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:iconterhwams: :iconmemoriasomnium: :iconterhwams:

Collab with Eririri~ She did the lineart, I did the colouring.

Elsya (c) :iconeeriah:
Audrei (c) :iconjube-squared:
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dsflkajslofdkjas; AHHHHHHHHH COLLAB WITH MY DARLING LILYSON<333333; sldfka;ad;sfkg O forced asked her to line this awesome sketch so that I could color it because it's like... daljgadgljkadsgaskjg ONE OF THE SWEETEST PICTURES EVER. SON YOU ARE GROWING UP /WEEPSFOREVER ...forgive me I'm trying to get remotivated for art mang.. I feel like my colouring is crap /weep

Anyways..this is Odette sneak attacking when she forces Jun to help her read her lines for work /ohohoho AHHHHH:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
andohnothispicturewillnotbeinthepapers*shot* :iconohohoplz:

lines / Jun-Yi : :iconzue:
colors / Odette : :iconumeboshionigiri:
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Epilogue of Quest #2 - Back on Track.

Additional Info
A Journal with more information can be found here -> [link]



Flash by =Zue
Artwork by *Kairi-H~KoMAdV=Zue
Music selfmade by *Kairi-H
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For Episode 2 Mission 1
Double up them points for :iconlahansims: cuz this is a collab, baby! :V

Kor and Alioris in their desert clothes from a prior shopping spree. lol Kairi was right. They went shopping and came out with less clothes. Ahahahaha!!

Alioris and Lineart (c) *Kairi-H
Korwyn and Coloring (c) me

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Alright ### =M= ;; /retyping for the 4th time --net whyyyy ;;

First of all-- I'm sorry for not colouring the bg ;;; The panels keep giving "crashing" feeling and so I left it to be white. I do colour the book, however ;;; ;A; ;;;
Omg by this pic a thunder struck on me ;;; My mom told me a quite sharp but also very straightforward opinion -- It was very strong that I finally decided to buy myself a tablet in December :iconcraiplz: ;;;. Even though I always thought that it's alright. ;;;;

Anyway. . . I can only hope that I don't break the greatness of the other pictures? :iconohgodwhyplz: ;;; ;3;/

Matthias (1st) (c) :iconbuttho:
Rion (2nd) (c) Me
Odette (3rd) (c) :iconumeboshionigiri:
Sun Jun-Yi (4th) (c) :iconzue:
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Zahra: "So they finally sent something more interesting for me to play with? Let's see how much longer you can amuse me for" *arches body so her assets get defined more*

Tyr: Ahhh I had wanted to hit something softer than golems, but this is not what exactly I had in mind but oh well =v=;;~ Hello there, must you be on the opposing end~?

Zahra @ :iconlainey-nesu:

Tyr @ :iconju-fate:


3 AM AAAA Was not supposed to do chapter 3 but got too inspired FFF 8'DDDD


But well me and Lainey rped and in the end Tyr manages to get some time to get the civvies away before running himself and fainted when he was far enough. After beating golems all night and meeting an OoV member who is not just in full health, she is unfortunately also scantily clad woman sooooo ID ;;; . Then more or less Tyr somehow ended up in the infirmary =7= / . And oh Tyr took his jacket off and tied it to his wait earlier so that's why he's wearing just the vest and under shirt now.

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- - - - - - - - - - - - -

because La'Hansi needs more points! Go post more stuff guys!! *shot*

This was something I did yesterday very quickly.
Since I was lazy to work on it like I usually do, I decided to try and have fun experimenting other ways.

Ended up being an interesting experience, though not sure if I'll do something like this so soon ahah XDD

Title refers to the Cold Desert of Niveria ~ v ~ Figured I'd draw Oris there since she kind of likes that place u v u
And I added a clock-like pattern on the sky just to make it different. and maybe it has hidden meanings too *shot* |D
And yes, that is a slightly different outfit! e w e ;; and no, she's not cold e v e

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Alioris, Memoria (c) :iconhanaratsu-kairi:
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With The Order's golems filling the hallways and Dius on the loose, Klaus lead the charge, his axe in hand, as he tore through the infernal creatures blocking their path.

Of course he could not accomplish this all alone. The help given from those following him was much appreciated. Even if it was from HER of all people.


