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Point raffle!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 11, 2012, 11:13 PM

Winner is Firekeeper47! Congratulations!

Keep an eye out, I'll be doing more giveaways like this in the future ;)

Second Edit:Just wanted to clarify, since it's annoyingly ambiguous, the entry deadline is tomorrow. You can still enter until 23:59 PST.
Also, since there's a crazy number of you people entering, I'll be raising the prize to 100 :points:. Woo-hoo!

Edit: I will no longer be replying to you guys to tell you your numbers, as it's too much commenting x-x, but worry not, you WILL have your name added to the list. Good luck!

I'm bored, tired, and have decided that I have too many points.

I'll be having a raffle for 100 :points:

To enter, all you have to do is comment & favorite this journal. I'll give you a number, and when the raffle ends, this Sunday, Jan. 15th, I will randomly select a winning number.

Do not spam this journal; only your first comment counts as an entry.

Please note: my watchers (old or new, if you're so inclined) get two slots instead of one, doubling their winning chances, because my watchers are amazing.

Good luck, guys!

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500 point giveaway!

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 25, 2012, 4:47 AM


Same as usual!

1. Press the I'd wear this button on either of these designs -

pompom monster by deanjen Made in Cute by deanjen

2. Favourite this journal

3. Comment!

Ends on the third of march! :)




Fairy - Poppy by ivonnuFairy - Daylily by ivonnuFairy - Gerber Daisy by ivonnuFairy - Sweet Alyssum by ivonnuFairy - ? by ivonnuFairy - ? by ivonnuFairy - ? by ivonnuFairy - Rose by ivonnuFairy - Thistle by ivonnuFairy - Pansy by ivonnu

Journal Skin Made By: miemie-chan3
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300 Points Giveaway [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 11, 2013, 3:30 AM

UPDATE: I will post a new journal later a bit with the winners on it. Just a moment people! I'm cooking right now. I just wanted to announce that the giveaway is closed now @ 121 FAVORITES!

UPDATE #2: WINNERS announced!


Hello people!
I have few extra points so I am hosting this giveaway.
And at the same time, advertise my Contest "Draw my Adopted Wolf OC":
'Draw my Adopted Wolf OC' Contest!+CLOSED+Happy New Year to all of you!
This contest is now closed! I have classes, so I shall judge the entries when I come home. I'll announce the winners after a day. Thank you everyone for your lovely entries!
[Update: 2014.Jan.03] Lol, many updates. XD
Added new prize to all top 3 placers.
[Update: 2014.Jan.01] 6 DAYS LEFT! If you know other friends who loves drawing wolves, maybe tell them about this contest? :D I'd really appreciate that! And thank you to those who made journals about this.
[Update: 2013.Dec.20] EXTENDED DEADLINE!
I'd be happy if there are more than 10 entries, and I think there are others who'd still like to join this contest but never got time to do their entry so I'm giving extension. :D
New Deadline: January 6, 2014
[Update: 2013.Nov.15] Added one new prize for the 1st place!
Oh yes, this is my first contest ever! :squee:
Though... well... it's just a small conte

For the wolf lovers/artists, please do check it out if you like. And maybe spread the word? :D

Anyway this is my first giveaway!
Please read further to see info.


1. Favorite this journal :iconfavouriteplz: (I need the numbers to determine winners)

2. Give me a llama! (It's totally free so this is all I'm asking) :D

AND that's it!

I wouldn't recommend you to watch me if it's only for a giveaway ^^;
But if you do like my art, please feel free to add me! (or just talk to me and we could be friends) either way is fine to me. I love talking to people. Especially when I got time to chat.


