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Finaly done with the apps :aww: or not totally done as since someday i only block because of trouble when i save the gif file, there are some color that get loosy, for example the color became grey on some frame of the gif and other dont, but as i can't figure out to fix it i still upload it as it can still help beginner in pixelart or people that have really nothing to animated or creat pixelart.
Aim of the application, draw animated pixelart icon that have a size of 50x50pixel.
You can check the preview by clicking play when you have more than one frame on the time line.
The best is to check the notice on the application, click on "Notice" or use "n" on your keyboard ( i added some keyboard shortcut ;) )
For the people that are interested about the gif encoder class i did use to make this, you can find it here : as3gif

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Introducing the amazing, the patented, the uncanny... Critique O Matic!
Now with minor grammatical updates to stop people whining at us!

Employ this clever machine to critique art on the go, and impress your subscriber friends with your victoriously verbose verbal verbage! Let them swoon at your feet as you deliver the most complicated and precise (and vague) critiques this website has ever seen; all while enjoying the time-saving comfort it has to offer.

In fact, if you're a subscriber, please critique this very flash application using its own superb system! Get a first hand taste of its intelligent and wise metaphor-icing.

And if you're looking for other things to critique, try the critiquable button, which will take you to the latest deviantArts clever drones have to offer.

Did we mention this system has over 2.3364x10^37 possible permutations? That's roughly about half as many atoms as there are in the goddamn universe. Even Doctor Who can't keep track of all that sweetness.

Disclaimer : Use this awesome AI at your own perilicious peril. Some (wonderful) critiques will undoubtedly sound a bit forced, especially if the person receiving them knows you have bad english skills. Worry not, however, because we already have plans to create an even better system - The Bad Critique O Matic X - a badass mother from the wrong side of the internets. Stay tuned!

Created by the combined mental fortitude of :iconcannibal-cartoonist: and :iconwhosayswhatnow:

P.S. Over 300 Critiques so far!

Please answer this survey if you can. Ta.
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!!! Newest UPDATE V8+ here : [link] !!!
!!! Newest UPDATE V8+ here : [link] !!!
!!! Newest UPDATE V8+ here : [link] !!!

*Random button addet! The random function is also mapped to "r" on the keyboard. Thx again Holy-Sparks for the idea ;)
*addet Roselucks cutiemark (thx Boltmatt for the pic)

*fixed Roselucks button color
*shortened some texts
*set the alpha of buttons with cutiemarks in BG to 90% so they're better visible

*I'll start this right away as 4.1 since it has the "press [s-key] for stop"-function from the "alt.V4 demo .1" included
*addet a simple preloader
*56 new quotes (7 new characters)
*fixed the color of the mlp:fim logo

It seems you can't download the board if you use the "internet explorer" because there's no "save as" option when you right-click the download button. Try it with "firefox" instead (worked for me)

+++++ mp3 download: in the description of the newest version [link] +++++

Some soundclips have interference on it. That might not be fixable. At least I can't.

Thank you all again for the praise, llama badges, favs and your help/suggestions ;)

Also thanks to the people who made the bg vectors. Sry I didn't ask you if I could them for this first, but I don't know who made them (got all from ponychan/google pics)
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(Flash Player 10 is required)

Omg flash sponge maker is out !
And you can make you own sponge with a flash tools :excited:

HOw to use the right !
- FREE sponge avatar for DA :dummy:
- You can submit 'sponges' on your Deviantart gallery with credit to me and link to this application :aww:

Now you don't need my help :happycry:

Example :

EDIT, you need to add ".png" when you download the file to get the good format

You can Make animation if you donwload some sponge to make an avatar with many sponges

------------------------------ UPDATE ---------------------------------
- Color chooser added !
- Button back added !


Other maker things
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I would like to see your deviation manipulated with this submitted on DA


tell me what do you think of this fake photoshop looking like DA :lonely:
Finally this is not good as I want it :faint:

Requiered :
FLash player 10
Picture link from DA or a webcam

< ----- NEED AVATAR ? OR ID ----- >
Click to see price :

< ----- Want to play my FLash Game ? ----- >

More and more flash game...
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Previous Version (1.0): [link]
First Time Users Guide:
:bulletblack: What do you need?
- The song you want to know the Beats Per Minute (BPM), preferably not live performance because it usually has human error/unsteady BPM.

:bulletblack: How to use:
1. Play the song on your player/another browser tab.
2. Switch back to this flash and position the mouse over the circle.
3. Tap the rhythm of the song until you get a BPM as close to the real as possible.
4. Sync the blob to the beat by clicking on it.
5. Adjust the BPM by clicking on the text and writing another BPM, if the blob is going faster than the music, write a lower BPM, if its going slower, write a higher BPM.

- If there are many wrong taps, it will get "poisoned" and will be harder to get to the right BPM. Wait until the bigger circle disappears and tap the rhythm again.
- Click on the little button on the bottom right corner to mute the tap sound.

List of changes (1.1):
- Now you can tap the rhythm using the spacebar. (suggested by ~OdeeQuack)
- Now you change the colors by clicking on the little blocks on the top right instead of using the keyboard.
- Improved coding, less margin of error on the blob tempo.
- Blob changes expression on fasts BPMs.
- Added the feature to make the timing of any animation fit perfectly to the beat of the current BPM (to be used in a future characters update).

Im glad people liked this little tool, so heres an updated version ^^

If you could try this with a song that you already know the right BPM, and tell me how long the blob stays on the right tempo it would help me so much to make improvements.

Anyways, hope this helps! :)

Characters that are already being considered for the update:
- Fluttershy (MLP:FiM)
- Vinyl (MLP:Fim)
- Bloo (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)
- Shmoo (The life and times of the shmoo)
- Gir (Invader Zim)
- Eevee (Pokemon)
- Meat Boy (SMB)
- Neku (The World Ends With You)
- Inferno (~)
- (suggest one in the comments)
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Make your own card crusher/zoom jap comics.
Comics all taken from 4chan.

Music is an old song of mine: [link]
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New flash thingy :)
Click on the help buton to see how it does work, it let you creat easy 3D stuff that you can at the end save as JPG file. And ofcourse everybody that use this is allowed to upload the finished work on deviantart or elsewhere if you link to this apps, then other people could find it easilier and use it too :aww:
working time : around 15 hours
Made with :
+ FlashDevelop
+ Flex SDK 4
+ Papervision3D ( as3 library )
HAVE FUN WITH THIS, i'm sure you guys can come up with funny 3D thing made with this, so if some of you do it :) i'd love to see them!! :dummy:

fixed mirroring effect when trying to write 3D text

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As I promised!
I'm sorry for poorly translated SAI panels ":3

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Hi guys, haven't uploaded anything Flash like for ages.

Was playing with various fun Facebook timeline cover ideas recently. Wanted to create an app to do it fast, fun and easy.
No time... :'D

Anyways, got myself involved with TEDxRiga, and they were playing with TED covers idea too...

So I decided to do one I was finding to be fun, here is kind of an interactive result with some adjustments. Its kind of a prototype of variation of Facebook cover creator.

Anyways, go and save this and set it as your facebook cover. TED is an idea/conferance/event worht spreading. So SPREAD it by using this cover right now :stinkeye: :D

How to use
- Click on cover to change light diameter, you can change
blending mode and colors to the right.
- you can change text under logo
- Use save button to save in to an image.
- go to Facebook and use image as cover

stuff to do eventually
- do facebook integration to turn it in to 1 click set as cover
- make it dynamic so that you can add your own images and texts turning it in to real Facebook cover creator
- add avatar creation/adaptation so that you can edit/tune your avatar for Facebook to look good with cover
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