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Name: Oskar J.
Last name: Louis

Age: 18
Race: Chinese-American
Breed: Chinese Crested mutt
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 120 lbs.

-Light Reader glasses
-A dog-collar choker
-his stylish and ever flashy hightops.

Likes: Coffee, uptight people, fall weather, being lazy, food, video games
Dislikes: Loud people, mary-sues, bullshit
-Linger around people who don't prefer his company
-Joke around
-Eat, if that counts
-If there is no one interesting around, he'll read.

Oskar is very much a people person. He enjoys hanging around or lingering for more than he's welcome. It's not that he doesn't understand social situations, he just very much enjoys being the problem in most scenarios. He is very scanty and spicy, always poking fun or looking to amuse himself. While he can seem to be quite a social butterfly, he is also very smart. His lazy exterior places him to be a loser, stoner, or a bum, when he actually suffers from insomnia. He thinks constantly and can be very much a philosophist, especially late at night when he is too tired to censor himself. Since he is so comfortable with himself, he will likely talk to anyone who walks by and easily carry a conversation if they happen to sick around. Oskar is a very lonely person and doesn't like to admit it and often blows off his own securities by placing the spotlight on someone else.

Oskar is born of the slums, of a sort. With a single mother, it's a miracle how they can even afford to have him attend school. He used to be very quiet when young and suffered from casual bullying when his breed was considered 'mutt'. Now and days, if he receives any remark about being a mutt, he will likely disregard it and not give a shit.

Additional info:
The easiest way to this pups heart is through a casual day at the park, or pizza and video games. A very easy person to please.


Oskar (c) Me
L-A (c) L-A

I'm a little late, and I don't expect to make it in. I just thought it looked like a ton of fun and the people there all looked nice as well. ^^;
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Oh wow I love this character I just randomly decided to make.... She's real fuckin cute HOLY SHIT But I can't keep her nono

She's selling for 20$ !!!

I'll most likely make more art for her because of how cute she is...

Comes with
Pretty Pink Icon by QTipps
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YCH for ShadeShi !!! Really hope you like it c:

Thank you so much for buying this!!
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can i..sleep in your bed tonight?

ahhh i was really inspired by Cuteosphere on tumblr
so i drew thiiiSSA

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‘I got a sarsaparilla chocolate for you.’ Harry said, joining Iggy on the floor of their bedroom.
‘Thanks.’ Iggy replied quietly, accepting it.
‘You shoulda come with me and Cam. I get why Xee didn’t want to, she doesn’t like sweets. But you do.’ Harry contemplatively nibbled at a bead on the candy necklace he was clasping.
Iggy gave a tiny chuckle. ‘Nah,’ he mumbled. ‘I’d get stared at.’
Harry stopped chewing, lowering the necklace from his mouth. ‘You could wear a costume, though, because that’s what you’re supposed to do.’
‘Yeah,’ Iggy shrugged, looking away. ‘But I’d still feel… weird.’
Harry looked at his hands, and then at Iggy’s. He smiled sleepily, laying the necklace around his neck for safe-keeping, ‘S’better than being normal.’ he said assuredly.
Iggy smiled, but his ears lowered a fraction.
‘Will you come next year?’ Harry asked hopefully.
‘Maybe.’ Iggy tried to make his tone match the brightness in Harry’s eyes.
‘Aren’t you gonna eat your chocolate?’ Harry pointed to the offending item. Iggy closed his fingers around it a little tighter, his smile growing genuine.
‘I’ll save it.’ he said.


Ten years later Iggy still has the wrapper for that chocolate. He's got a little horde of memories in a shoebox he keeps under his bed... he's such a girl xD

Sooo I'm feeling lousy and exhausted.. there were a million other things I should have been doing, but I wanted to draw something sweet instead.

I was going to make a comic of what happened at Halloween the year after this when Harry ate too many coffee crisps, buuut I was too tired :c

Mm, happy halloween y'all :3 :heart:
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Contest Prize for superiior !!! Congrats on winning c: all your charies are so freaking cute im gonna crey

These kinds of drawings will be available as commissions :D
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For :iconzeroconfidence:

Sorry I took so long, I am busy with school and other life things. I hope you at least enjoy this. I am not to proud of the breaking glass thing. Haha it looks like a blob, I cant really fix it because I feel like i would make it worse.. I guess I need to practice on broken glass.
Hope you enjoy.

Maybe slightly unactive, I am really tired from school and I'm stressed out. I need to relax..

I would appreciate if you commented and maybe critique this all criticism is accepted here..

Bye bye.
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For my friend MioKuagari who wants to be a cute cow
tell him he can be cute and make him feel awesome! 
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ok but yeah i made him cause my friend wanted me to so we could rp and stuff
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Sorry for lack of Christmas art. x3 But this guy is one I drew while feeling a little sick and having no internets.

Is a snake monster concept. :3 Just popped into my head and so he came out. All the markings are there to fill in the blank space that was his spine.

I know that he's got some anatomy issues with his arms and his back. >w> I just wanted to draw something cool and he's what came out. I love his head, though. That tongue and those fangs >3

Art (c) me
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