1 winner of 100 :points:
2 winners of 50 :points: 
5 winners of 20 :points:


December 3rd, 2013

NOTE: Like many others, I will use a random generator~ ;

Thank you for reading and I do hope at least some people also check out my contest :love:

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Hi guys! I just wanted to give you all a quick rundown as to what was coming up. Since my lego order isn't here yet, I'm going to be posting a lego model I've been meaning to post for quite a while now. I also have a few small mini figures to throw in as well. This should tide you all over until next weekend. I just hope that package gets here soon. I have a back log of tons of new minifigure designs but I can't show them yet until this basted order gets here. I wonder how long it would take to get here if they strapped my order to a rocket?

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Hello my dear watchers/visitors,

I decided to make another kiriban, just because you like it!


Here are the magic numbers/prizes given in points:

251,500 - 10 points (caught by YumeHimura)
252,000 - 10 points (caught by Waterwolf11)
253,000 - 10 points (caught by Tora-noko)
254,000 - 10 points (caught by DA-points-dispatch)
254,555 - 10 points (caught by Revansh)
255,000 - 10 points (caught by MissShinigami)
255,555 - 10 points (caught by Pork-Bunny)
256,000 - 10 points (caught by Birdseednerd)
256,444 - 10 points (caught by Sassy-Adopts)
257,000 - 10 points (caught by ViViesQue)
257,666 - 10 points (caught by Maan11j)
258,000 - 10 points (caught by iJustRodeYourBicycle)
258,333 - 10 points (caught by Missing-ninSasuke)
259,000 - 10 points (caught by PineappleMint)
259,444 - 10 points (caught by DemonicMystery)
260,333 - 10 points (caught by junan11j)
262,000 - 10 points (caught by Arisu-Ami-Chan)
262,400 - 10 points (caught by DemonicMystery)
263,001 - 10 points (caught by Reptilesrul)
263,667 - 10 points (caught by Plush-Fiend)
264,333 - 10 points (caught by CeliaUchiha)
264,888 - 10 points (caught by heart-WORM)
265,003 - 10 points (caught by SophieLuana)
265,133 - 10 points (caught by Missing-ninSasuke)
265,333 - 10 points (caught by emilywip)
265,503 - 10 points (caught by YumeHimura)
265,753 - 10 points (caught by DA-points-dispatch)
266,004 - 10 points (caught by Elle124)
266,222 - 10 points (caught by Hraundrangi)
266,444 - 10 points (caught by CeliaUchiha)
266,700 - 10 points (caught by monicahedgie)
267,005 - 10 points (caught by Anako-Kitsune)
268,000 - 10 points (caught by DemonicMystery)
269,555 - 10 points (caught by SophieLuana)
269,888 - 10 points (caught by MusicalEnvy)
270,000 - 10 points (caught by TinaGi)
271,000 - 10 points (caughy by whirlwind002)
271,818 - 10 points (caught by Alyssa921)
272,000 - 10 points (caught by Elle124)
272,333 - 10 points (caught by TinaGi)
274,555 - 10 points (caught by YumeHimura)
275,000 - 10 points (caught by CeliaUchiha)
275,333 - 10 points (caught by Missing-ninSasuke)
276,000 - 10 points (caught by TinaGi)
276,500 - 10 points (caught by I-Foxess)
277,000 - 10 points (caught by CeliaUchiha)
278,000 - 10 points (caught by YumeHimura)
282,000 - 10 points (caught by LadyNin-Chan)
284,000 - 10 points  (caught by YumeHimura)
285,000 - 10 points (caught by TinaGi)
286,000 - 10 points (caught by YumeHimura)
288,000 - 10 points (caught by piercingemeralds2)
290,000 - 10 points (caught by Reptilesrul)
292,000 - 10 points (caught by TinaGi)
293,000 - 10 points (caught by TinaGi)
294,000 - 10 points (caught by heart-WORM)
295,000 - 10 points (caught by Missing-ninSasuke)
296,000 - 10 points (caught by heart-WORM)
298,000 - 10 points (caught by YumeHimura)
300,000 - 30 points (caught by YumeHimura)

The rules

:bulletpink: You have to fav this journal entry and comment on it, in odrer to participate. That way I will be able to clearly see who's participating, and make sure you've read the rules without just being the point stalker.
If you do catch the pageview, but you've not already commented/faved the journal I can't give you the points, 'cos it will seem like you only want points and you haven't read the rules.

