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This time I worked mostly on the clothes and a bit more on his face.

So, a bit more work on the hair and the face.
Because there was some confusion with my last comment: The picture I abandoned isn't the picture you can see here. The other one was bigger and I had trouble working with the size, most of all because there aren't so many details and it became boring for me very soon. I know it sounds weird, but for me it's easier to draw a picture with more details than with less.

I'm not sure how long I promised some people to draw Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter books. It must be two years now, maybe even longer. I started a picture some time ago, but I didn't like how it came out so I abandoned it very soon. I think this one will be much better :)

I've to say I like drawing the hair :D

Tools: Pencils from H to 8B, eraser, tortillons, tissues
Duration: don't ask, I've no idea
Size: approx. 20 cm X 29 cm
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EDIT: Time to smash some background colours in. Hair is almost done. It´s getting better :).

My most recent project. I felt in the mood for doing something colourful again.

Faber Castell Polychromos on A3 Hahnemühle sketchpaper.

If you like you can guess who she is. I drew her already ;).

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Haven´t I mentioned that I love certain HP books... :blush:

Then you might guess who this girl is... (just look at her hair :lol:)

red chalk on paper, 20x30cm
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My version of Filli from the Deltora Quest series.

In the books he's always 'chattering' with joy or fear, etc.
Which made me imagine a rodent clicking its teeth together. The anime version of him is really off mark: [link]
He doesn't even chatter in the anime. :c

So I made my version of him, halfway between anime version (greenish colour), and the book version (what I imagined).

The green/gray colour didn't come out the right way with coloured pencil, and i'm hopeless at trying to fix it in Photoshop. So just pretend some of the gray is visible in there somewhere. And someone knocked me when I was doing to lineart for the back foot, so it's all wonky. :c

And yes, i'm fully aware that Filli is a siskis, but whose to say that just isn't a Deltora version of an already existing animal? And it's not like we see green ferrets running around.

His pelt it speckled because I wanted him to have a sort of camouflage in the forest (mimics dotted light through the canopy).

Media: Coloured Pencils, black pen.

Filli (c) Deltora Quest, Emily Rodda.
This version (c) Me.

/Will be scrapped soon.
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Practicing with acrylics, second try
Natural colouring with this (more than the previous, at least)

Itachi is turned out younger than initially intended ^^ he looks like around 17, maybe.
Painting this I realized that the contour of the face is the main difference between him and his brother (except the typical facial creases and eyelashes). Just a bit more rounded and then this is Sasuke's face... while Itachi's is a bit more sharp.

Acrylics on canvas panel

Itachi (c) Masashi Kishimoto

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Doing some studies to keep the good ol' drawing hand up to snuff! Definitely need to do more of these; might try and make a morning habit out of it. A good face is essential to a good finished painting!

These are all from movie stills, ranging from about 15 minutes to an hour and a half each. Props if you can guess them all. =P
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Vidar waited since long for a Cremello requests...^^
it was a very typical Obertaurer colour,
as they could hide perfectly in the snow.
Along with light buckskins and pale palominos.
Badger was caught by Vidar because of her Badger face,
in hope she would pass it to some offsprings since it
looked quite neat xD Today he got a message from Damon
that SWS would like to take Badger,
he stroke her nose and said goodbye
"Make your breed proud dear"

Import Letter: [link]

Name: ?
Nickname: Badger
Gender: Mare
Breed: Obertaurer (pure)
Age: 7 years
Height: 178 cm
Colour: Flaxen Cremello Tobiano (ee/Aa/nT/ff)
a bit sheepish but trusts human easily,
Friendly and gentle.

Badger's new owner is ~StillRaging
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Finally :la:

I wanted to do this a long time ago and I finally did it :D My annual renruki fanart re-drawing thing xD

So yeah, It's been almost 3 years now from that very first fanart. The 2009 version was drawn on the older version. Both of them were done is Open Canvas whereas 2011 version was drawn in Photoshop. The 2008 version was drawn with 48 layers : O It's hard to believe looking at it but It's true! The 2009 version had less layers and the 2011 version had 3 ( characters, background and flower petals. I usually draw on one layer but I forgot to merge two bottom layers lol:I).

Well, I guess I improved a bit ^^; Memes like this brings me hope that I'll learn how to draw properly someday :I

Cheers :heart:

blank meme [link]
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using this tool [link]
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