(Vs. Amaterasu) "Dogs alone are bad enough, but now I got something that's basically a ghost dog! This is too much!"
(Vs. Sly) “You say that there’s no challenge in stealing from ordinary people. I’m glad you see how extraordinary I am, but you got too greedy this time.”
(Vs. Travis) “Hey! Quit eyeing me and the Gustaff! Go back to playing with your action figures, nerd!”
(Vs. Kasumi) "Oh, a ninja princess? I see. How much income does your clan fortune usually rack in?"
(Vs. Mario) "Look at all these Coins! They must be worth more than Zenny! Servbots, start bashing every brick in sight until we find the rest!"
(Vs. Spy) "Thanks for playing the part of the gentleman. I'll just help myself to this suitcase since its so important."
(Vs. Jinx) "Don't worry my little Servbots. The scary lady is get back to work!"
(Vs. Jin Kazama) "How do you like that? Not even Jacks and Combots could stand a chance against the Gustaff!"

Results Quotes:

S- “Alright! We got a good haul this time!”
A- “It’s time for my comeback!”
B- “Thanks for playing.”
C- “I’m not done yet!”
D- “What are you guys doing out there?!”

Character Name: Bass EXE

Voice Actor: Liam O'Brian/Keiko Neimoto

Theme: Fighter’s Soul (Mega Man Battle Network 4.5)

Alternate Costume: Made to look more similar to the classic version of Bass


“I may just have to actually put in some effort.”
“You are nothing to me.”

Intro Pose:

Bass phases in from the other side, wearing his cloak and glaring towards his opponent while hovering off of the ground.

Vs Character Intros:

(Vs. Self) “I grow tired of these weak copies.”
(Vs. Shadow) “Only one of us can be called the Ultimate.”
(Vs. Eggman/Bison) “I’ve known many men just as foolish as you.”
(Vs. Mega Man/Geo) “So…we meet again.”
(Vs. Zero) “I won’t lose to a mere virus.”
(Vs. Felicia/Katt) “Tch…I don’t have time for kittens.”
(Vs. Avatar/Miku/Ralph) “Are you another Net Navi? Get out of my sight.”
(Vs. Team Fortress) "So the humans have found me...but can they ever hope to survive?"

Taunt: He hovers off the ground and turns his Buster into a fist, clenching it as it glows with power.

“Battle is my forte.”


“Is there no one left that can challenge me?!”

Win Pose:

Bass turns to face the screen and throws off his cape. He powers up surrounded by a powerful aura as he hovers off the ground. The screen itself shakes as this happens.

Vs Character Win:

(Vs. Self) “Whoever made this duplicate is going to pay.”
(Vs. Shadow) “Any lifeform means nothing before the perfect program.”
(Vs. Eggman/Bison) “You’ll certainly meet the same fate as the World Three.”
(Vs. Mega Man/Geo) “No, you’re different, but still strong enough to challenge me.”
(Vs. Zero) “This is all the Zero Virus is capable of? Pathetic.”
(Vs. Felicia/Katt) “You wouldn’t last a second against Gospel.”
(Vs. Avatar/Miku/Ralph) “No…you’re different. I can feel it now.”
(Vs. Team Fortress) "Your weapons would be just as weak as Battle Chips."

Victory Quotes:

“All that matters is being the strongest. The petty concerns of human Operators don’t mean anything to me.”
“I am and will forever be the strongest Net Navi. Did you even think that you were a worthy match?”
“Navis have no need for operators. All we need is absolute power and the strength to exist by our own will!”  

(Vs. Tails) "You're just as naïve as Mega Man's operator. Some strange creature like you shouldn't meddle in my affairs."
(Vs. Eggman) “In you I see much of Wily and just like him you are blind to your own mistakes.”
(Vs. Shadow) “I have power than you have never known and never will. I am the Ultimate Program!”
(Vs. Akira) “It was an interesting fight, but don’t go thinking that you’ve achieved or improved anything after such a loss.”
(Vs. Vanessa) "You thought you were prepared to face me? You thought that any training you had would have been enough? How wrong you are."
(Vs. Nights) “Is Duelization your imitation of Cross Fusion? Synching with a human will give you no advantage over me.”
(Vs. Amigo) "You're always smiling and carefree. Did you even have an idea whom you were up against?"
(Vs. Ethan) “Why is it that you carry on such a will to fight? Is it for yourself or is it for something else?”
(Vs. Ichiro) “What would a human know about justice? I’ve known nothing but treachery from your kind.”
(Vs. Toma) “Just what are you doing here, boy? If you don’t put your will behind that sword then you’ll be annihilated.”
(Vs. Nei) “Why do you seek to challenge an opponent that is obviously greater than you? Do you wish to cease your lifespan?”
(Vs. Sketch) “This is no construct of the human imagination. This is reality and I am your end.”
(Vs. Ryu) “Yes. The will to fight is all that matters. Right now that is the only thing I have to live for.”
(Vs. Zangief) "Was that all? Even an idiot Navi like Guts Man is stronger than the likes of you, human."
(Vs. Demitri) “You resemble a Darkloid, but you have none of their strengths…only their weaknesses.”
(Vs. Zero) “You appear to be more than a Navi, but you still have the qualities of a virus. It matters not. You will still be erased.”
(Vs. Geo) “You’re so much similar to that one I’ve faced many times now. Heh. You might actually be worth my time.”
(Vs. Leon) “A mere human wishes to combat me with base weapons? You must think you’re pretty experienced in facing what’s obviously greater than you.”
(Vs. Wesker) “Scum such as you are living proof on why there’s no hope for humans and that is all you will ever be…a human.”
(Vs. Vergil) “Yes. Might does determine everything…and right now my might has determined that you have been defeated.”
(Vs. Hayato) “I’ve seen Battle Chips that emulate that ability far better than your weak excuse of a weapon.”
(Vs. Asura) “I have surpassed both Navis and humans. Could it be that I am stronger than even a god?”
(Vs. Katt) “The minute you decided to face me an arena is the moment you should have realized you would face defeat.”
(Vs. Avatar) “…What? How can an Operator be on the mainframe? It’s not unheard of, but…”
(Vs. Ralph) “…Have I reached beyond the boundaries of the network itself? How perplexing.”
(Vs. Miku) “Go back to the 1’s and 0’s where you belong. The operators are not worth your sympathies.”
(Vs. Sol) “Do you seek to end my existence? Is my very presence evil? Seeking my destruction will only bring forth your own.”
(Vs. Travis) “Determining who is the greatest. Yes. That is all that combat means to me.”
(Vs. Jinx) "You made all the wrong choices with your weapons. Even your basic Battle Chip would prove better."
(Vs. Pyro) "I could destroy you, but using a Water Chip alone should prove enough humiliation."

Results Quotes:

S- “Absolutely flawless.”
A- “I cannot lose.”
B- “Interesting.”
C- “Have to be ready.”
D- “Impossible!”

Character Name: Geo Steller

Voice Actor: Brian Beacock/Fuyuka Ōura

Theme: Shooting Star (Mega Man Star Force)

Alternate Costume: Wears the same outfit as Mega Man EXE


“Geo Steller, on the air!”
“Wave Battle, ride on!”

Intro Pose: Geo slides a card along his Transer, turning into Mega Man as Omega-Xis fuses with his body

Vs Character Intros:

(Vs. Tails) "Let's see if you've got the better strategy."
(Vs. Ulala/Ethan/Nei/Hayato) “You’re from space? Wow…”
(Vs. Mega Man) “What? Just who are you?!”
(Vs. Zero/Bass EXE) “A Wave Virus? No, it’s something else! Better get ready!”
(Vs. Felicia/Miku) “A singer, huh? Hmm.”
(Vs. Batsu) “Hey! Hold on a second!”
(Vs. Captain Commando/Viewtiful Joe) “That’s strange. I’m not getting any EM Waves.”

Taunt: Geo checks his Transer for a moment, but is interrupted by Omega-Xis shouting while in Buster form.

“Hey! Let’s go already!”
“What are you waiting for?!”


“I can achieve anything with friends by my side!”
“Looks like the area’s clear now. Time to Pulse out.”

Win Pose: Mega Man strikes a pose and points his Buster towards the screen. Omega-Xis growls while in Buster form as green fire forms in his mouth.

Vs Character Win:

(Vs. Tails) "You're pretty smart! Maybe we should share Brother Band codes."
(Vs. Ulala/Ethan/Nei/Hayato) “Makes me wonder what else is out there.”
(Vs. Mega Man) “Starting to think it’s just like that one other time.”
(Vs. Zero/Bass EXE) “I didn’t think there were any Net Navis still like this.”
(Vs. Felicia/Miku) “You seem like someone Sonia would work well with.”
(Vs. Batsu) “I’ve been attending classes just fine lately. Back off a minute.”
(Vs. Captain Commando/Viewtiful Joe) “This seems like more than just an EM Wave Change.”

Victory Quotes:

“My name is Mega Man and I will protect my friends no matter what! Hey…did it sound too cheesy that time as well?”
“Sorry if that was a little too much action for you. Omega-Xis often gets too bored if I sit still for still long.”
“I’m going to use this power to protect Earth and all I care for. I know for sure that’s what my dad would have wanted.”

