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The Doctor was lying on the metal floor of the TARDIS. 'It's not working,' he thought to himself. 'I can't remember her face.'
He started yelling and kicking. He lifted himself up and walked to the room she used to sleep in. His brain could not control his body anymore. He kneeled next to the bed and rested his head on the soft blanket. Tears were bathing his face. His voice broke out and he was sobbing.
The Doctor raised his head and looked to the left. There she was. A rusty, foggy ghost image of Rose.
"No!" he yelled and buried his face back into the covers of the bed.
"Doctor, don't cry," Rose almost whispered. "I'm here."
"It's impossible. I used the last of the breach. I'm dreaming." He closed his eyes tightly, and tears fell from his face.
"You aren't. I found the last opening this time."
"THIS time," the Doctor chuckled.
Rose grinned and crossed her arms. "That's what I'm talking about! A little laugh."
"How am I supposed to laugh when you aren't here? When you're not around to make me even smile? I thought losing my planet was the end of me, but now I've lost everything!"
"Doctor, don't talk like that. I'm right here."
The Doctor looked around the room in a daze, and then gave a steady look to Rose. "How long?"
"About two minutes."
The Doctor laughed a soft, crazy laugh.
"What is it?" Rose asked.
"Just a little deja vu."
Rose and The Doctor both smiled at each other and broke into laughter. Rose's laughter soon turned to crying. "It isn't funny! I want to see you forever, but I'll never see you again! Remember when I said I'd never never leave you? What happened to that?!"
The Doctor went as close to Rose (or rather, Rose's image) as he could. "Rose, it'll be okay. Remember before I regenerated, before the time vortex? Remember when I told you if there's one way to remember me, it's to have a FANTASTIC life? Rose, I still want you to have a fantastic life."
"Doctor... how am I supposed to have a fantastic life without you?"
"You'll find your way."
"I love you, Doctor. I love you so much!"
He brushed his fingers through his hair, uneasy. "Rose, this is the last time I'll see you. Right? I mean, what if there's still another opening? What if we--"
"Damn it, Doctor! Just say it!"
The Doctor held his breath and focused in on Rose. He thought about what to say, but couldn't think straight. He shook his head and looked into her eyes. "Rose Tyler, I... I love you. I love YOU. I will always cry over you, and I will always miss you. But promise me you'll have a fantastic life."
"I promise!"
"Plus, you still have Mickey..."
...They were silent. For once in their lives, they had no idea what to say to each other.
The Doctor reached his hand to touch Rose. As he did so, she started to fade. "Good bye, Doctor," she said.
"Good bye, Rose."
She disappeared forever this time. The Doctor fell to his knees and began to cry.
So I'm really heartbroken over Doctor Who. And I mean, I've never felt so much pain before. I know it's a fictional story, but it made me cry nonetheless. I've cried for hours now.
But anyways. I figure if I write my own ending, maybe it'll help me feel better. So I've written something that ties up loose ends. It's still extremely sad and makes me cry, but it makes things feel more secure.

I know their dialogue sounds a bit cheesy, but that's honestly the kind of things they'd say. So, please don't think it's cheesy.
And it goes kind of fast, because it's made up of mostly dialogue. It doesn't describe how they're talking or what they're doing in between speech. But I guess you just have to imagine. Maybe if you've ever seen the show, it'd be easier.
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Halloween is coming up.

I always loved Halloween, and not just because I was born around that time of year.
I always loved it because it's the one time of year where most people are willing to face their fears, to stop looking away from the darkness in which lies their own distorted reflection, locked away deep within their subconscious

During that one time of year, people get to see what I see.

I was about 6 years old when I first experienced the agony of true horror.
I only have very vague memories of my childhood, but everything about that night remained in my mind, clear as crystal.
Sure I had been scared before. We all have, it's part of being a child. Fear is a plant that grows deep within the holes of our knowledge, filling the voids until one day the light comes shinning. Until then, we are bound to be scared of the things we don't understand, children and adults alike. But children live in a world filled with the unknown, where the roots of fear have plenty of room to spread. Adults will give them tools to dig their way into it, filling the gap in their knowledge one question at the time, but it'll always come a time when fear catches on.
I thought I was past that state. I had fears, and those had been defeated by simple observations and a little logic. Sure I still had the occasional nightmares, but they no longer kept me up. Until that one night.

I woke up around 2 or 3 am. I often woke up around that time of night, usually to go to the kitchen get a snack and read comic books. Still half asleep, I was clumsily reaching for the light switch when I started hearing this strange sound coming from somewhere in my bedroom. It was soft but distinctive and regular. I dropped the light switch and started listening.
My mind eventually identified it, and the realization that followed chilled my blood.

The sound of someone breathing.

No, not someone.

The sound was too deep and yet too loud to be human. Unless of course someone was doing it on purpose to scare me. It was the first thought that came to me of course, and convinced a member of my family was pulling my leg, I softly started calling out their names.
First I called my sister's name. The breathing remained steady. I called out my mom, then my dad. No answer.
Being an unusually rational kid, I convinced myself there was a simple explanation to all this and started reviewing all the possibilities.  
I did not have a TV in my room, or any sort of machine that could have made a sound like this. My family did not own a dog, or any kind of pet, and my door was closed so it couldn't be coming from anywhere else in the house.
Suddenly, I realized the breathing sound was coming from under my bed.
That's when my sanity finally popped like a bubble of soap.

For the first time in my life, I was in the presence of something nightmarish and real.
A child's worst nightmare brought to life.

There was a monster under my bed.