So yeah, :iconsims76: and I thought it would be pretty cool to do a collab for the we did! He did the epic linework and the final touch ups, I did the ruining of his linescoloring of the characters/BG and the initial effects.

Mher'r @ :iconsims76:
Klaus @ :iconmirage-verius:

Annnnd that's all = v = )/
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Points for :iconsparklesplz::iconlahansims::iconsparklesplz: please!

Where mah La'Hansi homeboys at? Where was I at?

I originally had something big for this, but it ended up falling through the cracks due to a busy lifestyle. Most likely, I would have to do something to relate back to this piece simply because Kor is back in Kartim, hunting for some Order peeps, when he never wanted to go back to his town. Ever.

Kartim! Of all places! Why, MS Staff? Why? :C You were totally out to get Kor and kick my butt into gear! lol!

No explanation needed for this. Experimented plenty with lighting, ground perspective, night-affected colors, and line and coloring.

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My application for Memoria~!!

feel free to note me for rp!! I also rp on msn so let me know! :D

-Serving the Kingdom of Pennute

- Name : Odette Amalia Ivonov
- Age : 23
- Gender : Female
- Height : 164cm (160cm without heels)
- Race : Leiian (Swan)
- Birthday : August 15th (Leo)

- Job/Occupation : Actress
- Base Class : Fighter
- Weapon : Naginata

- Stats :
:bulletblack:Str: 10
:bulletblack:Mag: 6
:bulletblack:Def: 8
:bulletblack:Res: 3
:bulletblack:Spd: 3
:bulletblack:Dex: 3
:bulletblack:Sta: 8
:bulletblack:Int: 4

:bulletred:Fire: 0
:bulletblue:Water: 2
:bulletyellow:Earth: 0
:bulletgreen:Air: 0
:bulletpurple:Darkness: 1

- Skills
Hydro Lance:
Dark Intent:
Dark Water:

- Birthplace&Residence : Pennute/Pennute

- Hobbies : Acting, singing, fighting, flower arranging, Reading, collecting art.
- Likes : moon flowers, orchids, being right, tiramisu, rain storms, lakes, swimming, raspberries, and artwork.
- Dislikes : People who are better than her, bugs, carrots, peas, losing, anything yellow, hot weather.

- Personality :
Odette is very confident in herself and everything she does. Some view this as conceited, she prefers to think of her self as very self reliant. She sports a very charming attitude to strangers, but if you know her better, she’s quite self righteous. In battle she’s extremely belligerent and doesn’t know when to give up. Other words used to describe Odette are vindictive, meddlesome, naggy, cocky, moody. Shedding some positive light on Odette, she would also be considered compassionate, sound minded, and knowledgeable. Also, Odette is a very touchy feely person. She likes to be close to people, it helps her to emote her feelings and puts her at ease.

- History
Odette’s father, ranking Captain Dominik Ivanov left for war, unknowingst to him that his wife Julia Ivanov was 2 months pregnant. The Ivanov’s are proprietor's of the Ivanov Opera House, one of the most prosperous and famous theater and opera houses in Pennute. When Odette was born, her mother showered her in love and affection. She was heavily exposed the the thespian life style as she grew up, acting and singing became something she loved and the attention she gained from it made her happier than anything. Julia constantly told Odette bedtime stories about her father, of his times in war, exaggerating dates that they went on before they were married, quirky things that he had done. To Odette, her father that she had never met seemed to be the most amazing person in the world, and she loved him very much just from stories her lonely mother told her.

On the eve of Odette’s 5th birthday, word was sent to the Ivanov house that Captain Dominik Ivanov was alive, and coming home. Awry with sheer excitement, Julia plum forgot about Odette’s birthday. Odette was hurt, but also very excited to meet the man her mother had boasted about all of these years. 1 week later, Captain Ivanov returned home, to his lovely wife, and a wonderful surprise, his 5 year old daughter.

Things in the Ivanov household seemed to be more magnificent than ever for the next year. Dominik doted on Odette, giving her everything she wanted. A light had come on inside of Julia since her husbands return. They appeared like the perfect wealthy family. Dominik, with his mind still half at war, always took Odette out to watch fights, or to teach her small things about combat. It was then that Odette picked up a spear for the first time. For being so young she handled herself well enough that Dominik was enthused. He began having her trained in combat, specialty being the naginata, his saying that even girls should be ready to fight at a moment’s notice.

