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Remix number 42 is maybe one of the better remixes. However, I decided this time for Xion's song (Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days), because I really love this character plus her character-theme. It's a bit sad, but one of the best songs I ever listen to. And it fits the story of KH 358/2 Days.

I tried to use nearly the same instruments in the first part of my remix, like the original has. After all Concert Pianos and Violas are great instruments. But of course, I also used some new instruments like the brass-ones.

-Midi from:
-program for Remix: MAGIX Music Maker
-DSK AkoustiK KeyZ (Concert Piano P)
-DSK Overture (Vibes ; Glockenspiel [2x] ; Celesta)
-DSK Strings (Cello ; Violin Section F)
-DSK Strings (Viola Section F [2x])
-DSK Strings (ContraBass [2x])
-DSK World StringZ (Tar)
-DSK ChoirZ (Ethereal pad 07 ; Ethereal pad 18 ; Ethereal pad 21)
-DSK World StringZ (Dulcimer)
-DSK RhodeZ (Rhodes low)
-DSK Ethereal PadZ (Vocular ; Winter Nights)
-DSK Strings (CBass Section P ; String Section F)
-DSK Brass (Brass Ensemble ; Brass Orchestra)
-DSK Strings (CBass Section F ; Viola Section F)
-DSK World StringZ (Kanun)
-DSK ChoirZ (Slow Choir [2x] ; Choral Aahs II)
-DSK World StringZ (Turkish oud)

Sketch: [link]
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Photographer : Kristina Vassilieva Photography
Retouch : me
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This is the second time I upload this animation, the first try I had to remove because of a problem with the preloader (it was in line for about 8 hours T_T), I hope this time goes smoothly, thank u so much if you previously posted in my first attempt and I apologize for not answering, after delete it I realized that I could just edit it... -.-U
If this is the first time you see this animation I hope you like it :la:

my bosses at the studio asked me to make a 10 seconds reel of any theme, and well, I liked so much the idea that I made 35 seconds more:D

NOTE: for some reason it seems it doesnt work on firefox ;__; if anyone knows why please tellme...
EDIT: i had to put a diferent preloader, a basic one from newgrounds so if the problem is still there please letme know
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*testing .swf files again*

A tribute to Nujabes.

I've been listening to "Spiritual State" and other songs in similar style to Nujabes' a lot. I ended up wanting to try and make a song that was influenced by what I heard.

Music available on Bandcamp (click song title)
Nu State (3:35)
by CT

Camera: SONY DSC-R1
Edited in GIMP
Music made in FL Studio
2012 © CT

Another hobby of mine is taking photos of the sky and I've been using these photos for my original music. I have A LOT of pictures of the sky and clouds and sunsets, but I never post them anywhere so this is a way to get me to start sharing them.

Eventually I want to start making interactive flash files where you can actually press play or pause or select among multiple songs but I don't have Flash and on top of that I don't even know how to use it lol But when I do get it, I'll learn it and it will be fun :D

But yea, anyway, I think I'd like to start sharing a bit of photography accompanied by original music. Eventually it'll be original music accompanied by digital drawings or maybe even animations! I'm always looking for new ways to introduce my music to you guys! If you like what you hear, you can always purchase them on Bandcamp by clicking the song title or you can always share them with your friends with YouTube. Enjoy the photography and music!

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My first dress up game!
Thank you for viewing!
Don't forget to comment! :D

Worked on this for 2 days. :)
Zoom out if it's too big. :)
Some clothes based on my real clothes. :P
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It has indeed been a very long time since I used Flash. :D Getting back into practice, though I'm a little rusty. ^^;
A fun little animation based off a drawing made by an amazing artist. :iconvaporotem:
Gotta love a dancing Pikachu right? :D
I know he's a little off beat. Like I said, I'm rusty. lol
Hopefully that doesnt cause you all to hate him. He's very satisfied with his pink panties.
Satisfaction is now on youtube: [link]
so, what do you guys think? :D
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I've been working on this thing for ages!! Animation is always something I really love but it takes sooo much time. But now I finally managed to finish my Jamjali galloping.

More of Jamjali:

Programm: Adobe Flash
Time: About 10 hours
Reference: I actually cheated and copied the poses. :blush:

Jamjali *Kalesta

You are not authorised to use this work without my written permission.
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Sorry it took so freakin' long. =w=;;



Weird. I had to redraw the last sketch 3 times O__O'
lol And at first that was the only thing I was going to do. But I'm pretty sure you guys know that sometimes I get carried away... and ya. :XD: It turned into a flash animation!
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A non-commercial school project, for animation classes. Subject was to make an intro or trailer for fictional movie. I decided to go on and try my hand at drawn frame-by-frame animation. It turned out to be super hard for a first time, but I managed it. There are still many mistakes that I'd like to fix, but had to finish it before deadline.
It was lots of fun to put one's own character into moving. Hard, but extremaly rewarding.
Also kinda forced my hand to at least attempt and design Shela, that's her name. I hope to draw some more of her once the exams are over.

Art and animation by me.

CREDITS: Background references used. 
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Page #6. I had a lot of problems with this page, redone it a lot of times, still hate how it came out. Sorry, if story still not understandable enough ^__^ Oh, and couple of math rebuses were added for fun, they have no real impact on plot ^__^
Thanks to ~Zannid for beta-reading almost all of first chapter.
But if you'll find any grammatic mistakes anyway, say me. I'll fix them immediately.
Don't forget about hidden content.

How to read this story: [link]
First page: [link]
Previous page: [link]
Next page: [link]
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