That thought finally sank in, and although my first idea was to turn on the light, I realized I was too terrified to move.
The very idea of seeing the creature with my own eyes was unbearable to me. I remained in an agonizing silence, holding perfectly still for what felt like hours, my imagination filling my mind with images of gruesome nature, my thoughts now populated by black and hairy wolf-like monsters staring at me from the darkness with red eyes and grinning muzzles dripping with drool.
My now completely irrational mind had come to the conclusion the monster probably hadn't find me yet, and that I would remain hidden as long as the lights were off.
And so I waited, helpless, for whatever's breathing was now echoing in my head to find me and end this agony. But it didn't.
Instead, the fear brought me to a point where I was willing to die to end this nightmare. I wanted the monster to find me and get it over with. My reason was now but a mad scream, scaring itself at an alarming rate and begging for oblivion.

And so I screamed.

I screamed at the top of my lungs, releasing the terror I had been accumulating and inviting the creature to jump out of his hiding place and eat me alive. I screamed and I screamed, until finally the light came back into the room as my mother opened the door to see what was going on. What happened next is a little less clear, but I still remember looking down to finally gaze upon the objet of my fears and finding my godfather's old dog.

My godfather had gone on a trip for the weekend, and my parents accepted to keep his dog while he was away. I was very fond of it, and so my mother thought it would be a nice surprise for me to find him in my room when I woke up, so she snuck him in after I fell asleep.
I could have figured it out for myself of course, if only I had managed to remain rational for just a little while longer, but through that experience I learn just how fast fear can spread to your mind like a drug, clouding your judgment and twisting your senses.
From a simple lack of information, my fears had been allowed to run wild, like a pack of mad dogs whose shackles had suddenly vanished.

From this day on, my life changed. Instead of locking it all away, I became obsessed with becoming the master of these mad dogs. Inspired by the Scarecrow from the Batman comic books, I began to confront my own fears. One by one, I started analyzing my phobias, and with the help of my mother's psychology books, I started to make sense of them.
I played with snakes and caressed hand-sized spiders, I stood from the highest places and looked down at the abyss, I forced myself into confined spaces and began to live in the dark. I stepped into the shadows of my own subconscious, looked straight in the face of my demons and found their origins, but the more I hunted this forbidden emotion, the more I realized its source was beyond my grasp.

Fear comes from the unknown, and as long as there are mysteries, it will live on.

For at the roots of people's deepest fears, I systematically found the unknown in different forms.
Not knowing what lurks in the dark, not knowing what comes after death.
Masked killers, faceless monsters, invisible presences and unidentifiable sounds.
Everything from ghosts to unpredictable men, people quivered whenever their mind was unable to come up with anything but speculations, never to be denied or confirmed by any facts. Their imaginations would then bring to life the worst things they could possibly imagine, and the nightmares were born.
I guess all the mind games I put myself through eventually rubbed off on me. When I realized most people lived their lives sheltered away from their fears, locking away any thought that would make them uncomfortable, I was outraged.
At the age of 10 I started writing horror novel, at 12 I wrote an essay about what I thought the tortures of hell would be and gave it for my parents to read. In 10th grade, I was nominated for a speech contest and redacted a study about what actually happens to corpses after their coffins are laid into the earth, which I read in the presence of a jury composed almost entirely of catholic elderly whose expressions indicated they had been avoiding to think about it for quite a while.

But all that wasn't enough, and eventually I crossed a line I never thought I would cross.
At the age of 16, I traumatized a little boy by hiding under his bed before his mother brought him in.
I waited for her to leave the room, and after the lights went off I started pulling the sheets from under his bed.
When he bravely came to the side to look down, I raised out a pale hand and grabbed one of his stuffed animals.
He stood perfectly still as I brought the plushy back into the shadows, and finally, when the nervously asked who was down there, I recreated the nightmarish breathing sound from which my waking nightmares were born, completing the damage by whispering his name which a growling chuckle.

The mother never bothered to check under the bed after he called out for her in terror, and either way I was already long gone.
I had made my escape while he was hiding under the covers, strangled by the same agonizing horror I once tasted.
The satisfaction I experienced after that fuelled the worst idea factory ever to fill the corners of my twisted mind, and over the years, I brought a lot more of people's fears to life, each time experiencing the same shameful thrill than I did the very first time, never revealing myself to them so the gap of knowledge would remain and the fear could live on. I was a thing of the shadows, an unidentifiable sound, a faceless monster.
I had become the very object of the fear I thought I would never master.
How could I be scared of the unknown if I WAS the unknown ?

A psychiatrist once told me I had done something terrible to myself by crossing this line.
He said that, while being afraid merely made me human, preying on someone's fear made me a monster.

I think he was just afraid.
Here's a little Halloween story for ya.

I dramatize a little bit of course, but it's all true.
I'm not proud of all the things i've done in my life, but I rarely bail from the choices i've made. I didn't write this to brag about it either, i just felt like telling this story for a while now.
It may just entertain you, or maybe it'll make you think. Either way, here it is.

Feel free to write me about the scariest thing you've experienced in real life, i'd be very interested in reading about it.

Happy Halloween. :iconpumpkinplz:
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A good, couple decades ago...

In a small town, there lived an equally small family, by the name Callaghan. The Callaghan family was famous in their town for being the richest family for miles around. Even though everyone knew about the Callaghan’s', no one knew how they came upon their riches.

The Callaghan family had only 6 people at the time. There was, Mister Callaghan himself, his wife, and both of his parents. His eldest child was a son, and his youngest, a daughter.

The boy was very protective of his younger sister. His name was Lucian Vail. He was 15 years of age during this event. He was tall, with messy dark-brown hair, hazel eyes, and an even, tan complexion. His sister, Keira Vail, was 14 years of age. She was a delicate girl. Her eyes were a very pale green that shimmered in the sunlight. Her long, curly, dark brown hair was almost longer than her height. She was fair-skinned topped off her doll-like appearance. She was a curious girl, just like her brother.