(Vs. Sonic) “That was fast! I would think speed like that’s even faster than my net connection!”
(Vs. Amy) “Girls can really be persistent these days. I don’t think that Luna is even half this bad.”
(Vs. Silver) “I had at least one experience like that where two Net Navis from the past were involved. It makes me wonder how many Mega Men are out in other timelines.”
(Vs. Blaze) "That proved to be harder than the fight with Taurus' flames. At least there's still a chance I can reason with her."
(Vs. Nights) “You’re almost like an FM-ian yourself with the way you synch with people. Thankfully, you only give off positive feelings.”
(Vs. Beat) “Catching up with you is easy. You should see how fast I travel on the Wave Roads.”
(Vs. Amigo) "Why do you keep up with a such a simple pattern? Maybe you're just a Net Navi and its all you know."
(Vs. Ulala) “So this broadcast reaches all across space. Maybe somewhere my dad is watching me right now.”
(Vs. Bahn) “That was a rough fight for sure. I’m glad that my neighborhood doesn’t have problems with delinquency.”
(Vs. Ethan) “So Omega-Xis, is there any chance you’ve heard of the Guardians, the Endrum Collective, and all this other stuff?”
(Vs. Nei) “I kind of wonder if the Algol Star System has seen any sign of the FM-ians at all.”
(Vs. Ichiro) “I got a question. Just how do you deal with more than one girl wanting to spend time with you? Sonia’s been okay, but Luna’s kind of pushy lately.”
(Vs. Zephyr) “Was I really this moody a guy way back? Glad to see I’ve improved a bit since then. Anyways, just remember to hold your “brothers” close. Okay?”
(Vs. Zylo) "I remember someone who had the exact same problem. He kept changing whenever he saw anything round...and footballs for some reason."
(Vs. Chun-Li) “Ack! Never thought we would run into trouble with the police again. At the very least we didn’t need to peg her with a ball like the last time we did.”
(Vs. Yun) “I’m an only child, so I’ve never had any siblings on a Brotherband. Would be pretty fitting now that I think about it.”
(Vs. Mega Man) “Still not sure who this guy is supposed to be. I wonder if he knows about Lan at all.”
(Vs. Zero) “Never thought there were any robots like this. I mean you could almost pass as a human.”
(Vs. Bass EXE) “So it really is a Net Navi. This is seeming like the time I teamed up with that other Mega Man.”
(Vs. Felicia) “Omega-Xis has got quite the pair of teeth on him, but I doubt he has anything against cats.”
(Vs. Poison) "Omega-Xis, why are you so bent on scanning her body type? That's not something you do with women without permission! She is a woman...right?"
(Vs. Tessa) “Gyah! Of all things why did she need to have ghosts come out of her cloak?!”
(Vs. Batsu) “Seriously, I’ve been attending classes as normal. Man, you’re as bad as Luna and the others about the whole school spirit thing.”
(Vs. Captain Commando) “There’s no EM Waves at all. I’m starting to wonder where he got all these abilities.”
(Vs. Asura) “Did you see all that just now?! I wouldn’t be surprised if he could hold back a Satellite Admin with just one finger!”
(Vs. Ralph) “Omega-Xis…is there any chance we might have accidently pulsed into an arcade cabinet?”
(Vs. Miku) “I’ve got a friend who’s in the same profession. Just make sure your putting your heart into it out there and you’ll be fine.”
(Vs. Mario) "Wow, so this is the great Mario himself. I hope that was impressive. I almost afraid the fight would have been over in just one shot."
(Vs. Jinx) "Its a good thing we maintained some distance and controlled the field. She would be pretty deadly in a Wave Battle."
(Vs. Spy) "You should be more careful. Viruses are out on the Wave Roads and can hide in plain sight."

Results Quotes:

S- “That was over in a flash!”
A- “Easy as virus busting!”
B- “My busting level’s a lot better now.”
C- “Did I take too much time?”
D- “Didn’t finish quickly enough.”

Credit for Concept of Sega vs Capcom project goes to Y0ungc4p
Got all the featured Mega Man characters out of the way now. As you can see, each of them represent a different series. YoungCapcom personally chose Jeremy Shada to voice Mega Man and it seems like a good choice. I personally suggested the VA for Geo though. Whenever I play Star Force all I can hear is Takato's voice from Digimon Tamers. Coincidently, I always pictured Omega-Xis being voiced by Steve Blum with something similar to his Wolverine voice, which is funny since he was also Guilmon on Digimon Tamers. On the other hand, their voices in the anime were Jason Spisak and Kyle Hebert, whom I both respect as VAs, but gonna keep my usual VA choices for now. Also as an added bonus, here's some results lines from Street Fighter characters that didn't make the cut.


S- “I am master of the fist!”
A- “Messatsu!”
B- “Destroy!”
C- “Absurd!”
D- “Pathetic!”


S- “No one can defeat Sagat!”
A- “Hahahahaha!”
B- “I must push myself harder.”
C- “Still only a beginner’s level.”
D- “Not worthy for a king.”


S- “That’s how it’s done!”
A- “I’m getting there!”
B- “There we go”
C- “Not there yet.”
D- “Ryu-san’s way ahead of me…”


S- “Training’s all complete!”
A- “That wasn’t so bad.”
B- “Have to put in some effort.”
C- “Got that out of the way.”
D- “It’s just too much work…”

C. Viper:

S- “All finished!”
A- “I’ll be back home in time for dinner.”
B- “Could have been worse.”
C- “Could have performed better.”
D- “Such a pain…”


S- “Ahahahaha!”
A- “Now that was fun!”
B- “Wasn’t too boring.”
C- “I’ll have my revenge!”
D- “That’s impossible!”

As for next time, I'll be doing at least five characters from Virtua Fighter, so stay tuned for that.
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Chaos 0 (N/A)




(Vs. Self) …..?!?!?!?!?!?!.....

(Sonic) Guess it's up to me to get all those bad vibes out of you again. Maybe you should use the positive side of the emeralds for once.

(Knuckles) It can't be! Wasn't Chaos supposed to be sealed back inside the Master Emerald? If he's here then what's become of Angel Island?!

(Amy) Hey, take it easy! From what I remember Tikal wanted you to mellow out and take care of the Chao.

(Akira) One strike will disperse this opponent, yet it will always be back for more. This may be my toughest challenge yet!

(Sarah) Does this drip even say anything? Even the Durals showed more enthusiasm than this.

(Jacky) Come on ya big drip! I thought you could put up a fight way better than that!

(Nights) Even I can't help but wonder what kind of nightmares this strange visitor would have.

(Reala) All that rage will leave you trapped within your own nightmares. Good, more fun for me and less trouble for my master.

(Beat) Is this guy even reacting to the spray at all? I feel like I'm just polluting a puddle of water or something along those lines.

(Amigo) Come on, I know you can get moving better than that! You've got to be flexible since your body's made of water!

(Ulala) Hey Fuse, we've come across a strange alien. Doesn't seem to be hurting anyone let alone showing off any dance moves.

(Ryo) Fighting in water doesn't work so well for me. I need to go, so quit trying to follow me.

(Vyse) So any relation to Cupil? Not as helpful, but you've got the shape shifting ability accounted for.

(Hotsuma) Has the evil within you been purged? All the remains now is for you to be put to rest.

(Jack Cayman) What the heck? Some kind of alien? Don't think I can do much with it, so I'm just gonna move on.

(Bayonetta) You've certainly turned out ugly. A real nightmare if you ask me. Ah well, guess I need to get messy for the rough jobs.

(Shadow) So this is what the artificial experiments on the ARK were based off of. I don't really see much of a difference in strength.

(Rouge) Well now I've got more of a reason to keep any Chaos Emeralds I find in a safe place.

(El Blaze) Even when soaking wet I'll keep on moving and bring in a sweltering victory!

(Bahn) I always get stuck fighting the weird ones. Who the heck invited this guy here?

(Kazuma) No idea what you're supposed to be, but I'm not going to sit here to be drowned by you.

(Axel) Not a regular situation having to spend my day punching at some kind of walking puddle.

(Gillius) Now you see that the lightning and earth combined will always be a match for a such a watery opponent!

(Blaze) Did you really think it would work the same way with a Sol Emerald? You are sorely mistaken.

(Eggman) This stupid beast has defied me once, but this time I'll be able to control him for sure!

(G) James and Gary must have gone through something like this when they fought the Emperor. Not as hard as I thought it would be.

(The Magician) You have nothing to be ashamed of. You were right to assume that this planet deserved its fate.

(Ethan Waber) Good thing I had some augments with my weapons, otherwise this would have taken forever.

(Honey) Bleh! I put a lot of hard work into this outfit and now you've gotten it all wet!

(Gum) All you did was slick up the road, making me all the more faster. Bet you see that now.

(Alicia) Does artillery even have an effect on this? Its no wonder that I had to use my full power.

(Luke) Is this what happens once nanomachines become destabilized and clumped together?

(Jeanne) If you truly were a god than you would have put a better effort in passing judgment upon me.

(Dark Sonic) Give me more of that anger! It's not like you're any good without it!

(Silver) This creature presumably destroyed one of the ancient civilizations and I'm surely not going to let it do the same to this one.

(Pai) Has J6 brought something new to the table? Could be tough if there happens to be Durals made of water.

(Yoyo) Yo! Don't go wiping away my tag! I put a lot of love into that one just now!

(Nei) This is a bit different from most of the more amorphous biomonsters. I may need to rely more on TECHs if there's more of these.

(Tyris) No matter how much I cut it, this opponent just kept coming back. Thankfully I had stamina to spare.

(Alex Kidd) So was that "paper" or "scissors" just now? Hard to tell with hands like that.

(Ryu) Reminds me of back when I was training out in the wilderness. This is no different from testing my fist against a waterfall.

(Chun-Li) Looks like I've finally brought the monster from the Station Square incident to justice. I can expect you to serve your sentence for mass property damage.

(Ken) Punching something made of water? Guess my Shoryuken was out of luck for this match.

(Megaman) …And I thought it was bad back when it was yellow! Wily's making them smaller, but all the more dangerous!

(Zero) A bit too big to be a slug. You happen to be in my way, so you can just get lost.

(Morrigan) Fighting fire and now water? Not bad, but a bit boring compared to Pyron.

(Felicia) Nya? Hey, you're not really that bad. Maybe you can help set up a Chao Garden around the orphanage.

(Captain Commando) You still have a chance to redeem yourself. Don't become just another monster.

(Strider) Slicing through water is nothing I cannot handle. My Cypher is second to none.

(Tessa) I believe the right mix of potions should keep you frozen in place. Now to collect my sample.

(Frank West) I don't know what to make of this guy. Maybe I can pass off this photo as an extraterrestrial encounter.

(Batsu) Burning vigor is not the kind of flames that you can extinquish! Just try that again! I dare you!

(Viewtiful Joe) Why couldn't it be a hot girl robot like the last shape shifter I met? Oh well, can't have everything.

(Falcon) If those Chaos Emeralds can do that much to you, I would hate to see what a Chaos Emerald can do!

(Ruby Heart) I guess I'll just have to fight something along these lines again. You would have thought something with seven forms would have been harder than three.

(Dante) Got no tongue? Well I'll just help myself to a little "re-par-tee" on my end since this blob is trying so hard to act tough.

(Akuma) Become a slave to your anger if you must! Give me a fight worthy of a "god of destruction"!

(Alex) Didn't Gill used to have some goons like this? Shoot, never thought they'd send em after me.

(Sakura) I'm glad I didn't do this on a school day. Kei would have to make an excuse for me coming in all wet.

(Protoman) Seems I have an easier time with things like these compared to Rock. Its pattern is pretty easy to read.

(Cody) What a washout. I was kind of expecting you to at least make things hard for me.

(Gene) Hey, doesn't matter if you can't feel it or not. A punch from me is still gonna leave you splattered all over the place.

(Spencer) Is there even anything to grab a hold to? Somehow my Bionic Arm still pulled through.

(Ibuki) Ugh! My clothes are all wet! Lucky for you I always have spares in case I need to go casual.

(Yun) A great man once said to "flow like water", but I don't think he ever meant it literally.

(Sagat) No opponent is beyond defeat. Dispersing a wave is no different from shattering solid rock.

(Bison) Hmph! If you will not submit to my will then I shall at least offer you as research to my lead scientists.

(Jon Talbain) A destructive beast or a passive guardian? Personally I think the second part suits you better.

(Hsien-Ko) I really don't know what kind of Darkstalker this guy falls under. Maybe we need to get ourselves a guidebook.

(Tron Bonne) And I thought the Reavers were tenacious! Give me a break! I just want those emeralds!