:bulletpink: You have to capture the given pageview(s) (see the numbers above) and send me a link to your screenshot. Your screenshot should show the pageview and the time (usually on the bottom of your screen on the right side) so I can make sure you didn't cheat.
If it doesn't show the time bar, your kiriban screenshot won't be accepted.
No late screenshots count as well. The kiriban capture need to be sent before the next kiriban number is captured by someone.

:bulletpink: Only the first person who send me a screenshot of the exact given pageview(s) will get the points.

:bulletpink: No more winning than five times in a row.

Have fun guys!

naked-in-the-rain support stamp by ClefairyKid

Comment below for a free freature! I will select three pieces from your gallery which i like :)

Changing to unlimited features. Be sure to check out these amazing artists below!! :D

1. :iconllamadalai: Lookin' for a Ride by LlamaDalai Hofburg 1 by LlamaDalai Road Warrior 6 by LlamaDalai

2. :iconlekadema: pony adopt 37. giraffe by lekadema my alicorn OC Juniper by lekadema Blood Moon by lekadema

3. :iconsachiko2189: Guardians Of The Forest by sachiko2189 Koda Kumi Driving Hits 2 by sachiko2189 Photo Retouch by sachiko2189

4. :iconfirefistanne: Chibi Barach by FireFistAnne Athena WIP by FireFistAnne LOOK OUT by FireFistAnne

5. :iconmaxychu: Merry Christmas 2 :D Lines by MaxyChu CM: Photo with Pokemon-team :3 by MaxyChu Mimi + Miyumizu :3 by MaxyChu

6. :iconrachel-deregt: +The GazettE+ Ruki - The Invisible Wall by Rachel-deRegt Sketch dump 2 by Rachel-deRegt The GazettE - .:RUKI :. by Rachel-deRegt

7. :iconjaydeeme: Ayla ID by JaydeeMe The Queen by JaydeeMe C and D by JaydeeMe

8. :icondark-nayru: Temple Garden by Dark-Nayru Tower Bridge by Dark-Nayru Reflections by Dark-Nayru

9. :iconoliwil: Pufflefish by Oliwil Paradise caos by Oliwil Sunflower by Oliwil

10. :iconpezsays: Art 101 2010-2011 22 by Pezsays Art 101 2010-2011 27 by Pezsays Art 101 2010-2011 28 by Pezsays

11. :iconrelaxtakeiteasyrelax: :thumb276429409: :thumb269517995: :thumb263354398:

12. :iconspyu98: Penguin's Adventures by spyu98Penguin's Adventures: beach by spyu98

13. :iconaardvark-alice: :thumb279585515: :thumb279960236: :thumb278994034:

14. :iconotai: .one winged angel. by Otai Osen by Otai . Orofiel . by Otai

15. :iconevevictus: :thumb215632470: :thumb273269583: :thumb240573089:

16. :icondreamfutureais: Pikachu is having some technical problems... by DreamFutureAis Totoro by DreamFutureAis Candyland by DreamFutureAis

17. :iconlizziecat1279: ::FA:: Dragon Lake by lizziecat1279 ::FA:: Ginda and Iris-Feral Avis by lizziecat1279 ::CP:: For Foxwingdrgn by lizziecat1279

18. :iconnicostars: Eye by nicostars Levi by nicostars Waterdrops by nicostars

19. :iconunique-soul: California Girl by Unique-Soul February SunSet by Unique-Soul Old Hatsune Miku by Unique-Soul

20. :iconnynjakat: Snow by NynjaKat Coffee Shop by NynjaKat Blinded By Beauty by NynjaKat

