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This is a commission for :iconkukapetal: whom wanted Flesh Stick (terrible name :lol:) and Tiny Tina who seemed to be more or less lost in the desert. This is how she described on how the scene was meant to be shown (hopefully she do not mind that I have shown what she wanted :blush: ).:

" But basically, they're on the run out in the desert, fleeing from a weapons testing facility (they were going to be the test subjects ), they've stopped for the night. He's sitting there, leaning against a rock, holding her in his arms while she sleeps, looking off into the distance and making a silent vow that he will get her home safely."


"As for the rest of the scene, I was thinking a side view, facing the left side of the page (so you'll see his left side, unlike in the pic of the two characters snuggling that I sent you last message). She's sleeping, and her expression should look neutral (she doesn't like him, so she shouldn't look content, but she doesn't really look unhappy either...just exhausted) and he's awake and looking off into the distance. It's a desert scene and the two of them are leaning against a rock. It's also nighttime, and a clear night, so there'll probably be some stars in the sky. This game takes place on another planet, so I don't know if there is a moon or any other type of celestial body in the sky. I'll have to find out.

Not sure what medium would work best with this, hand drawn, etc. I'll leave it up to you to decide what works best. Hopefully, something that captures the bright colors and slightly cartoony look of the characters. "

She let me make a choice on how I wanted to make this art, so I decided to work on Photoshop (Wow! Really, Ani? :O ) since I have been working on it over the last three weeks at school plus the chars was more or less cartoony in the game (Perfect!) and I do not mind doing such a work on digital medium ;)
I took about three weeks on this one, due to some other work that I needed to focus on (Ahem..School :P)

Borderlands franchise seems pretty interesting to me..perhaps I will try these games in the future :XD:

The Borderlands 2 characters belongs to @ Gearbox Software and 2K Games

The art is made by :iconzabani:
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This is my part of art trade for :iconolifaciy: :) EDITED version.

I asked her to do an art trade, since I saw some of her fan art of Engineer from Prometheus:) She gotta a very nice sense of style:)

In any case I named the Last Engineer Argonahn after I have heard from *LeetaCakes he was named Bob by some folk from either the crew of the movie or some fans (I do not know.), because Bob?? Really? :iconfacepalmplz:

I used a official pic of the actor in this suit as a ref. But I made a slight change on his position of his hands. Might be some flaw on this one, but what can I say? :P

Luckily my strange mind came up with a more exotic name for this poor guy:P

The Last Engineer, Prometheus is owned by @Ridley Scott and his crew.
Argonahn the name is @by me.
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I wanted to put down a kossith OC on the paper for 3 reasons.

First; I wanna say that this guy has been in my head since I played DA2.
Second; I am not a good writer, so there might be mostly just for show.
Third; I wanted to show a different face than what we are used to in the DA2 game. This is mainly for conceptual ideas. Faces and bodies so to speak.

Okey here is the bio:

:bulletred:Name: Tal:bulletred:
Race: Kossith
Age: 35
Origin: Sehèron
Hight: 2. 40 meter
Religion: He is in for the Tal' Vashoth.


He looks very intimidating in his face. Despite that he is only 35 years old, he looks at least ten years older. Has one broken horns on his left side of his head.
Otherwise the horns are middle sized, between Arishok's and the soldiers from the game kinda size. :)
Wears a shoulder pad on his right arm, the Kossith leather pants with addition of a custom made stomach protector.
Has his special boots which he made a small enhancement after finding some steel on few random Fex warriors, laying around. Dead.
Otherwise he have his glove and a leather arm wrist thingy.

Here is an very short story of his past, right before his convertion to the True Grey.

- As the dreadnought ship was about to drive it's bow towards the grim city called Kirkwall, a couple of kilometers away, the storm worsen much more than what the Qunari taam anticipated. 
The whole ship was about to be pushed towards a small, but yet very dangerous sharp formations of rocks on one small island by very huge waves. So badly that even the mighty kossith army could not take much control of the doomed ship. 

The Kithshok of Seheron himself was pushed over board towards the island's dangerous shore along with some of his brethren. As his head hit the oceans' cruel surface he knew that his life was on the line. As he swam towards it he could see a huge amount to blood covering the spot he struggled through. 
Then he as he finally pushed through the surface, the sharp and forboding rocks along the shore was right there in his sight, to his surprise closer than he thought.
The dark, wet and brooding sharp stones that pointed towards the sea, away from the vashedan city, as if it was suppose to be some sort of trap for anyone whom where unlucky for any travelers to enter the shore of the infamous Free Marches in the midst of a storm. What a strange formation. 
Despite these dangers in mind, he tried to swim toward a small spot that was not covered in these rocks. The waves thrashed him back and forth, back and forth as he tried to get there. 
Every time they pushed him back, he could see that the rocks where now coming closer and closer on one of his side of his mighty torso, the direction was apparently pointed out for him, thanks to these waves. 
And then as the trajectory was apparently starting to show towards his death, he then pushed even harder than ever to get to that little safe spot. 
His sharpened eye pointed towards one of the ship's many parts that somehow got to him in the midst of all the many thousands of waves, and used it as a lifeboat and a armor in order to have a chance to get there alive. He didn't see that the ship was already wrecked by the overly strong rocks underneath the waves before it even hit the island. 
The waves then thrashed him above some of the pointy rocks and threw him further past that spot. Much more so he ended up on a huge shrubbery that was behind the many and mighty rocks. His sight went dark...