(Chris) I've heard reports on something with a specific weak point that can attack from afar and grow back its limbs. Is this…a Regenerator?

(Jill) A BOW that has its mass changing constantly. Whoever made this must have really outdone Umbrella's past experiments.

(Arthur) I've face many creatures that chance their shape at will! This one in particular is quite tenacious!

(Chuck Greene) Holy crap! Am I going to have to combine something with a sponge in order to get through?

(Evil Ryu) ..Show me…your full anger..

(Bass EXE) It terms of structure it's not all that different from Alpha, but it doesn't have the potential to even delete me.

(Jedah) It seems we have some similarities in how are bodies are comprised. However, I am perfection that has no need to evolve.

(Leo) Does this creature even have a soul?! It's hard to tell whether or not this beast is truly mindless.

(Nemesis) …Perfect….Chaos…

(Vergil) Such an imperfect facsimile of a god is not even a worthy test of my skills.

(Hayato) My Plasma Sword at least helps in destabilizing its body. This would have been a hard fight otherwise.

(Avatar) So Sonic Adventure is downloadable now, right? Caught a glimpse of this guy in Generations and I figure I should see what the big deal is.

Credit for game concept goes to DjKyuubiRyu
This one's obviously a bit different from the others. Unlike my take on Nemesis, Chaos is completely mute. I nearly thought of Tikal acting as his voice box much like Issun is to Ammy, but that was kind of hard to write given her pacifistic nature. If Chaos were in a VS game I can imagine him having his Battle moves and his other forms acting as super moves.

For next time I'll be doing one last Street Fighter with Juri being added to be roster.
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Sitting in my den
Watching TV
About to fall asleep

The alarm sounds
I rush to my feet
Hurry hurry
I must hurry up the hole

I get to the surface
You're laughing


Now I must go
I need my rest
Yes the doctor said
I need to rest
This is my entry for #nintendo-fc's side-kick contest!

This poem is based on Mr. Resetti from Animal Crossing. Hope you like it!

Comments welcome, thanks! :)
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Character Name: Sonic the Hedgehog

Voice Actor: Roger Craig Smith/Junichi Kanemaru

Theme: It Doesn’t Matter (Sonic Adventure)

Alternate Costume: His classic version from the Genesis games


“Sonic’s the name, speed’s my game!”
“All right! This should be fun!”

Intro Pose: Sonic runs in from off-screen and skids to a halt, complete with the classic “skitch” sound whenever coming to a stop in the original game

Vs Character Intros:

(Vs. Self) “Where do these guys keep coming from?”
(Vs. Tails) "Ready to roll, Tails? Let's go!"
(Vs. Knuckles/Shadow/Silver/Blaze) “Another round for old time’s sake?”
(Vs. Amy) “Aw no…should have known she would catch up.”
(Vs. Eggman) “A hedgehog's got to do what a hedgehog's got to do.”
(Vs. Alex Kidd/Segata) “Sorry if I decide to hog the spotlight.”
(Vs. Zylo/Jon Talbain) "Oh yeah. I knew that feeling a little while back."
(Vs. Ryu) “You certainly seem like you’ve been around the block.”
(Vs. M. Bison) “Don’t I have enough world conquerors on my plate?”
(Vs. Mega Man) “Alright! It’s the Blue Bomber versus the Blue Blur!”
(Vs. Dante) “You want style? I’ll give you style.”
(Vs. Viewtiful Joe) “Think you can keep up with me?”
(Vs. Wesker) “Pretty speedy, but I’ll still beat you.”
(Vs. Ralph) “Whoa! Should you really be out here?”
(Vs. Sly) “Well aren’t you quite the sneak.”
(Vs. Mario) "I'm in it to win it this year!"

Taunt: Sonic taps his foot and holds his hands at his hips

“Come on. Step it up!”
“Got me waiting here.”


“Hey, I’ll play with you some other time!”
“Too easy! Piece of cake!”

Win Pose: Sonic spins around in a circle, does a backflip, and then gives a thumbs up.

Vs Character Win:

(Vs. Self) “Another day, another faker.”
(Vs. Tails) "Gotten pretty fast over the years, big guy."
(Vs. Knuckles/Shadow/Silver/Blaze) “Winning as usual. That takes me back.”
(Vs. Amy) “Seriously, Amy. Ease up for a moment.”
(Vs. Eggman) “Game over, Eggman!”
(Vs. Alex Kidd/Segata) “No offense. You’re pretty cool too.”
(Vs. Zylo/Jon Talbain) "So do your limbs stretch out too? Nah. Guess not."
(Vs. Ryu) “Fighting’s alright, but I’m gonna take it easy from here.”
(Vs. M. Bison) “Bet he’s even planning on making a Bisonland or something like that.”
(Vs. Mega Man) “You’re not such a bad guy…for a robot.”
(Vs. Dante) “Whew! That was one crazy party alright!”
(Vs. Viewtiful Joe) “Sure that’s Mach Speed? Must have been stuck on Slow.”
(Vs. Wesker) “Whatever world you want, I want no part of.”
(Vs. Ralph) “If you gotta play, then play it safe. That’s a “Sonic Says” lesson for you.”
(Vs. Sly) “Not much gets by me. Better luck next time.”
(Vs. Mario) "I'm bumping into you and that stache all over the place lately."

Victory Quotes:

“What you see is what you get, just a guy that loves adventure! I’m Sonic the Hedgehog!”
“Alright! Our next adventure awaits us, so there's no time to waste! Let’s keep on at sonic speed!”
“So why are these guys all gathered up? Is this another surprise party for yours truly?”

(Vs. Tails) "Cool to see we've gotten more tricks than just the Spin Dash lately."
(Vs. Knuckles) “So did Eggman trick you into this again or did you just particularly feel like punching me for the last time I brought that up?”
(Vs. Shadow) “Just as per usual, you’re stubborn and full of surprises. Shadow always seems to give me a run for my money.”
(Vs. Silver) “Ok, just to make sure. We’re completely cool now? No future events that I need to help prevent?”
(Vs. Blaze) "See you've opened up a bit since we last fought. So how are things back with Marine lately?"
(Vs. Jacky) “I got it that you’re faster than lighting, but do you have the speed of sound covered yet?”
(Vs. Nights) “Pretty festive outfit. Is it time for Christmas already? Just got this feeling that I’ve seen you around the holidays before.”
(Vs. Beat) “I can keep up the pace and grind with the best of them. Everyone seems to be hitting the rails as much as me lately.”
(Vs. Amigo) "Always did enjoy jamming with you. You really know how to get things shaking around Green Hill."
(Vs. Vyse) “Now these are Rogues that I can get along with! We’ve even got the same color and everything!”
(Vs. Zylo) "Almost thought that someone else got a bit too close to Dark Gaia like I did ways back."
(Vs. Ryu) "I like traveling a bit myself, but it seems I'm heading elsewhere. If I bump into you again, I'll take your challenge anytime."
(Vs. Chun-Li) “Those are some pretty fast legs, but you should try putting them down on the ground and get some actual running with them.”
(Vs. Zangief) "Yeah...holding a spiny hedgehog in to your body isn't the best idea."
(Vs. Felicia) “Is it still really considered a Sonic Spin if I’m not the one doing the spinning?”
(Vs. Mega Man) “So yeah, that Dr. Wily’s a pretty cooky doc himself. Would hate to see what he and Eggman could pull off together.”
(Vs. Tron Bonne) “That ride’s just don’t got what’s needed to bag me. Maybe you should just attach a wrecking ball for good measure.”
(Vs. Lady) "You should really smile now and then. That face doesn't look so good if its perpetually angry."
(Vs. Vergil) “You’re pretty fast and I like the color, but the bad attitude reminds me more of someone else.”
(Vs. Falcon) “Going super from just three Chaos Emeralds? Well that’s new. Why can’t everything always be that easy?”
(Vs. Wesker) "Eggman has some crazy plans, but you're just downright evil! I'll be glad to take you down a peg or two."
(Vs. Phoenix Wright) “Gotta love that hair! You almost look like a hedgehog yourself sporting those spines.”
(Vs. Amaterasu) "Controlling where the wind moves isn't quite as easy when guys like me are involved."
(Vs. Katt) “You’re a real firecat there. In fact you remind me a bit of someone else I know.”
(Vs. Ralph) “Didn’t you hear that little advice I gave out at Game Central? It’s not exactly safe outside your own game.”
(Vs. Sol) “Yikes! You really know how to heat things up! What’s your deal anyway?”
(Vs. Avatar) “Always do have a good plenty fans who want to get on the action. Maybe you should give Extreme Gear racing a shot.”
(Vs. Mario) "Got you beat in both racing and fighting on both my home turf and over in the Mushroom Kingdom."
(Vs. Sonic) "Personally I wouldn't be caught dead with those my aim kind of stinks."
(Vs. Jin Kazama) "Heh. Nice hair. Is that natural like my hedgehog head or did you spike that up yourself?"
(Vs. Scout) "So you're the fastest one on your team? Well in that case I just gotta say it. You're too slow!"

Results Quotes:

S- “Whoo! That was tight!”
A- “All right!”
B- “Hmm. No problem.”
C- “Barely made it.”
D- “Shoot. Just not my day.”

Character Name: Knuckles the Echidna

Voice Actor: Travis Willingham/Nobutoshi Canna

Theme: Unknown from M.E. (Sonic Adventure 2)

Alternate Costume: His classic version from the Genesis games


“Don’t get in my way!”
“There’s got to be an emerald close by.”

Intro Pose: Knuckles glides in from one side before dropping down and raising his fists

Vs Character Intros:

(Vs. Sonic) “Hadn’t had a go at you in a while. Let’s do this!”
(Vs. Blaze/Silver) "You again? Just what's your deal anyway?"
(Vs. Eggman) “Eggman! Whatever you’re up to, I’m gonna stop you!”
(Vs. Wolf/Alex) “I’m more than though enough to lock fists with you.”
(Vs. Vyse/Larcen/Ruby Heart/Tron/Sly) “You thief! Get back here!”
(Vs. Toma/Bahn/Batsu/Jin/Date Masamune) “I like your spirit. Let’s go!”
(Vs. Ken) “Not a bad color, but can you fight worth a salt?”
(Vs. Morrigan/Bayonetta/Poison) “Huh? Hey! Quit showing of like that!”
(Vs. Zero) “Hold it! You’re one of Eggman’s robots aren’t you?!”
(Vs. Falcon) “Hand over that Chaos Emerald!”
(Vs. Misc Villians) “You’re not going to get away with this!”

Taunt: Knuckles punches the air twice and then beckons with his hand

“Is that all you’ve got?”
“Give me your best shot!”


“How’s that? Give up now?”
“Still got it!”