One day, the two of them set off for the candy shop to buy sweets for each other with their allowance. The other girls her age stared at Keira's beautiful dress. Even though it was her normal dress, it was nicer than the other girls' formal dresses. The girls also gazed at Lucian's handsome face as he smiled at Keira, as he fed her the chocolate her bought her. In turn, Keira let Lucian take a lick of her ice-cream.

"A-an indirect k-kiss!" one girl whispered to another.

If only those girls knew they were related...

Later that afternoon, they were walking home when a strange two-head clown passed by, and handed Keira a flier. Lucian could have sworn he saw the female’s eyes flash blood-red before she left.

The flier read, “Dark Woods Circus.”

“Lucian, let’s go!” Keira stated, almost processed.

With that, the headed off to the woods.
This is the storyline, for my next web-comic.

If you want to see it, go to YOUTUBE, and search those names.
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Kamui Gakupo raised his blade, and with total precision that comes from years of training in the way of the samurai he sliced cleanly through it until he reached the table's surface. There was only a thin, clear sheen left on his blade as he pulled it out of the vegetable's flesh with a squishing sound.
He sheathed his sword and left the kitchen to check on the coals that were burning at the Vocaloid family outdoor grill. Most of the coals had already turned white and the heat felt even when he put his arm over the low burning fire.
"Ah, perfect." Gakupo knew that he had cut his eggplant even without having to look, it was one of those things that you do so many times you do not even have to think about it. He did kind of wish that he could put his samurai training to slightly better use. Oh well.
He carried the plate of eggplant halves outside to the grill and placed them equidistant from the center of the fire. The center of the fire was where all of the heat was, and he really wanted them to be cooked evenly this time, raw eggplant was just not the same as eggplant cooked just right.
Gakupo went inside and put the plate in the sink to wash after he was finished. Somebody had left a green crayon in the Vocaloid family dishwasher and they would have to wait to get a replacement, so until then whoever ate last gets stuck with the dish washing duty.
Not that Gakupo minded; he was always very punctual about meals. Some Vocaloids were so busy with writing new songs, testing new sounds or learning new instruments that they hardly ate at all. Miku Hatsune and Kasane Teto were notorious for keeping stocks of their favorite foods (Leeks and bread respectively) hidden in their room so that they might not be seen for days at a time in between singing and editing songs.
Gakupo opened the refrigerator and began shifting through the Vocaloid family favorite foods. There was a king's ransom in oranges for Rin Kagamine, a fairly large bunch of bananas for her brother Len, a log cabin made of carrots for his sister Megapoid Gumi, and a large salt water tuna for Luka Megurine.
Gakupo moved aside some beer and decided that he would just like a tossed salad to go with his dinner. He pulled a bag out of the vegetable drawer and shut the refrigerator door with his foot.
As he reached into one of the cabinets to get a bowl, Luka Megurine walked into the room. Gakupo had been secretly crushing on her since her release in two-thousand nine; he had only been a year and a half old but he had fallen like a fool for her cool somewhat mysterious character.
She had the softest looking pink hair that swished past her waist as she walked and she was the only Vocaloid produced by the Crypton Corporation that was not dressed in something of a school uniform. (Like Miku or the twins) She had the calmest way of expressing herself, almost to the point of being apathetic but that only made her seem even more mature and aloof.
Gakupo put down his bowl and started pouring salad in without looking directly at Luka. He prayed that his Jinbaori was not stained or wrinkled.
"Good evening Luka," He said with a respectable tone "I'm surprised you are eating so early." He hoped he was coming off as cool and collected, or at least mysterious as a samurai ought to be. He was so shy he would be surprised if he hadn't begun blushing.
Luka didn't say a word but strode right through the kitchen and grabbed Gakupo's jinbaori with both hands and turned him around until he was facing her.
"Crap!" Gakupo thought. "What did I do this time?"
He closed his eyes, thinking back to all of the times he had made some slight offense that had set a family member off on a rampage that had ended in violence. Since he was skilled in combat, he could have easily fought back against Kaito or Len but since he had a moral code to live by, he couldn't attack the girls. Miku had once nearly broken his robot frame since he couldn't fight back.
Luka had been the worst of all. He had been clobbered so badly he couldn't even remember now what he did so wrong to make her hit him like that.
He took a gasp of breath and tried to plead for a reprieve, when Luka kissed him.
It all happened so fast, it was over in a flash. Before he could even kiss back Luka had broken away and began to walk out of the room.
Gakupo touched his lips lightly with his fingertips; the kiss had barely been a brush of her skin, but it had been enough to feel her warmth. "Luka, I had no idea you felt that way…" He knew he was blushing now, but he couldn't help it. Even if it was unmanly he though back to all the times he had felt afraid to let his emotion show and realized that they had been hiding from each other all of this time. All of that wasted time.
