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Update: They have names now! <3 The girl's name is Tai(ko) and the boy's Musei x3

After this amazing piece by the lovely *MyangHime I thought I needed to show you these two.

I already finished this like weeks ago, but the pic Myang drew made me upload it now xD ARE YOU GUYS READY?! HERE'S THE THING. YES, it's official, Lillitu gets pregnant. And yeah, some of you might know this about me that I think that Arrancar aren't able to get pregnant. But Lillitu's mate Gen is a genius. And this genius also happens to know another genius called Aburako. And if these two aren't able to figure something out to get Lillitu the ability to give birth to a baby I don't know who can xD So Gen (of course) is the one who gets this idea and wants to have some children (he comes from a very productive family after all) So uhm... that's how it happened xD Lillitu wasn't happy after she found out but well...Gen's ready to take all the responsibility x3

Alright, now to these two. They're the grown-up versions of the twin babies they will have x3 Yes, Gen and Lillitu will have twins : > Two screwed up kids, yay.

Sooo *Lanokir and I thought that these two would be Vizards, because they're an Arrancar/Shinigami Hybrid.
They're living in the Human world, since Gen and Lillitu live there too, cause they can't live in Hueco Mundo nor Soul Society.

They have no name yet and well...dunno what else to say xDI'm not sure if that'll be their final design x3


Hagawa Twins by :iconalbinoeisbaer: :iconlanokir:
Art by :iconalbinoeisbaer:
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I finally did some thing in photoshop!
You have no idea how much of an art block i've had!

Yes, it's a VERY sketchy picture for my story Luv Me with my two main characters - Kuzon and Kumiko - being up there, making kissy faces *3* I feel that I've neglected these characters for some time, drawing wise. So I created this. However, writing their story has enveloped most of my thinking. I have decided that after I finish writing up their story I'll think of trying to publish it in a few short years :heart:

Done in May, 2011 :)
babies/story/art (c) me
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As you may have noticed, Rita's changed her hair color for this particular style. I hope its still apparent that this is Rita. Her features are all still there, high cheekbones, narrow eyes, ect.
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I started this one a few weeks ago. it started out just for fun to spite this one kid in my art class, but then I actually got into it a bit! I pretty much love it now. I'm planning on scanning it and using it in one of my art projects.
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Rita's new look and ball dress for the Charity Ball. She's being escorted because she refused to go alone. Don't know how that's going to work out for her.

Yes I did get lazy on the pearls.
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Haha, my lines are so messy OTL

Anyway, happy Valentine's Day or Friend's Day like we call it here! :heart:
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There were so many things I forgot and had to edit it after I 'finished' the photo. Like Harley and Wednesday having gradients on parts of their skin.
Well there you have it. Blume, Rita, Wednesday, and Harley all in their Dawn of The Dance attire.
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LOLOL yes, another RP group oops-- /blames NuX for it :iconlazyroseplz: 


Name: Mikami Suimaru ♦ 三上 隋丸

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 30th August

Star Sign: Virgo ♍

Blood Type: O

Height: 178 cm

Subject: Mythology

Homeroom: III-C

Club: Tea-Ceremony

Sport: Swimming (though, he mainly just splashes around or soak in the water son r u ok?)

Likes & Dislikes:

✓ Good quality tea 
✓ Cloudy weather and Thunderstorms
✓ Myths and Legends
✓ Peace and Quiet
✓ Meditating
✓ Cold-blooded creatures

✗ Noisy, loud people
✗ Food that are too salty
✗ His face being seen by people
✗ Pointless conversations
✗ Demanding people


♦ Meticulous
♦ Very critical
♦ Perfectionist
♦ Realist
♦ Rather old-fashioned way of thinking
♦ Wise
♦ Awkward


Suimaru is born and raised in a traditional Japanese family, one whom puts respect and etiquette in the highest regard. He led a normal childhood and despite being a quiet child, he was usually ahead of his class in terms of grades. Inflicted with asthma since his early years, he does poorly in very physical activities, unable to hold his own for too long, often opting to sit out on more activities with a doctor's letter. He carries his inhaler wherever he goes, having a rather terrible history of asthma attacks back in his early years. He is sensitive to certain scents and strong odours and particularly allergic to dirty environments. Thus, he is almost always seen with a mask, half because he really needs it and half because he does not want people to see his face.

He takes time to care and clean for whatever he has, always looking spotless wherever he goes. Then again, that nitpicking attitude of his gets him doing everything rather whole-heartedly, especially if it is something he likes. More of an inward kind of guy, Suimaru can be mistaken for being slow, always looking dazed out when people talk to him. His mind, however, might just be two steps ahead of you but he'd rather save you some face by letting you think he was daydreaming. That is, if he tolerates you. He comes of as naggy to people he is comfortable to, but only because he would like to help you seek perfection in your life too. 

