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Early step of my Megan Fox drawing. As you can see the size is A2 "again" :D

Not much more to say. Well I have to draw a huge amount of hair this time :D

Sketch done with a 3H pencil.

WIP II: [link]

Final piece: [link]
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I wanted to draw another "Iron Man 3" related thing and the itching in my hand got to I started this drawing. Pepperony! :D

I'm currently working the night-shift, so I will have no clue when to finish this.
So here is me sharing the WIP. :D

Done (at the moment)
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yay for creative titles..

done with colored pencils
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Luckily, I am almost done color her.

FINISHED~ Hopefully she is good enough. = v =
Now we all know I can't color POC.


n a m e
g e n d e r

a g e
n a t i o n a l i t y
Born in the Northern Water Tribe, resides in Republic City
a f f i n i t y
b u i l d


j o b
s k i l l
❖ Sewing – When she moved to Republic City, this was one of the things her stepmother taught her. With an extra set of sewing hands, her stepmother gave her the task of sewing clothes for the shop.
❖ Massaging – Bomi has lived with old women for 10 years. In that decade, the old women has trained her to be a masseuse for their aching backs, sprang ankles, sore hands, and tender shoulders.
❖Theatrical Performance – Those old women needed a source of entertainment. When gossiping and crocheting wasn’t enough, they had sweet little Bomi act out stories, sing or dance for the women. She’s decent but her lively personality makes her performances all the more amusing.


Bomi is like a mentally ill grandma. She is very air-headed and often finds herself spacing out very so often. The girl enjoys fantasizing and gathers inspiration from all sorts of places. But because she spaces out too much, she has to write down reminders for herself or nothing will be finished. From time to time, she freaks people out by her random laughing and furious mumbling.

When her mind is present, Bomi is not the social butterfly. It takes time to build a trusting relationship with her. To strangers, she is shy, timid, and often mistaken to acting snobby towards people. She will stare and smile but replies are little to none. Once Bomi knows she can trust you, she becomes more lively and more willing. The Bomi around friends is the sight to see. She acts a little stupid and loosens up, just to see her friends have a good time. She is very caring and worries about the moods of others. If they aren't not content, she is not content.

Her speech is formal but she has been working on speaking slang to others. She also begins to stutter when she is nervous. Because of her initial awkwardness towards people, her family finds her an eyesore and keeps her behind the scenes. With the help of her stepsisters, she uses their guidance to help herself to be socially friendly. It’s her biggest insecurity. She has a hard time telling if people are on the same level as her or they just don’t like her. Sometimes, Bomi think there is a conspiracy against her and she becomes paranoid. Times like these, she rather just stay alone and sew.



The tea’s aroma was sweet and flowery. It was the chrysanthemum tea she had just brew and watched as the shriveled up flower hydrated and bloom once more on top of the boiling water. Today was the mark of her grandmother’s death six years ago and all she wanted to do to commemorate her grandmother was to sip her favorite tea and reminisce.


Her memory montage was cut short as she wearily turned to the source of the noise. It was her stepsister standing at the doorway. She envied her sister very much. The way Sa Ra carries herself alone was enough to make Bomi weep. Unlike her, the Inuit girl’s overall posture screams insecure. Sometimes she wondered if maybe she had grew up in Fire Nation, she would have more confidence.

“Bomi, mother wants you to come up front and run the store for a while,” Sa Ra explained.

“T-t-to run the shop?” Bomi asked. This made Bomi utterly uncomfortable. She was never good at talking to strangers. In the six years she has been working at the shop, she barely associates herself with the costumers. Everybody in her family knew it but since they know, this must have been really important. “um…ok….but where is everyone going?”

“Well stop day dreaming and hurry up,” her sister commanded, “Mother and I are going to browse for fabrics of the season. We can’t trust Min with the shop and Sang knows nothing about running the shop. So you’ll have to step up for today.”

A smile crept onto Bomi’s face as she heard her sister’s explanation. For them to have faith her was enough to lighten her somber day. Delighted with the chance of showing herself worthy, Bomi hopped to her feet and followed her sister but as soon as her stepmother laid down all the procedures and rules, the scared little Inuit girl found herself back to Bomi. When stepmother and Sa Ra was out of sight, the girl let out a long sigh and her smile quickly disappeared. She really wants to go back and sew, but on the other hand, if she can do it, not only is she proving her family wrong, but herself. She wants to be able to be less socially awkward. All will be tested as the first costumer walked in.

“H-hi. Welcome to Pasteru. How may I….help you?” Bomi greeted with a forced smile.


f u n f a c t s
❖ Bomi’s mother left her with her grandma when she was 4 because her father wanted to marry another woman.
❖ Her grandma’s best friend taught her how to waterbend.
❖ At the age of 14, her grandma died. Bomi finally gave in and moved to Republic City with her father and her new family.
❖ Bomi works as one of the seamstress for her stepmother’s shop.
❖ She has acquired two stepsisters and a half brother: Sa Ra, Min, and Sang.
❖ Her stepsister, Sa Ra, is a firebender.
❖ Bomi’s bra size is: 34B. She wants bigger assets.
❖ The shop sells dresses for special occasions.

r e l a t i o n s h i p s

No friends…
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I decided to make them new characters to my story 24hours~!

I liked Sugar to much to not make her a new oc <3

Their names came up to me randomly well I'm Moroccan and we Moroccans drink a lot of mint tea with lots of sugar

so I guess that's where it came from haha

my bad
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Hey guys! As Many friends asked me to make a digital portrait painting tutorial, I decided to make Here it is !
this is the first version and also my first attempt to make one.It's more like a walkthrough type thing but can be useful for everyone who loves digital portrait includes pictured guiding steps, some tips and a few instructions.

click the link for the completed painting : [link] :deviation:
Thank you all very much! (^_^)

please leave a comment if you like it and...
please do not use or manipulate this artwork or any other by any means!!!!! :peace:
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I have almost finished the faces of the original crew. Only a few details here and there.
Now I have to shade the ship and the background of course.
Size is still A2 Hahnemühle Nostalgie sketchpaper with 190 gsm. All done with pencils so far.
Time: I don´t know. Countless hours :).

Thanks for looking.

Comments and critiques are always welcome.
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Step 2 of Spiderman! His suit is a bit difficult to draw and took me a lot of time!

Normal and mechanical pencils on A3 Hahnemüle sketchpaper!

Spiderman and all it´s characters are copyright by MARVEL!!! Can I still say that... by MARVEL?? I´ve heard that Disney bought Marvel :confused:!

WIP I: [link]
WIP III: [link]
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Final WIP of my never ending Star Trek drawing. Well the worst things were done but I am not really satisfied with the background.

But I will finish the Enterprise first. After that I will add more background. It is better than if I would make it the other way around because I can better see how the background match with the rest of the drawing.

Hope to finish it as soon as possible. I need to draw Megan Fox :D.

Thanks for looking :).
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