One morning Dominik approached his daughter and wife, announcing to them both that Odette was to be betrothed to ranking officer, and his good friend from war’s son, Sun Jin-yi. He told them that it was for the good of both houses, for business purposed. What he failed to tell his family was that Dominik owed Sun Wu Yuan a great deal from the war. They had gone out drinking the previous night, and for repayment of his debts, he had offered his daughter’s hand. After a good night of drinks and laughs, they also agreed it would be good for the status of both houses.

A few months later, a son was conceived. When Ivan was born, again the whole house was in uproar. Almost as if Sir Dominik had returned from war again. Attention to Odette started to dwindle, and she definitely noticed it. She began doing things to prove herself, pushing herself extra hard in all that she did. Whether it be combat, acting, academics, you name it. She was the proud daughter of a war hero and she wouldn’t let that be taken away. She was the top of her class, best female lancer in her training unit, even started getting lead roles in plays. But Ivan was gifted, and it soon became apparent while growing up that even though he had an age disadvantage, he was nearly just as good as his older sister in all that he did. Despite her efforts, Ivan finally surpassed her.

Her father had finally had the son he pretended Odette was. Her mother noticed the favoritism, and tried confronting Dominik about it several times. This only lead to arguments, and eventually the happy family had seemed to take sides. Odette being very observant, noticed her mothers pain in this. The woman that had loved this man, bragged about and cherished this man for Odette’s whole life, had hurt her so much. This shaped Odette’s opinion on love. She swore she would never feel such a way about a man, that those feelings and the chance of getting hurt weren’t worth it.

After some time of being neglected by the father she loved so much, 16 year old Odette thought it was time to take action. Being a highly skilled lancer, She ran away from home, determined to join the army. It didn’t take long for Dominik to get wind of the situation, him being a captain. Before Odette could sign her name on the dotted line, Dominik stormed the army’s HQ and dragged his daughter out of there. It was then that Dominik broke down and told his daughter how he felt. Seeing the genuine look and feeling in his eyes and words, Odette forgave her father, and went back home. The broken family seemed to be repairing itself thanks to Odette’s selfish action to prove herself.

Even though Odette is engaged, she harbors no feelings of love for Sun Jin-Yi. When she was younger, the meetings between the two were forced, to get to know one another. Odette used to do un-lady like things to try and make him go away. But over time, him showing that these things did not phase him, it got boring for her. Resigned to the fact that she was stuck with him, Odette views Jin (as she calls him) as a rather good friend. She’s no longer forced to meet with him. When she desires to see him, she can just request his presence. Odette is oblivious to the fact that Jin-Yi, like most, has a twin brother names Jun-Yi. Also ignorant about the real Jin-Yi’s death, Odette must meet with his twin replacement, Jun-Yi.

Odette now resides at home, She has the lead role in an upcoming play at the Ivanov house and she is diligently rehearsing for it. She still wants to join the army, but her father manages to foil her at every turn. She is also determined to find a way out of her engagement, as she is running out of time until she must wed.

- Other Info

- Odette’s black swan eyes are actually make-up. Her mother has it naturally, but she did not inherit this trait. Ever since she was small she has been putting it on to be more like her mother.
- Odette’s Naginata, Zernebog (means black god) was given to her by her instructor. He was famous in the art of the spear, and for Odette he’s the closest thing she’s ever had to a crush.
- Odette’s love and appreciation for artwork actually stems from her meeting Jin-Yi. She met with him in an artists gallery once, and thought he looked nice against the paintings, making her realize for the first time how beautiful artwork really was.


Sun Jun-Yi - Her Fiance by arranged marriage. Odette enjoys his company as a friend, but nothing more. In recent events Odette has been treating him more gingerly, as he told her that 'he lost his memory' in recent battle.

Lucien Talenatta - Childhood friend that Odette met while accompanying her father to the forgery. Aside from Jin, he is the closest friend she has. He puts up with her arrogance where others won't. Lucien also has a one sided love for Odette, however since she's become engaged he tries to stay his distance. Odette however is oblivious to this, and treats him as normal.
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