Luka had picked up a note book and had begun scribbling down figures. It wasn't until she mumbled "…wet." Gakupo realized she was still in the middle of writing a love song.
"Hold on a minute!" Gakupo shouted over his blooming embarrassment "Did you just use me for reference in your new song?"
"Of course." Luka said calmly as she opened the refrigerator door and pulled out her giant tuna. "As an artist I need some kind of reference to base my experience off of. I can't just write songs based off of speculation."
She swung the tuna over her shoulder and headed up the stairs into her room. "Besides, why else would I kiss you? We're not in LOVE or anything."
"You have to Cook that fish you know!" Gakupo yelled upstairs before sinking into a chair.
"…oh, she really wounded me." Gakupo said clutching his glowing chest in a fake heart attack. "No, I believe she has killed me! Urgh!"
He hurried outside and rescued his grilled eggplant from the grill and put a lid on the fire to kill the flames.
"Pfft! Can't write songs without a reference, she says! How does she write all of those songs about killing people, like Kagome kagome?" Gakupo fumed as he munched on his salad.
"And why me? Why couldn't she just Google it?" He ripped through his eggplant without tasting it. "Why does she have to lead me on like that? Is it possible she doesn't know my feelings?"
By the time he calmed down enough to enjoy his dinner, it was already gone. So Gakupo rinsed his plate and left it for somebody else to wash.
He went into his room and plugged in the wires to recharge his system into his back and practiced playing the chords for his new song with the guitar.
Gakupo was the only Vocaloid with a glowing chest plate and a full body blue skin over his wiring. The blue skin had glowing light blue roads up and down his body that pulsed as they surged with energy. He had never asked his master why every other Vocaloid had human skin all over their body while he had only normal hands and feet, but now it seemed almost necessary.
Why had he been made different? He was the only Vocaloid who had been made with his occupation in mind. Master even used special technology to give him samurai skills before he even developed a personality. Being a samurai was so much a part of him that he hadn't even questioned it before.
Should he?
Was his strange body to blame for Luka's lack of interest? Was it because she didn't like samurai? Or long hair? Why didn't she like him?
Gakupo's playing turned from his new song to paranoid doll, to the chords for imitation black, but he still couldn't take his mind off of Luka so he put down his guitar.
Suddenly, Gakupo heard something. He listened closely, it could have been a high note for a song, or Gumi playing the violin, or…
No! It was definitely a scream! And it sounded like it was coming from Luka's room! He yanked the cords out of his back and shook off the feeling of dizziness when the energy was suddenly cut off. He grabbed his jinbaori off of the bed and raced out of the room.
He hustled out the door and sped down the hallway, leaping over one of the Kagamine's who was lying face down on the rug. He reached Luka's door when another earsplitting shriek came from within.
"Hold on Luka!" Gakupo cried as he kicked the door in with one massive blow.
"What's going on, Gakupo-san?" Len Kagamine had been the one lying down and was suddenly alert when the situation hinted of danger.
Luka bounded out of the open door and leapt into Gakupo's open arms. Startled he grabbed her waist and her thighs and struggled to keep from dropping her. At first she wrapped her arms around his neck and held on as if for dear life, but then she screamed in his ear "SPIDEEER!!" and tried to climb up and over his shoulder.
Her white night gown flapped in his face as he tried to keep his balance while she escaped over his shoulder. It was the dress she used in all of her "Just be friends" promotions and she said it was so comfortable that she wore it whenever she wasn't clad in her black and gold garb.
Luka landed nimbly on the ground and with the speed of a panther she raced to the end of the hallway and down the stairs.
Gakupo stood aghast. A spider? The cool mysterious Luka was afraid of a spider?? He shook his head around and mused at the fascinating new side of Luka he had found today.
"Hey Len, let's do something nice and get that spider out of Luka's room, okay?"
"No way. I hate spiders. And I'm not helping you get lucky!" Len scoffed tucking his bangs behind his ear. If Gakupo hadn't been soliciting his help, he might have hit the rude little kid, but instead he devised a scheme.
"Okay, well if I catch it I'm putting it in Rin's room and when she comes out screaming I'll tell her it was you."
Len's face turned pale and he swooped into Luka's room and began shifting through piles of paper's and clothes.
"Man, Luka onee-chan doesn't look like the messy type but this room speaks for its self."
Gakupo nodded and bent down to look under Luka's salmon colored bed. Suddenly something huge and fuzzy shot out from underneath ad made a beeline for the door. He jumped back, knocking Len over as the huge spider escaped out the open door.
"Gakupo-san, was that the spider?"
Gakupo was stunned and merely nodded.
"But Gakupo-san, that one was almost the size of a cat!"
Gakupo stood up and peeked out the door frame. The mammoth spider headed over to the stairs and raced down out of sight.
"Luka headed down stairs! She's in danger! Come on Len!" Gakupo raced down stairs and without taking more than a brief glance down he leapt over all of the steps.

