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Eye - detail. Great for 2D/3D art and textures. You can use it also as an royalty free stock photo for your artworks, but please send me the link For full resolution 3744 x 5616 px plese click on "Download image" button. More photos of eyes on [link]
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Taken in my kitchen.

If you would like to use this stock, please let me know and link back to my account.

:heart: Susan
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please, write a comment when you use this stock.
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Feel free to use as stock so long as you:
-link me to the deviation
-note me that you have used it
-DO NOT use my stock for commercial or published purposes (other than dA prints) without first requesting and receiving a signed written document with my permission.
-Permission is already given for use in dA prints, so long as the image is reasonably different from the original.
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Please download for full size
See the rules in my journal
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Art Account | Terms of Use
 |  Unrestricted Stock | Exclusive Stock

This stock is UNRESTRICTED. 

Please keep in mind:

"Unrestricted stock" means the stock image can be freely used for personal and commercial projects, but it cannot be sold or redistributed as-is. 
You are not required to obtain permission prior to using this stock off-site, in DA prints, or other profitable endeavors.

Though not required, I ask that you please credit & notify me, if possible.

Please note: the rest of my stock gallery is NOT necessarily unrestricted too. 
So please be courteous and read/respect the rules if there are any listed in the Artist's Comment box below each stock image.

Even though this stock is unrestricted, please respect my request to not include my photos in pornographic projects or other pieces involving hate, racial or gender discrimination, etc.
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Created about a year and a half ago, added here today - hopefully useful.
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Stock use terms!
:bulletgreen: You can download, manipulate & upload any
-stock IMAGES, LAYERS & BOKEH available here;
-NO need to ask permission to use the images;
:bulletred: But you MAY NOT manipulate or upload my WALLPAPERS.
-(for personal desktop use only. no editing.)
:bulletorange: Please notify me where the work is by -comment-
:bulletyellow:If you want to make a print out of the images
-then you must ASK FIRST.
(It's illegal otherwise!)
:bulletpink: Most importantly, you must somewhere give credit&link back to
"Clarabellafaire @*DyingBeautyStock" on work &/or website.

:bulletpurple:) For easy find, Tag your image 'dyingbeautystock' (on dA/flickr/etc)
to be found by me & placed in favorites or featured! ^^

Commercial payments currently accepted are:
-Paypal @
-Points via deviantART
-The art in print
-The published book or Magazine in print
-Clothing/Accessories from designers/stores
Please only Email
for use on commercial ideas, book covers, CD kits..
and with any other questions, ideas, or comments you'd like to share

Let's collaborate!! :camera:
Western, Mass. Photographer & alternative model
looking to work with out-of-the-ordinary, wardrobe designers,
makeup artists, hair stylists, and other photographers&models!
Please note or email
Tumblr | Art | Flickr | Facebook | Model Mayhem | @clarabellafaire
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This is a Free stock image for DeviantArt members only! - Please read below for commercial usage.
Blue Butterfly Divider by CherushiMetsumariBlue Butterfly Divider by CherushiMetsumari

 :bluebutterfly: by CherushiMetsumari
Down Arrow Link to usage rules below Click Thumbnail for Full rules! Down Arrow

Commercial/Unrestricted use of ANY of my stock images is now available for a cost of £7.50
Payment can be made to my PayPal bullet by emocx Address
>>click here to purchase >>…

Please state your name and photo you are wanting to use for commercial use in notes when paying.
:bluebutterfly: by CherushiMetsumari
still require notification of stock use, however you may use the image
with intention to sell as PART of a
design/manipulation/painting/bookcover/CD cover etc On/Off DeviantArt.
No Selling of original unedited Stock images.
Simple! :) (Smile)
>Click Me>Nickistock by NickiStock<Click me<

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Snow White Stock :heart:


YE BE WARNED: By downloading and using my stock you are agreeing to comply with the rules listed below.

:bulletblack: GIVE CREDIT ( ex: *Queens-Revenge )
(if you're unsure on how to make links or credit back go here to deviantart FAQ [link] )

:bulletblack: let me know if you use my stock by note or comment.

:bulletblack: don't just do minor changes, never upload under "photography" catagory. This is image is stock for photomanipulations, digital art, traditional drawings, not for just simple overlays, color change, etc.

:bulletblack: I do not allow my stock to be used to create another stock image or premade stock.

:bulletblack: Please be tasteful when using my images, DO NOT use my stock for images involving any kind of nudity, violence, racism, illegal, abuse or cruelty.

:bulletblack: PRINTS ARE OK IF YOU FOLLOW MY RULES :deviation:

:bulletblack: Contact me for commercial usage.

enjoy :rose:
if you have any questions, feel free to note me.
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