Win Pose: Knuckles punches the air a few times before extending a fist out, extending a leg back and smirking towards the camera with a thumbs up

Vs Character Win:

(Vs. Sonic) “Still think I’m getting too slow for you?”
(Vs. Blaze/Silver) "So that's it. Still got some things to do, huh?"
(Vs. Eggman) “I’ve caught on to your tricks by now.”
(Vs. Wolf/Alex) “That’s what you get for taking me lightly.”
(Vs. Vyse/Larcen/Ruby Heart/Tron/Sly) “No one gets away with my emeralds.”
(Vs. Toma/Bahn/Batsu/Jin/Date Masamune) “Yeah! Been awhile since I’ve gotten fired up!”
(Vs. Ken) “Even an airborne echidna can beat a rising dragon.”
(Vs. Morrigan/Bayonetta/Poison) “Why do women always have to get like this?”
(Vs. Falcon) “Huh? It looks like a Chaos Emerald, but it’s a bit…different…”
(Vs. Zero) “Too suspicious for some robot to be wandering about on its own.”
(Vs. Misc Villians) “I’ll defeat anyone that threatens my island!”

Victory Quotes:

"I'm the guardian of the Master Emerald and there's no one getting past me!"
"You thought I didn't have the muscle just because of my size? Sure showed you."
"I'm called Knuckles for a reason after all. Did you feel that last one?"

(Vs. Sonic) “Do you really have to bring up all the times that Eggman tricked me way back? Just drop it already!”
(Vs. Tails) "Never did get how all those gizmos of yours work. I don't think things through, I just get things done."
(Vs. Amy) “Can’t you go one minute without thinking of Sonic? Get yourself some hobbies. Say maybe, get down in the dirt with some treasure hunting now and then.”
(Vs. Shadow) “You know, I always did want a shot at you. You’re not the only one who knows the true power of the Chaos Emeralds.”
(Vs. Silver) “Okay, slow down. Want to run that by me again? Keeping up with all this time travel nonsense is making my head hurt.”
(Vs. Blaze) "Got of on the wrong foot the first time around, but I can see we've got a similar responsibility when it comes to emeralds."
(Vs. Eggman) “You’re not going to pull a fast one on me this time. You’ve had this a long time coming, Eggman!”
(Vs. Wolf) “Heh, not bad. You’re a tough guy that likes to get back to nature now and then. Why can’t more fellas be like you?”
(Vs. Vanessa) "Pretty aggressive lady, but don't take me lightly just cause I'm not to your eye level."
(Vs. Vyse) “So anyway, I live on this floating island and…hold up, you could at least act surprised. I mean you don’t see a floating island every day.”
(Vs. Axel) “Still want some more? That dragon will be looking sore if you smash fists with me any further.”
(Vs. Ethan) “In some ways I’m a bit of a “guardian” myself, but I don’t got time to be traveling round the universe.”
(Vs. Selveria) "If those tanks in your army are called "echidnas" then I'd consider changing their name. Their not nearly as tough as me!"
(Vs. Toma) “For a kid you’re pretty tough. You probably have to be in order to swing around a sword that well.”
(Vs. Larcen) "Were you honestly trying to take me on with spiked knuckles of your own? Its just like they say. Accept no replacements for the originals."
(Vs. Alex Kidd) “You must have some pretty strong fists if you can break down walls, but you’re nowhere in my league.”
(Vs. Ken) “So it’s called a Shoryuken? Think I pulled off something like that before, but I’ll keep that move in mind either way.”
(Vs. Zangief) "Must be pretty humbling knowing a little guy like me can pick up a big guy like you, huh?"
(Vs. Zero) “I just know that someone like Eggman created this ponytailed robot. I just got this gut feeling.”
(Vs. Geo) “That wolf thing in your hand has time bite to it. I just wish the guy holding him had the moxy to match.”
(Vs. Morrigan) “Why do I always end up against batty women like this?”
(Vs. Frank West) “Hey! No pictures! Cut that out or you’ll be needing more than a new camera!”
(Vs. Falcon) “Power Stone? Quit trying to confuse me! I know a Chaos Emerald when I see it!”
(Vs. Wesker) "You scumbag! You may be as fast as Sonic, but you'll never get the Master Emerald on my watch!"
(Vs. Date Masamune) “Cocky and wearing a shade of blue. Yeah. You and Sonic are definitely cut from the same cloth.”
(Vs. Phoenix Wright) “So do those voice lesson tapes really work? Lemme try. OBJECTION! Huh, not bad…hey, I didn’t blow your eardrums just now, did I?”
(Vs. Asura) “It took a while, but I was finally able to put a dent in those fists. Just what is this guy? Think I need a break for once.”
(Vs. Ralph) “How do you like me now? These fists have been wrecking things before you were ever digitized!”
(Vs. Kasumi) "Last I checked, ninjas try to be a bit less...revealing."
(Vs. Jin Kazama) "Trying to control your own chaos within, huh? From what I know about chaos, its never easy."
(Vs. Heavy) "Your a heavy set guy alright. Maybe I should try bulking up to a build like yours. Then again...nah."

Results Quotes:

S- “Yeah! This is perfect!”
A- “Stone fists!”
B- “So how’s that?”
C- “Just enough to pass.”
D- “Are you kidding me?!”

Character Name: Amy Rose

Voice Actor: Lisa Ortiz/Taeko Kawata

Theme: My Sweet Passion (Sonic Adventure)

Alternate Costume: Her classic version from Sonic CD

“Have no fear! Amy Rose is here!”
“It’s my turn now!”

Intro Pose: Amy adjusts her boots and then pumps her arms as if trying to psyche herself up.

Vs Character Intros:

(Vs. Sonic) “I’ve finally found you, my darling Sonic!”
(Vs. Tails/Knuckles/Shadow/Silver) “Oh, hey! Can you tell me where Sonic is right now?”
(Vs. Blaze) "You're trying to steal away Sonic again aren't you?!"
(Vs. Eggman) “What are you up to this time?!”
(Vs. Ichiro/Sakura) “Here comes Amy Rose, waving a banner of love!”
(Vs. Morrigan/Felicia/Poison/Kasumi) “Just what are you wearing?”
(Vs. Jinx) "Someone needs to knock some sense back into you!"

Taunt: Amy leans over and waves to her opponent as if trying to get their attention

“Hey. You alright over there?”
“Not half bad, huh?”


“See? I can do this!”
“Tee-hee.~ I’ve gotten good at this!”

Win Pose: Jumps for joy, spinning around in a circle, before facing the camera as she blows a kiss.

Vs Character Win:

(Vs. Sonic) “So, how about it? Think that was just perfect for you?”
(Vs. Tails/Knuckles/Shadow/Silver) “”If you’re here, then he’s not far behind!”
(Vs. Blaze) "Don't think I'm not on to you."
(Vs. Eggman) “I can even beat Eggman now! Pretty cool, huh?”
(Vs. Ichiro/Sakura) “Cherry blossoms and roses sure make a good combo.”
(Vs. Morrigan/Felicia/Poison/Kasumi) “Don’t you have any shame flaunting like that?”
(Vs. Travis) “So what does “moe” mean anyway?”
(Vs. Jinx) "This hammer's all I need! Hope you learned your lesson."

Victory Quotes:

“Ah! I just lost sight of Sonic! I had better get moving if I’m going to catch up to him!”
“Everyone keeps having adventures of their own. I need to find me some of my own one of these days.”
“If the Piko Hammer leaves too much of an ouch, then you can always just remember to wear a helmet.”

(Vs. Sonic) “Just so you know, that wasn’t considered our date for the evening. We’ve still got a full shopping spree ahead of us.”
(Vs. Tails) "So what adventure are you and Sonic off on this time? You're both always leaving me behind!"
(Vs. Shadow) “Oh, Shadow. Why do you always have to look so down? Maybe you need a good pep talk like last time.”
(Vs. Silver) “Sorry about that. It’s just that I had this brief memory of something with you and Sonic, so I just felt like thwacking you for some reason.”
(Vs. Blaze) "Erm...yeah. Sorry. Just that I don't see Sonic hang with much girls besides me."
(Vs. Nights) “I have this big secret dream that I want to be fulfilled, but I think most people know what it is by now. Here’s a hint. It involves Sonic. Can you guess?”
(Vs. Vyse) “Someday I just wish Sonic would take me off on a romantic boat cruise.”
(Vs. Sakura) “So give me all the juicy details of what’s going on between you and this boy. I’m really hoping to improve my relationship stats with Sonic soon.”
(Vs. Jeanne) “You and that other witch friend of yours should hang out for some girl time more. I particularly have lots of fun spending time with Cream and all her Chao.”
(Vs. Nei) “I know that girls named Amy are a dime a dozen, but I’m certainly one of a kind.”
(Vs. Zephyr) “Do you really have to be so moody? Somebody definitely needs a special someone to whip them into shape.”
(Vs. Zangief) "Eww...this is really why I'm not into the sweaty muscular type of guy."
(Vs. Demitri) “I strike this hammer down in the name of all women accosted by this vampire creeper!”
(Vs. Jon Talbain) "I remember when Sonic was like that once. Pretty hunky, but I prefer him as the usual build. Don't you think?"
(Vs. Tessa) “So do you do any fortune telling to go along with the look? I kinda dabble in it as a hobby now and then.”
(Vs. Tron Bonne) “Be sure to treat all your little robot kids a lot better. You gotta set a good example as a mother figure.”
(Vs. Geo) “Oh, I already know who I would want to make a Brotherband with. How about you? Got a special someone in your life?”
(Vs. Bass EXE) “So you’ve got no friends at all? The brooding loner types are just all over the place lately.”
(Vs. Lady) “So, do you go by anything besides just “Lady”? I would like to think that most girls would like to be addressed by their given name.”
(Vs. Leon) “I miss the good old days whenever Sonic was my knight in shining armor. Maybe I should try getting kidnapped more often like the old days.”
(Vs. Frank West) “Eek! You took some photos from “that angle” while I was doing the Hammer Jump didn’t you?! Delete those right now! It would be so embarrassing if those got out!”
(Vs. Nick Ramos) "As long as you're not like that mechanic that made fun of Tails, then you're alright with me."
(Vs. Phoenix Wright) “I hear you’re really good at reading people and seeing their inner feelings. Maybe I should try to get Sonic up on the stand one of these days.”
(Vs. Sly) “You’re pretty cool, charming, and an all-around swift guy, but you’re still no Sonic.”
(Vs. Miku) “So do you really have a friend who also likes the Piko Piko Hammer? Didn’t know these were catching on so fast.”
(Vs. Sol) “How rude! Do you talk to every new person like that?! That’s not how you make an introduction!”
(Vs. Mario) "It just sounds so romantic with you and Peach. Maybe I should let Sonic rescue me more like the old days, but only just a little."
(Vs. Kasumi) "Hey, I gotta question if you don't mind me asking. Aren't you worried about your skirt of whatever that is flapping up while you're in the air?"
(Vs. Jin Kazama) "Tell Xiao that Twinkle Park's the best place to go and remember...cute couples get in free! You are a couple, right?"

