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Sorry, Spanish only...

Finished picture ---> [link]


:star: ESPAÑOL :star:

Hice este tutorial, para todos aquellos que tienen el programa GIMP, y quieren colorear en el.


¡Perdonen las faltas de ortografía!
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Friends, I'm SO excited to finally share this--ADVANCED PHOTOSHOP MAGAZINE Issue #126 is out today, with a cover and full tutorial by me, all about comic art.  Specifically, I take you through character creation, penciling, inking, AND coloring with tons of granular, step-by-step instructions for making the most of Photoshop's awesome toolset.  

The print version doesn't arrive in the US until next month, but why wait--you can get a digital copy (straight from Imagine UK's bookshop) right now, if you're interested:…

OR buy online through iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. at the link below.  Looks like you can get this as a free trial issue actually(!):…

Hope you enjoy it! :)

Full image:

Advanced Photoshop Magazine Tutorial by DNA-1

Other Tutorials:

2D Artist Magazine Cover by DNA-1
2D Artist Magazine tutorial covering penciling, inking, and coloring for comics.  Available here:…
Or free promo here:…
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Masters or time 6hrs, 2 of them in Black and White and the last 4 in final color.

Orig lines:
Commish 95 FINAL by RobDuenas

Sketchcraft - Game Jammy 001 by RobDuenas Sketchcraft Commentaries 002 - Captain America by RobDuenas Sketchcraft Minicast 027 by RobDuenas
:bulletred: Sketchcraft - The podcast for art, design, and process junkies. -
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For more updates, tips and links;
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As promised to a few people, here is [half] of my tutorial for basic Anime/Cartoon shading.....known as Cel Shading (like animation "cels").

I thought it would be nice to do something a little different this time. If I recall correctly, this was the very first technique/style I learnt when I took an interest in Digital Art back in 2004 :) It is quite a simple beginner style to adopt and a great way to just get the hang of your Digital Art program!

Still Image of this:

So I am very happy to share what I have picked up over the years!

Now this is a VERY basic walkthrough. I used Adobe Photoshop, but these techniques should be applicable to other art programs such as Paint Tool SAI, Coral Draw, GIMP etc.

All I am basically using is the Paint Brush, and the Lasso/Free Select tool, so you can find them in whatever program you choose to use! This is solely about the technique rather than my fancy-ass PSCS5 features!

Tools:: Photoshop + Mouse (No drawing tablet required!)
Time:: 30 minutes.
Anyway, I hope this is informative!

(Original lineart provided by the wonderful *StMan)
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Formalities First!

Thanks a bunch to :iconsenshistock: for all her wonderful reference resources. As always they are very helpful and perfect!

Some of these poses were taken directly, many were modified or created from scratch.

Characters, Velan Species, Story and Veler © :iconthewordwizard: and :iconshinju-the-dragon:

Phew! I have been working on these this week and it has been so awesome to get to draw these characters again. Maybe my old watchers remember them? They were typically my human subject matter and many of my RP partners probably recognize little Eemi.

Each of these characters have an additional two sketches which are not on here, and all of them are colored. I may or may not do a sketch dump later with everything I did. They show alternate outfits and sometimes hair styles so I could experiment and I picked my favorites for this line up. Size relation for the win!

These guys have matured so much and I believe they were originally created in 2005 or 2006. I may need to cross clarify that, but I am fairly certain I have drawings of Eemi, Raed, Talisen and Tayven in boxes from highschool! I honestly love them all so much, I had to share!

Previous Speed Paintings of the Ladies in this Image:
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Can you believe they threw me a SECOND COVER to draw and color before we ship??? Aw damn... coloring this sucker now.

Final Lines.

Based on the new XBLA/PSN game Bloodrayne: Betrayal.

Art by me.
Drawn entirely in PS CS4
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Hey Cats!

The final "stretch" set from the Kickstarter project was a redo of a series I did waaaaaaay back when, featuring some air assault hijinks. There's a little rappelling, a little fast-roping, even a little helocasting; all re-imagined into this odd sci-fi 'F2' universe. As always, there was no intent to portray actual techniques, just some 'one frame' cinematic fun.

Just a preview for now, with the rest to follow over the next several days.

Model: Jade
Photographer: Sebastian

Download for full-size image.
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A scratched Steel texture you are free to use! Enjoy!
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