His parents both own a kissaten, not far from the campus ground and it specializes in their wide variety of teas and for their tea-making ceremonies. Suimaru had been thought how to make tea by his parents and his two older sisters, occasionally helping out in the shop where he is able to. Tea is something rather sacred to him since apart from his medication, tea helps ameliorate his asthma a little bit. So, don't speak ill of tea or anything tea-related unless you want to get into his bad books.
With his exceptional grades, he had a choice to enroll to pretty much any high school in Japan. Hoshizora High stood out the most since it was one of the only high schools which had a different major compared to the other school. His curiousity of the school got to him. That and because the places was so near his house---

★ Trivia

♦ He wears a variety of patterned masks to school
♦ He has a pet painted turtle and a goldfish.
♦ He usually wears his hair in a ponytail


How do I fart out coherent words--- :iconnashachubplz:
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Ahaha, another girl, but I'm trying guys with females, I'm trying.
I still don't know how this works, so gomen forever otl.

[ N a m e ]:

Ilyanna Ferenheitte

[ G e n d e r ]:


[ A g e ]:

Twenty-two ( 22 )

[ D a t e o f B i r t h ]:

June 16

[ H e i g h t ]

5 ' 6 ( excluding her heels ) / 5 ' 7 ( including heels )

[ J o b C l a s s ]:


[ L i k e s ]:

Ice Cream, Ice cream, and most importantly, Ice cream.
Her brother ( Spencer )
Golden Colors
Braids and people braiding her hair
Tropical Weather and Scenery
Seeing lots of couples everywhere

[ D i s l i k e s ]:

Breaking her heels at the wrong time
People hating on each other
Closed Spaces
Being completely alone
Her matchmaking shipping fantasies going wrong

[ P e r s o n a l i t y ]:

Yanna is a very bubbly and kind person. She feels her only thing to do in life is make others happy and seeing them happy. She's always likes being to be a cupid to others, secretly pairing them to how she likes. She's happier when her secret matchmakings are right. She loves to help out, and is pretty much thoughtful of others and their feelings. She also likes to be appreciated for even the smallest thing, not that she craves attention, but she likes the feeling when she is, since her brother would always praise her.

She doesn't tell people or want to tell people, but inside, she's just lonely. She likes seeing others happy, but she can't make herself happy, sadly. It's a curse more than a blessing. That's why she's always so hardworking and determined. On her own though, her problem most of the time is just being a bit clumsy when she's not doing anything in general.

[ C h i l d h o o d t o T e e n a g e Y e a r s ]:

Ilyanna was born in the island of Jawaii, always surrounded by the tropical sun and the romantic atmosphere. Her parents ran an inn for the singles, and another side of the inn was a bar for couples. Having an older brother, they both helped their parents with the inn that they so cherished and grew up in together. The two always liked playing around with the singles, whispering to each other from the corner of the room as they cleaned who would look good together. It was like a fun game they liked to play where Spencer ( older brother ) and Ilyanna would drag two random adventurers together in the inn. Their matchmaking skills were actually brilliant, 80% of the time, the singles would actually become lovers. Her and her brother grew up doing it for fun.

At an adolescent stage in her life, she had a first love. He was an archer, with a good build, a cute face, she was just thirteen ( 13 ) when she had a first love. He was way older, but you know how child crushes go. Of course her brother would matchmake him with someone else, a priestess that his brother had a crush on too. They didn't want to put them together, but they tried it, leading them to each other. And they actually clicked. Even though he was gone, she became to be aspired to do the next best thing, follow his job class, like how her brother followed the lady's, being a priest.

When she was eighteen ( 18 ) and her brother was twenty ( 20 ), they both started helping out at the bar, her serving ice cream for lovely couples and her brother learning how to make cocktails. When they weren't helping out, they'd be practicing outside together, her training hard everyday with shooting using a bow and arrow.

When she became nineteen ( 19 ), her brother, without telling her left the family. His parents wouldn't say, and her heart broke. She didn't know why he left or why he didn't tell her and she asked her parents if she could leave home and look for him too. Her main goal is to find her long lost brother, hoping to see him again.

[ C u r r e n t H i s t o r y ]:

( As her adventures go on, so will this history. )

[ A d d i t i o n a l I n f o r m a t i o n ]:

She's still looking for him, her brother's good at hiding his tracks. ( It's been 3 years, and still nothing. )

Making and serving ice cream is one of her hobbies.

She loves matchmaking people, but she never tries to put them together due to ' missing her other half ' kind of thing.

She'll love you forever if you give her something that can be useful for her hair, since she likes playing with it so much.

Before she was in the guild, she had other companions she spent time with in her 3 years search.

:iconaethereal-odyssey: *Yuuring
Ilyanna Ferenheitte *Hourglass34
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