Results Quotes:

S- “Awesome! Sonic’s bound to notice!”
A- “Yay! We did it!”
B- “Guess that’s fine.”
C- “Know we can try harder.”
D- “That…that was just terrible.”

Character Name: Dr. Eggman

Voice Actor: Mike Pollock/Chikao Ohtsuka

Theme: E.G.G.M.A.N (Sonic Adventure 2)

Alternate Costume: His realistic version from the 2006 game


“Get ready to be schooled!”
“You must play this game by my rules now.”

Intro Pose: Eggman’s pod lowers down and Eggman himself steps out from it

Vs Character Intros:

(Vs. Sonic) “I know I always say this, but this time I will beat you, Sonic!”
(Vs. Tails/Knuckles/Amy/Shadow) “You’re always getting in my way!”
(Vs. Silver/Blaze) "Don't think I'm nearly as incompetent as Nega."
(Vs. Beat) “Gah! You Rudies surely live up to your name!”
(Vs. Vyse) “Soon your ship will be joining my new armada.”
(Vs. Bayonetta/Jeanne/Rodin) “Reports of my death were greatly exaggerated.”
(Vs. Bison/Wesker) “Sorry, but I’ve got plans of my own.”
(Vs. Mega Man Characters) “A pity that we must be enemies. Oh well. I could use some spare parts.”
(Vs. Phoenix Wright) “Oh come now. I haven’t broken any laws…yet.”
(Vs. Katt) "Just another dumb cat. Move aside!"
(Vs. Ralph) “Wreck-It-Ralph?! What are you doing here?!”
(Vs. Sly) “I have enough meddling forest creatures to deal with!”
(Vs. Team Fortess) "Pretty soon I'll have you mercenaries under a new employer!"

Taunt: Eggman leans on one knee and twirls his mustache

“Hope you’ve said your goodbyes.”


“Try again as many times as you like! You’ll never win!”
“Now begins the glorious era of the empire of Eggman!”

Win Pose: Eggman juggles a Chaos Emerald before grinning and holding it out in his hand

Vs Character Win:

(Vs. Sonic) “…What? Wait, yes! I’ve done it! I’ve finally defeated Sonic! Ohohoho!”
(Vs. Tails/Knuckles/Amy/Shadow) “Sonic’s little friends just can’t hack it anymore.”
(Vs. Silver/Blaze) "Neither you nor Sonic will be rushing into my plans this time."
(Vs. Beat) “I’ll be clearing the streets of all you delinquent trash.”
(Vs. Vyse) “I’ll be making great use of all those Moon Stones.”
(Vs. Bayonetta/Jeanne/Rodin) “So…what’s all this about me being dead anyway?”
(Vs. Bison/Wesker) “Only I am capable of dominating the world!”
(Vs. Mega Man Characters) “Now you see my skill in robotics is without rival!”
(Vs. Phoenix Wright) “You just don’t hold up to be in court, Wrighty-boy!”
(Vs. Katt) "I wonder if there's some way to rewire your brain and make your smarter."
(Vs. Ralph) “You really are going Turbo! This is no good at all!”
(Vs. Sly) “You have to be the second most annoying raccoon I’ve met so far!”
(Vs. Team Fortess) "That's it? You louts couldn't engineer your way out of a paper bag."

Victory Quotes:

“You can feel free to address me as Dr. Robotnik, but Eggman is just the kind of title that sticks with you.”
“Gah! I think I actually pulled a hamstring getting all athletic. I should have just gotten into a robot as per usual.”
“Now once I rule the world, I expect a giant gleaming statue to be made in my honor.”

(Vs. Sonic) “To be honest, I found this victory to be a bit too easy. Are we certain that this isn’t just a robot replica of Sonic turned against me?”
(Vs. Tails) "Did you really think yourself my intellectual equal?! You've always just been a puny little fox-boy."
(Vs. Knuckles) “You’re nothing but a jokes these days, Knucklehead. I could practically steal the Master Emerald in my sleep.”
(Vs. Amy) “Agh! That hurt! I honestly miss the days when Amy was helpless and wore a frilly dress!”
(Vs. Shadow) “My grandfather really broke the mold with you, but I still have a fair chance of topping his master work.”
(Vs. Nights) “Wait, hold on. I think I had a dream about this once. It has to do with those Precious Stones and a bunch of cards, yes?”
(Vs. Akira) “I would hate to break it to you, but the fact is you could never beat me in one hundred years.”
(Vs. Ulala) “I hope you’ve got my good side. I want the whole world watching when I announce my plans for universal conquest.”
(Vs. Vyse) “Just another insufferable hero much like Sonic. In fact, I think you even sound just like him!”
(Vs. Bahn) “I just don’t know my own strength sometimes. You punk kids from Armstone just don’t know how to throw a punch these days.”
(Vs. Bayonetta) “I mean seriously! I need to get a hold of whoever filed in my death certificate! Anyways, did I at least have a spectacular funeral service?”
(Vs. Ichiro) “I absolutely hate these heroic types that always go on about vanquishing evil. Also, my machines are far better than anything in the Imperial Army or whatever it is you call yourselves.”
(Vs. Death Adder) “Listen up, you barbarian. These days conquest isn’t done through brute force. It’s achieved through science!”
(Vs. Alex Kidd) “You’re soon going to wish you stood aside and left the hero business to Sonic.”
(Vs. Ryu) “The power to surpass the limitations of your body is great and all, but the true marvel comes through the power of robotics.”
(Vs. Zangief) "Is that all? Back when it was n the development stage my Big Arm machine could still life 1000 gigatons!"
(Vs. Bison) “Street fighting is so overrated. All that brawling you take so much interest won’t mean a thing when I’m ruling the world in your place.”
(Vs. Morrigan) “I always did believe I had some sort of appeal with the fairer sex. The mustache is a major part of my charm.”
(Vs. Demitri) “As long as you don’t intrude onto my territorial borders, you can keep the Makai. It’s a bit too dark and dreary for my tastes.”
(Vs. Mega Man) “I know a certain other doctor will be jealous once I’ve had the honor of defeating you.”
(Vs. Tron Bonne) “Did you really think it was possible for a child like you to surpass my genius? The very idea is absurd!”
(Vs. Tessa) “Socerology? Bah! Your pseudo-science doesn’t even compare to my technological skill!”
(Vs. Wesker) “Do you really want to know why I was able to beat you, Albert? It is simply because I am smarter than you.”
(Vs. Jin) “A pleasure doing business with you. I hope your VA and any others I find suit me more than it did you.”
(Vs. Nick Ramos) "Seeing you attempt to make such primitive weapons is an amusing distraction at best."
(Vs. Asura) “Even the greatest intellect can achieve phenomenal feats. Surpassing your strength is just one amongst those.”
(Vs. Ralph) “Looks like someone needs more group therapy. Now repeat after me. I am bad and that is good.”
(Vs. Mario) "I don't need Bowser to defeat you. Ever since the last games I can read your moves like an open book!"
(Vs. Jinx) "You've earned my wrath for decimating my robot forces alone! Even Omega's tantrums are more tolerable than your mischief!"
(Vs. Jin Kazama) "Once I have you working on my side, I'll be running Heihaichi's company in no time!"

Results Quotes:

S- “Now you know why I am the best!”
A- “Ohohohoho!”
B- “An obvious result.”
C- “Not worthy of my genius.”
D- “How can this be?!”

Character Name: Shadow the Hedgehog

Voice Actor: Kirk Thornton/Koji Yusa

Theme: I Am All of Me (Shadow the Hedgehog)

Alternate Costume: Wears a black gi similar to Akuma, only it has the emblem from the “Shadow the Hedgehog” logo on the back

“Anyone who gets in my way is an enemy.”
“Is this all? Not even worth my time.”

Intro Pose: Teleports in via Chaos Control. He lands crouched on one knee before getting up to his feet.

Vs Character Intros:

(Vs. Sonic) “Let’s settle this, blue hedgehog.”
(Vs. Tails/Knuckles/Amy/Silver) “I don’t have time for you. Get lost.”
(Vs. Eggman) “Once again you’re overestimating yourself, Doctor.”
(Vs. Vanessa/Cammy/Linn) "Military, huh? Don't waste my time."
(Vs. Selveria) “Just what is it that you fight for? Is it out of loyalty?”
(Vs. Zero/Bass EXE) “You look as if you were made to be a weapon.”
(Vs. Wesker) “Do you honestly think you’re above humans or even me?”
(Vs. Sol) “I can tell you’re stronger than you’re letting on.”

Taunt: Shadow spins around with his back to his opponent, thrusting his hand to the side.

“You’re boring me to death.”


“I don’t have time for these games.”
“Hmph. Too easy for me.”

Win Pose: Spins around on his rocket skates before posing while holding a Chaos Emerald in front of himself.

Vs Character Win:

(Vs. Sonic) “I’ll always be the Ultimate Life and that much better than you.”
(Vs. Tails/Knuckles/Amy/Silver) “Sonic’s friends are as much a nuisance as usual.”
(Vs. Eggman) “For your sake, hope that we never cross paths again.”
(Vs. Vanessa/Cammy/Linn) "Man or woman, human soldiers are always pathetic."
(Vs. Selveria) “I fight for myself and nothing else.”
(Vs. Zero/Bass EXE) “Destruction only suits you if you stay on that dark path.”
(Vs. Wesker) “You’re not a god. You’re nothing.”
(Vs. Sol) “Huh. Seems there’s more in common than I thought.”

Victory Quotes:

“My name is Shadow. I am the world’s Ultimate Lifeform and without rival. That is who I am!”
“This has been a waste of my time. It appears there is nothing left to be a challenge for me.”
“I should have just let Rouge and Omega handle this. As of now, things have been far too easy.”