As he woke up, he found himself in a unknown cave. It was cold and dark, but he did not panicked. Despite the fall he didn't lost his memory for who he was suppose to be, a Kithshok of Seheron, just waiting to invade Kirkwall. But the pain on his head was not to be mistaken. The fall was pretty rough. 
But where was he? 
Still lying on a cold rock, he turned his head. He saw some silhouettes by a opening to his "room". 

EDITED: Just a few adjustment on the contrast and color....

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Finally I have done it:)

Took awhile, but what can one autistic, cautiously, slow girl do? :lol:

Anyway this is a commission I have done for :iconkukapetal: over the last month.

First of all, she was very helpful with the refs and the explanations of these chars' world, and second the drawing of the chars itself wasn't that much of a big deal.

But what was the reason for the slowmo progress? It was of how to figure the poses out lol.
~Kukapetal had a fanfic written regarding these Half Life NPCs in which I have been asked to make a scene from. This case was kinda hard to go through, because of the fact that they don't have faces here, only faces behind gas masks lol.
So I have been taken pictures of myself pretending to get hurt (The Metrocop) and going through whatever I could find of poses that could work for the Combine Soldier. After awhile I had doing some careful reading of what she wanted so that I do not do any mistakes hehe:P
Also with the background. She wanted me to put these two chars in a small tunnel with nowhere to go. And I am not a expert when it comes to such, so I had to rely on whatever refs I have got. With a twist of course.

Half Life is owned by @Valve Corporation.
The scene here is written by :iconkukapetal:
The art is made by @Zabani.

Medium: Pencil, pen and color pencil + some editing with Photoshop CS3.

Time: Three weeks without the sketching and stuff.

Characters: Combine Soldier and Metrocop from Half Life2. I think :blush:

Hope you like it :)
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I took my time on making a design on the armour, though I took some of the idea from Dragon Age itself and other.

I'm a fan of sci fi so I took some of that touch on this piece aswell.

I don't expect that the anatomy is hundred prosent right but I enjoyed doing this pic XD. I allways liked to se him with beard hihi so I couldn't resist on putting that on: P

Hope for some feedback:)
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Saw Prometheus last night. Wow. It was visually stunning. I especially loved the Space Jockeys (a.k.a. Engineers) so I did a speed paint of one when I got home after the movie. Took me about an hour. I might do a better one later and take more time on it and render it more, but for right now this is all I got. Enjoy!
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I recently saw the movie Prometheus, and I thought: Damn that so called Engineer in the beginning looked ripped!:O

Before I went for the cinema, I thought this has no connection to the Alien universe whatsoever. But then as I watched the movie and saw the veeery similar looking ship from the first and second Alien franchise. I was all:*whispers out loud to my BF next to me* "OMG, that's...that's... the ship from....OMG Alien...*Nerdgasm*"
BF just goes: "..."
Well that's how it went throughout the whole movie for me.

After that I have been more and more fascinated by the Engineers in the movie, despite that I thought Space Jockey would have looked totally different and more alien than this.
Maybe even more terrifying than what the crew aboard could have handled, visual like.
But I wasn't disappointed at all, in fact I thought the species looked beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

But I have to admit though; that the Black Goo thingy, was kinda stupid on how it reacted differently on the crew in the ship. At first I thought, since in the beginning at the movie, where the Sacrificial Engineer just fell apart, that the substance would reacted the same way to all of the crew. Well, you have to see the movie yourself to understand what I am trying to point out here:P This is just one of the plot holes of the movie.

Anyway, given the fact that the main character wanted to believe that the Space Jockeys invited the humankind to visit them, I wanted to joke around the black goo thingy and the Engineers in this manner:P
Totally derpy, but it's me :w00t:

I was hoping this would only take two days, but my mind wanted to work properly on this hunk for some reason (even if it sucked, but I wanted to be finished.) in shadows and colors.

Medium: Photoshop CS3
Time: 72 hours. More or less.

Feel free to come up with a comment or two on this art or the movie in general.

Sacrificial Engineer @Ridley Scott and his crew.

Next time I do comic/cartoon style..less work on such.
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Just wanna show the reference compared with the fan art I made.

In any case I just saw that the head seemed a bit of, even with my best of fixing that problem earlier :XD: Doh >.<

Engineer@Ridley Scott.
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This is my latest fanart work that I had been finished about a week ago. Just didn't take my time on submitting this on dA until now.
Probably gonna focus much more on a fanfic from now on, regarding this character. 

Had some trouble with his head and eyes, but I try my best XD 

Medium: Pencil HB - 3B and some Photoshop CS3 editing 
Time: About two weeks. 
Format: About 22cm. in width and 15cm. in height. 

Here's a link to the WIP on my FB page:…


Prometheus @by Ridley Scott 
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This is a update of the good old fan art of Darth Maul from 2005:P :D I finally took some time on editing the pic to make it darker and better fit for the frame.

Sorry for the slow process >.< Mesa sooo slow:P

Darth Maul is owned by Lucas himself@
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