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So long, and thanks for all the fish


Thanks to everyone who read/commented/drew me art...the characters (and I) want to express our appreciation. :heart:

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Then the hologram exploded in her face, and their infamous rivalry began... :XD:

My first entry for Jimmy X Cindy Week: [link] The theme is "First Meeting". I've always had this crazy idea that when Jimmy and Cindy first met as itty bitty widdle kids, they actually liked each other a lot. It wasn't until later, after Jimmy's screwy inventions had caused mayhem in Cindy's life / upstaged her in school, that she began to resent him.

Here we have him presenting her with a holographic know those cute pics of little kids kissing or giving each other presents? Well, this is the JN universe equivalent.

Because why give a girl a real flower when you can spend hours in the lab crafting a glowing thermonuclear timebomb that's sure to go horribly, horribly awry? ;P

Jimmy's outfit inspired by and dedicated to :icontwisted-vision: Happy birthday, hun! :iconcakeplz:

:star: J/C Week Themes:star: :

:bulletblue: Monday, August 22 - First Meeting
:bulletblue: Tuesday, August 23 - Career
:bulletblue: Wednesday, August 24 - Fairy Tale
:bulletblue: Thursday, August 25 - Castaway
:bulletblue: Friday, August 26 - Experiment
:bulletblue: Saturday, August 27 - Dress-up
:bulletblue: Sunday, August 28 - Not as planned
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People have been requesting this forever, are the suits that the kids get after stopping to have the Desperado repaired at the space station :p Colored quickly because you all wanted it so ;P

Fanfic: [link]
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My third entry for Jimmy X Cindy Week: [link] The theme is "Fairy Tale". I chose Rapunzel because...well, I wanted to draw Cindy with absurdly long hair :iconloveloveplz:

I'm trying a different style with each of these, if you haven't noticed ^^;

Based on the French Tangled poster, "Raiponce" : [link]
Brushes: [link]
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Fun fact: I am really, really bad at drawing kicking poses (and lifted/foreshortened legs in general). So, in a stroke of stupidity on my part, I decided to practice sketching a whole bunch of kicking poses from shutterstock. The majority looked horribly mutated and were completely unsuitable for exposure to the light of day, but I kind of liked these two and so decided to color them.
Aaaaand it's Cindy Vortex and Libby Folfax! Because I clearly don't have enough Jimmy Neutron fanart in my gallery already :iconotlplz: Anyway, I'm not sure why I decided to give Libby her old clothes and just looked better somehow. ^^; Also yay I finally drew Cindy in her karate outfit even if her face looks weirdly deformed...

EDIT: got rid of the background because it was burning my eyes
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"We've all been endowed with incredible power...and I say we use that power to attack Tokyo!"

Burp Boy, Invisible Sista, Special Girl, Vibrating Lad, and...HulkJimmy? Together they are Retroville's greatest (incompetently destructive) crime-fighting force, the N Men! I took some artistic liberties on the costumes because, well, I'm just awesome like that. Also, am I the only one who thinks Jimmy looks like he got a bad spray-on tan? ;P

:XD: . Enjoy!

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron (c) DNA Productions and Nickelodeon
Pic (c) Me
Stock: [link]
What're you gonnna do? Stain me?
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Jimmy/Cindy Week - Day 2

[C A R E E R ]


Cindy is such a troll wife. |D

Anyway, please refer to this [link] beforehand.

I planned on putting that with this picture, but it ruined the composition. And I don't think anyone'd guess what their careers are in the above pic. :/ I think Jimmy will be a professor when he grows up, because..well...just because.. |D
And Cindy will pursue the creative field (let's say she's a graphic designer or a freelance artist?), since she's waay better at that than Jimmy (that way she can taunt his lack of skill xD). Loljk. Maybe to prevent competition in the scientific field, since I think they've matured enough to credit their own strengths. :\
Or I dunno.

/not good at explaining things |||OTL/

Thus the sketchpad in my First Meeting pic. OTL sadfsadgadsga


Then I suddenly realize..
Jimmy's clothes look like Spongebob's :faint:
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Oh lord...I can't believe I never submitted this.

I drew this pic back in January(?), but I guess I hated it or something because I buried it on my C Drive.

I have absolutely no idea what was going through my mind when I drew this thing ^^; I'm gonna go crawl back into my corner now...

Jimmay (c) The great people at DNA Productions and the souless, merciless overlords of Viacom
Pic (c) an indeterminate mental state of mine
Dedicated to ~twisted-vision, because she draws all the really cute JN fanart while I draw all the really weird shit :doh:
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It's the reverse of a usual line-up...only 1 person out of the 5 is innocent :P

Commissioned by :icondrucilla733: for my story
Cost: $50 (special holiday rate)
Time spent: Too many hours to count, since I lost the file the first time around
Programs used: Opencanvas, Photoshop CS2
Texture from [link] brushes by me!

I hope she likes it, cause this ate my soul, let it digest for awhile, and then puked it back up again.

Commission Info Here: [link]
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Long, LONG overdue collab between :icontwisted-vision: and myself...and when I say long, I mean over a year ^^; She drew the lineart in early October 2010, but I didn't have time to finish it before Halloween. So, I left the half-colored file on my computer for 12 months, and am now finally whipping it out in time for this year's Halloween. Wow. Epic fail, Mara.

So I guess Cindy is a (goth-loli?) vampire, Libby is an Egyptian mummy, Sheen is a werewolf, Carl is a pumpkin, and Jimmy is a skeleton?

Anyway, enjoy. :#1:

Lineart by ~twisted-vision
Coloring by =Acaciathorn
Jimmy Neutron (c) Nick

Carl is such a wimp
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