(Vs. Sonic) “You never cease to surprise me. I was honestly expecting something better than the previous times we’ve fought.”
(Vs. Tails) "I have no further interest in working with you and that blue hedgehog."
(Vs. Knuckles) “Is this really what is expected from the guardian of the very Chaos Emeralds themselves? Your friends obviously think too much of you.”
(Vs. Amy) “I’m starting to see why you follow Sonic around so much. You can barely even fend for yourself.”
(Vs. Eggman) “Maria would have wanted me to show mercy and give you a chance, even if you’re not worth it.”
(Vs. Silver) “Are you even supposed to be here? I seem to vaguely remember that me and that blue hedgehog helped fix your problems, so quit pestering me.”
(Vs. Beat) “Yes the design of our skates seems similar, but don’t go thinking that gives me any reason to associate with you.”
(Vs. Zephyr) “The past seems to weigh heavily upon you. We seems to have much in common, although I personally prefer not to use weapons like that anymore.”
(Vs. Jeanne) “Not bad at all. Whoever produced those weapons obviously wanted to destroy the surroundings more so than the actual target.”
(Vs. Rodin) “You seem to be much stronger than you’re letting on. Just who are you really?”
(Vs. Kazuma) “Not all of us have something worth protecting anymore. Still, no matter what, I will fight as I always have.”
(Vs. Nei) “So, you have also given up on any hatred of humanity, but have you truly put the past behind yourself?”
(Vs. Zylo) "So you have a debt of your own to repay. I still have mine to live up to...for Maria and this very planet."
(Vs. Mega Man) “You’re just a naïve boy in the body of a machine. Don’t go thinking your enemies will be as kind to you.”
(Vs. Zero) “It’s obvious you were made for nothing but destruction, but it is our actions that truly define us.”
(Vs. Bass EXE) “So you’re the “ultimate program”? I can hardly see why.”
(Vs. Strider Hiryu) “So even a class A Strider isn’t enough to overwhelm me. It just goes to show how powerful I am.”
(Vs. Vergil) “You have so much confidence in your own strength that you never even realized there was someone better.”
(Vs. Viewtiful Joe) “I’ve had enough of this. I don’t have the time to entertain the whims of idiots who show off in ridiculous costumes.”
(Vs. Date Masamune) “You are really starting to annoy me. You’re like both the hedgehog and the echidna combined into one person.”
(Vs. Asura) “Despite all this, I was still able to defeat him. It just goes to show just how powerful I am.”
(Vs. Sol) “I had thought you to be nothing more than a common brawler, but you seem much smarter than you look.”
(Vs. Travis) “Do your thoughts ever linger to the many people you’ve killed in your pursuit? Give up on this while you still can.”
(Vs. Mario) "I'm getting fed up with constantly having to play your games, plumber. I need a real challenge."
(Vs. Jinx) "I don't use those kind of weapons anymore, but from what I can tell your aim is as loose as what little common sense you have."
(Vs. Jin Kazama) "You could say that my bloodline is also cursed due to its connection to the Black Arms, but I've long put that behind me."
(Vs. Spy) "So you're supposed to be some kind of spy? I've seen far better than the likes of you."

Results Quotes:

S- “Ultimate Victory.”
A- “Too easy for me.”
B- “Naturally.”
C- “Maybe I didn’t try hard enough.”
D- “Tch…it’s all just a game anyway.”

Character Name: Silver the Hedgehog

Voice Actor: Quinton Flynn/Daisuke Ono

Theme: Dreams of an Absolution (Sonic 2006)

Alternate Costume: His racing jumpsuit from Sonic Rivals 2


“Its time I put an end to this!”
“I can’t afford to lose!”

Intro Pose: Silver appears from a rift in time and hovers down to the ground with his arms spread

Vs Character Intros:

(Vs. Sonic) “I’ve finally found you!”
(Vs. Tails/Amy) “Out of my way! I’ve got a mission to fulfill!”
(Vs. Eggman/Wesker) “I can’t allow your plans to come to pass.”
(Vs. Shadow) “Better not turn your back to me, Shadow!”
(Vs. Blaze) "Wait....just who are you?"
(Vs. Bayonetta/Jeanne) “Wait. Are you…from the past?”
(Vs. Mega Man/Geo) “I don’t know what you are, but there’s no reason we should be fighting.”
(Vs. Frank West/Phoenix Wright) “Perhaps you can help me gather evidence.”
(Vs. Misc Villians) “I’m here to put a stop to you!”
(Vs. Travis) “Wait! Hold on! I’ve got no reason to fight you!”
(Vs. Jinx) "You're just going to make things easier for me."

Taunt: Silver hovers off the ground and glows with a blue aura

“It’s no use!”
“You can’t win!”


“I am not to be trifled with.”
“There’s no way that I could lose!”

Win Pose: Silver floats up with a smile, hanging back almost as if sitting on an invisible chair

Vs Character Win:

(Vs. Sonic) “And yeah, it was just a friendly match this time. Promise.”
(Vs. Tails/Amy) “Guess we’re both pretty stubborn.”
(Vs. Eggman/Wesker) “I’ll make sure you bring no further harm to the future.”
(Vs. Shadow) “Not so fun when you’re the one being kicked, huh?”
(Vs. Blaze) "Why do you...feel so familiar?"
(Vs. Bayonetta/Jeanne) “Must be rough waking up in a new time period.”
(Vs. Mega Man/Geo) “Maybe in the end we’re all working towards the same goal.”
(Vs. Frank West/Phoenix Wright) “Sorry, just that I have to get the word out on a few things.”
(Vs. Misc Villians) “Things should be safe in this timeline now.”
(Vs. Travis) “Guess it’s my job to tie up any loose ends.”
(Vs. Jinx) "Tried to warn you. I can send it all right back!"

Victory Quotes:

“I hope I don’t mess things up just by being here. I have to be more careful as of late.”
“How are so many people able to come together in one place? I have a feeling this is a time paradox even I’m not prepared for.”
“I may not be that fast, but my ESP can be devastating once I put everything into it.”

(Vs. Sonic) “You should really look at the time I come from someday. Things have improved quite a bit thanks to you.”
(Vs. Tails) "You've such a close bond with Sonic. Maybe I should really consider what I'm doing here in the past."
(Vs. Amy) “So I’ve got a question. How did you confuse me as Sonic before? Not like we have the same spines or even color.”
(Vs. Eggman) “Compared to Nega, you’re not much of a challenge. Doesn’t change the fact that your actions are threatening my future timeline.”
(Vs. Blaze) "I don't understand. Why do I feel so sad when I see you? Could it be...that we've met before?"
(Vs. Nights) “…I really wish that I could fly like that.”
(Vs. Beat) “So is the Beat from the future Tokyo-To the same as you or is that someone else?”
(Vs. Jack) “Hold on a minute! If there’s one thing that I really don’t need it’s a haircut!”
(Vs. Larcen) “Are you even in the right time frame? I think you’re more than a few decades off from where you came from.”
(Vs. Sketch) “I travel between different worlds all the time, but what you do is like nothing I’ve ever heard of.”
(Vs. Ken) “Well one thing’s for sure. You’re definitely in the wrong time zone compared to everyone else.)
(Vs. Zangief) "I don't even need to touch you to throw you. Have a nice flight!"
(Vs. Morrigan) “That came off a bit awkward. I need to work with interacting with women better.”
(Vs. Demitri) “Sorry, but you’re not going to be getting any closer. I like all my vital fluids where they are.”
(Vs. Zero) “X sounds like he wishes for a peaceful world such as I do, but you seem to e doing things a bit differently.”
(Vs. Tessa) “For someone who hasn’t even been to my time you sure know a lot. Can you really learn that much in such a short time?”
(Vs. Batsu) “We should probably conserve our energy instead of burning it out on useless fights. Isn’t your school supposed to encourage co-operation and stuff like that?”
(Vs. Captain Commando) “I can tell that the future of Metro City is pretty similar, but also a bit different.”
(Vs. Phoenix Wright) “I get this uneasy feeling when he pulls that green stone out. It’s almost as if I’m being put on the spot.”
(Vs. Hayato) “I can tell there’s a pretty awesome power within that sword, but it could become unstable if you abuse it.”
(Vs. Wesker) “The world you envision is one I don’t want anyone to live in! Your evil scheme comes to an end here and now!”
(Vs. Nick Ramos) "Maybe there's a way to prevent the disaster in that city. I can at least only hope so."
(Vs. Miku) “It seems the only goal you have is spreading happiness to the world. No complaints there. I just hope future generations will have a chance to hear your song.”
(Vs. Travis) “You say that I remind you of your brother? I don’t see how. That just sounds a bit awkward to me.”
(Vs. Jin Kazama) "So this is Jin Kazama. Should I really judge him for actions he's even yet to commit?"
(Vs. Heavy) "Fire as many shots as you want from that. It'll cost you once my ESP is in effect."

Results Quotes:

S- “Perfect timing!”
A- “Looks like I’m on a roll!”
B- “Seems my luck’s looking up.”
C- “Gotta pull it together.”
D- “Guess it really is no use…”

Credit for Concept of Sega vs Capcom project goes to Y0ungc4p
Took a little while, but I got around to getting these done one after another in good time. No new Sonic characters in the project this time around, but we made sure to include some old favorites. BTW, as you probably noticed Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes has now been included in the roster as a Wii exclusive guest character. I've got no problems with that since that's one of my favorites series on that system.

Also, just for fun I'm going to include put down some results quotes of two Sega characters that didn't get to make it back into the roster. I might include more like this along with more quotes of the official roster in the near future.

Billy Hatcher:

S- "Good Morning!"
A- "Yeah!"
B- "Ok!"
C- "Let's go!
D- "Ahhhh!"

As for next time, I'll next be handling characters from the many incarnations on the Mega Man series.

Small Edit: Along with the occasional new quote I've changed Knuckles back to his current VA within the actual Sega games. Also added quotes against the characters that others are handling currently.
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Jet the Hawk: (Wally Wingert/Daisuke Kishio)

There's no way I'm going to lose to you guys! I'm the best there is and the fastest thing alive! Nothing stands up to the Legendary Wind Rider!

Heh, guess you're not so slow after all. Fine then, I guess I can let *partner name* hang around just as long as they don't fall behind.

Even if someone's faster on the ground, they can't come close when I'm in the air! Even the likes of Sonic are a joke compared to me!

(vs Sonic) Hah! Guess I finally got to settle things with you here! Now the world will see who's truly the fastest!

(vs Knuckles) Heh, I guess I can see why Storm had so much trouble against you, but you're still a slowpoke compared to me!

(vs Amy) This girl can't even keep up at all! I'm better off leaving Wave and Storm to handle one of that hedgehog's hanger-ons.

(vs Akira) Who the heck cares about strength?! In my world, all that truly matters is speed!

(vs Sarah) You're even slower than the other Bryant! I can't believe I expected something better from this one!

(vs Jacky) Faster than lightning? What a joke! You wouldn't last a second against me here or on the track!

(vs Nights) You really think you can fly with the best of us? I've seen how you handle on board and you can't keep up with or without it!

(vs Reala) Why did you have to go and wake me up? I was having the most awesome dream of me defeating you!

(vs Beat) You GGs are still falling behind! You should just trade in those lame skates for something faster!

(vs Amigo) Hadn't I seen you somewhere before? Must have been someone who fell dead last in the second competition.

(vs Ulala) You seriously think you can keep up just because you can ride a board?! All that dancing will just slow you down when using Extreme Gear!

(vs Ryo) Don't bring a forklift to a high speed race! Are you trying to be left behind on purpose?!

(vs Billy Hatcher) You were better off sticking to riding Extreme Gear. You won't get anywhere dragging that thing around.

(vs Vyse) You call yourself a sky pirate?! No Blue Rogue can even hold a candle to the Babylon Rogues!

(vs Hotsuma) I've got you figured out. You can only go in short bursts, which is why you couldn't come close to a speed that's constant!

(vs Jack Cayman) Don't try pulling that stuff in a race against me! I'll send you flying before you can even get a hold on me!