Luka sat at the bottom of the stairs thoroughly embarrassed. She had big time freaked out in front of Gakupo, she even climbed over his shoulder!
"Oh, why did I do that? I'm such a super wimp!" She scorned herself.
"It's not my fault!" Herself answered back "Did you see the size of that spider. It must have been twice the size of any tarantula I've ever seen!"
Luka sighed. "I can't keep lying to myself forever. But he was right there and I couldn't help myself."
Luka wondered "I rely on him so much. He is always making sure I'm eating meals, and not working too hard. But is that love?
I mean, I know I love him, but how does he feel about me?
And even if we did share feelings, how would we act on emotions?"
Luka sighed even deeper. "It's too bad I can't Google my emotions!"
Luka had kissed him and he had only told her that she needed to cook the fish before she ate it. What does that reaction mean? Does he only care about her so far as a roommate cares for another roommate?
Luka heard bumping coming from her room and wondered what the two boys could be doing up there. She heard footsteps coming down the hall and looked up stairs…
…just in time to be face to face with an eight eyes- fanged monster! The spider was right on top of her and climbing up on her arm.
She screamed and jumped off the stair flinging her arm around trying to knock the spider off before it bit her.
"Luka, look out!" She heard Gakupo cry from the top of the stairs and in a flash he descended from the sky and chopped of one of the spider's legs with his musical sword. The sword gave of a melodic little chime and the spider gave a raspy squeal as it let go of Luka's arm and raced through the first story Vocaloid home.
"Come on Len, hurry up!" Gakupo called upstairs "We've got him on the run!" and the samurai chased the furry arachnid through the living room, upsetting Miku's glass of milk and causing Haku to scream when they raced past.
Gakupo and Len chased the spider down into the basement where it somehow opened the door to their master's Lab. When Gakupo opened the door he saw the monster spider on top of his master so he swung his musical sword with intent to slice the monster in half, but Master quickly side stepped the samurai holding the giant spider close.
"What is going on here?" She asked folding her reading glasses and putting them into her white coat pocket.
"We've been trying to kill that spider!" Gakupo cried thrusting his sword at the fuzzy thing which cuddled closer to master.
"It tried to kill Luka!" Len added for dramatic measure.
"Boys, boys!" Master put the spider on the ground and it happily crawled away into a large glass tank where it promptly fell asleep. "This is my new project, Halloween androids."
"Hallow…wha?" Gakupo's mouth was a gape with surprise.
"Robots people might buy for movies or a haunted house that have their own mind and can move on their own.
Gary, here" She motioned to the spider "Must have gotten out of his tank earlier today."
"Of course he did!" Len cried "That tank isn't even covered!"
"Well… what are you going to do?" she smiled.
Gakupo sank to the ground. What a rollercoaster day he'd been on! Len was also tired so he marched up stairs. "If you make a Michal Myers robot I AM OUTTA HERE!" and he slammed the door.
"Hm, that's a good idea." Master said mostly to herself.
Gakupo motioned with his hand for the master to come over, so she walked until she was right in front of him.
"Look," he said. "I'm really tired. I don't have energy to phrase this correctly, but why am I the only Vocaloid with a blue body suit. Okay?"
Master looked at him oddly. She thought he was being rather short, and a little bit tactless but the strangest thing was…
"You mean you don't know?"
Gakupo shook his head.
"I never told you?"
Gakupo again shook his head.
Master cupped her hand over her mouth. "Oh my god! How could this have slipped my mind?"
What? What is it? Gakupo pressed.
"You are the only Vocaloid I developed using NUCULAR technology. When you inhale, the plutonium in you generates heat and electric energy, when you exhale that heat energy is released. When you charge, you are actually charging the mechanical system that controls your plutonium rod. Unlike the other Vocaloid who need to charge their whole systems. Oddly enough it isn't connected to the rest of your energy system."
Gakupo was horrified. Plutonium?
"That's also why your charge takes much less time than other Vocaloids." Master rambled on.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Isn't plutonium highly explosive?" Gakupo shouted pointing to the glowing part of his chest.
"Why yes, yes it is. That is why I made you a Samurai." Master continued, "So that you would have a gentle temperament, and even if you DO get into a fight it will be smoother and less of a brawl. Oh, and try to be gentle just in case! The Plutonium in your system is strong enough to blast three or four city blocks!"
Gakupo looked to his master, and then to the giant spider.
"You're crazy!" he said, as his battery reached its very last joule of energy. His battery stopped powering his body first, so he lay on the basement floor as he felt his body systems fail him one by one.
"You'd be crazy too if you hadn't slept in three years and your father was Duke of Azerbaijan. Gakupo?" Master finally realized that his battery pack was dying and that he could no longer produce energy for himself but it was too late.
"Crap!" Gakupo thought as his vision turned black. The first things to go would be the nonessential life devices such as digestion, which in Vocaloids was only for pleasure. The next thing to go would be his five senses starting with vision. The last thing would be his thought processing unit.
"Why didn't I charge?" He asked himself furiously as Master's voice dwindled into nothingness. Hearing was already gone.
"Oh, right. Luka screamed." Gakupo would have sighed if he wasn't paralyzed from lack of energy.
"When I think back to all of the times I could have blown the whole Vocaloid family to kingdom come it horrifies me!" he thought with a quiver of terror. Why hadn't he asked Master about his strange body before?
The answer was simple. For the same reason he had never told Luka how he had secretly felt. Fear.
Well, it was no good since his fears had, in this case, been justified but he still felt rotten for letting himself get pummeled and beaten up when he could have destroyed three city blocks with the slightest jarring.
Gakupo thought glumly. Maybe this whole experience had been a metaphor for how he should handle his feelings for Luka. He hated metaphors even in literature. If somebody had something to say, why didn't they just come out and say it? Why all of the subterfuge?
But wasn't that what he had been doing? Subterfuge? Did that make him a hypocrite? Gakupo thought so .
As his vestibular sense left him, he suddenly felt as if he was floating in an ocean of nothingness. He couldn't feel anything or even feel his body.
"That's it. I've decided!" Gakupo's mind screamed at the blackness and emptiness that threatened to swallow him. "From this point on I refuse to hide or keep anything from anyone anymore! I'm going right upstairs and telling Luka that I love her! And I'm going to kiss her and if she hates me…" Gakupo would have gone on with his thoughts, but at that moment the last of the energy in his batteries was used up and he fell into a deep sleep that was too close to death for dreams.

