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I know there is one of these floating around but I wanted to do one too (such a follower X3). Any-who this is just a little (only 7 questions long :dummy: ) meme about fans of the Youtuber *Pewdie ( [link] ). If you want you can do it, if you don't THEN WHAT ARE YOU BARRELS DOING HERE (Just kidding: It's cool if you don't want too :meow: )

All questions are straight forward and completely up to you how you want to draw/write them out. ~Also NO meme is wrong! It can be written, drawn in paint, drawn with a mouse, drawn with a tablet, drawn with your hands, drawn with a computer, or whatever, Nothing is every wrong for a meme (Unless it one that ask to do one of the above...). In other words, DO IT! Anything is art!~

Also if you want to do the Original PewDiePie Meme ( by ~animelover4ever ) can be found here [link]

Credit Time:
:bulletred: PewDiePie Layout *Pewdie
:bulletorange: Stephano, Jennifer, and Barrel *Pewdie
:bulletyellow: PewDiePie Picture *Pewdie (Found here: [link] )
:bulletgreen: PewDiePie's Playlist Images *Pewdie (Found here: [link] )
:bulletblue: PewDiePie 'Font' (aka BubbleGum) Thomas W. Ziller ( [link] )
:bulletpurple: Meme ~TheYUO (To give credit back either use :devTheYUO: or :iconTheYUO: )
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We all love Pewdie. And of course, we all like his facial expressions! Well, I decided to make this meme~
You can either draw something making the facial expressions or you can take pictures of yourself making the expressions~

:bulletpurple: You must link this blank in the description if you do this meme.
:bulletpurple: Please link the filled out meme in the comments below! I'd certainly love to see the results! o u o
:bulletpurple: Please download if you're gonna do this.

Here's mine~!: [link]
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Yay!! Pewdiepie's birthday is 10/24/12, so I am uploading this a day early, but oh well~!! :D
-Keep my name on there, you may add your own, too
-You may fill out the meme in whatever way you want (aka typing, drawing, screenshots, etc)
-Put the base like in the description!
-Send me the link of the finished product, please!!
About the shipping question:
I, myself, am a PewdieCry, PewdieBuscus, and a PewdiePhano shipper, but I have never hated Marzia. And I know several people like me, who ship those couples, but love Marzia. She and Felix go together very well, and it pisses me off when someone assumes I hate Marzia because of who I ship. I've shipped PewdieMarzia before, and just because I don't do it often, that doesn't mean I hate her, it's just that my watchers prefer other pairings. And because of that, I was just wondering what pairing you'd like the most out of all of those. SO CALM YOUR TITS, BROS!!
Hope you enjoy~!
Happy birthday, Pewdie!! :party:


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Indeed derp~ <3
I will never be ashamed of shipping StephanoXPewDie.


Love, Alermi~
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I also drew that little chair in the corner :3

sorry if the text is hard to read :=:I understand if youll want me to change the color.

:iconmrchairplz: <--- you can be as sexy and slim as him too ya know. stephano isn't the only one with fangirls now!!

Stephano meme: [link]

:iconbrofistplz: Peace out bros!

Post your finished meme in a comment! when I can I shall organize them :D
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   Livestreaming. All of the bros showed up for the special occasion.

   "5 minutes left guys!" a comment read.

   Pewdie announced a surprise in the video, and there were no hints as to what it was. All of the bros were anxious to see it. Comments flooded the section with excitement. Today, the Bros were not prepared for what they were about to see.

   The screen came on, but it was very dark. It was hard for some people, but you could actually see outlines of the room.

   "Oh my god, this better be a joke" a comment read.

   Red lights flooded the screen. Blood stained the walls and floor.

   "FELIX?! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?!?" Someone asked in shock, thinking Felix did such a horrific thing as Marzia's mutilated body came into view.

   Marzia was still alive. She began moving slightly, trying to see what  was going on, and began screaming.

   The Bro Army was in shock. Most of them didn't know what to think.

   "How the fuck is she still alive?! This has to be a joke!" another comment read.

   A hooded creature came into view, dragging Felix into the room. He was terribly injured and was screaming at the thing that had him. It dropped him on the floor and walked over to Marzia, pulling out a large knife. It raised it over it's head and began slashing at her, making sure she was dead.

   Felix was crying at this point, and blushing at the fact that this was all on camera.

   "Finally!" someone commented in joy, getting flamed to the point of comment removal.

   The creature walked over to the terrified Swede.

   It showed it's gruesome smile to the camera and swung the knife at Felix's face. It bent over him and startled stabbing him over and over again. Pewdie's screams died off as it ripped through his chest. It finished, ripping Felix's heart out and walking to the camera.

   Some Bros couldn't handle it. They began puking and disconnecting. Some waiting for this to be revealed as a joke.

   The creature smiled through the hood, and began feasting on his heart.

   The camera cut out, leaving the Army to sorrow. Everyone was in tears, wanting it to be a joke. They knew it wasn't.

   Everything flashed and in an instant, Pewdie woke up in tears. It was all a dream. He sighed, wiping his face with his hand. He looked over at Marzia and smiled. He fell back to sleep and waited for the next day, where he could do what he did everyday, making people smile.
My mind wanted to to write this. I don't know why, but now I am scared...
Dreams can be scary, and sometimes it's hard to tell if it a dream or not.
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Happy Birthday, Piggeh!! :D Today is our beloved Piggeh's birthday! :D Here's a meme I made just for today! :)
-You may NOT remove my name, but you may add your's!
-You can draw, type, whatever to do this meme! Do it YOUR way! :D
-You don't have to, but if you want you can send me the finished version! I'd love to see it! :meow:
Inspired by: :iconpiggy-the-pumpedpig:
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Man I love pewdiepie xD He's so freaking funny! I decided to download this model since I've been obsessed with watching his videos =u=; I figure I can make some funny pictures n such for really funny moments in his new videos xD

model - :icongege900:

pose - :iconaisuchuu:

Show this to Pewdie? 8D
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I'm terribly sorry for being so slow with your requests, guys D: I'm doing my best to draw them all, but I have some family problems, so be a little bit more patient, please :C

But for now, here you got some meme you can fill~ ^^

There are only three rules:
1. Give me a link when you'll be done.
2. Credit me in the description, and don't forget to put there a link to this blank version.
3. Don't write in the boxes huge "NO" or something like that.

You can draw, you can write, you can use screenshots or MMD, just fill it and have a fun <3
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This is for :iconlacedininsanity: 's story (Bro day Everyday!)

I got bored so this is Pewdiery :D

I drew Cry without eyes, because he is a mysterious person.. i love that.... his voice... so sexy
and pewdie... he so.. mmm
i mean.....idk

Is it weird that I was listening to Naked Love by Adam Lambert while drawing this!?! I love that song...
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