(vs Bayonetta) You call that "light speed"!? You can barely even come close once I've shifted my Gear!

(vs Shadow) Guess you were just another fake after all. The real deal can put up more of a challenge than that!

(vs Rouge) I don't see why Wave takes someone like you seriously. You're just as crummy in fighting as you are with a board!

(vs El Blaze) That kind of speed only works when you're confined to the ring! Out here you're just another loser falling behind!

(vs Bahn) Tch, this isn't even the Viper I was looking for! I heard that there was a few that could give me some competition in the Extreme Gear circuit.

(vs Kazuma) I have you a minute to catch me and you didn't even come close! I can easily dodge that slow fighting style of yours!

(vs Axel) Don't compare me to some half-pint wearing those outdated skates! Extreme Gear is where all the action is!

(vs Gillius) All these mounts and not a single one is fast enough! Your speed's no different from when you're walking on foot!

(vs Self) Is someone trying to cash in on my glory now?! There's no way you're a Babylonian! You must be one of those annoying Battlebirds I've heard about!

(vs Ryu) The hedgehog is getting all these new rivals, but he's forgetting that its me he should be really worrying about!

(vs Chun-Li) Don't go thinking of us as common thieves! The Babylon Rogues are legendary air pirates that surpass all others!

(vs Ken) Stick to fighting that Ryu guy! That way I'll be the one who ends up against Sonic in the end!

(vs Megaman) Your skills on a board are just flat out bad! Heck, you're better off riding that dog!

(vs Roll) Why do little girls always end up filling in the last few slots for the competition? Do they think they have a chance of getting the grand prize with me around?

(vs Zero) You're not as fast as you think, blondie! At this rate, even an Egg Pawn stands a better chance at catching me!

(vs Morrigan) Hey, what the heck are you doing? You've got some nerve making moves on someone outside your species, but I wouldn't put it past that hedgehog.

(vs Felicia) Gah, another copycat! I'm sick and tired of that hedgehog getting all the attention!

(vs Captain Commando) You're not the only one who had some backup! You shouldn't go showing your ace too early!

(vs Strider Hiryu) You ninjas think you're so fast! I bet none of them can even ride a board! Well, I heard there was that Musashi guy, but that's not the point!

(vs Tessa) Forget doing the research! Its blatantly obvious who the fastest around here is and that's me!

(vs Frank West) Hang on to that photo! It will remind you of the honor you had to be beaten by me!

(vs Batsu) I'll admit that this battle got me fired up, but you're still too slow to stand up to me and the Rogues once we team up!

(vs Viewtiful Joe) Mach speed? As if! You can't even come close to breaking the sound barrier with that!

(vs Falcon) The antiquated power makes you no faster than that piece of junk you fly around in!

(vs Ruby Heart) I guess you see who the superior air pirate is now. You're a thousand years too early before your name is ever legendary!

(vs Dante) Not so cocky now, huh!? From one legend to another, I would recommend you back down before I leave you even more embarrassed!

(vs Akuma) You think I'm going to back down from a challenge?! I don't care who you are!

(vs Alex) Haha, that's hilarious! I can't believe this guy thought he could actually grab on to me! You should know that you can't catch the wind!

(vs Sakura) So even that Ryu guy has some fans. How about you start modeling yourself after a real legend instead?

(vs Protoman) You robots just can't hack it! I don't know why they keep ending up in the competitions.

(vs Cody) Think I'm boring now?! Maybe next time you'll think twice before dissing a legend!

(vs Gene) The power of a god? Yeah, right! If I can beat you this easy, then I might as well be a god as well!

(vs Spencer) Even if you got some better legs to go with that arm, it still wouldn't be enough to match my speed!

(Sonic) Okay, how many rematches is that now? You just can't seem to accept that I'm the fastest.

(Knuckles) You tell that big bird that I'll take him on anytime! He hasn't even seen just what these fists can do!

(Amy) Can't you guys ever stop racing for a minute? People say I have a one track mind, but you're worse off in comparison.

(Akira) You cannot find true strength without humility! Train your mind as well as your body!

(Sarah) Not even Jacky goes about bragging this much. In fact, I'm starting to prefer that over you.

(Jacky) Oh, what's that? I thought you said that you were the fastest around. Guess I just proved you wrong.

(Nights) You've got wings don't you? Do you really need something like that to go flying? I guess birds like you are different.

(Reala) You presume too much if you thought that you stood a chance against me. Such loathsome toys gave you little advantage.

(Beat) That's what you get for talking smack about the GGs. Next time, I'll be sure to paint that board of yours in pink.

(Amigo) I been wanting to get into one of those Extreme Gear competitions again, but my recent tour has be so busy.

(Ulala) Its fun to be in the race sometimes, but I also gotta give coverage of it to make sure our ratings don't drop.

(Ryo) There seem to be more characters in the franchise than I remember. How many rivals does Sonic have now?

(Billy Hatcher) Hey, I could keep up with you if I wanted! Its just that I left my board back in Morning Land.

(Vyse) When you said "legendary air pirate", the one you were really referring to was me, right?

(Hotsuma) Such pride will be your downfall. Be aware of your surroundings before running straight into disaster.

(Jack Cayman) I really hate the ones who go mouthing off a lot. Maybe I should just chunk you and that big beak of yours into a dartboard.

(Bayonetta) See that? That "light speed" is a specialty that can out do the Lumen Sages and its enough to give you a serving of humble pie.

(Shadow) You're simply nothing but a nuisance to Sonic, just as you are to me as well.

(Rouge) Still conscious? If so, then feel free to relay Wave a message that I've still got you guys beat as a treasure hunter.

(El Blaze) Now you see who the crowd really favors! You've got the wind and gravity on your side, but you've got no ambition!

(Bahn) This seems a bit different from what Picky has. Just what kind of weird board is this, anyway?

(Kazuma) You can always just apologize and I might consider letting you off easy. Just be careful who you mouth off to next time.

(Axel) These flying one always seem to be a pain and the fact that this one won't stop talking doesn't help things.

(Gillius) You have confidence in those abilities, but you have no idea how to use them. Your ability is on par with a Chickenleg at this point.

(Ryu) This one as an ego on par with Adon. You take pride in your abilities, but never once do you try to improve on them.

(Chun-Li) I'm interested in seeing the Gigan Rocks near Chun-Nan. I don't even think architecture like that exists back home.

(Ken) Really shouldn't go fighting with some fancy board like that. Someone might just go and break it.

(Megaman) Why is it that we must compete for such trivial reasons? It is not like we are enemies.

(Roll) I'm happy enough riding on Rush or this broom Dr Light made for me. I don't think I want to go any faster.

(Zero) You lack direction with something like that. The slightest hesitation will leave you crashing into a wall.

(Morrigan) It's always about boys and their toys. Not like that board will get you a woman anytime soon.

(Felicia) That Sonic sure is popular. You must be his biggest fan since you're always talking about him.

(Captain Commando) You Rogues use those abilities for selfish intentions. At least Sonic goes out of his way to help others.

(Strider) Any sport with you serves no purpose. Leave now if you have no further business with me.

(Tessa) I'm interested in the machinery behind this device. Just how does it fly? I'm starting to doubt you even know.

(Frank West) Shoot, I can never get a good photo with these races. Even with freeze frame, I get nothing but blurs.

(Batsu) It doesn't matter how fast I am! The power behind me and my team beats yours any day!

(Viewtiful Joe) Aw man, I think the power on my V-Watch has gone and run out. This guy is fast all right.

(Falcon) If you don't want the Power Stone that's fine with me. I just didn't expect treasure hunters to be so picky.

(Ruby Heart) These boards are unfit for an air pirate. It seems you Rogues have lost your way from old traditions.

(Dante) Not so cocky now, speedy. Some birds just need to know when to keep their beak shut.

(Akuma) Speed means nothing if you have no power behind it! Your death shall come even quicker!

(Alex) I wasn't interested in facing you. I want an even match with that one albatross that's on your team.

(Sakura) Ugh, will you give it a rest! I know Dan is far worse in how he rambles, but I'm tired of listening to your ego either way.

(Protoman) You want to know the reason why you can't beat Sonic and the others? Its because you have nothing to fight for.

(Cody) You're just a one trick pony, huh? You can try to disguise it with some new tricks, but it's still all the same.

(Gene) Look, I don't really care how fast I am, because I can kick your ass either way regardless of that.

(Spencer) This tech really isn't up to date. Are you sure your mechanic is all she's cracked up to be?

Credit for game concept goes to DjKyuubiRyu
From the Sonic side, we now have Jet from the riders series. Wanted to keep his cocky personality intact, although I admit I may have exaggerated it a bit. ^^; Next up we'll have Ibuki who first premiered in Street Fighter III.
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Playable Characters

Mario — the "all-around" Super Mario series base
Shadow — the "all-around" Sonic the Hedgehog series base
Luigi — floatier, higher jumping, and slipperier than Mario
Tails — floatier, higher jumping, and slipperier than Shadow
Blue Toad — faster but slipperier than Mario
Sonic — faster and slipperier than Shadow
Wario — stronger, lower jumping, and less slippery than Mario
Knuckles — stronger, lower jumping, and less slippery than Shadow
Waluigi (unlockable) — floatier and slipperier than Luigi, same jump height as Mario, has ability to throw Mini Bomb-Ombs when not wearing a powerup
Amy Rose (unlockable) — has use of her hammer when not wearing a powerup


Fire Flower
Flame Shield
Ice Flower
Water Shield
Super Leaf
Hover Wisp
Bee Mushroom (causes Sonic characters to turn into wasps, but it's merely a cosmetic difference)
Eagle Wisp
Cat Bell
Spike Wisp
Blue Shell
Laser Wisp
Mini Mushroom
Drill Wisp
Mega Mushroom
Void Wisp
Yellow Starman
Regular Shield

Antagonists Bowser
Bowser Jr.
Metal Sonic
Fang the Sniper

Each level has three Star Medals and three Red Rings.  Each type of Übercollectable is used in different ways on the World Map.

Gold Coins can be collected by anyone, and behave as would be expected: collecting one hundred gives each character an extra life.

Gold Rings can be collected by anyone, and behave as would be expected: the more the characters have, the more hits they can take before losing a life.

Minibosses are either Tatanga or Fang, except in World 7, where it's both.

World Bosses are Mario-ized Sonic bosses (example: "Cosmic Chaos"), or are Sonic-ized Mario bosses (example: "Badnik Pirahna").  The exception is the last World.

The final miniboss is Metal Sonic and Shadow Mario (i.e.: Bowser Jr.).  The final boss is Bowser and Eggman.

Each level has at least one hidden Toad and at least one hidden Flicky.  Taking these characters to the end of the level results in extra bonus items.

Multiplayer works like in Super Mario 3D World, but with New Super Mario Bros. Wii's unique lives thing.  Characters do, however, share Rings.