Gakupo saw light and heard sound. He wearily opened his eyes and blinked away the blurriness that clouded his vision. "…I'll kiss her again and tell her that my heart is hers alone…" He mumbled sleepily as he scratched the sleep from the corner of his eyes.
"Who?" Luka said suddenly from a folding chair that had been opened just to the side of the white operating table.
Gakupo jumped and quickly scanned his surroundings. He was still in the basement, but he found he had been asleep on top of the operating table used to fix broken Vocaloids. He quickly jumped off the table and used the edge to prop himself up. His legs felt weaker for some reason and they wouldn't support his weight unassisted.
"Luka?" he asked "What happened?"
Luka stood up and helped Gakupo into the folding chair. He was greatful since he wasn't sure how long he could stand alone. His whole body felt shaken and weak like a newborn foal.
"Well, we let Master get some sleep, and when she woke up a few days later she was adamant about making you like the other Vocaloids." Luka said leaning against the table.
"She said something about an explosion."
Gakupo quickly explained to her all about the nuclear technology and how he could have killed them all anytime back then, and was surprised when she laughed it off.
"Hahahaha! That is just the kind of thing that could happen to us!" Her laughter was sharp and clear like the chiming of bells, and Gakupo couldn't help but think that there was something fake about it.
"So now I'm just like you, and Kaito and Gumi and everybody now?" Gakupo patted his chest and realized that he could no longer feel bulges from the glowing avenues that use to run from his chest all over his body.
He realized he was in a white bath robe and he could look down his legs from his toes to his knees. What had once been dark blue cloth had been replaced by a synthesized material that looked and felt like human skin.
"I'm normal." He sighed relieved.
"Well, since you're awake I'm going to wake up Master. She's been trying to catch up on years of sleep." Luka stood up to leave and she smiled and waved as she went to go.
"Wait!" Gakupo shouted. Luka halted at the door but she didn't turn around.
"I Love you." Gakupo stated strongly. His voice seemed to reverberate in his chest giving him more strength. "I've always loved you. Ever since January thirtieth, two thousand nine; I can't stop thinking about you. I want to know everything about you."
Luka hadn't turned around, or even made a sound or moved at all, so Gakupo continued: "I'm sorry if I've acted contrary to my heart, but I won't let the impression I made in the past stand in place of truth. I love you."
Luka was silent. Gakupo didn't know what else to say. They both just stood there awkwardly waiting. Finally Luka sighed.
"I'm sorry Gakupo-san. I just don't feel the same way. I hope we can still be friends." She took a few more steps towards the door. "Just friends."
Gakupo was crushed, but he took a few long strides over towards the door and he seized Luka's wrist. He was going to keep his promise to himself and to her.
He spun her around and she looked at him wide eyed, her mouth opened in surprise and he kissed her passionately.
At first Luka was too surprised to do anything, but then she began to kiss back. She was like electricity passing through his lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and every touch felt like pure joy. Every simple movement a sensation.
But suddenly Luka broke away. She pushed back his face and turned her whole body away.
Gakupo wiped his hand over his face. He felt like he had gone to far, after all he was meant to respect a woman's wishes, and yet…
"I know, I went too far. And I'm sorry. But I promise that my love is as undiluted and true as the rays of light from the sun. I promise that so long as I live, my existence will be only for you."
Luka shook her head and her long pink hair shimmered in a waterfall of salmon. "You should dedicate yourself to pleasing your fans, not me."
Gakupo took two steps towards her with intent to hold her elbow, her hand; touch her gently and make her look at him. But he was afraid that he might lose himself again and kiss her so he took one step back.
"I could be the most loved Vocaloid, with the most fans in the world; but Luka, it doesn't mean anything if you still aren't a fan of mine. I would trade all of the fan art and fan fiction and fan girls for a half-hour with you alone."
Gakupo blushed. "Their love for us is superficial. They love only what they see and hear on the internet. But what I have for you is real and true. It comes from countless hours spent talking and working with you.
I understand you Luka." Luka turned her head a fraction of an inch but she still hid her expression.
"Whatever reason you don't want to be together is fine. If it's because you think I'm just a dorky samurai, or because I'm from INTERNET Co while you're from Crypton or if you think I'll just get in the way of your career, whatever you decide is fine! But remember this. Love is an emotion. I can't kill these feelings with logic or reasoning. I can only let them die of neglect. I tried to hide them, but over time they just became stronger. They won't die. Not so long as you are somewhere in this world. I promise."
Luka held her head in her hands, but she didn't turn to look at Gakupo. Gakupo thought he wasn't going to get a response so he walked past her to leave the basement and go talk to another Vocaloid about the giant spider or something.
When he opened the door all the way Luka wrapped her arms around the back of his neck. He cried out in surprise and fell onto the floor.
She just hugged him. But she wouldn't let go.
"I think I love you too Gakupo."
"Then why? Why all the trouble? All the rejection?"
Luka snuggled into his chest. "Can you keep a secret?"
Gakupo wrapped his arms around her. "Of course."
"I can't remember anymore."
Gakupo chuckled and Luka beamed. They both felt so comfortable in each other's arms, it didn't matter that they were on the floor in a dark room.
Suddenly they heard applause. Meiko, Haku, Miku, The twins and Kaito were standing right outside the open door with dull expressions clapping. They had probably heard the whole thing and seen the last little bit.
Gakupo blushed furiously and Luka stood up and brushed herself off. Len added a whistle for effect and both Vocaloids marched embarrased through the cheering crowd and up into their rooms.
When Gakupo sat down at his computer desk her found he had an instant message:
"Do you regret anything you said?"
Gakupo quickly replied : "Not a bit."
"Me either."
Gakupo smiled "Want to do something a little carzy?"
Luka replied "Crazy how?"
"Meet me in my room at midnight."
Whew, I posted this deviation yesterday, but I though of a much better ending tody so I replaced it and changed the title. To those five nice people who read the old one, I'm sorry.
Rats I still have home work to do.

