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Remix number 42 is maybe one of the better remixes. However, I decided this time for Xion's song (Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days), because I really love this character plus her character-theme. It's a bit sad, but one of the best songs I ever listen to. And it fits the story of KH 358/2 Days.

I tried to use nearly the same instruments in the first part of my remix, like the original has. After all Concert Pianos and Violas are great instruments. But of course, I also used some new instruments like the brass-ones.

-Midi from:
-program for Remix: MAGIX Music Maker
-DSK AkoustiK KeyZ (Concert Piano P)
-DSK Overture (Vibes ; Glockenspiel [2x] ; Celesta)
-DSK Strings (Cello ; Violin Section F)
-DSK Strings (Viola Section F [2x])
-DSK Strings (ContraBass [2x])
-DSK World StringZ (Tar)
-DSK ChoirZ (Ethereal pad 07 ; Ethereal pad 18 ; Ethereal pad 21)
-DSK World StringZ (Dulcimer)
-DSK RhodeZ (Rhodes low)
-DSK Ethereal PadZ (Vocular ; Winter Nights)
-DSK Strings (CBass Section P ; String Section F)
-DSK Brass (Brass Ensemble ; Brass Orchestra)
-DSK Strings (CBass Section F ; Viola Section F)
-DSK World StringZ (Kanun)
-DSK ChoirZ (Slow Choir [2x] ; Choral Aahs II)
-DSK World StringZ (Turkish oud)

Sketch: [link]
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This is the second time I upload this animation, the first try I had to remove because of a problem with the preloader (it was in line for about 8 hours T_T), I hope this time goes smoothly, thank u so much if you previously posted in my first attempt and I apologize for not answering, after delete it I realized that I could just edit it... -.-U
If this is the first time you see this animation I hope you like it :la:

my bosses at the studio asked me to make a 10 seconds reel of any theme, and well, I liked so much the idea that I made 35 seconds more:D

NOTE: for some reason it seems it doesnt work on firefox ;__; if anyone knows why please tellme...
EDIT: i had to put a diferent preloader, a basic one from newgrounds so if the problem is still there please letme know
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I just had to do something Christmassy (but believe me, it was so hard not to put anything gory on this)! Here is the promised Dress the Reindeer game. You may have to download to full view, I'm not sure if dA is still being funny about these sort of files.

I'm gradually getting there with Flash. This is a more advanced dress up game than my last one (prettier too!). Don't drag and drop the clothes, just click them in the menu on the left. Each individual symbol is clickable - eg, the angel halo, wings, robes and shoes are all separate. If you want to get rid of the reindeer's clothes without finding and clicking them all in the closet, just click them whilst they're on the reindeer and they'll disappear.

Please tell me if there are any overlap issues (I already know about the scarf/bridle issue, thank you, hawkeye Michie [bitch =P] and can't fix it because the simple way of doing so makes it look stupider and I'm too lazy to fix it the proper way =D) . But bear in mind that some clothing combinations just weren't meant to be. ;)

Anyway - enjoy! And merry Christmas.
Pst. You can change his nose colour!
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**PLEASE DOWNLOAD TO PLAY.** Otherwise, the game will be a bit too big.

Look, I make a dress up game!

I don't really have anything to say about it, hahah. Sorry it's a bit messy.

Everything should snap into place. If it doesn't snap into place, you're putting it in the wrong spot.

Enjoy. :]

*EDIT* Fixed up some glitches.

Also, second page on dA? Thanks so much, guys!
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*testing .swf files again*

A tribute to Nujabes.

I've been listening to "Spiritual State" and other songs in similar style to Nujabes' a lot. I ended up wanting to try and make a song that was influenced by what I heard.

Music available on Bandcamp (click song title)
Nu State (3:35)
by CT

Camera: SONY DSC-R1
Edited in GIMP
Music made in FL Studio
2012 © CT

Another hobby of mine is taking photos of the sky and I've been using these photos for my original music. I have A LOT of pictures of the sky and clouds and sunsets, but I never post them anywhere so this is a way to get me to start sharing them.

Eventually I want to start making interactive flash files where you can actually press play or pause or select among multiple songs but I don't have Flash and on top of that I don't even know how to use it lol But when I do get it, I'll learn it and it will be fun :D

But yea, anyway, I think I'd like to start sharing a bit of photography accompanied by original music. Eventually it'll be original music accompanied by digital drawings or maybe even animations! I'm always looking for new ways to introduce my music to you guys! If you like what you hear, you can always purchase them on Bandcamp by clicking the song title or you can always share them with your friends with YouTube. Enjoy the photography and music!

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I have been playing and this is the result.

Modelled in Maya, Rendered/animated in hypershot, compiled into video with Ps CS4.

Enjoy. :D

File takes a few seconds to load (depending on your connection)

Please right click the file and select "loop" for optimal presentation. Thanks
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Asajj Ventress close up .........
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This is a Flash project of mine I plan on updating to create usable character sprite graphics for VX games and other game engines that can use these sheets.
Right now the only graphics are from the Famitsu chibi generator, but I plan on adding more from other resources.

Current Version: 0.1
Current Graphics: Famitsu
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Well I made this like two years ago but decide to submit here anyway.
It's very cool puzzle game. At first might seems too easy but hehehe :) your brains will get very hot :)
Arrow keys(YAY!)
Space - reset level(rare it's very useful)

i tell u secret - on youtube there could be found solutions for all the levels. But that ruins challenge isn't it?
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I swear, it's all true! In a recent interview J.K.Rowling said "I always thought of Dumbledore as gay."
Yeah...So I made a flash in half an hour to celebrate. X3 Crappy, but it amused me somewhat!

EDIT: NO Dumbledore was NOT making out with Ron in the broom closet! >.< I just meant that ya know, Ron didn't want Harry to know he was in there...Dumbledore ain't pedo, come on!
only to Harry...XD
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