Cube Wisps are altered to behave a bit more like P-Switches: they turn Gold Rings into platforms and vice versa, as well as create additional Silver Rings that act identically to Gold Rings but only exist during the time limit.  There is no turning into a cube.  Because of this, they are renamed "P-Wisps" just for this game.
On the GameFAQs Super Smash Bros. for Wii U boards, I posed the question "Would you like to see a platforming Mario/Sonic crossover?" The reaction was not only overwhelmingly positive (out of a sample size of 144, 90% said "yes" and 6% said "don't care but I can see others liking it"), but a select few - including me - began fleshing out the concept. This is what we came up with so far.
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When Samus Aran enters a dark nebula, more than just any derelict ship broadcasting a distress signal await. Shades of her past threaten to deny her a future!

Happy Halloween 2011, everybody!

Made for the Halloween contest at Metroid-Club. :iconmetroid-club:

Which doesn't mean just anybody can't enjoy it! Please give my hard work a chance! :D

-EDIT November 2011-

I won! I won! First place in the contest which included not just other literature works but fullfledged digital art. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who voted for my work; the competition was stiff and my victory close but it was you that made it happen. Thank you.

Here's the proof:
Contest 9 - Halloween:trophy:

And the winners are...


:iconnofairatu: with Metroid - Shades of Yesterday
Ghosts of Samus' past return to her when she answers a distress call and boards a destroyed ship. An excellent bit of fiction that reminds us of how badass Samus is, and how spooky her games can be!~ Chosen by :devzimeta08:


:iconzoesaday: with The Evil of the Thriller
I don't know - it just made me laugh! An Halloween is all about fun, right? Haha. Enjoy Dark Samu dancing to MJ's thriller. We love that you added in the background zombie dancers. Lovely work!~ Chosen by :devmistytang:



And I got an awesome pic from Dan Rootay as my prize as seen here:
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Protoman: (Jonathan Love/Koji Tobe)

Do you hear that whistle? Be sure to always associate it with the one who just beat you.

I'm living as I wish now. Not all robots are obligated to follow orders. That makes me less of a machine and more an individual.

I'll only take this alliance all the way to the end *partner name*. Once this job's done, I'll need to part ways with you.

(vs Sonic) You're not very smart ramming yourself into my shield like that. You should find yourself a better method of attack.

(vs Knuckles) I'll admit that you've got something to fight for, but you're sacrificing your freedom to look over that emerald.

(vs Amy) Maybe you need to give Sonic some time alone. He seems like someone who cherishes his time alone.

(vs Akira) Just what do you plan to do once you have true power? It won't do you much good if you have nothing to fight for.

(vs Sarah) There's no longer any need for you to hesitate. You're not anyone's slave any more.

(vs Jacky) I hadn't driven anything in a while. Unless you count Rush, us robots have stashed away the vehicles we used to battle and chase with.

(vs Nights) You made the right choice in breaking away from Wiseman, but it seems you won't have much peace with him chasing you.

(vs Reala) You still don't get it. As long as you're someone else's tool you don't have the willpower to defeat me.

(vs Beat) Okay, I have to say it. Those goggles look lame on you and those skates didn't help a bit against me.

(vs Amigo) That kind of music never really appealed to me. The blues will always have a personal spot with me.

(vs Ulala) This is why I try to avoid the public eye. I don't want to be embarrassed on public broadcast like this.

(vs Ryo) Hey, I know that I always have some helpful advice on hand, but I'm not someone who would know about this Lan-Di.

(vs Billy Hatcher) Maybe you need something a bit less fragile as your shield, then again something like mine could be too heavy for you.

(vs Vyse) Being a pirate seems to be about seeking true freedom. You almost make me envy you guys.

(vs Hotsuma) Maybe you should shorten that scarf a bit. Mine's just long enough to not get in the way.

(vs Jack Cayman) I've always wondered what it means to have been created with a weapon on my hand. Seems that you never put much thought into yours.

(vs Bayonetta) Is this what entertains humans? I don't see why you need to shed your covering so much. The position of your guns also isn't practical.

(vs Shadow) You're still wondering why you were created? If you're brooding so much on the past then you don't truly have your own freedom yet.

(vs Rouge) Spring Man's weapon did the job against Shade Man. I wonder if it would work another bat.

(vs El Blaze) You're putting more effort into showing off. Next time put your strength into the fight against me.

(vs Bahn) You think that you've got a good mix of offense and defense, but you're lacking compared to me.

(vs Ryu) You can fight up close and from a distance. Seems that I won't be able to get any room against you.

(vs Chun-Li) That report on Dr Light turning evil was wrong. You were fed false information. Wait, you're not a reporter at all?

(vs Ken) Seeing you and your friend reminds me of myself and Rock. Maybe I should challenge him again sometime.

(vs Megaman) I'm living as I wish now, Rock. I'll cherish my free will on my own terms. Good to see you again, but I prefer to do things my way.

(vs Roll) You should really leave this stuff to me and Rock. Glad to see that you can at least hold your own just the same.

(vs Zero) If you're one of Wily's I can't afford to go easy on you, but it seems that you have the will to sever your ties from him.

(vs Morrigan) Giving in to you would mean sacrificing everything I got. Don't expect me to drop my guard for you.

(vs Felicia) Sometimes machines also get a bad rep as well. Hope you're able to find acceptance somewhere.

(vs Captain Commando) You got a nice look, but it could use some improvement. Particularly like the shades though.

(vs Strider Hiryu) Seems the two of us have similar ideals. Better to be a wanderer than someone else's weapon.

(vs Tessa) Why do you want to know so much about me? If you want information so bad, then go ask Dr. Light.

(vs Frank West) Just where did you get that Mega Buster? I really hope Light's not selling them to the public now.

(vs Batsu) Its amazing how tenacious humans can be, but you're not going to get anywhere rushing in like that.

(vs Viewtiful Joe) I thought that Rock would be the one to have copycats. Am I really that popular?

(vs Falcon) You can hold on to that's tone of yours. I'm happy with the abilities I already have.

(vs Ruby Heart) I let Rock hold on to Beat for that one time, but he works a lot better with me.

(vs Dante) Seems that you don't let your past get to you too much. Its good to focus more on the here and now.

(vs Akuma) Good thing that I had my guard up. One wrong move against this one and that would have been it.

(vs Alex) Fighting to be the best isn't all there is to it. Sometimes you have to look forward to the future.

(vs Sakura) You still have some room for improvement. Come back when you perfect what abilities you have.

(vs Self) Is this another impersonator like Dark Man? It seems Wily still has a grudge against me.

(Sonic) Maybe you could move quicker if you ditched the shield, then again I would still be too fast for you.

(Knuckles) You've just got to be one of Eggman's! You're carrying around a shield just like those Pawns!

(Amy) Do you have a lot of fans? Lots of girls go for the cool and calm guys always on the move. I should know.

(Akira) Without that shield you can barely stand up to my blows. All that power is nothing once your defense has been broken!

(Sarah) Thanks, I needed that insight. Now I'm starting to understand what it means to live life on my own terms.

(Jacky) Hey, you too cool to lose the shades? Maybe you would see my fist in your face a lot better without them.

(Nights) I try to keep my freedom from Wiseman as best I can, but for some reason I keep ending up in those cages.

(Reala) Shut your mouth! I don't care what you say to me! My loyalty to Wiseman comes before anything else!

(Beat) Once I tag those sunglasses you won't be able to see me coming! Heck, we might even have to force you into showing us your eyes then!

(Amigo) I can imagine slower and more moody music going along with you. I never work with that genre much.

(Ulala) Come one, don't be shy! Show your face to the camera and let everyone at home see who our special guest is!

(Ryo) Are you part of a biker gang? That helmet and scarf match up with someone who rides a motorcycle. Tell me what you know.

(Billy Hatcher) You seem like someone who appreciates the sunset more than the sunrise. Isn't that a bit too melancholy?

(Vyse) If you didn't have that lone wanderer thing going then you would make a good Rogue. Most solo pirates don't last long unless they're built tough.

(Hotsuma) I don't think much of my accessory. The fact that I can fight without distractions from it shows my discipline.

(Jack Cayman) The ones with a strong guard are always annoying. Good thing I can use the environment to my advantage.

(Bayonetta) You're still just a prototype? Maybe if I had some spare halos I could have Rodin do some upgrades for you.

(Shadow) Get out, you pathetic prototype. You don't stand a chance against one who was made without flaws.

(Rouge) So you're only just a prototype, just as your name says. You're at least easier on the eyes than the last one I met.

(El Blaze) What you got to hide behind that helmet?! Since you lost you have no choice but to show your shamed face to the crowd!

(Bahn) You call that shield a good defense? Get yourself some better armor so you don't have to drag that crap around.

(Ryu) I don't have any brothers of my own, but I do have a friend who I respect just as much as one.

(Chun-Li) This case of Roboenza looks like serious business. Let's just hope that Shadoloo or anyone else hasn't gotten their hands on this virus.

(Ken) The hero's rival has to be the ice cold one most of the time, but you'll find I'm just the opposite!

(Megaman) I still don't get why you have to act on your own, but I understand if you have to go. I'll look forward to fighting alongside you again.

(Roll) Come on, why don't you come home with us, big brother? I was thinking of giving you and Rock some dance lessons.

(Zero) Dr Light had another before the original model? Maybe I had better do some research. I feel I'm getting closer to the truth.

(Morrigan) I always do have more fun with the more reserved types. I like a challenge in getting them to open up.

(Felicia) Hey, I thought that you robots used to have a cat with you. I understand if you like dogs better, but we need some affection too!

(Captain Commando) Whether alone or with a team, we appreciate your contributions to the fight against evil.

(Strider Hiryu) I see that we are kindred spirits. I would have never thought I would share so much in common with a machine.

(Tessa) I should really make a personal log book for Dr Light's creations. There just so many to keep track of.

(Frank West) Don't they have a movie about you coming out in Fortune City? Let's just hope that they got a good actor for you.

(Batsu) Quit hiding behind that shield! If you're a real man then you'll put your guts into fighting me up close and personal!

(Viewtiful Joe) Hey, don't be knocking my look for being unoriginal. Can't you see that this cool V-sign? It gives me a persona that's all my own!  

(Falcon) That scarf would look a whole not better if you had a plane to go with it. In fact, maybe I should get myself one.

(Ruby Heart) Your siblings are pretty strong from what I have seen. I can always expect good things from Dr Light.

(Dante) You talk the talk, but you don't walk the walk. Ducking behind that thing goes to show just how much of a wuss you are.

(Akuma) No defense can protect you from the Raging Demon! Once I have you the end is in sight!

(Alex) You're defense is more lousy than you make it out to be. It ain't squat against close range attacks.

(Sakura) I'll admit that cannon has some punch to it, but when you lose the shield you take a beating way too easy.

Credit for game concept goes to DjKyuubiRyu
Next up is Protoman from the classic version of the Megaman series. Next I'll have Kazuma Kiryu from Sega's Yakuza series.
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