Part 2 :[link]
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Title: Staying Memories
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Time Frame: after 358/2 Days and KH II
Characters: Riku, Xion
Summary: "And the memories themselves will never go away", she said and closed her eyes forever, while her body disappeared in flashed light.
Note: It's my first fan fiction I ever wrote in English. Please be kind and fair to me ;)
Disclaimer: All characters are copyrighted by Square Enix and Disney Entertainment! I don't own them!
Rating: no rating needed

Two hundred. It's been that many days since I fought that Roxas boy and brought him to DiZ. It happened a lot since then. So much that I cannot explain on each detail. But since a while I have that dream…

A dream… About that raven haired girl, in her black coat holding a Keyblade.
How can that be? I am sure, I don't know her but somehow she looks so familiar to me.

Every time I have that dream of that girl, my heart feels filled with warmth and I know my mouth forming a soft smile.

Her short hair is gently waved by the breezes.
She walks through the warm sand with her naked feet. Her boots are lying closed to the wooden scurf.

I know that place. It is the playground Sora and I went when we were younger.
But Sora is not here.
Only that girl is standing on the white beach and collects sea shells. Shells?

She never spoke a word to me. Does she notice me? Am I really there? Or am I just truly dreaming?
That doesn't make sense. I feel the yielding sand below my shoes and the sun warming up my body. Or… Do I just remember those feelings from my memories? Or longing for home?
But… when that is the reason, why does she appear in my dreams?

All the time I am watching her collecting those shells. I wonder why she is doing that. Does she want to keep the memories of that place by collecting them? Maybe I should just walk and ask her, but I'm afraid she might not see me.

I look closer at her. Her body seems so small and slim. How old is she? Younger than me, I wondered. Did I ever met her before?

A fresh breeze comes up. She turns her back to the wind and looks the direction I am. That is the first time she recognized me. Is she surprised to see me?

There it is! She stands still. Just for a small moment looking at me while the waves are stroking the sand and the wind blows in my direction. Her hair waves slightly at her cheeks. First it is just a lightly smile on her lips.

So I am here! I exist in that dream!

I watch her face carefully. Want to remember that soft shaded and smooth skinny face with those beautiful blue eyes.

Fascinated by her face I didn't realize her getting closer. Now she is standing right in front of me.


Her quiet and clear voice asked me to take a look onto her hands. She holds a shell in there.
I thought it was one of those ones she collected before.

"It is the two hundredth!"  She looks up from her hand directly into my eyes.

I understand nothing and so she knows that. Her face turns sad and somehow I feel like I lost a piece of my heart. Did I forget something?

A tear rolls over her cheek. And I tried to keep it for myself by caressing her cheeks with my black gloved hand.

"You don't remember, right?" Her body begins to shiver.

"Wha- what should I remember?" I am not sure, if it is okay to question it. I do not want her to be bothered by me.

She does not answer. Did I say something wrong?

Unsure to repeat my question or not I instantly put my hands on her shoulders and looked down to her face.

Our gazes meet and it seems like she is searching for something with her beautiful azure eyes.

"… me …"

Her hand holds the sea shell tightly and presses it against her chest. I take my hands away from her shoulders, preparing myself to leave her alone. I think she mistook me with somebody else. It makes me feel strange for some reason.

"I... I don't know you…" I said and at the same time I turn around. But when I stepped away she grabs my arms and leans her forehead against my back.

"Don't leave me, please!"

This is unreal! Why shall I stay? I don't know her, I am sure! So why does she want me to stay?

Whenever I had that dream before it never went this way like it does now.  Why is it different this time?

"But… who are you? And why do you want me to stay? We don't know each other."

Maybe I should not have asked those questions. But I want to know her!

So I turn my face back to her and our eyes meet again.
She shakes her head and again tear run over her cheeks and fell down to the sand.

I sigh. I am not used to those situations. Seeing a girl crying and not knowing why she is doing that.

I am not sure what I can do. I just put my arms around her graceful body and hug her.
She grabs into the textiles of my coat.
Only now I recognize our similar looking clothes. So she has to be a member of the Organization XIII. She is an enemy! But before I can push her away to get a distance between us, she…

"It's been two hundred days, Riku!"

Why does she know my name?

"Two hundred days since I defeated Roxas, yeah." That is the only thing she might mean to, I think. What else can she expected me to remember?


"What then?"

Slightly I begin to loose my patience. It does not make sense. I am sure. I don't know her and since I determined her background I am sure I don't want to know her. But can someone be so sweet and nice to an opponent like she does?

"Since I did what you approached me for…"

I struggled with myself not to do something wrong again. So she really knows me. And if she tells the truth, we must have met before. But why? Why can I not remember that?

" I went back to Sora after you gave me time to decide what'll be the best for my friends and everyone else, but…"

She shivers again. I hold her tightly to myself and hugged her deeply. I know she is not a friend but how can I resist cheering her up? She is a girl! And girls should not cry!

"…but… When I got back to him, everyone looses their memories of me." A plaintive smile filled her lips. "That's why you cannot remember who I am."

Somehow I am shocked. I did not expect such an explanation. And angrily to say but I cannot even remember barely of that time.  Nevertheless, I believe her and I feel sorry.

Maybe things could have been different and maybe there could have been another way without losing her?

"I am sorry… Xion."

That name just pops up in my mind, right after thinking about the pain she must have been felt before. Was that the reason, why she never looked at me before, whenever I had that dream?

I cannot say why I now was remembering that name but when I look down to that raven haired little girl beginning happily smiling in my arms I knew it is her name!

A warm shower flows over my body when I look into her pretty face filled with happy tears.

I cannot resist but smiling back at her as much as she does at me.
OMG I really did it >_<
Well, I never wrote a fanfiction in English before and I NEVER EVER did a short fic D:
Anyway that's my surprising congratulation thingy for :iconrion-fc: for getting 200 members XD

Thanks to :iconryou-kimura: to be our 200 member x3
I guess, you could figure out in the story that it's for that event ^^;;;

Anyway... I know I'm bad in writing, so please so get mad with me >^< I promise never to try again xD I just couldn't resist to surprise :iconsuffering-angel: with THAT XD I guess, she imagined a new fanart!? ;)

Nyaaa~ hope you like it somehow X3
Good celebration and hopefully we're getting much more members soon who also join the contest X3
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The lives of those who dreamed of so much more, the fires of youth and life extinguished by the acts of greedy and heartless traitor of a nation who can be called only proud and strong. A strong heart and determined mind must be summoned to those who survived that day of infamy to help rebuild the nation they call home. A mind both clear and just must look through the darkness to find those of evil and bind them forever to a four walled hellish prison that never shows them the light of day.

That day, one country was shocked and devastated by the dark deeds of a demon of destruction. That day a country that fell to one knee was brought back to its full height by its dwellers' strength, courage and raw Scandinavian pride. But they are not alone, for one man turned his back on the nation of his birth; the world turned and prayed. Prayed for those now lost, prayed for those who cling loosely to life's hand and prayed that fair and blind lady justice will guide her servants to find the path and justice and prayed that the wrongs will be righted.

