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My free, minimalist, compact, with black&white thumbnail brushpreset kit for the free and open-source software Krita.
Designed for my own productivity. for less color pollution on screen, and tested during monthes incrementally on github.

Download : to download the ZIP press the 'Download Button' on the top-right column of this very Deviant-art page. 

a. Digital brush, rounded, flat, angular. Opacity on pressure. F symbol = flow opacity.
b. Expressive brushes
c. Rakes or textured strokes
d. Mixbrushes and blend tools
e. Stamp / textures, cloudy, grungy
f. Hard texture and chalks
h. Tools : Eraser, Warp, Alchemy, Clone,Line.  

Compatibility : With Krita 2.8 serie

License : Brushes CC-0 /public domain . Demo picture on this page : CC-By , attributed to David Revoy.

Installation : Unzip, and copy/paste the folders into your Krita user-preference directory : screenshot on Linux .
You can open your preference directory inside Krita : Edit > Ressources > Open Resources Folder.
Restart Krita.

Support : If you need support for installing brush in your operating system, connect now to the Krita developper chat here . Fill a nickname and ask your questions, someone will reply to help you. (Note : It can take some time, be patient ).

Versions: this is V5.0, previous releases pages : V4.0 | V3.0 | V2.1 | V1.0a

On Github :…
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İlk denemem hatalar olabilir .)

Photograph by: :iconnikkeltje:
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It is certainly human nature to criticize the winner of the ATF programme and show sympathy for the other party. The YF-23 Black Widow II is no doubt a remarkable aircraft that sadly fell short of Air Force doctrine. What I present here is simple looking skin that shows how the YF-23 may have looked like in USAF service.

How to install:
Find your HAWX game directory, go to the folder "Data" and inside you'll find "textures". In there, find "geoms" and place the .dds files there. Note that if one or more of those folders don't exist, create them yourself. The game engine will automatically recognize them.

Terms of Use:
You may use this skin for any HAWX related project/mod. Just make sure to credit me.
You may not reupload this file anywhere.
You may edit this file and create a derivative, but credit me as well.
You may not claim this file as your own.

Wikipedia and Scramble for the references and logos.
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If you use PLEASE CREDIT: [link] or Blakravell
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If you use PLEASE CREDIT: [link] or Blakravell
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Your last chance to win actions

The last day of the action give away. And to celebrate an action pack with 14 action is up for grabs!

You can win this action in celebrating the opening of our blog Le awesome. We will be giving away 5 of these actions.

If you want to win please check out the article about it here: [link]

stock: [link]
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Set includes 20 text brushes

Some images from stock exchange

They were created in Photoshop version 7.0

Leave a comment or a fave, and give me credit when you use these. Thanks!

I give permission for =Manip-Equips to submit and display this work.

Brush Rules
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An aspiring artist looking for references? Or maybe a fan?
Do you have Photoshop or After Effects?
Curious of how the files of my artworks and animations look like?

For 100 points, you can download a 75MB zip file containing the following:

1700x2200px PSD file (with notes) of

850x1100px PSD file (with notes) of

2368x480px PSD file (with notes) of

1600x900px PSD file of

2550x1650px PSD file of


640x360px x 73 frames PSD and AEP files of

3 of the PSD files have notes included to serve as assistance.

Important Note:

If you're encountering a problem with the AEP project, where the footage files are said to be missing, please do the following steps:
-Right-click the missing footage from the Project panel and choose "Replace Footage > File..."
-Select the file with the corresponding filename and click "Open".
-Do this with the other missing footage files.

You may also need to download and install the latest Quicktime to run .mov files. [link]

If you're having trouble receiving an incomplete set of files inside the zip after a couple of attempts of downloading, please note me with a screenshot of the contents you currently have. I'll provide you an alternate download link.

Additional Information:
To help out other artists around, here's a shot of the sales I received: [link]

Thank you to those who purchased my product! Every single dollar is a huge help for me! Thank you thank you!
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