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Requested by: ~iverie, Twilight Princess' Master Sword as a cursor. I've included CUR and PNG versions of each. The 32x48 cursor will only work in Windows 7/Dev Preview and the 64x64/128x128 versions aren't supported yet. But... those sizes will work if you use the PNG version with CSS in a web browser. ;) [link]

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess © Nintendo
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Good news: I figured out how to upload theme packs! :dummy:

Transform your computer into Wheatley! He likes USB devices. :eyes:

Recommended for laptops especially.

A late Christmas present from the one and only.

Wheatley and any other related content originally belongs to Valve.
Portal 2 © Valve®
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Bombastic Wood Snow Leopard Docks

Designed with love.

Cherry and Walnut included

Use Candybar to install docks.


2011 - Nimplicity

4/28 - A Daily Deviation! Thanks OtisBee and thanks everyone for faves, downloads and comments. I appreciate them all.
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What you see here is DanteWontDie's digital art for an Alice Madness Returns FanArt book with an overlay of rainmeter skins to add a little movement and display information on your desktop .

You will need the latest beta version of Rainmeter to run these skins. Get it from here: [Link]

The skins have the same functionality as those in the Cogs, Tubes and Gauges collection , I have simply modified the surrounds and added a few props to help them blend a little better with ~DanteWontDie's artwork.
This included bits from the AMA Icon Set by OmriKoresh

The skins in the package are:

- Analog clock (left-click to change the clock face but you won't get rid of Alice) - watch for the steam emission every minute.
- System info with a gauge showing overall CPU usage, individual bars for up to 8 cores and smaller gauges for RAM and SWAP memory usage.
- Network activity showing upload and download speeds along with the ping return time and wifi signal strength.
- Volume control - trumpet and skull to the right of 5-Clubs. Use the mouse scroll wheel to adjust the system volume or left-click to mute.
- Gauges for used space on 1-4 hard drives (gratuitous pendulum thingamebob for one or two disks).
- Weather skin with analog gauges for temperature, barometric pressure and wind direction. Click the forecast icon for a 72-hour forecast from the Weather Channel.
- uTorrent tracker using Lua script adapted from LuaTorrent 3.1 by jsmorley
- RSS/Atom feedreader built around Kaelri's Reader.lua script. Feed items are sorted by date/time and anything less than an hour old is bulleted. The neat little selector animation uses Kaelri's Universal Transitions script. The crawling ants are there to let you know that you've changed page or the feeds have been refreshed.
- Music Player using poiru's NowPlaying plugin that works with a variety of media players. You can find the full list of supported players and the PlayerName codes here
- Skin Launcher for the FeedReader, Weather, Network, Music Player and uTorrent skins.

NOTE: The Skin Launcher is just below the Day/Date playing card on the right. Clicking the settings icon on the far right will open a text file ( where user settings like the weather code, the type of music player and the RSS feed URLs can be changed.

I've included wallpaper for a 1920x1080 screen. If you have a different screen resolution I recommend you download the original 2079 x 1404 version from DanteWontDie's post and re-size it using a 'constrain proportions' setting to fit your screen.

If you have any suggestions or questions concerning the skins, you can contact me on the Rainmeter forums.
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My second launchy skin for Launchy (2.0).

Let me know what you think :)

If there are any problems with the skin let me know.

Enjoy it and have fun!!

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My first try >:D
this is really not made 100% by me ._.
i just combine this picture :
and this awesome XMB wave video :

set as desktop background with Dreamscene, and it'll be awesome :D

again, i say many2 thanks to the original author of the art >.<
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Read through to get every thing working perfect Skin has been updated!!

IF you like the feel of texts scrolling on your screen, the feel of 3D and the Glassy effets
 Then this skin is specialy for you.

I realized lately that the fonts didn't display properly on some PC's,I have included the fonts i used in the skin now they are in the skin directory under resources. If you have already downloaded the skin and the skin fonts don't display as in the preview and you dont want to download the whole skin again , then get the fonts here  [Fonts]  extract and copy them to your fonts directory but if you have MS office or Photoshop, you should already have all the fonts

1-Need to get rainmeter LINK
2-This skin is available for most screen resolutions
3-Wallpapers found in skin directory
4-Displays many functions 
5-I think i will still develop features for this skin like google feed, better weather display etc
6-I wanted to add a media player but found that the Alexi skin of Xion media player suits well with this skin
7- There are other features of this skin which are not in the preview above
8-Think of changing the weather codes to your location code under the edit section/variables.
9-worked hard on this one Realy hope you appreciate
10-This skin has a slide down power control on the top bar i used the slide down technic by esnooze on emini,

credits for that..
11- The wallpaper is from OGame a legendry online space game.
Get your weather code for the bottom left skin  from here, you type your city in the  search bar and copy the code from the adress bar,
the top right bar is from, same process.
         Merci a tous........99villages

Updated to Version 1.1
New features include
-Centonium core which is a clock,The 12 bars measures the hour once they glow,
the bar below measures seconds and the round line at the right end measures minuites..
-Inter galactic portal included, just an animated jump Gate..optional..
-User dna version 2.0..optional too..

some minor errors fixed too such as
- right corner bar cpu for small res
-atom which used to be a launcher dont launch any more
-same for the tiny text on the right corner skin
-name of launcher corrected
-radar available for small res
-map available for small res..optional..
-same for the kepler belt...optional..

on 25/04/2014</b>
:-All Log Errors Cleared..
Some skins on this package don't have any function like the Dna,galactic portal,they just use your cpu, so
are not recommended..
------thanks--and----have----a----nice----Day---99villsSweating a little... Sweating a little... 
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one piece rainmeter ^^
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This is a Lua script written with Cairo bindings to display ring meters, just like the CircleMeter adesklet by kurcze. You can customise the size, thickness, placement, colour and transparency of the rings, as well as max value and start and end angles. The meter will work for any combination of "name" and "argument" for which Conky will return a value for ${name argument}. Some examples are ${mem_perc }, ${cpu cpu0}, ${time %H.%M.%S}, etc.

Instructions for customising the rings, and for how to call the script in Conky, are in the script itself.

This package contains a screenie for reference, [link] script, and the widget code block, for use with my Conky Widgets script.

Please note that Cairo bindings for Lua are only available in Conky 1.7.2+.

If you use this script, please leave me a note saying how you've used it!

+ v1.2 -- Added option for the ending angle of the rings (07.10.2009)
+ v1.1 -- Added options for the starting angle of the rings, and added the "max" variable, to allow for variables that output a numerical value rather than a percentage (29.09.2009)
+ v1.0 -- Original release (28.09.2009)
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Again, I shrugged off the Pinkie Pie Uberpack to do something different. Due to popular request on my other Chrome themes, here is the Rainbow Dash Google Chrome theme. Now with 20% more grunge.

How to install (for both Mac & PC)
Inside the rar file is a .crx file. Simply drag it into the open browser. A small message will appear on the download bar asking whether you not you want to install the file. Hit accept, and your browser will get 20% cooler in 10 seconds flat.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (C) :iconfyre-flye:, Studio B, & Hasbro
Google Chrome (C) I don't know.
Vectors created by the artists at the #MLP-VectorClub
Designed by :iconmilesprower024:
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