This is my Pray for Norway and although my flesh is red, white and green and my allegiance to the Dragon is strong. My blood is red, white and blue and my allegiance and loyalty to you cannot be shaken, disturbed or corrupted.
This is my pray for Norway. So as you may or may not know in Norway there was a bombing In the capital Oslo and a gunman attacked a group of youth Labour party workers on island.

Now again as some of you may or may not I have a Norwegian Blood line and relatives and I'm very proud that my blood is red, white and blue so as you can imagine when I heard on the news I just felt hate and sadness at the same time and it's been difficult.

so I hope that you share my sympathy for Norway. (I haven't written in Norwegian in a long time so sorry if this is wrong)
Oslo og Utoeya mine tanker er med deg
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:iconalexius: CLICK HERE TO READ THE NEXT EPISODE! :iconalexius:

little portrait of snippy by :iconluna133:
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It's 1961, and to support herself and prepare for nursing school the subsequent fall, eighteen-year-old Holly Halliburton becomes a member of a very peculiar agency. They are called “The League of Bedside Sympathizers”, or at least that is their official title, though nobody seems to know what it means nor where it originated. Her job? To provide solace and smooth the transition between life and death for hospital patients who have no living or reachable kin. Having successfully undergone four separate "transitions", serious, soft-spoken Holly feels as though she is prepared for anything the agency throws her way. That is, until she is thrust to the bedside of Simon Dalaigh, a melancholy, spirited and blunt young man dying from acute Cystic Fibrosis of the lungs. Their unusual circumstances eventually throw them together into a serendipitous roadtrip--a veritable scavenger hunt across Ireland to track down Simon's roots. As their joint yearning for liberation pulls them forward, it soon becomes clear that the transition between life and death might not be as simple as they had thought.
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Hetalia x Reader cahpter 2:

As you sit down next to Britain, he starts pointing everyone out. You, however are distracted by the meeting and something else...
"Um... Britain?" You turn to face him, and cut off his rambling.
"Yes, __?"
"Who's that country over there? Is it Korea? Why's he staring at my-"
"Yes. That's Korea. He... thinks he owns everything. Hide your chest." He advises.
You nod, then put an arm in front of your chest to obscure Korea's veiw.
'Pervert' You think

Britain drives, and strangely, doesn't make eye contact during the entire journey. Shrugging it off, you decide to watch where you are going. Into a little village called Grensingworth. You smile to yourself. It's a typical brittish village. Cottages, tea rooms, greens, the lot! At the end of a pretty little drive you see Britain's mansion. It's beautiful.
"This village is perfect." You comment.
"Quite." Britain agrees, stopping the car, stepping out and round the car, and opening the door for you. You giggle, before stepping out and smiling, "Thank you."

"Your welcome..." You could have sworn you saw Britain blush.
Grinning mentally, you are led up the stone steps and through the grand front door.
Britain smiles at you, "I'll show you to your room."
He leads you up a wooden staircase and down a small corridor. He opens one of the rooms, "Here you go. If you need me, I'll be downstairs." He smiles again, turns, and leaves.
You suddenly go into fangirl mode 1. You are in Britain's house. Wow. Pulling yourself together, you look around you, and blush when you realise that you have nothign else to wear. You open the wardrobe, telling youself you're an idiot for looking, and find women's clothes in there.
'Strange,' you think, 'Why would Britain have women's clothes?'
"Ah well." You say aloud, and open the door to head downstairs.

Britain is sat in the living room, sipping a cup of tea when you walk in.
"Hello..." He says awkwardly, not really knowing what to say.
"Hi." You reply.
"Would you like some tea?" He offers.
"Um... Sure, why not?" You say. Tea can't be that bad, right?
And you were correct.
Britain's tea is the best thing you've ever drunk.
"This is amazing!" You say happily.
Britain blushes again, "T-Thanks."
You giggle. This was just too good to be true.


You lay awake, thinking about tommorrow, when you find yourself gradually falling asleep.
"Shut up, America!" You hear from outside the window.
You, being a naturally curious person, peak outside.
"She's looking, da?" Russia. And America. Aaaand, France?
"She has such a Jolie petit visage." (She has such a pretty little face)
Yep, France.
"Dude, I have no idea what you just said, but I'm takin' that as an insult."
Silence for a while, then...
"By the way, her vital regions are mine." Prussia too, apparently.
You smirk a little, and scribble something down on a piece of paper and pin it up in the window.
You then go back to your bed, and fall asleep, the thought of your Stalker's reactions helping you.
~~~~Timeskip again~~~~
When you wake up, you smile, seeing your note.
You dress, and head downstairs again.
"Um, __?" Britain asks when he sees you.
"Yes, Britain?" You ask, sitting down.
"Well, you see... I was watering my front garden this morning, when I happened to look up and see a note pinned onto your window. When I saw what it said, I was rather... confuddled."
You giggled a bit, "And?"
"Well, __, why did you have, 'My vital regions belong to me, Perverts. ' written on a note pinned up against your window?" He asks.
"Oh, that. Well y'see, America, Prussia, Russia and France were spying on or stalking me last night, and Prussia said that my vital regions belong to him, so..." You say, as if it's the most casual thing in the world.
"They WHAT?" Britain explodes, draggs you out of the front door, shoves you in th ecar, and drives. His face is a painting of anger.
"Oh brother." You say sighing. Hell.
Sorry it's another short one #shot#

I couldn't help it D= It's also a bit rushed #shot again#

Yeah, yeah, I know... ~grumble~

You can vote for anyone, by the way, they'll be introduced along the way ^^

Part one: [link]
Part three: [link]
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