21. :iconvanitas37: Lawliet by Vanitas37 Link Avatar by Vanitas37 Sora Signature by Vanitas37

22. :iconmiw-sher13: Never Lose You by Miw-Sher13 Hugs by Miw-Sher13 Kern River by Miw-Sher13

23. :iconbubbles1010101: Roses by Bubbles1010101 Strawberry Cupcake? by Bubbles1010101 Angry Birds! by Bubbles1010101

24. :iconquasi-virtuoso: Cemetery Trees by quasi-Virtuoso Fresh Air by quasi-Virtuoso Grandfather Tree Sunset by quasi-Virtuoso

25. :iconkirriri: Misa by Kirriri Coco and James by Kirriri Nerd by Kirriri
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Tomorrow I'll be uploading various things. The first of which is the remake of the ninjago lightning dragon, which is seriously my favorite out of them all ^^ After thats uploaded and done with I'll be adding three new mini figures as well. I won't give away any specifics just yet but I know you'll love them. ^^

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Sorry I'm late ^______________^

Congratulations to the 5 luckiest ppl out of 778 ^^


Thank you and good luck to all others ppl for joining ^^ I'm thinking of another give away ^^ Maybe on the day which has something related to Lucky clover (shamrock) Guess it ?? ^^

:heart: :heart: :heart: ^^^^^

Hi ^^

I would like to thank all of you for your love and support for a long time ^^ Although I haven't uploaded as many original arts as usual (due to my current bad backache), I still receive a lot of comments, faves and views whenever I log in ^^ They really made me happy and warm (^^ The weather in my place now is really really really cold ^^^)

So I'll make 5 small gifts (each is 100 points) and give randomly to 5 ppl who fave this journal. Why you have to fave this? If I choose randomly based on comments, I'll have to make a list then use the random choice engine, while the fave list is itself a list :D :D It's easier for me ^^

I used to give features, points, art gifts with "First come, first served" method. But I realize that this way doesn't give chances to a lot of people. A lot of ppl told me "I'm late again" or "I never win" :D :D So this time I'll change it to "random" ^^

This is valid from now to  Sunday, 11:59PM ^^ So you'll have a lot of time and chance to be one of the winners ^^

I'll choose and announce and congrats and give points on next Monday ^^^^^

Thank you again for all your support and goodluck ^^^^^
Tho-be :heart:
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So I was at the doctor's office yesterday, and this doctor always overbooks his appointments. So, to make use of the time, I brought my pad, paper, and sharpener, and worked up some sketches. True enough, he kept me waiting (I eventually left without seeing the guy because it was going to take an hour and a half....!)

While I was sketching in the waiting room, this mom comes in with her two young kids, I'm guessing, around 4 years old. They're obviously nice kids, but being in a doctor's office was upsetting to them, and so, they're carrying on, and the mom is trying her best to keep them from going nuclear.

This wasn't annoying me at all. I'm a dad. I have great empathy for kids, and frankly, I felt like whining at this point, too!

But I thought I could make the situation a little better for the mother and her banshees. So I put away my sketches, and drew a cartoon teddy bear. Then I told the mother that I'm a cartoonist, and that I drew something her kids might like. (I always ask permission).

So she looked at it, and warmly received it, and gave it to her kids, who instantly calmed down.
I realized that my friends on DA could each have done the same thing. Professional or not, you're all artists. And believe me, no one sitting in a doctor's waiting room draws nearly as well as you do. So, I pass this on to you. If a situation ever arises where you're somewhere, and a mother is at wits end, and her kids are showing her no mercy, then grab your pencil, and transform the moment.  

(I should also mention that when I was about five, my dad had a friend over to the house who was an old time animator. He drew me a picture, with long, energetic, loose lines. I still remember it vividly. It was a funny, cricket, and the sky had swirling, cartoony clouds, and a road that went back into the distance. Five years old, and I still remember it. Cartoons have something special about them...)
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